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Mujo (Impermanence), Sundaram Tagore Gallery, New York, 2013


Established in 2000, Sundaram Tagore Gallery is devoted to examining the exchange of ideas between Western and nonWestern cultures. We focus on developing exhibitions and hosting not-for-profit events that encourage spiritual, social and aesthetic dialogues. In a world where communication is instant and cultures are colliding and melding as never before, our goal is to provide venues for art that transcend boundaries of all sorts. With alliances across the globe, our interest in cross-cultural exchange extends beyond the visual arts into many other disciplines, including poetry, literature, performance art, film and music.

Miya Ando in her Brooklyn studio, 2013


The New York-based artist debuts recent work in Light Metal, her first solo exhibition at Sundaram Tagore Gallery Hong Kong A descendant of Bizen sword makers, Miya Ando was raised among Buddhist priests in a temple in Okayama, Japan, later settling in California and now working in Brooklyn. Combining traditional techniques of her ancestry with modern industrial technology, she skillfully transforms sheets of burnished steel and anodized aluminum into ephemeral, abstract wall-mounted installations suffused with color. At the core of Ando’s practice is the transformation of surfaces. She produces light-reflecting gradients on her metal paintings by applying heat, sandpaper, grinders, acid and patinas, irrevocably altering the material’s chemical properties. It’s by an almost meditative daily repetition of these techniques that Ando is able to subtract, reduce and distill her concept until it reaches its simplest form. “I like the idea of using things that are seemingly permanent,” she says. “By applying different techniques, I transform the materials to evoke sky, or water or air—it’s like a transition from the industrial to the natural world.” Building on this premise of transformation, Ando recently began working with anodized aluminum as well as steel, producing a series of large-scale paintings infused with luminous color—a bespoke palette of muted reds, blues, greens, pinks, purples and gold she conjured from a limited selection of industrial dyes. Ando applies and often hand paints the pigments onto plates of anodized aluminum, which is much lighter than steel, as if they

were watercolors. Anodizing—an industrial process in which sapphire crystals are electroplated to the metal— allows the dyes to bond to the material, producing more vivid color. The resulting patterns subtly evoke ethereal, minimalist landscapes and abstracted metallic horizons. For Ando, the paradoxical pairing of spiritual subject matter with metal is intentional. Not only is it a way for the artist to connect with her heritage but it is also an exploration into the dichotomy and impermanence of the natural world and the man-made world. She says: “My work is an exploration into the duality of metal and its ability to convey strength and permanence, yet in the same instance absorb shifting color and capture the fleetingness of light. It reminds us of the transitory nature of all things in life.” Miya Ando received a bachelor’s degree in East Asian studies from the University of California, Berkeley, and attended Yale University to study Buddhist iconography and imagery. She apprenticed with the master metal smith Hattori Studio in Japan, followed by a residency at Northern California’s Public Art Academy in 2009. She is the recipient of many awards, including the Bronx Museum AIM Residency in 2013 and the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant in 2012. Her work has been exhibited extensively all over the world, including in a recent show curated by Nat Trotman of the Guggenheim Museum. Miya Ando has produced numerous public commissions, most notably a thirty-foot-tall commemorative sculpture in London built from World Trade Center steel to mark the ten-year anniversary of 9/11.

EPHEMERAL VERMILLION YELLOW 2013 • dye, pigment, lacquer, resin on aluminum plate • 36 x 36 inches



NIGHT YORU GRID 2013 • hand-dyed anodized aluminum • 36 x 48 inches



EPHEMERAL COPPER 2013 • dye, pigment, lacquer, resin on aluminum plate • 36 x 36 inches 10

EPHEMERAL RED 2013 • dye, pigment, lacquer, resin on aluminum plate • 36 x 36 inches 11

INDIGO TRIPTYCH 2 2013 • hand-dyed anodized aluminum • 24 x 72 inches



GOLD KIMONO 2013 • hand-dyed anodized aluminum, 22 karat gold leaf • 52 x 40 inches 14


SUI GETSU KA BLACK RED TRIPTYCH 2013 • hand-dyed anodized aluminum • 24 x 72 inches



BLUE PURPLE DIPTYCH 2013 • hand-dyed anodized aluminum • 48 x 48 inches



SHIZUKA QUIET 2 2013 • hand-dyed anodized aluminum • 40 x 30 inches



EPHEMERAL GREEN 2013 • dye, pigment, lacquer, resin on aluminum plate • 36 x 36 inches 22

EPHEMERAL INDIGO 4 2013 • dye, pigment, lacquer, resin on aluminum plate • 36 x 36 inches 23

SUI GETSU KA PINK RED TRIPTYCH 2013 • hand-dyed anodized aluminum • 24 x 72 inches



SENTIENT DIPTYCH 2012 • hand-dyed anodized aluminum • 25.5 x 13 inches




Akari Light 5-10 AM

Akari Light 5-40 AM

2013 • hand-dyed anodized aluminum • 24 x 24 inches

2013 • hand-dyed anodized aluminum • 24 x 24 inches

Akari Light 5-15 AM

Akari Light 5-40 AM

2013 • hand-dyed anodized aluminum • 24 x 24 inches

2013 • hand-dyed anodized aluminum • 24 x 24 inches


SUI GETSU KA ( WATER MOON FLOWER ) GRID 2 2013 • hand-dyed anodized aluminum • 60 x 72 inches




Sui Getsu Ka 5

Sui Getsu Ka 6

2011 • dyed aluminum • 24 x 24 inches

2011 • dyed aluminum • 24 x 24 inches

Sui Getsu Ka 7

Sui Getsu Ka 8

2011 • dyed aluminum • 24 x 24 inches

2011 • dyed aluminum • 24 x 24 inches


SPRING ( HARU ) GRID 2013 • dye, pigment, lacquer, resin on aluminum plate • 36 x 36 inches



EPHEMERAL INDIGO Purple 2013 • dye, pigment, lacquer, resin on aluminum plate • 36 x 36 inches 36

EPHEMERAL PINK 2013 • dye, pigment, lacquer, resin on aluminum plate • 36 x 36 inches 37

Hakanai Fleeting Orange 2013 • hand-dyed anodized aluminum • 48 x 24 inches



OCEAN SUTRA 2011 • hand-dyed anodized aluminum • 48 x 48 inches



CURRICULUM VITAE Born in Los Angeles


Certificate of Completion, Public Art Academy, Northern California Apprentice to master metal smith, Hattori Studio, Okayama, Japan East Asian Studies, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut B.S., magna cum laude, East Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley

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MUSEUM COLLECTIONS AND EXHIBITIONS  Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, Connecticut (exhibition) Byzantine Museum, Athens (exhibition) Chapman University, Orange, California (collection) The Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg (exhibition) Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, Staten Island, New York (solo exhibition) PUBLIC COMMISSIONS 2012 Obon: Puerto Rico (outdoor, ephemeral public art commission), Fist Art Foundation, Puerto Rico 2011 Obon: Temple (outdoor public commission), Haein Art Project, one-hundred-eight luminous resin and phosphorescent cube sculptures for the millennial

celebration of the Haeinsa Buddhist Temple, Korea Reflectivity, September 11 memorial sculpture made from a twenty-four-inch piece of World Trade Center steel, for CalFire California Fire Department After 9/11, September 11 memorial sculpture, created from thirty-foot pieces of World Trade Center steel, London 2010 Quietness, Non Denominational Chapel, San Francisco General Hospital Obon [Meditation 1- 8], Thanatopolis Outdoor Memorial Sculpture, Norwalk, Connecticut Sakura Reichstag (temporary outdoor installation, invisible luminous paint on snow), Berlin Beautiful Night (invisible luminous wall mural), Safdi Plaza Realty, Brooklyn, New York Shelter [Meditation 1-12], forty-feet installed, The Healing Place Non Denominational Chapel Woman’s Shelter, Louisville, Kentucky 2009 8-Fold Path, Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society, Los Angeles Let There Be Light, St. John’s Bread & Life Non Denominational Chapel, New York HONORS AND AWARDS 2013 2012 2010 2009

Bronx Museum AIM Residency Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant Award Finalist, Bloom Art Award, Germany Thanatopolis Special Artist Award and Public Outdoor Commission Puffin Foundation Grant Award Fundraiser Co-Chair, The Indigo Youth Movement, New York and Durban, KwaZulu-Natal Public Ambassador, Element Advocate, International print and media campaign 2007 Honorable Mention, Jury Prize, Nascent Art, New York   RESIDENCIES 2012/13 Bronx Museum AIM Residency, New York 2009 Northern California’s Public Art Academy, San Jose, California 43

Miya Ando in her Brooklyn studio, 2013

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Miya Ando | Light Metal  
Miya Ando | Light Metal