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Outdoor bliss Created with New Zealand in mind

This is the time of year when we start to get a taste of the summer days ahead and remember how blissful the feeling of warm sun is. Having the right outdoor furniture to help you to get the most out of the warmer months makes all the difference. Outdoor settings are a place for family and friends to gather, a place for entertaining and for relaxation, and the Design Depot in Mount Maunganui has your Kiwi summer in mind with their brand new outdoor collections. The exclusive Cove and Coast ranges are both designed in New Zealand and are crafted with only the finest materials, specially selected to withstand our unique and often extreme elements. “We know the importance of quality when it comes to outdoor furniture,” says Kylie from The Design Depot. “The New Zealand sun is amongst the harshest in the world.” The Cove outdoor furniture range is produced in Indonesia, alongside some of the most premium outdoor brands in the world. With a design process that draws inspiration from the New Zealand lifestyle, architecture and indigenous traditions, Cove pieces will elevate your outdoor area and

Flex ˜ seater

Flex dining table

make your vision a reality. Cove have a number of standout pieces The Flex Sofa from their Flex Collection came out of their first collaboration with Auckland designer Ben Glass. Crafted using teak to create a shape that gives a surprising lightness of form, this piece is sure to impress. The Helena collection features CKDMemoryRope, made from polyolefin threads woven to look like a rope. It is one of the latest trends in outdoor furniture materials, and with a soft elastic you’ll feel instantly relaxed. The Kora sofa also features CKDMemoryRope, providing a gorgeous look and strength. The inspiration behind this rope design was the handmade netting woven around bamboo or wooden frames that has long been used in New Zealand for crayfishing. For a modern twist on the classic teak version, there’s the Hamilton Alu Compact outdoor couch - a perfect fit for contemporary surroundings. Featuring a powder coated aluminium frame and quick drying foam, this piece will be your new favourite, and is available in charcoal. Coast pairs luxury with durability. With the majority of their products being handmade right here in New Zealand to the highest possible standards, you can be assured you’re getting the very best. As the name suggests, Coast bring a distinctive style that is inspired by seaside living to create

Helena dining setting

timeless pieces. The award-winning luxury outdoor beanbags are quintessential to the Coast range. All beanbags are designed and made in New Zealand from marine grade Sunbrella brand fabric, and are guaranteed against fading and deterioration. This pursuit of quality has seen them develop a worldwide reputation for excellence and luxury. The Marine Bean Chair is an outdoor piece that is perfect for relaxing, whether it’s on the lawn, around the pool or down at the beach. The Cove and Coast collections were created to bring you enjoyment summer after summer, and the uncompromising quality of these collections is unmatched. The Design Depot stand by these ranges and both come with a five-year warranty. “We’re very lucky to live here in the Bay - one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand – and we’ve got just the outdoor furniture to complement that,” says Kylie.

Kora ˜ seater

“We love getting to know our customers and helping them to find the look they’re after.” Head in store to browse the collection at The Design Depot. To view the stunning ranges visit the Mount Maunganui store, at 13 Totara Street, or the Hamilton store, at 52 Alexandra Street. For more information, call: 07 572 0215.

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Top carpentry apprentices Sam Pulis, Cameron Diack and Joshua Hill The judges have made their decision, naming carpentry apprentice Sam Pulis as the Bay of Plenty Central Plateau Registered Master Builders CARTERS 2018 Apprentice of the Year. The 23-year-old from Tauranga trained through the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation and is employed by Gudsell Designer Homes Ltd. Sam impressed the judges with the skills he had learned from his apprenticeship. “Sam entered the competition in 2017,” say the judges, “and in the past year he has set goals to gain knowledge and experience to take out the win in 2018. He has taken his building knowledge and project leadership abilities to another level.” Sam was awarded a range of fantastic products and tools, $2000 to spend at CARTERS and a spot on an Outward Bound Course. Second place in the regional competition was awarded to 22-year-old Cameron Diack from Tauranga, who is employed by Jones Builders Ltd. Third place was awarded to 19-year-old Joshua Hill from Tauranga, who is employed by Federation Homes. This year, apprentices put their skills to the test in the first ever regional practical challenge. Apprentices were judged on their initial entry submission, with the top ten in each region progressing to an interview with the judging panel and an onsite visit where contestants discussed their project.

Judges said Sam has a high level of industry knowledge and skill at this stage of his career. “Sam’s determination to succeed in everything he does is clear and evident,” they said. “Knowledge, ability and drive have set him up for a bright future.” Registered Master Builders chief executive David Kelly says that Apprentice of the Year showcases the attractiveness of a career in the trades. “Apprenticeships offer the chance to earn as you learn and be a part of an industry with strong job prospects and opportunities for growth,” says David. “With the construction skills shortage currently facing the building and construction industry, the value of an apprenticeship has never been higher.” Sam will now compete against the winners from the other nine regions at the national competition in Auckland this November. Each finalist will undergo a 45-minute interview with a national judging panel. They will then compete in a practical carpentry challenge, the product of which will be donated to a local charity. The practical challenge is held on November 9 at the ASB Showgrounds and will be open to the public. The competition is taking place alongside the Auckland Build Expo, which will bring together industry professionals and leaders from across the construction sector. The winner of the Registered Master Builders CARTERS 2018 Apprentice of the Year will be announced at an awards dinner on November 9. Rosalie Liddle Crawford

Sam Pulis, Cameron Diack and Joshua Hill


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Quartz, fossils and good times Bryce the gemstone hunter I met Bryce Cooper one day, and somehow we got talking about gemstones, minerals, and the local club he belonged to. It sounded fascinating.

Bryce Cooper and Robert Peachman

Months later I was at Tauranga Historic Village, and found myself wandering into the building that houses the Tauranga Gem and Mineral Club. There’s a shop, clubrooms and a workroom behind. All around me on shelves and tables were spectacular displays. Necklaces, an antique bottle collection, buckets of obsidian from Taupo, polished stones at ‘three for a dollar’, keyrings, Canadian jade and New Zealand pendants made from jade. There were lots of trays and bins with different kinds of rocks sorted into their various types – gemstones for sale, quartz from Coromandel, rose quartz from Australia, carnelian, spectacular crystals and fossils. Bryce and his friend Robert Peachman were on duty running the shop. “We volunteer in the shop on Wednesdays,” says Bryce. “It’s open Monday to Saturday plus market days, mostly 10am to 3pm. Sometimes it can be very quiet here in the village, like in the winter when it’s pouring with rain. But other times it’s very busy.” At that moment a large group flock into the shop and he turns to serve them. I retreat to the back to chat with Robert, who has been coming to the club since he moved from Auckland about 12 years ago. We check out the fluorescent room that houses

rocks brought up from deep in the ground. Pinks, purples, greens, oranges, plus lots of laughter as we find our teeth have turned ultra-white under the light. Robert lives with a disability that affects his right arm and leg due to a severe injury suffered in a car accident when he was 11-years-old. “The guy who ran into us had three times the alcohol limit. None of our family died,” says Robert. “My father was hurt though, irreversibly. “He couldn’t work after that.” Bryce is having a busy morning, with many visitors coming into the shop to browse and ask questions, but he finds a moment to talk about their love of gemstones. “Robert likes making things out of stone and has his own workshop,” says Bryce. “He operates a few machines, so we spend time in his workshop as well as coming to the club nights.” The club nights run on the second Monday of each month, catering for juniors at 6pm, followed by seniors at 7.30pm. There are workshop nights every Tuesday for anyone interested in lapidary activities. I decided to go along and see what this lapidary was about. I was pleasantly surprised to find Ariel Golan busy cutting and polishing a stone. “I didn’t know you belonged to this club!” I said. He smiled back at me with pure joy through his face mask. “I have been a member of the club for a week,” he replies. “I heard about it when I walked around the village. I thought it would be a great opportunity to

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“It’s fascinating. For me it’s relaxing. Touching the stone and feeling the earth and connecting. I love it”

meet other people who love and enjoy it.” He looks like he’s been there for years, with water sluicing over his hands as he competently holds the small square stone to the grinder. “This club offers so much,” he says. “Not just through the workshops here on the Tuesdays, but also meetings on Mondays and once a month on Wednesdays. “Once a month there is a field trip where we go out and pick up rocks, then come here and tap them open. It’s fascinating. For me it’s relaxing. “Touching the stone and feeling the earth and connecting. I love it.” Nearby, Raymond Schroder, Chase Voigt and Luke Voigt are engrossed, looking closely at what looks like an ordinary rock. They hold smaller, more polished rocks shot with crystal streaks and patterns. I can see the magic of it. Carol Whiu is busy in the club room working on a viking weave. Heidi Scott has brought along her three children, Corey and Blake both age six, and Miley aged eight. They are each wearing earphones, and holding their own rocks. ‘Good Times’ is on the front of each of the twins’ sweatshirts. The next day I find myself leaning over to look at a random rock on the ground during a walk out to Moturiki Island. I wonder where it came from, and what’s hidden inside? The club runs field trips to places like Kawhia, Kauaeranga Valley, Puriri Stream, Kaimai Range, Paeroa, Te Aroha and other places, to hunt for rocks, minerals and fossils.

Ariel Golan

Corey, Blake and Miley Scott

Rock hounds, gemstone hunters, geologists – the club is open to both the younger and older generation, and to all levels of expertise and knowledge. I’ve learned that prospective members are invited to attend one meeting or a field trip as guests before applying for membership of the club, and visitors are welcome. The club is hosting the National Show at Tauranga Racecourse from October 12-14, so I think I’ll go and check that out too. Rosalie Liddle Crawford


Raymond Schroder, Chase Voigt and Luke Voigt


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Recipe from

Christmas Cake It’s that time of the year again when we should be thinking about getting our Christmas cakes put away to mature for the holidays and festivities. Get everything you need to make your cake at Vetro, where you’ll find top-quality ingredients including a great fruit cake mix and a huge range of dried fruits and nuts all at an excellent price. Whilst many of you will have your favourite Christmas cake recipe, below is an easy version that anybody can make. This cake is dark and moist as you “keep it tipsy” right up until December 25. Packed full of fruit and spices, plus a bit of peel, it is a great version of the traditional Christmas cake. Ingredients 125g butter 3/4 cup muscovado sugar 1kg fruit cake mix (you’ll get a beautiful, moist mix packed with all the good bits from Vetro) ½ cup of sherry/port/brandy/whisky/ rum (pick your favourite flavour) The juice and zest of one orange and one lemon 2 tsp mixed spice

1 tsp cinnamon ¼ tsp ground cloves 1 tsp baking soda 2 tbsp date syrup 3 eggs 1 tsp vanilla extract 225g plain flour 1 tsp baking powder 1 tbsp of mixed fruit peel

Method In a saucepan over a medium heat, cook the butter, muscovado sugar, fruit cake mix, juice and zest, alcohol of your choice, spices, baking soda and date syrup, stirring often for 10 minutes. Then, leave to cool completely. Heat the oven to 150ºC and line a 20cm-deep cake tin with a double layer of baking paper. Wrap a double layer of brown paper around the outside and tie with string. Beat the eggs with vanilla extract and mix through the fruit mixture. Sift the flour and baking powder and mix through fruit, adding in the peel. Spoon into the tin and smooth the top. Bake in the middle of the oven for two hours or until done. While still warm, poke holes into the top and spoon over two tablespoons of whatever alcohol you choose. When completely cooled, wrap well in cling film, then aluminium foil. Store in a cool, dry place. Every two weeks, open the cake and spoon more alcohol over until two weeks prior to eating. In order to let the top dry, don’t add alcohol in the last two weeks prior to icing. Ice and decorate as you please.

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Benaiah Dunn Middlemarch, directing and the future Last year, Benaiah Dunn, his younger brother Thomas and their team of actors from Middlemarch were placed second in the International Youth Silent Film Festival New Zealand Regional competition. Their film The Chase collected three out of the five awards at the Tauranga ceremony, held at Baycourt. Following this, Benaiah had the opportunity to travel overseas to take part in the IYSFF global awards show in Portland in the United States. Although unable to go to the international competition, he won second place, beating out films from a host of other countries. “It was a good surprise,” says Benaiah, who travelled up to Tauranga earlier this year to take part in an IYSFF workshop at Baycourt. “We weren’t expecting it. “When we made that film, we started with the music and worked out where all the high points were - where it sped up and slowed down. “We also watched a lot of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin skits and tried to see what we could copy. The stunt work was a big thing that we thought we could try.” The Buster Keaton-inspired film featured a chase through Middlemarch township before a desperate climb on to a nearby bridge. Benaiah took over as the main actor’s stunt double, and dangled by his arms from a bridge.

“It was a reasonable drop below the bridge,” says Benaiah, downplaying the death-defying distance. “We ran a rope down my arm to a harness, and then ran the rope along the bridge to an anchor point. “It was safe - it just looks a bit sketchy.” Benaiah says they had seven actors, with another half a dozen or so people helping out. “It was a pretty quick film. “Originally we didn’t have the story, so we had to film some more at the end. “We were going to have it about the stunts, and then we realised we needed a narrative so added that in later on.” Benaiah has entered a new film in the 2018 International Youth Silent Film Festival, which his team had started working on prior to him attending the Tauranga workshop. “It’s a different crew this time,” he says. “For The Chase, I used a small hand-held camera. “I bought a camera with last year’s prize money - a Panasonic HCX 1. That was really handy and everyone was keen to put the prize money towards a camera.” A Year 12 student at Taieri College, he has one more year of secondary schooling to go, with his sights set on the Southern Institute of Technology. “I’d be keen to get into directing,” he admits, “so I’d look at studying at SIT. I’d be keen to get into the industry and directing.” Rosalie Liddle Crawford

100% NZ MADE

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Where history meets art Exploring new stories at The Elms In 1839, Archdeacon Brown built the first wooden structure in the Te Papa mission station settlement – a library to house his precious books.

Tauranga Art Gallery director Karl Chitham and Andrew Gregg, Manager of The Elms Te Papa Tauranga.

Photos: Bruce Barnard

It’s also New Zealand’s first library, but I only recently discovered that the last resident-owner of the property, Duff Maxwell, had dug out a large hidden room under the library. Originally it was a simple small bolt hole under a trapdoor to shelter the residents in times of danger. In this enlarged basement, Duff had stashed great stacks of The Weekly News. I went to have a peek and found soft pink light glowing up from below. Why was it pink? Why was this room, once decidedly masculine, now emanating a more feminine feel? Artist and weaver Maureen Lander was also inspired by this story about Duff, and when asked to be part of The Rooms exhibition, decided to give a personal glimpse into the lives of some of those who had lived on the property. Alfred Brown’s voice has resounded across decades of The Elms history - telling, and now it was time to hear from others who had stayed there. During the late 1800s and early 1900s, the slightly pink covers of The Weekly News were soaked-out by Maori weavers to dye muka and lacebark in various shades of pink. Maureen has recreated the flax fibre purses, and captured moments in time from the various women of the house, linking them to the past and present

using a variety of textiles and objects. Around the room are gentle reminders of the sewing bees, fetes and daily activities that went on over these years. I went to explore the rest of The Elms and its temporary transformation bringing together contemporary art practice with history. None other than Tauranga Art Gallery director Karl Chitham was my guide. The Rooms exhibition has been exciting the Tauranga public over the last couple of months. Each of the six rooms in the house, and the library, has been transformed by artists who have created installations and art pieces to give us a window view into the past. A collaboration between The Elms Foundation and Tauranga Art Gallery, this quite thrilling exhibition displays seven commissioned projects by Maureen Lander, Vita Cochran, Matthew McIntyre Wilson, Crystal Chain Gang, Emily Siddell and Stephen Bradbourne, John Roy and Gavin Hurley. Each artist has entered their chosen room, listened to the stories and voices from the past, and captured a moment, idea, person, artefact, story or theme, fleshing it out to bring us a new fresh look and greater understanding of the people and the lives they lived. Much has been heard of Archdeacon Brown, but what of all the other people who have lived here over the years? Alice Maxwell, who was bequeathed the property in 1887, carved the frames of the pictures in the front entrance room. Inspired by this, artist Emily Siddell


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“Much has been heard of Archdeacon Brown, but what of all the other people who have lived here over the years?”

has carved her own designs into a series of slipcast jugs that sit on the stairs. Nearby, a dinner set with acorn decorations, referring to the oak tree in the garden, has an ash glaze made from the pruned branches of the same oak tree ash tree. This room has two exterior doors. Guests would enter through one, receive their dinner, and go out through the other door to eat together on the lawn. In the blue bedroom, Gavin Hurley was inspired by a portrait of Dorcas Sophia Baker, thought to have been drawn by Charlotte Brown. Hanging in the pale blue-grey room, this portrait shares wall space with intricate paper collages and monochromatic contemporary styled versions of Dorcas, giving a sense of the stoic resilience of early settler life in colonial Tauranga. The Master Bedroom was my favourite. Vita Cochran has used embroidery and applique to create what she describes as a “textile graphic novel” that plucks out the key highlights and events of the life of Euphemia Maxwell, who lived at The Elms for over 30 years with her daughters Alice and Edith. There is no ambiguity or random abstract idea to try and grasp here – it’s all perfectly clear that this story also includes the stunning quilt that overlays the four-poster bed. Karl also delighted in telling me of the incredible coincidences that happened during the creation of this room with the gown, underside of the quilt and suitcases. I’ll not spoil the treat. Readers can go and find out for themselves.

John Roy’s drawing room makeover is at first glance amusing, and then you hear from the guides what the moving back story is to this unique display of ceramic figures wearing oversized top hats. There are still so many untold stories and people who frequented The Elms, and he has ingeniously captured these in quite an unusual way. He’s also caught aspects of the role Alfred Brown undertook during his life. It’s quirky, fun and evokes strong emotions as you want to reach through the turned canvases to the unknown stories. Duff ’s room provides more stunning moments, as the rolled copper and silver wire woven samplers that Matthew McIntyre Wilson has made weave wonderfully into their own place amongst Duff ’s collection of artefacts. The remaining room is one of celebration. The Dining Room has a large display of glass created by


the Crystal Chain Gang – glass artists Jim Dennison and Leanne Williams. The exhibition is open 11am – 3pm daily at The Elms Te Papa Tauranga and runs until October 24. Rosalie Liddle Crawford


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A life of music Jock the Singing Cowboy Recently, Tauranga had a visit from The Singing Cowboy – Jock Hume – and I met up with him in Greerton Village. “I thought you had gone into retirement?” I joked with him. I knew he’d planned to finish performing in February 2017. “Oh yeah, I put great effort into trying to retire but it wasn’t enough,” says Jock. “I’m afraid that after three months, I was bored. “Music has always been with me, it’s a part of me. I started this job in 1970, some 48 years ago. I knew I’d found what I wanted in life. The family was happy, I was happy, and I made other people happy.” He boasts an extensive repertoire of country songs, including classics from Jim Reeves, Slim Dusty and Charley Pride. The country and western musician was recognised for his talent in 2005 when he received an “Unsung Hero” certificate from the Variety Artists Club of New Zealand. “So why did you go into retirement when you were so happy doing what you love?” I ask. “I was just so disillusioned with the way the country was going,” says Jock. “The phone wasn’t ringing, there was no mail coming in and nothing was happening. So I thought ‘I’ve had enough, I’ll give up’.

“But giving up was the most fatal thing to do. I realised that I’d be lost without my music. I went out and did bush walking, watched movies, tried swimming, went on tours around Auckland and visited art exhibitions, but music was always there in the background.” He decided to don his cowboy hat, pick up his guitar and head out to sing once again. Jock doesn’t use a mobile phone or email, so he’s only contactable by landline phone before 10am, because he’s out busking every day. “I go busking all over New Zealand,” he says. “I’ve been here before, busking in Greerton on Saturday mornings. “I haven’t been here for a little while, so it’s really nice to see Greerton again and everyone here is very nice to me.” He’d arrived in town by bus from Auckland. “It was a terribly rough bus trip,” he explains. “I’ve never known a bus driver to travel so fast. They were cutting corners and had to break suddenly, with motorists cutting in front of him. “All my gear went flying. “I’m the big seven-oh now,” says Jock. “I started when I was 23, and that was in 1970, so 48 years later I’m still going.” He sure is. Rosalie Liddle Crawford

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