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Thursday 30 May 2013

HOAX CALL About 1.00pm on Monday 20 May, hoax calls triggered a search for a crashed aircraft near Gingin. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) received a call claiming to be from a chopper pilot who had purported to have gone down in bushland. Two helicopters and a rescue plane were deployed to the area after the mayday call was received. A second call was then received, this time the pilot reported he had crashed into a tree. The caller provided a different aircraft call sign to the one provided in the first call. It became clear the calls were a hoax after the AMSA determined that the aircraft associated with both reported call signs were accounted for. An AMSA spokeswoman said the offence was criminal and had been reported to police. The search has been estimated to cost more than $20,000 and wasted valuable resources. A day earlier, there had been a vexatious beacon activation near Mindarie with a helicopter being deployed. The beacon was found in a tree opposite the Mindarie Marina. The AMSA warned that hoaxers can be forced to pay all emergency response costs “Malicious and hoax requests for assistance such as these can attract criminal penalties. The resources used in these incidents could have been used in a genuine emergency situation.” In January 2010, a Clarkson man was convicted with creating a false belief, which sparked a massive sea and air search over thousands of kilometres of ocean north of Rottnest Island. He was sentenced to nine months jail and ordered to pay $54,000 in restitution to cover the cost of the search.

Beach safety - Your help wanted Surf Life Saving WA (SLSWA) is calling for the community’s assistance to help save lives in the City of Wanneroo. The City of Wanneroo has appointed SLSWA to undertake a coastal risk and safety signage audit within its jurisdiction as part of the City’s ongoing focus to improve coastal safety at its beaches. The audit will be conducted in a two part series, with the first part already

underway and the second part to commence early in the new financial year. SLSWA is encouraging anyone who has witnessed, been involved with, or have heard of any rescues, injuries or near misses that have taken place at any beach between Tamala Park and Two Rocks to complete an online survey and tell us about your local experiences.

The survey is anonymous and can be accessed at erooCoastalSafety. The survey data will help SLSWA to develop recommendations for the City on how to manage their coastal aquatic recreation safety. This community consultation process will produce recommendations which are reflective of what is actually happening in the community.


Media update At the time this issue of the Sun City News went to print, the City of Wanneroo had two Media Enquiries’ outstanding, dating back to mid-April and early May.

The region’s most popular newspaper The Sun City News is a newspaper that has served the local communities in the northern portion of the City of Wanneroo and across the Shire of Gingin since 1997. Our mission is to help build a better community through editorial leadership and to entertain and inform our readers.

Both Media Enquiries have been emailed three times to the City of Wanneroo administration.

We are the only locally owned and operated independent newspaper in Yanchep. We are dedicated to the belief that a strong community newspaper is essential for a strong growing community. We exist to serve residents, local community groups and businesses, and ask for their support in return.

In a response to out-dated signs, the City of Wanneroo stated: “Such signs should be removed at the conclusion of the public advertising period for the different planning proposals. Unfortunately, in these cases that did not occur. The applicants for each proposal have been reminded of the City's requirements and instructed to remove the signs.”

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One sign has been removed.

Fr o m t h e e d i t o r ’ s d e s k With more and more people, plus various manufacturing industries looking for a government handout, what future is there for our nation? Various people on a variety of government handouts want more, plus, increased concessions; various sectors of the business world are receiving government handouts and want more; plus, we are continually being told the health services, disability services and education systems need billions of dollars if they are going meet acceptable standards - The fact is the nation can’t afford to keep handing out massive grants.

What’s going to happen when the federal and state governments starting going bankrupt? We could follow the American or Japanese government’s lead Print more money and suffer an even greater recession. America has been in recession for over three years, while Japan for over ten years; and they pay much less in benefits to individuals and/or industry. I really don’t think they are good examples of a prosperous future - We need to start living within our means.

Thursday 30 May 2013 - Page 2 - Sun City News

Credit card debt in Australia is over $50 billion, and growing It’s no wonder the banks are making record profits, year after year. Credit card interest rates in Australia are among the world’s highest. So who is making money from the ‘mining boom’ if we are all clocking up bigger debts every month? Somewhere along the way, we need to do a realistic stocktake and re-assess our future as individuals and a nation before we fall into an uncontrollable recession that could take a decade or more to recover from.

Some people might think I’m being ‘grim and depressing’ but the fact is we can’t continue walking around with our head in the clouds thinking the problem doesn’t exist or it’ll fix itself. What sort of a future are we leaving our children; and our children’s children? Over the past month, I’ve heard so many local people expressing concern about how they are going to pay their bills or meet the next mortgage payment; and we are supposed to be the lucky country. Many people are starting to refer to us as the ‘lazy country’ - What do you think?

Art Award winners Last Friday night, the City of Wanneroo hosted the opening night of the annual Art Awards Exhibition, with Mayor Tracey Roberts announcing Rowena Keall Walsh, as the winner for her 'Pinnaroo' painting. Mayor Tracey Roberts said: "The consistently high number of entries, over 200 this year, illustrates the high value the community of the City of Wanneroo places on the arts." "I am thrilled that most of the entries are local artists living here in the northern suburbs from our local art groups and we are delighted that there are many entries from further afield in Western Australia. "I am very proud that Wanneroo has a rich heritage in the visual arts and is fast gaining a fine reputation with our Wanneroo Library and Cultural Centre." For the 12th City of Wanneroo Art Awards, the prize money increased to over $16,000 with the overall prize winner’s artwork being acquired for the City's art collection and receiving $7,000. The exhibition will be on display for the public to view for free until Sunday, 23 June.

Best City of Wanneroo Resident Award ($2,000) was won by Judy Rogers’, ‘Resting’. This artwork demonstrates adept technical skills through poignant and engaging choice of subject matter.

Category winners Painting - Overall winner Mel Dare’s ‘Continuum’ - Ink and Acrylic on Canvas. This artwork shows a beautiful use of media and an excellent grasp of technique. The artist has successfully created a sensual yet alien composition. The winner of the Sculpture Award was Jana Braddock’s ‘Skulls Always Look Happy’. This dynamic work shows a strong use of repetition, form and pattern. The subject matter and design elements are expertly handled. Two Rocks artist, Susi Logue won the Works on Paper award with her ‘Two Rocks Revisited, Photographs and Acrylic on Paper’ - This artwork consists of beautifully executed studies which work both individually and as a group. The images create a strong sense of environment through their attention to detail.

Photos - Local artists with works at the City of Wanneroo Art Exhibition: Suzi Logue, Carey Van Blommestein, Corinne Scott, Elena Giugliarelli-Lumsdaine and Angie Beck.

Prize winners City of Wanneroo Open Award (acquisitive $7,000) - Rowena Keall Walsh’s painting, ‘Pinnaroo’. This energetic painting has a great freshness and vitality. The judges said they enjoyed the use of light and colour. Its painterly quality draws the viewer into a nostalgic sense of place.

Local runners in China marathon Good friends and local residents, Bev Heesters and Sharon Taylor, were among 2500 runners to take part in the Great Wall Marathon on Saturday 18 May. Bev is the sports specialist teacher at Two Rocks Primary School and Sharon is the deputy principal at Yanchep District High school. The gruelling event is an ‘Adventure Marathon’ run over 42.125km - Unlike normal marathons an adventure marathon is run over rough and challenging terrain. In this case the terrain is extremely hilly with

sections of the course run on the Great Wall itself. This means the competitors had to climb 5164 uneven steps some of which are up to 70cm high. Both girls ran side by side as a team encouraging each other through the toughest and most challenging parts of the difficult course. They proudly finished with a time of 6hrs 51min 37sec. This was a great effort by two local ladies which only proves that with a bit of perseverance and the support of a friend you can achieve amazing things.

Thursday 30 May 2013 - Page 3 - Sun City News

Letters to the editor Dangerous intersection I am writing in response to your story ‘Concerns about intersection’ in the 16 May issue of the Sun City News. I had written to the Wanneroo council about my concern over the car accidents at the intersection of Marmion Avenue, Lagoon Drive and Peony Boulevard. I brought it to their attention and asked if traffic lights could be installed before someone is killed and this is the response I received: “In response to your recent query, the intersection in question (Marmion Avenue and Lagoon Drive/Peony

Blvd, Yanchep) has been appropriately designed and constructed and marked and signed in accordance with Main Roads WA's approval. The intersection will remain functional in its current form until Main Roads WA and/or the City determine that traffic volumes warrant the installation of traffic signals in future. “In the meantime, the intersection has been constructed to enable easy installation of traffic signals in future, without any major disruption to traffic flows in the area.” I wrote back to the Wanneroo council - ‘It’s really a pity you’re

not listening to people who are witnessing horrific crashes at that site. It will take someone to be killed before something is done. I really wish you would take on board what has happened there.’ Needless to say, I am sad and disappointed that the council is not taking this seriously and really looking at the issue, instead of giving the standard, bureaucratic answer and fobbing me off. Name and address provided. Editor’s comment: After waiting nearly three weeks for a response to a Sun City News media enquiry about this intersection the

Director of Planning, Len Kosova, confirmed: “The intersection of Marmion Avenue and Lagoon Drive/Peony Blvd, Yanchep was appropriately designed by the developer's engineering consultant, approved by the City, constructed by the developer and signed and line-marked in accordance with Main Roads WA's approval.” Amazingly, I notice the traffic lights at intersection of Marmion Ave and Brighton Blvd, Butler were installed when the intersection was first built, before any accidents - Why couldn’t the same be done at Yanchep?

How many accidents have to occur, how many people have to be maimed or killed at this intersection before someone decides traffic lights should be installed? Is there a problem with being proactive about providing safe roads at the time of construction, rather than waiting for the ‘statistics to stack up’? Yanchep is supposed to be a ‘satellite city’ - How about getting things right the first time and living up to all the hype and promotion?


LOCAL CRIME REPORT Near miss A young school child from Yanchep District High School is lucky to be alive, after a near miss incident outside the school on Thursday 23 May. The student had just left the school grounds riding his scooter on the road and nearly colliding with a vehicle. Too many school kids are illegally riding scooters and skateboards on the roads and endangering their life. Fortunately the driver took evasive action to avoid the accident, but unfortunately when the police and school were contacted nobody wanted to take responsibility.

Graffiti Tens of thousands of dollars are spent cleaning up graffiti across the region - Recently, the Two Rocks skate park was targeted, again. A website, ‘Goodbye Graffiti’ is dedicated to graffiti vandalism within Western Australia and is managed by the WA Police Graffiti Team. The Goodbye Graffiti website is an online information service to assist the community with graffiti management and reduction strategies. The term ‘graffiti vandalism’ refers to defacing private and public property without consent from the property owner. If you have information relating to any graffiti, go to and lodge your information.

of car keys and vehicle while the homeowners slept.

Graffiti vandalism is illegal and offenders can be prosecuted.

Investigations are continuing into other break-ins in the Lancelin area where the stolen vehicle was recovered.

Break-ins Monday 33 May, three males and one female, broke into the Guilderton Country Club and both the top and bottom shops at Guilderton.

Another of the ‘not-so-clever’ thieves was found the next morning, asking residents for directions to the way out of Guilderton.

After arousing a local resident, the criminals panicked, jumped into their vehicle and thinking they had taken a safe exit, speed along the lower car park, turned into the boat launching ramp and ended up in the river around 1.00am in the morning.


The Sun City News understands the escapade didn’t end there - A couple of wet crims, then broke into a nearby residential home, taking clothing to replace their wet attire; they also took a set

On the afternoon of Thursday 16 May, Lancelin police received a report of a male person who approached a group boys at a primary school in Cray Street, Lancelin.

Thursday 30 May 2013 - Page 4 - Sun City News

Nightly, vehicles can be heard hooning around Yanchep and Two Rocks. Recently Two Rocks Road, Marmion Ave and ‘The Reef’ estate have been ‘hot spots’.

Suspicious person

The man spoke to the children and was acting strangely. The children ran away and reported the matter to their teachers. On Friday 17 May, Lancelin police received a report that a man fitting the description had approached a girl who was riding her bicycle near the dunes on Kendall Road in Lancelin. Again, the male person was described as acting strangely. He is described as a white male, late 20’s, slim build, with a pockmarked or scarred face. He has very blonde hair, described as bright yellow, long at the front and short at the back. He was last seen wearing a white wet-weather coat. Any who has seen this person or who has any information is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Minister says NO to quarry After nearly four years of protesting and campaigning the Save Lake Nowergup Group are celebrating after the newly appointed Minister for Environment, Albert Jacobs’ decision to dismiss the WA Limestone appeal. Mr Jacobs said: “After considering the issues, I formed the view that the decision of the DEC to refuse to grant a clearing permit for 6.7 hectares of native vegetation in Nowergup was justified.” Save Lake Nowergup Group spokeswoman, Sabine Winton said: “It took the Lake Nowergup/Carabooda community 1437 days but we have finally done it. “We have stopped a proposal for a limestone quarry and batching plant adjacent to Lake Nowergup on Wanneroo Rd. “Despite our fair share of knockers and skeptics over four years, we never lost sight of our belief that this small scale mining operation was simply in the wrong spot.

WA Limestone said they were disappointed and remain confident that when the State Strategic Assessment of development and resource requirements for the Perth and Peel regions is completed that the limestone resource will be developed.

10 year permit requested a landswap that will see this environmentally significant piece of land permanently protected by including it into Neerabup National Park.

significance of this site was what made the difference in the end. The support from the community has been huge and sustained.

“We appreciate that limestone is needed close to housing developments and the Chamber of Commerce confirms that there is in excess of 160 million tonnes available in Nowergup and Yanchep.

“We tried every strategy in the book and then some. Letters, petitions, likes on Facebook, emails, Twitter, phone calls, public rallies, meetings, handing out flyers, protesting on the street, lobbying every local, state and federal politician, presenting to agencies/stakeholders, submissions, appeals, questions and deputations to Council, grievances and questions to parliament to even distributing how to vote cards at the state election.

“We believe though that this site, next to the iconic Ocean View Tavern on Wanneroo Rd, should never have been included as a potential mining site.

“WA Limestone now has no environmental approvals and planning approvals by the City of Wanneroo and the Western Australian Planning Commission have lapsed.

“A special mention needs to go to the Urban Bushland Council. This group is a not-forprofit volunteer organisation that supports local groups in their campaigns to preserve what little of our natural bushland is left in the metropolitan area.

“We now hope that commonsense will prevail and the state government can achieve

“Their expertise and support in making submissions to the DEC on the environmental

Volunteers recognised

“We have proved that with determination, tenacity and the courage to question local and State Government policies and decisions, great things can be achieved. You never lose until you stop trying, and so we didn't.

City of Wanneroo, Coastal Ward Councillor, Robert ‘Bob’ Smithson, has requested the Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup grant his sandstone mining business a ten year heavy haulage permit. Heavy haulage permits are usually issued for 12 months. The shire had received a complaint about sea containers being used at the Arboretum Information Bay. Smithson’s sandstone business, Cosmic Resources, requested the shire to grant a heavy haulage permit to use Irishtown Road if he is unable to use the information bay area. Given the community’s interest and sensitivity about the extraction and haulage, the council decided to call for public comments on the options available to the quarry operator. Submissions close in 14 days and council will reconsider the issue at their June meeting.

Thursday 30 May 2013 - Page 5 - Sun City News

National Volunteer Week is the largest celebration of volunteers and volunteering in Australia, and provides an opportunity to promote the contribution of volunteers in our communities. Volunteers are essential to creating our compassionate, creative and inclusive society, and many community groups and not for profit organisations would struggle to survive without the support of volunteers. National Volunteer Week, was held from Monday 13 May, through to Saturday 20 May, with the Yanchep Two Rocks Recreation Association supported by Volunteers WA and Lotterywest held a Volunteers Morning Tea at the Yanchep Inn. About 80 local volunteers attended the morning. All attendees were presented specially designed Volunteer Awards and nominated volunteers who have contributed 15 years or more towards local volunteering were presented personal awards. Recipients included: Dale Clayton, Di Jones, Bev Duckett, Joyce Harris, Elvie Anderson, Andrew Otremba, Julie Otremba, Harold Morris, Betty White, Ross Brewer, Stan Daley, Lorraine Wallis, Lionel Heath, Jim Smith, Wayne Wyatt, Jeff Howe, Neil Schorer, Pat Read, Pat Haddrill and Freda Burden. Volunteers play an important role in a community, helping out in so many ways. Local community groups welcome new volunteers.

Redfield Park get first aid post president, to open the new facility. The project started in mid-late 2010, and was funded 50-50 jointly with the Shire of Gingin and the Redfield park Community Association to construct the specially designed first aid post. The Bendigo Bank donated $4000 for the fit out plus a defibrillator. Last week, after nearly three years of planning and fundraising, a new volunteer first aid post was officially opened at Redfield Park Estate.

Shire of Gingin president, Michael Aspinall, joined Jeremy Edwards, shire CEO; Steven Fidge, Bendigo Bank and Erik Sorensen, Redfield Park Community Association

Many local residents attended the function, inspecting the new premises. Shire president, Michael Aspinall said: “This project came in under budget and that

was due to the hard work and dedication of the shire’s former manager of building services, Jack Nunn, with Julie Polette who worked tirelessly to ensure the project came to fruition.” Community association president, Erik Sorensen, said: “The volunteer first aid post will now be operational with a physiotherapist available with regular consulting services from these rooms “I would personally like to express my thanks to the hard working committee members who were always prepared to put the extreme effort into the fund-raising.”

Community comments wanted The Shire of Gingin council has just approved the release of their Strategic Community Plan for the next ten years. From the three weeks of extensive community meetings across the shire with nearly 500 people having involvement and input, shire administration and elected members prepared the draft strategy for public comment before being adopted. Key outcomes identified include: providing and maintaining community facilities and services to cater for our growing population; need to

improve health services across the shire; plan for environmental sensitive development across the coast; preserve and protect the river and waterways; lobbying for increased public transport; maintain roads; promote and develop tourism opportunities; and communicating and consulting more regularly across the shire. When finally adopted, the strategy plan will become the principal document guiding the development of other plans and activity that the shire undertakes - It is the long term plan that

outlines the vision, aspirations, outcomes and strategies based on community input. Copies of the draft Strategic Community Plan are available at the shire’s web site; administration centres in Gingin and Lancelin or by contacting your local ward councillor. It is expected the Strategic Community Plan will be finalised and formally adopted at the June council meeting.

Everyone reads the


Thursday 30 May 2013 - Page 7 - Sun City News

Council News Gingin At last week’s Shire of Gingin council meeting, the council considered 18 reports including one late report and one behind closed doors. As there were 20 local residents at the meeting to listen to the council reconsider the AAA Egg Company’s planning application for an intensive poultry farm at Lot 7974 Cowalla Road, Wanerie. Based on the outcomes from the State Administrative Tribunal mediation, the council had two options - Approve subject to conditions or refusal. Administration recommended approving the poultry farm subject to 21 different conditions. Shire president Michael Aspinall moved the officer’s recommendation and after some debate with seven of the nine councillors present speaking on the issue. Cr Ammon advised the meeting she had an alternative recommendation if the officer’s recommendation was not approved. The motion was lost 6-3 votes and Cr Ammon’s motion to refuse the application was approved.

This refusal was based on the significant impact such a development would have on the existing amenity of the area and the potential environmental and odour impact the proposed development will have on the surrounding sensitive land issues. In another report the council agreed to purchase a 8x4 Mitsubishi Fuso 455hp, 2012 compliance, with the trade-in of the shire’s Volvo F12, number plate GG088. By the shire purchasing the 2012 compliance plate truck, which is exactly the same as a new truck, just with a 2012 plate, it would mean that the net changeover price would be $199,000 ex GST; which is $1,000 under budget for the net changeover. In another report the council reconsidered a proposed boundary realignment within the Wannamal townsite - The council resolved to advise the Shire of Chittering and the Department of Local Government that it does not agree with the changed resolution of 18 July 2012, endorsing the modified boundary of the Wannamal townsite incorporating seven residential blocks to be

included within the Shire of Chittering district boundary.

council’s requirements and the appointment will be confirmed.

The council also requested the Shire of Chittering to reconsider its resolution of 18 July 2012 to change the original proposal to incorporate the seven residential properties, excluding the Reserve 39050 and to revert back to its original resolution of 17 March 2010 - The rates received from the seven residential properties in Wannamal in the 2012/13 financial year were $7,826.

Readers can access full copies of the agenda and minutes at the shire web site - www.gingin.wa. or from the administration offices at Gingin or Lancelin.

A late report was presented to the council relating to a lease agreement between the shire and the Seabird Progress and Sporting Association for the Seabird Hall. The length of tenure of the lease appeared to be the main issue. The council agreed to offer the association a five, plus five option lease agreement. The council proceeded to go behind closed doors to consider a report ‘Chief executive officer qualifying period review’ - After 12 minutes the council resolved to advise the Chief Executive Officer that the performance during the qualifying period has met

Wanneroo The City of Wanneroo council meeting was underway, as the Sun City News was going to print. Items of interest on the 400 page agenda include: n Issues related to the Deed of Agreement between Yanchep Beach Joint Venture's and the City of Wanneroo for Yanchep Active Open Space Project. n Consider an application to establish an offensive trade (egg production) at Lot 15 Carabooda Road, Carabooda. The proposal is for 150,000 chickens on site used for egg production and around 15 tonnes of manure would be produced each week. n To consider the re-allocation of budget funds to enable the removal of asbestos material from Mary Lindsay Homestead. The report states: “Given the condition of the building, it is preferable to undertake the asbestos removal

as soon as possible.” Council has recommended re-allocating $75,000 with the $26,000 funding proposed in the 2013/14 draft Capital Works Program being retained in the budget in the event of any outstanding compliance works for the homestead identified during the asbestos removal project. The Sun City News will publish the outcomes from the meeting in the next issue.

Response to enquiries In response to the Sun City News’ media enquiry about the Director for Community Development statement that ‘there has been a late surge of responses supporting the Charnwood proposal’ - The council responded: “The community consultation period has now closed for Charnwood Reserve and no further actions will be taken in regards to Charnwood Park until council has considered the feedback from the community. This is consistent with council’s most recent resolution of the 10 April 2013."

Everyone reads the


Staff excel

The City of Wanneroo's Local Government Managers Australia (LGMA) Australasian Management Challenge team has been rated in the top three in Australiasia. LGMA Challenge participants take on a number of tasks set around the most relevant and important local government issues each year, in a fast-paced and highly collaborative environment. This year's LGMA Challenge Team consisted of six employees with a range of backgrounds from environmental planning to information management. The team submitted work that was judged to be in the top three from over 140 local governments throughout Australia and New Zealand. The process included presenting ideas and actions on the role of local government, online engagement, community governance and how to deliver a great society. The team was acknowledged at the LGMA National Congress in Hobart with one team member, Environmental Project Planner Melinda Goode, presenting to the National Congress and contending for the Raymond West award. Photo (L to R): Joseph Coppola, Melinda Goode, Ryan Hall (Team Mentor), Glen Beatty, Dianne Sheehan and Dewan. Absent was Stephen O'Brien.

LG reform WA Minister for Local Government, Tony Simpson, said there has been widespread recognition of the need for reform in recent years and, in June 2011, the State Government appointed an independent panel to review Perth metropolitan local government. The panel has carried out a year-long review and their report was released in October last year for public comment. It generated 284 submissions. These were in addition to nearly 450 submissions the panel received during the review. Local Government Minister Tony Simpson is examining the report and the feedback received to help determine the next steps in the reform program.

Thursday 30 May 2013 - Page 8 - Sun City News

Students go Potty over Polly Renae Spowart’s Year 3 students had the solution, create a scarecrow that could also be entered into the 2013 Garden Week Sunny’s School Scarecrow Competition. Students set to work designing an entry that would reflect the school’s focus on recycling and sustainability. Ms Spowart said: “I wanted to create something unique but to use things that we already had.” Growing fresh produce and using it to make healthy and delicious food is an enjoyable learning experience for students at Two Rocks Primary School.

While the garden has helped strengthen links between the school and community, regular visits from the local bird population have been causing major problems.

Once the final design was agreed upon, students from across the school began work on their contributions. The younger students focused on their use of colour and

shading whilst the older students have been learning about ways they can recycle and reuse materials Whilst Polly wasn’t the eventual winner, she has made a popular addition to the school’s garden. Affectionately known as ‘Potty Polly’ by the students, she has also generated much conversation and interest within the community. Kitchen and Garden Project co-ordinator, Kerry Brown said: “They love her and the way she stands out, people want to visit the garden and pose with her.”

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Search starts for WA’s top teachers and schools Students have the chance to turn the tables on their teachers and award them with merit certificates as part of the WA Education Awards. Minister for Education, Peter Collier, said the initiative was a great opportunity for students to recognise the work of their teachers and let them know they were valued. “This is an important part of the WA Education Awards where children, parents and community members can have their say. They can also give merit certificates to other school staff doing great work,” Mr Collier said. The Minister said the merit certificates were not an automatic entry into the awards, but teachers acknowledged

by their students could go on to have a formal application submitted. They will then have the chance to share in $264,000 in prizes, including professional development opportunities to further their careers. Mr Collier said the WA Education Awards included categories to recognise public teachers, principals, school support staff and schools. “Western Australia has outstanding educators who deserve to be recognised and the WA Education Awards are a great way to do this,” he said. The Minister said the awards also gave winners the opportunity to further their professional development and share their expertise with

students and colleagues.

Senior High School,” he said.

One of last year’s WA Beginning Teacher of the Year winners, Applecross Senior High School English teacher, Drew Mayhills, used his prize to visit Osaka in Japan.

The WA Education Awards 2013 categories are: WA Premier's Early Childhood Teacher of the Year; WA Premier's Primary Teacher of the Year; WA Premier's Secondary Teacher of the Year; WA Primary Principal of the Year; WA Secondary Principal of the Year; WA Beginning Teacher of the Year; WA School Support Staff Member of the Year; WA Primary School of the Year; and WA Secondary School of the Year.

“Mr Mayhills attended the Asian Conference on Technology in the Classroom and presented a research paper exploring Australian perspectives on e-learning and collaborative learning,” Mr Collier said. Mr Mayhills said it was wonderful to be recognised. “I am confident that sharing my experiences from Japan with staff and students will enrich the high quality of teaching and learning at Applecross

Award nomination close on 16 August with the winners to be announced in December. More information is available at nawards.

Drug lab found at Yanchep resort Earlier this week, two people were charged after cleaners at a beach resort stumbled across a suspected drug lab in Yanchep. Police raided a chalet at the Club Capricorn holiday village on Two Rocks Road shortly after 11am yesterday and discovered items consistent with the manufacture of illegal drugs, spokeswoman Sergeant Naomi Smith said. Police also went to a Quinns Rocks home where a car was

spotted leaving. A chase ensued and the car reportedly crashed shortly after on Ceduna Way in Quinns Rocks. The 40-year-old female driver of no fixed address and the passenger, a 27-year-old man from Ashby, were taken in for questioning and charged. The woman is facing charges including attempt to manufacture a prohibited drug, possession with intent to sell and supply, possession

of MDMA, dangerous driving to escape pursuit by police, and possession of drug paraphernalia. The man is charged with attempt to manufacture and possession of a prohibited drug.

the School Buzz page will offer schools, teachers, students and parents the opportunity to take a photo, write a story and email it for publishing in the Sun City News.

In early July, the Sun City News will commence a brand new fortnightly column School Buzz.

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School Buzz

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Local Dining & Entertainment Fire service volunteers thanked sessions whilst also assisting the social club with catering for functions.

To coincide with Volunteers Week, 131 fire volunteers from Quinns Rocks, Two Rocks, Wanneroo, Wanneroo Fire Support, City of Wanneroo Fire Brigade and FESA were honoured at a function.

Troy Cole, from the Quinns Rocks Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade, received an award for working his way through the ranks to become a Lieutenant.

Four excellence awards were presented to volunteers who had been nominated by their peers for outstanding commitment and dedication to their role as well as the special National Medal. The National Medal, awarded by the Federal Government for 15 years of service to the community was presented to Jeff Hord, Captain from Two Rocks Volunteer Fire Brigade. As a full time and then fire fighter with the Royal Australian Air Force, Jeff went on to be a volunteer fire fighter at Quinns Rocks Bush Fire Brigade in 2000, where he held senior positions as crew leader and Lieutenant. In 2006, the Two Rocks Bush Fire Brigade was formed and Jeff was the inaugural captain of this brigade where he has stayed ever since allowing the brigade to operate from his own property since its inception. Kye Carter, Lieutenant with Two Rocks Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade was presented an award to honour his being a

Thursday 30 May 2013 - Page 10 - Sun City News

As the Cadet Unit Coordinator for the past four years, Troy has been teaching cadets about fire fighting and volunteering. Mayor Tracey Roberts thanked all the volunteers for dedicating their time and risking their lives to help others. model leader. Kye is also the equipment officer, keeping the trucks in the condition required for quick responses to fires. Peter Cole, from the Wanneroo Fire Support Brigade, was honoured as a valuable Lieutenant at the brigade, always attending incidents and training and is now the daytime fire base, coordinating the daytime fire crews who respond to fires not only in our district, but surrounding suburbs. Rob Couzens, from the Wanneroo Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade, was given an awarded for being an important member of the brigade for over five years. He is a training officer and conducts excellent training

"Our volunteers not only attended fires during summer but this year has seen the members assist the SES at the severe storms that impacted the Rockingham and Mandurah areas during the winter months," she said. "All this whilst responding to over 150 fires in the City of Wanneroo itself, of which New Year's Eve was one of the busiest for the volunteers who attended six separate large fires on that night."

Everyone reads the


Local Dining & Entertainment The best of British on display

Last weekend’s British Car Day at Granville Park, Gingin, was another spectacular day drawing huge crowds on a magnificent autumn day. More photos online


Guilderton win dining award Branch - At the last moment Roma and Richard Prince were unable to attend, Roma had an accident as they were leaving to attend the function.

The Guilderton Country Club has won the prestigious ‘Best Small Club Casual Dining’ award at the recent Clubs WA award night held at Crown Perth in April.

Roma was the first to see the trophy when the group returned to Guilderton with the award.

As part of the assessment to win this award it was compulsory for the judges to have meals and to assess the dining and surrounds, inspect the club and prove that it was managed correctly to identify that they were worthy of a nomination.

Guilderton Country Club has held many fantastic functions over the past couple of years; with the golf club and bowling clubs trophy nights; weddings and birthdays.

Over 800 people attended the prestigious award presentation night.

has been congratulated by Local Government Community Services on their achievement.

Guilderton Country Club is a great location to wine and dine to celebrate that special occasion.

Guilderton Country Club was also a finalist in the Best Club Facilities and Best Club Manager.

Originally, eight members from Guilderton Country Club were to attend the function, Doss and Keith Littley; Chris and Gaye Keene, and Dot and John

The volunteer workers who keep the Guilderton Country Club going can be very proud of their achievements.

Since the awards announcement Guilderton Country Club

Scrapbookers have fun the Inn was a perfect fit for this Great Gatsby inspired weekend. Eighteen scrapbookers attended, some travelled from as far afield as Toodyay and Wongan Hills for the 11th annual get together.

The girls from ScrapAway, hosted by Scrapbook Central, once again arrived at the Old

Yanchep Inn for three days of scrapbooking and fun, and the theme this year was 1920’s –

Scrapbook Central runs regular cropping/scrapping days as well as this three day event, for more information on scrapbooking email or visit

Thursday 30 May 2013 - Page 11 - Sun City News

Letters to the editor Right on the money

Councillor responds

Sun City News editor, Terry Loftus, was on the money in declaring that Ray Penny's letter to the editor, ‘No Secrets’ as one of the best letters to the newspaper.

Although as reported, I would be ‘OK to be re-elected’. WOW of course I would; much better than OK.

Most people would know I've done my fair share of locking horns with the City of Wanneroo in the last four years over our community's battle to stop mining on Wanneroo Rd. I think all readers would do well to ask themselves this simple question though - Did you vote at the last local elections? Whilst we are always going to be dissatisfied with one thing or another, the sad fact is that only 24 per cent of us voted the last time we had an opportunity to have a say. I can hear what some of you are saying - Makes no difference anyway. Politicians don't listen. I beg to differ. It's the indifference at the voting box that can lead to lazy politicians. Quite simply, we get what we ask for. So, at the next election have your say. The Electoral Commission charges the City of Wanneroo more than $2 per elector to hold the election. So get your money's worth. Your rates are paying for this important democratic process. Sabine Winton, Nowergup.

It is a privilege and commitment I take very seriously; I have invested eight years in the city. Its great to face the challenges and successes of the issues before us, and to continue to do so. But, that fate is not in my hands. So it’s realistic to consider that I may not be re-elected to council.

Local News snippets Library information week Do libraries hold a special place in your heart? Do you have a great story attached to them? It's Library Information Week and you can share your story in a giant book. Visit any of the four libraries in the City of Wanneroo during this week for a chance to share your story.

OK not to be re-elected: that would come with much regret.

Wanneroo Mayor Tracey Roberts took the time to share her story, mentioning the feeling she gets in a library.

OK because life moves on, although I would continue to be involved and committed to the community.

"I enjoy the special atmosphere of welcome and serenity that surrounds me when I enter the Library."

Regret because of the history, the people, and involvement of many projects that are finally eventuating.

Sprinkler ban

Regret because I am currently finalising the Local Government diploma due to a statewide scholarship I won in recognition of my commitment to local government. Regret because I passionately represent the community and strive to retain our fantastic lifestyle that is rapidly allowing for many more families to have that experience. So, I am NOT really “OK” if I am not supported to represent our local community, but realistic, and ever optimistic. Laura Gray, Two Rocks.

Load up the mulch Householders across Perth and the South-West are being reminded to turn off their reticulation systems to save billions of litres of water during winter. Minister for Water, Terry Redman, urged residents to turn off automatic sprinkler systems on Saturday 1 June, when the winter sprinkler ban comes into effect. Mr Redman said the winter sprinkler bans were an important water conservation measure, which last year saved about 4.3 billion litres of scheme water in three months. The winter sprinkler ban in place from June 1 to August 31, this year, and applies to users of scheme water and garden bores.

Thursday 30 May 2013 - Page 12 - Sun City News

Load up your trailer and help reduce water consumption with discounted mulch until Sunday, 30 June thanks to the City of Wanneroo. The City has a mountain of mulch for sale at the Greens Recycling Facility at a reduced cost of $15 for a 6x4 trailer, approximately one cubic metre. Bring your own trailer and take a load of mulch home for your garden this weekend. Mulch can be applied as a top dressing in the garden to reduce water loss through evaporation, it suppress weeds, increases aesthetic value and prevents soil erosion. Mulch also insulates plant roots from extreme temperatures and

adds organic matter to the soil, which acts like a sponge to hold in water. We can all help to reduce water consumption by mulching our gardens. The City of Wanneroo Greens Recycling Facility is located at 70 Motivation Drive, Wangara; and is open weekends and public holidays from 8.00am to 4.45pm.

Winners Three pros shared top spot with a scorching four-under-par score of 65 – Melville Glades Golf Club member, Matt Jager; Victorian Mitchell A Brown from and South Australian Andrew Evans in the Yanchep Golf Estate Sun City Pro-Am. A single shot separated the seven leading players with four sharing second place on 66.

Today’s women

Health, Beauty & Wellbeing

Today’s women

Get back to your best and Two Rocks residents. One in eleven of us can be expected to have back problems this year. This means one of the most powerful preventative health steps you can take is to improve your postural fitness. That's the message the Chiropractors' Association of Australia (CAA) was promoting during the recent ‘Get Back to Your Best Spinal Health Week’. Back pain is a common ailment for many Yanchep

Local chiropractor, Dr Alex Siegwart, has called on Sun City News readers to take up

the challenge of improving their postural fitness. "Postural fitness helps you lead an optimal healthy lifestyle; reduce muscle fatigue and improve your postural endurance," Dr Siegwart said. "Postural fitness means optimal spinal alignment. It gives you greater strength and endurance, better co-ordination and balance," he said. To take control, you need to think and walk tall and pick an exercise plan that will strengthen your core muscles.

Dr Siegwart suggests exercises such as swimming, yoga and pilates as good choices to strengthen your core. But he also says we need to pay attention to how we are sitting and how long we are sitting. The CAA also has a free Sit Right widget, which can be downloaded to your desktop to help prompt you to take regular breaks. The website is packed full of great postural information and tips for a better posture. Visit

Time to make-up Just like most things in the kitchen cupboard, makeup products have use by dates as well.

and conditioner 36 months; sunscreen have an exact expiry date on the pack. You can purchase beauty trays to keep your make-up in and depending on what you want it to hold, will dictate the price you pay.

Most women have stashed away in a basket under the bathroom basin every mascara, eye shadow or eye liner they have ever purchased.

The trays have different compartments for holding lipsticks, make-up brushes, cotton buds, etc. and will sit on your hand basin within easy reach.

You go looking for your favourite item only to find that it’s either dried up or powder. So what do we do, we throw it back in the basket and keep rummaging. Well it is time to stop throwing it back in the basket and toss it out. That certain eye shadow or blush, may have been your favourite two years ago, but

fashion and colours change and it is no longer ‘your style’ or you haven’t used it in ages, so why keep it? For your information the use by date for most cosmetics are as follows: perfume 24 months; mascara four to six

months; eye shadow/blush 18 to 24 months; lipstick/lip gloss 12 months; foundation six months; powders 12 months; eye and lip pencils 12 months; cleansers and moisturisers six months; lotions 12 to 18 months; nail polish 12 months; shampoo

Next issue Don’t miss our ‘Household Cleaning Tips’ to help you around the home.

Appointments call Donna on

9561 6336 or 0403 768 933 4 Foreshore Vista,Yanchep CLOTHING BOUTIQUE ‘UK Branded Affordable Quality’ Ph: Email:

(08) 9561 5183

Location: YANCHEP

Book Review The Sun City News crew are all keen book readers, today you can read your favourite book on an iPad, hardcover or softback - Here is our selection this week. QF32

On 4 November 2010, a flight from Singapore to Sydney came within a knife edge of being one of the world's worst air disasters. Shortly after leaving Changi Airport, an explosion shattered Engine 2 of Qantas flight QF32 – An Airbus A380, the largest and most advanced passenger plane ever built. Hundreds of pieces of shrapnel ripped through the wing and fuselage, creating chaos as vital flight systems and back-ups were destroyed or degraded. In other hands, the plane might have been lost with all 469 people on board, but a

supremely experienced flight crew, led by Captain Richard Champion de Crespigny, managed to land the crippled aircraft and safely disembark the passengers after hours of nerve-racking effort. Tracing Richard's life and career up until that fateful flight, QF32 shows exactly what goes into the making of a top-level airline pilot, and the extraordinary skills and training needed to keep us safe in the air. Fascinating in its detail and vividly compelling in its narrative, QF32 is the riveting, blow-by-blow story of just what happens when things go badly wrong in the air, told by the captain himself.

About the Author Melbourne born and educated Richard De Crespigny got his first taste of a future flying career as a fourteen year old when his father took his on a tour of the RAAD Academy at Point Cook in Victoria. In 1975, aged seventeen, he joined the RAAF. One year later, he started flying. During his eleven years with the RAAF, he was seconded as Aide-deCamp to two Australian Governors-General – Sir Zelman Cowen and Sir Ninian

Stephen. Richard remained with the RAAF until 1986 when he joined Qantas.

Winner QF32 was voted the ‘NonFiction Book of the Year – 2013’ at the Australian Book Industry Association Awards held in Sydney, last week. Similar to the Academy Awards for the film industry, the ABIA Awards recognises publishers, authors and book stores. Over 300 guests attended the gala evening that was opened by Australia’s Attorney-General, Mark Dreyfus and timed to coincide with the Sydney Writers’ Festival. Richard de Crespigny congratulated all authors whose works were presented for awards: “QF32 was never a story about me, but a story about teamwork – A case study where the pilots, cabin crew and hundreds of ground crews pooled their knowledge, training, experience working in teams to help us survive the event that we had never trained for nor expected.”

Everyone reads the


Thursday 30 May 2013 - Page 13 - Sun City News

New tenancy laws in WA make renting fairer

Around 26 per cent of Western Australians rent their home representing around 200,000 dwellings throughout the state. The rights and obligations of both owners and tenants are governed by the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) which was established in 1986. However, the RTA has now been overhauled and the changes will take effect from 1 July this year. The new laws are designed to make renting fairer for Western Australian tenants, while also protecting the interests of property owners. Minister for Commerce, Michael Mischin, said the changes were important in today’s rental market. Mr Mischin said the laws would strengthen the rights of tenants and property owners to make the

property rental market in WA fairer and more accessible. The Minister said the new laws delivered standard tenancy agreements, which included minimum levels of security for rental properties. The laws also covered security bonds, property condition reports as well as tenancy databases, and would also put a limit on option fees for prospective tenants. “Limiting most option fees for rental applications to either $50 or $100 will greatly reduce the upfront costs to people trying to secure rental properties during the current tight market, and the fees must be refunded within seven days if an applicant is unsuccessful,” Mr Mischin said. “Also, tenants won’t be forced to pay more than a fortnight’s rent in

advance, which will help ease the financial pressures of renting a home in WA.

market that balances the rights and interests of both tenants and property owners.”

“Making property condition reports compulsory at the beginning and the end of each tenancy will help reduce disputes over the return of bond money, which is the subject of numerous complaints to Consumer Protection.

There are hundreds of changes. Most are administrative but some of the changes likely to be of keen interest to people are in relation to Option Fees, Property Condition Reports, emergency repairs, minimum security standards and tenant databases.

“All new tenant security bonds will need to be deposited with the Bond Administrator at the Department of Commerce, which will release bond money according to disposal arrangements agreed to between the property owner and tenant, or according to a ruling by a Magistrates Court. Existing bonds will need to be transferred upon renewal of the tenancy agreement. “A standard tenancy agreement is now available and rental properties will need to have minimum levels of window and door security to ensure the safety of the tenant. “Tenancy databases - which are sometimes used to check a tenant’s history and assist owners in assessing applications - will be more transparent, with tenants given access to their information and a process to challenge inaccurate or outdated information. “These changes were the result of extensive consultation with stakeholders and the community and will create a fairer rental

Thursday 30 May 2013 - Page 14 - Sun City News

The Option Fee will change from one week’s rent to just $50 for most applicants. If the rental is between $500 and $1,200 per week, the Option Fee is $100. If a property rents for $1,200 per week or more then the Option Fee is capped at $1,200. However, this does not apply in Carnarvon and further north beyond the 26th parallel, where the Option Fee is capped at no more than $50 or $100 dollars in recognition of the high cost of living in the northwest. If the applicant for a rental property is successful the fee goes towards their rent. If unsuccessful the fee is returned. The owner will only keep the fee if an applicant is successful but then declines the property. Property Condition Reports must now be prepared at the start and end of leases to minimise disputes. Property Managers already do this with rentals listed professionally though an agency. However, around 40 per cent of rentals are managed privately by the owners and it’s often here that disputes arise.

Emergency repairs can now be undertaken by the tenant where the owner does not take action within 24 hours. This might include, for example, a blocked toilet where the tenant can arrange for a plumber and then forward the billto the owner if they have not responded to the tenant’s emergency request within 24 hours. Minimum security standards for doors and windows will now apply and databases of tenants must soon be nationally consistent and able to be checked and corrected by tenants where information about them may be wrong or misleading. All these changes and many more come into effect in just a few weeks, so it’s important for property owners and tenants to understand their rights and obligations under the new Act and its regulations. For more information people are advised to check the website for the Department of Commerce or by phoning 1300 30 40 54.

Everyone reads the

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Owner financially stressed The current owners have found themselves in an unfortunate situation and are desperately seeking relief - Whether you are a first home buyer, an investor or just a keen bargain hunter looking for that perfect family home, now’s the time to capitalise on the current misfortunes.

Purely a seaside experience This unique piece of land in the Ocean Lagoon Estate is a big 700 square metres block with permanent ocean view, surrounded by quality built homes. Just metres to the beach, shops, school and parklands, ready to build.

On offer is a spacious, well appointed four bedroom plus study home with all the comforts.

For more details about this block contact Kelli Royston-ing from John Bloomfield Real Estate on 0414 846 861. Asking: price: $359,000 to $369,000.

Would you like your property featured in the Sun City News - Call Terry on 9561 2500 or 0414 425 858 for details

Designed and built with quality in mind, as you walk through this home you will be impressed from start to finish. Features include: Master bedroom with walk though

Thursday 30 May 2013 - Page 15 - Sun City News

robe; ensuite includes double vanity, large shower and separate bath; open plan living with stunning timber floorboards; chef’s kitchen with breakfast bar and huge pantry; separate living area for home theatre or kids activity room; ducted reverse cycle air conditioning throughout; bedrooms two, three and four have double built in robes; plus under cover patio area with timber decking.

from Martin Dickhart and Associates Real Estate on 0417 903 838, or call into their Two Rocks office.

This home is a ‘Set Date Sale’ – All offers will be presented by Monday 10 June unless sold prior.

Part auction, part tender, sale by set date is touted as offering vendors many of the benefits of an auction but in a format more typical of sale by private treaty.

To inspect this amazing property call Adam Fields

The recent property market has boosted the popularity of Sale Set Date. So you want to sell but are unsure about whether to auction or sell by private treaty? While auctions remain popular, a new form of property sales is offering vendors a third option: sale by set date.

Crossword & Diary COMMUNITY DIARY Saturday 1 June Open day at Capricorn Community House. 10am to 3pm. Check out the upcoming ‘Creative Saturday’ workshops.

Monday 3 June Yanchep Two Rocks Recreation Association monthly meeting, 7.30pm at Phil Renkin Centre, Two Rocks. All members welcome.

Saturday 8 June Quiz Night at Woodridge Hall. All funds raised go to Gingin District High School. Heaps of games, prizes and fun. Call Sue on 0417 978 281 for tickets.

Thursday 13 June Yanchep and Districts Country Women’s Association monthly meeting. 9.30am at Phil Renkin Centre, Two Rocks. Visitors welcome.

Saturday 15 June Pirates & Wenches at Endeavour Tavern, Lancelin.

Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 June Gingin Ladies Dart Carnival, fund raising for St John Ambulance.

Tuesday 18 June Shire of Gingin council meeting, 3.00pm.

Tuesday 18 June City of Wanneroo briefing meeting, 6.00pm

Friday 21 June Purple Bra Day, WA’s biggest fundraiser for Breast Cancer Care WA.

Tuesday 25 June City of Wanneroo council meeting, 7.00pm.

Get your activity or meeting listed To promote your club, group or organisations, next meeting or activity - Email your information to

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OPEN DAY Capricorn Community House Saturday 1 June 10.00am - 3.00pm Check out what will be happening over the winter months. Bring the family and get creative. n Impasto n Encaustic

n Sandshoe painting

n Drawing

n Writing

n Polymer clay

n Animation

n Scrap booking

n Relief wood cut

Capricorn Community House 73 Lindsay Beach Blvd, Yanchep

DEADLINE for NEXT ISSUE All Community Diary, Sports Results and photos are required by 12noon, Monday 10 June

Crossword Answers Across: 1 Appal 6 Masticate 13 Mason 18 Martini 19 Aural 20 Dietary 21 Brood 22 Lumbering 25 Nobel 26 Loom 27 Melba 28 Vault 30 Pogo 31 Elf 32 Liana 33 Misread 35 Tan 36 Mulga 38 Syrup 40 Debacle 42 Smog 44 Oregon 47 Iris 48 Depp 50 State 51 Award 53 Hacienda 54 Baron 56 Rosy 57 Saturn 58 Collide 60 Care 61 Enzo 63 Setback 66 Croaky 67 Slum 70 Knoll 71 Fluorine 72 Flora 73 Lilac 75 Lady 76 Blab 77 Wilson 80 Lens 81 Quavery 83 Sudan 85 Purse 86 Cab 88 Service 90 Slink 91 Asp 93 Ages 95 Scone 96 Stunt 97 Plea 98 Pilot 100 Hypnotist 102 Salty 103 Enlarge 104 Usual 105 Educate 106 Reeky 107 Deterrent 108 Ether.

Down: 1 Amble 2 Parolee 3 Proof 4 Atom 5 Lid 6 Mileage 7 Samba 8 Tuba 9 Ire 10 Carving 11 Alias 12 Edgley 13 Men 14 Atop 15 Sabot 16 Oregano 17 Nylon 23 Ulna 24 Nurse 27 Mills 29 Tarot 32 Lucid 34 Durable 36 Marry 37 Umpire 39 Petal 40 Dear 41Bias 42 Securely 43 Open 45 Geri 46 Nine 48 Data 49 Adenoids 52 Women 53 Hack 55 Odour 58 Coke 59 Callous 61 Errant 62 Zany 63 Skew 64 Toll 65 Bliss 66 Cole 67 Slave 68 Lobe 69 Mary 72 Flask 74 Andes 76 Burnt 78 Imagine 79 Envoy 80 License 81 Quintet 82 Rosette 84 Arched 85 Plus 86 Caper 87 Belle 89 Input 90 Stile 91 Allah 92 Payer 94 Soak 96 Star 97 Pact 99 Try 101 Our 102 Sue.

SPORTS RESULTS GOLF Guilderton Sat 11 May - S/ford: C Meharry 41, L Johnson ocb P Rouse & B Johnson 36. NTP: B Hicks 3rd; C Meharry 13th; P Rouse 17th. Best 2nd shot: I Street 5th. Best 3rd shot: P Rouse 15th. Longest putt: J Bresland 18th. Wed 15 May - S/ford: R Wheeler 16, L Meharry 15. NTP: L Meharry 12th, B Hardeman 13th & 17th. Best 2nd shot: J Bresland 18th. Longest putt: R Prince 10th. Sat 18 May - PAR: R Prince ocb B Watson 5up, R Wheeler B Carter & G Robson Sq. NTP: B Wegner 4th, R Prince 17th. Best 2nd shot: B Carter 15th. Longest putt: J Bresland 11th. Sun 19 May - Ambrose: A Strickland / J Morton 59, P Rouse / R Prince 62, C & L Meharry 62. NTP: G Boshammer 3rd, B Peters 4th, G Skolund 17th. Wed 22 May - S/ford: C Meharry ocb R Wheeler 20.

NTP: R Prince 3rd, D Roxburgh 4th, B Wegner 8th. Best 3rd shot: D Roxburgh 1st. Longest putt: B Hardeman 1st.

SCCC Ladies Tues 14 May - C/ship Foursomes Rd 1: S Coetzee, N Ford 71; S Morris, M Crow 74.5. Gross: M Wetherly, L Symons. Tues 21 May - S/ford: L Symons 34, D Shaw 33, C Meharry ocb S Comber, H Pullinger, J Peterson, M Wetherly, L NewhouseMaiden & I Street 32.

DARTS - YANCHEP Tues 30 April - Neptunes 6 def Kruizers 5. Highest peg: M. Sorensen 65. Highest score: S. Billing 120. Coasters 8 def Saints 3. Highest peg: L. Twyford 69. Highest Score: R. Leslie 138. Tues 7 May - Neptunes 9 def Saints 2. Highest peg: H. Billing 47. Highest score: H. Billing 111. Coasters 8 def Kruizers 3. Highest peg: L. Twyford 118. Highest score: B. Allen 135.

Thursday 30 May 2013 - Page 16 - Sun City News

It was the ‘Belt Up’ round in the CMCFL at the weekend with Cervantes travelled to Lancelin. Cervantes Tigersharks defeated the Pirates 18.15 (123) to 10.9 (69). Both teams posed for this pic prior to the game - Cervantes captain, Tyson Lord and Pirates captain, Luke Innes and both umpires. Photo: Courtesy of Kym Illman. Tues 14 May - Kruizers 6 def Saints 5. Highest peg: L. Johnson 52. Highest score: L. Johnson and G. Tavani 140. Coasters 8 def Neptunes 3. Highest peg: M. Sorensen 105. Highest score: S. Morris 136.

McAngus, J Mac. Goals: McAngus 2, Lulu 1, Brad 1, Fin 1, T Mac 1, Elle 1, Gremmy 1. Sun 26 May - Yanchep 10.17 (77) def Koongamia 8.6 (54). Yanchep best: Fin, Elle, Lulu, Sydly, Sammy. Goals: Fin 5, Danos 2, Lulu 1, Elle 1, Sydly 1.

FOOTBALL Sun 19 May - Warwick/ Greenwood 16.10 (106) def Yanchep 8.5 (53). Yanchep best: Lulu, G Love, Ricci,

Email your sports score to



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Wash & tidy up $25

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Call Fiona on

0434 283 612

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Thursday 30 May 2013 - Page 18 - Sun City News



Tr a d e s S e r v i c e s If you’ve got a problem, we’ve got a tradie to fix it! Tiling Services

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Letterbox distributor The Sun City News has a vacancy for the letterbox distributor in the Shorehaven area. Good conditions, good remuneration and regular work. Call 9561 2500 for full details.

Prime crossbred lambs in good condition for eating. 9655 3012. -------------------------------Daewoo Lanos X 2000 model. Reg Aug 13, good cond. $2300. 0412 691 844. -------------------------------Moving sale - Household items and other goods. 9561 5652 for more info. -------------------------------CLASSIFIEDS 9561 2500 --------------------------------

Yanchep Two Rocks Community Bus needs a bus driver for the local Friday run. If you can help out please contact Julie on 9561 1538.

EMPLOYMENT PODIATRIST REQUIRED Coastal Family Wellness Two Rocks requires a podiatrist either 1 day per week or fortnight. Need to have drill and access to autoclave. Contract position must be reliable and looking for a long term position. Apply via phone 9561 2686 or email

SECRETARY REQUIRED Coastal Family Wellness Two Rocks requires a Happy and bubbly Secretary, one or 2 days per week.

WANTED 4 drawer metal filing cabinet. must be in good condition, willing to pay fair price. 0414 425 858. --------------------------------

Prior experience and neat and tidy appearance is a must. Bookkeeping and marketing backgrounds are also positives. Must be reliable and looking for a long term position. Apply via email

COMMUNITY NOTICE To the person who stole my trailer, please return before you are found out, you know my address, you stole it from there. Cheats don’t prosper, your day will come. From some one who worked hard to purchase the trailer, not like the coward that stole it.

COMMUNITY NOTICE Yanchep Two Rocks Arts and Crafts Workshop would like to thank everyone who came to our Morning Tea for the Cancer Foundation. We had a great morning and raised over $1000. We could not have done it without your help. Thank you to the ladies of Woodridge Arts and Craft for your support, also to all the businesses who donated gifts for our raffles.

Yanchep Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service NOTICE OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING The Annual General Meeting of the Yanchep Volunteer Fire & Rescue Brigade will be held on MONDAY 8 JULY, 2013 at the Yanchep Fire Station starting at 18:30 hours.

Thursday 30 May 2013 - Page 19 - Sun City News

DEADLINE FOR NEXT ISSUE The next issue of the Sun City News will be published on Thursday 13 June, 2013. All ad material must be received by 12noon, Saturday 8 June, 2013.

COMMUNITY NOTICE Lower Coastal Neighbourhood Watch The last Neighbourhood Watch meeting was held at the Nerragabby hall on Monday 13th May. Most interesting meeting with many reports from all areas - need to be VERY AWARE of your property as the crime is not good in certain areas of the lower coastal. As the quieter times in holiday areas are to come, make sure you lock up, keep your eyes open for strange people around. As there are lots of no gooders out there. The guest speaker at the meeting gave an excellent talk on internet crime and scanning. We were very fortunate to hear about the scams, etc, that are happening. Thanks to the co-ordinator of community engagement drive of the WA Police to allow this talk. There is a new program being launched throughout West Australia very shortly called Ewatch. Further information will be next month’s newsletter. The next Neighbourhood watch meeting will be held at the Redfield Park Hall on Monday 12 August. Supper always supplied, keep this date in your diary. For any problems, just call the police they need your help to try and prevent these crimes the Lancelin Police number is 9650 1100. THANK YOU After ten and a half years, I sold my business, Ocean View Snacks. I would like to thank you for your support over the years. Carol & Peter.

New Worship Group at Gingin Uniting Church Gingin Uniting Church and St Luke’s Anglican Church will shortly be starting a new group called ‘Messy Church’. This will be held every two months on a Tuesday afternoon, commencing on Tuesday 18 June from 3.30 pm to 5.45 pm. It is an opportunity for both parents and children and anyone interested to get together with lots of fun activities based on a biblical theme, a short worship time followed by sharing a meal together. There will be no charge. For more information please contact Marian Crew on 9575 1357 or Sharon Martin on 9655 7057. We would love to have you come.

Thursday 30 May 2013 - Page 20 - Sun City News

Sun City News - 30 may 2013  

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