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ࡹ෱‫ޟ‬ཌ೎ ྃӴ˕ങ‫סݘ‬এ৤ The delicacy of collage Polar Region—Chen Sung-chih solo exhibition Part I 2010/7/17-8/15 Part II 2010/8/20-9/19


șȶྃӴ.ങ‫סݘ‬এ৤ȷഺհՌक़!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! М0ങ‫סݘ‬

!!!!!‫ـ‬തȂȶྃӴȷᇄ‫ר‬ঈ‫ޟ‬ຽᚔԤӻሉȉ !!!!!‫ר‬ᇄσӻኵ‫ޟ‬ΡΙኺ௃‫ڗؠ‬ႆྃӴȂᄇܻྃӴ‫ޟ‬ᇯ‫ޣ‬ӻј‫پ‬Ռܻ Ⴋຜኇ໱ࣥ‫ܖ‬ਪൢ‫ޟ‬аࢲϭಝȄ‫ר‬ᇄσӻኵ‫ޟ‬ΡΙኺȂζ௃Ϛឈு೻ ኺΙএልሉ‫ޟ‬ცӴ‫ـ‬തོᇄ‫ޟר‬ҡࣀ౰ҡդ้‫ޟ‬ϓ߽ȄณՄȂϚ‫ޣ‬௃ դਢ໠ۖȂषϓ‫ྃޟ‬Ӵӟຫբᓍ๿੉ঐᡐ᎐ដᚠ‫ีޟ‬ሕȂ೻Ι༵ംᅚ ‫׽‬ᡐȃੑѶ‫ޟ‬Ӵᇼၿԙ࣏‫ר‬ঈࡦՃҡԆȃ‫׽‬ᡐҡࣀ‫ޟ‬໠ᆒȄ‫ـ‬തȶྃ Ӵȷ࣏դȉ‫ߨٮר‬ऋᏰড়Ȃ‫ܚ‬૖ᇯ‫ڏޟޣ‬ᄂԤ३Ȃծԃ‫ݎ‬ȶྃӴȷೝ ܹӵ೻ኺΙএᚠЕȂѺ‫ܚ‬ॊҡю‫ޟپ‬ᆠડࡦՃȂ‫ܖ‬೨ІࢎюΟΡঈϞ ܻԤ३அᙃΰଡ຺ູؑҏ፴‫ޟ‬ଜࡦȄȶྃӴȷӵԪȂୈ࣏ΙᆍІᒞȂ ঺‫ܐ‬൷࢐Ιᆍӱᘪҏ፴‫ޟ‬൳ཎȄ !!!!!೻‫ٲ‬ԑ‫پ‬Ȃ‫៉ࡻר‬๿௃এΡҡࣀ‫ࡗޟ‬ཌӎශȂў௤௨೻‫ٲ‬฿ᖃ։ ഁ‫ޟ‬ഋӋ‫ܚ‬૖ள๝‫ר‬ঈ‫ޟ‬ѪΙቹቋ঄Ȃ‫ר‬ᄛоඣᒵσ໔ಗᕹȃҡվ‫ޟ‬ શ؅ആႆഺհ՗ଢ଼Ȃ஠೻‫ٲ‬ዣொ‫ޟ‬ಗཇ‫ސ‬፴Ͻ࣏ᡗَ‫ޟ‬ΡഅຜๅȂ࿋ ೻‫ٲ‬෤੼)Ԇ*‫ޟ‬ഋӋԙ࣏‫ר‬ঈᏗຜ‫ޟ‬ᢎශȂЕϭ‫࢐ޟ‬Ιൟඳଶȶཎဎ ȷ‫ޢ‬ᢎȶҏ፴ȷȃ‫ܒސ‬पϽ࣏‫ޣ‬ឈ‫ޟ‬ႆแȄ೻‫ٮٲ‬ങ๿ȶ࡚ᄺȷᇄȶ ྒᚽȷ‫ޟ‬ᘞᙏ෤ጡȂතҰ๿‫ר‬ঈலРϛᅓѶ‫ޟ‬ҁγ౪ᄂȂ਱࢜၇໠৤ ю‫ޟ‬ғ࢐Ιࢲࢲȶ‫לڎ‬ȷᇄȶད჋ȷϞ໢Һϣᅤആ‫ᜲޟ‬၌ಬᚠȄ !!!!ȶྃӴ.ങ‫סݘ‬এ৤ȷᙤЕȶྃӴȷୈ࣏Ρঈད჋ຽᚔ‫ޟ‬኿‫ޟ‬ຫ኉ ȂആႆΡώ‫ސ‬ਟ)ߜ឴ȃ݂ᜢȃાҏȃᆹॄΚ౜Ȍ*‫ޟ‬ፒӫ१ಢȂᘗ৤ ю‫ٮרސ‬Ԇ‫ޟ‬዁ጙࣨጣȂ೻‫ٲ‬ཌ࠮ή‫ޟ‬ᔆᕻਢުȂӵϚӣ‫໌ޟ‬แᇄຜ ُήȂІࢎюճ३‫ސ‬፴धࡣେ஼େᗴ‫ྃޟ‬३џ૖Ȅ !!!!‫ܖ‬೨‫ר‬ঈ‫ޟ‬ЖϛӨᙠԤ๿Ι༵ȶྃӴȷȂ‫ר‬ၐ๿஠౪ᄂҡࣀϛ‫ޟ‬ ᡙᘄΙᑐϽ࣏ȶྃӴȷȂၐ๿оҏ૖‫ޟ‬Жၰ஠೻༵ඹѶ‫ྃޟ‬Ӵ‫ގ‬ყࡹ ෱ଔ‫پ‬ȄྃӴȂџо࢐ྃछϞӴȃྃᖅϞӴȃζџ૖࢐ྃ૤ϞӴȃྃ ᙏϞӴȄ !!!!ྃӴȂζ೨ѫ࢐՝೎Ӵ౨٥ልሉȃӕళ‫ڍޟ‬ᆒȄ

The delicacy of collage Statement of the “Polar Region— Chen Sung-chih solo exhibition” By Chen Sung-chih How far is the “polar region”, after all? I, like most of the people, have never been to polar region, and get the impression of the region from TV series, books or news articles. Like others, I do not think the remote land is anyhow connected to my life after all. Unknowingly, with the increasingly heated discussion on the weather issues, this progressively changing and disappearing land has led us to reflect on our existence of and change of life styles. What is “polar region”? I am not a scientist, and have limited scientific knowledge; as an artist, I believe that the topic of “polar region” and the spiritual thinking that it derives can reflect the myth that people’s pursuit is beyond nature based upon limited foundation. “Polar region”, here, is used as a satire, or a moral that returns to the basic nature. Over the recent years, I have constantly explored these transient parts and the values that they bring through deep and remote circumstances of my personal life. I am used to choose many familiar rough raw materials and transform them into noticeable manmade windows through artistic creation. When these residuals become the scenery we stare at, a process is been introduced to abandon the “meaningful” intuitive “nature” and content perception. These incomplete fragments of “construction” and “destruction” discover the missing pieces in ordinary real-life and develop an inextricable complexity entangled between “form” and “imagination”. “Polar Region—Chen Sung-chih solo exhibition” uses “polar region” to symbolize the distances that people imagine through complex combinations of various artificial materials (such as metals, mirror, papers, polystyrene, etc) to expand the vague boundary that human and matters coexist; theses compressed space-time miniatures reflect the ultimate possibility somehow strong or concealed behind low-limit materials during different process and from various angles. Maybe deep inside our heart hides a piece of “polar region”; I try to put together every charming pieces in reality and also the lost territory of polar region with my intuitive heartbeat. Polar region can be an extremely beautiful and complicated place, may be also a terribly barren and simple field ground. Polar region may be just the remote cold ends on the earth.

ങ‫סݘ‬Ȯฒᚠ20100705-1)શජ*ȯ19.7x30cm,2010 Chen Sung-Chih “Untitled 20100705-1 (sketch)”, 19.7x30cm, 2010

ྃӴ.ങ‫סݘ‬এ৤৤ю౪ൟ Installation View, in Polar Region—Chen Sung-chih solo exhibition

ྃӴ.ങ‫סݘ‬এ৤৤ю౪ൟ Installation View, in Polar Region—Chen Sung-chih solo exhibition

ྃӴ.ങ‫סݘ‬ ྃӴ. ങ‫סݘ‬এ ങ‫סݘ‬ ‫ ݘ‬এ৤৤ю౪ ৤ю౪ൟ Instal nstallat lation ion View, ew, in Pola olarr Regi Region— o Chen Sung-chih solo exhibition

ྃӴ.ങ‫סݘ‬এ৤ ྃӴ এ৤৤ю এ৤ ৤ю ൟ ৤ю౪ Installation View, ew w, in in Polar P Region—Chen Sung-chih solo exhibition

ങ‫סݘ‬ ‫סݘ‬Ȯฒᚠ ฒᚠ201 2 00705-4 4)શජ*ȯ39.5x5 x 4cm,2010 Che hen Sung g-Chih “Untitled 20100705-4 (sketch)”, 39.5x54cm, 2010

ങ‫סݘ‬Ȯฒᚠ20100705-2,3,4)શජ*ȯ39.5x54cm(piece),2010 Chen Sung-Chih “Untitled 20100705-2,3,4 (sketch)”, 39.5x54cm(piece), 2010

ങ‫סݘ‬Ȯฒᚠ2010-A~CȯϚរᓁȃᆹॄΚ౜Ȃ45x25x20cm,2010 Chen Sung-Chih “Untitled 2010-A~C”, 45x25x20cm, 2010

ങ‫ ݘ‬Ȯฒᚠ ങ‫ݘ‬ ങ‫סݘ‬ Ȯฒᚠ201 Ȯฒ 20 0-A~C CȯϚរ រᓁȃᆹ ᓁ ॄΚ ॄΚ౜ ॄ Κ౜Ȃ45x 45xx25x 25x20c 5x20cm,2010 Che en Sung un ng-Ch -C Chih ih ““Unt nti titled 201 20 0-A~C”, A C”,, 45 4 x25 x25x20cm, m, 20 2010 1 10

ങ‫סݘ‬Ȯฒᚠ2010-AȯϚរᓁȃᆹॄΚ౜Ȃ47x35x21cm,2010 Chen Sung-Chih “Untitled 2010-A”, Stainless steel ,Styrofoam, 47x35x21cm, 2010

ങ‫סݘ‬Ȯฒᚠ2010-BȯϚរᓁȃᆹॄΚ౜Ȃ51x29x27cm,2010 Chen Sung-Chih “Untitled 2010-B”, Stainless steel ,Styrofoam, 51x29x27cm, 2010

ങ‫סݘ‬Ȯฒᚠ2010-CȯϚរᓁȃᆹॄΚ౜Ȃ48x30x37cm,2010 Chen Sung-Chih “Untitled 2010-C”, Stainless steel ,Styrofoam, 48x30x37cm, 2010

ങ‫סݘ‬Ȯฒᚠ2010-A)‫׋‬ഋ*ȯ!ϚរᓁȃᆹॄΚ౜Ȃ47x35x21cm,2010 Chen Sung-Chih “Untitled 2010-A”(partial), Stainless steel ,Styrofoam, 47x35x21cm, 2010

ങ‫סݘ‬Ȯฒᚠ201009~201011ȯાҏȃ݂ᜢȂ85x115cm(piece),2010 Chen Sung-Chih “Untitled 201009~201011”, Paper, Mirror, 85x115 5cm(piece), 2010

ങ‫סݘ‬Ȯฒᚠ201001~20 20100 1004 4ȯાҏ ા ȃ݂ᜢȂ70x55cm(piece),2010 Chen Sung-Chih “Untitled 201001 0 ~20 ~201004”, Paper, Mirror, 70x55cm(piece), 2010

ങ‫סݘ‬Ȯฒᚠ201005~201007ȯાҏ ાҏ ҏȃ݂ᜢ ݂ Ȃ70x 7 55cm(piecce) e),201 201 010 0 Chen Sung-Chih h “Untitled 201005~201007”, Paper, Mi M rro rror, 70x rr 70x55c 55 m(piec ece), e), 20 2010 10 0

ങ‫סݘ‬Ȯฒᚠ20090105-1~9ȯ݂ᜢȂ55x70cm(piece),2010 Chen Sung-Chih “Untitled 20090105-1~9”, Mirror, 55x70cm(piece), 2010

ങ‫סݘ‬Ȯฒᚠ ฒ 200 ฒᚠ 2 901 01 105-1~9((局部 部)ȯ݂ᜢȂ55x 55x 5xx70c 7 m(piece),2010 Chen Sung-Chih “Un ntitled nti it ed 2000901 90 05-1~9 1~9 ~ ((partiall)”, Mir M ror,, 55x 5x70cm(piece), 2010

ങ‫סݘ‬Ȯฒᚠ.Рல‫ޟ‬ᓏ༭)МӇ.2*.‫׋‬ഋȯશජȂ29.7x21cm,2010 Chen Sung-Chih “Untitled-Daily Sculptures (documents-1)-partial”, documents-drawing, 29.7x21cm, 2010

ങ‫סݘ‬Ȯฒᚠ.Рல‫ޟ‬ᓏ༭)МӇ.2*ȯશජȂ29.7x21cm,2010 Chen Sung-Chih “Untitled-Daily Sculptures (documents-1)”, documents-drawing, 29.7x21cm, 2010

ങ‫סݘ‬Ȯฒᚠ.Рல‫ޟ‬ᓏ༭)‫׋‬ഋ*ȯાҏȃ݂ᜢȃώแҢँ0၆ညȂЏψ‫ٷ‬౪ൟՄۡȂ2010 Chen Sung-Chih “Untitled-Daily Sculptures(partial ( l) ”, Paper, Mirro,Sand/installation, d dimension variable, 2010

ങ‫סݘ‬ ‫ס‬Ȯฒᚠ.Рல‫ޟ‬ᓏ༭ȯાҏȃ݂ᜢȃώแҢँ0၆ညȂЏψ‫ٷ‬౪ൟՄۡȂ2010 Chen Ch n Sung-Chih “Untitled-Daily Sculptures) ”, Paper, Mirro,Sand/installation, d dimension variable, 2010

Ᏸᐣ 2005 ୽ҳѮࠒ᛺೚σᏰഅ‫ל‬᛺೚ं‫!ܚـ‬᛺೚ᆈρ(MFA) 2002 ෉໨ऋ‫׬‬σᏰ.ຜឈ༈ႀ೩ॎ‫!ف‬᛺೚Ᏸρ(BFA)

ငᐣ 2009!෉໨ऋ‫׬‬σᏰᎹਮ᛺೚ড়)Ѯᢊ.Ѯϛ* 2008!Ѯѕᑪࢇ‫ۺ‬ᅷᒵ಑Π۩‫ݖ‬ᐝ435୽ሬ᛺೚؆Ꮉ؆᛺೚ড়)Ѯᢊ.Ѯѕ* 2007!՗ࢇ଱Мོ࡚96ԑ࡙ᅷᒵю೤Cité International des ArtsᎹ؆᛺೚ড়)‫୽ݲ‬.БᏍ* 2005!Ѯѕ୽ሬ᛺೚؆2005ԑю೤The Townhouse GalleryᎹ؆᛺೚ড়)৅Ѕ.໠ᛳ* 2004!՗ࢇ଱Мོ࡚93ԑ࡙ᅷᒵМϽഺཎ౰ཾΡϗю೤Visiting Arts, London!)़୽.গභ* 2004!՗ࢇ଱Мོ࡚១ၾ᛺೚ᆩၯѮϛમ.ΠΪဴঘ৲಑Ѳ۩Ꮉમ᛺೚ড় ᕕዩ 2008!Ѯѕछ೚ዩ!ᓺᒵ 2005!಑έ۩Ѯཱི᛺೚ዩ2004ԑ࡙Μσຜឈ᛺೚ 2003!Ѯѕछ೚ዩ!ᓺᒵ 2001!଒ღ‫ݲ‬ΡжԊМఀஅߜོ!жԊ᛺೚ഺհዩ 1999!1999୽ሬા᛺೚ഺհ!ᓺᒵ

ങ‫סݘ‬ Chen Sung-Chih 1978!ҡܻѮᢊࠒ‫׹‬ 1978 born in Nantou, Taiwan, lives and works in Taichung, Taipei, Taiwan

এ৤ 2110!ྃӴȂ൷ӵ᛺೚ު໢ȂѮѕ 2010!ᒑདྷ‫ޟ‬࿅ॱⲽȂРЀТᘄหංȂѮѕ 2009!Ґ‫ڼ‬ӪȂԤቶ᛺೚หංȂѮϛ 2008!ձӵȂѮѕ࿋ф᛺೚ᓢȂѮѕ 2008!ങ‫סݘ‬ӣӪএ৤Ȃཱིዅ༪᛺೚ު໢ȂѮѕ 2007!௃ࠉȆ௃ࠉȂCité Internationale des Arts GalleryȂБᏍ 2006!࢑෈Ј‫ޟ‬Ԟ఑ȂThe Townhouse GalleryȂ໠ᛳ 2006!ড়৳ቑᇄРலၑȂ20ဴঘ৲ȂѮϛ 2005!಑Μ‫ڢ‬Ȃཱིዅ༪᛺೚ު໢ȂѮѕ 2004!ܻ࢐Ȃձَࣼ೻ኺ‫רޟ‬Ȃཱིᔻጆᓞ᛺೚ު໢Ȃଽ໰ 2004!಑ΤЈȂ!Nell’s Home᛺Мު໢ȂѮϛ 2003!ѶྣέΪΜ࡙јȂϛं଱ҡყछᏰު໢ȂѮѕ 2003!ᕤඥഅհȂཱིዅ༪᛺೚ު໢ȂѮѕ 2001!ࠞȆࠤࠤȂுܼϴ‫ܚ‬ȂѮϛ 2001!ཪ൶ȂShowplaceȂѮϛ १ौᖒ৤)ഋϷ* 2010!ҩᎾႆሪόଢ଼Ы՗.௃ቓ୽‫ཱིڗݘ‬൬ᡝ᛺೚ȂѮѕѿҳछ೚ᓢȂѮѕ 2009!ΙРΪԑȂ20ဴঘ৲ȂѮϛ 2008!2008Ѯѕछ೚ዩȂѮѕѿҳछ೚ᓢȂѮѕ 2008!ω౯Ж.Ӏ೽ϴ༪ΠΪ໊ԑኊȂӀ೽ϴ༪ȂѮѕ 2008 ӎً.έԉΙҡ0Ѯᢊԑሆ᛺೚ড়ȂISSEY MIYAKE!ᄯ᝼۹ȂѮϛ 2008 ᇃᢊᇧഅ.ӵӴ‫ܒ‬ȅᢎᘈȂԼ൜ώհࡉȂѮѕ 2008!M.O.Tؓᓸ৤Ȃ݂Рछ೚ᓢȂѮѕ 2007 ཐ‫ࣺޣ‬ᡐȂ౪фหංȂѮϛ 2006!CO6ѮᢊࠉፏМӇ৤ȂѮϛѿМϽ‫׋‬ଢ଼Ψު໢ȂѮϛ 2006!ѮѕΠέȂѮѕѿҳछ೚ᓢȂѮѕ 2006 ฒ‫ܚ‬ϚӵȂѮѕ୽ሬ᛺೚؆ȂѮѕ 2006 ࠲ѿ୥‫ݰ‬Ȃ!Chrissie Cotter GalleryȂഡ఩ 2005 ശ᛺ȅ᎖᛺.಑έ۩Ѯཱི᛺೚ዩΣ൜੫৤ȂཱིӎέູA9ȂѮѕ 2005 Ӵҁጣ.໠ంᎧ᠞‫ॳཱིޟ‬ශȂၖࠢਪ۹ȂѮϛ 2005!Ӕࣼ‫ר‬ΙಁȂӀ೽ϴ༪ȂѮѕ

ԝᙠ! 2001-2009ԧሜछ೚ᓢȃ୽ҳѮᢊछ೚ᓢആຜ࿋ф᛺೚ኵ՝‫ڐ‬ᙠȃ‫ؽ‬Ρԝᙠ

ዩօ 2007!ѮѕѿМϽ‫׋‬97-2৤។၄օ 2006!଒ღ‫ݲ‬Ρ୽ড়МϽ᛺೚அߜོ95-2ഺհ၄օ 2005!଒ღ‫ݲ‬Ρ୽ড়МϽ᛺೚அߜོ94-1छ೚৤។၄օ ϴӓ᛺೚ 2007!հࠢȶ‫ڷ‬ҁϞᅈȷᕕѮϛѿՙА಑ΠϷ‫׋‬ᄲҗᑹࣂю‫ܚ‬ϴӓ᛺೚ཱི࡚ώแ 2005!հࠢȶ಑ΤЈଔॴȷᕕѮϛѿѕАୢѲҕፏҡ‫ܚ‬ϴӓ᛺೚ཱི࡚ώแ

Education Background 2005 M.F.A, Institute of Plastic Art, Tainan National University of The Arts, Taiwan 2002 B.F.A, Department of Visual Communication Design, Chaoyung University of Technology, Taiwan Honors 2009 Artists-in-residence Program, Chaoyang University of Technology, Taichung, Taiwan 2008 Artists-in-residence Program, 435 International Artist Village, Banciao, Taipei 2007 Artists-in-residence Program, Cite International des Arts, Paris, France 2005 Artists-in-residence Program, The Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt 2004 Selected by The Council for Cultural Affairs(Taiwan) creative industries pursue to further education program, London, UK 2004 Artists-in-residence Program, the Stock 20 , Taichung, Taiwan

Collections 2000-2010 Juming Museum, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art , Private collection Grants 2008 Taipei City Government Department of Culture Affairs 2008-2 Fellowship 2006 National Cultural and Arts Foundation 2006-2 Fellowship 2005 National Cultural and Arts Foundation 2005-1 Fellowship Public Art Projects 2007 Second Police District Taichung City Police Bureau, Taichung, Taiwan 2005 The Su-Min Public Health Center, Taichung, Taiwan

Awards 2008 2008 Taipei Arts Award Best-selected 2005 2004 Taishin Arts Award - Top 7 of Visual Arts 2003 2003 Taipei Arts Award Best-selected 2002 S.A.N art creativity Sponsored Reward of S.A.N Foundation 1999 Best-selected in International Paper art Solo Exhibitions 2010 Polar Region, Project Fulfill Art Space, Taipei 2010 My Dear Wrinkle, Ever Harvest Art Gallery, Taipei 2009 Untitled, The Quan Gallery, Taichung 2008 You to Be , Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei 2008 Chen Sung-Chih 2008, Shin Leh Yuan Art Space, Taipei 2007 Once Upon a Time, Cité Internationale des Arts Gallery, Paris 2006 The Sunday Morning, The Townhouse Gallery, Cairo 2006 Domestic Play and Quotidian Poetry, The Stock 20, Taichung 2005 Vol.7, Shin Leh Yuan Art Space, Taipei 2004 Then …You See Me Like That, Sin Pin Art Space, Kaohsiung 2004 The Eighth Day, Nell’s Home, Taichung 2003 Dropping Body Temperature to 37.5,Life Science Library, Taipei 2003 Artificiality, Shin Leh Yuan Art Space, Taipei 2001 Wa-Ha Ha, Want space, Taichung 2001 Search…, Showplace, Taichung Group Exhibitions(selected) 2010 Time Unfrozen, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei 2009 One Day One Decade, , The Stock 20 , Taichung 2008 2008 Taipei Arts Award, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei Sweeties-Celebrating 20 Years of IT Park, IT Park Gallery, Taipei The Light Enters You- ISSEY MIYAKE x Young Taiwan’s Artists, ISSEY MIYAKE, Taichung Local Viewpoint- Made In TAIWAN, Bamboo Curtain Studio, Taipei M.O.T. Salon, Museum of Tomorrow, Taipei 2007 Transformation in Perception, Modern Gallery, Taichung 2006 CO6 Taiwan Avant-Garde Documenta , Taichung City Cultural Hall, Taichung 2006 Ubiquitous, Taipei Artist Village, Taipei Taipei Taipei, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei City Mambo, Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Sydney 2005 Skylight-open the new page..., Eslite bookstore, Taichung Best of 2004 Taishin Arts Award Exhibition, ങ‫סݘ‬Ȯฒᚠ.Рல‫ޟ‬ᓏ༭ȯાҏȃ݂ᜢȃώแҢँ0၆ညȂЏψ‫ٷ‬౪ൟՄۡȂ2010 Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A9, Taipei Chen Sung-Chih “Untitled-Daily Sculptures) ”, Paper, Mirro,Sand/installation, d dimension variable, 2010 2004 One more glance, IT Park Gallery, Taipei

ࡹ෱‫ޟ‬ཌ೎ ྃӴ˕ങ‫סݘ‬এ৤ The delicacy of collage Polar Region—Chen Sung-chih solo exhibition Part I 2010/7/17-8/15 Part II 2010/8/20-9/19 ਣ᠓ԳᙇVenue/ බԴ᜹ങߩ༡!Project Fulfill Art Space 10658ҭҔҾЂՉ஡ࠫ၍Ⴎ3ࣱ147࢒45‫ؘ‬2ၳ1ጁ 1F., No.2, Alley 45, Lane 147, Sec. 3,Sinyi Rd.,Taipei 10658, Taiwan (T) 886-2-2707-6942 (F) 886-2-2755-7679

֯߰0൘‫ؠޗ‬ Ӏবᅹ՘0൘‫ؠޗ‬ ៷዆0൘‫ؠޗ‬ Ԟ‫۔‬0؈஼ዴ֜ཇያߵԊգনгҦ јᑟ0+886-928-923531 E-mail/ ҍߍџง02010Ր12ѡ ߍᡋ‫ݙ‬գ!ᚙԞӅ‫ٿ‬ Author/ Sung-Chih CHEN Graphic Designer/ Sung-Chih CHEN Photographer/ Sung-Chih CHEN, Yu-Che HSIAO, Tsai-Ming HU, Ming Tsung CHEN Printer/ Sunshine Printing Co., Ltd Cell phone/ +886-928-923531 E-mail/ Publishing Date/ December 2010 Printed in Taiwan Copyright


Sung-Chih CHEN 2010 . All rights reserved.

Polar Region-Chen Sung-chih solo Exhibition  

“Polar Region—Chen Sung-chih solo exhibition” uses “polar region” to symbolize the distances that people imagine through complex combination...

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