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21 August, 2015

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life+style The Weekend Sun 21 2015 3 August, 2018

Inspired by art Art and flavour collide in sensational style for this year’s Ora King Salmon Awards.

Life + Style has a $100 voucher for an Ora King-inspired dinner at both Trinity Wharf and Mount Bistro to give away to lucky readers, simply enter online at Entries must be received before Wednesday, August 29.

The region has several restaurants featuring the outstanding Ora King Salmon. Tauranga’s Trinity Wharf – Halo, Mt Bistro, Postbank, Phil’s Place, Takara, Momo, Waihi Beach Hotel. We were curious to see how the entrants would interpret this year’s challenge. It was a pleasure to visit chefs Stuart at Trinity Wharf and Stephen at Mount Bistro. The Ora King Awards celebrate innovation, creativity and craftsmanship among chefs who are at the top of their game. The competition is open to chefs in New Zealand, Australia, North America and Japan who list Ora King on their menu. This year’s brief is to take inspiration from a piece of art, across any medium, and interpret this as an Ora King dish. The challenge inspires new levels of creativity, focus on plate appeal, and place Ora King as the hero. Artistic interpretation can be literal or abstract and embraces any creative medium such as visual, performance, aural or poetry.

Trinity Wharf

Trinity Wharf Executive Chef Stuart Perry describes his entry dish named Auroa of Kings: “This year’s entry was met with excitement and trepidation as our inspiration had to come from a piece of art. I had chosen three to my short list, a portrait of my family farm painted by my late grandmother, a landscape water colour of Catherine Creek by aboriginal artist Albert Namatjira, a piece of street art graffiti by Heesco showcasing five world leading chefs in a laneway in Melbourne. It was the latter which I had chosen to go with. It influenced my dish in several ways, these were visual, thoughts, memories and ideology.

With these four foundations I began breaking each down into techniques, flavours and visual concepts. I kept the dish light, with a sense of earthiness as each laneway has its own “personality”, with the art itself it is refined graffiti yet in a rough laneway setting. I wanted to create a refined dish which would suit being plated in a raw and organic manner. “Auora of Kings” was created to showcase the essence of each chef, I took their ideology, so Heston was the questioning of the plating and presentation, Joan Roca one of the pioneers for deconstruction plating of dishes, Massimo Bottura on wastage and utilising ingredients, Ben Shewry memories and Daniel Humm “Make it nice”. The dish utilises the whole of the Ora king Salmon, starting with the middle I cured the salmon fillet in coffee and chipotle to showcase how robust the salmon is in accepting flavour. Pieces of black garlic are dotted around then it is wrapped in beetroot cured belly and finished with crispy skin the crackers are the scratching’s from the salmon frame and the artichoke puree is made with the frame to enhance the richness.” Thanks Stuart, we absolutely loved every little intricate detail of your dish particularly the crackers. Your hand painted plates were an amazing back drop to your creation.

Mount Bistro

Multi Award winning chef Stephen Barry from Mount Bistro describes his dish: “The piece of art inspiring this year’s Ora King Salmon creation is my cousin Albert McCarthy, a prominent Maori artist. He describes his artwork as two works that complement one another, or you could say, they are one in the same. In keeping with the spirt of the artwork I am using sustainable fresh local and foraged ingredients. I have used the artist’s colour palate to influence the

3 August, 2018

life+style The Weekend Sun 3

The Ora King Salmon Awards dishes flavour palate and have recreated the artwork on a plate. I have used many iconic Kiwi ingredients and incorporated them with the dishes component. ‘Ora King, the art of salmon’ (my dish) Confit of Ora King Salmon with avocado oil, lime, fennel pollen, harakeke seeds, Jerusalem artichoke cremeux, jellied tamarillo salmon broth, tamarillo hollandaise espuma, truffle, purple kumara mojito sauce, beet crisp. The salmon is filleted, skinned then sliced slices on an angle to give a cut of similar shape to the artwork. The salmon is then rubbed with fennel pollen foraged in the heat of summer. The salmon is semi-cured in a dry brine. The salmon is vacuumed in a bag with local avocado oil and lime zest then poached in a sous vide. After poaching the salmon is dipped into crushed harkeke seeds and seared, to form a crisp blackened layer where the skin once was. Foraged Jerusalem artichokes are poached, pureed blended with crème fraiche and spices then set with agar agar. A broth is made from the salmon bodies. This is reduced to intensify the flavour and mixed with tamarillo pulp and set with gelatine on top of the artichoke cremeaux. A beetroot is waffle cut and slow baked while being weighted between baking paper to create beetroot crisps. Purple kumara is baked whole, peeled and pureed with mint, Bacardi, and lime to make a sauce. A tuille garnish is made with crushed harakeke seeds, artichoke puree, isomalt and coconut sugar. A crumb is made with spices and crushed flax seeds.”

Thanks Stephen we absolutely loved the use of the artists colour palate in this dish. So many elements all cleverly constructed to interpret the artwork. This dish is currently on the menu at Mt Bistro and is absolutely a stunner. Good luck to all our local entrants this year. I can only say the patience, and detail that goes into these dishes is incredible.

Stephen Barry from Mount Bistro

What makes Ora King different?

New Zealand’s own Ora King Salmon is revered around the world by discerning chefs. Ora King Salmon are grown sustainably in the deep, cool waters of the Marlborough Sounds. With worldwide demand for seafood increasing, aquaculture is a highly efficient use of the marine environment. Ora King salmon is itself a rare luxury, which makes up less than one per cent of the world’s salmon species, giving it a luscious, elegant texture and rich taste. Each salmon is reviewed by master graders and if it doesn’t meet the highest level then it doesn’t go on to become Ora King salmon. Ora King has the highest natural oil content of all salmon – a naturally rich source of omega 3s. A 150g portion of this fish provides the complete daily requirement of omega 3. It’s fantastic texture is buttery and soft, without excessive fat. It cuts easily due to its unique muscular structure, is light in the mouth and coats the palate delicately making it a real pleasure to eat. Claire Rogers

Trinity Wharf Executive Chef Stuart Perry.


3 August, life+style The Weekend Sun 21 August, 2018 2015

Painting life PINK Melissa Howell

Melissa Howell is one such person who has burst into my life this week, with a friendly ‘hello’, followed by laughter and smiles as we worked on a project together. While we worked, she told me her story. On June 15, 2008 her brother and sister were tragically killed in a vehicle accident near the Maungatapu roundabout. Joshua Garner, her brother, was killed instantly, and her sister Samantha Garner died in Starship Hospital about three weeks afterwards, on July 7 when life support was turned off. “I was with her and watched her take her last breath,” says Melissa. “We were trying to keep her alive, but her body was shutting down. “The good thing is that she wasn’t in pain. They said it could take hours or days. But it took 30 minutes. “I was the last one to leave her room, because I didn’t want to leave her by herself. We were donating her lungs, so she had to be taken straight away. “She saved two lives.” Melissa and her other two brothers were left in charge to organise Joshua’s funeral, while their parents went backwards and forwards between Tauranga and Samantha at Starship Hospital. The numbness and pain of grief and loss can take a long time to deal with. Years can pass, with the eventual realisation that sometimes things will never return to the old normal. The new normal can be uncharted territory. I was interested to hear how

Melissa had risen above this tragedy. In 2015, one of Melissa’s friends Bronya Clare discovered she had bowel cancer. Melissa set up a Givealittle page and shaved her own hair to help raise funds. Her best friend Becky Wilde, and Becky’s sister Gabby Cardey organised a movie night fundraiser. In the three years since, Melissa and some of her friends have organised one main fundraiser event per year, along with many more movie night fundraisers. In 2016, she helped publish ‘Standing Strong 2016’, a calendar of photos taken by Brydie Thompson, of 13 women who had survived cancer. Funds raised went to help four more women who had been diagnosed with cancer. “Unfortunately, two have passed away,” says Melissa. “The other two are doing really well.” The next fundraiser in 2017 was for another woman friend with breast cancer, for which Melissa and three friends organised The Pink High Tea event. This year Melissa and her friend Becky decided to help the two children they are sponsoring in Vietnam. As well as travelling there to see the children, they are also raising funds to help other orphans. One of their well-attended movie fundraisers has been completed, and they’ve created a fun event for 99 people called ‘Beats by Bingo’. Instead of the normal Bingo game, it’s a musical Bingo, where participants mark off songs. The theme is ‘dress as your favourite music artist’ so, because she has chosen to live life fully, it means having a complete hair makeover as American singer, songwriter, dancer and actress Pink. Rosalie Liddle Crawford You go girl!

Melissa Howell

Photos: Bruce Barnard

I have discovered that when life hurls itself at people and their world gets broken, they often dig deep to rise above it.

life+style The Weekend Sun 5 Photos: Bruce Barnard

3 August, 20182015 21 August,

Māori in Aotearoa Buddy’s book sells out Buddy Mikaere’s book ‘Māori in Aotearoa New Zealand: Understanding the culture, protocols and customs’ has been reprinted. Originally written by Buddy and printed by New Holland Publishers in 2013, the first edition sold out. Buddy provides a highly readable historical overview of early settlement in New Zealand, and examines the impact of colonisation and later a developing urban world on Māori and their traditional way of life. “It was a book that was trying to make understanding contemporary Māori culture easy,” says Buddy. “So it was aimed largely at the visitor market, or people who were wanting to get a better understanding about Māori and Māori culture in this country. “It’s been a good seller. I’ve just noticed that a lot of the cruise ship people like buying it, because it gives them an easy entry into understanding Māori culture. They can look up whatever they’re interested in, or a particular aspect, and it’s in there.” The book includes information about maraes, contemporary Māori rituals, pōwhiri, accommodating visitors, huis and tangis. It also outlines the renaissance of Māori culture in NZ, with chapters on Te reo, Kapa haka, Māori music, the haka, waka ama, contemporary ta moko, and arts and crafts. The origins of Ngā Tāngata - the people who populated NZ from the long journey and voyaging

from Polynesia to Aotearoa, following in Kupe’s wake - is told with images supplied from various sources and text written by Buddy. The section on traditional Māori society explains and discusses whānau, hapū, iwi, utu, kāinga and pā. Whakairo, carving, wharenui, waka taua, tā moko, tattooing and the traditional world gives an understanding of Māori’s appreciation of climate and resources. The Treaty of Waitangi and nationhood is outlined, from the beginnings of trade between Pakeha and Māori, through the era of missionaries, development of literacy, and the conflict that arose with government. The thread of resilience and growth through this time of defeat and loss leads on to the urbanisation and migration of Māori into cities. Buddy Mikaere, of Ngāti Pukenga and Ngāti Ranginui descent, has run an environmental consultancy with a national client base for several years. He is a well-respected historian and has published widely in his specialist field of 19th century race relations and on Māori history in general. “I had to draw on what is the Ngāti Pukenga approach, which is my father’s iwi, but a lot of things explained in the book are generic,” says Buddy. “So they apply nationally more or less. Some iwi or hapū may have their own regional differences, but they’re very minimal in the scheme of things.” The book has had its cover refreshed with a new image of the waka at Waitangi. Rosalie Liddle Crawford

Buddy Mikaere



EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS AT ENQUIRIES WELCOME: (07) 262 0191 | SALES OFFICE: Villa 61, Pacific Coast Village, 210 Maranui Street, Mount Maunganui


2018 life+style The Weekend Sun 213 August, 2015

Olympic pedigree Brazilian coaches inspiring synchro talent Tauranga is now a great place to be a synchronised swimmer, and Tauranga Synchro is one of the three largest clubs in New Zealand, with Brazilian Lara Teixeira Cianciarulo leading the expert coaching team. Suzanne Ribeiro and Lara Teixeira Cianciarulo.

The three-time Olympian captained Brazil at the Rio Olympics in 2016 before moving to Tauranga later that year. She is the latest international coach to work with the Western Bay’s finest synchro talent after Suzanne Ribeiro, also from Brazil, who works closely with Lara, and former head coach Julieta Diaz from Argentina. Lara, who has just enjoyed her 30th birthday, says her biggest dream is for people to see synchronised swimming as an important sport. “I want to raise the profile of the sport as my priority, so you have more girls and more athletes wanting to join,” she says. “I need to think big to be able to make things happen and maybe put some of the girls in to the Olympic Games on the big stage. “We are already putting them in to the World Championships representing New Zealand, which is a big thing.” Four Tauranga athletes last month showcased their skills at the elite world level, after earlier dominating in their respective age groups at the North Island Synchronised Swimming

Championships held at Baywave Aquatic Centre. Eden Worsley, 16, Isobel Pettit, 18, Karlina Steiner, 14, and Eva Morris, 20, competed in the Synchro America Open in Los Angeles. It is part of the prestigious FINA Artistic Swimming World Series 2018, featuring top synchronised swimmers from around the world. Eva achieved a personal best with a score over 7.1 - the first time a New Zealand solo performance had done so internationally since 2013. “It’s wonderful for the girls to have the chance to swim and learn from international competitors and coaches,” Lara says. “These sorts of experiences offer a real opportunity to shape our athletes and motivate them. “It was a big event and the girls did great. Eva Morris was one of the highlights. “When I first started working with her she had a grade lower than 7, and now she is going at 7.1 which is a big step. “We have four at that level of worlds now and next year (FINA World Championships in Korea) we will have more girls in the national team. So it is growing, day by day.” Lara is also the national coach of the New Zealand Koru and Aquaferns squads, and is excited to be at the helm of New Zealand’s rapid climb up the international rankings. When general sports fans see synchro swimming performed, usually every four years at the Olympics, they often see the make-up, costumes and the artistry shown above water in the

3 August, 20182015 21 August,

life+style The Weekend Sun 7

Tauranga synchro swimmers Eden Worsley, Eva Morris, Karlina Steiner and Isobel Pettit in Los Angeles.

individual and team routines. But the work that goes into mastering such a difficult sport remains a mystery to most. Imagine combining swimming, underwater diving, dancing and gymnastics into one sport. Success in synchro swimming requires multiple skills and dedication to training that would put some mainstream sports to shame. Lara says her girls at Tauranga Synchro train every day. “They spend about four-to-five hours per day, seven days a week, including gym work, stretching and training in the water. It is a lot of work. “It is one of the most difficult sports to master. “I did swimming, ballet and gymnastics before I did synchro and for me, synchro was the hardest. “You have to have a lot of ability and to be able to develop to perform at the top level takes many, many years. “It is a really good comparison with life as well. You need to be good at one thing to improve the other and work together. Team work is the greatest thing we need to have in synchronised swimming.” Lara’s connections around the world are helping to further develop local athletes. Last month she organised a training camp for Tauranga Synchro athletes at Baywave, led by Spain’s renowned coach Andrea Fuentes. Shirley Hooper, the chairperson of Synchro Swim New Zealand who recently retired as chairperson of Tauranga Synchro, says the international coaches have made a major impact.

“The Tauranga club made a commitment to recruiting coaches internationally over six years ago,” says Shirley. “It’s hard to find synchronised swimming coaches in New Zealand with the required experience. “We have been blessed to have wonderful coaches from Argentina and Brazil who made the commitment to come and live in Tauranga and help us grow our athletes – both beginner swimmers and our top athletes who are now representing New Zealand thanks to their coaching. “Lara Cianciarulo and Suzanne Ribeiro are giving back to clubs and schools in Tauranga as well as coaching younger athletes – having them here is a real win-win for Tauranga and New Zealand.” Peter White



August,2015 2018 life+style The Weekend Sun 213August,

You only die once Grab life and run with it What makes a forty-something mother-of-two leave a high paying office job to become a poor student? If you said, ‘mid-life crisis’, the woman in question, Rose Proffitt, has already beaten you to the punch. Then she laughs off the cliché, and gets serious. “All my life I did what was expected of my generation. I grew up in a very Catholic family. Women went to school, got married, and had babies – that’s what you did.” Rose had Brydey, Jordyn (now 17), and Kenzie, now a bright and bubbly 11-year-old. While all new mums need to learn mothering skills, Kenzie was born with autism, so Rose had to learn the additional skills needed to successfully raise a sick baby. As a result, she never had the chance to develop any skills for herself. Rose became a wife and mother “but there was no me”. Once Kenzie started school that changed. “I’m still a mum, but I wanted to do something for me for a change. I wanted to focus on me.” That focus took her through the Pathways to Photography course at the Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology, and from there into the Bachelor of Creative Industries. It was a difficult beginning for Rose. “My brotherin-law died the day before I was due to start so I ended up missing the first two weeks. “When I arrived, everyone was already in their little groups.” She was the ‘new kid’ in school, unsure how

she’d fit in – but fast forward to half-way through the course, and the group are all very close. Rose says you need to “get creative” when you go from a high-paying job to student life. “The first year I juggled study with working parttime – and I don’t recommend that if you can get away with it. I stretched myself too thin – I missed classes due to a shoulder injury, I have a special needs child to consider, so working till midnight, coming home, sleeping four hours, then trying to do homework, and then being a mum before heading off to class became too much.” Rose’s passion was initially inspired by the works of Sue Bryce, a New Zealand photographer based in Los Angeles. “Sue’s fine art portraiture started me on my own journey. “I was going to be a portrait photographer.” However, Rose soon found herself on a different path to the woman who is recognised internationally as a photographer who changed the face of glamour photography. “I discovered cosplay, became a cosplay photographer, and then developed my creativity over the last six months, starting with composites, and now doing fantasy digital art.” In 2017 she produced a portrait magazine for her end-of-semester project. ‘NZ Cosplayer: Con-Artist’ magazine’s editor James Bennett saw it, liked it, and brought Rose in as a photographer and graphic designer for the magazine. NZ MADE “It’s pretty much an internship – but it’s a foot in the door, and they’re a great team.”


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3 August, 2018

“She says it’s all a matter of what your dream is – and prioritising what’s important”

Her work is gaining recognition, including taking part in Tauranga Art Gallery’s Miles Art Award, being awarded Grand Winner in Viewbug’s Surrealism in a Story Photo Challenge, and now sending prints to the United States. As with any artist, Rose is frequently offered ‘exposure’ instead of cash payments for jobs. “I don’t do exposure – it doesn’t pay the bills. “No one expects a plumber, electrician, or builder to do work for them in return for ‘exposure’.” That being said, she is happy to do free shoots at events such as Armageddon – but there’s more benefit in shooting at an event attended by 70,000 people, versus John Smith expecting a free shoot to share with his 96 friends on social media. Rose has some advice for potential older students who can’t imagine giving up their healthy income. “People say you only live once – but you actually only die once. You have to grab life and run with it. “When you’re older, you’ve made mistakes, you’ve learned who you are, you know what you want – and the only thing holding you back is fear. “With fear, you can let it rule you, or you can kick it up the arse.” She says it’s all a matter of what your dream is – and prioritising what’s important. When Rose’s shoulder injury and stress ended her ability to continue in part-time work, other sacrifices had to be made to cope on “half a budget”. When she needed to buy a car, she stopped smoking and she gave up other ‘essentials’ to save for a decent camera. “If you want it badly enough, you’ll make it work.”

Rose with Jordyn and Kenzie

There are four older students in Rose’s course who have given up everything to study. “We realise that life is running out. I’m 45 – halfway through my life – and while I’ll always be a mum, I’m not going to be a stay-at-home mum for the rest of my life. I want to do something that fuels me and that’s photography and the digital arts. I make it work.” Rose, together with ‘brother-from-another-mother’ James Papesch, shoot under the moniker Flutterbry Captures. It’s a poignant play on words, in memory of Rose’s oldest daughter Brydey, who passed away 10 years ago. “She liked butterflies, so it keeps her a part of what I’m doing. It’s also why there’s a butterfly on the watermark – it commemorates her.” You can view more of Flutterbry Captures work on Facebook or at




PHONE: 07 576 0620

PHONE: 07 PHONE: 07 576 576 0620 0620

Karolyn Timarkos

life+style The Weekend Sun 9


2018 life+style The Weekend Sun 213 August, 2015

Winter entertaining Winter is often a time we hunker down, and we don’t tend to entertain so much. However, it can be a great time to have some friends around to share a warm fire, warmed mulled wine and lovely comfort food. At Vetro it is easy to find something that will suit everyone and is simple and delicious. A firm favourite of all who have tried it in-store is the “Hot Artichoke Dip”. Starting with a base of artichokes in brine and using the top Calve mayonnaise, this extremely easy hot dip is a real crowd pleaser. There is debate about adding spinach or chillis but we love this pure version. So simple, yet so delicious … it is just how we like our food.

HOT ARTICHOKE DIP 5-6 artichoke hearts well chopped (Vetro has the perfect size ready to go in the chiller). 1 tsp capers 3-4 anchovies chopped (optional) 2 cloves garlic chopped 1 cup good mayonnaise. (This is a key ingredient so don’t use a nasty one – the Dutch Calve Mayonnaise at Vetro is worth trying as it is quite different in texture and flavour to your everyday mayo’s) ¼ cup grated parmesan cheese (Grana Padano or Reggiano is best) Mix all ingredients together and spread into a mid-sized oven proof dish. It should be about 3cm high. Bake at 180C until bubbling. You may like to split the recipe over two ramekins and bake them one at a time so it stays nice and hot. Serve with warm crusty bread or crostini. Left overs?? Try it on your pizza, spread through pasta, on your sandwich or even just cold with crackers.

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Recipe from

life+style The Weekend Sun 11 Photos: Bruce Barnard

321 August, 2018 August, 2015

Fancy a cuppa? Fundraising made easy It’s a lifestyle that’s becoming rarer as the years go by – but Jen Murray is a stay-at-home Mum. Jen and husband Paul chose the lifestyle over 14 years ago when Jasmin came along, and still embrace it today. With Hollie (11), the family now numbers four. As any frazzled Mum knows, you have to box on no matter what. Many people run on coffee, but for Jen that was never an option as she’s severely allergic to caffeine. Instead, tea has been her drink of tranquillity for years, and now she’s using it to help local community groups. As the girls grew older, Jen started looking at business ideas. “I wanted to combine a business plan where I could still be a stay-at-home Mum, while supporting charitable organisations, and stumbled across the Dr Stuart’s Extraordinarily Good Teas brand, quite by accident.” Dr Stuart has been called ‘the father of modern herbalism’. The range is a high-grade, medicinal tea product, and it’s soon to be exclusively available in New Zealand through Communi-Tea Fundraising. A relative sent Jen some tea from Australia. “I really liked it,” she says, “but it wasn’t available in New Zealand at the time. So, I approached the company in England.” That brand wasn’t available for import to New Zealand, but Jen was offered the Dr Stuart’s range, and Communi-Tea Fundraising was born. The initiative helps community groups, non-profit

organisations, schools and clubs to raise funds using the Dr Stuart’s range. Jen explains how Communi-Tea Fundraising works: “A club registers, and we send them all the promotional imagery and the instructions for ordering. “They share that information with their networks through email, websites, newsletters and social media. One of their members goes to our website, buys a box of tea, and nominates the club, who receive $1 (including GST) from the sale of that box. “If the member orders five boxes, then the club receives $5. It’s fund-raising made super simple.” Jen says that as Dr Stuart’s Teas are not available in any supermarkets or retail outlets in New Zealand, it makes them the ideal product for group fundraising. “There’s no standing outside on freezing winter mornings selling sausages, or trying to negotiate the web of council restrictions and permits that now surround cake stalls,” she says. “Keep calm and drink tea.” Groups can still get out and do a traditional sales drive, or sell directly through the group. “We can tailor-make a sales plan to suit the needs of each individual group.” Jen limits the groups per area who can register, so if, for example, a gymnastics club from Tauranga registers, they’ll be the only gymnastics club who can sign up for that 12-month term. For more information, visit CommuniTeaFundraising or: Karolyn Timarkos

Jen Murray


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TAURANGA, MOUNT MAUNGANUI, VISIT US ONLINE TO FIND YOUR LOCAL STORE 13th Ave (next to Furnish) 5 Owens Place (opp Harvey Norman) nish)

WWW.BEDSRUS.CO.NZ(07) ( 572 1836

(07) 579 9074 TAURANGA, Owned & operated by 13th Ave (next to Furnish) nish) (07) 579 9074

Owned & operated by

MOUNT MAUNGANUI, 5 Owens Place (opp Harvey Norman) ( (07) 572 1836

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