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13 January 2017, Issue 838

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No matter what your favourite colour is, it’s bound to be tossed in the air in the form of powder this weekend at the 2017 Colour Splash Festival. This year’s Colour Splash Festival is free entry – just pay for your colour dust – and will have a range of entertainment from DJ music to live dance performances, not to mention the bursts of colour

that will be flung around Coronation Park from 10am-4pm this Saturday. Organiser Dhruva Reid says the event has its roots in traditional Indian culture. “The Colour Splash is a great opportunity for family, friends, neighbours, competitors and lovers to celebrate a new lease of life. If you’re interested, read more on page 5. Photo: Chris Callinan.

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Friday 13 January 2017

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Welcome to the new National Park Vents Solar Panels Satellite Dishes Heating

It’s that time of year again when we try to stick to our New Year’s Resolutions and the first one that is broken: “I’ll never trying to drive in or out of Tauranga at holiday time again.” The reason we fail to listen to our own advice, is that we have to get home or back to work, in order to fulfil the remaining New Year Resolutions that we’ve yet to break. Sad fact of reality, there’s no way around driving the arterial routes if you need to be north of Tauranga. Now all the people out east in Te Puke are quietly sniggering, because they have the magnificent TEL which ensures a smooth and satisfying driving experience at virtually all times of the year; in fact flowing so well the gummint plans to crank the speed limit up to 110. Those in the under-privileged northwest can only dream of four lanes and traffic that flows at any sort of efficient pace. We’ve heard rumours of folk in Whakamarama who are wondering what the numbers 3 and 4 mean on the top of their gearshift knobs. And anyone travelling regularly from Plummers Point could be thinking they could let the dog out for some exercise at McGregor’s Fruit Shop and the dog will be waiting sipping a Flat White at Bethlehem Town Centre by the time the car arrives there.

Road re-named

Other rumours suggest SH2 is to be renamed as a National Park, since most of the traffic these days is parked instead of moving. The proposed redevelopment can’t come soon enough for travellers using the route north of Tauranga, as any plans to add lanes and bypass townships are many years too late for the amount of traffic already trying to use it. This road on most days is down to a crawl, especially from Bethlehem to Omokoroa. Throw in a serious accident

Bring it on

like the one on Tuesday near Katikati, and you’ve many hours of delays, with no viable alternate. Unless you fancy the Kaimai-Te Aroha-Paeroa scenic route. It would be easier to stick a fastpost stamp on your forehead and crawl into a NZ Post mailbox.

Looming trouble

SunLive, as usual, carried all the breaking news alerts to warn travellers that trouble loomed. And SunLive also put out the advice from police as soon as the road was re-opened. The comment sections of SunLive and the Facebook page were rife with criticism from readers, annoyed that a non-fatal crash still paralysed the Western half of the province for many hours and comments such as “third world” sprang from the frustrated text on many occasions. We can’t blame the road for all the traffic woes, however. Everyone needs to take responsibility for their own driving, while the road does need improvement, there is no accounting for idiotic drivers. The majority of the crashes resulted in someone crossing the centreline, so in other words, not paying attention to what they are doing or taking stupid risks. Driving is a responsibility, not a right. Some NZ drivers seem to have taken all their road skills learning from that early 1980s instructional driving documentary, which follows the journey of a young man from Northland to Bluff in a yellow Mini.

But when the proverbial does hit the fan, the impact on the arterials is major. No alternatives, no second lanes to divert traffi c… So please, good people at NZTA, bring us a new road, while we still have the sanity to appreciate it. In the meantime, SunLive will continue to do our best to bring you the traffic updates, delay points and closures as soon as its humanly possible to glean from emergency services, or from updates from our loyal readers and tipsters. The best way to help keep your fellow travellers updated is to ring the 0800SUNLIVE (786 548) news hotline or ping a photo to Our network of informants is ever expanding, which helps us provide you with all the local breaking news, plus a FREE service so you can manage your travel plans more efficiently. We can get word out much faster than the officials, who are busy dealing with the immediate issues and often tied up in red tape and procedure. SunLive readers, on the other hand, can tell us directly what they see, report it instantly to us on mobile devices, which we can in turn share with you immediately to your mobile devices. Even better, flick us a photo if you can squeeze off a sneaky shot. And join up free on SunLive to receive breaking news alerts, so you’re always kept “in the loop.” So if you need a belated New Year resolution, resolution, can I suggest its “keep SunLive updated/ keep myself updated on SunLive” so we can all plan our travel better, avoid the bottlenecks and make it to Bethlehem for a flat white. Hopefully before the dog gets the muffin as well.

IMPORTANT STUFF: All material is copyright and may not be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. Sun Media makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all information and accepts no liability for errors or omissions or the subsequent use of information published. Goodbye Pork Pie is a New Zealand movie filmed in 1979; directed by Geoff Murphy and written by Geoff Murphy and Ian Mune. The film was New Zealand’s first large-scale local hit. Small budget, with 24 cast and crew, even the director and co-writer Geoff Murphy did some stunts himself. The movie has since been remade and is due for release this year.

The Weekend Sun

Friday 13 January 2017


Simon’s menacing cheesecutter Did he deserve to feel humiliated? Was he singled out for unfair attention? Or was he simply being mischievous and provocative? “No, I wasn’t,” says Simon Fenlon. He just doesn’t like being told what he can and can’t wear. Or what he can and can’t do. By a bank, by anyone. “The teller decided to have a little power buzz and I decided I would too.” Either way there was a very public scene at the ANZ bank in Te Puke when Simon stood his ground. And so did the bank. “If the ANZ had a problem with the way I was dressed then they should have taken me aside, into an office for a chat, rather than standing me up in front of the whole bank,” says a miffed Simon, who is a businessman and muso of Maketu. Nothing personal according to ANZ. It’s about the security of the bank and the safety of everyone involved, customers and staff. More from ANZ later, but first the stand-off in Jellicoe St. It was late last year when Simon entered the ANZ in Jellicoe St, Te Puke. It was the season of goodwill. But there was none of it. Not in Simon’s queue. “I have a black leather cap, a cheesecutter, which I wear everywhere. Except to bed,” says the colourful apron manufacturer.

Simon says ‘no’ to being told what to wear at a bank. Photo: Chris Callinan.

“I also play drums in two or three bands. I wear it for gigs. It’s part of who I am.” But the ANZ Te Puke, or any ANZ for that matter, doesn’t recognise Simon’s attachment to the cheesecutter. The hat doesn’t comply with policy. “I’ve been wearing the cap into the bank for about two years without incident. This time I went in and the teller decided to have a crack at me.” There was a standoff. And this is how things developed, or disintegrated, according to Simon. Teller: “Please take your hat off”. Simon: “No”. Teller: “I am asking you to take your hat off”. Simon: “And I am telling you I won’t”. Simon says he felt this woman was having ‘a crack’ at him. “I decided to dig my toes in. I am not going to bloody do it.” Teller: “Why won’t you take it off?” Simon: “Religious reasons”. Teller: “I still want you to remove it”. Simon: “And I said I am not going to”. Simon says he doesn’t want to make a big issue of it. “I just want

to show support for Anthony J. Delancaster-Swinback-Slack.” Anthony J. is the 90-year-old, who in a nationally publicised incident was refused service at the ANZ in Matamata because he was wearing a rather debonair checkered cheesecutter. A safety and security risk it seems. Not Anthony but his hat. Meanwhile back in Te Puke the verbal sparring and intransigence continued at the ANZ until Simon pointed out there was another man wearing a hat in the bank just a deposit or withdrawal away in another queue. “My teller called out to have the man remove his hat which he did.” Enter the bank manager for another round of requests and refusals. Manager: “Now will you take you hat off please?” Simon: “No”. “She said: ‘How do we know you aren’t here to rob us?’” says Simon. “I had to tell her that I had a fist full of cash and cheques. And I was there to give it to them. To deposit it.” Eventually the ANZ served Simon and he left, with the black leather in situ but with unfinished business. Read the full story at

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Friday 13 January 2017

A selection of some local breaking stories featured this week on...

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Two cut from crash wreckages A vehicle crossing the centreline in a 100km/h area crashed head-on with another, forcing the closure of State Highway 2, south of Katikati, on Tuesday. The road was totally blocked by vehicles and debris, and was re-opened 1.5 hours after the crash. “This is another example of vehicles crossing the centreline on SH2 north, which is one of the main causes of crashes on that highway,” says Tauranga Police Senior Sergeant Ian Campion.

Surprise! House prices still high The Tauranga housing market continues to rise with home values up by 24 per cent year on year and 4.3 per cent during the last three months, with the average value in the city now $672,197. According to the latest monthly QV House Price Index data, Western Bay of Plenty home values rose 23 per cent during the last year, but fell by 0.6 per cent in the final quarter of the year. The average value in the Western Bay of Plenty district is now $571,520, says QV homevalue Tauranga registered valuer David Hume.

Dunes fire a safety reminder A large patch of scorched dune plants in Arataki is a timely reminder for people to take fire safety seriously this summer. The fire service responded Wednesday, January 4, to the incident to the east end of Waiariki St. Fire safety officer John Rewi says bonfires on the beach can increase the fire risk at this time of year. John says it’s just common sense to take extra precautions around fire, regardless of where it is.

Bay rider continues momentum It’s been a hot summer for the Bay’s Damon Rees, and it’s only just getting started. Fresh from winning the 600cc class at the annual pre-nationals Suzuki Series, the 21-yearold Honda ace has now taken another scalp, this time winning his class at the opening round of the New Zealand Superbike Championships in Christchurch last weekend. He also clinched the 600cc New Zealand Grand Prix title and shattered the 600cc lap record at the event.

The Weekend Sun


How to pay for new council buildings Tauranga City councillors start their working year next month with the first City Transformation Committee meeting, where they face the task of finding answers to the immediate questions about the civic heart project. “We have got to find the money,” says Tauranga Mayor Greg Brownless. “It’s all very well to have a good list of things that need doing, but we have got to work through the budget as well.” They will be especially focusing on alternative funding, because the project is not affordable on rates alone, says Greg. “Like everything, we have a lot of people with a lot of different opinions both on council and in the community as well. “Some want to do absolutely everything and forget about the cost – and some others say they don’t want to do anything at all. “Somewhere we have got to find the happy medium and do what’s right. “I’m not here for a spend-up fest, but I am here to try and get things done and the

only way to do that is through achieving efficiencies – and also seeing the best way to do things. “If you are going to build a building maybe that building can be used not just for the council and whatever else. Maybe it can have apartments – any way to reduce the costs for the ratepayer.” All options are still open, says Greg. The last council reached the decision in principle that it would lease rather than own a new administration building, but even that is up for grabs. The wish-list is large, including a museum, indoor events centre and new library – in addition to the new council administration building. “And you have got the people who want a museum. You have got the people who are opposed to a museum. You have got the people who want a sports thing, and the people opposed to that. “Some people want some and not the other because it doesn’t interest them. So that’s the big balancing act we have got to get into that’s for sure.” The main background factor affecting the decision-making process is the city’s

Tauranga Mayor Greg Brownless. ongoing high growth rate, and the fact the Tauranga Housing Accord has been re-signed, which means TCC also has to find money to pay for the services that go into new housing developments – roading, water, stormwater and sewers. “Everybody thinks with growth you get more money. You don’t actually, growth seems to cost,” says Greg. Andrew Campbell

Safe swimming data now available online Western Bay of Plenty swimmers can now check where the best swimming spots are in their region and how they rank for water quality. The Land, Air, Water, Aotearoa – or LAWA – website has recently launched a Can I swim here?’ data section. And this coincides with the start of Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s summer water quality testing.

This annual monitoring of popular Bay swimming spots will continue until March 2017. BOPRC environmental scientist Paul Scholes says it is undertaken every summer to check how safe each spot is for swimming. “We regularly take samples between November and March, monitoring more than 50 river and stream, lake, beach and estuary sites. Water quality affects everyone, says Paul says. “While the Bay of Plenty’s water quality is generally good, bacteria can

affect swimmability.” The ‘can I swim here’ data launch on LAWA means the website now features the latest swimmability data, as well as descriptions of the area surrounding each of the council’s monitoring sites. LAWA provides online access to information about the quality and availability of New Zealand’s natural resources. The website also displays data on air quality, rainfall and groundwater. For more information, visit:

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Retiring after 28 years After almost 30 years of service, Toi Ohomai groundsman Graham Lee is finally hanging up his tools. The 71-year-old is looking forward to enjoying his retirement, after witnessing three decades of change at the local tertiary institute. Originally from Palmerston North, he previously worked nine years as a groundsman for Glaxo, and five years before that in parks and reserves.

SunLive Comment of the Week ‘Another one’, posted by namxa on the story: ‘Two people cut from crash wreckages’: “That’s what happens when you have cars driving on a road designed for horse and carts”.




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The Weekend Sun

Friday 13 January 2017

5 Pania Wiki, 13, gets colour bombed at Coronation Park. Photo: Chris Callinan.


Colourful start to 2017 Start the New Year off right with a splash of colour. The 2017 Colour Splash festival will be at Mount Maunganui’s Coronation Park on January 14 from 12pm-4pm and guaranteed to add a burst of colour to your year. With DJ music, live dance performances from Bay of Plenty Performing Arts and Mount Dance, and fun games to win free dye packages, this summer’s Colour Splash is going to be a blast – and entry is free, just pay for your colour powder. Organiser Dhruva Reid says the event has its roots in traditional Indian culture.

“The Colour Splash is a great opportunity for family, friends, neighbours, competitors and lovers to celebrate new lease of life. “True to the tradition of Holi, Colour Splash brings smiles, laughter, music, food and lots of bright colour. “The Colour Splash is an electric celebration of Holi. Colour throwing, music, food and way too much fun!” It’s best you wear old white clothing as this will show the most dramatic colour and in case not all of the colour washes out. For more information, visit:


$249,990 ($1,220/m2 house only)


Scalping warning from Baycourt Tickets for some of the upcoming events and shows taking place at Baycourt Community and Arts Centre are being sold on overseas websites at inflated prices. Centre manager Megan PeacockCoyle is stressing to the community ticketing provider Ticketek is the only company authorised to sell tickets online for events and shows at Baycourt. “These companies buy the tickets legally then on-sell them at higher

prices with huge booking fees. “Customers end up paying far too much, and in the event of a cancellation Ticketek will not refund them. “Anyone who purchases tickets via the Baycourt website will be directed automatically to the Ticketek website.” Megan says if you’re unsure of any tickets you’ve purchased from an overseas website contact the Baycourt Box Office on 577 7188.


Friday 13 January 2017

The Weekend Sun


Curtain and Blind



Double day for cruise ships


30 60










The return of the Ovation of the Seas.

Two cruise ships – the monster passenger ship Ovation of the Seas and the Noordam – will both make their second visits to Tauranga today.




40 50








The ships are both arriving at 9am and departing again in the evening at 8.45pm for Auckland, with the Noordam then heading for the Bay of Islands while Ovation of the Seas returns to Australia. Ovation of the Seas itinerary programme is based on Asia cruises with departures from Tianjin, but is currently working the ship’s winter 2016-2017 season with round-trip departures from Sydney. It’s the first year of operation for $950 million Ovation of the Seas, which was taken out of the shed at the Meyer Werft shipyard on the river Ems in The Netherlands on March 11, 2016. The 348m long Quantum-class ship is designed specifically for the cruise market in China. While Ovation of the Seas draws only 8.5m of water, her length meant she would not have been



0800 00 88 80


0800 00 88 80

Tauranga, Waihi, Te Puke, Whakatane and Rotorua

SHOP ONLINE AT: _________________________




able to enter the Port of Tauranga before the completion of the Port of Tauranga’s dredging programme last September. Her owners are Royal Caribbean International, owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. As of September 2015, RCI controls 17 per cent share of the world cruise market, with 23 cruise ships in service and another three on order. All vessels under the Royal Caribbean brand have had their names ending with ‘of the Seas’ since 1991. Sister brands owned by Royal Caribbean Ltd are Azamara Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, CDF Croisières de France and Pullmantur Cruises. The 289m long Noordam is a member of Holland America Line’s Vista class, and the fourth Holland America Line ship to carry the name. Noordam was christened on February 22, 2006, in New York City by the actress Marlee Matlin. Noordam passengers are expected to be mainly HAL customers, ex-North America, and aged 60-plus. They also tend to be sophisticated, well-educated, well-heeled and traditional. The transit voyages tend to attract more Australians.

The Weekend Sun

Friday 13 January 2017


Testing the power of the pedal

Levi Sherwood signing autographs at the event in Fraser Cove.

Taking to the skies for a good cause A world class line-up is being promised for the 2017 Wheels for Cure Kids charity event at Fraser Cove this weekend. Featuring the likes of Redbull FMX’s Levi Sherwood, Nitro Circus’ Jed Mildon and heaps more, the Saturday event at Fraser Cove promises something for everyone. And proceeds from the event will go the Cure Kids organisation. “The athlete line-up for the gig is awesome,” says organiser and FMX rider Luke Price. Luke says there will be a BMX best trick competition, moto best whip, followed by a BMX versus moto train. Ride times are at 1pm, 3pm and 5pm. “It’s a gold coin donation, but bring your wallets

Try it, you might like it. It’s a manageable New Year challenge and one that could easily grow into a passion and guarantee you feeling fitter, healthier and even happier. It’s the Aotearoa Bike Challenge, a month-long workplace challenge beginning February 1. It’s about Kiwis giving cycling a go starting with a simple 10-minute bike ride. The New Zealand Transport Agency, which is promoting the ABC promotion, says giving things a go can be a real motivator – in this case just 10 minutes’ cycling, which you can fit in anytime, anywhere. Then it’s a case of building on that and a 10-minute bike ride turns into a habit.

“The challenge gives us a great opportunity to try cycling,” says NZTA national cycling manager Dougal List. An added incentive to keep your resolution is a prize list including a new eBike, a Panasonic Smart TV, cycling gear, movie vouchers and many more prizes. “The challenge gives riders who may be less confident the extra motivation and support of knowing that thousands of New Zealanders will be doing it with them.” The Aotearoa Bike Challenge is not about who can ride the most kilometres, but about encouraging people to give cycling a go. To find out more, visit:

people. There will be kids’ rides, Harley rides, and raffles all day and a charity auction plus RC demos from Traxxas.” The 2016 event raised $13,500 for Cure Kids, which went to finding cures for children with lifethreatening illnesses. Luke, who broke his ankle following last year’s event, says the money is raised for a good cause. “I’ve got two young kids myself. So you think about some of the horrible predicaments that parents are in with their children. [Cure Kids] do great work for children. They are definitely a good cause to help out with.” Luke says there’s a lot of positive feedback from the athletes who took part in the 2016 event. “Speaking to most of the athletes, everybody is keen to do it again [this weekend].”

Levi Sherwood flying high at a previous Wheels for Cure Kids event in Tauranga.

Beach House Community Centre






Open to view 7 days, 10am - 3pm 07 572 3029 | 210 Maranui Street, Mount Maunganui


Friday 13 January 2017

The Weekend Sun


Grease the sprockets James Williams, his grandfather Rex Williams and his father Larry Williams on a 1924 Fordson tractor. Photo: Chris Callinan.

It’s been 100 years of the Fordson F – the most cursed yet best-loved tractor ever built, some say.


them and restore them. Dad’s 86 now, so he’s slowed down; he can’t do what he used to do. He used to take all of these things to shows himself. “It’s sort of a family thing.” And before you ask, yes, Larry has a favourite. But Tauranga Vintage Machinery Club president An original-condition Fordson tractor dubbed ‘Old Larry Williams says he’s not sure why. Rusty’. “We call it Old Rusty because it has no paint “I don’t know where that line came from but I read on it. It’s in original condition, it’s lived in a shed it and thought ‘what a neat line!’” all its life, but it’s a reliable, easy-to-start, easy-toAnd 2017 marks one hundred years since Ford drive tractor.” started cranking out the tractors. Larry says there will be more on display than just To celebrate, the Tauranga Vintage Machinery Club old tractors though – if all goes well the club will have a display at the Tauranga A&P Lifestyle will also have some stationary engines and possibly a Show this weekend. hay bailer. Larry will be wheeling out some of his “And if it’s fine enough we might try to make some family’s Fordson tractors for the event – four or five hay there as well.” for this event. The Tauranga A&P Lifestyle Show is this Sunday, “Yeah well my Dad is a big collector and I have January 15, from 10am-4pm at the Tauranga inherited them. Our family will probably have about Racecourse. five Fordsons there and all of the very early ones – Tickets cost $10 for adults, and children enter 1924, 1926, 1938, early-1950s. So that’s how I get for free. involved.” For more information, visit: www.eventfinda. Dad Rex Williams is a big collector, says Larry. “Dad’s collected them all, I just help work on tauranga Cayla-Fay Saunders

The Weekend Sun

Friday 13 January 2017


Tough leaving town

One of the wayward grey faced petrels.

They’re about four months old, all fluffed up and cocksure and ready to confront the world head-on. But with nature, if things can go wrong they probably will. Add youthful bravado, distractions and confusion to the mix and they’ll certainly go wrong. And in the case of 19 young grey-faced petrels trying to leave home it took the combined weight, resources and goodwill of a Government department, Bay Wildlife Trust, the Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre and a security officer to get these youngsters back on track. “Unfortunately, the petrels are a bit stupid when they’re this young,” says Julia Graham of the Wildlife Trust. Stupid because while they have just fledged and ready to answer the call of the wild and put to sea, they also get waylaid and bewildered. “They’re attracted by bright lights and noise,” says Julia. And on New Year’s Eve there was plenty of that with fi reworks, loud music and partying. “Yes, they got distracted,” says Julia. The petrels took off on their maiden flight from the sanctuary on Mauao but instead of heading out to sea, the magnetism of Mount Maunganui proved too much and they ended up scattered around town. “A young German tourist picked up a petrel waddling down the main street at midnight on New Year’s Eve.” Another was recovered from a pedestrian crossing

in Marine Parade. A security officer gave it sanctuary in the bushes on Leisure Island – hopefully for a relaunch, hopefully in the right direction. The problem for the petrels is they want to take off – out to sea, out of town – but they can’t take-off. Not easily on flat land. They can’t just flap their wings and fly like normal birds. Petrels normally launch from their nests on the cliffs and hillsides where there are decent winds and updraughts. “They’re literally sitting ducks if they’re grounded in town. They’re very vulnerable,” says Julia. “They’ll just sit there or waddle about for hours because they need the altitude, the wind or a decent run-up to fly.” That was one of 19 errant grey-faced petrels the ARRC and the Western Bay Wildlife Trust had to deal with on just one day. Three or four in a day, not unusual, but 19 is crazy. The bulk of them, flying by night, were lured by the twinkling lights of a ship en route from Wellington to Auckland and crash-landed on the upper decks. “That behaviour is a bit odd,” says Julia. “It’s not unusual for them to hang around ships but for them to land en masse on a ship at sea is abnormal.” Julia says they might not have been locals. “They could have been from Gisborne, Motiti or Mayor Island. Young impressionable birds that find themselves on a ship headed to Tauranga and wondering: ‘What is this place?’” Read the full story at




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T-Pain is coming to town A huge name in America’s entertainment business is coming to Tauranga to warm up One Love Festival-goers the night before the Waitangi weekend gig starts. T-Pain’s New Zealand Tour 2017 is stopping at ASB Baypark’s Stadium lounge on February 3 for a 7pm show featuring American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer T-Pain himself – Faheem Rashad Najm – plus Kiwi rapper Scribe and Auckland duo beatmakers Times x Two. The gig – brought to town by Pato Entertainment and Talk Later – is the day before the One Love Festival at Tauranga Domain on February 4-5. Event director Pato Alvarez says the T-Pain concert is a “kind of a warm up party for One Love and also because Tauranga is lucky to have us here promoting and bringing some of the best acts in the world to this area”. “We only had access for three shows in NZ –and we decided to give our people here another show – and so far the hype is huge!” As a result, Pato expects T-Pain’s gig on February 3 to be a sell-out. “This will sell-out not doubt it, capacity is limited, so get in quick!” Pato also wants to get T-Pain up the Mount while he’s here, if not to try

some nice restaurants locally. And T-Pain being in town is much more than a gig. “It means that Tauranga is getting more and more on the map – we are working hard to make this place even more of a destination for events and activities, and council and Police have been really supportive also.” “And we are so happy to bring this legend to Tauranga Moana.” Presented by Pato Entertainment and Talk Later, the T-Pain NZ Tour 2017 is at ASB Baypark, Mount Maunganui, on Friday, February 3, 2017, from 7pm. Early bird tickets start from $59.90 and will go up to $79.90 from Limited hard copy tickets are available from the Player shop at Bayfair. The Weekend Sun is giving away two double passes to the T-Pain concert at ASB Baypark on February 3 to two lucky readers. To enter the giveaway, tell us who the two support acts are? Enter online at www.sunlive. under the competition section. Entries must be received by Wednesday, January 18.

Top shearers to muster in Te Puna The top shearers from around the district and further disqualified – for example, if it’s not clean enough, or afield will converge on Top Shot Bar in Te Puna you cut it too bad.” tomorrow for the 17th annual Te Puna Speed Shear The judges have three lights they turn on after competition. examining the sheep, which can be a mixture of green Gary Sobye is part of the event’s organising committee, and red. “Three green lights mean a good job; two green but he’s also competing. and a red means good enough to pass.” He’s been involved for the last 16 years Anything less, though, and it’s a fail. in the competition, and is supplying this Gary’s been through to the finals a few times, year’s flock of about 100 lambs to shear. something he puts down to taking a little Gary says he started shearing from longer to do a thorough job. “when he could hold a sheep” – about Something else that can affect the speed 12 years old. He’s been in the shearing shearing is the individual sheep. Are they game since then, although this is only cooperative? What condition are they in? speed shear he takes part in. “At the end of the day, the sheep are picked He competes in the Senior division, the best they can be; but it’s luck of the draw.” which is for those who can shear 300Gary’s got a big mob up the road, from 500 sheep in a day. The Open division is which the final hundred will be chosen for the for those who can do 500 or more. competition. His best time for shearing a sheep Today they’ll be ‘crutched’ – cleaned up to is about 25 or 26 seconds. “You can competition standards – in preparation for get a bit nervous up there in front of Another clean job from tomorrow night. everybody, so you tend to go slower than Those who want to catch Gary and the Gary Sobye. in the shed,” says Gary. other top shearers in action should head on But it’s not just speed that matters – quality of the job down to the new Top Shot Bar in Te Puna at 5.30pm on counts too, which is something Gary likes to Saturday, January 14. Entry is a gold coin donation. Ryan Wood focus on. “You have to make a good job or you get

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Friday 13 January 2017


Waiting for a blessing


Andrew Matthews – determined to keep the family home. Photo: Chris Callinan.

“I am going through a divorce and will find myself in a position that could have a devastating effect.” It was an email to The Weekend Sun – a plaintive appeal for help or an ad for a business opportunity, but probably both. Andrew Matthews is going through a marriage break-up and, with it, the forced sale of his family home of 26 years. The email is a prayer, an appeal for what he calls an ‘angel investor’. “I will not have the funds to start again from scratch and I want to reach out to an angel investor to help keep me in my home until I die.” That ‘angel investor’ would be required to put up about $250,000 to buy Andrew’s ex-wife’s 50 per cent share of the family home when it goes to auction later this month. That’s where the head is, but the heart is elsewhere. He would rather it hadn’t come to this, he still has deep feelings but he’s dealing with it. The pragmatic Andrew’s grand plan is for the investor to become a sleeping partner and half-owner of the house until Andrew dies and the property is sold. They would then get a 50 per cent cut of the capital gains. The rest would go to Andrew’s kids. The house is worth $540,000 to $580,000 according to Andrew, a long-term ACC beneficiary after falling from a crane in a workplace accident a few years ago. “In 10 years it could be worth $700,000. So the return for the investor could be $40,000 to $50,000.” Just two per cent based on

Andrew’s projections but, he says, a solid and safe investment. The entrepreneur in Andrew wants to explore his options. Is there something out there for people like him? Or is there someone out there, like him, who may want to invest in a property? Statistics confirm there must be many ‘Andrews’ because there were 10,000 divorces last year. And few without collateral damage. “Unfortunately, when a family breaks up there are consequences,” says Tauranga Budget Advisory Service manager Diane Bruin. “And it is not easy to try to manage on your own or be able to retain the assets you owned together.” Dianne says it’s about examining all the options so people can think logically through the process. She wonders what would happen if there are disagreements between parties involved in the ‘angel investor’ option? Or what would happen if one party wanted to sell early? “Legal advice would be extremely important as it might not be easy to find the right person.” Dianne says working with a financial mentor can open the door to ideas and choices. “For every choice there is an outcome and some may be better than others.” Andrew says finding the right help can move divorcees forward, to begin again. “I do not want to become a liability; I want the dignity of being able to provide for myself, look after myself.” If you’re interested in Andrew’s proposal or have another idea call him on 07 562 3328 or message him at: Read the full story at





OVER $10,000 IN PRIZES Including the Supreme Winner Prize of:

Return flights to New York, London, Paris or Rome*

5 nights accommodation

UNO. Magazine travel feature




Friday 13 January 2017

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SUVI BOWLS & MUG SETS - 4pc RETAIL $39.99ea WAS $19.99ea




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tauranga - hamilton - auckland: north shore, the homezone - newmarket - sylvia park - westgate lifestyle - beaumont street - outlet store: henderson - wellington - nelson - christchurch: tower junction - dunedin //

Terms and conditions: Further reductions applied to selected items only. Discount is taken off the full retail price and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Excludes Clearance, Seconds and Noodist Club discounts. Furniture and large accessory items are not kept in stock in store, orders can be placed for such items and home delivery or a handling fee will apply to these items. Delivery times and fees will vary, ask a staff member for more details. Stock may vary from store to store. Some products may require assembly. While stocks last. Orders can be taken on some of our stock items. Offer ends 15 January 2017.

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Friday 13 January 2017


Sandcastle spectacular A sandcastle doesn’t have to be two buckets of sand plonked on top of each other and adorned with sea lettuce and a shell or two. And during summer Brett Muir definitely proved that a sandcastle can be an architectural marvel on Mount’s coastline. But this isn’t Brett’s first sandcastle. He’s been crafting the sand sensations for a few years now, saying he appreciates the temporary nature of the art – which can take about four hours. “It’s something to do on the

beach, and people enjoy it. It’s a very temporary type of art form – the tide will take it if a kid or a dog or a beach ball or a flying umbrella doesn’t. “It’s a performance art – it’s like drawing pictures on the footpaths. If you’re not there to see it, you’re not part of it.” And – whether you want to believe it or not – you don’t need fancy tools to create something that looks like it belongs in a Disney movie. A bucket with the bottom cut off, a butter knife, some sand and water, and a good amount of sunscreen. “The main thing,” advises Brett “is to get a bucket and cut the bottom out

of it so that gives you a form that you can pack full of sand”. “And the sand has to be really, really, really wet. “So you preferably do it on an outgoing tide as close to the water as you can so you can dig down a bit and then you don’t have to carry water. “You make cow pats of wet sand piled on top of each other, and then you just get a butter knife and you carve [your detail]. “You start at the top and carve down because the sand is always falling down.” If you want to try out your skills making a sandcastle, head over to Mount Main Beach on Thursday, January 19, for the MORE FM Mount McDonald’s Sand Sculpture competition from 10am. Cayla-Fay Saunders

TALK FACE TO FACE WITH A LOCAL FRIENDLY EXPERT. Located right in town, Tauranga i-SITE Visitor Information Centre is your first stop for information and reservations for activities, attractions and accommodation. You will also find a great range of souvenirs to purchase as a memento of your visit.



ga Willow Street, Tauran

+64 7 578 8103 bookings@bayofplentyn


Brett’s sandcastle at Omanu Beach is, frankly, a masterpiece.

Friday 13 January 2017

The Weekend Sun


Gearing up for speedy season The 2017 speedway season has moved up a gear, with some of New Zealand’s best saloon car drivers coming from throughout the country to tear up the terracotta track this weekend. When the green flag is waved, the best of the best saloon car drivers will race around the Baypark Family Speedway track for the title of the New Zealand Saloon Car Grand Prix on Saturday, January 14. Also racing tomorrow is the super saloons, stock cars, six shooter V6 wingless sprint cars, mini stocks and golden oldie stock cars. Racing into the second month of 2017 is the Super Stock Rumble and the final round of the La-ZThe 2017 Boy Saloon Car Series at speedway Baypark Family Speedway season is ready on February 18. to rumble. “The mighty super stock cars make their only appearance for the season at

Baypark Family Speedway,” says Baypark Family Speedway promoter Bernie Gillon. “Plus, find out who will be the saloon car driver to win the leather La-Z-Boy chair?” The super saloons, stock cars, mini stocks and six shooter V6 wingless sprint cars will also feature on February 18. To entertain the children this season, the secure Fowler Homes Kids Zone will be operating with bouncy castles, face painting, trampolines and more at each event. “There’s fun for the whole family,” says Bernie. For more information and upcoming events, visit: www.bayparkspeedway.

Register to relive your school years Pongakawa School’s 125th Jubilee is on February 24-26 – and those wishing to go and relive their school years can register now. On Friday, February 24, from 7pm-11pm there will be a Cruise

and Catch-up in the school hall or marquee. On Saturday, February 25, at 9.30am there will be a student welcome programme, with decade group photos taken. At 11.30am there’s guided tours of the school and 2.30pm will be a formal opening.

That night there’s a formal welcome from 7pm followed by dinner and dance. And on Sunday, February 26, there’s memoirs in the marquee from 10am, with tea, coffee and a sausage sizzle. To register for events, see:


The Weekend Sun


Friday 13 January 2017

Western Bay Driving School instructor Chris Welch.

Raising money for Chris When motorcycle riding instructor and staunch advocate for motorcycle safety Chris Welch was involved in an accident last year, her life was flipped on its head. Chris was injured in a highspeed collision with a driver who was asleep at the wheel in September last year. She has spent two decades training riders and is a staunch advocate of road safety, and is now facing a myriad of financial and physical hurdles. The surgical team told Chris she might lose her right leg – and after enduring many operations to try and save her legs

she’s recently recently decided to have her she’s right leg removed. She will now need three prosthetic legs – one for walking, another for working around her farm and a third for getting back on her motorcycle. This Sunday, January 15, Bayride Motorcycles and Motor Trade Association Tauranga Branch is hosting a charity motorcycle ride for Chris. Bayride Motorcycles owners Catherine and Damian Fleming invite motorcyclists from around the region to support Chris, who has given so much to the riding community. The Flemings promote Bayride as more than just a motorcycle store and events like this back up the slogan. They hope to raise $3000 towards Chris’s recovery.




Funds raised will go toward funding the personal touches not covered by ACC. The charity ride will start and end at Bayride Motorcycles, located at 337 Cameron Rd, meeting at 1.30pm on January 15. Entry is $20 each including a barbecue at the end, at about 4pm, and Motor Trade Association is supporting with the barbecue and prizes on the day. MTA’s national business advisor manager Ian Davis says the MTA is pleased to get in behind a great cause and show support for a local who is instrumental in keeping people safe on the roads. To RSVP phone 07 571 3040, email: or find the event on Bayride’s Facebook page.

was $839 NOW ONLY

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Find a treasure for your home

The StyleXLab store in Tauranga houses a unique collection of homewares with product sourced locally and from around the world. StyleXlab is a fresh furniture, homewares and textiles store in the

hub of Tauranga 3/1 Spring St. It offers more than a brand – it’s a modern lifestyle concept store that aims high to help you style your home with beautiful furniture, art, fashion and homewares using natural materials. StyleXlab is reflective of brand manager Toni Hood’s own personal style; mixing a combination of

bohemian with a true Pasifika feel, the store’s textural and organic distinctive black and natural palate reflects this luxe, ethnic and contemporary style. It’s a place for invention, creation and experimentation using quality products. They’re proud of their signature pieces with the X factor, the finishing touches to help you craft an aesthetically pleasing home. And Toni believes style is an individual process that’s forever flowing. “StyleXLab is a laboratory for experimentation and creativeness we are evolving slowly working with key

people to create our signature pieces seasonally. “We design and can customise pieces in-house to work within your existing living spaces and achieve individual looks, intended to celebrate the beauty of natural, sustainable materials and the ‘perfectly imperfect’ nature of products that have been created by hand.” With everything from furniture and baths to textiles, lighting and decor, StyleXlab offers their customers a range of unique homewares and textiles from both around the world and locally. To explore what StyleXLab is all about, visit the Spring St store, or shop their online store.

Buildings still booming in the Bay? Following a record-breaking year in 2015, consents issued in 2016 have done extremely well for both Tauranga and the Western Bay of Plenty. For the 11 months to November 2016, their respective councils issued the highest value of consents than in any year since Priority One records commenced in 2003.

Tauranga City Council recorded $714 million in consents issued for the 11-month period, which is 15 per cent more than the previous high in 2015. Western Bay of Plenty District Council issued $259 million in consents in the same period, which is 69 per cent more than in 2015. Consents for the combined

sub-region were valued at $974 million, which is 26 per cent more than 2015. As little as five years ago the combined consents were valued at less than half that number, totalling $345 million in 2011. Priority One communications manager Annie Hill says it is evidence we’ve well and truly entered a boom period.

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A 1930s house on the move Have you ever drove past that art deco house on the corner of Willow and Monmouth streets?

Well, there’s two things you should know. Firstly, it’s not strictly art deco, it’s ‘Spanish moderne’, And secondly, it’s being shifted this week. Owners Dean and Felicity Turner are sending the house to Morrinsville for their daughter and her husband, who have recently bought a section there. Felicity says they’re planning to build six apartments on the old house site, which will accommodate up to 12 people. “We’re doing this for the housing crisis,” she jokes. The house was built in 1939, with Spanish influences in the design, such as the arch in the front entrance. It has only ever been held by two families since then, with the Turners buying it off the daughter of the man who built it about 35 years ago. Although it’s a lovely house with stunning views of the harbour, Felicity says it’s not always the most practical to live in. “Some of the windows don’t open, there’s always draughts, and no insulation. I have to have the front and back doors locked all the time, too, because you just can’t hear if someone comes in.”

An artist’s impression of what the new apartments will look like on the site, the front entrance to the house at the moment and an example of the interior style. The design of the house means all rooms are able to be closed off – for example, there are four doors leading in and out of the dining room. Quite the opposite of open plan living. The way the house is built also means the best views are seen from the kitchen, which of course was where a housewife in the 1940s would have spent most of her time. However, with today’s time-saving technologies, the kitchen is no longer the hub of the house, and rooms like the bedroom and lounge would be better served facing north. So it’s a good thing it’s moving. The house will be cut into three pieces, before being transported to Morrinsville. Ryan Wood

Why not ask the boss to fix your roof? Roof Boss Ltd is a local husband-and-wife team. Husband Nathan Young has 24 years’ roofing experience and has been well-taught by a conventional craftsman in roofing and spouting.

otherwise be possible. Together as a team Nathan and Rachel are committed to their high standard of workmanship, integrity and their customers. Roof Boss’ client comments reflect these commitments: “Thank you so much for such a high level of service and While up-to-date with integrity,” says one client. current roofing and spouting “Competitive pricing, standards and practices, depth of experience and Nathan also works with oldknowledge in the industry, school tools he willingness to go the extra possesses skills that are mile, and a quality service becoming obsolete elsewhere have made sure that our in his industry. re-roof with Roof Boss was Nathan also has old-school a positive move for our trustworthiness. family,” says another “My reputation for Roof Boss happy customer honest dealing means Ewan McLeod. everything to me.” For reliable service in And wife Rachel Roof Bosses Nathan and Rachel Young with administers their family roofi ng or spouting repairs children Evelyn, 3, and Toby, 22 months. venture. Her capable efforts, and maintenance call your customer service and support behind the scene helps committed local team, Nathan and Rachel on 027 Nathan to get onto jobs more quickly than would ROOFBOSS or 07 544 9891.


Awnings & Covers Overhead Protection

Alu-LiteTM Awnings Outdoor Curtains Shade Sails Folding Arm Awnings Spring Arm Awnings Motorhome Awnings Plus lots more

For shelter and protection Awnings & Covers have it covered. 07 578 7558 | Unit 6/95 Birch Avenue, Judea, Tauranga |

Friday 13 January 2017

Friday 13 January 2017

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Making your home gorgeous Located at 325 Cameron Rd, Guthrie Bowron Tauranga has been operating for more than 20 years.

99% UV Protection

Engineered for very high wind zones

NZ Made Locally Owned

Forster about your summer painting requirements. GB’s curtain design consultant Anna Given provides wonderful concepts for window treatments, Originally established and collaborates in 1896, the company with interior design has grown to become consultant Katie one of New Zealand’s Knapp, to design largest retailer of beautiful interiors for interior design customers. products, incorporating “With Tauranga paint and wallpaper, experiencing sundries, carpets unprecedented growth and vinyls, and curtains in new builds and and blinds. renovations, Guthrie Guthrie Bowron Bowron is the obvious Tauranga offers place to visit. We customers free interior provide the complete design and colour home package,” says consulting, both owner Shelley Varnam. instore and in-home, enabling people to Colour trends for the be confident with the spring and summer vary Manager Shelley Varnam with plenty of wallpaper selections. choices they are making from lovely soft salmon for their new builds or pinks, soft grey/greens customers the ability to make cost-effective renovating upgrades. and whites through to bold blues and choices. The paint spec computer instore GB is the largest retailer of Dulux paints turquoises. allows customers to bring in a sample of in Tauranga, selling Dulux interior and The ever popular black/charcoal and old paint and have it matched – an easy fix exterior paints, the popular Cabot’s range, white themes are enduring and look if the name of the paint has long been lost. and the new Berger range. Call in to chat with paint specialist Richard amazing. In December, Dulux released its new selection of beautiful on-trend paint colours, with timber paints and stains in the Dulux Aqualin and Decora ranges, giving

Keeping your garden moist year-round Don’t let your hard work in the garden dry up this summer. Instead, put down a layer of classy coloured mulch from Goodwood to keep your plant roots healthy and moist. “It is quite hot and drying at this time of the year,” says Goodwood’s Marion Kleinsmith. “You want to keep the soil moist and coloured mulch is really good for that.” Goodwood’s coloured mulch comes in three colours – black, red and brown – and Marion says they can

Jo Innes, Bill Hutchinson, Julie Frieswyk, Sonja Firby, Sarah Scott of Goodwood. supply it undyed if you prefer the au-naturel look.” Goodwood’s coloured mulch is also environmentallyfriendly. It’s made from untreated, recycled timber and coloured with an environmentally-friendly oxide stain, so it’s all good for the environment,” says Marion. “Manufacturing our mulch from untreated wastewood supplies a sustainable option and prevents wastewood going to landfill.” If you’re not a fan of six-legged creepy crawlies in your garden, the coloured mulch may be the solution. “People don’t like the cockroaches you get with bark, and with this coloured mulch you just don’t get them,” says Marion. But there are more benefits than just a lack of cockroaches. “The coloured mulch is lightweight, it allows rain and water to seep through keeping the soil moist and cool, and retains the nitrogen in the soil.” “It has all the benefits of a mulch, it just looks extra special and extra good in the garden.”

The Weekend Sun

Friday 13 January 2017


Perfect for plant selection and expertise Ian and Janet Walker have only had Villa Ridge since last April, but already there is a buzz happening around the changes they have made.

They and their friendly, experienced team have worked hard to create something beautiful, boutique and creative in the very attractive setting which Villa Ridge provides.

“Having had an award-winning garden centre in the past, we are happy to be back in the industry providing a very different garden centre concept and have also renovated the adjoining café – now named Patio Rose.” With the experience the couple and their daughter Carly bring from owning Nourish Café in Te Puna, Patio Rose promises to be another popular destination venue for customers looking for that special experience which a garden centre-café mix provides. Only a few minutes’ drive from Bethlehem and so close to The Lakes, Pyes Pa, Tauriko and Kaimai areas – Villa Ridge is the obvious choice for people looking for both plant selection and expertise. With a wide variety of plants, pots and treats from their Wildflowers Giftshop – Villa Ridge

offers discerning customers a very special garden centre experience. And the icing on the cake is that right now they are on sale throughout the store!

Janet and Ian Walker with a variety of plants and pots.

Get proactive about electricity and gas But if these utilities suddenly aren’t available or suddenly cost too much, Utilities Disputes Ltd is offering some 2017 resolutions to help you prepare. Firstly, I will read my bills and the accompanying notices. If you tune out or toss out the materials you receive from your gas or electricity company, you may be missing notifications of price hikes, planned outages and more. Don’t just look at the amount of the bill and ignore everything else. At least glance at the other stuff. Secondly, I will read my contract. Look for wording about the provider’s customer service commitments and what you promise to do as a consumer. Do a speed-read. If you switch providers, you may pay less monthly but end up with a worse contract. Thirdly, I will prepare for outages.

Rain, earthquakes, or someone in your neighbourhood running into a power line – outages happen, and they can go on for a while. Here’s what you should have ready at a minimum: an emergency preparedness kit including a flashlight, batteries, cash and first aid supplies. Plus, have a back-up plan if you have an electricity-dependent medical device. Make sure you have alternative charging methods for your phone and other devices, and a chilly bin to store perishables, and a full tank of gas in your vehicle. Fourthly, I will contribute to the health of the planet. Conserve energy, save money, save the Earth. Energy-saving home improvements include: compact fluorescent light bulbs, refrigerator testing and possible replacement, energy-saving showerheads, faucet aerators, LED night lights, power strips, electric or gas water heater insulation, lowering the temperature in your water heater. Merle Foster


The Fujitsu




Only Fujitsu heat pumps are recommended by Asthma New Zealand




A stable supply of electricity and gas is like white noise in the home most of the time.

2014 2012

Awarded as a leading, iconic New Zealand brand

The Home Comfort Specialist

Friday 13 January 2017

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Benefits of the beach for treating skin acne Warm sands, blue skies and the gentle roar of the waves – few experiences are as therapeutic as some time spent at the beach or near the sea. The entire experience is a tonic for body, mind and soul. Acne can be caused by hormonal changes, mineral deficiencies, bad hygiene and increased stress. Seawater is like a miracle acne treatment because salt is an excellent curing, clearing and cleansing agent. Sodium chloride helps to cleanse the skin and is effective for mild acne because it helps to cleanse the pores deeply and balance oil production.

And – as if anyone needed an excuse to go to the beach – a trip to the sand gives your body some beneficial sun exposure, and increased mineral nourishment from the sea water.

The mineral-rich surf contains potassium and magnesium, both indispensable elements in all of the body’s natural self-cleansing and detoxification process. And it’s hard to be unhappy at the beach, so it’s an excellent chance to de-stress. Don’t forget over-exposure to

the sun is extremely bad for the skin, but short periods of sun exposure while using an excellent Sun Protection Factor sunscreen is beneficial. And while going to the beach and taking a dip has an excellent cleansing effect as an acne treatment, it is not the only way to keep your skin looking clear and radiantly beautiful. Using skincare products specifically formulated to care for acne-prone skin is also important. There is always the allure of the online quick fix with instant results. But instead, do your research and choose your treatments and skincare products wisely with a professional.

“A recipe for life…a pinch of patience, a dash of kindness, a spoonful of laughter and a heap of love” – ANONYMOUS



WASH $4.00 FRoM WASH FRoM WASH FRoM $4.00$4.00 WASH FRoM $4.00 WASH FRoM $4.00 DRY $4.00 FRoM $4.00 DRY FRoM FRoM DRY $4.00 DRY FRoM $4.00 DRY FRoM $4.00 For( 20 Dry up to 4 loads) For 20 minutes Dryminutes up to 4(loads)

Kindness is one of the greatest gifts we can give to each other, yet it can often be a small and simple • Dryers gesture. The other day I was holding a door for • Fast Fast Dryers • Fast Fast Dryers •Dryers Fast Dryers • Fast • Dryers someone; they were taking their time and didn’t • Sports Sports Gear • Gear •Gear Sports Gear seem sure if this was the right door. I started to feel Sports • Sports Gear • Sports Gear • • Duvets Duvets • Duvets • Duvets Duvets a little impatient, then a small internal voice asked: • Duvets • Mink Blankets • Mink Blankets “Is that kind?” I immediately saw my impatience • Mink Blankets • Mink Blankets • Mink Blankets • Mink Blankets • Bedding • Bedding • Bedding • Bedding • Bedding • Bedding • Washers • Washers • • Washers Washers • Washers • Washers • Domestic Laundry • Domestic Laundry • Domestic Domestic Laundry • Domestic Laundry • Laundry • Domestic Laundry

20 up to loads) Forminutes 20minutes minutes up 44 For 20 minutes Dryto up4to to 4loads) loads) For For 20 ( Dry(( Dry up loads) WASH ANY 2 DUVEtS, MINK WASH ANY 2 DUVEtS, MINK BLANKEtS, ANY BEDDING WASH ANY 2ANY DUVEtS, MINK WASH ANY DUVEtS, MINK BLANKEtS, BEDDING WASH ANY 2 DUVEtS, MINK WASH ANY 2 DUVEtS, MINK



FoR oNLY $10 FoR oNLY $10 FoR oNLY $10

seeing is believing .....

The latest in professional photographic skin analysis

was removing any kindness intended. Then I felt myself relax, smile and wait. It’s been researched and confirmed that an act of kindness decreases stress, boosts happiness, lowers blood pressure, releases feelgood chemicals and inspires more kindness for both the recipient and the giver. As you start this New Year, when you notice you are feeling impatient, could you use it as a trigger to remind yourself to be kind instead? If you’d like to know more about coaching or supervision phone Mary Parker, The Fast Track Coach, on 07 577 1200/021 258 2145, or visit:

Saving yourself from the sun New Zealand and Australia have the highest rates of melanoma in the world, which means sun protection is crucial this summer.

Twenty-two people died of malignant melanoma in the Bay of Plenty in 2013, with twice as many men as women being diagnosed. Living in the sunny Bay of Plenty, it is even more important to make sure we have adequate sun protection. Waikato/Bay of Plenty Cancer Society’s Melanie Desmarais advises people use a combination

of methods to protect themselves. “It’s important not to rely solely on sunscreen, as no sunscreen will protect you 100 per cent,” says Melanie. “Wearing clothing that covers your shoulders is recommended, as is a hat that covers the back of the neck and ears as well as the face. Good quality sunglasses are also a must, as eye damage is also a concern.” In other words, the usual ‘slip, slop, slap, and wrap’ message is still the best way to avoid sunburn, which can lead to skin cancer later in life – particularly if the sunburn occurs in childhood. Melanie says the sun protection factor of sunscreen is less

important than how you use it. “In terms of sunscreen, you want to look for one which is broad spectrum and water-resistant. “You don’t need to go higher than SPF30+. “It’s more important to apply it properly.” The Cancer Society does free presentations to workplaces showing people what cancer signs to look for, and also runs the SunSmart programme in schools. Ryan Wood

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Friday 13 January 2017

21 featuring Childcare 2017

Raising funds to raise a bundle in 1000 days Plunket has an ambitious new campaign to raise awareness of the support it offers Kiwi families in the first 1000 days of newborn’s life and funds it needs to provide it. Plunket’s 1000 Days to Raise a Bundle is helping the organisation raise the $4 million it needs each year to continue its work in the community, and to ensure it’s able to provide these important services when and where needed. “The best research shows that what happens to a child in their first 1000 days will influence their entire life,” says Plunket chief executive Amanda Malu. “The type of care that a child receives in that critical time can be the difference between a life of happiness, or a life of hardship.

“It will influence the adult that he or she will become and the path that child will follow.” Amanda says Plunket is in the unique position of being able to provide that all-important care in the first 1000 days “with our nurses visiting the homes of 90 per cent of all children born in New Zealand”.

And Amanda says Plunket wants to ensure all children and their families have the opportunity to thrive. “But as a charity, we can’t do it alone. We need New Zealanders to help us make the difference of a lifetime.” Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study’s director and professor Richie Poulton says the best scientific research shows the greatest social good will be achieved by investing in a child’s earliest years. “Plunket, with its rich history and proven connections within communities, is perfectly placed to help in these pivotal first 1000 days. “Any funds raised will enable Plunket to give our tamariki a healthy start,

Baby teeth do need brushing too Your child depends on you for healthy baby teeth – this is the message from the New Zealand Dental Association. The association’s Healthy Smiles website advises these teeth are important as healthy teeth look good, help your child eat well and are important for speech. They also help retain space for the eruption of the permanent teeth, which helps prevent crowding. Parents and caregivers protecting their child’s teeth from an early age it will help them keep their teeth for a lifetime. For infants, start brushing their teeth as soon as the first baby tooth comes through the gums Parents should buy a soft, smallheaded brush – and make sure you

only use a smear of fluoride toothpaste. By having your infant sit or lie on your lap, both facing the same direction, you can get easy access to his or her mouth. In terms of feeding – breast milk is recognised as the best form of nutrition for infants. If a bottle-feeding is always hold the baby while feeding and do not put the baby to bed with a bottle. And use only expressed breast milk or formula for bottle-feeding. The sugar in fruit juices or other sweetened drinks in your baby’s bottle can damage teeth and cause early decay. If using a pacifier to calm or soothe your child – don’t dip them in sugar or honey.

Discontinue the use of pacifier by age two. For toddlers, adults should position themselves behind a seated or standing toddler, both facing the mirror, and reach around to brush their teeth. Use a smear of fluoride toothpaste on a soft, small-headed toothbrush – and brush twice a day, morning and night, for two minutes. Brushing last thing at night time before bed is very important. The NZDA advises encouraging your child to spit the toothpaste out after brushing and not rinse the mouth. Hold the brush at 45 degree angle to the gum line and brush gently by moving the brush back and forth in short, tooth-wide strokes. And make sure you brush the outer, inner and chewing surfaces of all the teeth in upper and lower jaws. Replace the child’s toothbrush every three months after the bristles start to wear out.

build the confidence of families and whanau, and foster connections within communities so families do not find themselves isolated or unable to cope. The 1000 Days to Raise a Bundle

campaign will enable us to remain an integral part of raising New Zealand’s children for the next 100 years.” Donations can be made at:

Friday 13 January 2017

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22 featuring Before & After School Care

The honour of caring for other people’s children School’s Out provides peace of mind for parents and caregivers of five to 13-year-olds through providing high quality and professional out of school care and recreation services, says national manager Allan Wainwright.

They offer before and after-school care and holiday programmes at Macdonald St in Mount Maunganui opposite Tauranga Primary School and Tauriko Hall. Pick-ups are made from a number of schools. School’s Out is a values-based social enterprise wholly-owned by the Wright Family Foundation, which has the aim to enable individuals to reach their full

potential through education in its widest sense, says Allan. “We do not see ourselves solely as babysitters, although the safety of each individual child is our number one priority. “We see ourselves also as having the potential to facilitate the positive development of each individual child. All staff are employed with this in mind.” Allan says School’s Out understands parents strive to provide the best possible life for their families, and sometimes this means placing the care of their children into the hands of others. “The School’s Out team, many of whom are parents themselves, know how daunting this can be. Our centres are thus founded on the premise that they are privileged to be given the honour of caring for other people’s children.

The friendly team at School’s Out. “It is a privilege that is not taken lightly as they continually strive to provide the best possible programmes.” As we enter a New Year, Allan says it’s now time to start thinking about care for your children as

you head back to work. “The School’s Out centres invite families to come and check out their programmes so you can feel confident your child will be cared for in a safe and fun environment.”

After school care: What are the options? If you’re seeking to find before or after-school care for your child or children, don’t fear – there are various options to suit all circumstances, timetables, hobbies and budgets. According to the Citizens Advice Bureau, many schools have on-site programmes and charges vary depending on provider, hours of care you require and whether you are willing to pay in advance, for example a whole term. If you’re worried you can’t afford before or afterschool care, you may be eligible for an Out of School Care and Recreation – known as OSCAR – subsidy. Check the WINZ website for a list of OSCAR

providers in your area. And most after-school care providers run school holiday programmes, as do some organisations such as zoos, sports clubs, art galleries and museums. This means you can choose a school holiday programme that focuses on your child’s particular interests. Community organisations and church groups often run holiday programmes as well, and these are often aimed at lower income families, for example Community Services Card-holders. Your local CAB will have information about holiday programmes in your area, and about applying for the OSCAR subsidy. Or see:

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Friday 13 January 2017

23 featuring Back to School

Get ready for school before the masses It’s January but the school bells are beckoning – meaning it’s time to start preparing your young ones to return to the classroom. Schools in the Bay of Plenty will open the gates for Term 1 of 2017 between Monday, January 30 – the earliest date – and Tuesday, February 7, at the latest. To find out what day your child needs to return check their school’s Facebook page, website or call the office – usually an automated message will advise you of key dates. But before then there’s a few things you can do to make your family’s transition back to school life more seamless. A big consideration is uniforms and stationary. Check your child’s clothing size and get in early to order uniforms. If you want second-hand items check the local buy and sell pages on Facebook for other parents offloading unwanted items. Some

parents also post uniforms for sale on TradeMe too. And check in with WINZ early to organise subsidies. If you can get your hands on a stationery list go for it. Some schools hand them out in December for the year ahead. Find out what your child needs and budget for it – so you can get everything before school starts. Also factor in costs for school shoes – if needed, backpacks, lunchboxes, drink bottles and physical education gear and a Bring Your Own Device if required. And a week before school start getting your children back into a school-type of routine. Getting them up nice and early for five days before school will ensure they are not tired and grumpy the

first day back. And organise your carpooling, school bus, cycle or other transport arrangements. Plus, ensure you’ve factored in your work hours to suit school runs or pick-ups. Get some baking done early and pop it in the freezer to make the first few weeks a bit easier when making lunches in the mornings. You could even cook up a few evening meals and freeze them so you only have to pull them out at night during the first hectic week back. And make sure your child is looking and feeling confident about the year ahead at school. Maybe a haircut or some new skin products, having a chat about preferred lunches, or what activities they’d like to get stuck into this year. Also your child

having a quick chat or catch-up before school with their friends may help break the ice to going back. And make sure they have some chores

and hobbies lined up from the get-go of school starting. This will cement a routine and keep them engaged and occupied in life outside of school.

Kindy becomes a Silver Enviroschool Greerton Village Kindergarten is starting the New Year on an environmental high after becoming a Silver Enviroschool. The Enviroschools Programme, supported by Bay of Plenty Regional Council, provides resources to schools and kindergartens keen to look after their environment. The programme encourages schools and centres to regularly reflect on their journey and work towards Bronze, Silver, Green/Gold levels. Teacher Alicia Taylor says the reflection process has been an affirming and positive experience. “It’s brought our team, whanau and community together. “The children enthusiastically showcased our worm farm, compost, garden and rain harvesting tanks and talked about the importance of looking after nature and Papatuanuku. And they are already planning next steps towards

Green/Gold, creating a vision map with ideas for future projects. Having their own chickens, building play equipment from upcycled materials and growing more fruit trees all feature on their map. To enquire about Enviroschools, call 0800 884 880 extn 7152.

SH2, Bethlehem, Tauranga |

Friday 13 January 2017

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Avocado a funny little fruit ...with flavour fit for a king

Why is that when you get an idea in your head it is so hard to shift? You see this week I’ve been working on recipes for avocados and also doing some demonstrations for cooking with avocados. The more I research this funny little fruit, the more uses I can see. Hence, this really cool twist on the classic banana bread – let’s call it Avocanana, or maybe Bananacado bread, the choice is yours. Now I know I’m biased because = I love avocados and I’m constantly looking for new ways to use them. But for many guacamole is the most common use and is associated with modern Mexican food. Which is true but the history goes so much further back than that. I want to take you back to a time before the Spanish invasion more than 500 years ago and to the palaces of the ancient Aztecs. By the dim light of their cooking fires, the women of the palace labour away, preparing enormous quantities of food for the evening meal of the emperor Montezuma and his retinue. One woman in particular is in charge of preparing Montezuma’s favourite dish, ahuacamolli. Working quickly, just before it is to be served, she and her helpers peel the ripened ahuacatl fruit. They remove the large pits and the leathery skin, then drop the green

flesh of the fruit into their molcajetes and mash it into a chunky paste. Next, they add a few dollops of a sauce made from vine-ripe tomatoes, green chilies and a dash of sea salt. As each woman’s batch is completed, it is carefully piled onto a large, finely crafted ceramic platter, imported exclusively for the royal household from the city of Cholula, across the snowcapped mountains to the east. Then, when all is ready, a young maiden cradles the platter in her outstretched arms and carries it into the dining hall. With head bowed, she kneels down and places the dish before the great and powerful Montezuma. He casually takes a warm corn tortilla from the basket at his side, folds it in half and uses it to scoop up a bite of the ahaucamolli. He savours its flavour and creamy texture, then smiles and nods his approval. It is a simple dish, but with a flavour fit for a king.

Avocanana bread

The sneaky bit with this is the replacement of any butter or shortening with avocado and avocado oil to give a wonderful

moist result that is delicious and better for us. Ingredients ¹⁄³ cup old-fashioned oats 1 cup plain flour 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp baking soda ½ tsp salt 1 tsp cinnamon 1 ripe, Fresh Bay of Plenty Avocado, seeded ¼ cup The Grove Avocado oil 1 cup packed brown sugar 2 eggs 2 very ripe bananas ½ cup chopped walnuts ¼ cup buttermilk Method Line a 9x5x3 inch loaf tin with baking paper and lightly grease the bottom only. Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Combine dry ingredients: oats, flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt and cinnamon. Set aside. Scoop the avocado into a large bowl and mash lightly. Add avocado oil and brown sugar to the avocado. Cream together using an electric mixer, until light and creamy. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Stir in bananas, then walnuts and dry ingredients. Stir in buttermilk and beat just until buttermilk is incorporated. Pour into prepared loaf pan and bake in preheated oven for one hour and 10 minutes. Avocanana bread is quite moist and may not pass the ‘toothpick test’ at this point. If you prefer a drier bread, bake a little longer.

Looking after the national treasure Arguably the most essential and valuable item for a good old Kiwi summer is the barbecue. And if it falls into disarray, the traditional Kiwi holiday could be in jeopardy. It’s important to give you barbecue the tender love and care it deserves throughout the year, but especially during summer

when it’s used the most. And keeping it clean will not only give your barbie a longer life –plus, your food will taste better too. Cleaning your barbecue grill after each use rather than letting food and grease build up is an obvious tip. So pull out the barbecue, get it cleaned, and fire it up for summer!

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Feeding the hunger with options galore! From the moment you walk into The Burnt Fig Café in Urban Ridge, Brookfield, you instantly feel relaxed and at home. The fresh yellow and shades of grey colour scheme with all of the little arty touches, created by Shelley Archibald and her

wonderful team, gives you an immediate lift before you even try the coffee! The Burnt Fig is just the place for catching up with a group of friends for that morning coffee. The menu offers a good selection for both breakfast and lunch. If you are a pancake fanatic, then you definitely need to try theirs – they’re so light and fluffy, and the

Halloumi and pancakes salad hit the spot!

stack is impressive! The French toast with citrus-infused French mix and maple, with bacon, persimmon and berry coulis with roasted macadamia at $16.50 is also not to be missed. This dish is described by customers as “heaven on a plate” and I’d have to agree. Food is created fresh on-site, and Shelley and the team really care about how their food is presented. Plan a ride or a walk around the picturesque Gordon Carmichael cycle-walkway and then you can justify tucking in to The Burnt Fig big breakfast of sausages, bacon, grilled tomato, mushroom, kumara rosti, eggs, artesian Turkish bread with smoked baked beans and hollandaise sauce – it should definitely do the trick. The lunch dishes are fantastic. I particularly enjoyed the grilled halloumi salad, served with mixed seasonal vegetables, roasted macadamia, cherry tomatoes, quinoa and spinach. This salad was full of flavour and freshness, each element crafted

Should sugary drinks in schools be allowed? The Heart Foundation has put its weight behind the New Zealand Dental Association’s release of a consensus statement this month on sugary drinks. Heart Foundation food and nutrition manager Dave Monro says his organisation is putting its full support behind the range of actions outlined by the NZDA, which include the introduction of a sugary drinks tax, removing sugary drinks from certain environments and generally raising awareness of the negative health effect of drinking them. “We look forward to working with the NZDA and the other health organisations that are party to the action points outlined in the statement,” says Dave. “In particular, we’re excited about working to encourage the removal of sugary drinks in schools. This is an area

the Heart Foundation is passionate about, given our longstanding work on creating healthy food environments in schools and early learning services.” Dave says for more than 27 years the Heart Foundation has been actively working with schools through programmes like its Heart Start: Toitoi Manawa to develop environments that support healthy eating and physical activity. “Our programmes recommend children cut back on foods or drinks that are high in ‘added’ sugar such as soft drinks and cordials. “Added sugar offers little nutritional value and evidence shows high intakes increase body weight and have an impact on blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, which are risk factors for heart disease. “We are also working with schools encouraging them to adopt the Government’s recommended policy of becoming water and plain reduced-fat milk only schools.”

Ph 0508 KIWIFRESH (0508 549 437)

separately then brought together in this wonderful dish. The cabinet food tastes as good as it looks too. There is a wide variety of just about everything imaginable. In

fact, I would say it is the best selection of cabinet food I’ve seen anywhere in a very long time. And there is a very good selection of vegetarian and gluten-free options. Claire Rogers


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Regional council by-election opens for nominations Nominations for candidates seeking election as a Bay of Plenty regional councillor for the Mauao Maori Constituency open next Monday, January 16, when a by-election for the Constituency is publicly notified.


LONG LUNCH Enjoy a scrumptious BBQ lunch every Sunday* this summer at the Hotel Armitage and Conference Centre. The all-you-can-eat buffet is available from 12 noon until 2pm but stay and let the kids enjoy the pool until 4pm. *Some dates may be excluded. Bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment.

Electoral officer Robyn Garrett says the by-election will be held from March 20 to April 11 to fill the vacancy left after councillor Awanui Black died on November 30, 2016. “It’s important to re-fill this seat so Mauao Maori constituents can continue to have a voice on council,” says Robyn. Nomination criteria, forms and further information will be available from next week at: or contact the electoral officer by phone 0800 884 881 extn 8376 or email: Candidate nominations must be lodged with the Electoral Officer by 12 noon on February 13. Only voters registered on the Maori electoral roll in the Mauao Maori constituency will be

Getting broadcasting legislation through Happy New Year everyone – 2017 is shaping up to be a great one! We have the general election coming up later in the year. And New Zealanders of all denominations have had a gutsful of the Politically Correct era and are wondering: ‘What, if any, positive changes the new Prime Minister will make for New Zealanders?’. In saying that, I was pleased to see a few new ministerial

Under 12yrs $12 Under 5yrs FOC SuperGold card 10% off



Bring your togs!

Follow our transformation on Facebook and visit us to view our ongoing changes.


9 Willow Street, Tauranga

0800 276 482

eligible to vote in the March 2017 by-election. The Mauao Maori constituency extends from the top of the Kaimai Mamaku ranges to Waihi Beach and Otamarakau, including Katikati, Tauranga, Matakana, Te Puke, Maketu, Pongakawa and surrounding areas.

appointments in Alfred Ngaro, Mark Mitchell (no relation) and David Bennett, who I know are all hard-working and will add value to a party suffering from a plague of recent desertions. Nine jumping ship out of 59 is hardly stable government. Meanwhile, we are in the middle of another great Kiwi summer.

I hope you’ve had a chance to get outside and enjoy it and recharge the batteries. The fi rst thing on the agenda this year is getting our Broadcasting Games of National Significance legislation through. The response so far has been overwhelmingly supportive at #livefreesport. And if you need it, our New Zealand First Tauranga office in Grey St is open and ready to help you. In the meantime, have a great summer in the greatest part of the greatest country on the planet.

Why buy local? There’s plenty of reasons! There are plenty of options when it comes to buying just about anything – from overseas imports to products crafted in your backyard.

when you buy your fruit and vege from the farmers’ market rather than the supermarket. Help your community thrive and flourish by supporting your local businesses.

But with so many options, why buy local? When you buy local products you are supporting your community – and helping keep your community unique. Buying local also means you’re helping to create more jobs for the people in your community. Small local businesses tend to hire local help, meaning you are helping employ your community. There’s no easier – or more painless – way to invest in your community and put your tax dollars to good use than spending your money at your local businesses. You’re also encouraging local prosperity

Thinking of Selling? With low supply and high demand, wouldn’t you like to know what your property is worth in this current market? To experience the Mike Pero difference call us today.


*Our fees are 2.95% up to $390,000 thereafter 1.95% + admin fee + gst

0800 500 123 | Mike Pero Real Estate Tauranga 299 Cameron Road, Tauranga Mike Pero Real Estate Ltd Licensed REAA (2008)

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Best property management Put your property in good hands. “Property management is my game,” says Karen Johnson, owner of Karen Johnson Property Management Ltd.

Karen Johnson knows the property management game.

“Give your home to a specialist property management company for professionalism, dedication, and great communication.” Karen has a friendly, professional attitude to manage both people and property, understanding the individual needs of each. “Both owners and tenants feel valued and well looked after due to my focus on holding strong relationships.” Karen has 19 years’ experience in property

management, with 13 of them spent in Tauranga. “This has made me very knowledgeable and familiar with the area and has also allowed me to focus on what really matters locally. “I try hard to eliminate any risk to the client’s property and hold a high standard for the condition that the houses are kept in.” Karen says she can help you enjoy maximum returns on your investment, and keep your weekends free for family and fun. “I offer full management service, a selfmanage option, and other options.” For more information, visit:

The first step to gaining financial success Achieving financial success is something we all think about – and for each of us that success is different. It’s not based entirely on your income but more on achieving your short, medium and long-term financial goals. Undertaking this process also means facing up to your financial reality. Financial reality is taking a good look at yourself and

understanding not just where money comes from and is spent, but also your behaviour or psychology towards it. Some people are shoppers, who tend to be satisfied emotionally when shopping or buying. Some are savers, who naturally save without conscious effort. Some are plodders, who seem to not care too much whether spending or saving. Or, they could be a combination of both. There’s no point creating a ‘no spending’ budget for a person with a

shopper personality. It’s just not going to work and being happy is a factor in being financially successful. Reviewing your last three months’ bank statements is a good place to begin to understand where your money is spent and from that you’ll gain a

good picture on your behaviour or psychology towards it. Knowing both these points starts to give you control over your money rather than your money having control over you. And facing your financial reality becomes the first step to gaining your financial success.

Special meeting to begin the new business year Tauranga Chamber of Commerce is hosting a special edition of BA5 at Toi Ohomai to welcome the new business year and to catch up on the new look institute of technology at its Cameron Rd campus. The event on Wednesday, January 18, from 5.15pm7pm at the Bongard Centre will be an opportunity for members of the business community to meet new Toi Ohomai chief executive Dr Leon Fourie, who took up the role in December.

A shout-out for vouchers The Lions Club International is celebrating 100 years of service right here in Tauranga this year – and calling out for help from the local business community for their celebrations. The Lions Club is expecting

Leon will be introducing himself and presenting his vision for the future of tertiary education in the Bay of Plenty. Celebrity chefs-turned-tutors Peter Blakeway and Shane Yardley will be on hand to dish up some sizzling delights off the barbecue hotplate as attendees watch the sun go down. The chamber’s BA5 at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology, 200 Cameron Rd, Bongard Centre, is on January 18. To register, see:

hundreds of members from all around the world to attend an event in Tauranga from April 28-30, 2017. As a result, the organiser is looking for vouchers to slip inside their guests’ goodie bags. If you

or your business would like to be a part of this, please print off 350 vouchers by Friday, January 27. Call or email Rose on 027 455 0801 or info@downtowntauranga. when they are ready and she can collect them from you.


Wine @ $35 Takeaways @ $45 Magazine @ $15 Coffees x 6 @ $30 or 3 @ $15 Lunches x 5 @ $66 or 3 @$39.50

Save $101.50 An average of


per annum

For more information, case studies and testimonials.

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Super cruising on Ovation of the Seas What is one-and-a-half times the height of Mount Maunganui if stood on one end, carries more than the total population of Paihia, and has twenty-five times more rooms than Tauranga’s Hotel Armitage?


Cherry Blossom Tour

Well, that would have to be the allnew Ovation of the Seas of course. The largest cruise ship to sail New Zealand waters, Ovation of the seas is 348 metres long, carries almost 6500 guests and crew, and offers nearly 2100 staterooms. With that size, and a price-tag of US$1 billion, comes unprecedented variety: more space for relaxation, 18

Sri Lanka

Exotic gardens, ancient monuments, breathtaking scenery & wildlife

01 – 13 April 2017

18 – 31 March 2017

Our 12 night tour during this ‘stunning’ short season allows you to gain a deep insight into the culture, both old and modern, while experiencing a very authentic Japan with popular NZ tour leader, Robyn Laing. As a small group you will travel by coach & ‘shinkansen’, staying in Tokyo, Kanazawa,Takayama, Shiga & Kyoto.

Our 13 night tour includes coastal fishing villages, historic ruins dating back 5000 yrs on the inland plains, the cool highlands of the hillside tea-country region, beautiful gardens and the wildlife in Yala NP. This tour promises to be full of ‘wonderment’ while travelling with highly regarded tour leader, NZer Bruce Bulmer.

‘Early Bird’ Cost $10,680 (Share Twin) +$996 (Sgl Suppl.) Incl. flights ex AKL + many meals

‘Early Bird’ Cost $8,280 (Share Twin) + $1,430 (Sgl Suppl.) Incl. flights ex AKL + all meals

GOLDEN COMPASS TOURS GOLDEN COMPASS TOURS Specialist Group Operator Specialist Group Operator

For further information or to register call: 0800 132 385 or email: PO Box 3452, Auckland 1140

different dining options and more of the unique, innovative amenities that carrier Royal Caribbean is famous for. For the first time in New Zealand, holidaymakers will be able to feel the thrill of sky diving at sea with the RipCord by iFLY© sky diving experience, soar 90 metres above sea level in the North Star jewel-like observation capsule, and enjoy a perfectly mixed cocktail from two robotic bartenders at the Bionic Bar. Passengers can also relax at Two70 by day – a stylish lounge area with 270 degree views from enormous windows – and by night, be immersed in spectacular multimedia entertainment by robotic dancing video-screens,

A stunner on the seas.

dramatic digital projection and high-flying aerial performers. With 18 different culinary choices on-board, passengers can load their favourite food snaps to Instagram using VOOM, the fast internet connection available at sea.

Supercruising on Ovation of the Seas marks the dawn of a bold new era of cruising down under. See fly/cruise package deals offered by YouTravel Tauranga, and make next Christmas the holiday of a lifetime on the allnew Ovation of the seas.

Before you travel – plan your safety net Yay – it’s holiday time! But before you get swept up the hype of being about to embark on travel it’s best to make sure you’ve planned for an emergency. Because you never know what might happen. Firstly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade recommends you register your travel details on their website: During a major overseas incident, those registered as being in the vicinity of the incident are contacted first by MFAT to confirm their safety and wellbeing. Also once you know your intended destination take a note of contact details of the nearest New Zealand

embassy, high commission or consulate. And back home before you leave give a family member or friend your travel information, such as accommodation details and photocopies of your itinerary, passport and certificate of insurance. Lastly, prepare a mixture of payment options for your trip, such as a credit card and cash – including foreign currency for your transit and arrival. And ask your bank about your destination’s ATM facilities and inform it you’ll be using your cards overseas. An organised traveller won’t be caught out by the unexpected.

Previously United Travel

Fly/Cruise Deals with Ovation of the Seas® New Zealand Holiday Cruise

New Zealand Cruise

12 nights & flights

10 nights & flights






(07) 577 9957 45 Grey Street




per person, share twin Based on Balcony Category D6

per person, share twin Based on Balcony Category D5

Departs: 17 Dec 2017

Departs: 26 Feb 2018


*Terms & conditions: Airfares based on flying Air New Zealand “The Works” return to Sydney inclusive of taxes. Prices are inclusive of port charges, taxes & gratuities. A non-refundable deposit of $1250 per person is required with full payment due 1 September 2017. Please contact us in-store for full terms & conditions.

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Friday 13 January 2017


Banish back to school anxiety A new year brings renewed excitement, new opportunities and, of course, new challenges.

For many children, these challenges will include heading back to school. Whether it is returning to routine, transitioning to primary, intermediate or high school, or shifting to a brand new school, where there is excitement there is also anxiety. Anxiety can manifest itself in various ways: some students become withdrawn, others act out or refuse to go to school, and some may be physically unwell or exhausted. Regardless of what form it takes, there’s no denying the impact it has on children’s mental and physical wellbeing. So what can parents do to help

students start the school year on a positive note? Focus on the basics and set a routine a week before school returns, the night before and the day of. A week out, ensure your child gets into a routine which ensures enough sleep ahead of those early mornings. A good night’s sleep can have a hugely positive impact on a child’s ability to cope with anxiety. The night before, make lunches, pack their bag and set out their uniform for the day. When the big day arrives, try to get everyone up 10 minutes

earlier than usual to give yourself extra time to chat and relax before rushing away in different directions. The school morning is a great time to set the tone for the day – if you can ensure you send your children off with warmth and positivity, they will excel. Maintain a focus on the positive aspects of the school experience rather than dwelling on the negative. For example, if your child is concerned about missing their friends, remind them to look forward to meeting new people and the joy that can come from this. Whether returning to school or starting fresh this year, I wish students all the best for their first day and especially look forward to meeting the new additions to the ACG Tauranga family.

Colouring to help the little ones This festive season most families will be busy spending time with loved ones, but throughout New Zealand there are many children who find the holidays one of the toughest times of the year.

only a great for back to school, but also provides a valuable lesson on the importance of helping others less fortunate.” Throughout 2016 Barnados counsellors answered more than 35,000 calls – traditionally receiving the bulk from children during the holidays. Barnados fundraising manager Jacqui Ritchie says every $5 donated helps to answer It’s when issues around family relationships, abuse another call. and neglect can affect young people the most. “Every bit counts when it comes to To help ease what can be a tough time for providing supper and doing more for kids many children, OfficeMax has teamed up with across the nation. children’s charity Barnados to raise funds for “We are so appreciative of the support Barnados free kids’ helpline 0800 WhatsUp. from OfficeMax and its investment in Just in time for Term 1, OfficeMax has caring for Kiwi kids.” designed a do-it-yourself, colour-me-in bag, OfficeMax brand ambassador with $5 from each sale donated April Ieremia is looking forward to to the helpline during what is its the colouring challenge, and the busiest time. opportunity to give back to kids OfficeMax Australia and New in a meaningful way. Zealand managing director “It’ll be fun to see how we can Kevin Obern is pleased to jazz this bag up – especially help such a worthy cause, as my colouring skills have providing support for gone rusty since primary Kiwi kids this summer. school.” “We love working The colour-me-in with Barnados bag is available now for and having the $9.99 in all OfficeMax opportunity to give stores nationwide and a helping hand to online until stocks last. children across New Every purchase will see Zealand. $5 donated to Barnados “Purchasing the OfficeMax Back To School ambassador April Ieremia and children’s helpline colour-me-in bag 0800 WhatsUp. Lily Wells, 6, with the colour-me-in bag. for your child is not



*This class not running in 2017 as most high schools in the area have introduced Chinese at this level within their school. Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:00pm - 5:30pm


Mondays &Wednesdays 4:00pm to 5:30pm

(Year 9 equivalent)

$90 per term

(Full year course. NCEA credits available here.) $90 per term

ADULT CLASS (2 levels) $90 per term

STUDENT NCEA LEVEL 1, 2 and 3 CLASS (Shortened course. Terms 1 & 2 only). NCEA credits can be obtained here.) $180 for 2 terms

CHILDREN’S CLASS (Primary & Intermediate age students) $50 per term

Tuesdays only 6:30pm to 8:30pm Thursdays only 6:00pm to 8:00pm Students must commit for 2 Terms Saturdays only 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Friday 13 January 2017




Want to use computers for home, study, or work? No matter what your needs, we have computing programmes to help you develop the skills you need to achieve your goals.

0800 355 553 |


Find out more. Call us today or go online.

The Weekend Sun

Programme keys another level Debra Tuteao has four words for tauira (students) studying computing at Te Wananga o Aotearoa. “Just go for it.” Debra has completed the Certificate in Computing Level 4 programme and while it was a big step up from levels 2 and 3, she says it is a step worth taking. “I did level two and three and went straight on to level four. It was a lot more challenging but I got a lot of support.” Debra previously work in office administration and that gave her an idea of computer systems and how things worked in an office environment, but having qualifications would help her find work.

“I was just keen to study. The main objective was to get these qualifications so I can get a job.” Debra is a solo mother and while that has its own challenges, the help she got from whanau (family) and friends while she studied was hugely beneficial. “I got a lot of support along the way. A lot of whanau work and study at the wananga so they made sure I was going alright.” It became more difficult to juggle things when she took on parttime work, says Debra. Ideally, she’d like to work somewhere like the Maori Land Court. But wherever she ends up working, Debra says the computing programmes at Te Wananga o Aotearoa have been hugely benefi cial. “If you find it doesn’t work out for you, you can always try another path; and it’s free, so just Debra Tuteao. go for it.”

Thinking about study in 2017? Prospective students wanting an inside look at campus life are invited to attend Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology’s Information Day on Wednesday, January 25. Subject expert tutors and representatives from the University of Waikato will be on hand to talk about the degree, diploma and certificate programmes taught right here in Tauranga and show the public through the facilities. School liaison Scott Henderson says the day has been designed to be as informative as possible, ensuring people wanting to study can meet tutorial staff and learn about the array of campus services. “Attendees will be able to hear the inside need-to-knows from our tutors and our studentexperienced staff. “That way they can learn all about what it’s like to be a student with us before they enrol as well as hearing about the different study options that might

Find out more about your study options at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology’s Open Day on January 25. or daughter hasn’t got University suit their career aspirations. Entrance, we can help with “Some people still don’t realise bridging programmes too. they can complete their tertiary “Everyone is welcome to attend studies without leaving home and we encourage anyone who is – students can start with a Toi thinking about studying or Ohomai diploma and finish with a university degree – all taught who has applied but wants to know more about student life to in Tauranga. come along.” “We offer a range of business, Toi Ohomai Institute of creative, health, sport and trades Technology is the amalgamation courses. And if you or your son of two high-performing institutions –Bay of Plenty Polytechnic and Waiariki Institute of Technology. The merger makes the institute the third largest institute of technology in the country and the largest in the Bay of Plenty region. Toi Ohomai is home to 14,000 students across the BOP area and maintains a close partnership with the University of Waikato with whom they share the Windermere and Bongard campuses. Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology’s Information Day is at A3, Windemere Campus, 70 Windemere Drive, on Wednesday, January 25, from 1pm-3.30pm. RSVP by emailing: marketing@

The Weekend Sun


Friday 13 January 2017

Career or a hobby – it’s all good with PCTI PCTI offers a range of courses – for a job or a hobby.

Whether you want to make a living out of it or learn for your own enjoyment, Pacific Coast Technical Institute has you covered. Pacifi c Coast Technical Institute and Food and Produce are relatively quiet achievers in their native Bay of Plenty but are known as industry experts on a national scale in food and apiculture-related industries. Their ongoing links to plant and food research position them as a nationwide provider of expertise in a growing range of fields. Announcements for the launch

of career-based programmes in apiculture, production horticulture, and post-harvest cool chain management have been made for 2017-2018. Distance learning and part-time options are well-suited to those wanting to study and work or for those who are a little further away from Tauranga. “As a chosen provider to some of New Zealand’s most iconic companies it’s great to see these technology-based opportunities are now available in the Bay,” says PCTI’s Angie Skilton. And if it’s just a hobby you’re after, PCTI has announced they’ve joined forces with local

accountants and auditors at BDO to develop a short course for volunteers to gain or sharpen up their skills in transparent accounts management and position their club well for the auditors. The community can also access barista, agrichemical and digital enrichment programmes, but only for 2017. PCTI director Mark Hellyer says their most exclusive programme is the Feuerstein course, which helps people of all ages organise their thoughts and free themselves of tags like dyslexia. Call Kerry at PCTI on 0508 2 Train or check them out at:

Are you investing in education in 2017? Families are continuing to invest in independent professional guidance and advice from Ewan McLeod at McLeod Careers, allowing their children to make positive, informed choices in planning for their future. Ewan discusses educational choices with his 15-to-30-year-old clients to ensure each person is selecting the right Tauranga Boys’ College student Matt Lochhead enjoying his career subjects and courses for planning work with Ewan McLeod. them so they aren’t closing any doors to their future career. “Our business is all about supporting young adults in their career decisions,” says Ewan. “It’s about individuals taking positive steps towards establishing their unique education pathway, which will allow them to gain qualifications that suit their personal needs. “At this time of the year, many clients are anxious about their future tertiary focus or have received their NCEA results and are considering what secondary subjects to continue on with.” Ewan and his wife Sue have operated their home-based business from Greerton since 2008 and have experienced another busy year in 2016. “We’re both ‘people-people’ – I’ve had a wealth of experience in proactively encouraging young people locally – while Sue is well respected for her community work,” says Ewan. “Our business has had hundreds of clients visit us during the last nine years from as far away as Wellington. “Having Tim and Juliana Smithells – who are recognised nationally for their career development work – as our mentors, definitely provides advantages in being an Approved Smithells Professional.” Ewan says McLeod Careers is “flexible, familyfriendly, affordable – and here to help young people take positive first career directions”.

Looking forward to YOUR future!

Friday 13 January 2017

The Weekend Sun


It is now payback time If anyone doubted the need for a Katikati bypass this Christmas should have convinced them - and the traffic can only get worse. Lots of good people have promoted the cause in the past - and I think we need to all join forces now, with many extras. Priority One, SmartGrowth, Tourism Bay of Plenty and others have taken money from Katikati and Waihi Beach for years with, in my opinion, minimal return. It is now payback time. Let’s call in the favour. As a community we must co-ordinate all major local industry - quarry, log industry, NZ trade and industry, major transport operators, the NZ Transport Agency, regional council, district council, community board, kiwifruit and avocado industry, Fonterra, sitting and prospective Members of Parliament, including Winston Peters. Do not know about Simon Bridges?

Traffic crawling through Katikati these holidays.

Any others you can think of Katikati? Let’s try again it is election year! N Mayo, Katikati Community Board member.

Yes, we are 30 years behind

Housing and Environment Minister Nick Smith needs to retire from politics before he loses the sight in his one eye. He hasn’t seen the housing crisis in NZ yet. He’s never seen a robot that could be sent into the mine down south to have a look round. Now Nick cannot see that we are 30 years behind some European countries in the handling of rubbish. In Europe they’ve been cleanly incinerating rubbish for that long and the exhaust is scrubbed clean and the heat generated makes steam to drive turbines to generate power. Houses are

heated with the steam generated. Street surfaces in winter are heated by the steam to melt snow and so on. Yes indeed, we are 30 years behind. Buckinghamshire County Council in the United Kingdom commissioned a huge incinerator last year, which consumes all the rubbish it can handle - as much as 300,000 tonnes per year - and it combusts waste at more than 850 degrees Celsius and generates power which they sell. And in spite of the Nimbys, all is well there. It’s time for our country to look at the clean incineration of our rubbish. A Bourne, Bethlehem.

History remembers those who…

The 2016 Knighthoods have been and gone, sorry John too soon. Is it possible that 2017 will see social justice to be the main concern, rather than the bended knee, to obtain some award? History will remember only those who strive for fair play, sadly missing from an uncaring society today. Is John leaving the sinking ship? Change the flag, but give me my award, is not easy to understand? The saving grace in the coming year, is the freedom of the press. Do we still have that? R Chamberlain, Tauranga City.

Family Buffet

Inappropriate hakas on show:

After watching the women’s final of the ASB Tennis Open I was very annoyed to see a haka performed before the match. I cringed as I watched our young overseas competitors confronted by a group of half-naked men, with tongues hanging out, and eyes rolling. The performance had no relevance to the occasion and I felt embarrassed to be a Kiwi. I feel strongly that these hakas should be kept for tangi, or the challenge of the All Black games. They certainly do not come across as a warm welcome. The organisers should not let these things happen. P Heslop, Tauranga City.

The Weekend Sun

Friday 13 January 2017


More imports has boosted services

Re: ‘We don’t want Auckland’s refugees’ (The Weekend Sun, December 30). In reply to Mr R Paterson’s comments about the Auckland Refugees I think he needs to read his dictionary as he doesn’t know the meaning of the word, because he is quite ignorant obviously. I wonder where you came from, don’t blame people here - blame greedy landowners and property developers. I never thought coming to Tauranga I would come across bigots. I would gladly go to Auckland to live to get away from abusive people. If Mr Paterson would like to buy my house that’s where I would go - to where people are not snobby and rude and smallminded that they have to worry about who can live here or who can’t. D Edwards, Tauranga City.

we can go and visit the one there. I think the issue is you are a crotchety old codger and don’t like anybody much. I’m sorry we offend you by daring to even consider Tauranga and surrounds as a place to live. Auckland has made it impossible for a huge amount of retirees to even consider a comfortable old age. Our houses were ridiculously overvalued. As far as Tauranga’s house prices escalating, well they’re not compared to Auckland. During the 15 years we owned our home in an eastern suburbs area in Auckland our house went up $60,000 a year. I think by the time Tauranga even gets to the same stage of Auckland, you and I will be long dead. C Frayling, Ohauiti.

On Resene Premium Paints, Wood Stains, Primers, Sealers, Wallpaper, Decorating Accessories and Cleaning Products

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30941R WKS

Mt Maunganui: 91 Newton St, (07) 572 0044 Tauranga: 47 Waihi Rd, (07) 578 4169

Auckland’s refugees’ (The Weekend Sun, December 30). R Paterson’s letter came across as being quite ‘unchristianly’ at this time of the year. I read, and hear quite a lot of moaning and groaning about Aucklanders coming down to the Bay of Plenty and all of the resultant problems increasing population brings into areas. Please spend a brief minute and look at the wider picture; a huge number of Aucklanders who have moved here have done so because they in turn are more all less being forced out of their Auckland suburbs. Try living in a neighbourhood,


Conditions: Buy Resene Premium Paints, Wood Stains, Primers, Sealers, Wallpaper, Decorating Accessories and Cleaning Products and get the GST (15% off the full retail price) off at your Resene ColorShop and participating resellers. The GST reduction will be calculated on the normal retail price OR if you have a Resene ColorShop or DIY Card you can get the Save the GST sale discount and then the Resene ColorShop or DIY Card discount off the Save the GST sale price. Excludes WallPrint, decals, Crown, trade and industrial products, PaintWise levy and account sales. Paint offers also available at participating Mitre 10 MEGA and Mitre 10 stores. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. Offer ends 31 January 2017.

Leisure Time Tours

Inspiring Travel Experiences Since 1987 ART DECO TOUR 17 - 21 February 2017

Ditch the ‘blinkered’ approachwheretoyoulife have Re: ‘We don’t want

The Art Deco capital of Napier celebrates its annual festival in February with over 200 events, including outdoor concerts, vintage car parades, fashion shows, steam train rides, great Gatsby picnics and so much more. Over 40,000 people flock from all over the world into Napier to see it transform back in time, travel with us to enjoy this iconic event.

lived for many years, and suddenly not just streets but whole suburbs are now Asian and no one speaks English. All the shops are Asian and it is extremely hard to find anything written in English. The huge increase in numbers of immigrants in Auckland is absolutely nothing the BOP is facing and these massive increases in population has placed all of Auckland’s infrastructure in turmoil - roads, Police, hospitals, schools, etc are struggling. So please try not to have such a ‘blinkered’ approach and look at all sides of the problem. C Barrett, Papamoa Beach.


Go and blame the greedy

live down here in Tauranga on December 16. We had got to the stage that going anywhere anytime of the day or night in Auckland was a total nightmare and getting worse. The shopping centres overall have been upgraded to a standard of any major city anywhere. Your waterfront has had a total upgrade and is still being improved. Greerton Library is fairly new – I’m sure the influx of new residents has had something to do with that. I don’t care about the museum – that’s a bit of a random comment. We have family in Auckland so if we want to visit a museum


 Comprehensive escorted tours designed for seniors  Value for money  Door to door collections available  Modern coaches  Roadside morning teas  Single travellers welcome  Early-Bird discounts available

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Ladies Only Tours.


Re: ‘We don’t want Auckland’s refugees’ (The Weekend Sun, December 30). I take umbrage at R Paterson’s letter. My husband and I are a couple of those dreadful Aucklanders that have dared to come and settle in his city. Well I have news for R. Paterson - not all things about people moving into Tauranga and surrounds is all bad. We’ve been visiting Tauranga and surrounds during a lot of years starting in the 1980s. In those days it had nothing that would even have slightly tempted us to move down here. We’ve noticed in the last few years the hospital system has improved – yes improved, and one that needed to. More imports from elsewhere has meant better bus services, more choice with supermarkets and also housing has meant that standards of housing has improved. No cold draughty houses but modern, well insulated with double glazing. Roads chocker in Tauranga - that’s a joke. We left Auckland to

Free information evening featuring Mexico & Vietnam Tours 2nd Feb 6.30pm RSVP by 31st January for venue details

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Friday 13 January 2017

The Weekend Sun



The Weekend Sun

Friday 13 January 2017


Love changes hearts better than anything When we’re feeling upset about the terrible suffering in the world, and God’s patience towards it, it’s useful to contemplate God’s options for ending it. Here are four possible options. He could step in every time we were about to do something that could cause harm. How many of us would complain about Him being a terrible ‘Big Brother’ figure? Secondly, He could destroy all sinners, since greed, lying, stealing, adultery, murder, and all manner of self-centred attitudes and actions are by far the main reasons for suffering. We probably wouldn’t like this option. Who would be left? Thirdly, God could turn us all into robots with no free will who always behave exactly as programmed. I’m sure this option’s not very appealing either. The remaining option, as I see it, is to try and turn our hearts away from doing the wrong thing by loving us so much we would never wish to hurt Him or others again. That’s the approach God took through the Cross. Millions have been turned away from lives dangerous to themselves and society by giving their lives to their loving Saviour. Love changes hearts better than anything. Sadly, however, because most aren’t responding to His love, God will have to bring this world to a close and apply the second option to those who refuse to accept His gracious free gift of eternal life through trusting in His Son. For now, we can just praise God for His free-willrespecting plan for ours and the world’s salvation. David Kidd, Church of God’s Love

Thinking and talking about peace this year At Christmas time there were messages of peace, goodwill to all and ‘let there be peace on earth’ echoing the teachings of Jesus.

than a world of fear, ignorance and military might”. In 2017, what do you say about

peace? What will you do about peace? Is peace possible? And how can each of us contribute to peace? Mary Rose, Quakers in Tauranga

To celebrate, there was carol singing, presentgiving and lots of lights, Christmas trees, feasting and being together. But the New Year has come. And this is a good time for thinking and talking about peace. What is each one of us going to do about peace this year? Horror of horrors, global leaders are talking about increasing the nuclear arsenal. Major countries are threatening each other. Peace on Earth? How can that be? I asked some people about peace. One said: “Peace is good”. Another said: “The New Year is a good time to think about peace.” And a friend said: “Peace is about loving and respecting the other”. At nearly 90, one person said: “We all have that of God in us, somewhere. Yet we are all frail, human and tend to look for our own benefit. That has to change, in individuals and internationally”. A couple said that responding to violence with more violence never works well in the long term. Always, a nonviolent solution is better. War creates more war. My brother said: “A world of mutual respect and understanding will be much more peaceful

The Weekend Sun

Friday 13 January 2017


GIGGUIDE & The 2013 Bay of Plenty Symphonia Rising Stars competition winner Anna Lee.

ENTERTAINMENT Greer’s Gastro Bar Sunday 15 – Waylon McPherson 5.308.30pm. Solo acoustic, popular covers and easy listening. Mount RSA Friday 13 – Mark Taipari 7.30pm. Saturday 14 – Ray Solomon 7.30pm. Sunday 15 – Helen Riley 4.30pm.

Symphonia searching for rising stars Budding young local musicians only have until next month to get their entries in for the 2017 Bay of Plenty Symphonia Rising Stars competition. The fifth edition of the popular biannual competition is designed to give young musicians attending secondary schools in the Bay a platform to show their talent to the New Zealand public. “One of Bay of Plenty Symphonia’s objectives is to encourage young musicians, both as players of instruments and in appreciating orchestral music,” says the symphonia’s music director Justus Rozemond. Rising Stars features two categories young musicians can enter – a concerto competition for instrumentalists and a separate class for young composers. Concerto finalists will perform with the orchestra at a concert in September 2017 and the winner will

be selected on the night by a panel of nationally recognised judges. While the winning composition will be chosen in advance by a jury of specialist composers, it will also be performed by symphonia at the same concert. Justus says the last two Rising Stars competitions in 2013 and 2015 brought two outstanding young performers to the attention of local audiences. “Anna Lee subsequently performed with her violin at Carnegie Hall in New York, while Soomin Kim is currently furthering her piano and composition studies via Auckland University. Both are sure to go far with their musical talents.” At this stage entries indicate an intention to participate in the competition, and no musical input is required. All entries must be received by February 24. More information and entry forms, email: or visit the Bay of Plenty Symphonia’s website:

A celebration of the waltz Tenor Bonaventure Allan-Moetaua and violinist Jessica Hindin will bring a little romance to the stage this month as Operatunity brings its first show of 2017 to Tauranga. Bonnie and Jess star in ‘Waltz of My Heart’ – a celebration of the waltz – at Tauranga’s

Holy Trinity Church on January 20. The Weekend Sun has one double pass to ‘Waltz of My Heart’ to give away to one lucky reader who can tell us what the concert is celebrating? Enter online at under the competition section. Entries must be received by Wednesday, January 18.

The Matua Sunday 15 – Tim Armstrong 3-6pm. Wednesday 18 – “A taste of your music”. Come along with chord sheets and sing with the band. 7.30pm start.

Waltz of My Heart Friday Friday 20th 20th of of January, January, 11am 11am

Holy Trinity Church, 215 Devonport Rd Holy Trinity Church, 215 Devonport Rd

Tickets are $34 and include lunch after the concert Tickets are $34 and include lunch after the concert (discounts available for groups). (discounts available for groups).

Celebrate the waltz with famous songs in the tradition of Strauss, Lehar, Romberg, and Andre Rieu.

Toll free: 0508 266 237

Women’s Women’s Triathlon Triathlon Women’s Triathlon Women’s Triathlon 400m Swim, 10km Cycle, 4km Run/Walk 400m Swim, 10km Cycle, 4km Run/Walk

Sunday 26 February 2017 | Pilot Bay, Mount Maunganui Swim, 10km Sunday 400m 26 February 2017 |Cycle, Pilot4km Bay, Run/Walk Mount Maunganui Sunday 400m 26 February 2017 |Cycle, Pilot4km Bay, Run/Walk Mount Maunganui Swim, 10km Sunday 26 February 2017 | Pilot Bay, Mount Maunganui

e Lots of awesom d izesesan praw ot of ome spts Lo phdotos! t en ev EE FR an spot prizes eos! omot aw t ph enes Lo EEofev FRts d an spot prizes eos! t ph omot enes aw EEofev FRts Lo d Sunday 26 February 2017 an spot prizes ! os ot ph t en26 Start time: 8.30am EE ev Sunday February 2017 FR

Start Enter time: online at Sunday 268.30am February 2017 Check out our facebook page... Enter online8.30am at Start time:

Sunday 26 February 2017 Check out our facebook page...

Enter online8.30am at Start time: Check out our facebook page...

Thanks very much to our major sponsors...

Enter online at

Thanks to our major sponsors... Checkvery outmuch our facebook page...

Thanks very much to our major sponsors... Thanks very much to our major sponsors...

Friday 13 January 2017

A quest for fame and fortune Some heroes are born to greatness, some heroes are forged in fire…and some just stumble into it one Tuesday arvo while chuckin’ the last snag on the barbie!




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Solution No.1866 9 7 3 8 6 1 2 6 3 9 4 1 5 7 8 4 7 5 2 3 9 4 9 2 1 5 6 8 1 2 6 7 3 9 4 5 6 4 9 8 2 1 7 5 1 6 9 8 3 2 8 5 3 7 4 6 3 1 8 2 4 7 5

4 8 6 3 5 7 2 1 9

adventure musical the world has ever seen’, Byron Bay’s hilarious fast-paced plotlines and full-on production musical numbers will enthral audiences of all ages. Aided and abetted by a loud-mouthed love interest, a small Chinese lad – who’s really an English lady – and his red-neck dad, Byron, must survive pitfalls and pratfalls, crashes and crushes and a whole host of baddies and henchman to finally get the goods and – of course – the girl! ‘Byron Bay and the Stone of Destiny’ is at 16th Ave Theatre from January 18-28. Tickets start at $16 from:

Hence, Tauranga’s 16th Ave Theatre is bringing Australian sunshine to our Bay with their brand new production of ‘Byron Bay and the Stone of Destiny’ set to storm onto the stage this month. With all the Aussie charm of ‘Crocodile Dundee’ and the good looks of ‘Indiana Jones’, part-time archaeologist and full-time hero Byron Bay sets out on a quest to find fame and fortune in the shape of the lost Destiny Diamond. Local stage star Cameron Buchanan will play the swaggering adventure hero Byron Bay, accompanied by the talented ‘X-Factor New How to contestant solve Jazzy Axton as toughZealand’ Sudoku! No.1867 talking 1940s showgirl ‘Tally’. Seventeen-year-old Jazzy, a talented singer, dancer and actress, was praised by ‘X-Factor FillNew the Zealand’ grid so judges that Stan Walker and Natalia Killsrow for and her amazing every every vocal skills and sheer talent Cameron Buchanan and Jazzy Axton star heralded as ‘the next Taylor Swift’. 3x3and square contains in Byron Bay and the Stone of Destiny. Billed as a1‘the the digits to 9biggest full throttle comedy

9 4 8 5 2 5 2 1 5 9 1 How to solve 7 2 5 Sudoku! No.1867 UM 2 6 1 6 89 1 Fill the grid so that 7 8 every 8 9 4 8 54 2 3 every row and 3 2 5 5 6 3x3 1digits2contains 1 8thesquare 1 to 9 4 6 69 5 9 8 13 Solution No.1866 2 How7to solve 5 9 7 3 8 6 1 2 4 2 6 3 9 4 1 5 7 8 No.1867 8Sudoku! 6 1 1 8 4 7 5 2 3 9 6 7 4 9 2 1 5 6 8 3 6 9 8 4 8 1 2 6 7 3 9 4 5 Fill3the grid so that 3 5 6 4 9 8 2 1 7 6 row 1 every 2 5 every 8 and 4 7 5 1 6 9 8 3 2 3x3 square contains 9 2 8 5 3 7 4 6 1 53 the digits 1 to 9 6 6 3 1 8 2 4 7 5 9

1 8 2

The Weekend Sun


The Weekend Sun has 10 double passes to the opening night of ‘Byron Bay and the Stone of Destiny’ on Wednesday, January 18, for 10 lucky readers who can tell us what Byron Bay is on a quest to find? Enter online at under the competition section. Entries must be received by Monday, January 16.

Shining a spotlight on saxophonist Eric Scott

Solution No.1866 9 7 3 8 6 1 2 4 6 3 9 4 1 5 7 8 thing about 7 5 wonderful 2 3 9 6 8 4 The 4 9 being 2 1 5passionate 6 8 3 about music 1 2 6 7 3 9 4 5 is it enables us to meet some 5 6 4 9 8 2 1 7 along the way. 3 2 7 wonderful 5 1 6 9 8 people 2 8 5 3 7 4 6 1 I met Eric Scott recently when he and 3 1 8 2 4 7 5 9

and swing etc. Currently, Eric plays alongside Sheryl Bond and Aroha Thompson in ‘Easy’. They’ve played for retirement He practised villages in the last few wife Pam moved to Papamoa and joined the Tauranga with the months, as well as Acoustic Music Club. Waikato Schools performing at a 50th He recently played saxophone to back some of my Symphonic birthday, a Christmas original songs when we performed at the Dog’s Bollix Band alongside work do and a wedding. in Auckland. Eric is pictured here along with Stephen his sons on Eric’s latest latest projects projects Eric’s Calvert on bass guitar and myself, Janne Guitargirl, at trombone include improving on the opening night for The Local Musicians Music Club and trumpet, his piano skills, and in Auckland. then went on trying out his singing Eric played piano as a youngster, then he hired a sax to establish a However, he he Eric and GuitarGirl in Auckland voice. However, after helping at his son’s music camps. jazz-focused says combining the during a performance at the concert band two is proving rather a Dog’s Bollix. with the boys challenge. and friends. Eric will be playing at They played at various venues the grand opening night of The Local throughout the years, including opening Musicians Music Club when it opens twice at the Hamilton Jazz Club, and in Tauranga at the Brew Bar on Friday, playing a three-hour concert at the January 13. If you are in the area, feel Rotorua Jazz Club. free to come along and support your After moving to Whitianga, local musicians and hear some original Eric joined with Danny Allen, an songs and New Zealand music. ex-Auckland multi-instrumentalist and I am Janne Guitargirl and I’m looking jazz guitarist Steve Davis. They played forward to meeting other musicians regularly for four years, with a focus on along this wonderful journey, as we all Dixie, flavoured with Latin, Blues, BOP enjoy more music now that 2017 is here.


The Weekend Sun

Friday 13 January 2017


High in the skies The BAC Strikemaster.

The skies above Tauranga City Airport will reverberate with the sounds of fast jets and some of the fastest landbased vehicles in New Zealand at the second annual picnic-type Tauranga City Airshow this month. The 2016 afternoon and evening family fun event was so successful organisers opted to hold the event annually. On Saturday, January 21, 2017 the headline aircraft are jets, including the BAC Strikemaster aircraft formerly flown by the Royal New Zealand Air Force. There will also be classic aircraft, sport aircraft, gliders and RC model aircraft expected â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and the RNZAF plans to display one of the new T6C-Texan trainer aircraft, as well as the Seasprite helicopter and Hercules transport.

Fast land-based vehicles will be on static display all afternoon, with races of some of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fastest production super motorbikes, dragsters and hot rods on the 1.8km runway. The 2017 Nissan GT-R 35 is also expected to be making an appearance. Gates open at 1pm with tickets available in advance from or the gift shop at Classic Flyers. TECT cardholders can purchase tickets at discount rates through the gift shop only. TECT cards must be presented to gain the discount. People are invited to bring their own picnic or purchase food and drink on-site. Classic Flyers will have a licensed bar and food tent available. There is plenty of free parking available on-site, with public access on Seawind Lane which is off Jean Batten Drive. For more information, visit: Email: Or phone 07 5724000.

Friday 13 January 2017


The Weekend Sun

Performers gain a boost for entering tertiary education Young Bay of Plenty performers Tate Fountain, Lachlan Crane and Ethan Morse have been announced as the recipients of the 2016 Friends of Baycourt Performing Arts Youth Scholarship.

The 2016 Friends of Baycourt Performing Arts Youth Scholarship recipients Lachlan Crane, Tate Fountain and Ethan Morse. Photo: David Tauranga.

Horoscopes ARIES: A thorough investigation is necessary before you make a major job or social commitment. A Taurus or Scorpio may be stepping into the friendship picture. A family related decision may be overturned.

LIBRA: This a great week for business trips, family reunions and legal matters. The key in all areas is to do some advance planning. A career obstacle should be ignored.

TAURUS: Investigation is the keyword this week. Dig deeply and secure all the facts before drawing to conclusions or making announcements. A more adventurous approach to work may yield big results.

SCORPIO: You have a knack of expressing your thoughts through an artistic medium. An independent friend becomes less isolated and more interested in your feelings and goals.

GEMINI: An ambitious streak surfaces and you may find yourself concluding more than one key project. With creativity and empathy, you can solve a lingering friendship problem.

SAGITTARIUS: Enjoy the limelight through much of this week, but be sure to share the prestige where appropriate. Backing your ideas arrives from an unexpected source.

CANCER: Is is important to be frank so long as you are not blunt. Make a point of rehearsing your critical remarks throughout the week. Bargain hunting may be favourable through the weekend.

CAPRICORN: An extravagant streak surfaces towards the weekend. You might decide it’s time to give yourself a treat. At home or work, people listen to your ideas more closely than you think.

LEO: Romance springs forward and relationships generally thrive this week. A financial advisor may be hard to pin down. Moves, trips and correspondence may be subject to delay.

AQUARIUS: Education, both formal and informal is accented this week. Romance demands a more subtle approach, but in your career the focus is on promoting your skills and talents.

VIRGO: Loved ones tend to exaggerate, so take their promises with more than a grain of salt. Experimentation can lead to an important discovery. A self indulgent streak may surface on the weekend.

PISCES: Yours is the voice of authority at work and in the community. This is a good time for speaking your mind. In personal relationships, however, the key is to be a good listener.

Your birthday You are extremely sensitive to the feelings of loved ones. You are highly adaptable and are known this week to live in a private dream world. A conscious effort to become more assertive but no less charming can help you progress along the career and romantic paths.

The scholarship is awarded to secondary school students from the Western Bay of Plenty who are entering Tertiary Education. FOB chair Anna Finlayson-Smith says the three winners have all had high achievements in a wide diversity of the performing arts, from acting, singing, writing and dance to technical involvement, choreography and directorship. “We had eight applications put forward and it caused us a bit of a headache when it came to selecting the recipients; the level of the applications were all absolutely outstanding which made for some tough decisions. “Alongside their performing arts achievement, they’ve also held leadership roles within their schools which have incorporated skills and experience in communication, self-management and relevant

success academically.” Tate, who attended Tauranga Girls’ College, is heading to Auckland this year to begin her Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws double major along with continuing her acting involvement with the Auckland Theatre Company. Former Tauranga Boys’ College student Lachlan has been accepted to study at the New Zealand Film and Television School in Wellington. This July he’ll also head to London to perform at The Globe as part of the New Zealand Young Shakespeare Company. While Ethan, who attended Katikati College, will begin his Bachelor of Arts in theatre and philosophy at Victoria University and is keen to establish his career here in New Zealand. “Friends of Baycourt congratulates our scholarship winners and wishes them all the very best for a fine future and further success and enjoyment in the performing arts.” Friends of Baycourt supports the community and arts centre in a variety of ways, including fostering and encouraging students who intend to pursue a career in some aspect of the performing arts.

Offerings at the Tauranga Art Galley Save it for a wet day. Save it for a lunchtime, save it for time out from sport or the sun and beach. It’s the Tauranga Art Gallery and it has an interesting programme curated for the summer months. There’s ‘Whenua Hou, New Maori Ceramics’. Maori clay or uku art began in the 1980s through a small group of artists who formed Nga Kaihanga Uku, the National Maori Clay Workers Association. This exhibition features the diverse work of eight artists. It’s open until January 29, 2017. ‘Grafted’ is an exhibition of paintings of contemporary Polynesian gardens by local artist Barry Dabb. That’s open until February next year. Continuum is in the Atrium space. It’s an installation by Veronica Herber, an internationally-renowned Auckland-based artist whose medium of choice is Japanese washi tape, which resembles masking tape. That’s open until March 12, 2017. And there’s ‘Banksy – Paradox Inside’. This exciting exhibition features some of the works of internationally-acclaimed street artist, Banksy, and is being hosted in conjunction with the inaugural Tauranga Street Art Festival from March 28, 2017. For further information, visit:

Tauranga Art Gallery is on the corner of Spring and Willow streets in the city.

as ire ylinder SERVICES

The Weekend Sun

Friday 13 January Friday Night Fun Night

Come down & have some fun at Friday Fun night! Games, prizes, inflatables & more. Greerton Aquatic & Leisure Centre 5.30-7.30pm.

Trustpower Photographic Exhibition

Competition. Calling all photographers! Take a photo of this beautiful iconic landscape & be in to win a share of over $10,000 in prizes including a trip to Paris, Rome, New York or London. trustpower-photographic-exhibition

Saturday 14 January Annual Book Fair

Mount Lions & Lioness clubs need donations of good quality books, puzzles, CDs, DVDs & vinyl records for their 17th Annual Book Fair Auckland Anniversary weekend, January 2017. Drop-off points are: The Mount Mainstreet office in Phoenix carpark, Mon - Fri 8am5pm, Car Air BOP Ltd 138 Newton Street, Mount, Mon-Fri 8am-5pm or Resenes, 43 Waihi Road, Judea, MonFriday 8.30 - 4pm. For collection, Shirley 07 575 2725

Annual Book Sale

Tauranga Rotary Club looking for donations of books, records, CDs, DVDs, jigsaws & sheet music for its Easter Book Sale. For drops offs, pick ups etc, Ross 544 0817

Baypark Family Speedway

New Zealand Saloon Car Grand Prix. NZ’s best saloon car drivers travelling from all over the country to try & take to the podium at the Saloon Car Grand Prix. At ASB Baypark Stadium 6.30-10pm. Tickets: Adults $20, child $10. www.

Classics of the Sky

January 21 - Tauranga City Air Show at Classic Flyers, 9 Jean Batten Drive, Mt Maunganui 1-9pm. Starting with static aviation & vehicle displays. The air & ‘live’ display starts 4pm. Adults $25, children $15. 572 4000

face painting & a sausage sizzle, all free with entry to the pools. www. 543 3913

Petanque at Blake Park

Every Saturday - coaching & competitive play 1pm. Equip available, all levels welcome. Jo Ann 578 3606

The Rusty Mannequin January Sale

Historic Village 9am 12noon. Best selection of preloved women’s clothing ever! Top labels & reputable brands, exc. condition. Sizes 8-20. $5-$10 - cash only.

Village Market & Garage Sale

Victoria Hall, SH2, Waikino 9am. Produce, bric a brac, old china, tools & much more. A fund raiser for the community hall.

Village Radio

Community radio broadcasting from Tauranga Historic Village 1368 kHz AM. Music of 1940’s - 90’s weekends 9am - 5pm, weekdays 10am - 5pm. Specialty programmes. www. or 571 3710

Zee Market

Arts, Crafts & food market at Welcome Bay Community Hall, 250 Welcome Bay Rd 10am – 2pm.Free admission. https://www.facebook. com/Zeemarkettauranga/

Sunday 15 January A Course in Miracles Discussion

In conference room, Grindz Cafe, 50 1st Ave, Tauranga. 12pm coffee & chat. 1pm topic: The key to perfect happiness. 021 0274 2502

Bay Bible Fellowship/Lord’s Day

Worship service at Welcome Bay Primary School Hall, 309 Welcome Bay Rd 10am. Join us for our series in Jude 1:4-16 “A wrong relationship with God. Preacher: Richard Roodt. All welcome.

Bethlehem Lions Market

Held 1st & 3rd Sun of month at Historic Village, 17th Ave, Tauranga 8am - 12pm. Stallholders - booking a carpark site is essential. Email Alf


Coloursplash 2017

At Club Mt Maunganui every 1st & 3rd Sun 1-3pm.

Katikati Tramping Club


Held at Coronation Park, Mt Maunganui. Te Tuhi - Mangamuku Hut, also an easier option available. Peter 07 863 87814

Masonic Park Outdoor Movie Night

Ace Venture - When Nature Calls (PG13) 8.45pm. Bring the family & enjoy some good times under the stars watching your favourite flicks. Entry via gold coin donation with all proceeds to Wish for Fish charity. Brought to you by The Phoenix.

Messianic Meetings

Every Sat at Hillier Centre, 31 Gloucester Rd, Mt Maunganui 10am. Seek to unite together in our walk to put truth into action on a daily basis. All ages welcome. 544 7424 or 0210 226 3515

Narcotics Anonymous

Open meeting every Sat 7.308.30pm & every Sunday 7-8pm at Hanmer Clinic (behind Super Liquor) 1235 Cameron Rd, Greerton. Every Fri at Hillier Centre, 31 Gloucester Rd, Mt Maunganui 7.308.30pm. If using drugs is causing you problems, maybe we can help. 0800 NA TODAY

Oropi Hot Pools & Cafe

One year anniversary open weekend Jan 21 & 22 10am - 1pm. A range of large sides & castles, candy floss,

Friday 13 January 2017


Every Sun, Tues & Fri at Tauranga Domain, Cameron Rd 12.45pm. Peter 571 0633

Mount Papamoa Adventist Fellowship

January 22 - Speaker: Pastor Stephen Bohr, a well known Bible teacher from California. 4pm The Widow, the Judge & the Adversary. 7pm. Climate Change - is it real? ASB Baypark, 81 Truman Lane, Mount. Free admittance.

Quakers in Tauranga

In hall behind Brain Watkins House, cnr Elizabeth St/Cameron Rd 10am for an hour of mainly silent worship followed by tea/coffee & talk. 544 0448

Radio Controlled Model Yachts

Meet Sun 1.30pm & Thurs 5.30pm at pond behind 24 Montego Drive, Papamoa to sail Electron & similar 3ft long yachts, for fun. Adult beginners welcome. Graham 572 5419

Spiritual & Healing Centre

The Psychic Cafe - starts again today at Greerton Community Hall. Doors open 6.45pm for 7pm start. Spiritual, psychic & healing practitioners to meet & greet, cafe style. Door fee $10, everything else free. 578 7205 or

Sunday Funday

Games & activities for the whole family. Parents & caregivers welcome & encouraged to participate. BBQ Hire $15. Greerton Aquatic & Leisure Centre 12-3pm.

Tauranga A&P Lifestyle Show 2017

Tauranga Racecourse, Cameron Rd, Greerton 10am – 4pm. A wide variety of animals, equestrian competitions, sheep shearing, cooking demonstrations, speaker series, axemen & fun of the fair. Adult admission $10, children under 12 years free. Win $1000 cash prize to be drawn on the day plus BBQ & spot prizes. Pre purchase tickets or buy at the gate. http://www.eventfinda.

Tauranga Friendship Force

A bounty of new international travel friends. Meet 3rd Sunday monthly. Barbara 574 5711 or email: reg.

Monday 16 January Body & Soul Fun Fitness

For over 50’s, social events & guest speakers. Mon & Fri Greerton Hall Cameron Rd. Tues Wesley Church Hall, 13th Ave. Weds City Church cnr Otumoetai Rd/Sherwood St. Thurs at Tauranga Senior Citizens Hall, Norris St behind Pak n Save. All classes 9.15-10.15am. First class free. For men & women. Dianne 576 5031 Qualified Sport & Physical Recreation instructor’.

Chess Mount Maunganui

Mount RSA Chess Club every Mon at Mount RSA, 544 Maunganui Rd. Early programme 6-7.30pm during school term. Late programme 7.30pm onwards. Standard chess rules. Incl casual games. Noel 579 5412

Citizens Advice Bureau

For free, confidential information & advice about anything call in Mon -Fri 9am-5pm 38 Hamilton Street, Tauranga or Freephone 0800 367 222 or 578 1592. JP Service every Mon 1-4pm, Weds & Thurs 9 -1 1.30am & Fri 2-4pm & Migrant Clinics Tues - Fri 1-4pm. All welcome. No appointment necessary. Employments Disputes Clinic fortnightly Tues appointments necessary. New CAB Papamoa Satellite Service each Tues, Weds & Thurs 10am - 1pm weekly. All welcome, no appointment necessary.

Diabetes Help

Need help with your diabetes over the holidays? Ring our INFOLine for free confidential advice 571 3422

Harmony a Plenty Barbershop Chorus

Every Mon at Bethlehem Community Church, 183 Moffat Rd 7pm. New members welcome. Wilf 571 5576 or www.harmonyaplenty.

Let’s Learn

Do something, learn something new this year! Courses, classes, workshops, activities. Options galore on www. Shelley 544 9557

Mah Jong

Every Mon at Tauranga South Bowling Club, 11th Ave 12.45-4pm. Visitors & beginners welcome. Free teaching available. Shirley 576 0014

Meditation - Free Classes

Mon 10am & Weds 7.30pm at Bellevue. Find peace, truth & wellbeing, its right inside you. David/ Trisha 570 1204

Tauranga Rock n Roll Club Inc

Club night every Mon at Tauranga RSA, Cameron Rd, Greerton 8pm. Relaxed, social evening of dancing.

Members $3, non-members $5. Visitors welcome. Check the Facebook pages. Trina 575 7461 a/hs Change of venue now so please call/txt first. 021 110 0878

Tauranga Senior Citizens Club

Radar Dome from North Henderson & return. Grade mod, approx. 5.5hrs. Garth 575 7293

Cards, 500 & Bridge Mon & Thurs. Indoor Bowls Tues, Weds & Sat at 14 Norris St, behind Pak n Save 1-4pm. Register by 12.45pm. $2 includes afternoon tea. New members welcome.

Tauranga Mid-Week Tramping Group

Thursday 19 January Dinner in the Domain

Tuesday 17 January

At Papamoa Domain, Papamoa next to Papamoa Beach Resort 5.30-9pm.

Jan 31 - Wesley Church, 13th Ave 5.30-8.30pm. Over 25 courses & classes to sample. Free entry. 544 9557

Laugh with us through 2017. Penguin Room, Arataki Community Centre, Mt Maunganui 7-7.45pm. $3 door charge. Trish 022 036 6768 email: More FM Mount McDonalds Sand Sculpture Next to Leisure Island on the Main Beach, Mt Maunganui 10.30am. http://

Adults Learner Taster Evening

Art Class

Every Tues at Tauranga Society of Artists, 171a Elizabeth St West 7-9pm. 576 9592

Ocean Running

5k run & walk around Mauao base track every Tues. Register from 5.15pm at Mt Ocean Sports Club, Pilot Bay. $5 entry includes free drink after run/walk & chance to win spot prize. Walkers start 5.45pm, runners 6pm. Phil 021 383 354

Petanque - Tauranga/BOP Club

Every Tues & Sun at Blake Park 1pm. Equip available, all coaching given. All welcome. Jo Ann 578 3606

Significant Other Programme

Does your loved one have an addiction? Wonder what to do? How to help? Hanmer Clinic Tauranga have this programme for spouses, partners, family/whanau etc who have an addiction. 7 weekly sessions start Feb 28 at 1235 Cameron Rd, Greerton 1-3pm. Free. 579 6940 or 0800 842 426

Taoist Tai Chi

New beginners classes start Jan 31 at 15 Koromiko St, Judea 1pm & 5.30pm. Wade 021 606 133

Wednesday 18 January Age Concern Walking Group

K Mart Bethlehem Shops 10am. 578 2631


Do you play crib or would like to learn? Every Weds at Greerton RSA 1pm. Rona 578 7939

Healing Rooms

Experience God’s healing touch from Jan 18. No charge, all ages welcome. www.

LOL Laughter Wellness

Tauranga Heart Support Group

Low impact group exercise class for those with or at risk of heart & associated diseases. Every Mon & Thurs at City Church, Otumoetai Rd 9.30-10.30am. $4pp. Diana 021 0476 155

Friday 20 January Chess Tauranga

Tauranga RSA, Greerton 5-7pm, for the whole family. Longer if necessary for longer games. Incl casual games. Standard chess rules. Werner 548 1111 http:/www.

Colouring Book City

Free chalk art event as part of this series to turn Tauranga into a giant colouring book. Outside BooksAPlenty, Grey St, Tauranga 3-4.30pm. Spot prizes, book readings, chalk provided. www.facebook. com/colouringbookcity

Free Chalk Art Event

Grey St carpark between Rydal House & Paper Plus 3-4.45pm. https://www.

Pato Entertainment presents TPAIN

At ASB Arena Feb 3. Early bird tickets $59 & will go up to $79.90, tickets available from www.theticketfairy. com & limited hard copy tickets will also be available from Player @ Bayfair.

Friday 13 January 2017

The Weekend Sun


trades & services

CLASSIFIEDSECTION PH: 07 928 3042 or email these pages can be viewed online at

broken window handle? • • • • *finance available

doors • windows locks • hinges handles conservatories

for a FREE quote

07 571 4491

We Specialise in: • Continuous Spouting • All Metal & PVC Spouting systems • Long-run Roofing


• Fascia


• Repairs & Leaks • Spouting & Roof cleaning • Moss & Mold control

CONTACT JEFF Your local specialists

Call/text/e-mail us for a FREE no obligation quote Ph: 07 542 1016 Mob: 021 02051038 E-mail:

How clean is your carpet – really? If you put a white sheet on your carpet or lounge suite – how often would you have to wash it? Every day, once a week, once a month? Gary Wright from The Wright Clean says most people only clean their carpets when they look dirty – but by the time you can actually see the dirt your carpet is probably filthy. “Carpet is much more than a soft flooring covering,” says Gary. “It is the largest air filter in your home, holding soil, bacteria, pollens and chemicals. These contaminants embed themselves into the fibres of your carpet.”

Tyler, Gary, Caitlin and Beth Wright. Gary says within six months your carpet is a “chocka-block dust mite heaven”. But The Wright Clean’s non-toxic shampoo offers the perfect solution by reducing the level of allergens, neutralising spores, mould and fungus, enhancing colour and deodorising carpet at the same time, says Gary. Their quick-drying method means you can walk on your carpet straight away and the helpful team even shift your furniture for you. “By cleaning your carpets now, you can enjoy the benefit of having a clean and healthy home, helping those with asthma and allergies breathe easier.” By removing sand and grit, which damage the carpet, it also prolongs your carpet’s life and helps save you money.


The Weekend Sun

Friday 13 January 2017


trades & services BAYWIDE PLASTER & PAINT






Friday 13 January 2017

The Weekend Sun


trades & services



appliance services


Administration Services

For prompt, efficient, professional service

call Vivienne on 07 579 9130 email


93 Wharf Street, Tauranga

dreams bop

xterior wash

We can help make them come true

FSP 176104

You have

0800 34 62 63 | 174 DEVONPORT ROAD, TAURANGA | (07) 578 7717 FREE QUOTES!

Terms and conditions apply. Subject to Linsa Finance lending criteria and responsible lending guidelines. All loans must be approved and drawn down in our branch. Establishment and account maintenance fees apply.

The Weekend Sun

Friday 13 January 2017


funeral services




Incl GST

computer services

financial Need something new? Cash loans from $200 - $20,000

1262 Cameron Road, Greerton, Tauranga

FSP20381- IF22602TWS

situations vacant

situations vacant

Friday 13 January 2017

The Weekend Sun


health & beauty

lost & found pets


cars wanted


public notices Buyers of Damaged, Unloved & Unwanted Vehicles

Great NZ People who are Honest Vehicle Buyers Follow us on Facebook

0800 382 828

public notices



MP FOR BAY OF PLENTY Simon Bridges MP and Todd Muller MP will meet with constituents most Fridays in their electorate offices. Appointments necessary. Hon Simon Bridges MP Todd Muller MP A: 35A Third Avenue, Tauranga 3110 | P: 07 579 9016 A: 3/9 Domain Road, Papamoa | P: (07) 542 0505 E: E: Authorised by Hon Simon Bridges (35A Third Avenue, Tauranga) and Todd Muller (3/9 Domain Road, Papamoa)

DON’T GET TRIPPED UP by life’s roadblocks

Choose to keep moving with our wide range of Mobility Scooters • 4 Quality brands • FREE Home trials • FREE Comprehensive training • FREE 3 Years AA roadside rescue • First service at half price • Funding options available

Choose Life... Choose Life Unlimited! Freephone 0800 008 011 160 Devonport Road, Tauranga

Life Unlimited Charitable Trust

real estate


SPACE? Ideal as an extra bedroom or home office Three convenient sizes: standard 3.6m x 2.4m - $70pw large 4.2m x 2.4m - $85pw xtra-large 4.8m x 2.4m - $100pw Fully insulated with lockable ranchslider, large window, power, security lights, curtains, carpet, smoke alarm & even a small deck. Minimum 6 month rental period. Visit our display cabin at: 17 Plummers Point Road, WHAKAMARAMA or 159 Jellicoe Road, TE PUKE or call for a free brochure.

The Weekend Sun

RUN ON LISTINGS THIS WEEKS GARAGE SALES! judea 10 CHESTER STREET Saturday 14th. Starts 9am and not before. Household items.

mt maunganui 17 ABELIA AVE Saturday 14th 8.30am. Household clearance, moving house.

JUST $20+gst with FREE signs & price stickers! accommodation HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION Romantic, separate, selfcontained accommodation with a touch of luxury. Rural location 5 minutes from Hobbiton. Sleeps up to four. Continental breakfast included. Phone 021 0595 185

bible digest FOR THE ENTIRE LAW is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbour as yourself.” - Galatians 5:14

cars for sale CAR FAIR – buy or sell any vehicle every Sunday at 11th Avenue Car park opposite Mad Butcher 8am-noon. Ph for more information 027 733 9686 or

computers COMPUTER GETTING you down? Problems, viruses, upgrades, internet, new or refurb PC’s tuition, or advice. Ph Bruce for a no obligation chat or quote 576 7940 or 021 260 9183 FREE ON SITE DIAGNOSIS & quote. We come to you. Pensioner discounts. Ph Kyle at Tech Solutions 027 828 7078

Friday 13 January 2017


curriculum vitae

health & beauty

NEED A C.V.? Don’t let your C.V. get lost amongst all the others. I can help you stand out on paper. A C.V. For You can provide you with a personal and professional touch. From scratch or updating existing ones. Check out samples on or Ph/text on 021 27 27 912

NATURAL NEW ZEALAND Health Products & Clinic. Something for everyone. NZ Registered Natural Therapies & Natural Medicine Practitioners. Opposite BP Te Puke. Ph 573 5533 www.naturaltherapiesnz. com and

entertainment TAURANGA TANDEM SKYDIVING best buzz in the Bay! Gift vouchers available. Ph 574 8533 today

for sale BUNK BEDS – solid timber. Great condition and can be used as single beds also. Bed frames and ladder only. Check out Trademe: 1239195442 Or text Kathy on 027 211 9193

gardening ABLE GARDENER, experienced, effi cient, knowledgeable, highly qualifi ed. Maintenance, pruning, hedges, shrubs, roses; disease/pest control, lifestyle blocks, garden renovations; design & plant. Ph Tita 027 654 8781 or a/h 542 0120 LAWNMOWING HONEST reliable operator. Mulch or catch + edges done from only $20. Ph/txt Peter 027 201 2886 or 575 9903

health & beauty FINGERS & TOES Fingernail/ Toenail cutting; in your own home; specialise in elderly. Qualifi ed health professional; Affordable rate; Ph Sheryle 07 883 7663 or 021 878 693. Leave message if no answer I will call back.

business opportunity

livestock AC PETFOODS collect injured & unwanted cows & horses. Ph 800 369 6269

lost & found FOUND KITTENS VARIOUS areas, various colours Ph SPCA 07 578 0245 Found black male adult medium haired cat, Gate Pa area Ref: 84185 Ph SPCA 07 578 0245 Found black and white young male pup, Gate Pa area, Ref: 84195 Ph SPCA 07 578 0245 Found two male puppies, one brindle one black and white, Gate Pa area, Ref: 83982/83983 Ph SPCA 07 578 0245

property wanted PRIVATE CASH HOME buyer preferably Pillans Point, Matua, Bethlehem. Ph 576 6364

public notice GRACED OPP SHOP OPENING The new Graced Opp Shop & Espresso Bar will be opening this Monday 16th. Cnr 11th Ave & Christopher St. Come and check us out!

trades & services

trades & services

APPLIANCE REPAIRS For service of all Fisher & Paykel, Haier and Elba appliances, Ph 0800 372 273 for your local technician.

paint at trade prices. For your best advice in all areas. Ph Shane Mount/Tauranga Decorators 07 544 6495 or 021 575 307

APPLIANCE REPAIRS Qualifi ed professional service to most brands of whiteware. Servicing Mt Maunganui, Papamoa and Te Puke. Pensioner discounts available. Ph 542 0540 or 021 426 978

PAINTING & DECORATING Exterior & Interior Painting Gurus, Roof Painting, High quality workmanship, prompt service, fully insured, satisfaction guaranteed, get the A Team @ Fresh Coats Painting. Ph 022 421 4261

BOAT BUILDING repairs and maintenance. Timber & fi breglass trade qualifi ed, boat builder. Ph Shaun 021 992 491 or 07 552 0277 BRYCE DECORATING Interior & exterior painting, wallpapering. Quality work. Ph Wayne 579 5588 or 021 162 7052 ELECTRICIAN, 18+ years experience, NZ registered. Residential & commercial, maintenance & service, new builds, renovations. Fast, friendly service. Ph Andrew 022 354 1960 HANDYMAN BUILDING and section maintenance, decks, fencing, pergolas, painting, water blasting, odd jobs. Free quotes Ph Rossco 027 270 3313 or 544 5911

PLASTERING, INTERIOR WALLS & ceilings. Tradesman 30yrs exp. Skimming, painting prep. Small jobs OK. Ph Murray 027 266 5657 ROOF REPAIRS free quotes for all maintenance of leaking roofs, gutter cleaning & repairs. Chimney maintenance & repairs. Registered roofer, 30yrs exp. Ph Peter 542 4291 or 027 436 7740 STANDARD HEATPUMP CLEAN and Sanitise $69 - Premium Clean $99. All technicians drug and police checked. Ph Airify on 0800 247 439 TILER 30 YEARS + experience, qualified in all aspects of tiling. Available now! Ph 0204 0864 211

situations vacant

INSECT SCREENS Measure. Make. Mend. Ph Rob at Magic Seal 543 4940

TREE SHRUB and hedges trimming, topping removal, rubbish removal, palm pruning or removal, satisfaction guaranteed free quote. Ph Steve Hockly 571 5958 or 027 498 1857

BARRISTA & BAKER/MENU COOK required – two positions available at The Burnt Fig Café. Call Shelley for details on 027 294 6936

PAINTER/DECORATOR Interior and Exterior, quality workmanship friendly services. Over 20 years specialising in residential and more. Quality

”A A A” – WISHING YOU ALL A HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR 2017. Tour we have coming up are our early 2017 FEATURE

travel & tours

travel & tours


TOUR being the “2017 Autumn South Island Tour”, this is a great trip with so much to see, and do. Seats are limited and we are taking bookings now. Or maybe our North Island Train Trip which is a great couple days away. Contact us for full details, and to chat about our other unique trips we have coming up. Including for your Free Tour Newsletter. We provide door to door service (we will pick you up, and take you home again after tours). Ph Hinterland Tours Team on 575 8118 or 027 235 7714 NO 8 TOURS NEW ZEALAND’S SENIOR TRAVEL CLUB Happy New Year to all. Come & be involved this summer with one of our Friendly Tours. (1) January 20th 5 Days; Beautiful Abel Tasman, Nelson & French Pass (seats available on request). (2) January 30th 4 Days; Rangitoto Island & Kawau Island Cruises. (3) February 7th 4 Days; Highden Manor Estate Garden. (4) February

travel & tours

venues FOR WEDDINGS, FUNCTIONS OR MEETINGS+ check out No.1 The Strand, a beautiful historic setting. Email: kim@ or www. WEDDINGS, PARTIES, MEETINGS etc - The perfect venue. With stunning Harbour views, fully licensed bar & kitchen onsite. Restaurant open every Friday from 5pm & Sunday from 4.30pm, kids under 12 years dine free with every paying adult. Tauranga Fish & Dive Club, 60 Cross Rd, Sulphur Point. Ph 571 8450

wanted to buy FOX FURS, VINTAGE clothes, hats and blazers. Art Deco attire. Ph 576 9799

Crash! Bang! Screech! The SunLive Baypark Demolition Derby last Saturday was a blur of fast vehicles and crashing cars. SunMedia’s Kathy Sellars participated in the demo derby but sadly her car ‘Stinga’ ‘Stinga’ putted putted out. out.

Be your own boss

Kane Milson looks relaxed before hitting the racecourse.

EarnÊwellÊaboveÊtheÊaverageÊindustryÊwage. CommercialÊÊcleaningÊÊisÊÊoneÊÊofÊÊtheÊÊmostÊ secureÊandÊrewardingÊbusinessesÊtoÊbeÊin. CrestCleanÊareÊindustryÊleadersÊwithÊmoreÊ thanÊ500ÊfranchiseÊownersÊservicingÊoverÊ3500Ê customers.ÊForÊourÊfranchiseÊowners,ÊweÊ provideÊinternationallyÊrecognisedÊtrainingÊ

Brayden Smith’s car taunts other drivers with ‘HIT ME’ in pink spraypaint.

programmesÊandÊlocalÊsupport.ÊIncomeÊis paidÊtwiceÊaÊmonthÊforÊyourÊwork,Êguaranteed. ThereÕsÊnoÊsellingÊorÊinvoicing...ÊCrestCleanÊ managesÊtheÊcustomers,ÊandÊyourÊGSTÊandÊ annualÊaccountsÊareÊdoneÊforÊyouÊtoo.

CallÊusÊforÊanÊInformationÊPackÊnow 0800Ê273Ê780ÊorÊgoÊtoÊ

Mitchell Lowe in car 7 and Toni Lowe in ‘flower power’ number 8.

Main photo: Crash Bandicoot Kayla Richidson.


16th 4 Days; Napier Art Deco Weekend. Free Door to Door service, Day Trips, Shows & Free colour catalogue: Ph. No 8 Tours team on 579 3981 or Email

The cars revving to go.

Friday 13 January 2017


The Weekend Sun

Weekend sun 13 january 2017  

Weekend Sun 13 January 2017

Weekend sun 13 january 2017  

Weekend Sun 13 January 2017