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17 February 2017, Issue 843


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Tunnel tales Tauranga artist Jan Morrison has been keeping busy. She’s seen the plain tunnel doors at Memorial Park railway and worked to transform them. What used to be unimaginative wood doors are now colourfully painted to tell a bit of a story.

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Jan says she was commissioned by Tauranga City Council to add colour to the six doors, which are also coated with anti-graffi ti. To read more about the new doors and the stories behind them, turn to page 7. Photo: Bruce Barnard.

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Friday 17 February 2017

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Keeping track of your offspring: Lesson 101 Enjoying yourselves this summer? Someone can soon put a stop to that. Or so the Fun Police think. All over the country, good clean fun is getting the brakes firmly applied, as Health and Safety, noise control and increasingly petty Nanny State officiousness bites home. In a never-ending drive to envelope the entire population in bubble wrap, the do-gooders have been busy all summer scheming ways to strip us of any adventure lessons at the School of Hard Knocks. A beloved skate ramp in Sumner has been shut down, after it failed noise control tests. Riders in Wakefield Ave took a final skate on the half pipe on Thursday, after the council ordered its demise. The ramp was originally sited at the Sumner Village Green but later booted out by construction of the Sumner Community Centre and moved up the road. Talks are continuing in the hope of relocation, in the meantime the kids miss out on a chunk of summer fun.

Dastardly trees


Sun Media Ltd Directors: Claire & Brian Rogers General Manager: Jay Burston Editorial: Andrew Campbell, Letitia Atkinson, Elaine Fisher, Zoe Hunter, Merle Foster, David Tauranga, Hunter Wells, Ryan Wood, Cayla Saunders. Photography: Tracy Hardy, Bruce Barnard. Advertising: Matt Batchelor, Kathy Sellars, Suzy King, Lois Natta, Rose Hodges, Bianca Lawton, Doug Britton, Chloe Brown, Leah Rogers, Aimee-Leigh Brunsdon, Lucy Pattison, Jo Delicata, Tinesha Lupke, Karlene Sherris. Design Studio: Kym Johnson, James Carrigan, Kerri Wheeler, Kyra Duffy, Lauren McGillivray, Karen Raikes. Office: Julie Commerer, Melanie Stone, Kathy Drake.

In leafy suburbs of Auckland, children’s swings have been banned from roadside trees… citing safety and “tree health”. Parents in Sandringham have been issued notices to dismantle the ropeand-seat swings. As one resident, and recalcitrant swing-installer commented: “It’s not like it swings out onto the road”. Here at RR, we think a swing out to the road would be pretty exciting concept and we’d like to draw this to the attention of the young chap who recently rode his luge cart down the steep side of the Kaimai Range. But meanwhile in the leafy suburbs, the councils expect locals to mow the berm, but then take control of the tree—and the airspace between – when it suits them. One of the complainants alleged the tree branch wasn’t strong enough to support the swing. We think, so what? If the branch breaks and a kid hits the turf, isn’t that a life lesson? I’m sure swings have been dangling from trees, strong or not, dumping brats unceremoniously for centuries and that’s all

part of growing up and learning respect for the outdoors. Countless Kiwi kids have spent their idyllic summers dangling from a rope with a well-worn plank for a seat, or an old car tyre. What’s next in the PC safety brigade sights? Ban jandals because they’re a trip hazard? Outlaw iceblocks in case someone chokes on the stick? There was one case this week, however that probably went a bit far, in letting kids learn the hard way…

maximum of two anklebiters and a dog; and found that if you leashed a few of them together they tended to stay in a handy radius of about 1.5 metres. That always worked well, until they saw a cat. Which could explain why one of the offspring turned out to be quite a keen runner; the other adept at hanging on tight and enjoying the ride. Even now after nearly 30 years those kids are still quite hard to keep track of. One recently turned up in Colorado but has since found her way home. The other was last seen heading for Te Puke. If I don’t hear from him soon, I might have to go check out the caryards in Jellicoe St. Just in case they’ve a spare 25-year-old taken up residence in a back seat.

Parent of the Year

Other cases

Parent of the Year Award goes to the Hamilton couple who succeeded in leaving one of their offspring in a car sales yard overnight. We’re not sure how someone could drive halfway across Hamilton without noticing a five-year-old slithering around in the backseat of a loan car. Usually they make enough noise and annoyance, their presence is more than obvious. But it’s a good result and a happy ending, unlike some of the high profile missing children cases that spring to mind. For a while there, it looked like Hamilton may have had its own version of the Madeleine McCann case evolving; only with fewer tapas and more KFC. Mind you it’s not easy being a parent. And keeping tabs on six little buggers can be a nightmare.

Back seat mystery

I know a parent who, on the way to work, pulled up at school to drop off the kids, only to discover it was school holidays. The kids weren’t in the back seat and the school was closed. Personally, I only had to track a

A few decades ago, the secret love child of Chewbacca and Cruella de Vil, mysteriously disappeared; but emerged just this year as President of the United States.

Bizarre disappearance

One of the most bizarre disappearances that leaves us with a burning question at the end, is that of Zebb Quinn of Asheville, North Carolina. In January 2000, Zebb met a friend after work, Robert Owens, to view a car to buy. He accidentally rearended Robert’s truck. After apologising, he told Robert he could no longer see the car that night. He drove off. Robert was treated for injuries from what he said was an unrelated road accident in the early hours of January 3. On January 4, Robert called Zebb’s workplace and said his friend was sick and wouldn’t be turning up for work. He gave a statement to Police, but later refused to cooperate any further. Two weeks later, Zebb’s car was found parked at a restaurant. Found inside was a hotel key, a jacket that wasn’t Zebb’s, and a Labrador-cross puppy in the back seat that also wasn’t his. Drawn on the back window in lipstick was a pair of lips and two exclamation marks. So since the year 2000 many have been asking where is Zebb? Here at RR, we just want to know after 17 years: What happened to the puppy?



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IMPORTANT STUFF: All material is copyright and may not be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. Sun Media makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all information and accepts no liability for errors or omissions or the subsequent use of information published. More than 400 New Zealanders are currently reported missing. The longest reported missing person case dates back to 1939. Around 40 persons are still missing in the Bay of Plenty region. Police missing persons files remain open until they’re found. Males between 29 and 34 have the highest rate, by age bracket.

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‘Screaming bypass’

‘Give us back our village’ - Katikati Community Board chairperson Jenny Hobbs.

Emotional pressure is being heaped on the New Zealand Transport Agency to build a bypass around Katikati before it “becomes a grubby little strip town” offering no more than a pie and Coke for those brave enough to stop there. A petition demanding a bypass has just exceeded 3000 signatures – three-quarters of the town’s population. And a community leader has likened the impact of trucks and cars rumbling through the town recently to the grieving process. “It’s a process with well-documented stages including disbelief, bargaining, anger, depression and hope,” says Jenny Hobbs, a health professional and chair of the Katikati Community Board. She claims the village lifestyle of Katikati has been wrenched from them by an unremitting stream of cars and trucks with their noise and filth. And she believes the effects can be likened to the process someone endures after the loss of a loved one. “People feel they would like to turn back the clock and bring their loved one back. But they are powerless,” says the naturopath, nutritionist and community leader. She believes those are the exact

same feelings being experienced in Katikati by people powerless to change “the profoundly damaging impact of State Highway 2 on our beloved village and lifestyle”. Wellington is listening. “Katikati is screaming bypass, and I get that,” says Minister of Transport and Tauranga MP, Simon Bridges. “Given the strength of feeling I asked the NZTA to do some homework, to have another look.” “I went to a public meeting on the issue and it was ferocious. I am under absolutely no illusion.” He’s hopeful the NZTA will report back with a preferred option soon. But he can’t promise that option will be the one Katikati wants. “However, I would rather have happy people who feel safe and have a better environment than not.” Jenny says they have neither, and she presents a litany of summer holiday traffic bedlam to back Katikati’s case for a bypass. There cites the case of one local who, doing the speed limit, lives four minutes from the centre of town. It took her an hour to get to the supermarket at Christmas. Another woman got snagged in a choker in Katikati and missed half of her three-hour work shift. Read more at

Friday 17 February 2017

Friday 17 February 2017

Will you take this woman

A selection of some local breaking stories featured this week on...

“I have done one thing few men have done,” says Tauranga identity Trevor Blaker reflecting on the 36,500 days or 100 years he has engaged with this planet.

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Hydroplanes cancelled A blowout in the cost of moving the moorings in Tauranga Harbour has forced organisers of the Hydro Thunder racing to cancel their March event. When the Grand Prix Hydroplanes held the world championships in Tauranga in 2010, they had to pay $8000 to have the moorings moved. This year organisers are being asked to pay $24,500. The event is now being moved to Auckland.

‘Mixed bag’ housing market Median house prices across the Bay were a bit of a mixed bag during January. In Tauranga, the median house price was $540,000 last month, down 10.5 per cent, or $60,000, when compared to December 2016. In Mount Maunganui/ Papamoa, the median price was $632,500 in January, up 2.8 per cent, or $17,500, when compared to the month previous. But in both Tauranga and Mount/ Papamoa, the median house price in January rose 20.4 per cent, or $100,000, and 8.7 per cent, or $52,500, respectively when compared to January 2016.

Musician to perform with idol Te Puke’s Tamia Hikuroa has been selected as the inaugural winner of the NZ International Tattoo & Art Expo Tiki Taane singing competition and will have a chance to perform alongside her music idol on Sunday. Now in its seventh year, The NZ International Tattoo & Art Expo made the move from Hamilton to its home at Queen Elizabeth Centre in Tauranga for the first time last year.

The Weekend Sun


“I married my wife twice.” It wasn’t just an affirmation of his vows. It was one of life’s little quirks. He can chuckle about it now. Trevor also got blown up by Hitler. “I came home not so good.” There’s a word for it – shellshock. The bombs that didn’t damage or destroy the body, unhinged the mind. Not many soldiers would talk about it. “I got bowled over, a shell landed pretty close. Scars everywhere,” says Trevor, patting his arms and legs. He was on first-name terms with Charles Hazlitt Upham, VC and Bar, who earned the Victoria Cross twice during the Second World War. “I didn’t get one,” jokes Trevor. He admired Upham immensely. “Fearless man. Always had a revolver strapped to his leg – like a cowboy. And a lovely man.” Trevor and Charlie were at Rusweisat Ridge in Egypt with the 20th Battalion. “We took the ridge and the British tanks were meant to come in and consolidate. “They didn’t arrive but the bloody Germans did.” They had to fight their way back out. “The Germans didn’t like bayonets.” That’s when he was injured and captured. “Dragged all over Europe, right up on the Russian border at one stage, bloody cold up there.” And if he had to nominate a defining time in his life, it was Prisoners of War being released from Stalag 357 at Fallingbostel in Germany. “Getting released in the big push, the Allies invading Europe, when their tanks sailed through the German defences – ah yes, a good feeling! And we were going home.” Even at home Trevor was no stranger to

The Te Puke Motorcycle Club’s first outing in 1939. Trevor sits on the far right. hardship. He was just a teenager when the Great Depression claimed his family home, their orchard, their livelihood and destroyed his parent’s marriage. “My father, a relatively young man, died from a broken heart.” He deserves to feel a bit persecuted, a bit cheated. But time mends and he’s lively, chipper with a youthful glint and a dash of charm, even though he’s just a few days off being once round the clock. “He’s a lovely boy,” says the receptionist at the Copper Beech retirement village in the Avenues when The Weekend Sun arrived. “He’s our favourite.” Trevor puts that into perspective. “That’s because I am about the only bloke here.” When this bloke arrived home to a transit camp behind the Tauranga Domain in 1945 he joined the Senior Citizens Club and took up indoor bowls and motorbikes – strange bedfellows. “There wasn’t as much traffic in those days and motorbikes didn’t go as fast, so they weren’t as dangerous.” This soldier was immune to danger anyhow. After touring the country motorbikes

became history, but 72 years later he’s still indoor bowling with the Senior Citizens Club. He’s even had a couple of rolls up this week. “It’s meant a lot to me. A lot of people wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t the companionship of the Senior Citizens Club. If I didn’t go I would be sitting here staring at the walls all day.” And therein, he thinks, lies a danger for older folk. “A lot of country people do it. Sell up, come to town and sit and gaze out the window for six months before dropping dead.” Trevor’s wife Ella Blaker.

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Roadworks purpose questioned Roadworks have begun this week in Bureta, with the road surface ripped up from the Chapel St bridge along to Vale St. However, questions remain as to why the council has decided to undertake the changes. A regular commuter on the stretch of road sent photos to the SunLive newsroom of traffic build-up as a result of the temporary 30km/h speed limit. He says traffic was backed up to the BP station on Ngatai Rd on Monday morning.

Doggy doo-doo bags success Tauranga dog owners are making the most of free doggy doo-doo bags being supplied in city parks, with some dispensers having to be topped up weekly. In an effort to keep Tauranga’s parks clean and green, Tauranga City Council installed 20 dog waste bag dispensers in local parks last April. TCC animal services team leader Brent Lincoln says the trial has been so successful another 10 dispensers have been installed.

SunLive Comment of the Week ‘Who pays have a say….’ Posted by Rusty Kane on the story ‘City heart project restarts’: “The locations for the museum and performance venue will be decided by the yet to be formed technical advisory group. Just a thought, shouldn’t the rate payers be having the say first, it’s their money”.

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…again? Indoor bowls and 500 three or four times a week at Senior Citizens keeps Trevor ticking. It’s also where he learned to forgive and forget. “A very good friend of mine is German, was in the Hitler Youth. She’s a New Zealander now, thinks New Zealand is the best country in the world.” So that was then and this is now. Of course the big unanswered question is why centenarian Trevor Blaker married his wife twice? It’s a story of romance that soured and blossomed again. Her nickname was ‘Islla’ – when she was little, Ella would say: “Ise Ella” when announcing herself. It sounded like ‘Islla’ and it stuck. “She was lovely,” says Trevor. They had four children but after 20 years the painter and paper-hanger-turnedorchardist separated from his wife. “Don’t know why. It happened a bit. People going in different directions.” Both remarried but eventually lost their partners

Friday 17 February 2017


Trevor Blaker then and now.




ONLY – so they hitched up again, and remarried about eight years ago. “It was meant to be. I still loved her and we realised how silly we had been.” Trevor eventually lost his Islla four years ago. Now Trevor’s apartment is a museum and he is the main treasure. The walls are adorned with photographs of exploits, families and friends and times gone. A man can pack a lot of living into 100 years. “I haven’t moved far. I was born in Greerton, moved as far as 14th Avenue, love Tauranga and will die here.” But there is life yet. The old boy literally springs from his recliner to see The Weekend Sun out just as another visitor arrives. Hunter Wells

$249,990 ($1,220/m2 house only)



The Greerton homestead where Trevor Blaker was born.


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Friday 17 February 2017

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The Weekend Sun

Friday 17 February 2017


Six candidates for Mauao by-election Six candidates have been nominated for election to the Bay of Plenty Regional Council in the Mauao Maori Constituency by-election scheduled for this March. ˜ e nominees are Carlton Bidois, Antoine Co° n, Matire Duncan, Paora Paul Martin, Matemoana McDonald and Christopher Stokes. Electoral O° cer Robyn Garrett says voting packs will be posted to voters on the Mauao Maori electoral roll from March 20 onwards. Voting will close

Painting the town

midday on April 11, 2017. Only voters registered on the Maori electoral roll in the Mauao Maori constituency will be eligible to vote in the by-election. ˜ e Mauao Maori constituency extends from the top of the Kaimai Mamaku ranges to Waihi Beach and Otamarakau, including Katikati, Tauranga, Matakana, Te Puke, Maketu, Pongakawa and the surrounding areas. Further information is available at

Lending a helping hand for annual collection The Child Cancer Foundation is calling for volunteers in the Bay – and nationwide – to lend a hand for its annual street collection on March 17-18 during Child Cancer Foundation Appeal Month. Dedicated volunteers are urgently needed to donate their time and help raise vital funds to support more than

500 families nationwide in hospital, at home and in the community. Schools or businesses can also ‘adopt’ a collection site in their local area for one or both days and involve staff, students and parents in this event. People interested in volunteering as collectors can register at or call 0800 424 453.

Jan Morrison has painted six tunnel doors for the Memorial Park railway. Photos: Bruce Barnard.

If you hadn’t noticed already, the train doors at Memorial Park have been jazzed up. Local artist Jan Morrison has taken the blank canvas that was six tunnel doors and created an interlocking masterpiece of a story. “Three of the doors – the front three – are based on a steam engine part. “What I’ve done is I’ve incorporated aspects of fantasy to delight the public, particularly children,” says Jan, who spent a few months out painting the new doors. “Each one has a pair – so if you

can imagine, the train goes in a tunnel and comes out a tunnel, so the door that goes into the tunnel has the engine part and where it comes out of the tunnel the design on that door swings aside and reveals a little scene. “And that’s the fun thing – if any kids were so inspired they could track the doors back to each other and see a little scene happening.” But it’s not Jan’s first piece of public art. The artist says she enjoys working around the Bay because people are so friendly. “It always is [an enjoyable process] when I’m painting around Tauranga because the

public comes up and comments and gives me the thumbs up.” Other notable works include the continual touching up of old Humpty Dumpty in Memorial Park. In fact, Jan recently gave the egg a bit of a face lift – using more durable paint. “Because Humpty Dumpty is about 40 years old, we’re hoping these polyurethane paints will last him another 40 years. “It’s because the children love him so much and they’re always climbing all over him and the paint is wearing off.” Cayla-Fay Saunders

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Friday 17 February 2017

The Weekend Sun


A mountain of a challenge Fifty times, 50 days, in anticipation for her big 5-0. Yes, Tauranga woman Ann Wicken will summit the equivalent of Mount Everestand-a-bit using the mountain right here in our backyard. Ann will be taking part in the MORE FM Mount Everest Challenge – to conquer the Mount 38 times in 50 days – not only to raise money for Tauranga Women’s Refuge, but to prove to herself that she can. But Ann will be taking it one step further. She’ll be ascending the Mount

50 times in 50 days, in celebration of her 50th birthday. “I’m in my 50th year, so that’s where that came from.” And Ann doesn’t sit still for long – she’s big in the multisport scene, training constantly for events throughout the country. “The Mt Everest challenge will be the perfect training ground, it will be absolutely ideal.” She’s going to have to work for it though, because she won’t be around the Mount for nearly half of the challenge. “Of the 50 days, we’re out of town

for two weeks so there will be some big efforts to crank out the numbers before we go away. “Now that I think about doing five of them [in one day], I’m going to have to put some serious amounts of time in.” The regular 38 climbs can be completed by an individual or as a team, and must take place between this Friday, February 17 and April 7. For more information on the challenge and to register, visit: mounteverestchallenge Cayla-Fay Saunders

Tauranga woman Ann Wicken up the Mount - again. Photo: Bruce Barnard.


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The Weekend Sun


Friday 17 February 2017

Small, but practical If you’re getting tired of living in a big house with too many rooms to clean, or you’re looking to considerably downsize, then listen up. Mauao Performing Arts Centre will host an alternative living panel called Housing Alternatives on February 22 at their venue at 11 Totara Street, Mount Maunganui. The panel – which will address ideas including tiny houses, eco villages, container houses, permaculture and more – costs $5 cash only for entry and will start at 6pm. Local container house enthusiast and container conversionist Tessa Mackenzie will be there to help convert people to the idea of living inside a shipping container; something Tessa has done in the past and highly recommends. “It makes you realise what is important and what isn’t. To be able to get out of the debt cycle is a huge

positive. “It’s a way for people to move forwards without having to work to live. You can get off the grid with solar power and not have those utility bills,” says Tessa. “They’re portable, and that’s the thing with a tiny house too – you can fit them on a trailer and go park them up elsewhere. It uses a lot of innovation as you’re using things for more than one purpose. “The other thing is that they can be very wellinsulated so the heating costs can be very low.” The panel has generated a lot of interest – more than 140 people have already registered on Facebook as going, more than 600 are interested in attending. Tessa will speak alongside host of the ‘Living Big in a Tiny House’ channel on YouTube Bryce Langston and permaculture specialist Catherine Dunton-McLeod. For more information visit the Facebook page by searching ‘Housing Alternatives: Tiny Houses, Eco Villages & Permaculture’ on Facebook.

Making Tauranga a priority He’s moved back to his hometown and got behind the wheel of one the region’s most important machines helping to drive the Bay of Plenty economy. Nigel Tutt took over the top job at Priority One – as their new chief executive – last November. And in his first full year on the job he hopes to carry on the work of building a vibrant local economy that attracts business and people. But he admits Tauranga has challenges – and benefits – along the way. “I think what has pleasantly surprised me is there is a lot of goodwill towards Priority One from local businesses and generally. So that’s awesome.” Nigel says there are a number of factors that make Tauranga a better place to do business. “The location clearly, being in the Golden Triangle [of here, Auckland and Hamilton] is important – and proximity to NZ’s best port. That’s huge for businesses. “It’s also a very collaborative and collegial business community – they all seem to help each other out and are very keen to further the interests of the Western BOP. “And clearly it’s good location to attract staff as well,” says Nigel, who has been the Auckland-based chief executive of a digital marketing company with offices in NZ and Australia and spent many years in the newspaper and publishing industry, including general manager to lead Fairfax’s digital media arm. But there are roadblocks to getting business into Tauranga. “At large business level, it’s a big investment to move a business elsewhere anyway, so that’s always a challenge. “And we have some growing pains such as the affordability of housing and some traffic congestion at peak times - – but our local bodies and representatives are well engaged in terms of that and working on solutions. “Then there are community amenities and what we need to build a great city and great region.” So is it easy to gets businesses to come here? “I don’t think we’re getting a lot of pushback at the small to medium size business level. But for large businesses,

Priority One Chief Executive Nigel Tutt.

relocating is a big undertaking. So I wouldn’t say it’s easy but clearly there is a lot of momentum and we’re getting a lot of enquiries.” And Nigel says the good part of the region’s growth “is we can then spend a bit more on infrastructure and get those projects happening”. And what about our skillbase? “We are getting a huge amount of enquiries from people wanting to move to the area. We’re getting around 10 per day.” “But if you talk to local businesses – getting the right people is the number one priority. It’s about matching people with employers. And more people coming to town allows businesses better access to talent, says Nigel. “What is really good about the Tauranga area now is that we’re seeing many more job opportunities – and opportunities to build a career rather than just have one job here. “And that’s very important for attracting talent.” And while there’s nothing major Nigel wants to change about the Priority One formula, he says they will “take look at what our strategy is and how it works for the environment we’re in – so you’d expect to see some changes out of that”. Merle Foster

Tessa Mackenzie. Photo: Chris Callinan.Saunders Cayla-Fay

Friday 17 February 2017

Tenders open for demolition Tenders are now open for the deconstruction and demolition of Tauranga City Council’s Administration building on Willow St. The tender requires that contractors provide consideration of deconstruction methods, meaning the salvaging or reuse of elements of the building where possible to minimise the amount of waste to landfill. Once the contract is awarded, it is anticipated physical works will begin in June 2017 with completion envisaged by September 2017. The demolition project is part of the Heart of the City Programme of work, with the purpose to work in partnership to create a vibrant, safe and successful city centre. The tender closes February 28, 2017.

The Weekend Sun


Get on your bike Tauranga Light rail is a great idea. But not a realistic one for now. “With the current population base it simply doesn’t stack up.” This is Transport Minister Simon Bridge’s overview of Tauranga City’s transport – its needs, its future. Smaller buses, more of them, better timetabling, more reliable services. “That may need to be checked out but it’s my sense of it.” But certainly, he says, more of us should be thinking about using buses. And more walking and biking to work. “It’s a magic opportunity in a city that is relatively flat and enjoys incredible weather.” There’s his idea for autonomous buses. “How cool if Tauranga CBD was the first place in New Zealand to have regularised autonomous buses operating?” And he would be keen to work with the Tauranga City Council on ‘park and rides’ in outer areas like Tauranga Crossing and Pyes Pa. “Where people can drop their cars for the day and hop on a bus.” It all began with his thoughts on the suggestion of a light rail system down the middle of Cameron Rd. Out would come the grass median strips and trees and in goes the light rail – dual tracking and fast, flash and regular trams or trains. “It would cost millions of dollars per kilometre and you’d need quite a few k’s before it’s remotely workable – a billion dollars before you scratch your nose on this one,” says Simon. When the Minister and Tauranga MP walks down the street, he sees buses with very few people in them and lots of cars with just one person in them – the driver. As Tauranga depends on cars more we’re less likely to take a bus than any city in the country. The Weekend Sun tested attitudes to the big yellows. “I haven’t ridden a bus

Bikes and bus, the way forward - cyclist Adam O’Connor bikes to work. since I was 13 – so at least 10 years.” “I’ve been in Tauranga three years and never taken a bus.” “No, I haven’t used our buses.” Someone else had taken a bus but that was two-and-a-half years ago, another person used the buses twice last year; and yet another was forced to use the bus because the car was broken down or they had been drinking. There is also an attitude that buses simply are not cool. “Do I look like the sort of person who would use a bus?” Daily traffic in Tauranga has increased 8.9 per cent in a year and, by quite a margin, the city unenviably has the highest private vehicle dependency in the country with about 97 per cent of journeys taken by private cars. “What we need are things that make public transport attractive,” says Simon. “First and foremost, there needs to be some smart thinking on the bus network. “Those timetables, those services; that regularity and reliability.” And hopefully over

time we will see more people in cars than just the driver. “Because every time you get two or three people in a car, you are taking other cars off the road.” If the Minister of Transport was still a lawyer and prosecutor in Tauranga, he’d seriously consider cycling to work. And he considers that would be a realistic proposition for quite a number of people who live as far out as Matua or Bethlehem. But it would require a whole lot of things to happen. “Offices to be more accommodating, to have some facility around bicycles. TrustPower is a leader on that front – it’s put in specific cycling facilities, showers, storage for bikes, and an allowance for people to buy some of the kit they need.” As a result TrustPower’s had good buy-in. “Be very clear it’s not going to be the magic bullet – nothing is going to be the silver bullet.” The power, says the minister, is in all of our hands.

The Weekend Sun

Friday 17 February 2017


Zouk on the beach The beach will be alive with Latin tunes next weekend when the inaugural Mount Zoukfest begins.

problems. I could not walk or sit for longer than a few minutes. “Having retired from sport several years earlier a back specialist advised me to get active again and in a short time dance miraculously got me moving normally again and learning to improve my posture.” Zouk is a fast-growing partner dance style, with its flowing movements and intimate partner connection setting it apart. The style suits fans of Rhythm and Blues and hip-hop. “Being relaxed and smooth, it’s easy to learn and allows dancers to express their own interpretation of the music,” says Arthur. “The community is friendly and supportive too.” Teachers from around New Zealand will be attending the Mount Zoukfest. Local teachers Mark Anderson, Ted Schatt and Arthur himself will also feature. For more information, visit: Ryan Wood

The mini dance festival, celebrating Brazilian dances Zouk and Samba de Gafieira, will take place at the Mount Maunganui Surf Lifesavers Club and Arataki Community Centre from February 24-26. Organiser Arthur Flintoff says dance – in particular Zouk – is a fun and addictive fitness activity. “I started learning dance when I was suffering severe sciatica and back

Arthur Flintoff and Sarah Sargison from the Dance Factory. Photo: Chris Callinan.

Tauranga Museum: Let’s do it! Tauranga residents wanting to keep up with the developments to get their city a museum can now check out a new website keeping tabs on the progress.

with collections, and whare taonga.” Tauranga Moana Museum Trust co-chair Dr Kelly Barclay says the organisation is looking forward to working closely with Tauranga City Council’s Tauranga City Transformation Tauranga Moana Museum Committee to assist in Trust has launched a new website developing a detailed – www.taurangamoanamuseum. business case for a com – where people can register museum. and keep informed. If approved this will The move comes as Tauranga lead to inclusion of the MP Simon Bridges calls for museum project in the local councils and corporates 2018 Long Term Plan to apply to a second round of and for it to go under government funding announced by Arts, Culture and Heritage Minister Maggie Barry. The Regional Culture and Heritage Fund will have $12 million available for Round 2, subject to the calibre of applications received. “It will support a range of important regional institutions, which may be struggling to get capital,” says Maggie. “Applications will be considered for building projects, renovations and additions to venues such as theatres and opera houses, museums, galleries, heritage buildings

construction by 2020. “This is an amazing opportunity to create a cultural economy that uses its rich history and lifestyle to create jobs and bring visitors into the region,” says Kelly. “The trust is keen to see a modern, dynamic, internationally recognised centre that brings people to Tauranga. This would provide a rich resource for locals to learn about and celebrate their history, environment and lifestyle.”











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Friday 17 February 2017

The Weekend Sun


High time for the tykes March 5, from 10am to 11.30am. Then there will be another event at Whakatane’s Warren Park on Wednesday, March 1, from 4pm to 6pm. For more information, contact Alarna on 027 533 8227 or email:

Here’s the checklist for the tykes – or the mischievous little ones. Helmets, a decorated bike or trike, drinks, snacks. That would just about do it for Tykes on Bikes 2017, a fun event for all under-fives. It’s a fun free circuit course at Tauranga’s Memorial Park on Sunday,

New i-Site location consultation Tauranga City Council is going to consult the public over the location of the new $4 million i-Site that is now promised for Coronation Park in Mount Maunganui.

Tourism Bay of Plenty CEO Kristin Dunne says from her organisation’s perspective, they are really pleased with the result. “And we feel this is critical for the industry and we are looking forward to consulting with the community on the details around this project, and today marks the first step of that. “It is really the beginning,” says Kristin. “And I hope the result will be a really beautiful building that we can all be proud of. “We are really pleased for the industry and I think our tourism industry and all of the industries should feel really encouraged.” Kristin believes the additional $1 million for a proposed ‘iconic roof ’ will be found. The preferred location is Coronation Park on the

It approved the ‘medium option’, a $4,026,000 visitor information centre with about 330m2 of enclosed space and a further 480m2 of semi-enclosed space this week. The decision to fund the project will be included in the 2017/2018 Annual Plan, with construction expected to start March 2018 and be finished in time for the following holiday and cruise ship season in October 2018. This means costs will be spread over both the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 Annual Plans.

corner of Maunganui Rd and Nikau Crescent. The alternative is the old i-Site location in Salisbury Ave. Tourism spending in Tauranga is estimated to be $713 million for the year ending December 2016, an increase of $65m above the $648m estimated visitor spending in 2015. Regionally, tourists are estimated to have spent $933m in the year ending December 2016. The fastest-growing segment is the international visitor market – cruise ship passengers disembarking at Mount Maunganui. Visitor spending averaged $2.5m per day in 2016 – and delivering an ‘iconic’ visitor information centre would equate to less than two days of regional visitor expenditure.

Tauranga City Council rates – why the poor pay more Last week I shared with you the story of a senior couple living off national superannuation struggling to pay rates that are rising faster than inflation. I expressed my frustration that some well-to-do members of our community call for greater rate increases, hurting those on low fixed-incomes. One problem with our rating system in Tauranga is that it’s a “regressive” tax. You’ll be familiar with a “progressive” tax, that’s the system the Government uses for collecting income tax. For example, the more you earn the higher your tax is as a percentage of income.

It’s the opposite with TCC rates; the lower your property value, the more you pay as a percentage of your house value. This is because of something you may not have noticed on your rates bill called the UAGC – the Uniform Annual General Charge – which is currently $810 per property regardless of its value. In my view, the reason for charging a high UAGC isn’t based on facts, but rather an urban myth. The

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myth is that poor ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ have lived in a house for 30 years, which has risen steadily in value to be worth $4m. If they paid a flat rate – like Hamilton City Council charges –they’d be “rated out of their home!” So the answer is to shift more of the total rates’ take onto lower value property owners through a UAGC. Is that fair? Reducing the UAGC by two-thirds would result in more than 70 per cent of our ratepayers paying less. Where does this leave Mr and Mrs Smith? I’ll tell you next week and the answer may surprise you.

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The Weekend Sun


Friday 17 February 2017


Adventure in photos





Three orca spyhopping. Photo: Kim Westerskov.

Guest speaker Kim Westerskov will be a special treat for everyone who comes along to the open meeting of Forest and Bird in Te Puke next Monday evening, February 20. He will present the stories behind his international award-winning photographs of our natural world, from the tropics to Antarctica, via New Zealand and the Bay of Plenty. With a cast of thousands including penguins, albatrosses, dolphins, orca, sharks, the Milky Way and oil spills, Kim will share the power of photography to inspire and to create real change. Kim is a professional photographer, writer, speaker and photography teacher based in Tauranga. He is one of only three photographers in the world ever to have won five first prizes in the world’s longestrunning and most prestigious nature photography competition, the BBC/ Natural History Museum ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year’. This prestigious competition is open

to both professional and amateur photographers. The 2016 competition attracted 50,000 images from 95 countries. Kim is the photographer and co-author of ‘The Seas Around New Zealand’; a comprehensive account of New Zealand’s seas and sea life. He is also the writer and photographer of 17 other books, mostly for children and young adults. “I’m delighted to have Kim come along as our speaker,” says committee member Carole Long. “I was fortunate enough to meet his father, Dr Kaj Westerskov, when I worked for the Wildlife Service of Department of Internal Affairs in the 1960s. “And when I worked for the Department of Conservation in Tauranga more recently I was very impressed by Kim’s work, commitment to the marine environment and the great amount of voluntary work he did with DOC to promote marine biodiversity and protection.” The meeting is at Masonic Lodge, 18 Oxford St, Te Puke, from 7.30pm on February 20. A gold coin donation is welcome, and supper is provided.





0800 00 88 80

assault weapon ownership and the war on terror. In this movie, which has been described as an “expansive, rib tickling and subversive comedy”, Moore discovers much that the USA could emulate. That includes New Zealand, says Closing the Gaps’ Peter Malcolm. He will talk after the movie and there will be a discussion on the film’s implications for New Zealand. ‘Where to Invade Next’ will screen in conjunction with the Tauranga Monthly Film Nights at the Wesley Centre, 100 13th Ave, Tauranga, next Wednesday, February 22 at 7pm. There’s an entry fee of $8 which includes refreshments. RSVPs to: or phone 07 544 5360.

“Laughter is an instant vacation” – Milton Berle Don’t you love it when you laugh so hard your stomach aches? I love to laugh and make others laugh. I see it as nature’s medicine, curing a multitude of illnesses. I think it’s the thing I like to do most, and I know my life is so much better when I incorporate laughter into each day.

I believe that one can never have too many hugs or laugh too often. Have you experienced laughter today and have you made another laugh? If you’d like to know more about coaching or supervision phone Mary Parker, the Fast Track Coach, on 07 577 1200 or 021 258 2145, or visit:





Filmmaker’s lessons for New Zealand The Closing the Gap income equality group will be showing what’s described as a “playful travelogue” next week to help sell it’s message. The movie is called ‘Where to Invade Next’ by the colourful and controversial American documentary filmmaker and author, Michael Moore. In the film the capped and hoodied Moore visits Italy, France, Finland, Tunisia, Germany, Slovenia and Iceland in order to investigate alternative methods of dealing with the same social and economic issues faced by the people of the United States. “I have invaded your country to steal your ideas,” says the moviemaker. Mike has got under the skin of several American administrations with irreverent investigations into globalisation, large corporations,





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on ly !

Friday 17 February 2017

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The Weekend Sun

Friday 17 February 2017


A theme party like no other Bay residents are invited to a three-day festival of music, arts and sustainability held on private farmland deep in the heart of the Waikino Valley in Waihi next month. Sundaise is a three-day festival of music, arts and sustainability, with 60-plus acts, free camping, free workshops and an awesome kidszone on March 10-12. The 60-plus acts over three stages will include Pitch Black, Laughton Kora, Bailey Wiley, K+Lab, Otautahi Allstars, The Nudge, Yoko- Zuna, International Observer and special guest Te Radar plus much more. Curious Carnival Tales will be the theme for the Sundaise Ball on Saturday, March 11, at the extraordinary festival. The theme brings to life the vision of creative director Rachael Stanway, who says Curious Carnival Tales was chosen to evoke and inspire people’s imaginations and a sense nostalgia and celebration. Rachael says the theme gives the Sundaise Family – AKA the attendees – a broad spectrum to interpret for their festival

costumes. “Think bright colours and carnival. You could dress up as a character from your favourite childhood story, draw ideas from movies like ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’ and ‘The Labyrinth’ or take inspiration from old school or modern circus and traditional European carnivals.“We really encourage people just to let their imagination go with this theme and interpret it however they want.” The creative director believes the injection of revellers in costume is what really brings the festival to life. “You can really connect with people, especially if you dress up, because everyone always adopts an alter ego when they’re in costume and all your inhibitions suddenly go out the window. “Our face painters will be back again so if you’ve got an idea that includes some face painting then you can go and discuss it with them. You will need to book though as they are always super busy,” says Rachael. The Sundaise Ball theme ties in with the overall styling of the festival, which will include a new forest walk with mirrors and light installations, brightly coloured art, sculptures, light installations and

Talking business in Papamoa New businesses to town – or business owners looking for support and better visibility are invited to Small Business Tauranga’s Breakfast Connect event in Papamoa next week. The event is on Wednesday, February 22, from 7am-8.30am at Living Business and Fifo Capital, 25 Oriental Parade, Papamoa. Here, Helen Schaffer from Living

Business and Gerard Prendergast from Fifo Capital will talk, with a light breakfast served and a chance to hear from city councillors Gail McIntosh and Leanne Brown about future planning for growth and development in Papamoa and the surrounding area. To register, see:

an overall feeling of exploring a curious carnival. “Everything will be very bright and eclectic,” says Rachael. “There will be lots of interesting things to look at as well as chill-out areas where people can enjoy drinks and nibbles with friends like our lounge suite in the forest, which will be surrounded by beautiful lamps and lighting to create a special chill-out zone.” Rachael says this communitybased event on March 10-12 offers a unique atmosphere where families, friends, young and old, “collide into a big melting pot of fun and creativity”. With sales limited to 1000 people, tickets are expected to sell out soon. For more information and to buy tickets, visit:

The Weekend Sun has two single tickets to give away to two lucky readers who can tell us the theme of this year’s festival? Enter online at www.sunlive. under the competition section. Entries must be received by Wednesday, February 22.

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Friday 17 February 2017


The Weekend Sun

A safer New Zealand for women and families The Government is working hard so women and children are safer in their communities – and in their homes. Our $500 million Safer Communities package, which Prime Minister Bill English and Police Minister Paula Bennett announced this month, recognises more is needed to protect women and children from crime, particularly at home. The additional 1125 Police staff mean officers can respond faster to callouts, wherever they are. This is especially good news for rural families, because it means 95 per cent of people will be within 25km of an aroundthe-clock Police presence. The investment

also addresses the underlying drivers of crime through preventative work and more rehabilitation for prisoners. We are determined that this significant investment will genuinely keep women, their families and their wider communities safer. That’s why the package includes some challenging targets, including that Police will contribute to 10 per cent fewer deaths from family violence, a 25 per cent reduction in reoffending by Maori, and more than 90 per cent of 111 emergency calls answered within 10 seconds. The Safer Communities package builds on the work National has done to reduce family violence, which is preventing

too many families from enjoying healthy, happy and fulfilling lives. Last year, we announced a major overhaul of family violence laws, supported by an investment of $130 million during four years. The changes included making the safety of victims a principal consideration in all bail decisions and central to parenting and property orders; enforcing tougher penalties for people who commit crimes while subject to a Protection Order; and creating new offences of non-fatal strangulation and assault on a family member – with tougher sentences than common assault. Tackling family violence is difficult and complex. But as the Prime Minister said, we are not here to shy away from the tough issues.

Heart of city takes another beat The business cases for the heart of the city project were approved at the first meeting of Tauranga City Council’s new City Transformation Committee meeting this week. The committee approved the business case analysis of the proposed museum, library and proposed indoor events centre, as set by the previous council. Within this $300,000 is allocated for the new museum business case, $400,000 for the library and $100,000 for the indicative business case for the up-to-1200-seat indoor performance venue. The location of the museum is undecided and TCC councillor Gail McIntosh wants the eventual public consultation document to include a price comparison between the Willow St and Cliff Rd sites. The fate of the existing library building is awaiting the outcome of an investigation into its structure.

More planning required The Government’s National Policy Statement on urban development capacity released in November 2015 is giving Tauranga City Council more reasons to be grateful for the SmartGrowth partnership. The NPS addresses the national significance of urban environments and the need to keep pace with the demands of growth – particularly in urban areas experiencing relatively high rates of growth, such as Tauranga. Most of the policy statement’s requirements of local governments are already met, and the remaining gaps are being co-ordinated through the SmartGrowth partnership. Projections indicate Tauranga will require an additional 45,000 dwellings as it grows to a population of 196,000 by 2063. The policy statement requires the council to plan for an additional 20 per cent of development capacity beyond projected demand during the next 10 years and 15 per cent beyond projected demand during the next 10 to 30 years. It’s the 30-year development capacity requirements that SmartGrowth is going to have to work on, committee members were told this week.

Te Puke by-election voting closed Voting for Western Bay of Plenty District Council’s Te Puke Community Board by-election closes midday today. If voting by post, voting documents must be received by the electoral officer no later than 12 noon on Friday, February 17. Two candidates, Richard McNair and Ron Spratt, are vying for their town’s vote to secure the last of four seats on the community board. The by-election was triggered following the October 2016 council elections after two successful Te Puke Community Board candidates were elected as councillors to the Maketu-Te Puke Ward – leaving the board one member short. To date about 16 per cent of the 6831 electors have returned their voting documents, with one week to go. A polling place is available for the hand delivery of completed voting documents, and the issuing of special voting documents during business hours at the following locations: Western Bay of Plenty District Council’s Main Office, Barkes Corner, 1484 Cameron Rd, Greerton; and at Te Puke Library and Service Centre, 130 Jellicoe St, Te Puke. For information on the by-election and candidates, visit:

The Weekend Sun

Friday 17 February 2017


Springing from the ground

Art project fund open People behind local Western Bay of Plenty arts projects can now apply for funding through the Creative Community Scheme. The scheme – to be administered by Creative Bay of Plenty on behalf of both Tauranga and Western BOP councils – is offering grants.

Creative Bay of Plenty general manager Lena Kovac and Te Puna Quarry Park Society chair Ian Cross with the park’s new sculpture.

A new sculpture at Te Puna Quarry Park reflects the industrial heritage of the site but also acknowledges the way the rural environment and nature have reclaimed it.

you look at the prehistoric horsetail plants that grew around the time dinosaurs roamed the earth. They also look like horses hooves upside down.” “It was a bit of a tricky one. I was given free range but had the springs to do something with. “I had to scratch my head. The sculpture has been created by Nic Clegg, “The buds on top of the springs were designed by who considered the importance of the piece being accident. They make a good sound when hit, so it’s site-specifi c. “Obviously it’s a nature park in a rural environment almost a musical piece. “ The springs are topped off with Nic’s ‘buds’ made and it also used to be a quarry,” says Nic. of Corten weathering “So there’s an industrial steel which is used in application for this bit of architectural applications land. And then looking at and sculpture. how nature has taken over “It’s such a fabulous once quarrying ceased, medium to work with,” with the help of human says Nic. “It will rust to a intervention.” certain point, and then it The sculpture is made acts as a protective layer. from large springs donated “You have this initially by TrustPower, and Corten hard shiny material, but weathered steel – and was once it takes on this partly funded by Creative rust effect it softens and Communities Tauranga, produces beautiful with the remainder paid by orange and brown the park. colours, adding colour to Including these two the piece.” elements within the piece of Te Puna Quarry Park sculpture works well. operated as a quarry The springs evoke the Nic Clegg at his Pyes Pa workshop creating industrial feel, but it also from the early-1900s another piece of artwork. incorporates the impression until 1979. Pine trees of something growing and reclaiming the land. were planted in 1989, and the Te Puna Quarry Park An accomplished sculptor with a studio in Pyes Pa, Society formed in 1993. The development of the Nic has left his latest sculpture untitled. park commenced in 1996 and the 20-year “People are naming it themselves which is nice,” milestone is being celebrated this year by members of says Nic. “The initial idea of it came from when Rosalie Liddle Crawford the society.

Funds can go to projects that increase participation in the arts, celebrate cultural diversity, or enable young people to engage with art. Applications close April 3. To find out more, see:

Friday 17 February 2017


The Weekend Sun

Insight into the life of a Plunket nurse An interview series that reveals the challenges and rewards of life as a Plunket nurse has been launched by Plunket in a bid to raise awareness and funds for the organisation. The Making a Difference series is a feature of Plunket’s 1000 Days to Raise a Bundle fundraising campaign, which aims to promote awareness around the vital role the charity plays in the first 1000 days of a child’s life. Plunket chief executive Amanda Malu says the best research shows that what happens to a child in their first 1000 days will influence their entire life. “The type of care that a child receives in that critical time can be the difference between a life of happiness, or a life of hardship. It will influence the adult that he or she will become and the path that child will follow. “Plunket is in the unique position of being able to provide that all-important care in the first 1000 days, with our nurses

visiting the homes of 90 per cent of all children born in New Zealand.” The Making a Difference interview series provides an insight into the essential role Plunket nurses play in supporting whanau and communities nationwide. The Raise a Bundle campaign will help Plunket to raise the $4 million it needs each year to continue its work in the community. “Our goal is to be there for every child born in NZ so they get the best possible start to life,” says Amanda. “For some families, it might be the reassuring home check they need, for others it might be a late-night call to our free 24/7 PlunketLine for healthcare advice. Many parents learn a lot from our parenting education classes. “We want to ensure all children and their families have the opportunity to thrive. But as a charity, we can’t do it alone. We need New Zealanders to help us make the difference of a lifetime.” Donations to the Raise a Bundle Campaign can be made at:

Read and write all about it!

Join a free afternoon of partying

Meet local children’s writers and illustrators at the Library Arcade on Willow and Wharf St today. Tauranga Writers’ free creative BOP Arcade Arts event starts at 11am-1pm. There’ll be face painting, tissue flower making and more for the children, teens and young at heart. For more information, email Tauranga Writers at

A free afternoon of partying is being planned for Katikati youngsters on Sunday, March 5. Yes, a Sunday Funday, to celebrate Children’s Day, is on at Katikati Resource Centre from 3pm-5pm. There will be face painting, dancing, games, pizza, gifts, stories, singing and more. For more information, call Gaye Hemlsey on 07 577 1753.

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Kaimai School principal Dane Robertson teeing off in anticipation for the Kaimai Golf Classic.

Friday 17 February 2017


Gumboots on, golf clubs ready Get your gumboots and your golf clubs that golf regularly then it’s just as much of a out because it’s time for Kaimai School to challenge by the course as well because it’s so different.” create an unusual golf course. And the funds raised will go towards finishing the Based at the Midson Farm off Soldiers Rd, this year’s year’s Bayleys Bayleys Kaimai Kaimai Community Community Golf Golf Classic Classic is a great way to enjoy a Saturday with friends and family. Organiser Trinity Trinity Milham Milham says says this this year’s year’s community day, to be held on Saturday, Saturday, February February 25, will be the 17th event. “It was started originally by four locals as a social event. “Now the Parent-Teacher Parent-Teacher Association Association at at the the Kaimai School has taken it over and run the same kind of programme.” It’s “golfing with a twist,” says Trinity. So people can expect something a little different from a typical golfing green. “We have a group of keen supporters who take to the farm with their lawnmowers and make a 12-hole golf course. “The 12 holes are combinations of teeing off from the middle of the river, chipping into a trough to finish off a hole – just slightly different stuff. “The big thing is that you don’t don’t have have to to play play golf; you don’t don’t need need any any experience experience in in golf golf at at all. all. It is very much an amateur hack. “But if you want to bring your golfing mates

1947 - 2017

ProudlyÊfamilyÊownedÊ&ÊoperatedÊsinceÊ1947 761ÊStateÊHighwayÊ29,ÊTauriko,ÊTauranga OpenÊ7ÊDaysÊ9amÊ-Ê5pm

WorkSI Work Safety Investigations

Kaimai community skate park. With only 100 spaces, Trinity says the event can fill up fast. The best way to save your space is pre-buy a ticket on the school’s Facebook page: Tickets cost $10 if you pre-book and $15 on the day. And if mum and dad want to golf in peace there’s plenty for the kids to do too. “We’ll have bouncy castles for the kids, we have Mr Whippy coming up; and we have Kiwi Can, which is a company that teaches good morals and ethics to kids at schools.” “Kiwi Can is going to come up and help us look after the kids so mum and dad can play golf,” says Trinity. Phil Mangos from Bayleys Country lives in the Kaimais and is passionate about the Kaimai Community. He along with Work Safety Investigations, Carters, Supacrete, Beca, Bristow Contractors, Bethlehem Town Centre are tournament’s golfing sponsors. “A very big thank you to the businesses in the Kaimai area as well as in Bethlehem, Greerton and The Lakes that have supported the day,” says Trinity. Cayla-Fay Saunders

Friday 17 February 2017


20 10.30am to 4.00pm Monday and Tuesday 10.30am to 5.00pm Wednesday and Thursday 10.30am to 4.00pm Friday and Saturday 10.30am to 3.00pm Sunday

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Adopt- -thon

A paw to hold

SPCA’s Hannah Cobb with pups Saffron and Jake. Photo: Chris Callinan.

Consider adding four paws to your family this weekend. Tauranga SPCA’s Valentines Second Chance For Love adoptathon event is on February 18 from 10.30am to 2.30pm at the Tauranga SPCA in Greerton. And it’s the perfect place to meet your next soulmate. Whether it’s dogs, older puppies, kittens, or cats that catch your eye, there will be a pet for every heart. SPCA Tauranga operations manager Margaret Rawiri says there will be plenty of pets ready for cuddles and loving forever homes. “The best way to choose a pet or to let your new pet choose you, is to spend some time with them. People are welcome to go into the cat adoption area and spend time getting to know the cats and kittens and find that perfect one. “And we can organise for people to go into our playpen with the puppies if they think the right one is there for you.”

Whether you want to add four paws to your family in the way of a pooch or a feline, Margaret says their adoption pets are ready for devoted new families. “Being kitten season we have lots of cats and kittens from eight weeks old that have all been vet-checked, de-sexed, microchipped, had their first vaccination and treated for fleas and worms – all for a discounted adoption fee for this day only!” “We also have some puppies which are all exceptionally lovely and eagerly waiting to go to their new homes to enjoy the life they truly deserve. All of the SPCA’s puppies and dogs will have all been vet checked, de-sexed, microchipped, and have had their first vaccination, and been treated for fleas and worms prior to going to an approved home, says Margaret. “And all of our adoptions are subject to meeting our normal adoption criteria.” So if you want to meet your pawsatively perfect Valentine, make sure you head down to Tauranga SPCA, 43 Alach St, Greerton.

The Weekend Sun

Friday 17 February 2017


Adopt- -thon Giving lots of love and attention TAURANGA

43 Alach Street, Greerton Phone 07 578 0245

PET NAME Ref 0000

Shona Davies’ daughter Tegan with the adopted family cat Kapo.

Photo: Chris Callinan.

Shona Davies has expanded the number of paws in her family a few times during the last eight years. The numbers have fluctuated anywhere between four paws – that’s one cat – to 36 paws – that’s nine cats. Shona and her family are a foster family for the Tauranga SPCA. And through the ups and downs, Shona says they love it. They take on any mother cats and the SPCA thinks need some extra help, some old fashioned TLC. Her three daughters – aged 15, 18, and 20 – sometimes find giving the kittens back tough, says Shona. “The longer you have them, the harder it is because you get to know their personalities.” Shona says the pain is eased by their own ex-foster cat Kapo, and even he doesn’t mind the infiltration of tiny paws. “He doesn’t mind the foster cats because he knows they’re only here for a certain period of time. “We know that when they go back

they’re going to someone who will love them as much as we do. “Several times we’ve gone down to the SPCA to pick up some food or litter and we’ve seen a couple of families with young children pick ‘our kittens’ as such. “That’s what the reward is – that we can give our love and attention to them and they’ll go to a forever home when they get back to the shelter.” Shona says the keys to being a good foster home are patience, resilience and a love of animals. “We don’t know what their background is so we just have to give them the best start that we can. “Honestly, it’s really worthwhile. We love it so much. “Everybody down at the SPCA do such a great job, and if we as a family can help one litter of kittens find forever homes, then we feel like we’ve done a big part, and that’s what it’s about.” For more information on fostering, check in Cayla-Fay Saunders with your local SPCA.




Shilo Ref 86447 Staffy Cross 2 months Female


Friday 17 February 2017


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Get the body, mind and spirit working in harmony It’s said the ancient Chinese believed that true health comes when body, mind and spirit work together in harmony.

John Fletcher of Taoist Tai Chi Society says tai chi is a way to develop a body that is strong, yet supple, balanced and energetic, a mind that is calm and clear, yet creative and

dynamic – and a spirit that is light and peaceful, yet resilient. People in the Bay of Plenty have the opportunity to start learning these arts during the next few weeks as the Taoist Tai Chi Society offers 18 new beginners classes in five locations across the region. “The beginners’ New beginner classes are available at Taoist Tai Chi Tauranga. class experience is enjoyable and relaxing; instructors ongoing training. class at no cost. Subscriptions are “We would be pleased to are all accredited and maintain very reasonable and there are rates welcome you to an introductory their accreditation through to cover different circumstances.”

A rare awarding for Tauranga air cadets

youdream dream about about being a astar? DoDoyou being star? Do you dream about being a star?

Singing and drama are excellent ways Singing and drama are excellent ways to boost confidence and develop to boost confidence and develop self esteem. These same skills can be self esteem. These same skills can be Singing and drama are excellent transferred to future careers. ways transferred to future careers.

For more information phone Christine For more information phone Christine Daverne on 027 2275 281 or email Daverne on 027 2275 281 or email For more information phone Christine or visit our website or visit our website Daverne on 027 2275 281 or email

to boost confidence and develop At Daverne ofSchool Performing Arts AtSchool Daverne Performing Arts self esteem. These same skillsof can be we offer musical opera, offertheatre, musical theatre,rock opera, rock transferred towe future careers. or visit our website & pop, drama anddrama dance fordance singers, & pop, and for singers, audition techniques, voice projection, audition techniques, voice projection, At Daverne School of Performing Arts Young Performers Certificate, all underall under Young Performers Certificate,

we offer musical theatre, opera, rock the guidance of an experienced teacher, & pop, drama director and dance for singers, and performer. 7A Wembury Grove, Parkvale, Tauranga audition techniques, voice projection, Young Performers Certificate, all under the guidance of an experienced teacher, director and performer. 7A Wembury Grove, Parkvale, Tauranga

A Tauranga club experienced a rare awarding of two New Zealand Cadet Forces Medals occurred in town this week – to honour two people who have each given 12 years of service to Tauranga’s 16 Squadron ATC Tauranga Air Cadets. Flight Lieutenants Lynn White and Adrian Edwards both received the medal for long, efficient and continuous service with the cadet unit for 12 years. Lynn was in command of the Lieutenant Colonel Grant Morris, with Flight Lieutenants Lynn unit for four years before passing White and Adrian Edwards Photo: Darren Fasching. on the role to Adrian – and for their Change of Command ceremony both were Morris of the NZ Army. Representatives of the awarded the prestigious medal by the Commandant Western Bay of Plenty Cadet Unit army cadets, and of the NZ Cadet Forces, Lieutenant Colonel Grant the TS Chatham Sea Cadets also attended. “It’s a very rare thing to have two medals presented at the same time,” says unit commander of the TS Chatham Sea Cadets, Lieutenant Commander Sandra Berry. “Also a change of command parade occurs infrequently. The medal requires dedicating to do 20 days per year, for 12 years, during weekends and weeknights.” “Lyn and Adrian have dedicated themselves to the young people in the unit,” says Sandra. “What makes this also unique is that neither have children currently involved.”

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Friday 17 February 2017


Take advantage of the great benefits Club Mount Maunganui is part of a 300-strong, Clubs New Zealand family, with an affordable membership.

“So why wouldn’t you want join this club and take advantage of all the benefits this outstanding, quality facility has to offer?” says club manager Christine Young. Along with the opportunity of a full membership, the club is currently promoting a Summer Holiday membership for December, January and February for a minimal fee. To meet membership criteria, see one of the club’s friendly team and bring confirmation of address. “We immediately process your

temporary card and if you bring this editorial with you, you will receive a little thank you from the club,” says Christine. “It’s as easy as that.” The club boasts a superb Wheelhouse Restaurant, serving great quality food at excellent club prices. “Our chefs are an experienced, talented bunch, so they know what you want.” In addition to its excellent bar facilities, with specials and weekly promotions, the club has a fullyequipped TAB.

“That’s 18 of the most up-todate gaming machines, free pool tables, dart boards, along with our partners, Bowls Mount Maunganui, who also have their astro greens available for hire. “Croquet and petanque have an enormous amount to offer members as well.” Members can also use the ‘Club Coach’ for a safer way to and from the club. “It travels around the Mount and Papamoa and by arrangement Tauranga and Welcome Bay, for a

More than just something to do Choosing to retire is a big decision, but once you’ve made the leap it’s often once the days are longer and you are ‘free’ in the middle of a Monday that reality can dawn on you. ‘What do people do at 1pm on Monday?’ you may ponder if you’ve always worked 8am-5pm Monday to Friday – for forever. So once the house is spotless and the errands are under control, it’s time think about joining a club. Because having something to do and get up for every morning is paramount for mental health and longevity. Start with where you live. Is there something you can go to or be part of that is close, convenient and affordable? Try something new – you never know what passion could erupt which you never knew you had. Or try something trusted – revisit a favourite old pastime.

Or just try something you like the sound of. Clubs can help in you unobvious and long-reaching ways. They can help you make friends, squash loneliness, realise hidden talents, connect with your community, feel secure in your neighbourhood, get to know your town and it’s specials places, and much, much more. You may find happiness, passion, excitement, a sense of achievement, satisfaction, self-confidence, respect for yourself and others, knowledge, relaxation and contentment. Joining a club when you have the time to devote yourself to it could be the best commitment you’ve ever made – so try it. Because nothing can beat a feisty man or woman with a mission to have a good long life, who keep themselves and their minds busy.

Juggling a new hobby

Seeking likeminded local Lions

If throwing and catching is your thing, then the Tauranga Juggling Night may be of interest. The juggling nights are held at Memorial Park by the fountain from 4pm until late most Thursdays, weather-dependent. Open to anyone who can or wants to learn to juggle. For more information or to be added to the text group for updates, message Jason on 021 049 3962 or check Facebook at: taurangajugglingnight Jason confirms the meeting every Thursday morning via text or Facebook.

The Lion’s Club of Greerton is seeking civicminded men and women to join them in making a difference in the community. The club is hosting an information session for people who want to learn more about the club and its work. The information session is on March 11 from 9am-1pm at the Greerton Village Square. The Lions motto is: ‘We serve’. Their projects and activities help youth and the elderly, the deaf and the blind, the physically and mentally disabled, and generally enrich the community around them. The Greerton Lion’s Club has a proud record of such service during the last 50 years. That is their history, and they invite you to be a part of their future.

reasonable donation.” The modern, air-conditioned function facility is also perfect for a wedding venue, special occasion or

corporate meeting facility. “Come and check out our venue, stay a while and enjoy what this superb facility has to offer our community.”

Friday 17 February 2017

Dress to impress

Exclusive to Magazine Clothing, gorgeous ‘Jellicoe’ pink jacket and tunic - arriving soon.

The most important woman at a wedding is, of course, the bride.

Exclusive to Magazine Clothing, stunning ‘TF’ coat arriving soon.

s Size 6 2 10 -

The Weekend Sun


The second most important women are the mother-of-the-bride and the mother-of-the-groom. Mothers, make sure you are dressed to your best for the wedding of your daughter or son – and there’s no better place to go to find the perfect dress than After Hours Eventwear. Owner Dorothy Hart has a few tips for mothers looking for the perfect dress to wear. “The number one rule is not to outshine the bride; don’t wear white and except for cocktail weddings, shy away from too much black. “If you are the motherof-the-bride have your daughter or good friend to help assist in

magazine designer clothing


finding that perfect dress,” says Dorothy. “And make sure the dress compliments the bridal party.” Dorothy says it’s also important to think of how you will appear in the photographs and to other guests. “For the mother of the bride or groom, this is the time to be a little more conservative yet elegant in style and design. “Be comfortable in what you wear, whether it be flowing or fitted make sure it’s a style that suits you.” If you worry about sleeveless dresses, Dorothy says sheer sleeves, beautiful shawls or light jackets can complement your outfit – and make sure you accessorise accordingly. “Keep jewellery to a minimum and choose pieces to complement the style of your dress, wear shoes that are going to be

Find a fancy frock for your son or daughter’s wedding at After Hours Eventwear. appropriate for the venue and that are also comfortable. “And hats or fascinators are becoming increasingly popular.” No matter what you’re looking for, After Hours Eventwear in Bethlehem can help.

Paralympian wears Tauranga designer’s dress The dress of a Tauranga designer wandered its way to Monaco and into this week’s international Laureus World Sport Awards on the hips of New Zealand’s most successful Paralympian.

magazine designer clothing


Sophie Pascoe – known for representing NZ in swimming at


three Summer Paralympic Games, winning nine gold medals and six silver medals – was unsuccessful at the Laureus World Sport Awards on Wednesday. But she sparkled in a dress made of the finest Italian embroidered tulle and goose feathers in shades of scarlet, crimson and burgundy, cascading over layers of nude Italian tulle and embellished with Swarovski crystals and pearls at the

‘Salle des Etoiles’ venue The elegant-looking Grace Millicent Couture dress was crafted by Tauranga designer Grace Sutherland, who is honoured Sophie chose her couture house to create her dress. “Sophie is an inspirational young woman, and we feel very privileged to have one of our country’s most successful swimmers in one of our gowns.

The Weekend Sun

Friday 17 February 2017


Seeking sustainability in the Bay The Sustainable Backyards programme – in its 12th year – is back bigger and busier than ever!

“With a diverse mix of activities, there is something for everyone.” In Tauranga a Beautiful WaterBeautiful Life He Wai Tipua, He Wai Ora Speakers Forum and Movie is on Wednesday, March 22, from 7pm-9.30pm, costing

9am-12pm. In Whakatane is a free Common Waters Speakers Forum on Tuesday, March 7 from 6.30pm at Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi. This event explores values, facts Hosted by Envirohub Bay of and sustainable futures for water Plenty every March, in the Eastern Bay – the 2017 calendar has “science, matauranga more than 100 events Maori and practice”. in the Bay of Plenty – And in Kawerau a free including workshops, Envirohub Speakers talks, walks, festivals, Forum will talk about film screenings, open sustainable practices homes and more. – and how can we Envirohub Bay consider future effects of Plenty’s general on our local waterways manager Renee Rewi and wildlife on March says this year regional 8, at Kawerau Life event coordinator Konnect, 369 River Diana Donker and Rd, from 6pm-9pm. support coordinators Participants see a In Tauranga the Sustainable Backyards programme have been working screening of fi lm ‘Water will talk beautiful water, beautiful life at hard in Tauranga, Whisperers Tangaroa’, a forum and movie night next month. Whakatane-Opotiki, followed by a Speakers Kawerau and Rotorua Forum with renowned to make it a truly Bay $10. And for Seaweek, check experts on fresh, coastline of Plenty-wide initiative. out the Big Western Bay Beach waterways and co-management – Clean Ups at Waihi Beach’s “The events are fun, varied and a Q&A session with experts. northern end, Tuapiro Point and provide people with an And an Autumn Harvest Reserve, McMillan Reserve, opportunity to connect with Envirofest on March 31 from Bowentown, Tauranga’s Fergusson 12pm-6pm at Rotorua their communities, share Park, Maketu’s Te Tumu carpark Youth Centre will celebrate knowledge, learn more and be summer with a sustainable and inspired towards achieving a more and Omokoroa Domain – all on Sunday, March 5 from educational fair. sustainable future.

For more information on these events, see: or see: sustainablebackyards

Holiday with livingstone daisies BEECOMB A BEE KEEPER l.

Bee in Quick!

BOOK NOW Limited Spaces

urs ea


o va pr

rt ta s es

Ju ly. Pend eb and ing F e co lat

This brightly coloured plant is the perfect flower to grow during warmer months particularly if you’re going away, according to Tod Palenski of Awapuni Nurseries. He says there’s no need to set sprinklers to timers – because livingstone daisies thrive in dry, sunny and windy conditions. In fact, the only weather element you really need

to worry about when growing livingstone daisies is whether there’s any chance of frost. And once past the chance of frost, these pretty daisies will flower almost year-round. They are also fantastic for growing in borders and creating mass displays of colour due to the succulent, spreading nature of the plant. When planting find a spot in your garden that gets full sun and plant each seedling about 30cm apart from the next. Once established, the flowers will open to the sun and the plant will grow to about 15-20cm high. Water them when you can but – as mentioned above – they should be fine left to their own devices if you head away during summer. And if you have a permanent caravan, bach or crib, why not plant some livingstone daisies there too? This way you enjoy the brilliant colour at home and away.

Co ur s

Are you looking for a no-fuss colour flower for your garden this summer? Well, look no further than livingstone daisies.

Distance Learning Options

NZ Certificates in Apiculture Level 3

Courses Running Now! 0508 28 72 46

Friday 17 February 2017


Dandelions with your smoothie?

Think about it and then give it a shot. You may even get to like it. You will certainly benefit. It’s a Sunday morning suburban workshop, which identifies ‘weeds’ in the garden that can be eaten and then transferring those weeds into a superfood smoothie. Organiser Julia Sich will show us how to identify wild edible weeds, the ones that can be eaten safely and those not so good. She will also have lots of information about their nutritional

and medicinal value. The weeds, along with some leafy greens and ripe seasonal fruit, will then be transformed into what she describes as “a luscious green smoothie which will greatly enhance your health”. The workshop – as part of the 2017 Sustainable Backyards programme on in the Bay – is on Sunday, February 26, at 19 Waikite Rd, from 10am and 1pm. To book, email: Or see:

   


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When dreams become reality The much-anticipated Classic Builders showhome at Kennedy Ridge, Pyes Pa, will be officially open on February 19.

build package, and this property perfectly illustrates the calibre of home this company is delivering to the market. “With the current housing boom, we really wanted to bring something into the arena that speaks for itself in terms of style and quality,” says Classic Builders has surpassed all BOP regional manager Paul Taylor. Taylor. expectations with its latest design and “In this showhome we’ve created a good-looking property with great functionality. “Title for Stage One is due soon, and Classic is looking forward to starting the builds for those packages – all of which sold out within four weeks of release.” The stunning Kennedy Ridge showhome boasts four bedrooms, two living areas, two bathrooms and a double garage. Inside, the feeling of space is key. The design has cleverly incorporated high ceilings to optimise the natural daylight, while the organic ambience is further enhanced by feature timber used on the exterior. While the house itself Classic aesthetically hits a high note, Builders Bay the home is further enhanced of Plenty by its location. regional The terraced style of the manager sections and their elevated position Paul Taylor. mean not only are there wonderful views, but the proximity to The Lakes subdivision and Tauranga Crossing gives access to phenomenal facilities. “With a high number of house and land packages coming to the market, there is little doubt that Kennedy Ridge will be a coveted location,” says Paul.





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Friday 17 February 2017


Peter spends his days with dahlias Te Puke man Peter Burrell’s passion for dahlias has grown from his wife Valerie. But not in the way you’d think. “Val was the North Island secretary for the National Dahlia Society of New Zealand. And it meant I had to her cart all around the place for meetings and the shows and that. “And I thought: ‘If I’m going to take you all around the place I’m going to put some tubers in’.” That was 35 years ago – today the recently-turned 80-year-old is still at it. Still breeding, growing, showing – and worshipping – dahlias. “I’m probably the oldest grower of dahlias in Bay,” says Peter, who has been in horticulture all of his life So 35 years ago he “worked out” his garden and was going to put in 47 stakes. “And all of sudden Val went to this meeting and boxes of dahlia tubers came from far and wide – and I ended up with 164 stakes.” After his first season of growing Peter saved three clumps of tubers. He admits “the rest weren’t good ones”. But that didn’t stop him. “So we grew those and I’ve been showing [dahlias] ever since.” Peter started his Kotare Dahlias brand about 28 years ago – and since then he’s released a number of new varieties. And last year he named a dahlia after his wife Valerie. “I called it Valiann – it hasn’t been up on the show bench yet – but it will be.” He also imports new breeds from England to get a different gene pool. “We cannot breed a blue dahlia in NZ – we can get pretty close to black, but we can’t get blue.” “Fimbriated dahlias, they love split florets. I have four new ones.” And he still tries to show in Waihi, Hamilton and Rotorua. “I showed at the Hamilton show last weekend but I didn’t do very good there this year. I’ve got a bad leg and I haven’t been able to

Te Puke’s Peter Bur his pride and jo rell and one of ys. Photo: Chris Callin an .

give them [the dahlias] the attention they deserve.” Plus Peter’s still a judge at some shows. “I’m off to Morrisville to judge today,” says Peter, who is also a former Dahlia Society of NZ president and vice-president So what does Peter love about dahlias? “Well, they are so versatile in their colour range. I’m one of the NZ breeders – I’ve got some new ones no-one has seen yet.” Peter says a lot of people having trouble keeping dahlias once picked or bought. “It’s because they have a hollow stem. When you pick your dahlias you have got to cut them under water and make a hole in the stem about two inches above that. And that lets the air out. If you get the air out they’ll last a lot longer.” And you can use one teaspoon of clorogene and one teaspoon of sugar to one litre of water to keep them in. And before you ask – no, Val does not grow dahlias. “She’s too busy with bookwork,” says Peter. “She is a national treasure.” Merle Foster

Friday 17 February 2017

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Relief work in early childhood centres A love of working with children is a must for those that work for ECE Consultants. The company has been providing Early Childhood Education relievers to many of the wonderful early childhood centres throughout the Bay and the Waikato for more than 15 years.

For some teachers, relieving is an opportunity to experience different ECE philosophies and practices and a pathway to a permanent role. They may be new primary or ECE graduates with their first provisional registration or teachers looking to return to the sector, or transitioning between permanent roles. Some teachers have moved between being clients of ECE Consultants and being part of the ECE Consultants team. Not all relievers are short-term and looking for permanent work at a single centre. “Some of our team have been with ECE Consultants team for more than 10 years,” says ECE Consultants co-owner Steve Goodman. “For some, relieving is their only source of income. Others combine relieving with other activities such as their own business. “Relieving also enables teachers who cannot work full-time due to caring responsibilities or other

whanau reasons to earn extra income and maintain their experience,” says Steve. Extra income and flexibility are not the only benefits of relieving. Despite a tertiary qualification, field-based experience can give teachers a different insight and knowledge. For more information phone 07 823 3397 or email:

More chippies need to be trained up – now! The head of a construction industry training organisation is warning more building apprentices need to be trained to meet demand. The Bay of Plenty is among regions with a backlog in building wait times, which Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation chief executive Warwick Quinn says is at 3.7 years. While his organisation has a record 10,000 apprentices in training, more are needed. “While 10,000 apprentices is a

new milestone for us it is also our new normal and must be increased if we are to successfully fill the skills gap in construction,” says Warwick. “We tend to get a surge in apprentice numbers each year from about March and it will be interesting to see if that continues in 2017. “Most of our growth comes from those firms that traditionally have apprentices, but in order to get the increase in apprentice numbers that we need, we also need to increase the number of employers who train. “In order to do that we need to ensure training programmes align more closely with their business and meet employees expectations.”

Warwick points to building consent data recently released by Statistics New Zealand showing building consents are at their highest level since 2004. To the year ending last December 29,970 new homes gained building consents. This is the highest number since 2004 but still well below the high of 1973 when about 40,000 new homes were consented, says Warwick. But he expects this upward trend to continue in 2017. Warwick says this rate of construction is at NZ’s longrunning normal rate of 6.5 builds per 1000 people and a response to the record low rate of construction during the Global Financial Crisis.

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Friday 17 February 2017


Creating successful futures for Bay hairdressers One of the Bay of Plenty’s largest hairdressing training providers Hair to Train is delivering the New Zealand Certificate in Barber Skills Level 3 for the very first time. They will also open a new barber shop and academy at the Mount Maunganui campus. Hair to Train general manager Donna Waterson says the vision is to remove the classroom aspect from the curriculum to a certain degree and focus on the practical aspect of the qualifications. “This will allow our students to be better equipped when they leave the academy as they will

be aware what will be expected in the workplace.” The qualifications Hair to Train deliver include the NZ Certificate in Hairdressing Salon Support Level 3 and the NZ Certificate in Hairdressing Emerging Stylist Level 4. Hair to Train also has the contract to deliver all apprentice training for students in the Bay along with being the preferred Gateway deliverer to the local secondary schools. Donna says what makes Hair to Train unique is their main focus is purely hairdressing and barbering, the student-tutor ratio being 8:1 and the family culture within the organisation. “Our main focus is to ensure all students have an opportunity to create their own successful futures.”

Celebrating success is also a main focus with each student receiving certificates gained after completing modules and our annual graduation ceremony, which is held each December.

“As hairdressers ourselves, we know that by having such a valuable trade these qualifications can change our students lives and many of our graduates have gone on to be very successful in the industry.”

Need NCEA Level 1 or 2? Wanting to Upskill or change career? ur elp o We h ates gradu find nt! oyme p em l

Need to improve your employment prospects?

 Small classes & friendly tutors fees or hidden costs  No Start anytime  Courses in NCEA L1 & L2,  Hospitality L2 & L3, Retail L2 IT & Computing L2

 TEXT UPSKILL TO 3165 CALL 0800 002 159

Staff at Hair to Train’s 2016 graduation.

Priority One’s new head in Katikati Katikati residents are being offered the chance of some one-on-one time with Priority One’s new chief executive.

New CEO Nigel Tutt will be in Katikati on Tuesday, February 21, to talk as part of a Breakfast Speakers Forum. For the last three years Nigel has been the Auckland-based chief executive of Affinity ID, a marketing technology company with offices in New Zealand and Australia.

He spent many years in the newspaper and publishing industry, including serving as New Zealand supply chain manager for PMP, then moving to Fairfax Newspapers as commercial manager - publishing, before being appointed as general manager to lead Fairfax’s digital media arm, where he spent almost four years. Those interested in hearing Nigel talk need to RSVP by Monday, February 20, by emailing: The event is from 6.45am on Tuesday, February 21, at Robert Harris Café on Main St, Katikati.

Say ‘Yes’ to emergency services experience For teens wanting to learn the skills for helping in an emergency – and ultimately making an active difference in their communities – there’s a programme coming up for you. The free three-month Youth in

Emergency Services programme offers teens aged 16-20 the chance to develop new skills, meet other young people, encounter first-hand the work of NZ’s emergency services, have fun and be physically active,

and earn a certificate from the experience. The programme will start in March or April – to register your interest, call Katikati Resource centre on 07 549 0399 or drop in and collect a form.

399 Cameron Road, Tauranga | NEW FACILITIES OPENING SOON!

Friday 17 February 2017


o k t c Ba chool S





Mount Maunganui Intermediate

The students made banners that addressed the road safety issue they considered to be the most important for their school. These road safety messages are relevant to us all. Bellevue School

Bethlehem College

Bethlehem School

Fairhaven School

Gate Pa School

Greenpark School

Greerton Village School

Pyes Pa School (Intermediate)

Katikati Primary School

Maungatapu School

Mount Maunganui Primary School

Otumoetai Primary School

Pahoia School

Golden Sands Schools

Papamoa Primary School

Pillans Point School

Selwyn Ridge School

Tahatai Coast School

Tauranga Primary School

Omanu School

Tauriko School

Te Akau ki Papamoa

Te Kura o Matapihi

Te Puke Primary School

Te Puna School





At the end of last year, students from 28 schools around the Western Bay of Plenty took part in the Orange Day road safety parade and banner competition.









Friday 17 February 2017


Arataki School GHLY










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Welcome Bay School (Primary) GHLY

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MVM 62248 JAN 2017

Friday 17 February 2017


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What goes behind the needles in Greerton This winter Greerton Village’s cherry blossom trees will be raising their branches for Tauranga’s charities and non-profit organisations.

Carol and Greerton Village Community Association Committee member Marilyn Mouat have measured and numbered all the trees because they’ve grown since last year. And it seems tree sleeves can be reused from previous years. “Most of the knitted sleeves from last year lasted Newly-appointed Greerton Community Knitters quite well,” says Sally. “They’ve been in storage. and Yarn Bombers coordinator Carol Power Carol has also photographed, measured and has started 2017 with high enthusiasm for the numbered them. popular yarn bombing event that last year saw “Some of these could be reused with a record 39 trees ‘dressed’ with knitted sleeves embellishments added. But we still need a covering their trunks. huge number of knitters for this year because Greerton Village Mainstreet manager Sally there are more 40 trees.” Benning is pleased Carol is available to help What started as an idea in 2013 with five or coordinate the annual event, now in to its six trees wearing woolly masterpieces grew to fifth year. more than 17 trees in 2014 being included in “Officially, she started in January but I know the colourful collection. she did some work pre-Christmas,” says Sally. Sally says this year Carol has visited many of the “Carol has a huge amount of contacts because retirement villages, which will have residents of her teaching role. She’s a textile teacher knitting and crocheting for the event. Also d so has ideas for embellishing the trees in an ers itt mmunity Kn Co ton eer Gr a number of schools. “She’s keen to involve different ways.” tor Carol Yarn Bombers coordina es. children,” says Sally. Greerton Village came under the national Power measuring tre Carol has organised weekly yarn bombing spotlight again last winter when the public and meet-ups, and also encouraged people to create press came in their their own groups or just work on their own. droves to see the results. The Community Knitters and Yarn Bombers knitting groups meet “One of the key things this year on Tuesday nights at Greers, and Wednesday afternoons a Greerton is we are going to be raising money Public Library. Wool is provided. for local charities and not-for-profit To contact Carol Power for wool, a tree or a organisations,” says Sally. charity to yarn bomb for, see “There will be an opportunity for the GreertonVillageCommunityYarnBombing or email: public to vote for their favourite yarn bombing tree. The installation date for this year’s Greerton Village Community The funds raised will be distributed among the organisations. Yarn Bombing is June 25, 2017. Rosalie Liddle Crawford

High teas, vintage and classic cars It sounds like a match made in heaven if you’re keen to relive the days of glamour, dress-up, fine motor cars, motorcycles and fine dining.

All this will be on offer on Saturday, March 11, at Greerton Village Vintage and Retro Fayre. A Splendid Afternoon will be putting on high teas – offering a trip back in time when ladies and gents dined on tea and cake served in beautiful fine china. Tables will be set up along the veranda by the new classrooms at Greerton Village School, offering shade and a view across the field to the stage where Gin Rickey Jive will be playing vintage-themed music. Tickets for the high teas are available for prepurchase from Unichem Greerton Pharmacy and MD’s Leatherworks on Chadwick Rd, Greerton.

And what started out originally as a display of vintage cars has now grown to include cars from the Mini Club – very topical with the launch of the new ‘Pork Pie’ movie and the Tauranga Classic Motorcycle Club. Anyone out there who’d like to come along and display their vintage or classic cars, contact me please, we would love to see you there. We’d also like to encourage the public to dress up in vintage or retro clothes – check out our many opportunity shops for something cool to wear – and even join in the competition at 12 noon for best dressed to theme. There are still a few sites left if you’d like to sell vintage or retro goods for a school fundraiser. See you in Greerton Village soon. For further information, contact Sally on 07 571 6347 or email:

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Trade & Service Directory Vehicle Service Centre


07 572 2968

67 Hewletts Road Mount Maunganui


Friday 17 February 2017

Friday 17 February 2017

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Making your car go further - AA’s top tips for car care Look after your car and it will look after you. While age, mileage and maintenance have a big influence on just how long a car will last, so will your daily driving habits. And the AA has just issued some pointers to slow the aging process. Look way beyond the bonnet of your car. Knowing what road conditions are coming up will help limit damage to your tyres, wheels and suspension. Leaving good space behind the vehicle in front is not only good safe practice, but will help limit damage to car lights, paintwork and the windscreen.





Correctly inflated tyres don’t only mean a smoother ride, they help resist punctures because they’re more likely to deflect sharp objects. Warm the engine before proceeding. With a cold engine there is greater risk of wear and tear and fuel usage increases. If it’s a round town car take it for some exercise on the open road. That will get rid of carbon build up. Smooth driving by using gears to slow promotes safe driving and reduces tyre and brake wear. When reversing, make sure the car is at a complete stop before engaging the transmission. It will reduce premature wear and possible failure of the transmission or driveline.

MORE THAN A MOTORCYCLE STORE Bayride recently organised a charity ride which raised over $9500. We hold fun rides, support learner riders and are out and about in the motorcycle community. Why shop anywhere else?!







ONLY $6995* PIAGGIO 50

ONLY $2195*



ONLY $5199*

* Plus ORC

WWW.BAYRIDE.CO.NZ | PHONE. 07 571 3040

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Friday 17 February 2017

Making it click not clicking with many People not wearing seatbelts and dying on our roads has to stop, according to New Zealand’s leading road safety organisation the Automobile Association. AA spokesperson Simon Douglas says it’s hard to believe that in 2017 we would still need to be urging every person in a vehicle to buckle up. “But we are seeing far too many lives lost because of this. “The AA is asking every driver and passenger to please wear your seatbelt every time you are in a car.” In the first nine months of 2016 nearly 70 people not wearing seatbelts have died in crashes. One simple click could have saved a lot of them, says Simon. “There are many crashes where the people wearing seatbelts in a car only suffer minor injuries but someone not buckled up dies. “No one knows why we are seeing an increase in the number of people not wearing their seatbelts but the power to turn it around is literally in everyone’s own hands. “You’ve got more chance of being in a crash than winning big in Lotto, yet people think one of them will never happen to them and hope the other one will. “If you are someone who doesn’t care about wearing a seatbelt for your own sake, do it for your family.” Drivers already wearing their seat belts can do some other simple things to be safer on the roads, says Simon. Give themselves more following distance, stick to a safe speed for the conditions “and stay 100 per cent focused on driving”.

Appraised Used Vehicles

(07) 578 2381

200 Waihi Road, Judea, Tauranga

(07) 543 5292

60 Maleme St, Greerton, Tauranga

(07) 576 6566

269 Ngatai Road, Bureta, Tauranga

Friday 17 February 2017

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Top Team is back! Empowa Youth’s Top Team community event in Katikati is back for 2017 – and people need to register their teams now. The event works by participants in teams of four facing challenges and obstacles on a course set up at the Uretara Domain on Sunday, March 19, starting 12 noon. The three divisions are 14 years and under, 18 years and under, and open – and four teams are on the course at once – ultimately trying to take the Top Team crown for 2017. To register a team, see: Or visit Katikati Resource Centre or contact Melody on 027 738 9233.

A Bay battle in motocross champs Two Mount Maunganui riders will go head-to-head in Rotorua this weekend to keep alive their efforts to secure the MX1 class crown in the 2017 New Zealand Motocross Championships. Cody Cooper, who drives Honda, is the MX1 class defending champion and 2017 series leader with 70 points after round one at Pleasant Point near Timaru this month. But fellow Mountie and Kawasaki rider Rhys Carter is not far behind in third place and is willing to put the pressure on in the

series’ remaining three rounds. He sits in third place in the MX1 Class with 62 points, after Australia’s Dean Ferris, who drives Yamaha, with 65 points. Plus Rhys finished inside the top three in all three MX1 races at Timaru to sensationally edge out Australian professionals Todd Waters, Jesse Dobson and Luke Styke, who are using the Kiwi series as a warm-up for their own domestic competition later in the year. “I was pretty happy with my results in Timaru, although I did expect it, to be fair,” says the 27-year-old motocross coach. “The first round at Timaru is always the toughest for me. It’s a brutal track and can catch you out. I’ve not always gone well there and to come out of

Mount Maunganui’s Cody Cooper will receive pressure from fellow Mountie Rhys Carter at this weekend’s NZ Motocross Championships. Photos: Andy McGechan,

the day in one piece was awesome. “The next three tracks in the series are my favourites” says Rhys, hinting more good results could be expected. Meanwhile, Cody battled hard to keep Australian Dean at bay at Timaru and, after a brutal day of close racing, the pair were separated at the top of the premier MX1 class standings by just five points. Cody and Dean also respectively finished first and second overall in the MX1 class last season. Dean eventually missed out on the 2015 title by just two points – and that outcome could be traced back to the spectacular crash he suffered at the corresponding event at Rotorua last year. The hilly Rotorua circuit is this weekend host to round two of the four-round Mazda and DRD magazine-sponsored series, offering drivers in all three classes – MX1, MX2 and 125cc – another chance to shake-up the points. Then the competition heads to Palmerston North for round three on March 12, with the fourth and final round set for Taupo on Taupo on March March 25. 25.

Papamoa nippers out for summer appeal If you find a little ‘nipper’ on your doorstep the nippers – also known as the junior members – will be going around neighbourhoods with their this weekend – don’t worry, they won’t bite. who parents, collecting donations.



SH2, Bethlehem, Tauranga |

Collectors will also be putting in an appearance They’re out collecting for the Papamoa Surf at the Little Big Markets at Coronation Park Club’s annual annual summer summer Lifesaving Club’s tomorrow morning. appeal, which is on until this Celeste says the appeal is a massively Sunday, February 19. important income stream for the club, Club administration and helping to ensure volunteer lifeguards funding manager Celeste Moffatt have the tools and skills to help keep says out of the three local surf our community beaches safe, and to lifesaving clubs, their beach area assist with the overhead expenses they has the biggest stretch to cover. do not get funding for. “We’re a charitable “We really want to celebrate all our organisation that doesn’t receive volunteer lifeguards, who give up any government funding to weekends and come and make our keep our beaches safe.” Some of the young collectors for beaches safer. The club has more than 860 Papamoa Surf Lifesaving Club’s “It’s more than just putting out our members, while 350 children annual summer appeal. hand for money though – it’s also about participate in their junior surf engaging our community with the programme every Sunday. services we offer.” “We’ve got a really strong philosophy that if kids are Donations can also be made via collection boxes at engaged in surf skills and programmes, we’re going to local Papamoa businesses, or online at: get fitter, faster lifeguards.” Fundraising involves a bit of door-knocking from

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Friday 17 February 2017


Chip in and have a good time at golf tournament Pull out your chipper, polish your putter and gather your clubs, golfers – because the Bay of Plenty Multiple Sclerosis golf tournament is coming up. The tournament will be teeing off next Sunday, February 26, from 8am at the Omanu Golf Club – and Multiple Sclerosis Bay of Plenty are hoping for a hole in one. Registration costs $120 for a team of four players, and teams will play ambrose. Register your team by February 22 through the website: On-the-day registrations are open from 8am, shotguns start 8.30am and prizegiving will be held around 1.30pm.

Sausage sizzles, drinks and raffle tickets will be available to purchase on the day. And there are some great prizes up for grabs – the winning team will receive two nights’ accommodation in a superior villa and two rounds of golf for four people at The Dunes Golf Resort. The runner up will receive four rounds of golf with the use of two golf carts at The Kinloch Club, Taupo, and one lucky hole sponsor will win a $500 on-air voucher from NZME, plus loads more team and spot prizes to be won! Prizes will be given for the winning team, hole-in-one, longest men’s drive, longest women’s drive and more. For more information, visit: Or search ‘BOP MS Golf Tournament’ on Facebook.

Have a go at BMX BOP Multiple Sclerosis If you’re a beginner or want to find out Golf Tournament what BMX-ing is all about – then book out this Sunday, February 19.

As part of Sport of Bay of Plenty’s February Bike Month, a new to BMX open day is being held at Tauranga BMX Track for all ages – and it is free. The day, from 1pm-4pm, offers a free introductory session on what to expect on club nights, how to start on the club’s start gate and safely ride down the ramp, and club membership information. Tauranga BMX Track club members will be available to help. Bring your own bike – in good order with no stands attached – or try one of the club bikes. It is essential to wear long sleeves, long pants, helmet, gloves and closed in shoes. For more information, see:

Frocks on Bikes

The last Frocks on Bikes event as part of Sport Bay of Plenty’s February Bike Month – is happening on Thursday, February 23.

Those keen just need to show up at The Strand waterfront beside the Hairy Maclary sculptures at 5.15pm donning a frock and riding a bike – ready to cycle to Pilot Bay at Mount Maunganui for a shared picnic. So please bring something along to share to eat. For more information, call 027 365 4510. And another event on Sunday, February 26, is the Bike Buy Sell Swap outside Mount Maunganui College from 4pm. Here you can find kids’ bikes, street bikes, racing bikes, vintage bikes – you name the bike, it will be there. All transactions are direct buyer to seller. More information:




k ee w r e p


th Sunday, Sunday, 26 26th February February 2017 2017

Omanu Omanu Golf Golf Club Club 98 Matapihi 98 Matapihi Road Road Bayfair, Bayfair, Mount Mount Maunganui Maunganui $120 per team (x4 people per team) $120 per team (x4 people per team) Ambrose format Ambrose format Prizes for winning team, Hole in One, longest men’s and Prizes for winning team, Hole in One, longest men’s and women’s drive and more women’s drive and more

All proceeds in support of All proceeds in support of

BOP Multiple Sclerosis Golf Tournament Sunday, 26th February 2017 Omanu Golf Club 98 Matapihi Road Bayfair, Mount Maunganui


$120 per team (x4 people per team) Ambrose format Prizes for winning team, Hole in One, longest men’s and women’s drive and more

All proceeds in support of

Papamoa Plaza, Papamoa | Ph 574 4909

Friday 17 February 2017

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ISSUE 146 • 17 FEBRUARY 2017

COASTAL EROSION – TELL US WHAT YOU THINK Harbour and coastal erosion is impacting on our coastlines – it’s time to decide what we should do about it for our current and future generations. Did you know anticipated impacts of climate change suggest sea levels could rise by 1 metre in the next 100 years? Western Bay residents are encouraged to have their say on a proposed policy for how the District should tackle the threat of sea level rise and erosion. Council’s draft Inner Harbour and Coastal Erosion Management Policy 2017 is open for feedback from 20 February to 20 March. The draft policy, if adopted, will determine how Council responds to the growing threat of erosion on the District’s coastlines and inner harbour margins in the next 30 years. Join us online to read about what’s being proposed and have your say at from Monday, 20 February.




There are no significant changes to this year’s annual plan from what was outlined in the Long Term Plan. For this reason Council has decided not to undertake formal consultation on the plan. This doesn’t mean there won’t be information on the plan or opportunities to talk about it. It just means we won’t have formal submission, hearings and deliberations processes as there’s not much to talk about; we’re getting on with the business of doing what we said we would. Look out for more information on the Annual Plan in the next few weeks.

Keep Saturday, 25 March free in your calendars dog lovers and come to our next Doggy Day Out! We’re bringing back this popular annual event – a fun day out for the WHOLE family (well, perhaps leave the cat at home). This year’s Doggy Day Out is set to be bigger than ever with agility shows, obedience demonstrations, dress up competitions, stalls, microchipping, food and entertainment. We’re also hosting the first Western Bay My Dog’s Got Talent competition – follow us on Facebook for details on how to register.

. See you all at..

Katikati’s Uretara Domain Saturday, 25 March. 10am-2pm Follow our Doggy Day Out event on Facebook for more information.

BOOSTING THE WESTERN BAY’S BROADBAND Katikati, Maketu, Paengaroa, Te Puke, Omokoroa, Te Puna and Waihi Beach will all benefit from better broadband access in the coming years.

TOURISM BOP NO PLACE LIKE HOME Tourism Bay of Plenty wants you to tell the world why there’s No Place Like Home. No Place Like Home is about inspiring locals to discover a new favourite hot spot and make lasting memories with family and friends. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share the best parts of your patch with the rest of the region, the country and the world, and have a say in the future development of the Bay of Plenty. So why don’t you give it a go. Have your say and encourage others to have theirs by visiting

Chorus has announced it has reached an agreement with Crown Fibre Holdings to extend its ultra-fast broadband (UFB) rollout to a further 169 areas nationwide, including Maketu, Paengaroa, Te Puna and Waihi Beach in the Western Bay. Hamilton-based Ultrafast Fibre (UFF) will roll out ultra-fast broadband to the other three Western Bay areas to benefit - Katikati, Te Puke and Omokoroa. Western Bay Mayor Garry Webber says this is great news and a reward for work Council staff and Councillors have been doing to create a Digital Enablement Plan for the District over the past two-three years. You’ll find maps and timing information for the roll-out at


Please remember if you have a problem, query, complaint or compliment about anything to do with Council and its service, please contact our customer services team.

CALL 07 571 8008 Email:

Te Kaunihera a rohe mai i nga Kuri-a-Wharei ki Otamarakau ki te Uru

Proud to support our community partners If you’d like to contact your local councillors please visit our website at:

If you’d like to receive updates via email please send your details to:

Find us on Facebook

People • Plan • Progress


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Friday 17 February 2017


Maintain your sun care habit During summer we tend to lighten up on many of our healthy habits as we soak up as much sun-filled living as we can. But one habit you should never neglect is sun protection for your face. Many skins are very sensitive to the harsh New Zealand sun. At Jamele, we can tell if a woman has most often been the driver or the passenger in her car, simply by which side of her face shows the telltale sides of sun damage and pigmentation. Consider making some of the following small changes. Exercise early in the morning or in the evening when the sun is not directly overhead, and always wear a hat, sunglasses and a good quality sunscreen. I highly recommend Environ RAD Sun Protection Cream, which we always have in stock at Jamele. In addition to owning Jamele Skincare, my husband, Jeff, and I also operate an outdoor wedding venue, ‘The Orchard,’ at our home in Gate Pa. When I spend a day in the garden, I make sure I’m protected by the titanium dioxide in Environ RAD sunscreen and by the minerals in Jane Iredale make-up powders. With the combination of the two, I can be outside all day and not get burnt at all. I still wear a hat, of course! Consider investing in the health of your summer skin with our Sothys Summer Days Facial. This

pampering facial is rich in antioxidants, which help protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Coming inside to have a relaxing facial, instead of being outside enjoying the sunshine might feel counter-intuitive, but now is exactly when your skin needs that extra support. For more information, visit:

Tips for good joint health - Part one Sometimes it really is possible to achieve multiple health goals. A good antiinflammatory diet will help arthritic joints, help you lose weight and improve your general health. Just as poor diets can cause systemic disease, good diets can move us to systemic wellness. Last week we saw that avoiding inflammatory fats while targeting anti-inflammatory can have a profound benefit for our joints. If fats are the most important component of nutritional therapy for arthritis then antioxidants are a close second. Many people still adhere to an outdated concept that osteoarthritis is caused by wear and tear of joints. Certainly injuries and damage can cause

or worsen arthritis, but the real culprit is a process called oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Cartilage is secreted and maintained by specialised cells called chondrocytes. They manufacture and maintain the collagenous matrix that comprises cartilage. The problem is chondrocytes are susceptible to damage by free radicals. If left unchecked by antioxidants this damage accumulates to the point that the chondrocyte DNA is damaged and can cause the cell to die. This means the tiny piece of cartilage maintained by the chondrocyte has lost its repair system and will degenerate. Possibly the most important cartilage-protecting antioxidant is glutathione manufactured in

the body from selenium. Others like the grape seed polyphenols and curcuminoids in turmeric are also highly effective. This is why a good multi antioxidant and multi-mineral in addition with a curcumin, from turmeric, extract can really help. It’s even better if combined with 800mg of high grade chondroitin and lots of Omega 3 fish oil. At any given time I actively help hundreds of people with osteoarthritis. The majority are able to get significant improvements from nutritional therapy. For more information, give me a call or email: john@ Join my full weekly newsletter at:

Abundant Health Bettaflex Super Joint Formula What is Bettaflex?

• Bettaflex is a joint support formula to promote healthy joint cartilage function. • Bettaflex combines high grade chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine sulphate and a potent 95% curcumin (turmeric) extract. • Each capsule of Bettaflex contains 382mg of high grade chondroitin, 425mg of glucosamine and 50mg of curcumin extract

John Arts is a qualified nutritional medicine practitioner and founder of Abundant Health. Contact John on 0800 423 559. To read more, go to:

How can Bettaflex help?

BEST BUY! $79.95 for 3 bottles free freight or 1 bottle for $28.95 plus $4.99 postage

• Chondroitin and glucosamine are building blocks of cartilage. • Supplementation with correct levels can support healthy cartilage function and cartilage repair processes. • Curcumin from turmeric helps to balance joint immune function to support joint health • Research suggests chondroitin is effective only at levels of over 700mg daily.

John Arts comments: “I formulated Bettaflex based on the latest research into natural compounds that can help with joint support and function. The normal dose is 2 capsules daily but I recommend a double dose for the first 1-2 bottles to saturate joint tissue.” (John Arts, Founder Abundant Health Ltd)

Abundant Health

Cautions: Always read the label and use only as directed. See your health care practitioner if symptoms persist.

TO ORDER PHONE: 0800 423 559

Or order online at or post a cheque to Abundant Health Ltd, PO Box 4347, Mt Maunganui South, 3149

Friday 17 February 2017

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Sharing your feelings about the Bay of Plenty ‘Exciting’, ‘welcoming’ and ‘paradise’ are just some of the words used to describe what residents love about the coastal Bay of Plenty in Tourism Bay of Plenty’s No Place Like Home community survey.




Departs Palmerston North – Auckland departures on day prior

1 & 28 April 2017 COST $3,530

18 DAYS SOUTH ISLAND TOUR 2 October 2017 COST $3,320

14 DAYS BAY OF ISLANDS TOUR 13 March 2017 COST $2,950

For an itinerary please ring MARGARET JONES who has 26 years of experience

Enquiries any time: TOLL FREE 0800 77 00 70

The survey, which is open until Monday, February 20, has already seen more than 600 residents voice why they love living in the region, where they like to go and what could be improved for the future. Tourism Bay of Plenty consumer marketing manager Abby Parkin says they are absolutely thrilled with the responses so far because they provide a genuine insight into the thoughts and feelings of locals. But, with three days until closing, she urges those who haven’t had their say to go online and do so. “These responses are crucial for us. The comments in this survey will directly influence how we showcase attractions and opportunities to our people, by giving them the tools to understand more about this wonderful place in which we live.

guests what’s available to “While we are incredibly pleased them,” says Abby. with the number of people who have “It’s truly by locals for submitted their views so far – and the locals, with a goal to grow extensive details they have provided the region further into a – we want to hear from as many of vibrant, thriving location. our residents as possible, to get a So please take just five complete overview of the region minutes and make your as a whole.” views known.” The survey is the first step of a To have your say in the regional campaign, designed to survey, visit get Bay of Plenty locals sharing www.noplacelikehome. the places they like to go and the nz and be in the draw to experiences they like to have on their win fantastic prizes to local own doorstep, for the benefit of locals attractions and experiences. and visitors alike. The results will be released “From this survey, we will be able to on Monday, February 27. facilitate the sharing of knowledge Visit: between our locals, as well as create Luuka Jones and bayofplentytourism comprehensive strategies around Gemma McCaw. for updates. how we tell our residents and

Walking the Nakasendo Way in Japan In 2015, Calder and Lawson Tours managing director Rosanne Matheson walked the ancient Japanese pathway of the Nakasendo Way, which stretches from Kyoto to downtown Tokyo. “Each day we walked between 10km-24km on some of the best preserved and most interesting parts of the pathway. “Dating back to the 7th Century, the Nakasendo was once a path for feudal lords, samurai, pilgrims and itinerant merchants. During the Edo period from 1603-1868, the Nakasedo is said to have reached its peak of usefulness and romance.” Now largely forgotten and quiet, the road provides a path through scenic countryside and the history of Japan. During the walk, Rosanne became intrigued by the traditional dishes of Japan. “I was unaware of the incredibly rich and varied food culture in Japan. The highly sophisticated banquets served in the traditional inns in which we stayed was a highlight of the walk.” After leaving Kyoto, the first day’s walk was to Shinchaya. “Many feet had walked on the large cobblestones we trod to reach the inn.” In a long tatami matted dining room, Rosanne sat at a low table spread with an array of beautiful dishes at

Rosanne Matheson walked the Nakasendo Way in Japan. each place setting. “Like an edible art gallery, the appetisers made a visual impact with the careful arrangement of colour and shape on the delicate bowls and plates. “I found many of the textures distinctively different and enjoyed the clean, light but intense flavours.” Rosanne enjoyed the experience so much that Calder and Lawson Tours is offering the walking tour of Japan to Tauranga travellers again this year.

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Young traveller’s life in a year The Rotary Youth Exchange brings to light an array of wonderful words in my mind. Adventure, exploration, change, joy, and most importantly – fun. There are few more deserving words to describe a year abroad in a foreign country. I was lucky enough to travel to Belgium in 2015, with the hope that I would return speaking French like a local. But I got way more than I bargained for. My RYE left me with a mind filled to the brim with incredible experiences, the beautiful faces of hundreds of fellow exchange students I befriended, and a true deep connection with my three host families.

The value of these memories remains inexplicable. When tossed into a foreign-speaking country, school and family I was encouraged to shed the old me, and become a more loving, accepting and communitive version of myself. Through challenges and language barriers I discovered that human beings are the same all over the world, despite different tongues. I learnt more in that too-short year than ever before in my life and I remain eternally grateful to the Rotarians who make it possible for teens like me to experience another world, to grow into an extraordinary person, and to enjoy life so much you want to stay forever. It is true the expression that circulates among exchange students: ‘Exchange isn’t a year in your life, it’s a life in a year. Jasmine Cox

Jasmine Cox exploring the world.

Getting a taste of the good life La Bella Italia restaurant and deli in Lower Hutt takes their customers one step closer to authenticity by offering a tour of Italy every year. “To compliment what we do, we started running tours every year, to show New Zealanders where all this product comes from, how it’s been made, how much passion and dedication goes towards producing them,” says La Bella’s tour guide Antonio Cacace. “We also like to show the beautiful blend of art, music, culture and traditions that you can find when you go to Italy and you travel all around Italy with someone like me who was born there.” “I spent my first 30 years in Italy, and I love going back to help others understand the culture and the song.” This year’s tour is in September, and will visit a range of Italian cities and villages. “September is always a very good month to go to Italy because it’s not too hot and also it’s the start of the harvesting, so there are lots of things to see and try and test.” Spaces are limited for these authentic Italian tours, and the tours are very personal and offer the highest quality. “We always take between 15-20 people, and they just follow me. All the hotels, all the visits, the majority of the restaurants and the menus have been checked by me.” “It’s quite a unique tour, very personalised.” For more information, visit:

A view from Parma, Italy.

Friday 17 February 2017

Friday 17 February 2017

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Your neighbourhood local It’s important to feel at home in your neighbourhood, and Cherrywood Drive’s The Neighbourhood Beer Kitchen is the ‘perfect local’ for the residents of Tauranga. Owner Rohan McCloskey is passionate about The Neighbourhood being a local bar and restaurant that is an extension of your home. And as a result, Rohan will be making some improvements to the venue during the next few months and putting some energy into the place

with the styling and décor, which he’s excited about. The hip restaurant and bar wants to make loyal customers feel valued with a revamped loyalty programme. Rohan – who also owns Brooklyn Bar on The Strand – says the beer kitchen will be offering some great perks for loyal customers very soon. “Our neighbourhood loyalty programme will be relaunching throughout the year with discounts available for those who sign up to become members.” In conjunction with the loyalty programme, The Neighbourhood Beer Kitchen will also be launching more promotional nights for patrons. “We’re going to start a $12 ribs night on Tuesdays, and on Thursday nights we’re doing a late happy hour from 8pm with $5 drinks and $10 planks,” says Rohan. “We’ll also be bringing in live jazz on Sunday

r tchen chef Daisy Fishe Neighbourhood Beer Ki n. lina Cal is Chr to: pork ribs. Pho with a dish of braised

afternoons, which is a perfect way to end the week.” To keep in the loop, visit The Neighbourhood Beer Kitchen on

Facebook: neighbourhoodbeerkitchen Or find them on Instagram: @ NeighbourhoodBeerKitchen

Keeping the bills down and the taste up With a chef in the family, you’d expect the grocery list to be filled with weird and wonderful items – and for it to get a bit pricey. But Bay of Plenty celebrity chef Peter Blakeway says that’s not necessarily the case. “It’s not too bad. I’m incredibly lucky that I get given quite a lot of food products. “As a chef and a food writer I do get given quite a lot, and I’m very conscious of trying very hard to promote local businesses when I can.” Peter says one of the best ways to cut down on the grocery bill, and support local business, is to buy fresh fruit and vegetables from your local farmer’s market. “We shop at the farmers’ markets mostly every week. And if you buy what’s in season and go to

the markets, you’ll actually find the prices aren’t as big as you think they will be.” Cutting out the processed foods will also cut a chunk out of your weekly grocery bill, says Peter. “Because we cook everything from scratch, again it’s cheaper. The most expensive part of it is processed food. Sadly, it’s also the part of our diet that’s the least beneficial.” And the chef and his family rarely – if ever – skip the handcrafted meal for a quicker, drive-through alternative. “About the only thing that I’ll do takeout with is Burger Fuel. I won’t go near any of the other fast-food joints, but very occasionally, for a

test match, it’s usually when we sit in front of the telly and watch a test match, the boys run out and get Burger Fuel for us. And that’s about the only one. “I guess we’re in a very fortunate position where food is such a big part of our lives, and we’ve very happy that food takes up our disposable income. It’s both a passion and a hobby…and a job.”

w to Peter knows ho s go ie er make his groc . the distance


The Weekend Sun

Friday 17 February 2017


New food plans make law easier for businesses The Government is proposing changes to improve the written plans it provides for businesses to manage food safety. A recently-released consultation calls on food businesses to decide if the new version is easier to use. The plans – called template food control plans – are used by businesses like restaurants, cafes and delis to comply with the Food Act. “Since the law came into effect last year, we’ve been asking for feedback from food businesses,” Ministry for Primary Industries’ food and beverage manager Sally Johnston. “The new plans are based on what businesses have

told us would work better for them.” Sally says the new plans don’t change the rules. “But they are shorter, simpler and easier to get to grips with.” The Food Act takes a risk-based approach to managing food safety, introducing different rules for different businesses depending on what they do. Higher-risk food businesses must use a food control plan. Plans set out what businesses will do to keep food safe and suitable. Template food control plans are designed for food service businesses like restaurants, cafes and caterers, and food retailers like delis, butchers, fishmongers and bakeries. They are also for other organisations that make and serve food, like rest homes and schools. These templates mean businesses don’t need to write their own plan from scratch. “We think the new plans will be effective in achieving food safety and work better for those running busy food businesses. But we need businesses to tell us if we’ve got it right,” says Sally. The deadline for

We Kiwis really do love love our our lamb lamb New Zealand lamb has been named the hero of the dinner table when ranked against other family favourites by Kiwi home cooks. Recent survey results show lamb is the standout choice ahead of chicken, beef and pork as New Zealanders most favourable meat to serve when entertaining at home. Lamb is also the top pick for restaurant diners, with the majority of respondents selecting lamb as their preferred protein when dining out. For the second year running more than 80 per cent of respondents selected the humble roast lamb, with all the trimmings, as their favourite meal. The survey also highlights one of the main reasons for choosing New Zealand lamb is because they trust in the quality,

an attribute that will be music to the ears of New Zealand sheep farmers. Beef + Lamb New Zealand CEO Rod Slater says the results come as no surprise given how popular lamb is. “The results speak for themselves. The quality of lamb produced here in NZ is world class and Kiwis are proud to celebrate that.” This week National lamb Day was celebrated on Wednesday, February 15 – marking the 135th anniversary since William Davidson and Thomas Brydone achieved the remarkable and launched the first shipment of frozen sheep meat to London from Port Chalmers in Otago. “With that in mind, I encourage Kiwis to give a nod to the pioneers of an industry that has arguably shaped our nation, by sitting down with family and friends to enjoy a delicious lamb meal,” says Rod. Whether it’s a rack, leg or cutlets, lamb proves time and time again to be the winning dish and that’s something worth celebrating.

some businesses to register under the Food Act is coming up. The law came into effect on March 1, 2016, but existing businesses are moving to the new rules in stages. Some businesses, including licensed restaurants and

cafes, need to apply March 31, 2017. MPI hopes to release the new-look food control plan by the start of March. It will be released alongside the existing version. Businesses will be able to choose which one they use.

Friday 17 February 2017

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Support the community, enjoy a tax credit A 33 per cent tax credit is available on all charitable donations made by March 31. Acorn Foundation’s operations manager Margot McCool is hoping many will see the benefit of joining the growing list of locals who are joining Acorn Foundation to support the region’s most worthy charities and organisations. “Now is a good time to make a donation to your favourite charity, or to the Acorn endowment fund,” says Margot. “Because charitable donations can qualify for a one-third tax credit, up

to the value of your taxable income. “And if you donate before March 31, the tax credit can be claimed back straight away, which makes good financial sense.” Margot says the Acorn Foundation provides a unique vehicle to ensure local charities receive a reliable annual income stream, for them to spend where it’s most needed. “The Acorn Foundation model is truly unique in that the money from donations is pooled and the capital invested in perpetuity. The capital base will just keep on growing and the interest is used to

support local charities every year. “This means the funds available to distribute across the community will also keep growing every year and local charities have the assurance of knowing they will get consistent annual support. “I think that most people, if asked, would agree they’d like to leave their community better off in some small way after they are gone. Acorn is the perfect way to do just that.” For more information on how to make a donation before March 31 and take advantage of the 33 per cent tax credit, visit:

Ready for any task from spring clean to new clean Whether it’s a spring clean or a new home clean, Clodagh Sutton from VIP Home Services wants to help. Franchisee Clodagh says running her own business works well for her. “In my past roles I have dealt with people and provided them a service. I’ve always had very happy clients so I thought why not do it for myself? “I really look forward to helping people.” Clodagh says she chose to buy a franchise with VIP Home Services because they are eco-friendly, and peoplefriendly too. “I wanted to be in business with good


Cleaning and Housework?

people who believe their clients are most important and not just a number,” says Clodagh. “When I met Sheila and Richard Logan, master franchisees here in the Bay, I knew this was the one. “Because of the high level of service they provide is second to none, it just blew me away.” Clodagh says her cleaning services can help free up time and provide more leisure time for busy people. “With the way things are today everyone is so busy. Using my service relieves some of that stress and everybody wants that! “It makes my clients’ lives easier, giving them more free time with their family and hobbies.” Clodagh services Omanu, Arataki, Te Maunga, Matapihi, Judea, Bellevue and Brookfield. “Whether you need a spring

clean or regular weekly or fortnightly cleans, moving in or out cleans, windows, oven – anything you need – I can do it, or I will find another franchisee that can and that includes outside work too!” For more information visit Clodagh’s page at: www.viphomeservicesbop. Or by using the paging service on 07 576 2091.

GIVE BACK AND GET BACK Give to your favourite charity before 31 March and get a

33.3% Tax Credit | 579 9839 Connecting generous people who care with causes that matter - Forever

Clodagh Sutton from VIP Home Services.

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Friday 17 February 2017


Moving home the easy way Starting a new business in 2017? Moving house and feeling overwhelmed? The launch of a new business in the Bay of Plenty will be able to help. Over & Above Moving provide a service in relocating, decluttering, downsizing or preparing a property for sale. Whether faced with the challenge of downsizing, the transition of a family member to resthome living, or just needing help with a shift, Over & Above Moving will help with as little or as much as you need. “Often our clients are busy with jobs and children and have difficulty taking on the additional responsibility of relocating parents or even shifting themselves,” says Margaret Engelander. “We often hear clients say they just lack the physical ability or energy to do this on their own and they just don’t know where to start.” Margaret admits she’s been in the same situation with friends and family and realised there was a real need to help. With her caring team of professionals, Margaret will arrange anything from organising and de-cluttering years’ worth

of treasures, to shipping treasures to family overseas or nationally, to packing up and setting up the new home, organising movers, cleaners and ensuring the property is at its best to sell. “We will be your hands and feet, scheduling in time to fit your energy levels and concentration and you can direct us from the comfort of your chair.” Over & Above Moving covers the Bay from Te Puke to Waihi. Margaret provides a free consultation and can be contacted on 0800 22 88 24 and further information can be found at:

Marg Engelander.

It’s often said that Tauranga is a city of new and small businesses. There are more than 12,000 registered businesses in the Western Bay of Plenty, and we know 80 per cent of them employ less than 10 people. A good proportion of those include self-employed individuals, often known as ‘solopreneurs’.

We’re also seeing a growing number of more mature people working for themselves or starting up businesses. It can be daunting if you’re stepping into self-employment for the very first time, or starting up a new business venture. There are so many things you need to think about and put in place before you take that first order or open your doors for business. We see a lot of people learning the hard way. They start off with a great idea and jump in boots and all, often purchasing an existing business or taking the plunge with a completely new one. It can be a very steep – and expensive – learning curve. The good news is there’s plenty of support for people new to business in Tauranga. We’re

fortunate in this town to have many resources and places to go for business advice. Starting with Tauranga Chamber of Commerce, which offers free advice to any budding entrepreneur, or anyone who has recently started in business. Just ring our 0800 number and we can direct you to the right person. If it’s not something we can help you with directly, chances are we will know who you need to talk to and refer you on. One of the best options if you’re new to business is to get matched up with a start-up mentor. For a small fee, an experienced mentor can be your friendly sounding board for six months or more, helping you navigate around the potholes of those critical early months as you get your business off the ground. By joining groups like Small Business Tauranga you can get valuable local exposure for your new business and make loads of new contacts who could end up being your new customers or suppliers. Very few businesses these days can survive without proactively spreading the word and finding new customers. You’re taking a huge step by starting a new business. Make it work for you by taking advantage of the free services and support on offer.


Branding that people love Ideas that engage Marketing that works Advertising that sells Digital that rewards Content that connects


Partnerships that last



Small Business Tauranga



Breakfast Connect in Papamoa

7.00am 25 Oriental Parade



Breakfast Connect in the Mount

7.00am Mount Social Club

Recruitment & Human Resource solutions made easy.

Visit for more info

Contact us 0800 850 080

The Bay’s most active network for small business owners

Friday 17 February 2017

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Acts of subliminal conditioning

Ph 0508 KIWIFRESH (0508 549 437)

Re: The article ‘Going against the grain’ in The Weekend Sun, January 20, page 3, regarding vehicles parked on the “wrong” side of the street. It was disappointing to note that there didn’t appear to be a murmur of discontent or support for the article in the letters to the editor considering the significance of this wrongdoing. Good on you Sun Media for raising the issue. I have observed many times this blatant disregard for the third principle of driving in NZ - keep left and other than the key point of making sure there is nothing in your way, driving on the left-hand side of the road is the basic rule we must all follow. Driving, stopping, parking or whatever other activity on the wrong side of the roadway - for example, the right hand side - is against the law and should incur an instant fine, except if it is a one-way street. Think of it in these terms: when the chips are down and you need to take quick evasive action - to avoid a head-on collision - the natural instinct is to move to the left as that would normally be off the road or away from oncoming traffic.

If there are vehicles parked facing the wrong way because of their position on the road - for example, on their right the evading driver could easily be more confused and incur more damage to vehicle and, or, body as a result. In addition have you not noticed that some TV adverts for motor vehicles drive on the right? The usual lame excuse is “filmed overseas’. So what? What relevance is that? We drive on the left and the extra cost of producing the ads for NZ conditions is minuscule

compared to the considerable anguish and hand wringing that happens when there is a head-on crash because one driver is driving on, or strayed to, the right hand side of the road. These acts of subliminal conditioning must be a contributor to these types of crashes and we all have a role to play – even the simple indiscretion of parking on the right in an innocuous suburban street, let alone on the open highway at night. B Jacob, Omokoroa.

Wise choice by a wise couple Re: Richie and Gemma’s wedding – Privacy or Profit (The Weekend Sun, January 20 & 27). I totally disagree with the comments in ‘RR Response’ to my letter ‘When will we be satisfied?’ dated January 20, 2017. It was not the public who had worked themselves into a frenzy because they were unable to obtain details of the wedding before the event. It was the media who were unable to find out where and when it was taking place. Your “RR Response” claimed: “.... and the couple calling for privacy while appearing to be protecting their interests with a magazine paying for coverage”. As you well know, it would have been part of the agreement reached with the magazine in return for payment, that the wedding be kept “off limits” to other media. If they chose to have just one or two magazines present, that was wisely their choice and

was done very tastefully. The wedding was on January 14, 2017, and the first magazine ‘Woman’s Day’ with coverage was on sale here in Tauranga two days later on January 16, 2017, even though it was dated January 23, 2017. This was four days before the Rogers Rabbits column on January 20, 2017. The article would have been written up prior to the wedding, to enable it to hit the stands two days later. Richie and Gemma clearly listen to their parents, as outlined in the article, and as a result have never put a foot wrong. They would also have the very best advice from lawyers, management, accountants etc to ensure they did not turn the most important day in their lives into a ‘media circus’. circus’. As As usual, well done Richie and Gemma! Thanks for allowing me to air my view. J Hill, Tauranga City.

Airport cycle track attracts interest Tauranga cyclist Chris Ingram’s proposal to build a cycleway connecting from the harbour bridge to Matapihi via airport land is going to be taken further, says Tauranga Tauranga City Council transport committee chair Rick Curach.


At TCC’s TCC’s Transport TransportCommittee Committeethis thisweek weekChris Chris proposed a cycle track from the aerodrome ramp Taiaho Place Place and and across across the the back back of of the the through Taiaho airport, skirting the golf course and linking with Matapihi Rd. “It is primarily a commuter trail avoiding roads by crossing the road bridge, through the airport, through the golf course, down to Matapihi Rd, and then to Bayfair and beyond,” says Chris. Cyclists can turn left at Matapihi to go under the Bayfair underpass or right to loop back to the city via Matapihi and the rail bridge. “There’s two functions, the commuter function

Tauranga cyclist Chris Ingram’s map with his cycleway proposal.

which is the main one. You can also get to it from the Mount down Totara Stand it cuts out Hewletts Rd. A more strategic purpose is in linking the OmokoroaWairoa cycle track with the cycle track alongside the Tauranga Eastern Link across the Kaituna River and to Maketu. That will create a 60km cycling trail with an overnight stop at Papamoa or Maketu. “And that gets it into the AA’s cycle trails book and the publicity that has, and we get the international bike travellers, and that’s what you want,” says Chris.

The Weekend Sun

No free lunches in this world United States President Donald Trump has now passed a presidential executive order Transpulling USA out of the TransPacific Partnership Agreement effectively canning this aberration. The TPPA contains 30 Chapters and more than 2000 words, which is probably all gobbledegook to the average person. As the pros and cons could never be accurately assessed, it was therefore impossible to say who, if anyone, would benefit from TPPA and thus it was a very dangerous odyssey to ever embark on. It is fair to say all those countries who sought to clamber aboard forgot there are no free lunches in this world, yet every one of them thought they would benefit while on the face of it the size of the cake could get no

bigger. From the NZ prospective our negotiations were initially run by ex-Trade Minister Groser, who who has has since since opted opted Tim Groser, for greener pastures as New Zealand Ambassador to USA, John Key who has just ridden off into the sunset with the reins now taken over by battling Bill English, who still thinks there is mileage in flogging a dead horse. Good luck with that Bill but you are to put it politely ‘running against the wind’. As for local opposition to TPPA it was rather nebulous, rather shortsighted, looking to be based on self-interest and although it can be claimed they may get the result they desired, it is for the wrong reasons. Anyway, good riddance. R Paterson, Mount Maunganui.

Silly form of enjoyment What satisfaction could one get from throwing glass bottles out of moving vehicles and have them smash into little pieces on the roadway? Apparently there is someone or some people frequenting the Otumoetai, Matua and Bellevue areas who consider this as a form of enjoyment. This act did occur a few years back and has recently returned during the holiday period and is continuing. I wonder how the other occupants feel about a passenger doing this? And whether they discourage it or see it as some sort of an act of bravado and is admired? I wouldn’t think that any of them are regular cyclists who use our roads for commuting and/or fitness and enjoyment? When you are cycling and you suddenly come across this broken glass it is the natural reaction to quickly swerve to avoid it and this could put you in the path of a car following behind. E Ross, Otumoetai.

A social awakening So our new leader, who previously did not accept the morality of same-sex marriage, has had a change of heart. A social awakening’ or political expediency? B Johnson, Omokoroa.

Great PR for night time roadworks They woke me half a dozen times on Sunday night. Bright lights, flashing lights, like a circus tent. Trucks, tractors, diggers and some massive machinery chewing the blacktop off Chapel St. There’s no no good good time time to to do do aa job job like like that, that, There’s and probably not something that can be done quietly. And at first light, when it was time for me to get up for work on Monday morning, they went quiet. Their work was done for the night. But it didn’t matter a jot. Because Sunday afternoon as they were starting work one of the blokes in a tar smeared hi-viz vest asked if I was a local. Yes, I was. And he apologised

Friday 17 February 2017


because, unavoidably, he’d probably be making some noise that night. A quiet Sunday night with no traffic was probably the best time to reseal a busy thoroughfare and he hoped I understood. Yes I did. Amazing what the personal approach can achieve - a smile, an explanation and an apology before it was due. And whenever I woke that night I took comfort from the bloke in the hi-viz out there in the dead of night doing his job. Thanks to the Higgins guy for the heads up – great PR. B Franks, Tauranga City.

Respecting the many differences The world hadn’t heard of Megan Sarah Louise Walton before Monday. Five days later and I am wishing I still hadn’t heard of her. She’s the 27-year-old who spewed that racist and foul-mouthed poison at the young Muslim woman Mehpara Khan. A mature drunken unemployed person of no fixed abode telling a young, non-drinking professional that

she has no place in this country. “Muslim B…. that needed to f… off” was her basic sentiment. That’s the absolute senselessness of racism. Walton has since said she was sorry. I sincerely hope she is. But not as sorry as the rest of us New Zealanders, who embrace and respect difference in whatever form. I hope you can find some comfort in that Mehpara. S Smith, Otumoetai.

Friday 17 February 2017

The Weekend Sun


Ask yourselves what your false idols are As I write, I’m preparing my Sunday homily, based on Jesus’ words: “If your right eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away (Matthew 5:29)”.

Jesus mean when he says this to us? He certainly does not wish us to take him literally, even though, down through the ages, some have done just that. Maybe we are being challenged to ask ourselves what our false idols are? The things that distract us from faithfully looking

These are possibly the scariest words we will hear in the Bible, and must be also a great challenge for anyone of a fundamentalist persuasion. What does

upon the Lord with love, and following the Lord in his call to us, every day. Perhaps it’s seeking after excessive wealth, or fame, or power, or pleasure – when any of these becomes the reason for our existence we have lost our way. Those who live with addictions have much to teach us here – the alcoholic can’t have that one drink; the gambler has to stay right away from the TAB or the pokies; the porn addict has to stay away from those sites. They have had to “tear it out and throw it away”. May we, too, be as resolute in our following of the Lord. As Lent approaches, may we turn again from sin and be faithful to the Gospel. Father Mark Field, Tauranga Catholic Parish

God’s grace and mercy will always be greater Wow, a great ending to 2016. New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully is reported to have had a bitter phone call with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, where he claimed NZ’s actions amounted to a “declaration of war”. There will never be peace in the Middle East because nothing can appease the Palestinians, whose whole philosophy is to wipe Israel off the map. Former US president Barack

Obama’s reported parting gesture was to give $222 million to the Palestinian Authority. We also saw the march for the right to have an abortion. I would have thought a major march would have been more appropriate against the genocide in Syria and many other nations, human slave trading, child brides, bombs being strapped to children and women, terrorism, poverty etc. Surely these are far more serious issues threatening the world. Biblically it is proving to be right on track for the coming of Jesus, we are living in a time that it says men’s hearts will fail them because of what

is happening, sin is increasing at an alarming rate, but God’s grace and mercy will always be greater to those who believe. Time is running out, don’t sit on the fence any longer. Find out the truth at Living Word Church. Pastor Rod Collins

The Weekend Sun

Friday 17 February 2017


ENTERTAINMENT ENTERTAINMENTGUIDE News, reviews and opinionated raving on the music scene. Pg51


Community events and occasions across the Bay. Pg50


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The Weekend Sun’s ever popular guide to ‘What’s On’ in the Bay. Pg52



Inspirational harpist returns to the city The harp is the national instrument of Paraguay – it arrived with the Spanish in 15th and 16th centuries, has remained a popular instrument and a living tradition to this day.

Now it is headed to Tauranga next month for a concert. With the instrument will be Eduard Klassen – the Paraguayan folk harpist, speaker and entertainer now living in Canada. The entertaining, humorous and inspirational born-again-Christian has performed in churches of most

denominations around the globe, at banquets, fundraisers and on radio and TV shows. He’s appeared in more than 4000 concerts in 31 countries throughout the world. He will perform on Sunday, March 19, at the Waihi Baptist Church, the following day, Monday March 20 at St Andrews Presbyterian Church in Mount Maunganui and at the Knox Presbyterian Church in Whakatane on Tuesday, March 21. All concerts start 7pm and are free. Klassen came out of a small German-speaking Mennonite community living off the grid in the wilderness of Paraguay – 500km from the nearest city. Klassen didn’t see his first paved highway until he was 15 and his first encounter with music was on a shortwave radio aged seven. He heard Paraguayan harp music on Christine and Eduard Klassen with the harp Eduard will play in Tauranga.

Win with the Rocky Horror Picture Show master The Rocky Horror Picture Show master will be hitting the Tauranga stage in March. Katikati-based Richard O’Brien is inviting people to spend the evening with him on March 24 at Baycourt Theatre, as he natters with his old chum and moustached, media man of the people, Mark Sainsbury. Richard is holding a ‘75 Years of Frock ‘n’ Roll’ fundraising event in celebration of his 75th birthday, which also coincides with Starship’s own 25-year celebrations. The event is a fundraiser for the children’s hospital.

Tickets for the show are available through Baycourt or Ticketek. The Weekend Sun has a pair of VIP tickets for the show worth more than $150 – which include access to the VIP Interval Lounge/ Bar and the After Party – to give away to one lucky reader who can tell us what birthday Richard is celebrating? Enter online at www.sunlive. under the competition section. Entries must be received by Wednesday, February 22.

that radio and in 1975 he took up the instrument, which quickly became a passion. At 21 he asked his parents for permission to leave home so he could go to Paraguay’s capital Asuncion for five years of formal study. Organiser of Klassen’s fourth New Zealand tour, Colin Sampson, says just because the Tauranga performance is in a church doesn’t mean it’s just for Christians. “He has a very humorous and inspirational story.”

Friday 17 February 2017

The Weekend Sun


Spotlight on Aongatete Festival I’ve had the great pleasure of being involved in helping to run this annual event on the property of my good friends, Paul and Penny Hoggard, at 156 Work Rd, Katikati, usually near the last weekend in February. This year it will be held on February 24-25. This music festival was started years ago as a joint venture between the Tauranga Acoustic Music Club, and the Katikati Folk Club, and is now a standalone two-day music festival. It starts on a Friday night with a blackboard concert, and on Saturday there is music through the day and in the evening, with featured artists from throughout NZ and some guest artists from abroad. There is a stage on the property, and the audience can enjoy listening either sitting under the fig trees or under marquees or sun shades, so feel free to bring

your picnic rug and camping chairs. It is a family event, campervans and tents welcome. There will be food stalls on-site and portaloos. This year the headline act will be The Pipi Pickers, and also performing are guest artists Kirsty Bromley, Penni Feather, David Shanhun, Jon Sanders, Rhode Workz and many more. Some of the artists I’ve seen perform in previous years are Brendan Power, Zoh Zoh, Jamie McLennan and Emily Smith, Luke Thompson, Sanders Alley Khan, Karen Lynne and the Bluegrass Circle, Sarita Murdoch, Owen Hugh, Gumboot Tango, Legal Tender, Hobnail, Wakakura, and many other talented artists. A cruisey little festival under the figs. Check it out online at: www. See you there.

The 2013 Bay of Plenty Symphonia Rising Stars competition winner Anna Lee.

Symphonia’s Rising Stars entries close next week If you’re a budding young local musician wanting to compete in The Bay of Plenty Symphonia Rising Stars competition, then you need to submit your entry by next Friday, February 24. The fifth edition of the popular biannual competition is designed to give young musicians, who attend secondary schools in the Bay, a platform to show their talent to the New Zealand public. Rising Stars features two categories young musicians can enter – a concerto competition for instrumentalists and a separate class for young composers. Concerto finalists will perform

GIGGUIDE & ENTERTAINMENT Greer’s Gastro Bar Sunday 19 – Extraordinary Machine 5.30-8.30pm. Jazz and easy listening duo. Carol Power vocals and Chris Williamson guitar. Mount RSA Friday 17 – Che Orton 7.30pm. Saturday 18 – Gerry Lee 7.30pm. Sunday 19 - Back Porch 4.30pm. The Crown and Badger Friday 17 – Ruckus – 9pm till late. Saturday 18 – Piston Broke – 9pm till late. The Matua Sunday 19 – Tim Armstrong 3-6pm. Wednesday 22 – “A taste of your music”. Come along with chord sheets and sing with the band. 7.30pm start.

WHAT’S ON in MARCH { Say it with performed by

Hans Hielscher



Wed 1 Mar 7pm

Tue 7 Mar 7pm & 9:15pm

Addison Theatre Music

THE NUKES Arts On Tour | 0800 TICKETEK Baycourt Box Office – Ensure you are buying through Ticketek outlets only.

RockCity Event Marketing

Addison Theatre

Win with the circus Step right up and be entertained by a unique animal-free circus, which will be in town this February-March. There’ll be clown routines, juggling, acrobatics and dance trapeze – but no animals – when Circus Aotearoa brings a wholesome mix of entertainment to Memorial Park on February 24-March 5. The Weekend Sun has one family pass, for two adults and two children, to give away to one lucky reader who can tell us where the circus is coming to town? Enter online at www.sunlive. under the competition section. Entries must be received by Wednesday, February 22.



Wed 15 Mar 7:30pm Addison Theatre






Richard O’Brien

Thu 9 Mar 10am & 12:30pm

Fri 24 Mar 8pm

X Space

Addison Theatre

Addison Theatre




Thu 2 Mar 7:30pm

with the orchestra at the concert in September and the winner will be selected on the night by a panel of nationally recognised judges. But the winning composition will be chosen in advance by a jury of specialist composers and will also be performed by the symphonia at the same concert. At this stage entries indicate an intention to participate in the competition, and no musical input is required. Entries must be received by Friday, February 24. More information and entry forms are available by emailing: or by visiting the Bay of Plenty Symphonia’s website:


Sat 25 Mar 2:30pm Addison Theatre Music

The Weekend Sun


Friday 17 February 2017

Folk and figs? It’s time for a festival! Last year I managed to offend the organisers music, both local and from people you often get the chance to hear in of the Folk Under The Figs festival and I’d don’t Tauranga. like to take this chance to offer an apology. So, it happens on February 24-25, At the time, I was trying to use the word ‘amateur’ as a compliment, much as one of my heroes, Orson Welles, did throughout his life when describing himself, preferring the original definition of the word – which is a person who does something out of love. I’ve always thought of that as an ideal to strive for: To be someone who pursues their art for the love of it, not in a chase for the allcorrupting dollar. I was reminded of that recently when watching a brilliant film by the brilliant documentarian Les Blank. ‘The Maestro: King of the Cowboy Artists’ is about the

from the Friday night and all day Saturday. For both days it costs $30, or $40 if you want to stay and camp for two nights. For a single day it’ $10 for the Friday night and $25 for the Saturday. Cheap as as chips. chips. Saturday. Cheap

A feast of folk

Topping the bill is The Pipi Pickers, a four-piece bluegrass band that hail from Leigh and come with a bunch of great word of mouth. They’ve played festivals all over New Zealand and Australia and boast a particularly hot five-string banjo player and a

The Pipi Pickers (left) and Jon Sanders (above) will be playing at the Aongatete Festival on February 24-25. wildly eccentric and quite lovely Californian artist Gerald Gaxiola. Among other things, he refuses to sell any of his artwork, following his belief that the moment an artist sells work his worth is judged not by artistic quality but purely by dollar value. Looking at how arts are reported in the media this would appear true, whether it’s how high sales are for a particular album or the price of a painting auctioned at Sotherby’s.

The value of art

The Maestro himself uses the example of Picasso and Van Gogh, two of the richest artists who ever lived, one who sold a single painting in his lifetime. Those were standards by which they were judged during their lifetimes, but who now would put a value on either measured by how much money they made? Yet that is what we continually do. So, going back to what I wrote last year about the Aongatete Festival…somewhere along the way my wording was changed from ‘amateur’ to ‘amateurish’, a term holding the more modern implication of a person who simply doesn’t do something very well. I apologise if that put anyone off the festival, because as far as I’m concerned, their example shows how festivals really should be. It’s small, friendly, intimate, inexpensive, in a beautiful setting, and features terrific

commanding woman singer, who also plays upright bass. Then there’s sweet-voiced English singer Kirsty Bromley, who I caught performing a capella at the Katikati Folk Club a couple of years back. She’s returned for the Auckland folk festival and has an accompanying guitarist this time. She’s equally good on historical folk songs as she is with contemporary material. I’d also recommend a number of others: Jon Sanders is a wiz on bouzouki, ukulele and guitar and will dazzle you on each; there’s Dave Shanhun, and Penni Feather, and bluegrass family band RhodeWorkz, which feature mum and dad and three kids who look unfeasibly small. How it works is that there’s a blackboard concert on Friday night, then a mixture of different concerts throughout Saturday. If you’re interested I’d suggest a trip to their very good website: And, after writing about it, I’m going to miss the festival. I’ll be dancing like a demented dervish to the sounds of Bruce Springsteen in Auckland. But I’m looking forward to a very different festival the following weekend. Well, musically different; it’s just as friendly. Live Music at the Lettuce Inn returns

to 35 Sedgemoor Lane in Katikati on March 4, offering five-and-a-half hours of hip modern music, from grooving pop to contemporary folk. I’ll write about it next week – if you want early information, check their Facebook page.

Friday 17 February 2017

The Weekend Sun



Friday 17 February

Creator Redeemer Festival Feb 17, 18

& 19. Motorbikes, fun family events, info tent, live music. At Plaza Field, Papamoa 1-9pm. Friday Fun Night Have some fun at Friday Fun Night at Greerton Aquatic & Leisure Centre 5.30-7pm. Games, prizes, inflatables & more. This months theme: Luau. Friday Fun Night Grab your friends & come to Baywave Aquatic & Leisure Centre 6-8pm. Kiwiana theme. Games, prizes, music, hydroslide, waves & more. Entry $6. Ohauiti Settlers Market 3rd Fri of month at Ohauiti Settlers Hall 5-6.30pm. $2 per table. Sue 027 286 7739

Saturday 18 February

Annual Book Sale Tauranga Rotary Club looking for donations of books, records, CDs, DVDs, jigsaws & sheet music for its Easter Book Sale. For drops offs, pick ups etc, Ross 544 0817

Bay Network Singles Social Club

Friendship group of people aged 55+ who wish to make new friends & enjoy club activities, dining, shows, trips, bbq’s etc. Mary-Anne 027 207 1690 or 576 9988

Bayleys Kaimai Community Golf Classic Held Feb 25, based at the Midson

Farm, off Soldier’s Rd. 12 holes. Tickets; $10 if you prebook, $15 on the day. Fundraiser. Baypark Family Speedway Super Stock Car – Lazy-Boy Saloon Car Series Rd 3 at ASB Baypark Stadium 6.30-10pm. www. Car Boot Sale Greerton Village School, Greerton Road 7.30am - 12pm. Cost $5 per site. Shirley 577 1116 or 0274 146 040 CIRCA Boutique Vintage Market Mount Citizens Hall, 345 Maunganui Road, Mt Maunganui 9am-4pm. Antiques, vintage, fashion, homeware, jewellery, retro, artisan products & more. Cash market. Come Dancing Te Puke Te Puke Scottish Society Valentine’s dance today at Te Puke War Memorial Hall 7.30pm. Enjoy the company of like minded people who love dancing. Live band, great supper. Door charge $7. Valerie 573 7093 Friendship Force International Friendship & Home Hosting exchanges with other clubs worldwide. Barbara 574 5711 or email: www. Lions Club of Katikati Garage sale at Containers at rear of Caltex Service Station, Main Rd, Katikati 8am – 12pm. Furniture, whiteware, electrical. No parking in Caltex yard please. Messianic Meetings Every Sat at Hillier Centre, 31 Gloucester Rd, Mt Maunganui 10am. Seek to unite together in our walk to put truth into action on a daily basis. All ages welcome. 544 7424 or 0210 226 3515 Narcotics Anonymous Open meetings every Sat 7.30-8.30pm & every Sun 7-8pm, Hanmer Clinic (behind Super Liquor), 1235 Cameron Rd, Greerton. Every Mon 7-8pm & Fri 7.30-8.30pm, Hillier Centre. 31 Gloucester Rd, Mt

Maunganui. Women’s Meeting every Tues 10.30-11.30am Downstairs Hall (accessed from bottom car park), Salvation Army Recovery Church, 375 Cameron Rd. If using drugs is causing you problems, maybe we can help. 0800 NA TODAY

NZ International Tattoo & Art Show Feb 18 & 19 at Queen Elizabeth Youth Centre, cnr Devonport Rd/11th Ave, Tauranga Sat 11am - 10pm, Sun 11am - 7pm. General admission $20. Tickets from Eventfinda

Petanque @ Club Mt Maunganui Sat &

Sun - coaching & competitive play 1pm. Equip available, all levels welcome. Jo Ann 578 3606 ScandinaviaNZ BOP March 4 family BBQ & bonfire in Te Puna 4-8pm. All Nordics welcome. Hyggelig family evening. For details, Hanne 570 6121 before 23 Feb. Taoist Tai Chi Strength, flexibility, stillness. Beginners class on Saturdays. Free to give it a go - no cost for first session. 15 Koromiko St, Judea 8.30-10am. John 576 9836 Tauranga Harbour City Lions Book clearance sale, one day only - today at 168 Devonport Rd (between 1st & 2nd Ave) 8am - 5pm. Great bar-gains - nothing over $3. Tauranga Indoor Radio Control Car Club race day. We have moved to larger premises so bigger track & faster racing. Mount Sports Centre track set up from 8am. Practice starts approx. 11am. Come on down, have a look & maybe try a car out in the newcomers class. www.tirccc. or Facebook page. Te Puke Community Market Jubilee Park 9am - 1pm. Monique 027 356 9545 Te Puke Forest & Bird Maketu Dotterels – help remove protection fences ready to store for next breeding season. Neale 021 0234 3524 The Lizard Market Brand new market at Omokoroa Settlers Hall, Omokoroa Rd 9am – 1pm. Stalls include food, jewellery, candles, wooden art, herbal therapies & more. Free admission. The Rusty Mannequin Historic Village 9am – 12pm. Best selection of top quality high fashion preloved women’s clothing ever. Handbags, shoes & jewellery. $5 $10. Cash only.

Trustpower Photographic Exhibition

Until April 9 at The Strand, Downtown Tauranga. Large scale exhibition showcasing our people & places. Free entry. Village Radio Community radio broadcasting from Tauranga Historic Village 1368 kHz AM. Music of 1940’s - 90’s weekends 9am 5pm, weekdays 10am - 5pm. Specialty programmes. www. or 571 3710

Sunday 19 February

A Course in Miracles Join us for a spir-

ited conversation on this free self study course in the Backbenches Room, Grindz Cafe, 50 1st Ave, Tauranga. 12pm: Coffee & conversation. 1pm: Discussion, relationships, healing & harmony. Bay Bible Fellowship/Lord’s Day Worship & communion service at Welcome Bay Primary School Hall, 309 Welcome

Bay Rd 10am. Join us for exposition of 1 & 2 Peter “Joy - part 2”. Tom Griffiths. Bethlehem Lions Market 1st & 3rd Sun at Historic Village, 17th Ave, Tauranga 8am - 12pm. Stallholders - booking a carpark site is essential. Email Alf hvm@ Bible Seminars Every Sunday at Greerton Senior Citizen’s Hall, Maitland St, Greerton 1.45pm. Title: “The Way to Life series #1 Gods inspired word.” Interactive, Q&A. Refreshments provided. Vic 543 0504 Club Mt Maunganui Bingo every first & third Sunday. Good prizes. 575 4886 Czech & Slovak Club Tauranga Czech School & Playgroup at Tauranga Boys’ College, Devonport Rd 10am - 12noon. Guests welcome. Maketu Market Every 3rd & 5th Sunday at Maketu Village Green 8am - 12pm. Stall holders, ph Pat 533 5687

Meet Psychics, Spiritualists & Healers

Large group of spiritual, psychic & healing practitioners to meet & greet cafe style. The Psychic Cafe, Greerton Community Hall. Doors open 6.45 for 7pm start. Door fee $10, everything else free. 578 7205 or Old Time Music Makers Club Every third Sunday at Welcome Bay Hall 1-4pm. $3 entry & ladies a plate please. Otumoetai Hockey Club Must for men & women wishing to play premier grade hockey this season at Blake Park turf 5.30pm. Caroline 576 5178 or 027 283 2153 Quakers in Tauranga In hall behind Brain Watkins House, cnr Elizabeth St/ Cameron Rd 10am for an hour of mainly silent worship followed by tea/coffee & talk. 544 0448 Radio Controlled Model Yachts Meet Sun 1.30pm & Thurs 5.30pm at pond behind 24 Montego Drive, Papamoa to sail Electron & similar 3ft long yachts, for fun. Adult beginners welcome. Graham 572 5419

Rotary Matamata Concert by The Lake

162 Jondor Rd, RD2 Matamata. CSC MH parking at Swap Park, Burwood Rd Feb 18-20. Concert Feb 19 1-6pm. The Lady Killers will headline the event. Tickets $45pp. Family passes available at Sunday Funday Games & activities for the whole family. Parents & caregivers welcome & encouraged to participate. At Greerton Aquatic & Leisure Centre 12-3pm. BBQ hire $15. Sunday Ladies Squash Mount Squash Centre, 51 Miro St 4.30-6pm. Open to all, non-members $2. Racquets available, bring non-marking shoes. Suitable for beginners. Kelly 027 227 9525 Taize at St George’s Join us for a contemplative service using the music of the Taize Community as we enter Lent. Held 7pm.

Tauranga Friendship & Social Club

Walks, dinners & outings for over 50’s. Barbara 544 7461 Tauranga Spiritual Society Inc Senior Citizen’s Hall, 14 Norris St. Land Mark Forum & Healing night. Doors open 6.30pm for 7pm. Members $3, non $5.

Raffle available $2. Free healing & cuppa. 022 0670 467 Tauranga Writers Sunday Workshop. Getting Your Book Out There 1: Distribution. At Alzheimers Society House, 116 13th Ave 2-4pm. Speakers: Rhonda & Tony Harrington – “How they promote & market books across NZ & what makes a top seller.” $5. Open to public. or txt 022 053 4868

Monday 20 February

Achieve Toastmasters Keep speaking,

keep helping, keep succeeding. 1st, 3rd & 5th Monday of month at St Stephen’s Church Hall, Brookfield, Tauranga 7.309.30pm. Craig 027 587 5115 Art Classes at The Artery Many different art classes at The Artery in the Historic Village. Go to: Book Classes page at Beginner Salsa Lessons Presented by Bay Salsa at Studio 162, 162 Durham St 6.30pm. Walk in classes. Body & Soul Fun Fitness For over 50’s, social events & guest speakers. Mon & Fri Greerton Hall Cameron Rd. Tues Wesley Church Hall, 13th Ave. Weds City Church cnr Otumoetai Rd/ Sherwood St. Thurs at Tauranga Senior Citizens Hall, Norris St behind Pak n Save. All classes 9.15-10.15am. First class free. For men & women. Dianne 576 5031 or 027 431 4326 Qualified Sport & Physical Recreation instructor’. Chess Mount Maunganui Mount RSA Chess Club every Mon at Mount RSA, 544 Maunganui Rd. Early programme 6-7.30pm during school term. Late programme 7.30pm onwards. Standard chess rules. Incl casual games. Noel 579 5412 Civic Choir Tauranga Practice every Monday at Wesley Church, 13th Ave, Tauranga 7.30pm. Heather 575 9092 Concert Mount Senior Citizen’s Hall, 345 Maunganui Rd 1.30pm. Entertainer: Rodger Wadham, followed by afternoon tea. $3 door. Jill 07 218 1885 Diabetes Help Tauranga Is diabetes killing you or someone you love? Ring for free Diabetes Nurse support in the WBOP 571 3422 or email: Fitness League Safe effective, low impact fun exercise set to music using the Bagot Stack technique, designed for women of all ages & abilities. First class free. Every Mon at Settlers Hall Omokoroa 9.30am & Tues St Johns Anglican Church Waihi 9.30am. Dorothy 549 3378 Free Budget Course Feb 20 & 27 & March 6 at Holy Trinity Church, 3rd Ave, Tauranga 7pm. Learn how to budget, save & spend wisely. 578 7718 or

Free Meditation Classes in Bellevue

Every Mon 10am & Weds 7.30pm. Find peace & the joy of life. Stop those thoughts. Enjoy good health & better quality of sleep. David/Trisha 570 1204 Genealogy Friendly Group Meet in the Mako Room, Papamoa Community Centre 1.30-3.30pm. Assistance offered to anyone with an interest in researching their family. Daphne 575 4674

Greerton Every Girls Rally Meet

Mondays fortnightly during school terms at Greerton Bible Church, cnr Oropi & Chadwick Rds, Tauranga 4-6pm. Open to all girls ages 7years upwards. Mary 571 0061

Harmony a Plenty Barbershop Chorus

Every Mon at Bethlehem Community Church, 183 Moffat Rd 7pm. New members welcome. Wilf 571 5576 or Let’s Learn Do something, learn something new this year! Courses, classes, workshops, activities. Options galore on Shelley 544 9557 Line Dancing Every Mon evening - now at Wesley Church 13th Ave 6-8.30pm. (Note change of venue) $6pp per night. Pat 544 2574 or just turn up. Mah Jong Every Mon at Tauranga South Bowling Club, 11th Ave 12.45-4pm. Visitors & beginners welcome. Free teaching available. Shirley 576 0014 Marching Team - Social Seeking new members to join our team, aged 30 years plus. Practice every Monday. Ardell 027 937 4248 Mount Chess Club Every Mon at Hillier Centre, 31 Gloucester Rd, Mt Maunganui 1-4pm. The only place you can play standard length chess in Tauranga. $3 a session. Sets, boards, clocks & refreshments provided. Bob/Vic 575 5845 or 0274 786 282 Mount RSA Indoor Bowls Starts Feb 20, Names in by 6.30pm & play starts 7pm. Diane 575 3480 Plunket Car Seat Clinic Mon & Thurs at 471 Devonport Rd, Tauranga 10am - 2pm. Car seats checked & fitted by qualified Child Restraint Technicians. No appointment necessary. Donation appreciated. 578 7813 Recycled Teenagers Gentle exercise for 50’s forwards, & injury or illness rehabilitation. Morning teas & educational talks optional. For men & women. Mon & Weds, 14 Norris St, Tauranga Senior Citizens Club, behind Pak n Save. Tues at St Mary’s Church Hall, Girven Rd. All 9 - 10.30am. Classes taken by qualified instructor. First class free. New participants planning to attend, Jennifer 571 1411 Ryukyu Kempo Karate Every Mon & Weds at Levers Rd Hall, Matua 6.308pm. Age 10 & up, families welcome. Marty 027 405 1468 Silver Singers Choir Tenor & base voices needed desperately for their 30 voice choir. Practices every Mon in St Stephen’s Chapel, Brookfield Tce, Otumoetai 1pm. Pat 579 1036 Tauranga Creative Fibre Every Mon at Arts Centre, Elizabeth St from 9.30am. Spinning, weaving, felting, knitting, crochet & more. Also on Thurs evening twice a month. Margaret 571 3483 or 021 0817 0350 or Tauranga Rock n Roll Club Inc Club night every Mon at Tauranga RSA, Cameron Rd, Greerton 8pm. Relaxed, social evening of dancing. Members $3, nonmembers $5. Visitors welcome. Check the Facebook pages. Trina 575 7461 a/hs

Tauranga Scottish Country Dance Club Beginners class at St

John’s Church Hall, 94 Bureta Rd 7.30-9.30pm. Sarah 579 0123

as ire ylinder SERVICES

The Weekend Sun

Tauranga Senior Citizens Club Cards,

500 & Bridge Mon & Thurs. Indoor Bowls Tues, Weds & Sat at 14 Norris St, behind Pak n Save 1-4pm. Register by 12.45pm. $2 includes afternoon tea. New members welcome. Te Puke Forest & Bird Evening meeting at Masonic Lodge, 18 Oxford St, Te Puke 7.30pm. Speaker: Kim Westerskov, renowned photographer. “Attacked by an octopus, cuddled by a whale - & many other adventures.”

Welcome Bay Painters Group Every Monday at

Lighthouse Church Hall, Welcome Bay Rd 9.30am – 12.30pm. Dennis 544 6451

Tuesday 21 February

Alcoholics Anonymous Every Tues at

St Peter’s Church Hall, 11 Victoria Rd, Mount 7.30-8.30pm. 0800 229 6757

Altrusa Women’s Community Service Grp Meet 2nd Tues evening for dinner/

business. 4th Tues for social evening monthly. Email: president.tauranga@ Art Class Every Tues at Tauranga Society of Artists, 171a Elizabeth St West 7-9pm. 576 9592 Badminton (Social) Every Tues & Fri at Otumoetai Baptist Hall 9.30am 12pm. Racquets available. Lorraine 579 3229 Cards 500 Every Tues & Thurs at Mount Senior Citizen’s, 345 Maunganui Rd 12.45pm. Garry 576 3033 Falun Dafa Classes Easy to learn & free. Simultaneous improvement of mind & body. Every Tues at Hillier Centre, 31 Gloucester Rd, Mt Maunganui 7pm. Judy 021 0425 398 or email: Fitness League Ladies exercise with dance, weights, floor work every Tues at St Columba Church, 502 Otumoetai Rd, Cherrywood 9.30-10.30am. Gloria 021 139 2448 Greerton Every Boys Rally Meet fortnightly on Tues during school terms at Greerton Bible Church, cnr Oropi & Chadwick Rds, Greerton 6-7.30pm. Open to all boys aged 7 years upwards. 577 6467 Inachord Chorus Ladies singing group. Great music, great company. Bethlehem Community Church Building, 183 Moffat Rd, Bethlehem 7.159.15pm. Debbie 0211 291 126 Junction Mental Health Peer support & advocacy: coffee & chat at St James’ Hall, Greerton 10am – 12pm. 543 3010 Ocean Running 5k run & walk around Mauao base track every Tues. Register from 5.15pm at Mt Ocean Sports Club, Pilot Bay. $5 entry includes free drink after run/walk & chance to win spot prize. Walkers start 5.45pm, runners 6pm. Phil 021 383 354 Overeaters Anonymous Do you or a family member or friend have a problem with over or under eating? Overeaters Anonymous can help - meet Tues & Fri. 544 1213 or 022 064 2186 Papamoa Sports Indoor Bowls Don Spratt Reserve, Parton Rd. Opening night Feb 21. Coaching available. Names in by 7.15pm for 7.30 start. Michael 542 0609 or 0274 888 5968 Petanque Bayfair Petanque Club, every Tues & Thurs at Russley Drive 1pm. Equipment & coaching available. Try a new sport. Margie 542 0084 or 021 0293 7459 Petanque - Tga/BOP Club Club Mt Maunganui 4.30pm start (until daylight savings ends). Equip available, all coaching given. Jo Ann 578 3606 Sequence Dancing Tauranga Social & Leisure Club meet at St John’s Anglican Church Hall, Bureta Rd, Otumoetai every Tues 7.30-9.30pm except 2nd Tues of month 3.30-6pm. AGM Feb 28 6pm, prior to dancing from 7pm. Visitors welcome. Murray 576 3294 Significant Other Programme Does your loved one have an addiction? Wonder what to do? How to help? Hanmer Clinic Tauranga have this programme for spouses, partners, family/ whanau etc who have an addiction. 7

Friday 17 February 2017


weekly sessions start Feb 28 at 1235 Cameron Rd, Greerton 1-3pm. Free. 579 6940 or 0800 842 426 South City Indoor Bowls At Greerton Hall. Tonight: Club night & incorporating a working bee. We need as many members as possible. Keith 577 1116

Tauranga Continuing Education

(60+) Group at Historic Village, 17th Ave, Tauranga, 3rd Tues of month. Lectures start 10am. $4 charge to cover expenses. Speaker: Barry O’Neil, CEO Kiwi Vine Health. Topic: Bio security & the kiwifruit industry. David 544 4179

Tauranga Morning Badminton Club

Opening day March 7 & thereafter every Tues & Thurs at QE Youth Centre, cnr 11th Ave & Devonport Rd. 9-11.30am. AGM March 28. Heather 574 0976 Tauranga Orchid Society Monthly meeting at Wesley Church Hall, 13th Ave, Tauranga 7pm. Annual Auction - lots of fun & bargains for everyone. Visitors welcome. Natalie 543 0847

Tauranga Patchwork & Quilters Group First & third Tues 7pm &

second & fourth Fri 10am. At Tauranga Art & Craft Centre, 177 Elizabeth St, Tauranga. Helen 0274 177 581 Tauranga Scrabble Club Tues at Tauranga Bridge Club, Ngatai Rd 8.50am. $3 games $2.50. New players welcome. 544 8372 Tauranga Toastmasters Every Tues at Tauranga Lyceum Club 7.15-9.30pm. Learn public speaking & leadership skills. Guests welcome. Alan 544 5989 Women’s Only Event Guest speaker: Stephanie Wiki, Auckland, “Sharing her incredible story of courage & perseverance that will inspire.” At Daniels in the Park, 53 11th Ave, Tauranga 9-11am. Morning tea provided. RSVP before 23 Feb, Claire 549 5357 or

Wednesday 22 February

Alcoholics Anonymous Reflections at

Te Puke every Weds at Te Puke Baptist Church, Station Rd 7.30-8.30pm. 0800 229 6757 Age Concern Walking Group Mount Hot Pools Bus Stop 10am. 578 2631 Bipolar Support Group Support for people with bipolar 1-2pm. Transport available if required. Junction 543 3010 Bowls Indoor Every Weds & Fri at Mount Senior Citizen’s, 345 Maunganui Rd 12.45pm. Nancy/Ernie 575 4650

Community Bible Study International Every Weds at City Church, 252 Otumoetai Rd 7-9pm. Bible study on “The Book of Genesis.” Julie 552 4068 Double Bill Show Straight from Ireland, on Feb 22. Mundy with special guest Dezi Donnelly, all Ireland Fiddle Champion. The Hop House, Mt Maunganui 7.30pm. Limited tickets, available from Eventfinda

Fernland Water Exercise Class

Starts today 10.45-11.45am. Suitable for accident or illness rehabilitation. Gentle exercises for pre or post joint replacements. Helpful in weightloss or arthritis. Classes held rain or shine, not during school holidays. Classes taken by qualified instructor & lifeguard. New participants planning to attend any class, Jennifer 571 1411 Film Screening Michael Moore’s “Where to Invade Next” then audience discussion about inequality in NZ led by Peter Malcolm. Co-hosted by Closing the Gap & Tauranga Monthly Film Nights. Wesley Centre, 100 13th Ave 7pm. $8 cash entry at door, includes light supper. RSVP tmfn2007@gmail. com or Ron 544 5360 Gate Pa Indoor Bowls Friends & Neighbours Night at Greerton Hall 7.30pm. Small plate for supper please. Kevin 543 4044 Healing Rooms Experience God’s healing touch. No charge, all ages welcome. Change of venue now upstairs at Graced Op Shop, cnr 11th Ave & Christopher St. 021 110 0878 www.

Heart Foundation Presentation

Speaker: Tony Duncan, CEO of the Heart Foundation. Topic: Heart research that the Heart Foundation has funded over the years & some of the results of that research. At St Enoch’s Church Hall, 134 16th Ave 2-4pm. After-noon tea provided. RSVP essential: 575 4787 or francescar@ Kiwi Toasters Every Toastmaster’s journey starts with a single speech. Every 1st, 3rd & 5th Weds of the month at 3 Palm Springs Boulevard (same building as Palm Springs Pharmacy) 5.30-7pm. Chrissy 027 296 7939 Mount RSA Women’s Section Social day. Entertainment provided by the Keynotes, followed by afternoon tea. Need transport? Ph RSA office prior to the day. Narcotics Anonymous Working the Steps. Closed meeting every Weds 7.30-9pm, Downstairs Hall (accessed from bottom carpark), Salvation Army Recovery Church, 375 Cameron Rd. If using drugs is causing you problems, maybe we can help. 0800 NA TODAY Otumoetai Care & Craft Every Weds at St Columba Church Hall, Cherrywood, Otumoetai 9am - 12.30pm during school term. Crafts, fun, games, entertainment. Lunch provided. Dawn 576 7783 Singles Coffee Club 60+ Every Weds 10am for coffee & once a month for lunch for a social get together. Looking for something new to do or meet new friends? This could be it. Gayle 0274 393 267 or Tauranga Embroiderers’ Guild Every Weds at Tauranga Rowing Club, Devonport Rd, Tauranga 10am 2.30pm & 7.30-9.30pm. Beginners welcome. Jenny 07 219 7740

Tauranga Library Learning Centre

Microsoft Office Course. Topic: Getting Started in Word. 1.30-2.30pm. Cost $8. To book, 577 7177

Tauranga Mid-Week Tramping Group

Thompsons Track – off track with Mt Eliza easier option. Grade mod, approx. 6.5hrs. Sheryl 574 3743

Te Puke Spiritual & Healing Centre

Every 2nd & 4th Weds at Lyceum Club, 8 Palmer Ct, Te Puke. This week: Sue Buckland & Kerry Thomson - workshop series connecting with & receiving messages from our guides & loved ones. Doors open 6.45 for 7.15pm start. $5 entry includes raffle, tea/coffee. Kerry 021 607 797 Te Puke Toy Library Weds - Sat 9.30am - 12pm. Thurs 3.30-5.30pm. 242.1 Jellicoe St, Te Puke. 027 263 9309

Toastmasters - City Early Start

Improve communication, teamwork & leadership skills. Join the supportive & motivated group at Classic Flyers Avgas Cafe every Weds 6.45-8.15am. txt 0210 445 654

Thursday 23 February

6 Week Social Beginner Dance Class

Starts today at Greerton Hall, 1247 Cameron Rd (opp Caltex) 8pm or Feb 24 at Welcome Bay School Hall, 309 Welcome Bay Rd 7.30pm. Learn Rock & Roll, Cha Cha, Waltz & more. Sonia, Supreme Dance 544 2337 or 027 322 1786 or just come along on the night. Amazing Weekly Bag Sale Every Thurs at Historic Village 9-10am. Fill a large bag for $5 with women’s, men’s & kids clothing & linen. Bags supplied. Bay City Rockers Social Rock n Roll dancing as well as Neon Moon, Rock n Roll Waltz, as examples. Dancing every Thurs at Senior Citizen’s Hall, Norris St 7.30-9.30pm. $3 entry with light supper provided. Gavin 027 643 6222 Club Mt Maunganui Social games club. Play indoor bowls & cards every Thurs 12.45-3.30pm. Prizes to be won & visits to other clubs. Monthly subsidised dinners. Gloria 575 0059

Community Bible Study International Every Thurs at 14th Ave Gospel Centre

10am - 12pm for a Bible study on “The Book of Matthew.” Jack/Betty 544 3809 Concert Band Katikati Musicians wanted, especially wood-wind to join community based wind & brass band. All ages welcome. Rehearse Katikati town hall in the arts room 7-9pm. Wendy 022 387 2947 Dance/Movement Workshop Today at 233 Waihi Rd 6pm. $10. For info/signup https:// Ph 021 210 5929 Fitness League Safe, effective, low impact exercise to music using the Bagot Stack technique, designed to help with posture, balance & stamina, combination of exercise, movement & dance. All ages & abilities. Complementary 1st class. Thurs: Central Baptist Church Hall, cnr 13th Ave/Cameron Rd 9.30am. Weds: Katikati Memorial Hall 10am. Pam 549 4799 or 021 117 7170 Free Meditation Classes Every Thurs at Meredith Hall, Fraser St, Merivale (near Yatton Park) 7.30pm. Have control over those constant thoughts! Find peace & the joy of life. Enjoy good health & better quality of sleep. Ian 576 2032 French Connection For lovers of all things French. Meet fortnightly on Thursday at La Mexica, The Strand 4.30-6.30pm. Friends of the Library Greerton Library Chat Group meets 10am. All welcome. Pam 571 2566 Frocks on Bikes Pilot Bay Picnic The Waterfront, 120 The Strand, Tauranga 5.15pm. Ride from the city to Pilot Bay for a shared picnic dinner with Frocks on Bikes. No booking required; bring your bike, helmet & contribution for shared picnic. Heart Foundation Presentation Speaker: Gerry Devlin, Medical director of the Heart Foundation. Topic: General overview of heart disease which opens up to Q&A. St Enoch’s Church Hall, 134 16th Ave 10am – 12pm. Morning tea provided. RSVP to Francesca 575 4787 or Keynotes 4 Part Harmony Women’s chorus meet every Thurs at Wesley Church Hall, 13th Ave 7pm. Sing for fun & health. Nora 544 2614 LOL Laughter Wellness Laugh with us through 2017. Penguin Room, Arataki Community Centre, Mt Maunganui 7-7.45pm. $3 door charge. Trish 022 036 6768 email:

More Than Crafts Every Thurs at Greerton

Bible Church 9.30-11.30am. Ceramics, dolls, art, cards etc. 571 1949 Mount/Papamoa Coffee & Chat From 1-2pm. Transport available if required. Junction Mental Health Peer Support & Advocacy 543 3010 Opera Forum: Porgy & Bess George Gershwin’s iconic opera Feb 23. Tickets from Bureta Pharmacy or House of Travel, Spring St. Complimentary wine & canapes. Tauranga Opera Forum 577 0583 Otumoetai Hockey Club Men’s & Women’s teams available for senior hockey. New players welcome. Season commences early April. Caroline 576 5178 or 027 283 2153 Salsa on the Strand Presented by Bay Salsa at La Mexica 8pm. Intro class, followed by social dancing. No partner required. Sunshine Dance Group Learn sequence dancing every Thurs at Baptist Church Hall, cnr 13th Ave/Cameron Rd 7-8.30pm followed by dancing until 10pm. $2pp entrance includes supper. Jan 544 4379 Tauranga Heart Support Group Low impact group exercise class for those with or at risk of heart & associated diseases. Every Mon & Thurs at City Church, Otumoetai Rd 9.3010.30am. $4pp. Diana 021 0476 155 Tennis Seniors WBOP Players 35 years +. Tauranga Lawn Tennis Club, Wharepai Domain 9am - 12pm. New members welcome, $4 ball fee. Lynda 0210 576 601

Friday 24 February

Brick Kids Te Puke - Lego Club Term time

school aged children. Every Fri at Te Puke Library 3.30-4.30pm. Free entry. Chess Tauranga Tauranga RSA, Greerton 5-7pm, for the whole family. Longer if necessary for longer games. Incl casual games. Standard chess rules. Werner 548 1111 http:/ Genealogy Research Members of Papamoa Genealogy Branch at Papamoa Library 10am – 12pm to assist researchers with their family history. Daphne 575 4674 Welcome Bay Mural Unveiling At Welcome Bay Hall, 250 Welcome Bay Rd 1pm. Special guest: Todd Muller MP. Followed by afternoon tea. RSVP Feb 23 to events@

Friday 17 February 2017

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trades & services

PH: 07 928 3042 or email these pages can be viewed online at

All areas:

07 578 0651 0800 428 476

Email: Web:


Specialising in:  Trees - topped, shaped, climbed, felled, crown thinned & lifted

 Qualified Arborists  Clean tidy job Guaranteed  Chipping up to 10 inch


Phone Warren 0274 777 588 or 552 5215 

Spick-and-span concrete Your concrete is an important part of your house or business – dirty, cracked concrete isn’t a good look. But Mike Keir from BayWash can help. Cleaning and restoring concrete, pavers and other hard surfaces to their new and original condition is easy for the BayWash team, who use the latest in power washing machinery and equipment. “We are experts in restoring driveways, patios and courtyards, barbecue areas and general house washing,” says Mike. BayWash uses rotating surface cleaners with multiple spinning jets spraying out water to ensure the most uniformly clean surface.

Mike Keir from BayWash can get your concrete looking new again. “These cleaners help avoid ‘zebra striping’,” says Mike. BayWash also carries a variety of biodegradable chemicals to help remove tougher stains and debris. “We believe in protecting our environment so we only use chemicals that are biodegradable and non-hazardous,” says Mike. The BayWash team also offers water blasting cleaning for both commercial and residential customers. For more information, phone 0800 422 922.

The Weekend Sun

Friday 17 February 2017


trades & services GOT DUST?



GET SEA BREEZE Book a house wash with Sea Breeze and we’ll clean your gutters for

We Specialise in:


• Continuous Spouting • All Metal & PVC Spouting systems • Long-run Roofing

Call today 0800 273 6227 or visit *Some conditions apply

** Offer Ends 30 April 2017

• Fascia

GreenKiwi • Repairs & Leaks

Gardens • Spouting & Roof cleaning

Landscaping & Maintenance

• Moss & Mold control

Your local specialists

Call/text/e-mail us for a FREE no obligation quote Ph: 07 542 1016 Mob: 021 02051038 E-mail:

broken window handle? • • • • *finance available

A picturesque paradise You’ll be wanting to spend lots of time outside with this wonderful weather, so make sure it’s a nice space to be, says Professional Tree Services’ Carl Mertens. Trimming back hedges, pruning the fruit trees and tidying overhangs will make your last summer barbecues more enjoyable. Professional Tree Services is an owner-operated company with a small enthusiastic team specialising in tree maintenance and removal. “We encompass all aspects of tree work from thinning, dead-wooding, lifts and reductions, through to the stump grinding process following

doors • windows locks • hinges handles conservatories

for a FREE quote

07 571 4491

A house that shines If you want your house to really sparkle in this beautiful Bay sunshine, Effective Property Services can help.

Professional Tree Services will go to great heights to get the job done right. complete removal,” says Carl. Professional Tree Services pride themselves on a prompt and efficient service, with the peace of mind that comes with experienced and qualified staff backed up with full insurance cover. Call Carl from Professional Tree Services for a free quote on anything tree-related.

Effective Property Services Limited is a family-owned business based in Mount Maunganui. Providing a range of services in the Bay for both residential and commercial premises, Effective Property Services can provide exterior house washing, roof treats, water blasting, interior and exterior window cleaning, and deep extraction carpet and upholstery cleaning. They can clean homes, commercial buildings, driveways and more. It is recommended to get a house wash each year – this can prolong the life of paint up to an extra 25 per cent, possibly meaning another two-three years before you need to re-paint. “With many years of practical experience, we can assure you that you will be more than satisfied with

A before-and-and after of house looking spickand span after Effective Property Services. our workmanship,” says Effective Property Services’ Mikey Smale. “We are professional, friendly, effective, efficient and totally honest.” Call 075723995 for a free quote or for more information, visit:

Friday 17 February 2017

The Weekend Sun


trades & services



xterior wash



Don’t move...improve!








Find out about our bathroom mirrors and wardrobe sliding doors.


*Conditions apply.

Shower Specialists

SHOWROOM: 19 Portside Drive, Mt Maunganui 07 575 0773




The Weekend Sun

Friday 17 February 2017


public notice

trades & services

computer services

BETH - EL la tyb


Messianic Family BACK TO THE





Need something new? Cash loans from $200 - $20,000

Joel & Sharon van Ameringen

Celebrate the memory of loved ones.

Joel 021 768 043 MESSIAH YESHUA is coming soon!

FSP20381- IF22602TWS

deceased 1262 Cameron Road, Greerton, Tauranga

Public notice of an application for ON licence Section 101, Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012


dreams We can help make them come true

FSP 176104

You have

0800 34 62 63 | 1 7 4 D E V O N P O R T R O A D, TAU R A N G A | ( 0 7 ) 5 7 8 7 7 1 7 Terms and conditions apply. Subject to Linsa Finance lending criteria and responsible lending guidelines. All loans must be approved and drawn down in our branch. Establishment and account maintenance fees apply.

Friday 17 February 2017

situations vacant

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funeral services

funeral services



Incl GST


building & renovation

We can create and customise a design for

A Lasting Memory

Service Sheets Thank You Cards & Funeral Notice Packages

Call 07 578 0030

The Weekend Sun

Friday 17 February 2017




health & beauty


Talk to Julie : 07 578 0030

4 JASMINE PLACE Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th 8am - 1pm. Household, pot plants, fridge, computer desk & more. 96b MURICATA AVE Saturday 18 8am start. Variety of household items. TV, microwave, bed, dining table, coffee table, clothes & more.

otumoetai 7 NGATAI ROAD Saturday 18 7.30am onwards at Natures Cove Preschool. Monster garage sale.


health & beauty

HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION Romantic, separate, selfcontained accommodation with a touch of luxury. Rural location 5 minutes from Hobbiton. Sleeps up to four. Continental breakfast included. Phone 021 0595 185

bible digest ”I CAN DO ALL THIS through him who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

business opportunity ASIAN CONTACTS WANTED with business connections to Hong Kong to help launch a unique breakthrough antiaging & rejuvenation product line. Lucrative ground floor opportunity. “Be a part of a dynamic team working within a company breaking industry records.” Ph Yvonne 021 499 038

cars for sale CAR FAIR – buy or sell any vehicle every Sunday at 11th Avenue Car park opposite Mad Butcher 8am-noon. Ph for more information 027 733 9686 or

cleaner available HOUSE CLEANING WORK wanted in Tauranga. Honest, reliable and fussy. $25 per hour. References available. Ph Bronwyn 021 0853 1101 TWO MATURE LADIES looking for regular household cleaning jobs. Trustworthy, reliable, professional service. Please ph Jacqui 021 042 3847 or Kath 021 047 9552

computers COMPUTER GETTING you down? Problems, viruses, upgrades, internet, new or refurb PC’s tuition, or advice. Ph Bruce for a no obligation chat or quote 576 7940 or 021 260 9183

gardening ABLE GARDENER, experienced, efficient, knowledgeable, highly qualified. Maintenance, pruning, hedges, shrubs, roses; disease/ pest control, lifestyle blocks, garden renovations; design & plant. Ph Tita 027 654 8781 or a/h 542 0120

WANTED - GARDENER. Once a month, Papamoa area. Ph 0274 112 312

Follow us on Facebook

0800 382 828

health & beauty NATURAL NEW ZEALAND Health Products & Clinic. Something for everyone. NZ Registered Natural Therapies & Natural Medicine Practitioners. Opposite BP Te Puke. Ph 573 5533 www.naturaltherapiesnz. com and

real estate


livestock AC PETFOODS collect injured & unwanted cows & horses. Ph 800 369 6269

lost & found FOUND KITTENS various areas, various colours Ph SPCA 07 578 0245

Need Short Term Mobility Equipment?

Found adult tabby/white female cat, Bellevue Area, Ref: 87288 Ph SPCA 07 578 0245

Hire & Sales Available from...

• Knee Scooters • Wheelchairs • Orthopaedic Chairs • Commodes • Crutches • Walkers • Shower Chairs • Toilet Frames • Overbed Tables ... and more! Brook Street, Tauranga Ph / Fax / AHrs 07 578 4874 Hours: Mon - Fri 8.30 - 5.00pm

Found black flecked male rabbit, Merivale Area, Ref: 87364 Ph SPCA 07 578 0245


Visit our display cabin at: 17 Plummers Point Road, WHAKAMARAMA or 159 Jellicoe Road, TE PUKE or call for a free brochure.

THREE FISHING RODS & reels $30 each. Ph Colin 07 572 1159

RIDE ON MOWING lifestyle blocks, businesses, schools, churches, commercial and residential. Police vetted and insured operators Phone Crewcut 0800 800 286

Great NZ People who are Honest Vehicle Buyers

Fully insulated with lockable ranchslider, large window, power, security lights, curtains, carpet, smoke alarm & even a small deck. Minimum 6 month rental period.

BRAND NEW WEDDING DRESSES 1) Beautiful vintage lace gown. Size 10-12. Was $850. Now $600. 2) Heart shaped strapless with corset back & ruching to waist. Size 10-12. Was $1200. Now $899. Ph Chloe 027 355 2598

LAWNMOWING HONEST reliable operator. Mulch or catch + edges done from only $20. Ph/txt Peter 027 201 2886 or 575 9903

Buyers of Damaged, Unloved & Unwanted Vehicles

Three convenient sizes: standard 3.6m x 2.4m - $70pw large 4.2m x 2.4m - $85pw xtra-large 4.8m x 2.4m - $100pw

entertainment TAURANGA TANDEM SKYDIVING best buzz in the Bay! Gift vouchers available. Ph 574 8533 today

HOME AND GARDEN SERVICES Tree pruning, weeding, hedges, waterblasting, odd jobs, rubbish removal, affordable rates. Ph Philip 027 655 4265 or 544 5591

cars wanted

Ideal as an extra bedroom or home office

curriculum vitae NEED A C.V.? Don’t let your C.V. get lost amongst all the others. I can help you stand out on paper. A C.V. For You can provide you with a personal and professional touch. From scratch or updating existing ones. Check out samples on or Ph/text on 021 27 27 912

for sale



computers FREE ON SITE DIAGNOSIS & quote. We come to you. Pensioner discounts. Ph Kyle at Tech Solutions 027 828 7078

Found white female angora X rabbit, Otumoetai Area, Ref: 87261, Ph SPCA 07 578 0245 Found adult grey/torti female cat, Welcome Bay Area, Ref: 87425 Ph SPCA 07 578 0245

trades & services APPLIANCE REPAIRS For service of all Fisher & Paykel, Haier and Elba appliances, Ph 0800 372 273 for your local technician.

trades & services

trades & services

APPLIANCE REPAIRS Washers, dryers, dishwashers and ovens, all makes and models. Repairs Tauranga wide www. 07 281 1236

TREE SHRUB and hedges trimming, topping removal, rubbish removal, palm pruning or removal, satisfaction guaranteed free quote. Ph Steve Hockly 571 5958 or 027 498 1857

APPLIANCE REPAIRS Qualified professional service to most brands of whiteware. Servicing Mt Maunganui, Papamoa and Te Puke. Pensioner discounts available. Ph 542 0540 or 021 426 978 BOAT BUILDING repairs and maintenance. Timber & fibreglass trade qualified, boat builder. Ph Shaun 021 992 491 or 07 552 0277 BRYCE DECORATING Interior & exterior painting, wallpapering. Quality work. Ph Wayne 579 5588 or 021 162 7052 BUILDING OR RENOVATING? Be inspired. Get the right look. Book a personal in-home consultation today. FREE measure and quote. BOP Curtains & Blinds. Ph 571 2345 or 021 725 721 ELECTRICIAN, 18+ years experience, NZ registered. Residential & commercial, maintenance & service, new builds, renovations. Fast, friendly service. Ph Andrew 022 354 1960 HANDYMAN BUILDING and section maintenance, decks, fencing, pergolas, painting, water blasting, odd jobs. Free quotes Ph Rossco 027 270 3313 or 544 5911 INSECT SCREENS Measure. Make. Mend. Ph Rob at Magic Seal 543 4940 MAINTENANCE - TOTAL PROPERTY maintenance. Building work. 30 years + experience, qualified in all aspects of building. Available now. Ph 0204 0864 211 PAINTER/DECORATOR Interior and Exterior, quality workmanship friendly services. Over 20 years specialising in residential and more. Quality paint at trade prices. For your best advice in all areas. Ph Shane Mount/Tauranga Decorators 07 544 6495 or 021 575 307 PAINTING & DECORATING Exterior & Interior Painting Gurus, Roof Painting, High quality workmanship, prompt service, fully insured, satisfaction guaranteed, get the A Team @ Fresh Coats Painting. Ph 022 421 4261 PLASTERING, INTERIOR WALLS & ceilings. Tradesman 30yrs exp. Skimming, painting prep. Small jobs OK. Ph Murray 027 266 5657 PLUMBER GAS FITTER, Drainlayer. Ph Barry 021 826 046 or 578 4383 RETAINING WALLS Specialist in all timber retaining walls, new builds and repairs. All associated earthmoving, design and engineering. Ph Mike 0274 942 966 ROOF REPAIRS free quotes for all maintenance of leaking roofs, gutter cleaning & repairs. Chimney maintenance & repairs. Registered roofer, 30yrs exp. Ph Peter 542 4291 or 027 436 7740 STUMPINATOR STUMP Grinding free quotes & friendly service. Narrow machine to access rear yards. Ph 576 4245 or 022 076 4245 TILER 30 YEARS + experience, qualified in all aspects of tiling. Available now! Ph 0204 0864 211

travel & tours ”A A A” – TOURS WE HAVE COMING up are our 2017 FEATURE TOUR being the “2017 Autumn South Island Tour”, this is a great trip with so much to see, and do. Seats are limited and we are taking bookings now. Our scenic Trip around the East Cape (Opotiki to Gisborne) via The East Cape is going in March & our popular Bay of Islands Tour & 90 Mile Beach Tour is going in April: Plus do ask us about our North Island Train Trip which is a great few days away. Contact us for full details, and to chat about our other unique trips. We provide door to door service (we will pick you up, and take you home again after tours). Free Tour Newsletter. Ph Hinterland Tours Team on 575 8118 or 027 235 7714. ALL IN FAVOUR OF a delicious day out at Mamaku Blue Blueberries, Gooseberries, Winery and fabulous Cafe and shop the list goes on. Experience the orchard tour and sample the ‘little globes of goodness’. Bring a friend to join Zealandier Tours on 28th February on this trip down memory lane with Gooseberry Pies, Gooseberry and Cream Cheese Muffins, or sip on their Sparkling Golden Gooseberry Wine. Contact Zealandier Tours today 07 575 6425 for more details. DUE TO UNFORESEEN circumstances we have had to postpone our Travel Club Morning Tea Meeting that was scheduled for Tuesday 21st February. We will publish the new date in due course. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused from the team at Zealandier Tours. NO 8 TOURS NEW ZEALAND’S SENIOR TRAVEL CLUB – Join our Club today for Free to receive all our VIP Members Benefits exclusive to No 8 Tours. (1) April 26th Overnight; Discover Untamed Awhitu Peninsula & Historical Manukau Heads Lighthouse. (2) May 2nd 5 Days; Pristine Queenstown, Delightful Te Anau, Doubtful Sound Cruise, Mavora Lakes and Walter Peak Station. (3) May 22nd 5 Days; Marlborough Sounds Mail Boat Cruise come and enjoy paradise. Free Door to Door service, Day Trips, Shows & Free beautiful colour catalogue: Ph. No 8 Tours team on 579 3981 or Email

venues FOR WEDDINGS, FUNCTIONS OR MEETINGS+ check out No.1 The Strand, a beautiful historic setting. Email: kim@ or www. WEDDINGS, PARTIES, MEETINGS etc - The perfect venue. With stunning Harbour views, fully licensed bar & kitchen onsite. Restaurant open every Friday from 5pm & Sunday from 4.30pm, kids under 12 years dine free with every paying adult. Tauranga Fish & Dive Club, 60 Cross Rd, Sulphur Point. Ph 571 8450

wanted FISH TANK CLEANER wanted for company office, on a monthly schedule. Ph Melanie 928 3040

Friday 17 February 2017


The Weekend Sun

Weekend sun 17 february 2017  

Weekend Sun 17 February 2017

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