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Selling with Sunita MORE THAN Merchia


1. About Me Your Trusted Neighborhood Realtor

Hello from Sunita Merchia ,

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss your real estate needs. We recognize every client has a different set of circumstances and challenges when it comes to buying and selling real estate. Our goal is to fully understand your specific needs and then tailor a custom plan to execute flawlessly. As your REALTORS® I have access to the best technology in the industry.We have taken pride in leading the real estate industry with cutting edge tools and services. We know that technology is important, but we never lose sight of the fact that we are in a people business. I“Empowered by principles trust, respect and integrity, we guide people to achieve their dreams.” In addition to providing the highest level of service, Sunita strongly believes in supporting the community. We do this through contributions to the Merchia Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports disadvantaged youth and elderly throughout the communities we live and work in. We take pride in providing you an exceptional real estate experience as a full services brokerage; We look forward to working with you! We have some of the most experienced and dedicated real estate professionals connections in the industry. What makes Sunita different? It’s our culture, support and approach. As your Realtor I invests highly in our people and our community. In return, you get a company overflowing with compassion, professionalism and energy that supports and cares about you and your family. As you read the following pages, you’ll understand more about the difference Sunita brings to you.. From our foundation, that supports children and elderly in need, to our unique marketing channels and techniques, Sunita doesn’t follow the traditional path.


Full Service Real Estate In addition to real estate, Sunita has assembled best of services that can make your real estate transaction as smooth as possible. Resources such as title, insurance, disclosure reports, warranties and mortgages are available to our clients Chicago Title Company Fidelity Home warranty Company Team of Lender for every lender institute that fits your needs (Retail, Credit Union & Mortgage Brokers) Property ID NHD Services providing unbiased Disclosures.


Volume of Production

265 Transactions 1 Office 400 million in Sales


1 No matter how high my numbers keep adding, What is most important is number 1, That is you, I take personalized care in one transaction and Focus on you. What I focus on Expands.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Realtor (408)916-6135


"In the world of business, the people who are most successful are those who are doing what they love.” I love what I do…….


Some Accomplishments... ● ● ●

Rookie of the Year 2012 Top Referral Agent America’s Best. ○ Those ranked are among the top 1/2 of 1% of 1.4 million real estate professionals in the United States ○

2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020

❖ America's Most Honored Professionals ➢ 2018, 2019, and 2020 ❖ Chairman Circle ➢ 2016, 2017, and 2018 ❖ President circle ➢ 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2019, and 2020


2. Services The Value of Working with a Professional Realtor

Online and Social Outreach Sunita’s modern website provides the most up to date property details directly from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). In addition, I utilize services that capture potential buyers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I also leverage my social channels to drive potential buyers back to the listings on our website. Get to know more about me on my social channels on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc


Relocation With today's ever changing times, we know people don’t stay in the same place like in the past. Whether it’s for a new job, retirement or just a new environment, people pick up and move themselves, and their families, on a more consistent level than ever before. When moving to a new location, it's critical to work with the right agent. This is where my network of Real estate Services can help you. We have trusted partners all around the country. These relationships allow us to connect you to some of the most reputable and trusted agents in the industry. These Real Estate Partners are committed.


Working With You Selling a home takes a group effort to be successful. There are many moving parts in getting your home ready for the market. I take the worry out of the process by leveraging our knowledge, expertise and contacts giving you peace of mind. The first step in the process is evaluating your home to make sure it's in the best condition possible. Whether it’s finalizing home inspections, completing upgrades and remodeling projects or staging your home to look its best, I have everything you need to get your home ready for sale.




First Impressions I want your home to be on the market for the shortest amount of time possible. For that to happen, it needs to look its best so it will appeal to the broadest range of buyers. My expertise gives a strong basis for suggesting changes and proposing style recommendations that will make your home more marketable. Taking care of any necessary repairs and improvements can help eliminate buyer objections before they arise. Removing clutter and sprucing up the interior and exterior can also reduce distractions for potential buyers.


Staging Benefits It is easier for buyers to visualize living in the home if it is staged properly ● ● ● ● ●

Buyers are more willing to walk through a home they liked online If it doesn't have visual appeal online, potential buyers will move on to the next home The value of the home can be positively impacted if it is tailored to entice buyers Buyers are more willing to overlook other property details if the home appeals to them The most important rooms to be staged in order of buyer preference are: ○ living room, kitchen, master bedroom, dining room, bathroom, children’s bedroom, and guest bedroom 48% percent of buyers’ agents believe staged homes increases the dollar value buyers are willing to offer by 1 to 10 percent


Empty Room



Home Projects. As your project coordinator i will help you decide which services are needed, including but not limited to:

❖For anything that requires a hard hat or sledge hammer. ❖New flooring ❖New countertops ❖Kitchen & bath improvements ❖Updated HVAC and plumbing ❖Roofing repairs ❖Cosmetic Updates ❖When all your home needs is a little TLC. ❖Painting ❖Professional staging ❖Decluttering

❖Window treatments ❖Landscaping and fencing ❖Elite Services ❖Services that go above and beyond. ❖Moving assistance ❖Packing assistance ❖Hauling, trash removal, and more ❖Photography ❖Settling-in services ❖Senior services ❖Deep cleaning


Photography and Video When it comes to real estate, buyers are inherently visual. For this reason, it’s imperative that the visual side of marketing your home is left to the professionals. The difference between taking interior and exterior shots with a smart phone versus a professional photographer or videographer can make or break the first impression of your home to hundreds, if not thousands, of potential buyers. Photography and video are the introduction points to putting your property’s best foot forward. A professional utilizes lighting, angles and pre and post-production techniques to get the most out of your home and pique the interest of those interested buyers right from the beginning. Choosing the best photos and videos of your home is crucial to its appeal both on and offline. Sunita will leverage her expertise in selecting the best imagery to showcase your property and attract potential buyers.


Other Photos

Our Photos


Closing Costs: A Guide to Who Pays What in Northern CA County

County Tax per $1000

City Tax per $1000

Total Transfer Tax per $1000 Property Value


3. The Selling Process An Overview

The Big Picture Initial Consultation

Open Escrow


Initial Escrow Period

Home Reports/ Inspections

Report/Disclosure Review

Transaction Review

Contingency Removal


Review Offers

Record/Transfer Title & Close Escrow


Phase 1 of 3

Initial Consultation ❖Establish time frames ❖Agency Services ❖Market Conditions ❖Determine Market Price ❖Agency Relationship

Open Escrow ❖Coordinate opening of escrow with Title agent ❖Order preliminary title report

Home Reports/Inspections ❖Natural Hazard Disclosure ❖EnviroCheck ❖CTD ❖Applicable Inspections ➢ Home, Pest, Pool, Etc.

Disclosures ❖TDS ❖Supplemental Seller Checklist ❖Database Disclosure ❖Insurance Disclosure ❖Mold Disclosure


Phase 2 of 3

Marketing ❖Enter on MLS ❖Send out office email notice ❖Schedule open house ❖Put property on Broker Tour ❖Order virtual tour ❖Order property flyers

Report/Disclosure Review ❖Read and review all reports and disclosures to prepare for review with client ❖Review reports and disclosures with client

Review Offers ❖Review offers with Seller ❖Prepare counter offers ❖Verify contingency periods ❖Verify loan rates with lender


Phase 3 of 3

Initial Escrow Period ❖Establish time frames ❖Agency Services ❖Market Conditions ❖Determine Market Price ❖Agency Relationship

Transaction Review ❖Coordinate opening of escrow with Title agent ❖Order preliminary title report

Contingency Removal ❖Review repair requests ❖Negotiate/Confirm repairs ❖Remove contingencies ❖Confirm move in date with buyer’s agent ❖Schedule final walkthrough ❖Change MLS Status to DNS

Record/Transfer Title & Close Escrow ❖Review docs with Seller ❖Confirm sign off date ❖Final walkthrough ❖Key Exchange ❖Sign off ❖Escrow closed


4. The Selling Checklist A Little More Detail

Part 1: Initial Process ●

Check county records of subject property

Pull comps and create CMA

Prepare Listing Agreement, Agency Disclosure, Authorization to Exclude

Email Pre-listing Proposal / Package (comparables, stats, personal/marketing proposal, listing agreement and agency)

Listing Presentation to Client in Person on Virtual.


Part 2: Meeting with Clients ● Sign Agency, Listing Agreement, Authorization to Exclude ● Get copy of loan payoff info ● Get copy of key ● Get all property info from seller to complete marketing materials ● Schedule appointment to review disclosures


Part 3: Post Meeting with Clients

Part 1 of 6

Home Preparation Projects schedule all vendors at property for bidding (paint, landscape, stagers, flooring) review bids with client, set schedule for home prep put combo box for vendors (with client approval)

Open escrow with escrow officer

Turn in Facing Sheet to office staff

Fax in Authorization to Exclude form to MLS

Order Inspections

Order Environmental, Geological and Tax reports from Natural Hazard Company


Part 3: Post Meeting with Clients ●

Order photographer or Virtual Tour photos Film Date

Highlight & prepare all seller’s disclosures and deliver to client

If trust is involved, get copy of trust to escrow

Give loan info to escrow for payoff

Order “Just Listed” Cards, no later than Monday before open house ○

send to neighborhood

send to your COI

Part 2 of 6


Part 3: Post Meeting with Clients ●

Part 3 of 6

If condo, request CC&Rs and other documentation, hire condo doc advisor ○

Check transfer costs

Advise client to see accountant for tax info

Advise client to secure valuables

If tenant occupied, advise to not valuables & showings and get signed authorization for lockbox

Do AVID for property


Part 3: Post Meeting with Clients ●

Permit Search on subject property, if applicable, to review with owner (not w/ buyer)

Review all inspection reports with client

Review if further inspection (termite) should be performed

Review all signed disclosures with client

Review HOA docs along with client, if applicable

Review photos and virtual tour

Order flyers

Part 4 of 6


Part 3: Post Meeting with Clients ●

Decide on advertising vehicles with deadlines for publication

Send copy of advertising / marketing materials to client

Order sign for yard, hang rider

Copy keys (keep spare), Put in lock box

Put booties, baskets at property

Create disclosure binder, including soft copy online version

Check client’s schedule for tour, Open House, offer date, desired COE ○

Part 5 of 6

Need power of attorney?


Part 3: Post Meeting with Clients

Part 6 of 6

Schedule broker tour with seller

Schedule open house(s) with seller

Schedule preview open house for neighbors (foodtruck, cater, coffee cart, entertainment, etc.)

Create OH cheatsheet

Send email to COI of new listing; send also to preferred broker list if applicable

Create agent sheet for broker tour

Order food for tour


Part 4: On the “Market”

Part 1 of 3

Enter on MLS, put copy in triplicate file, turn in copy to office staff

Input “no show until tour”, if applicable

Post on website and community board with open house dates (Craigslist, virtual tour sites, Postlets)

Give property info to a minimum of 10 agents to market to their COI

Verify listing on,, Luxury real,,, Intero and personal websites


Part 4: On the “Market” ●

If “no show until tour” appears on MLS, make sure it’s removed off MLS, after tour

Review specific showing instructions with seller

Door knock a minimum of 200 homes around the neighborhood

Hold broker tour

Hold preview open house for neighbors

Hold open house

Hold weekday open house and/or twilight open house/tour

Part 2 of 3


Part 4: On the “Market”

Part 3 of 3

Provide weekly feedback to seller from Realtors who have shown and previewed

Pick up business cards weekly from broker showings and previews and check stock of all marketing materials

Send weekly market update to seller of new listings and pendings in market area since list date

Pricing strategy review with seller if no offers after 3-4 weeks


Part 5: Contract Sale ●

Decide on offer date or first come first serve

Is there a rent-back agreement?

Be sure all agency docs are signed properly

Request PRDS or CAR

Create spreadsheet of Summary of Offers for presentation

Did buyer pre-sign disclosures package?

Prepare counter offers?

Limit Repairs and/or As-IS

Verify contingency periods and pre-approval with Lender


Part 6: Initial Escrow Period ●

Turn in revised Facing Sheet with Buyer information

Remove comments on MLS: fixer upper, needs work, anything negative that would affect appraisal

Remove links for disclosures on MLS (don’t want appraiser to review this information)

Report pending sale on MLS, print out & hand in to the office staff

Create contact list with seller, listing agent, buyer, selling agent, lender, escrow officer

Part 1 of 3

0 to 5 days


Part 6: Initial Escrow Period ●

Confirm buyer has received all disclosures

Tell seller to expect to have home available for buyer’s inspections

Give copy of contract to escrow coordinator

Give copy of contract to client…note escrow dates

Record contingency dates in calendar

Report sale to title company…send copy of contract

Verify lender has received a copy of the contract and preliminary title report

Part 2 of 3

0 to 5 days


Part 6: Initial Escrow Period

Part 3 of 3

Contact lender, confirm time frames – appraisal, contingency

Verify deposit in escrow

Verify appraisal appointment and prepare comps for appraiser

Sale pending sign on property

Review reports and disclosures signed & received by buyers

Inform seller when to make final payment on existing loan. Review with escrow officer

0 to 5 days


Part 7: Contingency Removal ●

Confirm Loan Approval Conditions

Is there a deposit increase? ○

Part 1 of 4

5 to 17 days

If so, have buyer sign RID

Get copy of buyer’s deposit check from title

Have all parties signed and received disclosures & reports?

Prelim Termite report Geological Environmental Earthquake Roof


Part 7: Contingency Removal

Part 2 of 4

Pool/Spa Property Inspection

Have all changes been put in writing?

Order repair work (or credit in lieu of work, do disclaimer if any)

Get all licensed contractor authorization signed by seller and work ordered (if any)

Termite Roof Chimney

Does buyer need to pick out materials?

5 to 17 days


Part 7: Contingency Removal ●

Provide copies of all paperwork/work completion and clearances by contractors to the buyer’s agent

Interview moving companies & options

Does lender require termite clearance to close?

Remove Contingencies ○

Part 3 of 4

5 to 17 days

Determine Due Dates for Finance, Property, Lead, and Disclosures


Part 7: Contingency Removal ●

Confirm possession / rent back time frames with selling agent

Email utility companies contact sheet to client and buyer’s agent ○

Part 4 of 4

5 to 17 days

Seller to transfer utilities out of their name

Remind seller to request final bills from utilities ○

Water, PG&E, phone, cable, gardener, pool service etc.


Part 8: Close ●

Change status on MLS from pending to DNS (do not show)

SOLD sign replaces pending

7 days prior to COE, verify buyer’s loan docs are in title

Will all parties be in town for sign-off? ○

Part 1 of 3

15 days

Power of attorney necessary?

Is statement of identity necessary? ○

ask Title co


Part 8: Close ●

Part 2 of 3

Fumigation? ○

Prep service required?

Send fume info to buyer & seller for acknowledgement

PG&E needs to shut off service and buyer needs to order back on.

Schedule sign off with escrow officer

Review seller’s final closing statement with escrow officer

15 days


Part 8: Close ●

Email soft copy of seller’s final closing statement to seller for review

Review transaction file with office escrow admin to make sure all docs have buyers/sellers signature ○

Part 3 of 3

15 days

If incomplete, send incomplete docs to escrow for signature at sign off

Remind clients to bring ID to sign off

Remind seller to bring deposit instruction / slip for wire proceeds to sign off


Part 9: Post-Close

Part 1 of 2

Go to sign off

Schedule walk through with buyer/buyer’s agent

Coordinate key exchange at Close of Escrow

Get garage door openers, collect folder of all manuals/warranties/home docs before they are packed

Select and schedule moving company and date

De-stage property


Part 9: Post-Close

Part 2 of 2

Verify MLS has proper date for COE and agent/broker information

If escrow is extended, notify MLS, get addendum signed by all parties

Remove lockbox

Remind seller to cancel insurance after confirmation of COE

Have sign removed

Confirm with escrow, funds have been received the day before closing

Call seller to congratulate them on the sale of property once recording has been confirmed


5. Additional Information Some Important Tidbits You Should Know

Pricing Your Home

All of these questions can, and usually will be, answered differently for each unique situation. There is no set scenario for selling a home. But this is where our seasoned professionals come in. They can evaluate your distinct position and provide guidance to help you make the right decision for you and your family.

I leverage my market knowledge and experience to help you price your home as competitively as possible. If your home is priced right, you should receive acceptable offers fairly quickly. If you overprice your home, it may be excluded from buyer's searches making comparable homes on the market more desirable.

Utilize our knowledge and expertise to develop a plan to set the right price for your home.

Here are some are some of the questions you should consider: ● ● ● ● ● ●

How soon do you want to sell your property? How does your home compare to others in the area? How much will buyers offer? What are the challenges associated with overpricing your home? Should you leave room for negotiating? What should you think about when the first offers that come in


Marketing Your Home After we’ve prepared your home for sale, we get down to the core of the process – marketing your home.

This process includes:

● ●

● ● ●

Using our Automated Marketing System to create high-quality flyers for your home. Putting your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so it will show up on all real estate brokerage websites, including Leveraging "Best of Breed" technologies to target potential buyers that match your home's specifications Syndicating your home for Marketing like facebook, Youtube etc. Showcasing your property to other local brokers and agents on the weekly broker tour and Twilight tours for Buyers.

Promote weekly open houses to maximize exposure. Utilizing social media channels to drive traffic back to where brokerage listings are highlighted.

All of this, in tandem with other marketing activities, will make sure we get the most exposure for your property and in turn maximize the value that you get from the sale of your house.


Automated Marketing Online Strategy

To keep a steady stream of views to our website, we leverage additional online marketing methods including:

My Automated Marketing platform creates a full set of marketing pieces for all listings. From flyers to postcards to social media, this advertising is available for the life of the listing. This allows the marketing of your home out to the public faster and more efficiently. According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), 45% of consumers start their home search online and that number continues to grow. For this reason, it is imperative to have a robust and far reaching online strategy. I believe that our website presence is the foundation of online strategy and I spend a lot of time and energy to make sure consumers find and utilize it in their home buying process.

● ● ● ● ●

Online Syndication Email Marketing Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) International Social Channels (WeChat & Webo) Online Luxury Magazine Distribution

All of these efforts work in tandem to make sure your listing receives the highest level of online exposure possible. Our philosophy is if your property is seen by the largest amount of potential buyers, then there is a higher probability of it selling faster and closer to your expected list price.

On website, I am able to showcase our company listings in various ways to bring additional exposure. We also highlight the unique aspects of the properties and provide important information that buyers want to see on the property detail pages.


Website and Processing A company's web presence says a lot about the business itself. It can also be the lifeblood connecting with consumers. Intero worked with an industry-leading platform developer to create a cutting-edge website. This source allows consumers to easily find the properties they're interested in while integrating useful real estate data to confirm the choices they make.

lifestyle. Our responsive website will be a great experience whether you view it on a tablet, mobile phone, laptop or desktop. In addition to our website presence, our relationship with RealScout allows our agents to identify potential buyers that are actively looking for properties that match your home's features.

For our real estate listing clients, we feature a variety of Intero properties on our homepage. We also showcase the unique aspects of the properties and provide information that buyers want to see on the property detail pages. With studies showing that 82% of Americans never leave home without their mobile devices, it was critical to us that our clients be able to quickly search for properties, or contact our agents on a website designed specifically for their mobile device and


Negotiation & Beyond Once your property is on the market, we will develop a negotiating strategy for your home. Every property and situation is unique, we will use our resources and experience to make sure the plan fits your specific needs. In addition, after we accept an offer, we will keep you informed every step of the way. We do that by leveraging the cutting-edge transaction management system from Skyslope®. This platform will make sure you know what is happening with your transaction.


I’m on Your Side My depth of experience and high standards of professionalism are essential elements in negotiating a favorable sale. I’m someone you can trust to remain totally focused on representing your best interests when it comes time to negotiate the sale of your home. I’ve been trained and coached by some of real estate’s most well known negotiators. I am very knowledgeable about standard contract forms and the kinds of issues involved in negotiating the best price and terms. I am well versed in local, state and federal requirements that affect the sale of property in your community. I pride themselves in being able to provide expertise from start to finish; from qualifying buyers and advising about financing alternatives to assembling a comprehensive and binding contract.


What Value Do I Provide? The Pros of Doing Business With a Top Realtor



Honesty and Integrity

Community Support

Constant Reachability

Great Follow-Up

Reputation Belief and Self

Continuous Customer Service

Great Negotiating Skills

Knowledge of the Job

Knowledge of the Market 60

The most important part of any real estate story is not the house, but the people involved in the journey. Sitting down and discussing your unique situation is a critical part of the process. It gives us time to listen and understand what you’re really looking for and what will make you happy. As a personal real estate advisor, my job is to collaborate with you and explore all of the possible outcomes. I am here to understand your situation. I am here for you.


Now you have a clear understanding of my approach to business, people, and clients. I understand for most, the process of buying a home can be overwhelming and emotional. It's my job to put your mind at ease and provide the proper support, care and guidance. I strive to earn your trust and provide you with the most professional service possible. Above all, I want you to feel confident that you made the right choice for you and your family.


Questions ?


THANK YOU! Any questions? Contact me anytime (408) 916-6135 ❖ ❖


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