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september 2016


Publisher Note Dear Readers,

We have come up with next edition of South Asian Entertainment Magazine with some updated information. I want to thank you all for the love and care you have given to our Magazine. We always try very hard to bring out the best for you in every edition of the magazine. The main highlight of this edition is Rio Olympics and stunning performance of PV Sindhu who proud India by getting Silver Medal in women badminton


In beauty section we have comes up of best tips for delay skin aging and lip care. We have also provided you also tips on Boho clothing.

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. ”

Now you must be thinking about what’s new in Entertainment, for you its review of Rustom and about motherhood preparations of actress Kareena. This issue also covered universally acclaimed Punjabi Virsa 2016 performed by Waris Brothers. Please log in to for our latest edition of September and provide us with your valuable feedback or email your suggestions, comments or queries at

Rajesh Ansal

Thanks Rajesh Ansal

-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Surinder Shaun Kochhar Harjit Sandhu Shivam Bassi Yadwinder Dhwani Beri Dr. Pargat Singh Bhurji Prof Avtar Singh Virdi

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Happy Birthday to Abir Matta From

Celebrating 6th Birthday on 27th August 2016. Abir with his parents Gagan Matta and Mona Matta ....

The mission of South Asian Entertainment News Magazine is to inform and entertain its readers, cultivate awareness of the issues that are concerned with the community. Opinions expressed in the publication belong to individual authors and do not neccessarily reflect those of the editorial board. The Publisher assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY of any kind. Printed and published in British columbia. South Asian Entertainment News Magazine published every month by Ansal Media Group Inc. /saentertainmentnewsmagazine



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ElMipk JMfw hux tokIE phuMc igAw ijs nwl jpwn dI rwjDwnI ny 2020 ElMipk Kyfwˆ dI myzbwnI leI kmr ks leI hY Aqy rIE 2016 Kyfwˆ iv`c auqrwA cVHwA mgroN AiDkwrIAwˆ ny vwAdw kIqw hY ik AglIAwˆ Kyfwˆ ibnwˆ iksy sm`isAw dy hoxgIAwˆ[ tokIE dI gvrnr Xuirko koieky brwzIl dy myzbwn Sihr qoN ElMipk JMfw lY ky Sihr dy hwˆdykw hvweI A`gy ‘qy smwroh ‘c phuMcI[ Xuirko ny ikhw ik auh AglIAwˆ ElMipk Kyfwˆ leI v`fI izMmyvwrI mihsUs kr rhI hY[ aunHwˆ ikhw ik aunHwˆ nUM KuSI hY auh 50 swl qoN v`D smyN mgroN ElMipk JMfw vwps lY sky hn[ tokIE ny ipClI vwrI 1964 iv`c ElMipk dI myzbwnI kIqI sI[ ies mOky ElMipk JMfw lY ky phuMcI koieky dy nwl v`fI igxqI ‘c BIV vI mOjUd sI jo JMfy dy dIdwr krn leI lMmy smyN qoN hvweI A`fy ‘qy mOjUd sI[ koieky ny rIE ElMipk dy smwpqI smwgm mOky hzwrwˆ AQlItwˆ qy Kyf pRymIAwˆ dI hwzrI iv`c QOms bw^ qoN ElMipk JMfw ilAw sI[ ies mOky jpwn dy pRDwn mMqrI iSjo Aby v`loN tokIE iv`c ElMipk Kyfwˆ bwry ie`k vIfIE vI idKweI geI sI[ aunHwˆ auQy ikhw sI ik auh tokIE iv`c ElMipk Kyfwˆ dI kwmXwbI leI pUrI imhnq krngy[


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september 2016



Highlights of Punjabi Virsa 2016


years ago two people got and today a... 16 50hooked, A wedding anniversary is the anniversary of the date, a marriage took place. Traditional names exist for all of them, for instance, 50 years of marriage is called golden wedding anniversary.




Tears are mother to the emotions and no other way around We do not like tears. We fight tears. We hate and hide our tears. But, some people are more emotionally sensitive by nature.



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Sihr iv`c ivdvwn k`Ty ho gey ny bySumwr [ lih ky hux Sbdwˆ dy nwloN, ArQ hovxgy ^uAwr [ ijs leI mYN pwrdrSI ho igAw iCx iv`c hI, aumr Br nw dyiKAw sI aus ny myry Awr pwr [ CoitAwˆ z^mwˆ ‘c v`fI pIV Br idMdw ikvyN, ies ngr dw ie`k cwrwgr bVw hI hoiSAwr [ kIVIAwˆ nUM BOx pwauxy dI iejwzq nw imly, qwjdwrwˆ dw hY AYsw ^wk ‘qy vI ie^iqAwr [ auh vsIAq pVHidAwˆ, SmSwn iv`c hI lV pey, bwp auhnwˆ pu`qrwˆ dw ho ky mirAw mwldwr [ hux iSkwieq AwpxI ilKvwauxgy qwrI^ iv`c, QwixAwˆ ‘coN muV gey ny jo krw ky iqrskwr [ pYisAwˆ qy AhuidAwˆ bdly nw vycI mYN klm, hux ^rIdx Awauxgy auh, lY ky koeI purskwr [




30th Anniversary Celebrations of Khalsa Credit Union: Gala Night with enthusiastic dance performance and musical...

Khalsa Credit Union (KCU) put the finishing touches to its 30th Anniversary celebrations with a glittering gala held on August 21, 2016.



PV Sindhu makes India proud at Rio Olympics 2016 after...

Though she went down fighting against Spain’s Carolina Marin and missed the Gold. The 21-year-old Indian, who /saentertainmentnewsmagazine


desh dunia

september 2016


Sardar Baldev Singh Bath (Basant Motors) Receiving Business excellence award from Khalsa Credit Union



fashion september 2016

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swry sMswr iv`c pMjwbI iek v`KrI pihcwx r`Kdy hn[AsIN Awpxy pMjwbI hox qy bhuq mwx krdy hW pr kdy soicAw ik swnUM sMswr iv`c ieh mwx iks sdkw imilAw hY ? auh ikhVI bhumu`lI sOgwq hY ijs sdkw swnUM sMswr iv`c v`Kry nzreIey nwl vyiKAw qy siqkwirAw jwdw hY ? auh sOgwq hY swfw bhumu`lw kImqI pMjwbI s`iBAwcwr ijs sdkww swnUM sMswr iv`c iek v`KrI pCwx imlI hY[ ieh s`iBAwcwr ie`QoN dy lokwˆ dIAwˆ ^uSIAwˆ Aqy rMgwˆ iv`c rMgy rihx dw pRqIk hY[ ieh auh s`iBAwcwr hY jo hr dyKx vwly nUM AwkriSq krdw hY Aqy ijs ‘qy hr pMjwbI &Kr mihsUs krdw hY[ pMjwb dy lokwˆ dw Awpxw v`Krw rihx sihx, Kwx-pIx Aqy pihrwvw hY[ pMjwbI s`iBAwcwr qIAwˆ, iqRMJxwˆ, myilAwˆ, ig`Dy, BMgVy, lok swzwˆ, lok gIqwˆ Aqy hor pqw nhIN ikMnIAwˆ hI Anmol cIzW nwl n`ko-n`k BirAw ipAw hY[ hr s`iBAwcwr dw ivSys AMg huMdw hY ‘pihrwvw’[pihrwvw hI huMdw hY jo swhmxy vwly a~upr quhwfw pihlw pRBwv isrjdw hY[ quhwfy pihrwvy dy slIky qoN hI quhwfI S^sIAq dw v`fw ih`sw aujwgr huMdw hY qy quhwfy nwl g`lbwq quhwfy pihrwvy Anuswr hI huMdI hY[ keI pihrwvy Aijhy huMdy hn jo dUroN hI aujwgr kr idMdy hn ik qusIN iks i&rky, Drm, s`iBAwcwr jwˆ sMprdwie nwl sbMD r`Kdy ho[pMjwbI pihrwvy iv`c G`gry qy PulkwrIAwˆ, pMjwbI ju`qI, qurly vwlI p`g, lMbI gu`q qy prwˆdw, cwdrw, s`qrMgI cuMnI,s`gI, gly iv`c pwieAw kYNTw, n`k iv`c pwieAw kokw, lONg, vMgwˆ, h`Q iv`c PVI fwˆg, pMjwbI slvwr qy kmIj Aqy hor pMjwbI pihrwvy dI pihcwx d`sdIAwˆ vsqUAwˆ mu`K qOr qy Swiml hn[rMg ibrMgI kFweI vwlI PulkwrI jo ik muitAwrwˆ dy vrqx vwlI cIz hY nUM muitAwrwˆ Awpxy husn nUM hor iSMgwrn leI vriqAw krdIAW sn[ijs nwl hr muitAwr dw husn hor vI in`Kr jwˆdw sI[ iesy qrHW PulkwrI vwˆg bwg vI pMjwbI ivrsy dI ie`k bVI Anmol cIz hoieAw krdw sI [jo ik PulkwrI nwl bhuq ijAwdw myl Kwˆdw sI [ Prk isr& ieMnw huMdw hY ik PulkwrI dI kFweI kuJ h`d q`k ivrlI huMdI hY Aqy bwg dI kFweI sMGxI huMdI hY [iesy krky hI ies nUM bwg kihMdy hn [ vkq dy lMGx nwl smyN-smyN ‘qy hr s`iBAwcwr iv`c qbdIlIAwˆ huMdIAwˆ rihMdIAwˆ hn[A`jk`lH kmIz-slvwr dI Qwˆ l`qwˆ-Gu`tvIAwˆ jInwˆ Aqy v`Kv`K ifzwienwˆ dIAwˆ kmIzwˆ lY rhIAwˆ hn[ies vrqwry bwry gurdws mwn ny TIk hI ikhw hY:G`gry vI gey PulkwrIAwˆ vI geIAwˆ, kMnwˆ iv`c kokrU qy vwlIAwˆ vI geIAwˆ, GuMf vI gey qy GuMfwˆ vwlIAwˆ vI geIAwˆ, c`l pey ny vlYqI bwxy, kI bxUM dunIAwˆ dw s`cy pwqSwh vwihgurU jwxy[ jy AsIN s`iBAwcwr qoN ieMj hI dUr huMdy gey qwˆ kdy Awpxy Awp qoN vI nw dUr ho jweIey[cwhy ivAwh SwdIAW, PMkSnW qy hI shI pr iehnW pMjwbI pihrwivAW nUM pihnxw qy b`icAW nUM d`sxw ik AsIN kOx hW, ik`QoN Awey hW qy ikauN swfw ivrsw AYnw AmIr hY,smyN dI loV vI hY qy swfw Prz vI[ /saentertainmentnewsmagazine




september 2016


An expression of authority.

2016 BMW X5

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2016-08-22 2:42 PM


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WHY CRYING MAKE US FEEL WEAK……. By: Prof. Surinder Shaun Kochhar LPN, FCN, M.Com, CAIIB, DIM (A freelance writter with 36 Year Exp.)

Tears are mother to the emotions and no other way around We do not like tears. We fight tears. We hate and hide our tears. But, some people are more emotionally sensitive by nature. They do cry before people and society starts branding them as “Sentimental” or “Senti”. As a result they start judging themselves negatively. Sometimes crying occurs when we cannot put overwhelming feelings into words. Tears can supersede articulation [the action of putting into words an idea or feeling of a specified type]. Some people do cry at the drop of a hat -- at weddings, birthday parties, your kids’ school plays, and sport matches et al. Some may be the type who can’t remember when they last cried. It strikes at a time or place where you don’t want to weep -- and others don’t want to watch you crying. But, emotions compellingly spill over cheeks with all efforts to control them falling apart. Crying may bring back emotional equilibrium Medically, the autonomic nervous system controls involuntary activities like heartbeat, breathing and kidney function and it is divided into the para-sympathetic and sympathetic systems. The sympathetic is responsible for preparing us for action: physical, emotional or mental. The para-sympathetic returns the heart rate, hormones and neurotransmitters to normal when they are at a heightened state. Tears are believed to be a part of the parasympathetic system and a part of returning to normal. Often people find themselves crying after a difficult event rather than during the event. Tears seem to be a way for people to calm themselves. The logic behind this is a neurotransmitter leucineenkephalin (a natural opiate-like substance that reduces pain) which is released in the brain when people cry. Tears may help relieve distress. Tears convey different emotions: Tears convey fear, sorrow, and sadness. Some cry when they are angry. Some people laugh until they cry and cry for joy as well. As per a recent research, sadness accounts for 50 percent of people’s tears, happiness 20 percent, anger 10 percent, fear or anxiety 10 percent and sympathy 10 percent. Is it true that tears are a sign of weakness? Tears can be a signal of cooperation and vulnerability. Tears signal to others that emotions are getting heavy on supplant articulation. Now, you are failing to reply. Maybe, this is the root of the belief that crying makes us feel weak. Tears are very difficult to fake, so they’re often a sign of honesty to others. Society, incorrectly, recognize tears as a sign of distress/ tension. During the baby boomers period [people born between years 1946 to 1964], this may have been seen as a sign of weakness. In today’s world, it is a way of communication. It’s usually effective as most people have a natural response to offer help or comfort to someone who is crying. We need to respect crying if not manipulative….. Some people, by crying, do manipulate this to create an impression to gain empathy. But when truth unfolds I have found them in a troubled corner. Why? Truth is often eclipsed, but it always triumphs. Since this gain is temporary, it threatens to damage the impression of the crier on others. Crying is about attachment and social communication. Crying can be a signal that some aspect of a relationship is in jeopardy. Between two people in conflict it can be a need for reassurance. Tears handicap aggressive actions and signal a need for help or submission. In a relationship, tears may show trust. Being willing to cry with someone and being comforted means feeling safe with the other person. It can be about bonding, like when a couple cries when they get married or when their first baby is born.

Tears convey a powerful connection between thought and emotion, a way of expressing feeling that cannot be expressed in any other way. Some may be very uncomfortable with the intensity and vulnerability of the emotion expressed by tears. Do women cry more or differently than men? As per repeated research the tear glands of both the sexes are structurally different. It leads women to cry more profusely than men. Men tend to tear up and cry quietly to themselves, whereas, women’s weeping can sometimes be a visible event. Why do women cry more? Women have shallow and small tear ducts, which are more quickly filled up and spill over. Hormonal changes that happen around puberty [14 years of age], is part of a physiological explanation as to why men tend to cry less often than women. Tears are triggered by feelings rather than, say, onions or other irritating things. The stereotype about women crying more is true. As per research, Women cry 30 to 64 times a year, whereas men cry just 6 to 17 times per year, though it is possible men understated in reporting. As per a survey, women usually cry for six minutes at a time on an average whereas men, on the other hand, say they cry about two to three minutes on average. It is possible men under reported this timing question too. Why men cry less: Men have larger tear ducts in their eyes, so that it is less likely for the tears to well up to the point of spilling over the eyelid onto the cheek. There’s also this paper from the 1960s, in which a physician from the University of Michigan reports how he used male and female skulls to measure the length and depth of tear ducts, finding that women’s were shorter and shallower. We can deduce that men cry less often than women owing to social conditioning. Crying doesn’t really fit in with our image of stereotypical manhood. But, men may also be biologically built to shed fewer tears, some experts suggest. Hormones also play a role: Hormones may also create a difference. Testosterone inhibits crying. Male prostate cancer patients become more emotional when their testosterone level goes down due to cancer medication. Emotional tears tend to contain prolactin, a hormone produced by the pituitary gland that is associated with emotion. Adult women have serum prolactin levels almost sixty percent above the average male. This difference may help to explain why women as a whole cry more frequently. Before puberty, the serum prolactin levels are the same in both sexes, and studies have found that the crying level of boys and girls is much more similar before puberty [14 years of age]. Why Do You Cry? Crying is a natural emotional response to certain feelings, usually sadness and hurt. But then people [also] cry under other circumstances and occasions. When people emotionally let go of their guard, their defenses,

and allow tapping into a place deep inside them, crying happens. Crying is a release of a buildup of energy with feelings. It can also be a survival mechanism. Among other things, it may mean you are frustrated, overwhelmed or even just trying to get someone’s attention. It is called a ‘’secondary gain’’ cry. Some cry easily and others rarely. Experts aren’t exactly sure why, though temperament plays a role. Some people are just more prone to crying. Others ignore or are not as affected by certain things [that provoke tears in criers].” On top of that, crying may have a biochemical purpose. It’s believed to release stress hormones or toxins from the body. People with a history of trauma cry more……. People with a history of trauma have been found to cry more as they dwell more on that past. When one keeps referring back to the past of trauma or emotional pain, it will generate more feelings of hurt. Women who report anxiety, as well as those who are extroverted and empathetic, are more likely to feel comfortable to crying. Benefits of a Good Cry? People often refer to a cry as a good cry and say they feel better afterwards. Is it correct? In a study it was found that those suffering from anxiety or depression did not feel good after crying. But others said they felt relieved after crying. May be those who are depressed or anxious simply don’t derive the same benefits from crying as others do. Coping With Crying: We can help a crier in simple ways. Try to do something supportive. Simply listening in an empathetic way helps. Do something otherwise the crier may feel worse. Ask the person how you can help. Trying Not to Cry Sometimes, it’s just not appropriate to let the tears flow .You have to put up a brave face. For example, while accompanying a loved one to a medical treatment, one can try to postpone the cry but don’t cancel it altogether. Suppression isn’t good idea as your overwhelming emotions need a permanent exit Find an appropriate place, and cry. If you can’t leave the situation, distract positively. Start reading a magazine or talk to a kid. The Downside of Not Crying It is better to acknowledge feelings such as sadness and hurt. Feelings are not good or bad. Feelings are just feelings. Those who suppress emotions and cannot cry may be jeopardizing their physical health. But crying in front of people can still be awkward for the person crying and people around them. Never crying may not be mentally healthy. For scores of reasons, a lot of people push down their tears. They suppress them. One of the consequences is we need not keep our overwhelming emotions inside us permanently. If that happens outside world may call it depression. The sorrow which has no vent in tears may make other organs cry.


mr lube


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Beauty tips for delaying skin ageing


eople are constantly in search for ways that makes your skin look young as they age. Some may even go far to try every skin care product and treatment in the market no matter how bizarre they may be. Skin ageing is a serious matter of concern especially for women. There is some beauty for delaying sin ageing. • Never make use of straws for drinking as the pursing movement of lips can cause fine lines around the mouth area. • Whenever you apply makeup on your face, especially near your eyes never rub. It is best to pat product gently with you finger or making use of the brush instead of rubbing the skin. • Always sleep on your back as there is a belief that sleeping your increases wrinkles on cheek and skin area. • When you sleep make use of silk pillow. Sleeping on a pillow with regular cover tugs your skin and causes insane sleep lines on your face. Silk pillows allow your skin to smoothly glide so you won’t get marks all over your cheek when you wake up. • Try to stand on your head as it increases the blood flow of the skin. This beauty tip may not comfortable for everyone so try only those whom it suits you. • Moisturize the skin in natural way. Some swear using extra virgin olive or virgin coconut oil to keep skin well hydrated especially in colder months. • Breathe properly i.e. breathe slow or deep breathing is a great way of reducing the stress and relaxing tight muscles such as ones in your face. Breathing properly allows more oxygen in your cells, makes you look more radiant. • Drink tea instead

of coffee, specifically green tea is packed with antioxidants that help prevent and fight premature skin ageing. Once you’re done drinking, you can also use the tea packets as eye masks to help reduce dark circles and discoloration. • Minimize stress. There’s nothing that can age you faster other than stress. Stress can make you look old and haggard in no time so better keep those stress levels in check.

Express Entry - Federal Skilled Worker - Canadian Experience Class/PNP - Family Sponsorship Immigration Investors - Self - employed - Study Permit - Work Permit - Visitor Visa /saentertainmentnewsmagazine



september 2016



bollywood september 2016 /saentertainmentnewsmagazine


Bollywood entry for any south actress is a big feat:

Regina Cassandra


ctor Regina Cassandra, who is making her Bollywood debut with filmmaker Anees Bazmee’s Aankhen 2, says it’s an achievement for any southern actress to make it to Hindi filmdom. “For most southern actresses, entry to Bollywood is their ultimate dream. It’s considered a big feat because it’s a bigger platform and the reach is wide. I never expected to be making my Bollywood debut on such a big platform,” Regina told IANS, describing the whole process of being signed on for the project as an “out of the blue” moment. “I was in Mumbai to audition for another film and my pictures got circulated. A week later, I got a call from an agency and I was told that the makers of Aankhen 2, impressed by my pictures, wanted to meet me. I hopped on a flight to Mumbai, went and met the producer, heard the story and I was signed on within a day,” she said, adding she had to do a photo shoot instead of an audition. In the film, Regina will be playing a character with two shades, both positive as well as negative. “It’s an interesting character. She’s a nice person at heart, but some circumstances change her. It’s a con-heist thriller and I’m excited to be sharing screen space with a big star cast including Amitabh Bachchan, Anil Kapoor, Arjun Rampal and Ileana D’Cruz,” she said.

Regina, who is looking forward to start shooting from January 2017, will polish her Hindi skills in the interim. “I’m not completely alien to the language. I can talk pretty well in Hindi, but I might have a south accent. Although I haven’t had the opportunity to speak in Hindi all these years, I want to converse in the language as much as possible now,” she said. Having signed three Tamil projects in the last couple of months, Regina doesn’t like to believe she’s on a signing spree. “I think most people have this misconception that if an actor doesn’t sign a film in six months, he or she is assumed to be out of work. When you sign three projects in quick succession, then it’s believed that the actor is on a signing spree. “An actor’s life is very unpredictable; it needs to be planned carefully. Despite having films in your kitty, you might not have a release on year,” she said. “I signed only three films out of ten offers that came my way. If I was on a signing spree, I would’ve signed all the ten projects. It’s not like I’ve only been getting work in the last few months. I’ve been getting work and I chose projects that I thought were exciting,” she explained. Regina currently awaits the release of Tamil horror-thriller Nenjam Marappathillai, and she has also started working on Telugu film Nakshatram. /saentertainmentnewsmagazine


bharat jewellers september 2016





september 2016


50 years ago two people got hooked, and today a golden recipe they have cooked!!!

Happy golden wedding anniversary!!! Shivam Bassi


wedding anniversary is the anniversary of the date, a marriage took place. Traditional names exist for all of them, for instance, 50 years of marriage is called golden wedding anniversary. An anniversary celebration also allows you to pull back from your daily grind and relive a moment that changed your life forever. My mother always used to say that anyone can pull out all the stops on their wedding day. But when a couple makes it to 50 years of marriage, well, now that’s something that really needs celebration. This is the milestone that every married couple strives for. We congratulate Mr. Manohar Lal Ghai and Mrs. Sandhura Ghai the lucky couple who had that reaches this milestone. We the family, friends members and well wishers salute 50 years of togetherness. Your golden jubilee is a precious moment when you celebrate 50 years of togetherness. Many Many good wishes to celebrate this day, And good luck for another 50 years that come your way. !!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!


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Highlights of


Abbotsford Centre Canada



millstream september 2016 /saentertainmentnewsmagazine

@ansalmedia /saentertainmentnewsmagazine



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WCC september 2016 /saentertainmentnewsmagazine


ARE YOU UNEMPLOYED? SEARCHING FOR A BETTER JOB? Health Care Assistants are in high demand all over Vancouver & the Lower Mainland. The senior population is on the rise and as such Health Care Assistants are being sought out from hospitals, home support & senior facilities. A HCA’s goal is to improve the client’s quality of life. As a valued and important part of the health care team, you will probably spend more time with the clients than any other team member. The graduated students will tend to the client’s physical needs, everyday challenges, providing comfort, encouraging independence & promoting the person’s self-respect. As a front line caregiver you will be able to establish the state of well-being in all dimensions of life of the clients. If you are able to give ompassionate care, work well in a team setting, have a caring patient nature and a positive attitude, this is the career path for you. Western Community College provides job oriented programs, all of them at extremely affordable fees. We pride ourselves on offering our students a high quality education. Accreditation by PCTIA & EQA by the Ministry of Advanced Education are the symbols of excellence in education that have been granted to

Western Community College. We have a comfortable, friendly environment to study in with experienced approachable faculty. Western Community College is a part of the community and continually works to help all of our students to achieve their personal & professional goals. At Western Community College students enrolled in the 6-month Healthcare Assistant program will be able to walk away with the knowledge & confidence they require to be a

benefit to any company they choose to work in. Students will learn how to use mechanical lifts, safely transferring & lifting residents, administering medications, observing & reporting any changes in the client’s behavior or conditions, medical terminology, human anatomy & psychological care, how to manage the clients personal care & home care. Our program features classroom theory, lab skills in addition to hands on experience they will receive in the clinical & assisted living facilities to perfect their skills they’ve learned in real life settings, putting their classroom knowledge to work. Upon completion, you will have the ability to provide the residents with the personal care they require and the

physical, social & emotional support that they need. If this sounds like the ideal career for you, call or come by the college to register today for only $4250! We are taking admissions for our September classes now.

Our door are open 7 days a week from 9am-5pm. We are located in the Payal Business Center at 12899-80 th Ave. Surrey BC call 604-594-3500 With your certificate in bookkeeping & Accounting your career opportunities are endless. /saentertainmentnewsmagazine



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By: Prof. Surinder Shaun Kochhar LPN, FCN, M.Com, CAIIB, DIM (A freelance writter with 36 Year Exp.) /saentertainmentnewsmagazine


Forgetfulness - How much is normal?

Contd. from previous issue 5)Get Organized - If your house is in a mess, you’re more likely to forget things. Jot down tasks, declutter your home and note down appointments. Set aside a particular place at home to keep your keys, and limit distractions. Live by to-do lists, keep them up to date and check off the items you’ve completed. Physically writing down new information actually helps reinforce it. 6)Meditation is Key – All body processes are complete by the age of 24 years. At this age, one is at his prime best. As per a recent study by UCLA Brain Mapping Center, the brain starts to decline in your 20s and continues to decrease both in size and volume. Meditating regularly delays cognitive decline and prevents neurodegenerative diseases like Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Meditation[a prayer, yoga in particular] produces a positive charge in the brain’s gray matter area, which is important for memory, learning and self-awareness. In addition, meditation has been shown to reduce stress, which can affect memory. 7)Stay Mentally Active The brain of a human being can be linked with the battery of a car. The more you drive a car, the more the battery life improves. Food for the brain is its usage. Challenge it with Crossword puzzles, Sudoku or solve a math problem. Learn a new language, read a section of the newspaper you usually skip, do things out of the ordinary. Stay engaged, because mentally stimulating activities help keep your brain in shape - and might even keep memory loss at bay. People who are cognitively active have better memory as they age. 8) Balance Your Stress - Chronic stress and depression, both contribute to memory loss and the destruction of brain cells. Laugh or Laugh yoga helps. Yes, it’s that simple. Laughter engage multiple regions of the brain and simultaneously reduces stress. Social interaction also helps ward off depression and stress, so look for opportunities to get together with family, friends and work colleagues. When you’re invited to share a meal or attend an event, time permitting, go for it. 9)Use supplement[s] Fish oil, has also been associated with encouraging the growth of neurons [brain cells] and lowering the risk of dementia. Fish oil contains DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid which helps improve your memory power. Krill oil is better than fish oil and does not leave a bad after taste.Ashwagandha, an Ayurveda medicine, is also helpful in promoting memory since it helps prevent nerve cell damage. Bottom-line– The brain is an energy hungry organ? Despite comprising only 2% of the body’s weight, the brain gobbles up more than 20% of daily energy intake. So a healthy diet might be as good for your brain as it is for your overall health, and eating right may in fact be

more important than you think. After all, you are what you eat. The brain demands a constant supply of glucose which is obtained from recently eaten carbohydrates like whole grains, fruits and greens. When the glucose level drops, it results in confused thinking. The brain is wired to use only glucose as primary source of fuel.In extreme instances of deprivation, the brain will use other substances for fuel i.e ketones. Eat 100-150 gms ofcarbohydrates [prefer complex] per day on a 1500 calorie diet. This will keep a check on your weight as well.

Towards solution, do not slurp on sugary drinks. Instead, eat throughout the day to optimize brain power. Do not eat too much, or too little. Memory superfoods include antioxidant-rich, colorful fruits, green leafy vegetables and whole grains which protect your brain from harmful free radicals. Free radicals are harmful wastes in the body that make us sick. Choose low-fat protein sources such as fish and drink at least 8 glasses of water daily since dehydration can lead to memory loss , confusion and to cap it all Forgetfulness. /saentertainmentnewsmagazine



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asmati Rice only 1% production of the total rice grown in India. This rice is different from other rice mainly due to the aroma and elongation post cooking. Basmati rice has been reported in India since the early 19th century though it may have been named differently. `Bas` in Hindi language means `aroma`and `Mati` means `full` of hence the word Basmati i.e. full of aroma. Each grain of aged basmati rice on cooking, separates out and gives a delightful taste. It is truly an Indian delicacy. Amrit Basmati is a specially bred variety of basmati rice with all the great Indian traditional taste but with lower glycemic index value. Lower (GI) foods are good for diabetic patients to help control thier blood suger levels through diet. Accroding to the American Diabetes Association: the glycemic index, or GI, measures Carbohydrate how a Carbohydratecontaining food raises blood glucose. Foods are ranked based on how they compare to a reference food-either glucose or white bread. A food with a high GI raises blood glucose more than a food with a medium or low GI. Meal planning with the GI involves choosing foods that have alow or medium GI. If eating a food with a high GI, you can combine it with low GI foods to help balance the meal. For more detailed information please visit the American Diabetes Association at http://www.

bwsmqI cwvl Bwrq ivc ku`l pYdw hox vwly cwvlW dw isr& 1% hn[ ieh p`kx bwAd lMby Aqy KuSbUdwr hox kwrn bwkI cwvlW nwloN v`Kry hn[ ienHW bwry Bwrq ivc 19vIN sdI dy SurU ivc hI pqw l`g igAw sI BwvyN ienHW nUM Swied iksy hor nW nwl jwixAw jWdw sI[ihMdI BwSw ivc ‘bws’ dw mqlb hY ‘KuSbU’ Aqy mqI dw mqlb hY BrpUr[ ies qrHW ies dw mqlb hY ‘KuSbU nwl BrpUr’[ ies dw hr dwxw p`kx bwAd v`K-v`K ho ky bhuq hI svwd ho jWdw hY[AimRq bwsmqI Bwrq dy swry BrpUr rsmI suAwd pr G`t glweIisimk q`q nwl augweI jwx vwlI ie`k Kws iksm hY[ G`t jI AweI mwqrw vwly Bojn SUgr dy mrIjW nUM AwpxI Kurwk rwhIN SUgr kMtrol krn ivc m`dd krdy hn[ AmYirkn fwieAwbItIz AYsosIeySn dy Anuswr,glweIsIimk ienfYks ieh inScq krdw hY ik ikvyN kwrb vwly Bojn KUn iv`c gulUkoz dw mwqrw vDwauNdy hn[gulUkoz jW ic`tI bYR~f dy ADwr ‘qy BojnW dw qulnw p`Dr inScq kIqw jWdw hY[izAwdw jI AweI mwqrw vwly Bojn G`t jW m`Dm jI AweI mwqrw vwly Bojn KUn ivc gulUkoz mwqrw izAwdw vDwauNdw hY[‘jI AweI’ sbMDq Bojn Xojnw iqAwr krnI ivc ieh Swml huMdw hY ik aus ivc m`Dm jW G`t ‘jI AweI’ mwqrw vwlw Bojn cuxnw[Kwx vyly izAwdw ‘jI AweI’ vwly Bojn nwl G`t ‘jI AweI’ vwly Bojn nUM imlw lYx nwl Bojn sMquilq ho jWdw hY[ vDyry jwxkwrI leI AmYirkn fwieAwbItIz AYsosIeySn dI vY~bsweIt ‘qy ivizt kIqw jw skdw [ /saentertainmentnewsmagazine /saentertainmentnewsmagazine @ansalmedia@ansalmedia

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MACULAR DEGENERATION Dr. Pargat Singh Bhurji MD,FRCP ( C ) Consultant Pediatrician Surrery BC

Contd. from previous issue People with low vision may find a team approach is often best in vision rehabilitation. This team may involve some or all of the following professionals: 4Ophthalmologist 4Low-vision specialist 4Occupational therapist 4Rehabilitation teacher 4Orientation and mobility specialist 4Social worker 4Counselor This rehabilitation process can be a challenging and frustrating period of adjustment — one that requires patience, practice, motivation and the support of your doctor, low-vision specialist, family and friends. The rewards, however, can be There are many devices specifically designed to help people with low vision function better. Different devices are available for different tasks. A trained professional can help you understand which device is best for accomplishing your particular needs. Training and practice are also important in order to become skilled at using any device. Optical low-vision devices. Optical low-vision devices use lenses to magnify objects, making them easier to see. The lens strength will depend on your vision and the size of the object or print to be seen. Magnifying spectacles. Stronger than ordinary glasses. They can be used for near tasks, such as reading, threading a needle, or any activity that requires detailed vision. The printed page or object must be held closer than usual in order to keep things in focus. One advantage of magnifying spectacles is that your hands remain free to hold reading materials or perform tasks. Hand magnifiers. Familiar to most people and are available in varying strengths. Reading material is not necessarily held as close to the face as with magnifying spectacles, and some models come with a built-in light. High-quality and high-powered magnifiers are often available only in specialized stores or through vision rehabilitation professionals. Stand magnifiers. Rest directly on the reading material, keeping the lens at the proper distance from the page. The ability to rest the magnifier on the page is useful for patients with a tremor or arthritis. Telescopes. Used for seeing objects or reading signs that are far away. They can be handheld like a pair of regular binoculars or mounted on a pair of eyeglasses. Video magnifiers. Electronic devices that use a camera and television screen to enlarge printed material, pictures, or small objects. They are adjustable and can enhance the material in different ways — for example, by making the print appear darker (increased contrast). The technology is developing rapidly, and electronic devices are becoming smaller, more portable and easier to use. Some can even be used for both distance and near tasks. There are many devices specifically designed to help people with low vision function better. Different devices are available for different tasks. A trained professional can help you understand which

Hand magnifiers. Familiar to most people and are available in varying strengths. Reading material is not necessarily held as close to the face as with magnifying spectacles, and some models come with a built-in light. High-quality and high-powered magnifiers are often available only in specialized stores or through vision rehabilitation professionals. Stand magnifiers. Rest directly on the reading material, keeping the lens at the proper distance from the page. The ability to rest the magnifier on the page is useful for patients with a tremor or arthritis. Telescopes. Used for seeing objects or reading signs that are far away. They can be handheld like a pair of regular binoculars or mounted on a pair of eyeglasses. Video magnifiers. Electronic devices that use a camera and television screen to enlarge printed material, pictures, or small objects. They are adjustable and can enhance the image

device is best for accomplishing your particular needs. Training and practice are also important in order to become skilled at using any device. Optical low-vision devices. Optical low-vision devices use lenses to magnify objects, making them easier to see. The lens strength will depend on your vision and the size of the object or print to be seen. Magnifying spectacles. Stronger than ordinary glasses. They can be used for near tasks, such as reading, threading a needle, or any activity that requires detailed vision. The printed page or object must be held closer than usual in order to keep things in focus. One advantage of magnifying spectacles is that your hands remain free to hold reading materials or perform tasks.

There are numerous low vision aids, devices, and techniques to help make everyday activities easier, including: 4Electronic books, e-book readers and audio books 4Large-print books, newspapers, magazines, playing cards, and banking checks 4High-contrast and large number telephones, thermostats, watches, and remote controls; talking watches, timers, books, and medical devices 4Bold-tipped markers for easy-to-read shopping and phone number lists 4Computers that can magnify (on screen or on paper) any printed material or picture, or that read aloud what is viewed on screen 4Sitting closer to the television (this will not damage your eyes) 4One Will Need Regular Follow up your Opthalmologist /saentertainmentnewsmagazine




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The Dulux® Difference Superior quality paint, great value.

4 Surrey locations to serve you better! 15345 Highway 10 Units 107 & 108 Tel: (604) 574-5049

2255 King George Blvd. Units 102 & 110 Tel: (604) 531-1895

7675 132 Street Unit # C Tel: (604) 590-1688

© 2014 PPG Industries, Inc. All rights reserved. Dulux is a registered trademark of AkzoNobel and is licensed to PPG Architectural Coatings Canada Inc. for use in Canada only. The Multi-Colored Swatches Design is a trademark of PPG Architectural Finishes, Inc.

15285 101st Avenue Unit C4 Tel: (604) 495-8476

© 2016 PPG Industries, Inc. All rights reserved. Dulux is a registered trademark of AkzoNobel and is licensed to PPG Architectural Coatings Canada Inc. for use in Canada only. The Multi-Colored Swatches Design is a trademark of PPG Architectural Finishes, Inc.

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Fashion Tips for plus Size


veryone is familiar that good healthy diet and fitness routine will keep your body in shape. But fashion is a desire of every person even plus size person. There are some fashion tips that make yourself appear thinner, without actually becoming thinner.

covering your waistline, but it is alright. Leaving shirt untucked will reduce the effects of contouring and clinging to your problem areas.

Wear dark color clothing In dark color, it is the black color that always works. It gives a slimming effect and avoid looking slender but also chic. It is not about only black, generally dark color clothing like Grey or blue will also do trick too. It depends on how you can match colors around to cover the flaws and bring out your confident body parts. It will only make you appear slightly thinner or cover up your flaws, this plan could backfire if you are wearing dark colored clothing that are a little tight fit as it bring out the contours of your body, so choose wisely.

Maintaining a good posture We can talk forever about how clothing will change the way you appear, how colors play a trick to the eyes, how you can mix around and wear the right clothing, however, it is the fundamentals and basics that people tend to neglect and are guilty of. In this case, it is about having the right body posture. Stand tall and confident, make yourself slightly taller, that way, you will appear more confident and your flaws will be slightly hidden.

Prefer to leave shirt untucked It looks little weird with the shirt hanging downwards and

Do not carry extra baggage in your pocket Try not to put your

headphones; tissue papers or wallets et cetera in your pockets as it will make you appear bulky on top of your original body size. Keep those items in a bag or a carrier and reduce the load in your pockets. Change the attention focus Too often a time, many people dress well, but without a key piece or the additional factor that makes you stand out. For females, it can be accessories like jewelleries, necklaces or make-up that draws unwanted attention away from your problem areas. For males, perhaps a classic watch or a pair of dazzling shoes can make all the difference. These key items play a very important role in diverting attention and make you unique; they can be a topic for discussion during socialization too.


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All American Cheeseburger Soup Ingredients 4 Pound Ground relief 41 Medium onion, chopped 41 Stalk Celery, Chopped 42 Cloves Garlic, Minced 42 table spoons all-purpose floor 42 14 1/2 ounce cans reduced-sodium beef broth 42 medium potatoes, scrubbed and coarsely chopped 41 8 ounce package shredded cheddar and American cheese blend (2 cups) 4¼ cup ketchup 42 tablespoons Dijon-style mustard 41 cup whole milk 4Toasted buns or rolls

(optional) 4Toppings, such as pickles, onions, lettuce, mustard, and/or ketchup (optional) Directions In 4-quart Dutch oven cook beef, onion, celery, and garlic over medium heat until meat is browned and vegetables are tender, breaking up meat with a wooden spoon; drain off fat. Sprinkle flour over beef mixture; cook and stir for 2 minutes. Stir in broth and potatoes. Bring to boiling, stirring occasionally. Reduce heat. Simmer, covered, for 10 minutes or until potatoes are tender.

Fresh Tomato Marinara Sauce A rich, flavourful sauce that is healthy. Great for use in pasta, lasagne, and other casseroles. My favorite way to eat it is to pour over raw zucchini ‘pasta’ for an extrafresh and tasty meal that’s very healthy, too. Ingredients 41 h 25 m servings 147 cals 43 tablespoons olive oil 41/2 onion, 4chopped 8 large tomatoes, 4Peeled and cut into big chunks 6 cloves garlic, 4Minced 1 bay leaf 41/2 cup red wine 41 tablespoon honey 42 teaspoons dried basil 41 teaspoon oregano 41 teaspoon dried

marjoram 41 teaspoon salt 41/2 teaspoon ground black pepper 41/4 teaspoon fennel seed 41/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper

Stir in tomatoes, cheese, tomato paste, ketchup, and mustard. Cook and stir until cheese is melted and smooth and soup just comes to gentle boiling. Stir in milk; heat through. If desired, serve with toasted buns and cheeseburger toppings. 42 teaspoons balsamic vinegar, or more to taste DIRECTIONS Heat olive oil in a stockpot over medium heat. Cook and stir onion in hot oil until softened, about 5 minutes; add tomatoes, garlic, and bay leaf. Bring the liquid from the tomatoes to a boil, reduce to medium-low, and simmer mixture until tomatoes are softened, about 30 minutes. Stir red wine, honey, basil, oregano, marjoram, salt, black pepper, fennel seed, and crushed red pepper into the tomato mixture; bring again to a simmer and cook until herbs have flavored the sauce, about 30 minutes more. Stir balsamic vinegar into the sauce.

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Contd. from previous issue (Part 3) “kuJ cwhIdw hovy qwˆ &on kr lYxw[“ kih ky mYnyjr Aqy vytr cly gey[ sYm dI hwlq vyKky mYnUM hOl pY rhy sn[ ieh pihlwˆ vwlw sYm hY hI nhIN sI[ Srwb dI lgBg pUrI boql ^qm sI[ mYN Awpxy Awp nUM sMBwlx dI koiSS kIqI[ mYN sYm dy Aqy Awpxy nweIt sUt k`Fy[ Awpxw nweIt sUt bdlx leI mYN vwSrUm clI geI[ bVy boJl mn nwl mYN AwpxI fRY~s bdlI[ myry swry supny cUr-cUr ho gey sn[ iks qrHwˆ dw jIvn swQI soicAw sI Aqy mYnUM ikho ijhw bMdw imilAw sI? bVy buJy hoey mn nwl bwhr AweI[ sYm AwpxI kmIz lwhux dI nwkwmXwb koiSS kr irhw sI[ mYN audws A`Kwˆ nwl plMG dy iek pwsy lyt geI[ jdoN sYm koloN kmIz nw auqrI, ausny iek BYVI ijhI gwL k`F ky kmIz pwV su`tI[ ausdy do tukVy krky ieMj vyKx l`gw ijvyN kYdI jylH ivcoN Ajwd hoieAw hovy[ i&r auh plMG ‘qy myry lwgy ieMj if`gw ijvyN v`iFAw hoieAw dr`Kq if`igAw hovy[ “sonIAwˆ fwrilMg, AweI lv XU[ Am swrI, AweI lv XU……[“ , sYm Sudw mwrI jw irhw sI[ jd ausny Awpxw mUMh myry kol ilAwˆdw qwˆ Srwb dI BYVI hvwV nwl myrI qwˆ jwn hI in`kl geI[ mYN au~T ky prHwˆ nUM B`jI[ mYnUM l`igAw ik myrw swh hI bMd ho cilAw sI[ mYN jldI nwl iek iKVkI KolHI Aqy bwhroN qwzI hvw lYx dI koiSS kIqI[ bwhroN TMf Aw rhI sI pr mYnUM bwhrlI hvw nwl kuJ cYn imilAw[ Srwb dI pUrI boql pI ky sYm dw idmwg suMn ho igAw sI[ nwly sYm vwSrUm dw drvwjw KVkw-KVkw ky burI qrHwˆ Q`k igAw sI[ aus koloN au~iTAw nw igAw[ auh ausy qrHwˆ bY~f ‘qy ipAw buVbVwauNdw sON igAw[ mYN kwrpY~t &lor ‘qy if`g peI Aqy Bu`bwˆ mwr ky ro peI[ nwl hI mYN AwpxIAwˆ lyrwˆ d`bx leI Awpxw mUMh Awpy hI Gu`t ilAw[ pqw nhIN mY ikMnI dyr qk roNdI rhI[ myrI duhweI suxn vwlw koeI nhIN sI[ i&r mYN au~TI Aqy AlmwrI KolHI[ aus ivc iek vwDU kMbl ipAw sI[

mYN auh kMbl Aqy iek isrHwxw lYky Ku`lHI iKVkI dy nyVy kwrpY~t ‘qy hI lyt geI[ myrw roxw isskIAwˆ ivc bdl igAw[ pqw nhI mYnUM ikMnIN dyr bwAd isskIAwˆ lYˆdI nUM nINd AweI[ jd myrI A`K Ku`lHI qwˆ kw&I Du`p cVH AweI sI[ kmry ivcoN bVI bdbU Aw rhI sI[ sYm ny plMG ‘qy hI aultI kIqI hoeI sI[ auh bysurq ipAw sI[ mYN iKVkI pUrI KolHI Aqy iek lMbw haukw ilAw[ “ipAw rhy…”, mYN sYm nUM lwhnq pweI Aqy vwSrUm clI geI[ mYN vwSrUm dw p`Kw clwieAw[ Swvr lY ky mYN bwhr Aw ky geI[ swfw jo iSmly jlUs inklxw sI auh inkl hI igAw sI[ mYN irsYpSn ‘qy &on kIqw Aqy sYm dI swrI hwlq smJw id`qI[ mYnyjr ny vytr nUM ByijAw[ ausny pihlwˆ sYm nUM moFy ‘qy cu`k ky so&y au~qy iltwieAw[ i&r s&weI krky nvwˆ ibsqrw ivCw id`qw[ mYN sYm dI nbz cY~k kIqI[ ausnUM buKwr sI[ nrs hox krky mYnUM pqw sI ik sYm nUM ikhVI dvweI dI loV sI[ “suxo, ie`Qy koeI kYimst dI dukwn hY?”, mYN Awpxy Awp nUM sMBwlidAwˆ vytr koloN pu`iCAw[ “jI, nyVy hI hY[“ ausny ikhw[ mYN aus nUM iek prcI a~uqy kuJ dvweIAwˆ il`K ky id`qIAwˆ Aqy kuJ pYsy dy ky auh dvweIAwˆ ilAwaux nUM ikhw[ mYN aus nUM rwq dw Kwxw vwps lY jwx Aqy nwly do k`p cwh dy nwl cwr sYNfivc ilAwaux nUM ikhw[ jdoN auh clw igAw,mYN sYm dy muMh ‘qy pwxI dy iC`ty mwry[ ausnUM QoVI hoS AweI[ ausny au~Tx dI koiSS kIqI pr aus koloN Awpxy-Awp au~iTAw nw igAw[ mYN ausdI mdd kr ky ausnUM auTwieAw Aqy vwSrUm qk lY ky geI[ sYm ny vI Awpxy Awp nUM sMBwilAw Aqy AMdroNˆ drvwzw bMd kr ilAw[ myry idl ivc sYm pRiq koeI hmdrdI nhIN rih geI sI[ myry ipAwr dI dunIAwˆ qwˆ vsx qoN pihlwˆ hI au~jV geI sI[ AYny nUM vytr cwh, sYNfivc Aqy dvweIAwˆ lY ky Aw igAw[ mYN ausnUM bwkI dy bcy pYsy aus kol hI r`Kx nUM ikhw[ mYN ausnUM hor it`p vI id`qI[ cwh dy nwl mYN do sYNfivc KwDy[ sYm vwSrUm ivc hI sI[ mYN iek k`p hor cwh dw bxwieAw Aqy iek sYNfivc hor Kw ilAw[ do k`p cwh Aqy iqMn sYNfivc Kwx nwl myry srIr nUM kuJ qwkq imlI[ mYN plMG ‘qy lMmI pY geI[ mYN kuJ vI socxw nhIN cwhuMdI sI[ mYN vwSrUm dw drvwjw KulHdw hoieAw suixAw[ mYN A`Kwˆ bMd krky sOx dw nwtk krdI rhI[ mYN sYm dw pRiqkrm vyKxw cwhuMdI sI[ sYm ny Awp hI cwh bxweI Aqy sYNfivc KwDw[ kyqlI ivc kw&I grm pwxI sI[ “sYm, grm pwxI nwl iek ic`tI Aqy iek lwl golI lY lau Aqy iqMn-cwr GMty Awrwm kr lE[“, mYN lMmI peI-peI ny sYm nUM slwh id`qI

“AwieAm swrI, sonIAwˆ[“ sYm ny mw&I mMgI[ mYN kuJ nw bolI[ “sonIAwˆ, bhuq nrwz ho kI?” sYm ny ikhw[ “mYN kuJ dyr Arwm krnw cwhuMdI hwˆ[ qusIN vI kro Aqy mYnUM vI kr lYx idE[“, myrw lihzw QoVw ku s^q sI ikauNik mYN s`cmuc Arwm krnw cwhuMdI sI[ sYm ny i&r mYnUM prySwn nhIN kIqw[ i&r jdoN myrI A`K Ku`lHI qwˆ sYm kmry ivc nhIN sI[ mYN au~T ky vwSrUm geI[ “ieh ikho ijhw irSqw l`iBAw sI myry GridAwˆ ny myry leI? kI ivAwh qoN pihlwˆ iek dUjy nUM jwx lYxw jrUrI nhIN hoxw cwhIdw? mYN sYm nwl izMdgI nhIN ibqw skdI[ ies dw Aqy myrw koeI myl-jooV hI nhIN hY[ ijhVI ivAwhuqw izMdgI dI SuruAwq hI AYnI frwauxI hovy, auh A`gy ikvyN c`lygI? nhIN-nhIN, ieh irSqw ieQy hI Kqm ho jwxw cwhIdw hY[ pr ikvyN? mYN sYm nUM sw&-sw& kih idAwˆgI[“, mYN AwpxyAwp ivc hI buVbVweI[ “irSqydwr kI kihxgy? pr irSqydwrwˆ dI prvwh krky mYN Awpxw Biv`K qwˆ nhIN Krwb kr skdI[ myry mMmI-fYfI mYnUM zrUr TIk mMnxgy Aqy ies &Ysly ivc myrw swQ dyxgy[ pr myry fYfI ny ivAwh ‘qy AYnw pYsw KricAw sI, ausdw kI? pYsw myrI izMdgI Aqy Biv`K nwloN qwˆ izAwdw mh`qvpUrx nhIN ho skdw? myrw ivAwh tu`t igAw smJo[“ mYN Awpy hI dohwˆ p`Kwˆ nUM pUrdI buVbuVwauNdI geI[ “lok kI kihxgy? myry BYx-Brw dw kI hovygw? ieQy qwˆ idno-idn mihMgweI vDdI jw rhI hY[ ikMnIAwˆ aumIdwˆ myry knyfw jwx qy swry GridAwˆ ny lgweIAwˆ hoeIAwˆ ny[ sYm dy nwl myry kYnyfw jwx kr ky swrw pRIvwr kYnyfw phuMc skdw hY[ kYnyfw jwxw ikhVw Aswn hY? lokIN l`Kwˆ rupey eyjMtwˆ kol &sweI i&rdy AY[ kYnyfw dI srkwr qwˆ kwnUMn vI idnoidn s^q krI jw rhI Aw[ mYnUM ieh siQqI bVI soc-smJ ky sMBwlxI pvygI[“, mYN Awp hI g`l krky Awp hI k`tx ivc guAwcI hoeI sI[

Contd. in next issue /saentertainmentnewsmagazine




september 2016

A Girl in a Whirl Contd. from previous issue (Part 3) “It has turned too cold, isn’t it?” I changed the topic and began looking hither and thither. “And, how…?”, Sam’s telephone rang as he wanted to say something more. “Sat sri akal aunti ji! We are fine. It’s only three-hour journey more to shimla. Here is Sonia, please talk to her.” It was my mom’s phone call. “Sat sri akal, mom! It’s pretty long journey. We have stopped here to eat something…. We’re fine!... We’ll call you after reaching our hotel….ok, bye for now.”, we concluded our talk. After having our meal and tea, we resumed our journey to Shimla. After arriving at Shimla, we checked in at our hotel. I was dead tired after so long a journey. A waiter came to drop our luggage in our room. Sam ordered meals and whispered something to the waiter. Sam sent him out with some tip and locked the door. I was taking my jewelry off before a dressing table. Sam came and hugged me in his arms from my back. First time in my life, I experienced so strange and wonderful feeling! Some girls in our nursing college had boyfriends. Those five loafer girls

had formed their own gang. But my group was totally different. We didn’t like even to say hello to them. They often taunted us whenever we passed by them. Some said, “Wow! Celibates are here!” Some used to comment, “They have no idea how enjoyable life is!” Some used to say, “Virgin girls they are! But where will they find virgin boys? Hahahaha…hahaha… hahahha..” We felt bad but we used to ignore them. We focussed on our studies. I used to hear my mom say that if daughters go to their in-laws’ with honor after their marriage, their parents feel like accomplishing the greatest goal of their life. If daughters go astray, their parents are neither alive nor dead. That day I realized that we could earn respect in the society only by suppressing our some desires. Just then, there was a knock on our door. Sam opened the door. The waiter had brought a bottle of whisky, two glasses and some snacks. Sam made two pegs of whisky. He took one peg and tried to give me the other one. I told him that I didn’t drink, and I was not going to do so. My dad was a teetotaler. He was not a hard sober, but I had always seen him avoiding all such stuff. “Just try it tonight; you’ll experience the heaven! You know English girls in Canada are crazy for whisky!”, Sam compelled me a lot but I somehow convinced him with my entreaties not to do so. But he put one

condition before me that I must touch the other peg with my lips and give him back. Sam gulped down his own peg in a single shot. He tried to touch the other one with my lips. I thought that I would return him the peg just after touching with my lips. Sam played a prank and spilled some whisky into my mouth. “Fthoo…fthoo…fthooo…! So bitter! My mouth taste turned terribly bad. I felt like vomiting. I rushed to the washroom. I felt like throwing out and I spitted out in the basin several times. Tears began flowing from my aching eyes from coughing hard. I almost passed out. I gargled with mouthwash. I could catch my breath only after several minutes. I locked the washroom door from inside, put the toiletseat cover down, and after cleaning that, sat on it. I held my aching head with both hands. “What sort of farce was that? Sam should have had at least some common sense.”, He had completely turned my mood off. I sat there cursing my bad luck and Sam. Then Sam started banging on the door. “Sonia…Sonia…Sonia… come out.” Sam blabbered. He sounded like a gibberish-idiot drunkard as seen in some movies. I didn’t open the door. I didn’t feel like going out of the washroom. I thought he would stop banging on the door after sometime. Contd. in next issue

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september 2016


This unique combination

helps to slow down the release of Glucose into the blood thus keeping the blood sugar level under control


illstream DiabeticFriendly Flour: This unique combination of Whole Wheat, Black Chana, Bajra, Soya, Flax helps to slow down the release of Glucose into the blood thus keeping the blood sugar level under control. Why Whole Wheat, Black Chana & Bajra? Fiber delays sugar absorption. Increase intake of fiber in your diet as it delays sugar absorption, helping to control blood glucose levels in a better way. Foods high in fiber include whole grain breads, cereals, brown rice, chickpeas, kidney beans, peas, cabbage, guava, figs, pomegranate, figs etc. Why Soya? Soy lowers blood sugar. Soya has been shown to make cells more responsive to insulin. While eating soy, insulin resistance improved and blood sugar and cholesterol levels are better. Why Flax Meal? Because Flax is high in Omega-3 & Omega-6 acids. The essential fatty acids also affect the ability of the body’s cells to respond to

insulin. The more Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are in the cell membranes of adult diabetics, the more their tissues respond to insulin. Populations that eat a lot of fish containing omega-3 fatty acids, such as tuna, salmon, and mackerel, have lower rates of type 2 diabetes compared with those who eat less fish. Things like flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and walnuts are high in omega-3 fatty acids.

Àfc¹fÊ ¦fiWX¯f IZY QüSXf³f d¦fSX°ff WX` ²fSX°fe IYf °ff´f¸ff³f!

»fÔQ³f, EþZÔÀfeÜ d´fL»fZ Àff»f Àfc¹fÊ ¦fiWX¯f IZY QüSXf³f ²fSX°fe IZY °ff´f¸ff³f ¸fZÔ d¦fSXfUMX AfBÊ ±feÜ °ff´f¸ff³f ¸fZÔ Àf¶fÀfZ ª¹ffQf d¦fSXfUMX CX³f B»ffIYûÔ ¸fZÔ QþÊ IYe ¦fBÊ þWXfÔ Àfc¹fÊ ¦fiWX¯f Àf¶fÀfZ »fÔ¶fZ Àf¸f¹f °fIY SXWXfÜ ¹fWX °f±¹f ³fE A²¹f¹f³f ÀfZ Àff¸f³fZ Af¹ff WX`Ü dVf³WXbAf ³fZ d¶fiMXZ³f IZY ¸füÀf¸f dU·ff¦f IZY WXUf»fZ ÀfZ ¶f°ff¹ff dIY ´fc¯fÊ Àfc¹fÊ ¦fiWX¯f IZY QüSXf³f ²fSX°fe IYe Àf°fWX IZY °ff´f¸ff³f IYe þfÔ¨f IZY d»fE ´fWX»fe ¶ffSX CX´f¦fiWXûÔ IYf BÀ°fZ¸ff»f dIY¹ff ¦f¹ffÜ A²¹f¹f³f ÀfZ ´f°ff ¨f»ff WX` dIY d´fL»fZ Àff»f 20 ¸ff¨fÊ IYû Àfc¹fÊ ¦fiWX¯f IZY QüSXf³f d¶fiMXZ³f AüSX ¹fûSX´f IZY dWXÀÀfûÔ ¸fZÔ ²fSX°fe IZY °ff´f¸ff³f ¸fZÔ d¦fSXfUMX AfBÊ ±feÜ CX´f¦fiWXûÔ ÀfZ d¸f»fZ ³f°feþûÔ IYû Àf°fWX IYe Uf¹fb IZY °ff´f¸ff³f IYf EIY d¸f³fMX °fIY dIYE ¦fE d³fSXeÃf¯f IZY Àff±f d¸f»ff¹ff ¦f¹ffÜ

¦fiWX¯f IYe AUd²f ÀfZ ·fe ´fi·ffU ¸füÀf¸f dU·ff¦f IZY EIY Ad²fIYfSXe ³fZ IYWXf, k³f°feþûÔ ÀfZ ´f°ff ¨f»ff dIY ¨fÔQi¸ff IYe UþWX ÀfZ Àfc¹fÊ IYf ¶f×OXf dWXÀÀff AÔ²fZSXZ ¸fZÔ ¨f»ff ¦f¹ff ±ffÜ ¦fiWX¯f IYe AUd²f AüSX dQ³f IZY Àf¸f¹f WXbBÊ BÀf §fMX³ff ³fZ °ff´f¸ff³f IYû ´fi·ffdU°f dIY¹ffÜ °ff´f¸ff³f ¸fZÔ Àf¶fÀfZ ª¹ffQf d¦fSXfUMX CX³f B»ffIYûÔ ¸fZÔ WXbBÊ þWXfÔ Àfc¹fÊ ¦fiWX¯f »fÔ¶fZ Àf¸f¹f °fIY SXWXfÜl ¦füSX°f»f¶f WX` dIY d´fL»fZ Àff»f ¸ff¨fÊ ¸fZÔ ´fc¯fÊ Àfc¹fÊ ¦fiWX¯f CXØfSXe AMX»ffÔdMXIY ¸fZÔ ´f×OXf ±ffÜ ¹fûSX´f, CXØfSXe ARiYeIYf AüSX CXØfSXe EdVf¹ff IZY IbYL dWXÀÀfûÔ ¸fZÔ ¦fiWX¯f AfÔdVfIY °füSX ´fSX dQJfÜ ¸füÀf¸f dU·ff¦f IZY Qû U`Äffd³fIYûÔ Ed»fþf¶fZ±f ¦fbOX AüSX ¸f`MX ¢»ffIYÊ IZY Àfc¹fÊ ¦fiWX¯f IZY QüSXf³f d¦fSX°ff WX` ²fSX°fe IYf °ff´f¸ff³f!d´fL»fZ Àff»f 20 d»fJZ ¦fE BÀf A²¹f¹f³f IYû SXfg¹f»f ÀfûÀffBMXe IZY dRY»ffgdÀfdRYIY»f ¸ff¨fÊ IYû Àfc¹fÊ ¦fiWX¯f IZY QüSXf³f d¶fiMXZ³f AüSX ¹fûSX´f IZY dWXÀÀfûÔ ¸fZÔ ²fSX°fe MÑfÔþZ¢Vf³Àf IZY Àfc¹fÊ ¦fiWX¯f ´fSX dUVfZ¿f¿f ÀfÔÀIYSX¯f ¸fZÔ ´fiIYfdVf°f dIY¹ff þfE¦ffÜ IZY °ff´f¸ff³f ¸fZÔ d¦fSXfUMX AfBÊ ±feÜ /saentertainmentnewsmagazine


coast building supplies

september 2016





september 2016


september 2016 horoscope as per moonsign

Pt. K.K. Sharma







During the initial month planetary position will have a prolonged effect. At this time, you’ll undergo some new situations. Economically, you are advised to control your expenses because in the coming days you’ll need to spend money, suddenly.

The natives of Taurus sign can fetch some good results during this time. Mentally, you can experience too much enthusiasm and at times can feel disheartened. At time, you can think too much about property and vehicle related matters.

Initial month of the year will prove favorable for the natives of Gemini sign. You’ll feel enthusiastic and passionate. During the initial month you’ll be alert about your decisions. Some good indications can be fetched. But during the mid month there can be change in situation.

At this time, you can get rid of your old debts or you can attain some good benefits. Financially, you’ll remain strong and can also fetch some new stuff. The atmosphere at home will be lively with the arrival of guests. Also, you may require maintaining some savings from little stuff.

In this month, you can think again on your former decisions and strategies. Economically, you can undergo some pressure. You’ll have strong desire to acquire more things. In such situations you can spend more. It will not be easy to take into considerations everybody’s wishes at home.

During this month you will be able to generate some good profits with your hard work and efforts. Also, you will be helpful towards siblings and on behalf of the family you will be taking care of their interests as well. You will be mentally strong and happy. Overall, at this time you will experience some independency and freedom.







mhIny dI SurA U wq iv`c gRihW dI siQqI dw lMby smyN leI Asr rhygw[ies smyN qusIN keI nvIAW siQqIAW dw swhmxw krog[ y AwriQk qOr qy quhwnUM Krcy kMtrol krn dI slwh hY ikauNik quhwnUM Awaux vwly idnW ivc Acwnk pYsy Krcxy pYxgy[

tOrs rwSI vwly iehnW idnW ‘c keI cMgy nqIjy hwisl krngy[mwnisk qOr qy qusIN keI vwrI bhuq swrw joS qy kdy inrwSwjnk mihsUs krog[ y keI vwrI qusIN pRpo rtI qy vwhnW dy sbMiDq msilAW qy bhuq izAwdw socg o [ y

mhIny dI SurA U wq jYimnI rwSI vwilAW leI Anukl U swibq hoeg y I[qusIN auqSwihq qy zosIly mihsUs krog[ y mhIny dI SurA U wq ivc qusIN Awpxy PYsilAW pRqI sucqy rhog[ y keI cMgy ieSwry iml skdy hn[pRqM U mhIny dy A`D ivc hlwqW ivc bdlwv Aw skdy hn[

ies smyN qusIN purwxy krizAW qoN Cutkwrw pw skdy ho jW cMgy lwB pRwpq kr skdy ho[AwriQk qOr qy qusIN mzbUq rhogy qy kuJ nvW smwn vI KrId skdy ho[Gr dw mwhOl mihmwnW dy Awaux nwl AnMdmeI bixAw rhygw[quhwnMU keI Coty kMmW ivcoN vI bcq krn dI loV pY skdI hY[

ies mhIny qusIN purwxy PYsilAW Aqy nIqIAW bwry dubwrw soc skdy ho[AwriQk qOr qy qusIN dbwA iv`cNo guzr skdy ho[nvIAW cIzW hwisl krn leI ie`CwvW pYdw hoxgIAW[AijhIAw siQqIAW ivc qusIN v`D Krc skdy ho[Gr dy hr jIA dI ie`Cw qy gOr krnw sOKw nhIN hoeg y w[

ies mhIny qusIN AwpxI imhnq qy XqnW sdkw cMgy lwB hwisl kr pwEgy[qusIN Awpxy BweI-BYx leI mddgwr rhogy qy pirvwr dy p`KNo qusIN auhnW dy ihqW dw vI iDAwn r`Kg o [ y idmwgI qOr qy qusIN mzbUq qy KuS rhog[ y kul ` imlw ky qusIN ies smyN Azwd qy suqqM r mihsUs krog[ y






You will be in blissful mood from the start of the month itself. You’ll have to make efforts for your completing your own work and feel less lethargic. Due to transit of Mars on this sign you can get help and support from your family and life partner.

At this time, you can spend your savings on yourself. Also, you’ll participate in some social activities. You will get to meet new people and will interact with them. While handling bank related matter, be cautious. Business projects can stretch and this can also increase your expenses.

You will be quite practical in your work. You might have to go through various ups and downs. But with your appropriate strategies you will be able to take right decisions. This month can bring many good options or opportunities for you. Also, opportunities to generate revenue will lay your way.

At this time you can suffer from mental distress and can feel restless. Due to your grumpy nature, you can indulge in some arguments with others. Initially you should think twice before lending money to others. Keep all your documents carefully. Your ignorance can increase your worries.

Some of your work can be hindered during this time. Changes in planetary positions will have a prolonged effect on your mental level. Financially, you’ll not face any problems. Former savings will prove beneficial at this time. You may not be capable of controlling your own expenses.






aumIdn quhwnUM kMm ‘c qr`kI iml smhIny dI SurUAwq qoN hI qusIN AnMdmeI mzwz ‘c rhogy[quhwnUM Awpxy kMmW nUM pUrw krn leI susqI aufw ky Xqn krn pYxgy[mMgl dy ies rwSI qy nC`qrW dy kwrn qusIN Awpxy pirvwr qy jIvn swQI qoN mdd qy shwrw pRwpq kr skdy ho[

ies smyN qusIN AwpxI bcq ^ud dy Krc skdy ho[qusIN keI smwijk gqIivDIAW ivc vI ih`sw lvog[ y keI nvyN lokW nwl myl qy g`lbwq dw mOkw imlygw[bYNk sbMDI mwmilAW ivc cOks rho[ibjnY~s XojnwvW v`D-Pul ` skdIAW qy ieh quhwfy Krcy vI vDw skdIAW hn[

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Pisces Natives of Pisces sign can suddenly get revenue generating opportunities. You can get some profit from family. Due to impact of Saturn and Venus, expenses will remain but you will also get some good chances to gain financial profits. Due to transit of twelfth lord in ninth house you can spend more on siblings and father.

pwiesIz pwiesz rwSI vwilAW nUM Acwnk AwmdnI hwisl krn dy mOky imlxgy[qusIN pirvwr qoN lwB pRwpq kr skdy ho[SnI qy Sukr gRih dy Asr kwrn Krcy qW rihxgy pr quhwnMU AwriQk lwB dy keI mOky imlxgy[bwhrvyN lwrf dy nOvNy Gr ivc Aw jwx kwrn qusIN Awpxy BweI-BYx Aqy ipqw qy izAwdw Krcw kr skdy ho[ /saentertainmentnewsmagazine



september 2016


Travelling in Andaman and Nicobar Islands


ndia’s most remote state is the Andaman Islands which is situated more than 1000 Km off the east coast in the middle of Bay of Bengal. It is connected to the mainland either by flights or ferries from Kolkata, Chennai and Vishakhapatnam. What makes Andaman Nicobar Island beautiful? The Andaman and Nicobar Island deeply covered by the deep green tropical forest, the archipelago supports a profusion of wildlife, including some extremely rare species of bird, but the principal attraction for tourists lies in the beaches and the pristine reefs that ring most of the islands. Filled with colourful fish and kaleidoscopic corals, the crystal-clear waters of the Andaman Sea feature some of the world’s richest and least spoilt marine reserves – perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving. Although parts of the archipelago still see few visitors, the Andamans are now firmly on the tourist circuit. Approximately two hundred islands make up the Andaman group and nineteen the Nicobar. They are of varying size, the summits of a submarine mountain range stretching 755km from the Arakan Yoma chain in Burma to the fringes of Sumatra in the south. Bharatpur beach is famous for its coral reefs and white shores. The best time to visit these beaches is during mornings and evenings. The morning time is especially good for the people who would like to go snorkeling and enjoy the view of the coral reefs located here. Because of the beauty of the reefs located here, Neil islands are often termed as the coral capital of Andaman. Do not worry if you’re not much of a snorkeling enthusiast, you can enjoy the beach simply by carrying a hammock and a book and enjoy the calm and cool sea breeze and indulge yourself. There are a number of benches for strollers to

rest their feet and local vendors who sell coconut water. Cellular jail is perhaps one of the most infamous remnants of India’s struggle for independence. The jail is located at Port Blair and is a recommended place to visit. The construction of the prison started in 1896 and was completed in 1906 and the bricks used in the construction were imported from Burma. The building comprised of 7 wings which were designed in a criss-cross pattern with its center being a tower used by the guards to keep a close watch on the prisoners. The main motive of the establishment of this prison was solitary confinement of the prisoners. The wings were built in a manner that the face of each cell only saw the back of the cell opposite to it. Many freedom fighters were incarcerated in this prison colony including Veer Savarkar and Batukeshwar Dutt. As of today the cellular jail has been transformed into a hospital with 500 beds and 40 doctors who serve the local population. 3. Limestone Caves Limestone caves are a must visit site for all the people who are planning their itinerary for the Andaman and Nicobar islands. While there is not much to see at the caves except for marveling at this natural wonder, the

speed boat journey one takes is totally worth it. The boat ride is covered with a canopy of the forest which is also a home to the indigenous ‘Jarwa’ tribe. However one needs to be careful of the sea crocodiles and should not go near the water. Inside the caves, the stalactites and the stalagmites will immediately gather your attention and the erosion have formed some unique shapes inside the caves. The company of an experienced guide will make the trip more enjoyable as you might get to know some interesting facts about the local tribes and the history of these caves. Marina Park is also known as ‘Samudrika Marine Museum’ and is managed by the Indian navy. The main purpose behind its establishment was to create awareness about the conservation of the aquatic life and resources in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. One can also get detailed knowledge about the group of islands and the social and tribal life they house. The park consists of five sections which are geographical information, archaeology, people information, history of Andaman Islands and marine life. There are also miniature models of the islands displayed here with large tanks which contain natural coral reefs and different kind of aqua flora and fauna

which are unique to these islands. The operating hours of this park are from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon and 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm except on Mondays. Radhanagar beach - It is one of the most popular beaches in India and is termed as the best beach in Asia by TIME magazine in 2004. The beach is situated around a distance of 12 kilometres from the Havelock islands and is a must visit site. The waters are sparkling blue and devoid of any wave action. There are a huge number of activities that one can do like scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, fishing etc. The beach is especially popular for couples as it is almost vacant and the serene environment adds to the romance. One can also enjoy elephant rides here. The best way to enjoy the beauty of the beach is to take a camera and go on a long stroll and click photographs amidst the white sands and the blue waters, the sunset at this beach is a marvel to behold. The Viper Island gets its name from the snakes that inhabit the island. The islands are famous for the ruins of a jail that precedes the cellular jail or the Kaala paani. The jail was formerly used to incarcerate political prisoners and we can still see the ruins of the gallows at this island. The jail had many notable political prisoners from India’s struggle to independence. The place no matter how notorious it was during the colonial period is a picturesque location which is one of the most important tourist destinations in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Tourist places in Andaman and Nicobar Islands are famous for their relaxing and quaint beaches, a rich reserve of unique flora and fauna. Although it is a tough task to contain all the places you can visit in these island paradise but we have a made a humble attempt to mention the places which we considered are of prime importance and should find a place in every tour itinerary.


Khalsa Credit Union

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30th Anniversary Celebrations of Khalsa Credit Union: Gala Night with enthusiastic dance performance and musical selections!


halsa Credit Union (KCU) put the finishing touches to its 30th Anniversary celebrations with a glittering gala held on August 21, 2016. Co-hosted by Harnarayan Singh of Hockey Night in Punjabi fame and local television personality Amrit Bhatti, the event was attended by upwards of 800 members of KCU and featured a jam packed program including musical selections and an enthusiastic dance performance by a young female troupe. KCU is a full service financial institution with five branches in Abbotsford, Surrey, Vancouver and Victoria. Its vision is to be the Sikh community’s first choice for financial services and is generally believed to be the largest Sikh owned financial institution in the world. In his opening remarks, Mr. Harinder Singh Sohi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of KCU, paid tribute to the 51 founding members

of KCU and thanked them for their vision and foresight. CEO Dalbir Mehta spoke to the recent growth spurt of KCU which should see the credit union reach $400 million in assets and 15,000 members by the end of 2016. KCU will be opening a new branch at the Little India Plaza in Surrey early in 2017 and will be relocating their Vancouver office as well. Each year KCU provides scholarships to deserving high school students and these were awarded during the evening in four categories: academic; religious; sports; bursaries. In keeping with its mandate to support education, culture and religion, thirty scholarships totaling $45,000 was given during 2016 to enable young people to continue their education. A touching “story telling” video was produced and shown at the gala. Participants spoke of the many ways that KCU had helped them reach their career and professional goals.

In addition KCU launched its Community Service Awards and were pleased to receive excellent applications in all five categories. The winners, by category, were as follows:





For more information contact: Dalbir Singh Mehta Chief Executive Officer 604-507-2300.

Sean Bindra Kal Dosanjh

Ranjit Singh


Baldev Singh Bath Baljinder Kaur Narang /saentertainmentnewsmagazine



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september 2016

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How to take proper lip care?


t’s quite normal that when a woman does make up on lips then it gives huge importance than a lip care. It is not the correct attitude as lips need a little care as lips are the protective layer of the skin and like other parts they do not contain sweat glands. Lips that are cracked and dry develop infections. Reason of lips turning dry: • Inadequate water intake to keep your skin hydrated • Smoking • Continuous exposure to sun • Licking your lips make your lips dry • Deficiency of Vitamins (A, B&C) • Intake of alcohol and caffeine’s

removes moisture and causes dryness Tips for making lips looking beautiful • Drink at least 08 glass of water every day; it makes lots of difference to your lips. • Use of lip balm especially to protect lips from sun rays and prevent loss of moisture. • There is a petroleum jelly in lip balm that helps in preventing moisture loss. • Eat healthy food that contains vitamin A, B and C. • Avoid smoking, excess of alcohol and caffeine • Avoid cosmetics which are allergic to your skin. Black lips usually show one’s careless lifestyle in spite of having been blessed with a perfect skin and figure. Having naturally shadowy colored lips from birth is totally fine. /saentertainmentnewsmagazine



cover story

ink movie reflects on the dubious morals of today’s times and it has definitely left us intrigued with its powerful storyline and Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury directorial seems very exciting. The makers of Piku, Madras Cafe and Vicky Donor have nailed this one and have managed to leave an impact and an element of suspense of what will happen next? Role of Amitabh Bachchan Amitabh Bachchan plays the role of a senior lawyer. Big B as always has a very powerful presence on screen which keeps us glued to our seats. Going incognito, he tries to invesgate the matter which seems quite complicated. Baby actress Taapsee Paanu also shows us a glimpse of her acting prowess throughout the trailer and makes her presence felt. What trailer of the movie reveals about the chractersization? The trailer starts with Big B donning a lawyer’s robes, asking Taapsee these invasive questions. She, along with two friends, is being tried in the court for an attempt to murder case and defaming some men. The fact that the men may have sexually assaulted them is comfortably brushed aside. Taapsee along with her two friends, played by Kirti Kulhari and Andrea Taring, seem to be trapped in the vicious circle of crime and constantly being threatened by their assailants. They find themselves in a terrible mess as police starts questioning them about the intimate details of the crime. It gets even worse when they are cross-questioned about the same in the court room by the defending lawyer. (Amitabh Bachchan at Pink trailer launch: I want India to be free of rapes). Will the justice be served? While the verdict will be out on September 16, the film might get a positive word of mouth from the audience after watching this gripping trailer and has the potential of becoming the next hit of the year.

september 2016


Pink: After Piku, Madras Café and Vicky Donor


relationship september 2016 /saentertainmentnewsmagazine


Why Is It Important To Spend Quality Time With Kids ? “If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail” By: Prof. Surinder Shaun Kochhar LPN, FCN, M.Com, CAIIB, DIM


(A freelance writter with 36 Year Exp.)

any expatriates, belonging to various parts of universe, are hell bent on settling in western countries, for greener pastures, so that their children can get a better education , enjoy a blissful future and secured their old age as well. In the same breath, we do not want our children to embrace western culture and life style in toto. Emigrant parents, being affected by the demonstrative effect, are working overtime to fetch some extra dollars to fuel their bandwagon of struggle, in order to put life back on the rails of normalcy. Parents tear down the road of hard work and remain outside their abodes up to 16 hrs. a day and unwillingly neglect their children. When parents do not spend some quality time with their children in their formative years , they are preparing for unpleasant happenings in near future for which they are not ready. With parents out for work and children left alone in the house after school hours or due to vacations/ holidays, slowly children start developing the habit of living without parents. When this process continues, children feel ignored by parents. This state of consistent, persistent happening delinks the child from parents for the time being. This creates a huge generation gap. Social media playing a big role 21st Century kids in their pre-teens and teens, equipped with latest gadgets and being media savvy, are slowly but surely getting addicted to social media. On many occasions though a child is sitting in the living room with his parents, yet lost in the his world of chatting. Yeah So near yet So Far! Parents need to develop in- depth bonding Now a days there is more and more talk amongst parents to spend quality time with their kids. Some parents believe that an hour a day of quality time is sufficient and that nothing more needs to be done. I beg to differ. In my view quality time involves more than just an hour because one hour is a relatively short period of time

and doesn’t allow for an in depth bonding experience. Parents need to spend good time together with kids such as going out to eat, watching TV together, or going to the movies, playing games , doing school work and in- house chores et al. When a child is not getting to spend time with their parents, they are constantly getting mixed signals regarding right and wrong. Time spent with a babysitter may not be a quality time in the light of the fact that the baby-sitter does not have a bonding relationship with the child. Moreover what is considered right by a babysitter may be felt unacceptable to the parent. The kids may start avoiding their parents’ company. And their behavior towards parents becomes unwelcome. Parents should try to set aside the same time every single week in order to create a routine with the family. For example, on every Friday evening, the family will have dinner together outside. On every Saturday morning the family may visit a place of worship. Every Sunday a child may spend evening with his friends. In Jewish community on every Friday evening a small function called Shabbat is held in every home. Shabbat is a day of celebration as well as prayer. It is customary to eat three festive meals: Dinner on Shabbat eve (Friday night), lunch on Shabbat day (Saturday), and a third meal (a Seudah Shlishit) in the late afternoon (Saturday). This custom promotes the deep bonding with kids in particular A Father should spend more time with his Kids Being over engaged in work, it may be tough for the father to carve out time for the kids. This will facilitate to understand kids abilities better. The more time a father spends with his children, the more attuned he will be to their emerging abilities. Fathers who spend little time with his children either underestimate or overestimate the developmental progress of their kids. If you under estimate your child’s competence, you won’t provide adequate encouragement. Your child will be bored. If yo On many occasions though a child is sitting in the living room with his parents, yet lost in the his world of chatting. Yeah So near yet So Far! u over estimate your child’s skills, your unrealistic expectations will prove to be a frustrating and unpleasant experience for both of you. In either case, your child will hesitate to interact with you in the

future. This is the reason why kids are getting distracted from parents. The more time you spend with your children, the more realistically you will be able to assess their capacities and the more aware you will be of their particular talents and sensibilities. You will, therefore, have the optimal opportunity to provide challenging and stimulating interactions. You will learn not only what they enjoy doing, but how they enjoy doing it. You can play a game of Snakes and ladders or chess or badminton. And, don’t forget to let your children win, at least some of the time. No one enjoys playing something at which they always lose. Intensify Self-Esteem in your kids Your time is precious to both you and your child. Your willingness to give your time to him sends a message of natural love and respect. If your kid respects you, that is due to your undivided attention, and your child will enduringly enjoy the feeling of importance. This will instill in the child a feeling of Self Esteem. Instead of direct control guide them As parents, many love to have more control on their kids to safely shape their career. Being inexperienced, kids can take impulsive decisions and ruin their careers. It pains us to see them badly hurt, rejected by their peers. Concerned parents wish they could protect them from all of that. Research shows that a father’s frequent absence from his kids, results in high rate of aggressive behavior. Parents have to do it better and do it right. Do not treat your kids the way your parents raised you Let us not copycat the ways our parents used to raise us. Let us not repeat the mistakes our parents made. Do not repeat the mistakes your father made. Being a better

father to your children can help heal the disappointments of your own childhood. As your life becomes more gratifying, as it becomes filled with love, you will find that your longtime, gnawing resentments toward your father will recede. You won’t need to be angry any longer because your life will feel fulfilled. Do not blame yourself for not developing a desirable relationship with your kids. See the positive side of the problem. Still it is not too late. No doubt it is your responsibility as a parent is to nurture your child, to help him reach his fullest potential. Your child also presents you with an opportunity to grow. Be a good listener and a learner. Lap that opportunity with open arms. Do not feel offended . Be open to admit your mistakes and do not hesitate to say sorry to your kids for your mistakes, if any. The more your children stay away from you, the more they will be influenced by their peers and by their own culture. As parents, we are increasingly worried over their well-being as they slip away from our protective shield. Though we cannot control them fully yet we can lay a foundation that will enable them to make the right choices. We can ensure that they feel loved and respected by their parents, so that they do not succumb to destructive styles of living that result in negative recognition. Parents’ relations with children should invite discussion and open guidance so that when they are suffering from indecision about their life choices , they have a welcome door to knock at and seek insurable advise. Children, now a days, are very much conscious of their rights but they must not be deficient about their duties towards parents. That is a smart thing to do for both the parties. /saentertainmentnewsmagazine




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mYNgo iPrnI mMcUrIAn dw suAwd hr iksy nUM psMd AwauNdw hY[ kuJ lok iesnUM su`kw psMd krdy hn Aqy kuJ gRyvI vwlw[ AwE is~KIey su`kw(frweI) mMcUrIAn bxwauxw: mMcUrIAn bwl bxwaux leI sm`grI : 1/3 k`p mYdw 2 cmc m`kI dw Awtw 3/4 k`p gwjr(k`sI hoeI) 3/4 k`p bMd goBI(brIk k`tI hoeI) 1/2 k`p iSmlw imrc(lMbI k`tI hoeI) 3 cmc hrw ipAwz(brIk k`itAw hoieAw) 2 cmc hrI imrc(brIk k`tI hoeI) qyl qlx leI nmk suAwd Anuswr 1/4 cmc kwlI imrc pwaUfr mMcUrIAn leI sm`grI : iek ipAwz lwl(cOrs k`itAw hoieAw) 1/2 k`p hrI iSmlw imrc(cOrs k`tI hoeI) iek cmc Adrk(brIk k`itAw hoieAw) 2 hrI imrc iek cmc lsx(brIk k`itAw hoieAw) 2 cmc hrw ipAwz ( brIk k`itAw hoieAw)

2 cmc qyl 1 cmc ic`lI sOs 2 cmc tmwtr dI sOs mMcUrIAn bxwaux dw qrIkw : 1. brqn ‘c gwjr, bMd goBI, iSmlw imrc, hrI imrc, hrw ipAwj, iek cmc qyl, kwlI imrc dw pwaUfr, mYdw, m`kI dw Awtw Aqy nmk pw ky imlw ky gwVHw imSrx bxw lE[ ies ‘c pwxI pwaux dI zrUrq nhIˆ[ 2. Coty-Coty bwl bxw lE[ qyl grm krky bwl sunihrw hox q`k ql lE[ frweI mMcUrIAn bxwaux leI : 1. kVweI ‘c do cmc qyl grm krky, cOrs ipAwz, cOrs iSmlw imrc, hrI imrc, Adrk Aqy lsx pwauˆdy jwE Aqy hlky syk l`gx q`k Buno[ 2. hux ies ‘c soieAw sOs, tmwtr dI sOs, ic`lI sOs Aqy nmk pw idE[ 3. hux ies ‘c bwl vI pw idE Aqy 1-2 imMt q`k pkwE[ 4. lE jI iqAwr hY quhwfw frweI mMcUirAn sjwE Aqy proso[

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AMb Kwxw sB nUM psMd huMdw hY[ ies dw suAwd quhwfy psMdIdw suAwd ‘coN iek hY qwˆ ies dI iek hor ifS KwE Aqy is`Ko mYNgo iPrnI dI Awswn rYispI[ sm`grI: cOl-1 k`p, du`D-4 k`p, ielwiecI-1 Cotw, QoVHw ijhw kysr, AMb dw gu`dw-2 k`p, cInI suAwdAnuswr, bwdwm, ipsqw Aqy ikSimS[ bxwaux dI ivDI: sB qoN pihlwˆ cOlwˆ nUM pwxI ‘c 3-4 GMty leI iBE ky r`Ko[ ies qoN bwAd cOlwˆ nUM imksI ‘c drdrw pIs lE[ ies qoN bwAd Bwˆfy ‘c

“For Better experience, Best


fosw bxwaux leI sPyd bRY~f dI zrUrq huMdI hY[ jykr qusI ies nUM hor vI poSitk bxwauxw cwhuMdy ho qwˆ ies nUM mltIgryn bRY~f jwˆ vIt bRY~f nwl bxwE[ sm`grI: 1. sPYd bRY~f- 10 pIs 2. rvw-2 k`p 3. sUjI- 1/2 k`p 4. dhIˆ-1/2 k`p 5. cOlwˆ dw Awtw-1/2 k`p qVky leI sm`grI1. qyl-2 cmc 2. zIrw-1/2 cmc 3. rweI-1/2 cmc 4. aurd dI dwl-1 k`r 5. kVI p`qw-2-3 6. hrI imrc-2

7. ipAwz-1 8. Adrk-1/2 ieMc pIs bxwaux dI ivDI-bRY~f dIAwˆ slweIs nUM cwry pwisauN k`t lE[ iPr swrI bRY~f dy pIswˆ nUM pwxI ‘c 2 imMt q`k r`Ko[ hux ie`k brqn ‘c sUjI, nmk, cwvl dy pwaUfr nUM pwxI ‘c imlw lE[ ies qoN bwAd bRY~f dy pIswˆ ‘coN pwxI incoV lE Aqy ienHwˆ pIswˆ nUM iqAwr kIqy Gol ‘c imks kr idE[ iPr ies ‘c dhIN imlwE Aqy cMgI qrHwˆ PYNt lE[ ies qoN bwAd ie`k pYn ‘c do bUMdwˆ qyl grm kro, aus ‘c zIrw, rweIs aurd dwl, kVI p`qw, Adrk, ipAwz Aqy hrI imrc k`t ky BuMn lE[ jdoN ipAwz golfn bRwaUn ho jwx qwˆ ies nUM pYn ‘coN bwhr k`F lE[ hux ies imSrx nUM bRY~f vwly fosy dy Gol ‘c imks kr lE Aqy aus ‘qy ie`k fosy dw Gol PYlwA idE[ iDAwn r`Ko ik fosy nUM pqlw bxwE qwˆ jo aus dy do pIs kIqy jw skx[

cOlwˆ dw pyst, du`D, cInI, ielwiecI pwaUfr Aqy kysr pwaUfr Aqy kysr pw ky ies nUM gYs ‘qy hOlI A`g ‘qy pkwE[ ies nUM ihlwauNdy rhy qwˆ jo ieh hyTwˆ nwl icpky[ jdoN cOl p`k jwx qwˆ ies ‘c bwdwm, ipsqw, ikSimS pw ky cMgy qrHwˆ nwl imks kro Aqy gYs bMd kr idE[ gYs qoN auqwrn qoN bwAd ies ‘c mYNgo dw plp imlwE[ ies nUM Pir`z ‘c TMfw hox leI r`K idE[ jdoN iPrnI TMfI ho jwvy qwˆ sB nUM Kwx leI idE[


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By: Prof. Surinder Shaun Kochhar LPN, FCN, M.Com, CAIIB, DIM (A freelance writter with 36 Year Exp.)


s all of us know- roughly 60% of our bodyas adults, is comprised of water. Water is quintessential for our survival. Strong common sense tells us that too much of water consumption may be harmful. Yup! That’s right. Then what is under, over or optimal water consumption. Let us learn about this vital lifesaving aspect: Our organs need water unconditionally……. As per renowned scientists an average human male is made of 30 trillion cells and contains about 40 trillion bacteria, most of which reside in his digestive tract. So all the cells and organs in our bodies need water to function properly. We also know that we need to constantly replace water lost through sweat, urine and breath. Those who do not drink enough water can cause symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness and muscle cramps. Conversely, drinking too much water can also cause a serious condition called water intoxication. What Is Water Intoxication? Water intoxication results due to drinking too much water. This can result in disruption of brain function. This is also called Water Poisoning. How? If a person drinks a lot of water then the volume of blood inside increases. This water can dilute the electrolytes in your blood, especially Sodium. When sodium levels fall below 135 mmol/L, it is called Hyponatremia. Sodium helps balance fluids between the inside and outside of cells. When sodium levels drop due to excess water consumption, fluids shifts from outside the cells to inside, thereby, causes them to swell. When this happens to neurons [brain cells], it can produce dangerous and potentially life-threatening effects. Drinking Too Much Water Can Be Dangerous to Brain Cells…. Due to excess water, when brain cells swell, pressure inside the skull increases. This pressure causes the first symptoms of water intoxication namely, headache, nausea and vomiting. Under severe circumstances serious symptoms are experienced, such as: 4Confusion. 4Increased Blood Pressure 4Double vision. 4Drowsiness. 4Dyspnea[Difficulty in breathing] 4Muscle weakness and cramping. 4Inability to identify sensory information. Excess water can result in excess fluid accumulation in the brain. It is called Cerebral Edema, which can affect the brain stem and Central Nervous system adversely. In severe cases, Water Intoxication can cause seizures, brain damage, coma and even death. Has Water Intoxication Caused Any Death So Far…. Though it is very difficult to consume too much water by mistake, there have been reported cases of deaths due to this condition. Water intoxication /saentertainmentnewsmagazine


Water Intoxication Is Deadly – When You Drink Too Much Water cases have been reported among soldiers, endurance sports athletes and schizophrenia [a Neuro Disease] patients. Several hypernatremia cases and deaths have been reported in these professions. How excess water cause death When we resort to reckless water or water loaded drinks, the volume of water in blood increases. This accelerated volume result in dilution of sodium in blood. Second, a kidney can eliminate about 20–28 liters of water a day, but it can’t get rid of more than 1.0 liters per hour .Therefore, in order to avoid hyponatremia [low sodium] symptoms, one should not drink more than 1.0 liter of water per hour. Excessive water drinking can also occur in psychiatric patients, especially Schizophrenics. In one study 5 schizophrenic patients died young due to selfinduced water intoxication. Many reported cases of water intoxication result from drinking large amounts of water in a very short period of time. To drink 2 liter in one hour can prove fatal or life threatening. Why Low Sodium is life threatening: Sodium is one of the important electrolytes along with Potassium and calcium. If the level of these get disturbed either way it can lead to extreme danger to life. If the sodium level in body remain persistently lower than permissible level of 135 mg [hypernatremia], a death can happen within 48 hrs.

Due to bad luck, if the symptoms of Hyponatremia are misinterpreted as those of dehydration by a physician then life can be up for a toss. So sportsmen engaged in high endurance activities are more fraught with risk of, Hyponatremia. This diabolical condition can lead to Hydrocephalus and brain stem herniation, which can result in death. How sodium works within the body: Naturally, water follows salt, which means if you eat sodium too much, it will absorb more water. This situation results in Hypernatremia (the name of the condition that develops when either too much water is lost or too much sodium is obtained). It is more common among older adults, people with diabetes and those who eat heavily processed diets. People can also lose a high level of sodium through diarrhea, taking certain diuretics or laxatives, and exercising to extreme levels and overtraining without staying hydrated — all of which cause problems of their own. Normal sodium intake for a healthy person is 2.4 gm per day. Those who have Hypertension can try to restrict to 1.5gm a day. Himalayan salt- also known as Black Salt/Pakistani salt- is better than table salt. Average Sodium level in the body should be [136–145 mEq/L] . It helps maintain fluid balance, needed for muscle contractions, and helps with nerve signaling How Much Water Is Too Much? Over-hydration and water intoxication happens when you drink more water than your kidneys can get rid of via urine. But the amount of water isn’t the only factor. How long you take to drink the water also counts the most. You have a greater risk of developing water intoxication if you drink a lot of water in a short period of time. The risk is negligible if you drink the same amount over a much longer period of time. How Much Water Do You Actually Need? There is no specific number for how much water you actually need to drink a day. It differs for each individual. To determine how much you need, consider your body weight, physical activity level and to cap it all the weather of the day. The Institute of Medicine suggests the adequate water intake per day for men pegged at circa 3.7 liters and for women it is 2.7 liter. However, these recommendations include water from beverages and foods. Some people still follow the 8 x 8 rule, which recommends drinking eight 8-ounce [227ml] glass of water per day. However, this rule is mostly self-induced and not based on research. A good rule of thumb is to listen to your body and drink when you feel thirsty. This should be enough to maintain good hydration levels. Moreover, athletes, older adults and pregnant women may need to drink some extra water each day. /saentertainmentnewsmagazine



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ver since Saif has announced the news of wife Kareena Kapoor being pregnant, the entire family is just counting the number of days until they witness the real joy. There were rumours for quite some time about Bebo being pregnant, however the official announcement was made only recently by the Nawaz and since then, wishes have been pouring in for couple from across the world. Kareena who is currently shooting for Veere De Wedding, will wrap her portions till September, post which she will go on a maternity break. The royal couple who is expecting their first child is leaving no stone unturned to welcome their little bundle of joy in this world. A source close to the couple exclusively told Bollywood Life that the Nawabs are already planning a nursery for their child and not just that, they have even started decorating the nursery room with all the essentials like baby cradle and toys. The Phantom star was recently in London shopping for his baby like a doting father. He was seen in Harrods which is a very popular store in London and their kids section is even more interesting. Not too long ago, we even told you how Saif and Kareena have hired an international designer to design the nursery for their baby. Now it seems that the nursery is ready and needs additional decorations.


here have been numerous reports surrounding Hrithik Roshan’s sudden exit from the upcoming YRF film ‘Thug’. Now, reports claim that the actor’s hefty fee of Rs 60 crore is the sole reason why he was replaced by Aamir Khan. According to reports on a daily, the ‘Mohenjo Daro’ wanted a flat-fee over a profit-sharing policy that superstars like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan opt for these days. This means of doing business ensures that the actor won’t walk away with large sums of cash if his film does not do well at the box office. As ‘Thug’ is an adventure saga, the budget of the film is already high. If Hrithik had his way, the film would have to make over Rs 250 crore for a break even in the profits. As Aamir Khan has allegedly accepted the profit sharing policy, the film has not been loaded with extra costs.

Couple is expecting their first child in December:

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor splurge LAKHS at Harrods in London for their baby

Hrithik Roshan’s demand for 60 crore fee reason behind exit from ‘Thug’? /saentertainmentnewsmagazine



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‘rwkstwr’ i&lm rwhIN bwlIvu`f ‘c pRvyS krn vwlI AiBnyqrI nrigs PwKrI dw kihxw hY ik aus pRqI PYlweI jw rhI ieh ^br iblkul JUTI hY ik auh bwlIvu`f nUM C`f ky ivdyS jw rhI hY[ blik auh qwˆ AwKrI swhwˆ q`k ihMdI i&lm ieMfstrI nwl peI AwpxI swˆJ nUM brkrwr r`Kxw cwhuMdI hY[ nrigs AwKdI hY ik i&lmwˆ ‘c itky rihx leI jwˆ kih lE v`fy bYnrwˆ dIAwˆ i&lmwˆ dI pRwpqI leI aus ny kdy vI tyFw-myFw rsqw A^iqAwr nhIN kIqw[ Swied iesy krky hux q`k auh igxqI dIAwˆ i&lmwˆ ‘c hI idKweI id`qI hY[ ‘mYN qyrw hIro’ qy ‘mdrws kY&y’ smyq keI hor i&lmwˆ nwl juV cu`kI PwKrI ny hwlIvu`f i&lm ‘spweI’ ivc vI AiBnY kIqw hY[ 36 swlw nrigs muqwibk auh AmrIkw ‘c Awpxy in`jI kMm ihq jweygI[ auQoN vwps Aw ky auh AwpxI nvIN i&lm ‘bYNjo’ dy pRcwr ‘c ru`J jwxw cwhuMdI hY[ ies qoN ielwvw i&lm ‘hwaUsPu`l-3’ zrIey vI drSkwˆ ‘c crcw dw ivSw bxI hoeI nrigs PwKrI dw kihxw hY ik ‘bYNjo’ iek sMgIqmeI AYkSn BrpUr i&lm hY, ijs ivc hornwˆ qoN ielwvw AiBnyqw irqyS dySmuK dw vI Aihm rol hY[ ieh i&lm sqMbr mhIny ‘c pRdriSq hovygI[

nvyN swl dy qIsry mhIny dI aufIk hux qoN hI AnuSkw Srmw dy pRsMskwˆ nUM hY ikauNik aunHwˆ dI chyqI AiBnyqrI inrmwqrI bx ky 31 mwrc, 2017 nUM AwpxI nvIn i&lm ‘iPlOrI’ lY ky AweygI[ AnuSkw ny tiv`tr ‘qy kih id`qw hY ik sB leI Kws Kbr ieh hY ik rumwˆitk kwmyfI i&lm ‘iPlOrI’ nvyN swl dw qoh&w hovygI[ jI hwˆ, pMjwbIAwˆ leI KuSKbrI ieh hY ik ‘iPlOrI’ aunHwˆ dI AwpxI khwxI hY ArQwq pMjwb dy ksbwnumw Sihr iPlOr nwl sbMDq AnU dI ieh nvIN i&lm hY[ dysI rMg ivc rMgI hoeI ies i&lm ‘c pMjwbI supr stwr idljIq doswˆJ vI hY[ ‘sulqwn’ nwl kwmXwbI dy AMbr ‘qy cmk rhI AnuSkw Srmw nUM nvIN i&lm ‘kYnyfw’ vI iml geI hY[ ies i&lm nUM nvdIp isMG inrdySq krngy[ ‘kYnyfw’ dw inrmwx vI AnU hI kr rhI hY[ ‘iPlOrI’ bxn qoN bwAd ‘kYnyfw’ bxw rhI AnuSkw Srmw ny ies qoN pihlwˆ ‘AYn.AYc. 10’ vI nvdIp isMG nwl hI bxweI sI[ kYnyfw’ ‘c AnuSkw nwl Arjn kpUr nUM ilAw jw irhw hY[ ivrwt kohlI dI jwn AnuSkw Srmw dI, ‘ey idl hY muSikl’ Awaux leI iqAwr hY[

DonI dy PYns dI aufIk hoeI ^qm lMmy smyN qoN ikRkt pRymIAwˆ nUM ijs iPlm dy trylr dI aufIk sI AwiKrkwr Kqm ho hI geI[ tIm ieMfIAw dy mOjUdw vn fy kpqwn mihMdr isMG DonI dy jIvn ‘qy bxI iPlm ‘AY~m. AY~s. DonI : id Antolf storI’ dw trylr irlIz ho igAw hY[ iPlm dy trylr nUM DonI ny muMbeI ‘c lwˆc kIqw hY[ DonI ny iPlm dy trylr nUM soSl mIfIAw ‘qy SyAr krky Awpxy PYnz nUM jwxkwrI id`qI hY[DonI ny iek prmoSn eIvYNt qy d`isAw ik ieh i&lm isr& ikRkt bwry hI nhIN hY ikauNik auhnW dy ikRkt kYrIAr bwry qW pRSMsk jwxdy hI hn, sgoN ieh i&lm auhnW dI in`jI izMdgI qy cwnxw pweygI[ ies mOky suSwˆq isMG rwjpUq vI auQy mOjUd sn[ d`sxXog hY ik ies iPlm dy mu`K ikrdwr dy rUp ‘c iPlm AiBnyqw suSwˆq isMG rwjpUq nzr Awauxgy[ kwPI lMmy smyN qoN PYnz ies iPlm dy irlIz hox dI aufIk kr rhy hn[ikrdwr nUM cMgI qrHW inBwaux leI suSWq qy DonI ny kw&I smW ie`kiTAW vI ibqwieAw hY[ies iPlm nUM mShUr iPlm fwierYktr nIrj pwˆfy ny fwierYkt kIqw hY[


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(General Manager) /saentertainmentnewsmagazine



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How decide your wardrobe for

summer season S

ummer is a time for flaunting your trendy summer wear. It is the time to experiment with fresh and lively colours. However you also have to be careful while dressing up in summer. You have to look stylish and at the same time your clothes should be able to survive the heat. Summer is about hassle free dressing. Here are a few ideas on building effortless summer style and updating on your summer wardrobe. Easy steps to update your summer wardrobe 4 Collect all your summer attires and lay all it in your bed and then start sorting the items by capris, shorts, tops, tanks, sun dresses and so forth. Start deciding about donation pile of clothes that you do not wear last summer or anything that is too worn out. 4 Collect all your tops and begin a mix and match processing with the bottoms, noting where you may need a print top for solid pants or a solid top for a print skirt. 4 Also, consider if you’re lacking a particular style that you like or find flattering: halter tops, shells, sleeveless blouses or tanks. 4 Always remember to examine your swim suit. Make sure it still fits well and is in good

condition. If not, make the addition to your shopping list. 4 Go shopping. Head to your favourite stores and fill in the holes. Look for the styles you need and think about where you might add new colors and fabrics. 4 Keep your consideration on shoes also that matches perfectly with your wardrobe and determine that could use new pair of thongs or

strappy sandals. 4 Put away your favourite black leather bag and switch to a carry all in a two-tone canvas, woven straw, or lighter natural color. 4 Hop on the Capri pant craze and pair them easily with a tank or form fitting t-shirt. For the most flattering Capri look, opt for a wide leg. Choose brighter or neutral colours. 4 Splurge on a flowery, flowing, printed sundress for effortless summer feminity. 4 Prefer to purchase a knee length skirt in bold colorful pattern. 4 Purchase a pair of white pants to take you anywhere. Choose them in fabrics like cotton with a little stretch or denim. They can be any style, flat front, wide legged or capris. Pair them with a bright t-shirt for a more casual look or a floral blouse for a dressier occasion. 4 Make sure your summer wardrobe includes basic white cotton tees and tanks which can be paired with jeans or your capris. 4 Include a summer hat made of straw which keeps your or a cotton crusher hat to protect your skin and hair from the sun. 4 Complement your summer look with stylish sunglasses to keep you from squinting and getting crow’s feet around your eyes.


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home decor

september 2016


Home Décor


oroccan Home Décor is popular in many ways and when these styles with other home decorative style then it bring up many results. Moroccan décor involves innovative designs, bright colors, rich textures and luxurious fabrics. A large number of interior designers have started moving towards Moroccan furniture, décor options for clients, to create eclectic look and feel. Use your wall in the form of background for Moroccan art and home, so that it creates a dramatic effect which is stunning. There are of ways in which wall can benefits Moroccan home décor art work.

6. Choosing Moroccan décor for your home can be a fun experience which helps in making home environment that is comfortable and attractive. Moroccan Furniture, accessories and

decorations will work with any other styles that you have in your home and visitors will never make you feel unwelcome or out of the place. Start with a single wall or room and then

1. Moroccan Home lighting: It is one of the way in which you can adorn walls and give your home a unique Moroccan feeling. Wall scones that are intricate and elaborate will add a touch of Moroccan lighting. It also brings artistic touch and adding beauty at the same time. These scones can be found at varying sizes and it creates a great focal point in your home. It can also eliminate empty wall space which detracts from your Moroccan home. Moroccan lamps and lanterns can be a perfect fit on any wall area or room corner. 2. Using of base paints: It warm earth colors for your walls, if you are looking for Moroccan home décor style. These colors provide beauty and warmth both. It makes room look extra appealing and inviting. Bright and bold colors can be used for accents, and then you can use Moroccan accessories and artwork to finish the wall decorations. 3. Moroccan wall shelves are available in many places which act as an attractive component. It compliments well with the Moroccan furniture and accessories that you have chosen. These shelves could be used to hold Moroccan artwork such as clay vases and intricately designed artwork, and you can find styles which will even fit in the corner. If you are going for a Moroccan home decor style then Moroccan wall shelves can be a stylish addition. 4. Rugs as an integral part of Moroccan Home Décor - Moroccan rugs combine elaborate designs and great colors, and they are often used as wall decorations as well as for coverings with Moroccan decor. These rugs can be a great choice if you need to cover a large on the wall. Embroidered tapestries and patterned rugs can give your walls a new look in just minutes and enrich the Moroccan decor of your home. 5. Moroccan decor includes the use of mirrors, and these accessories which make an addition of will incredible depth as well as attractive decorations. Mirrors intended for Moroccan home decor will include frames which are either wood or metal that includes exquisite carved details. Mirrors can be placed in between wall sconces and Moroccan lamps to increase the light reflection in your home and make the room seem larger. Choosing to use a mirror instead of a painting for wall decoration will help open up the room and add appeal at the same time.

1-800-901-TUBS (8827)

gradually start adding Moroccan furniture and accessories one piece at a time. Before you know it you will have a home that you are proud to show off, and that guests are happy to visit.


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PV Sindhu

makes India proud at Rio Olympics 2016 after winning the Silver in Badminton singles


hough she went down fighting against Spain’s Carolina Marin and missed the Gold. The 21-year-old Indian, who has been simply unstoppable in the tournament so far, lose 21-19, 12-21, 15-21 in a high-intensity final that lasted for an hour and 23

minutes at the Riocentre. Sindhu thus became the fourth Indian to win a silver at the Olympics after shooters Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore (2004, Athens) and Vijay Kumar (2012, London) and wrestler Sushil Kumar (2012, London). The two-time World championship bronze medallist also became the fifth woman player from India to win a medal in Olympics history and the first to clinch a silver. She is also the youngest India to win a medal at the Olympics. Weightlifter Karnam Malleshwari (2000, Sydney), boxer MC Mary Kom (2012, London), shuttler Saina Nehwal

(2012, London) and wrestler Sakshi Malik (Rio, 2016) are the other women players from India to clinch a medal in the quadrennial sports spectacle. Sindhu, in fact, trailed 16-19 in the opening game before reeling off five straight points to clinch it. She was then outclassed in the second to lose it

tamely. In the decider, the lanky shuttler from Hyderabad trailed 1-6 at one stage and caught up at 10-10 but could not keep the tempo after the short break as Marin simply changed gears to surge to Spain’s first gold medal in badminton. In their last five meetings in the last two years, Marin has beaten Sindhu four times with the Indian gaining an upper hand during the Denmark Super Series last year, but today she could not repeat the feat. The hyperaggressive Marin mixed power with precision to dominate the rallies with her acuteangled smashes interspersed with clever drops to catch the Indian often on the wrong-foot. Sindhu struggled with the length of her strokes as gave away many points by hitting long and wide but she fought tooth and nail till the end only to come second best. In the opening game, the Spaniard grabbed a 11-8 lead at the interval. Sindhu could not vary the pace of the rallies even as Marin came with some razorsharp net play to extend the lead to 15-11 at one stage. A net error and a long shot gave Sindhu two points to narrow the gap and kept breathing down the neck of the Spaniard till 15-17.


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Remo Mastropieri

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september 2016

AYkSn krnw sOKw nhIN: is`pI ig`l pMjwbI gwiek qy Adwkwr is`pI ig`l dw kihxw hY ik AYkSn krnw sOKI g`l nhIN[ hwl hI iv`c AwpxI nvIN pMjwbI iPlm ‘tweIgr’ dI cMfIgVH iv`c pRmoSn krn phuMcy is`pI[ is`pI ny d`isAw ik kwmyfI krnw sOKw hY pr AYkSn hr iksy dy v`s dI g`l nhIN[ aunHwˆ ikhw, “ies iPlm iv`c AYkSn krdy hoey mYnUM bhuq s`twˆ l`gIAwˆ[ lokwˆ nUM l`gdw hY ik swrw kuJ kYmrw krdw hY pr AslI AYkSn krnw bhuq AOKw hY[” is`pI Aksr gIqwˆ iv`c AYkSn krdy nzr AwauNdy hn qy AwpxI pihlI iPlm ‘pu`q j`twˆ dy’ iv`c vI AYkSn hI kr rhy sn pr is`pI muqwbk auh jld kuJ nvwˆ krn dI koiSS krngy[ aunHwˆ ikhw, “ies qoN bwAd myrI iPlm ‘gdrI XoDy’ AweygI jo ie`k pIrIAf iPlm hY pr aus qoN bwAd mYN kuJ romYNitk jwˆ kwmyfI krnw cwhvwˆgw[” is`pI ig`l Awpxy gwxy ‘ds imMt’, ‘rYf lIP’ qy ‘srdwr’ qoN mSUhr hoey sn[ iPlm ‘tweIgr’ 9 sqMbr nUM irlIz hox jw rhI hY[


Movie review september 2016

Movie review of Rustom


ustom Pavri (Akshay Kumar), an honourable officer of the Indian Navy shoots his friend Vikram (Arjan Bajwa) to death after discovering that his wife Cynthia (Ileana D’Cruz) had an affair with the rich businessman. The Commander surrenders himself to the Police immediately and admits to have killed Vikram but pleads ‘not guilty’ in court. Is he convicted or acquitted? How is the climax of movie? Though the climax has been smartly fictionalised, this courtroom drama is essentially based on the real life of Naval officer K M Nanavati, who in 1959, shot and killed his wife’s lover. The subsequent trial was one of India’s most sensational court cases. Coming to the film, Rustom has a cracker of a beginning. Without wasting any time, the director comes straight to the point. He takes us quickly through the circumstances in which Rustom shoots Vikram and the trial begins. Akshay Kumar is the backbone of Rustom. The Khiladi renders one of the most understated performances of his career, proving yet again that he can play a range of diverse roles with aplomb. The

plot is interesting if not engaging. However, Rustom lacks the unnerving tension exuded by well-made courtroom dramas like A Few Good Men (1992). It is not the gripping thriller one expects it to be, given the controversial case it’s based on. It tries to unfold like a whodunit, and falters in its execution. Tinu Suresh Desai’s melodramatic direction struggles to maintain momentum. It lacks subtlety and is reminiscent of a languid Television daily soap, replete with a jarring background score, cliched dialogues and mandatory close-up shots of every character at regular intervals. While Ileana is perfectly cast, Esha Gupta’s inappropriate outfits and over-the-top acting evokes laughter. Arjan Bajwa plays a rich Sindhi guy here, just the way he played a rich Parsi guy in Guru. The art direction is mediocre as well. To cut to the chase, despite its multiple flaws, Rustom can be watched for Akshay Kumar, whose action/comic brilliance often overshadows his acting prowess. He reminds you to value the honest officers who serve our country with dignity and valour. He makes you want to support the man who probably did the right thing the wrong way. /saentertainmentnewsmagazine

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Harjit Sandhu


Our daughters saved India’s face in Rio Olympics, says Modi




10th Annual BCMCL Miri-Piri T20 Cricket Tournament

ongratulations to Shivraj Xi for winning BCMCL 10th Miri Piri T20 Cricket Tournament on Friday August 12th, 2016. Newton Sabers won the toss and elected to bat first. Shivraj Xi bowled well in first 10 overs, and Newton Sabers score was 64 runs after first 10 overs. However then Shamsher (shera) 51 runs, and Burger 36 runs, Malik Noor 26 runs, came up with some big hits and Newton Sabers were able to reach 182 in 20 overs. Sihvraj Xi innings was shaken up by quick wickets from Lovejeet (4 wickets) and Shamsher and Shivraj Xi was in trouble loosing 4 wickets for 3 runs in 3 overs. Then it seems like that it was going to be one sided game and Newton will win it easily. However, Shivraj XI never gave up and led by experienced Rav Singh who scored 38 runs, and Yudhveer 80 runs built Shivraj Xi innings back up and then Harman Sangha, Sukhjit Mahla brought the game home easily with still 9 balls to spare. Yudhveer Gill won Man of the Match, Harpreet Virk won the Best Batsman and Gurjeet Aulkh won best bowler award for the tournament. Big thanks to Canex Building Supplies Bruce Kehler for their sponsorship to encourage Best Bowler, Best Batsman, and Man of the match with special prizes. Thanks Balqiaz Khan for representing Canex Building supplies and bringing the gifts. Also Special thanks to Non Stop Pizza Aminder Sahota and Robin Sahota for providing snack/drinks for the finals.

howering praise on Olympic medallists PV Sindhu and Sakshi Malik, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said these “ daughters+ “ were the saving grace of India at the Rio Olympics . Speaking at the inaugural function of Sauni irrigation project on Tuesday, Modi touched upon several social issues plaguing the country including gender-based discrimination. “We have to make sure that our sisters and daughters don’t have to go in open for defecation. You must have witnessed how our

daughters saved India’s face in Rio Olympics and brought honour to us (by winning medals). This is the true power of our daughters,” said Modi to a cheering crowd at the venue here in Jamnagar district of Gujarat. Shuttler Sindhu bagged a silver in the women’s singles while Sakshi won India’s first ever medal (bronze) in women’s wrestling at Rio. Modi stated that Gujarat government has been working on the “Beti Bachao” (save girl child) movement since long. He urged parents as well as the society not to discriminate between boys and girls. /saentertainmentnewsmagazine



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Fashion tips for wearing Boho clothing


oho fashion is very popular by getting influenced from hippie styles and bohemian. If you are planning to rock this style, it takes more than Boho clothing. There are few fashion tips Avoid using too many long layers: You should bear this in mind if you are on the short side. Otherwise, you will only look smaller and like you’re trying too hard. The best way to master layering is to avoid garments which are simply too big for your body frame. Remove clothes that draw

attention away from your face. These are the types of clothing that makes you look smaller or look bigger than you are actually are. Consider mixing oversized outfits, like a Boho maxi dress, with something that is more tailored or fitted. Another key consideration to remember if you want to rock the Boho chic look is to try not to look like somebody else. Invest in a few Boho pieces but add a dash of your own style and personality. Boho style uses colours that are warm and rich. As such, your main pieces should be in olive green, cream white, khaki, black and brown.

Add pieces in silver, grey, dark red, gold, deep purple and other vibrant hues. The best work around here is to choose the best colours for pieces that are worn near your face as these are the first things that people notice. Accessories and details are integral to the Bohochic style. Simple garments like jeans and a white shirt can be converted into a Boho outfit with the addition of accessories like a layered necklace, bangle bracelets, gladiator sandals and an ethnic embroidered scarf. You can even use vintage clothing pieces from your mum or granny.


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