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April 2013 s Volume 13 s Number 12

ORDER Pick, Pack and Ship Your Way To Customer Satisfaction



Starting a Business with Drop Shipping PAGE 18


Grow with Google Product Listings PAGE 10

eCommerce to Reach $370 Billion by 2017 PAGE 16


Over 978,500 Products Online!

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April 2013

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CONTENTS April 2013 • Volume 13 • Number 12




Order Fulfillment Pick, Pack and Ship Your Way to Customer Satisfaction.



Guide to Product Listing Ads Detailed promotions reach more shoppers across Google.

Start a Business with Drop Shipping What you need to know to use this strategy successfully.

CU URRENTS 16 | U.S. eCommerce Sales To Hit $370B by 2017



28 | Keep Bugs at Bay

30 | Supplier Preview

42 | Sales Sizzle with Cooling Towel 46 | Easy Fill and Tie Water Balloons

40 | Editor’s Hot Product Picks 44 | Listings 48 | Tradeshow Calendar


April 2013

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April 2013

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Guide to Product Listing Ads OOGLE Product Listing Ads are a type of advertising that follows the pay-per-click (PPC) model. This kind of promotion, however, presents a greater opportunity than a typical text-only ad, which was long the cornerstone of PPC advertising. With Product Listing Ads, businesses can include rich product details, including merchant name, product images, product name, price and message (i.e., fast, free shipping on all purchases). The promotional messaging is the only text over which the advertiser has control. Under the right circumstances, sellers that take advantage of Product Listing Ads achieve greater visibility across the Google Shopping network as well as within the standard Google Search results. To utilize Product Listing Ads, an advertiser must have a Google Merchant Center account and tie it to his or her AdWords account. This is done from within the Merchant Center and can be found by going to Settings > AdWords from the menu navigation (shown below).

by Eric Leuenberger

Advertisers do not need to add any additional keywords or ad text to a Product Listing Ad campaign, as Google will automatically show the most relevant products in its results upon a user search query. Relevancy is determined by several factors, including product information that is fed to Google through the Merchant Center, and can take into consideration such factors as product description and name.

Product Listing Ads integrated into standard search results have been shown to achieve higher click-through rates as well as good conversion rates. This is, in part, because an image makes an ad stand out from other

Continued On 12  10

April 2013

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 10 Guide to Product Listing Ads

items on the page. In addition, links that are generated for each listing included in the merchant’s product feed to Google go directly to the product page itself, creating the ideal landing page.

To optimize Product Listing Ads, advertisers should create a dedicated campaign group. This enables them to control budgeting and also provides options that are not available with other campaign structures. In addition to developing a separate campaign, there are a few more things that should be kept in mind to ensure your Product Listing Ads stay active in the search listings. First and foremost, merchants must resubmit an updated product feed each month to Google. Feeds expire within 30 days and typically merchants should resubmit feeds at day 28. If a feed expires, the products will be removed from the product listings, and it will take time for them to be reactivated. To avoid this, merchants can set up Google to automatically fetch the feed at a given time each month. Be sure the feed is a new one that has been generated recently or Google will pull the prior feed expiration date. Furthermore, merchants must ensure that a proper UPC code is present for each product. Although feeds may be accepted initially without the UPC codes, the products in them can be removed from the listings if information is missing.

Two other elements that must be present for a feed to be accepted and pass all validation requirements are the retailer’s tax and shipping information. Retailers can submit tax and shipping information on a per product basis within the feed itself, or they can set a storewide policy for tax and shipping from within their Google Merchant Center account. The latter is easier and more practical for stores that have a blanket tax and shipping setup. Setup from within the Merchant Center account can be found by going to Settings > Tax and Shipping from the left navigation bar (shown below).

Product Listing Ads have quickly become an excellent means of advertising for merchants. The benefits include: • More traffic and leads. Businesses using Product Listing Ads report significantly higher click through rates (CTR) when compared to standard text ads shown in the same location for Google Shopping searches. Some advertisers have even reported double or triple click through rates when compared to traditional ads. • More qualified traffic. The inclusion of more product oriented information in ads (i.e., image and price) helps shoppers who see the ad make more informed buying decisions earlier in the purchase

Continued On 14  12

April 2013

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 12 Guide to Product Listing Ads

process. The result is less click waste and greater likelihood for shoppers who do click to complete a purchase.

appear alongside these listings. More coverage across the search page landscape increases the chances of winning the click.

• Easy management. Unlike traditional PPC advertising that involves keyword research and careful monthly management, Product Listing Ads are mostly automated once the campaign is setup. Rather than using keywords to determine what ads to show, Google matches the search query entered with the most relevant products listed in the Merchant Center feed. Management is primarily limited to making sure the feed stays up-to-date on a monthly basis.

The ever changing landscape of search, along with recent additions by Google of enhanced search campaigns, will no doubt continue to evolve this form of advertising, and it is exciting to see what the future holds. One thing is certain—advertisers who take advantage of Product Listing Ads now often get excellent results from their efforts with little management required, a welcome relief for many merchants.

• Broader reach. It is possible with Product Listing Ads for multiple items from one merchant to show up in the search results at the same time. In addition, it is possible for a regular text ad to

Eric Leuenberger is an ecommerce expert, founder of Ecommerce Amplifier and owner of Voom Ventures, LLC, whose products and services help storeowners and operators increase traffic, maximize ROI, decrease expenses and increase revenue. Leuenberger can be contacted at or 866-602-2673.

Find other great ideas for running your business at:–news


April 2013

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U.S. eCommerce Sales to Hit $370B by 2017 DRIVEN BY the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, ecommerce sales in the U.S. are expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of ten percent in the next five years, according to a new report, “U.S. Online Retail Forecast, 2012 To 2017,� from Forrester Research. Forrester predicts U.S. online retail sales will reach $262 billion in 2013, representing a 13.4 percent year-over-year growth from $231 billion last year, and will reach $370 billion by 2017. Additionally, ecommerce is expected to generate eight percent of retail sales in the U.S. this year, and the growth is not coming from newbies, according to Forrester. The company expects only four million people to shop online for the first time in 2013. Growth, instead, will come from existing web shoppers spending more of their time and money online, and spending it on a variety of goods. Forrester notes that online loyalty programs such as Amazon Prime and ShopRunner are one driver, but the wider driver is that web shoppers are becoming more comfortable buying high-touch, high-consideration goods like furniture and appliances online. Forrester notes that online retail will continue to outpace the growth of physical retail stores in the U.S. Furthermore, Forrester has found that the rise of smartphones and tablets is boosting the amount of time consumers spend online and generating more buying opportunities. The new report states that consumers are more likely to use their phones to research a purchase and to find the best price for a given item. Phones are

not the lone driver of retail web traffic, Forrester shares, as virtually all retailers report that traffic to their sites from tablets spikes during evening prime-time hours, when consumers are in a leisure state of mind. In addition, Forrester notes that traditional retailers have invested heavily in their web divisions, by offering hybrid online/offline capabilities such as in-store pickup for online purchases, which it says is also helping to grow ecommerce. The report states that ecommerce is helping to boost the U.S. jobs market, with Forrester and estimating that ecommerce companies in the U.S. currently employ more than 400,000 individuals, and this is projected to reach 500,000+ by 2017.

Growth will come from existing web shoppers spending more of their time and money online, and spending it on a variety of goods.

Find other great ideas for running your business at:–news 16

April 2013

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Start a Business with Drop Shipping

By Mike Auger, president and CEO of Pinnacle Cart

THE IDEA of selling products without having to first buy them and then hold the inventory in a warehouse is attractive to some business owners because it can be a cost-effective way to start selling online. Business logic tells us that the easier it is to start a small business, the more competitors will be in the industry. Drop shipping is no exception, and competition will only grow with the rapid expansion in ecommerce overall. Therefore, there are several elements to consider when deciding if drop shipping is right for you. First, drop shipping enables retailers to sell a broad array of products. With this endless amount of choice, it is essential that you select products that you are passionate about. If, for example, you are a fly fisherman, seek out a drop shipper who carries products for that industry. Not only will your knowledge about the industry come in handy, the community you spend time with pursuing your hobby is a great customer base. Sometimes though, selling what you love does not square up with business success. For example, many entrepreneurs would not touch the electronics category. It is over-saturated and riddled with big box players who operate on razor thin margins in hopes they will get consumers to buy in other categories where they can make better profits. If you fall into this category, you need to explore your micro niche, which is simply providing a very specific product within an industry. It is one thing to operate in a small area of the market, but taking it to a micro level is where most people are creat-

ing sustainable businesses. Once you find your niche, you will need to find suppliers. Much like any vendor you would do business with, you have to do a significant amount of vetting above and beyond any other aspect of your business. Imagine creating a viable business and 18 months later learning your supplier has filed bankruptcy. Your business would be over unless you found another partner quickly. Perform due diligence and review your drop shipper at least once a year. If you see red flags, you must address and resolve the issues or find a new partner.

Drop shipping enables retailers to sell a broad array of products.

Here are a few other areas to consider: • COST: Expect a $1 to $5 charge for each product sold. • MARGINS: The more micro niche you go, the less competition and therefore better margins. • SHIPPING: You are saving money by having suppliers ship your products, but there may be a mark-up in shipping of which you should be aware. • TIMING: Know the expected time for each product to ship. • PACKAGING: Determine if packaging will carry your company brand.

Continued On 20  18

April 2013

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 18 Start a Business with Drop Shipping

• PHOTOGRAPHY: Find out whether or not you have rights to use the supplier’s imaging. Pictures sell the product, so consider the additional expense if the drop shipper has bad product images or you cannot use them.

business. Although the barrier to entry is substantially lower with drop shipping, it is no less difficult to manage your business and stay competitive. There is much to consider when starting a drop shipping business and, as opportunities in ecommerce continue to grow, it is a viable business choice for many online sellers.

• DISTRIBUTION: Where are you selling the products? eBay is an obvious choice, but there are several other options as well.

Mike Auger is president and CEO of Pinnacle Cart, a hosted shopping cart and ecommerce software application that allows you to create, manage and effectively market your business.

To be successful, it is critical that you commit to your

Find other great ideas for running your business at:–news

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UÊ >ÅÊ,i}ˆÃÌiÀÊ-ÞÃÌi“ UÊÎʏ«…>ɘՓiÀˆVÊ >VŽ‡ˆÌÊ ˆÃ«>ÞÊ UÊ-œvÌÜ>ÀiÊ >«>LˆˆÌÞ°Ê-V>˜˜ˆ˜}ÊÊ Ê EÊ*VÊ œ““Õ˜ˆV>̈œ˜ÃÊÀiÊÛ>ˆ>Li UʘÌi}À>Ìi`Ê iVÌÀœ˜ˆVÊ*>ޓi˜ÌÊÊ Ê ­ Ài`ˆÌÉ`iLˆÌÉ}ˆvÌÊ >À`®°Ê


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April 2013

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Fulfillment Pick, Pack and Ship Your Way to Customer Satisfaction

By Carol Smith, director of Business Development, Fifth Gear

where customer loyalty is increasingly rare and customer expectations are higher than ever, merchants should be constantly searching for ways to improve the way they do business. For a retailer or wholesaler who sells online, the struggle to provide excellent value and an ideal customer experience without a physical presence can be difficult. The key to a successful ecommerce channel ultimately hinges on one important area—the warehouse. Your order fulfillment operations should deliver the right product to the right person at the right time, and there are several options when it comes to running your company’s back-end processes. The three most popular strategies for handling pick, pack and ship operations today are in-house, drop ship and outsourced order fulfillment. Continued On 24 

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 22 Order Fulfillment

In-house Fulfillment With an in-house fulfillment strategy, the online seller owns and maintains its own warehouse facility, hires, trains and manages the labor force for that facility, and performs all day-to-day operational activities, including receiving inbound freight, tracking inventory levels and processing customer returns. This approach provides retailers with complete visibility as to how operations are running, as well as total control over every aspect of their fulfillment process. This strategy works especially well for sellers with complicated products, such as those requiring extensive assembly, or with very specific storage and handling conditions. The ability to control operations is a comfort to many merchants, but having complete responsibility also comes with drawbacks and risks. A commitment to an in-house fulfillment model means that the retailer maintains every step of the fulfillment process. When an online seller is considering keeping, or bringing, its fulfillment operations under its own roof, several questions should be addressed: • Can I manage the time, effort and costs associated with upkeeping and staffing my own facility, as well as expanding or updating that facility as my business grows? • Do I have the labor pool available to scale my staff during peak times? • Most importantly, can I effectively handle the day-to-day demands of my company’s back-end operations while still putting enough focus on other areas to continue growing my business?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, it is unlikely that an in-house fulfi llment strategy will benefit your business and it might, in fact, harm your company instead. Although in-house fulfillment is still a common operational strategy, retailers and wholesalers have become increasingly more comfortable with trusting their fulfillment processes to companies who have the knowledge and experience to ensure success.

Drop Ship Fulfillment The drop ship model is relatively simple. The online seller takes the customer’s order on its site, processes the order and then sends the information to a third party, typically either the product’s original manufacturer or a wholesale partner, to pick, pack and ship the order. The order goes directly from the seller’s vendor to the consumer without the seller ever seeing or touching it. One of the key benefits to drop shipping is that it creates very little need for a fulfillment strategy because every order shipped as well as each return processed is taken care of by the vendor who supplied the product. For this reason, drop shipping is an ideal strategy for small online sellers who do not have the physical or capital resources to maintain their own facilities and whose order volumes and SKU counts are not large enough to warrant financial investment in an outsourced fulfillment partner. Some online retailers actually use drop shipping as a complementary option to their in-house or outsourced fulfillment strategy. They can continue to offer additional SKUs that may be slow moving, bulky or expensive to ship and store without having to stock the physical products in their warehouses. Drop shipping does not come without a few potential pitfalls, however. When a seller chooses this model, he turns complete control of each order over to Continued On 26 


April 2013

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 24 Order Fulfillment

the supplier. This means that everything from order accuracy to product condition and shipping speed, some of the most frequent topics of customer complaints, is out of the seller’s control. Additionally, because drop shipping agreements are typically based on a pertransaction fee or a percentage of the order total, this can quickly become a costly strategy for online sellers with tight margins.

Outsourced Fulfillment An outsourced fulfillment vendor manages all aspects of the seller’s back-end operations, including receiving inbound product, stocking and replenishing inventory, hiring and training staff, managing labor, shipping orders, and processing returns. In many cases, a fulfillment provider also handles the seller’s customer service inquiries within its own contact center. With this model, there is no outlay of capital for new warehouses, no cross-country searches to hire top operations talent, and no extensive training and investment in technology for the seller. Some fulfillment companies offer a seller additional value-add services, such as embroidery or engraving, which would require significant investment in infrastructure and expertise to implement in-house. With the day-to-day operations handled by a trusted industry expert, business owners are able to concentrate on marketing and merchandising strategies that help them expand their company. In addition, outsourced fulfillment houses have shipment volumes significantly higher than most sellers, and therefore can access better freight rates and transit times on behalf of their retail clients, which leads to more discounts and faster shipments for the consumer. Many online sellers approach the outsourced model with the ultimate goal of saving money. Although some companies do see cost reductions, the decision to use an outsourced provider should be based on the ability to improve operational performance, reduce potential roadblocks to expansion and increase focus on the growth of the business. With these factors in mind, it is extremely important to select a fulfillment company whose operations line up with your business’s overall goals. A good outsourced fulfillment provider will view

your relationship as a partnership, and will understand that their success depends on the success of the brands they serve. Regardless of the method an online seller chooses to use, the ultimate goal of a successful fulfillment strategy should be to provide a positive, seamless experience from the time the customer clicks “Buy” to the time the package arrives on his or her doorstep. By asking the right questions and paying attention to the key performance indicators that matter to your company, you can make an informed decision on which strategy or strategies will best serve your business and, more importantly, your customers. Carol Smith is the director of business development for Fifth Gear, a provider of order fulfillment, contact centers, retail technology and marketing services for direct-to-consumer retailers and manufacturers. Smith has built her professional career around the retail and technology markets, including roles as an online buyer and merchandiser, trade event director and ecommerce entrepreneur. Smith’s extensive knowledge in the buying, selling, branding, marketing, and strategic aspects of online retail help her guide ecommerce companies to make the best operations decisions for their businesses.

Find other great ideas for running your business at:–news 26

April 2013

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UÊÀi>ÌÊ-ÌޏiÊ>˜`Ê+Õ>ˆÌÞ UÊ œœÀÊ œ`i`ÊLÞÊ >Ìi}œÀÞÊ UÊ*Ài‡ˆÝi`ÊÃÜÀ̓i˜ÌÃÊvœÀÊ>݈“Õ“ ->iÃÊ>˜`Ê >ÃÞÊiÀV…>˜`ˆÃˆ˜}t

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For more information: MOSQUITNO, LLC

2715 E. 87th Terrace Kansas City MO 64132 Toll Free: 800-336-2026 Fax: 913-586-4111 Email: Website:

NO ONE likes to have their personal space invaded by mosquitos, gnats, flies and no-seeums, and consumers are looking for ways to safely protect themselves and their families from these annoying pests without the use of messy, and often toxic, bug sprays. Retailers who incorporate Bandz and Spotz, DEET-free, citronella-infused insect repellent products from Mosquitno, LLC, into their product offerings, can help consumers keep bugs away as well as enjoy the profits these impulse buys bring to their bottom lines. Mosquitno owner Bob Dix, along with a European partner, created Bandz by infusing non-toxic citronella oil, a scientifically proven natural mosquito repellent, into a silicone rubber wristband in 2009. Bandz are effective for six days, and come in a resealable package to preserve effectiveness when not in use. “Anecdotal testing and reviews have found our wristbands more effective and a better quality than other similar products on the market,” says Carolyn Ellspermann, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Mosquitno. “Bandz are the only insect repellent wristbands made of silicone rubber, which is more comfortable than plastic. People tell us all the time how amazing the product is. They are thrilled to have a proven effective, all natural mosquito repellent that doesn’t contain DEET, and they love the sweet smelling citronella scent and the trendy looks.” Bandz are available in adult and kid sizes in ten colors as well as in camouflage, tie-dye and glow-in-the-dark varieties. On the heels of the wristband’s success, Mosquitno introduced Spotz, citronella-infused adhesive dots. Heavy-duty Spotz, effective for 72 hours, stick anywhere and are especially good for protecting ankles and necks when placed on socks, shoes or hats, Ellspermann points out. “Our Spotz are completely unique to the industry, and they come in fun themes including earth tones, primary colors, sports, kids and

specialty.” Spotz, sold in packages of six dots, offers a heart, flower, butterfly and more in the kids’ package, while the specialty pack includes images such as a peace sign, smiley face and American flag. Bandz and Spotz wholesale for $1.99 and retail for $3.99 per unit. Point of purchase counter and floor displays are free with orders of 36 and 144 pieces, respectively. “The displays provide colorful marketing materials that explain what the product is and does, and its benefits,” Ellspermann notes. “Bandz and Spotz are easy impulse purchases because mosquitos are a problem everywhere and everyone is looking for a solution. It’s a pretty easy sell because of the low unit cost.” The minimum order quantity is 36 pieces and orders can be placed by phone, fax, email and the Internet. To order online, retailers can go to the company’s consumer website, and click on the wholesale link to register and receive pricing. Mosquitno products are sold in numerous independent retail shops, including outdoor, garden supply, agricultural supply, grocery, gift, golf, fishing, hunting, convenience stores, select Walgreens, Tractor Supply Company, Plow & Hearth, Thornton’s, MAPCO, Westlake ACE Hardware and others. Retailers will be introduced to several additional products throughout 2013 and 2014, including apparel with insect repellent bonded into the fabric, and picnic accessories, such as placemats, a wine cooler and a lemon that clips onto a table cloth. Moquitno is passionate about the importance of the outdoors and a connection to nature, especially for children, and it supports organizations that promote an education and love for the outdoors, including two camps in Minnesota for kids 8-18. It also contributes to UNICEF to help children who may be affected with mosquito-borne illnesses such as Malaria, Dengue Fever and West Nile.

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c L.

ry RA cto

T e D i re

al EN le s C ho E

lW ALrigina S E ’s O

L eb OThe W



Find Suppliers FAST!


C & J Sports is committed to providing quality Fishing Supplies at prices that our customers should be able to be competitive with the chain stores!


We INSTANTLY Broadcast your Request for Any Product to the Largest Group of Wholesalers on the Internet!

Fishing Tackle Blowouts


OUR BEST BUY $500 Worth of Assorted Fishing Tackle

Spinning Reels 1BB




Zebco Slingshot Push-button Combo

Fishing Rods

(Casting & Spinning)



each Pink or Purple

25 for $10000

C & J Sports 137 Frontier Dr., Ridgeway, SC 29130


Connecting Buyers & Sellers FAST!


Fax: 803-753-9976





$3.95 $13.95

All Jewelry

Many Assorted Styles Avaliable

$1 or $10/dz



Fashion Flipflops Collection $1.00


Fashion Jewelry Collection


$4.95 678-500-9144

$5.50 $6.75


$37.50 $1.00-$4.75


Wholesale Only


$34.95 $2.95













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The Web’s Original Wholesale Directory The following listings are a selection of the wholesale suppliers you can find on The complete directory of over 1,400 wholesalers is updated daily online, and freely accessible.

No membership is required to use the directory. Find Product!

Wholesale Power Search™: 757,619 items from over 1,400 independent suppliers. Apparel / Clothing........................ 30 Art & Supplies ............................. 32 As Seen On TV ............................. 32 Automotive .................................. 32 C-Store Items ............................... 32 Candles, Incense, Potpourri ....... 32 Closeouts .................................... 32 Collectibles ................................. 32 Crafts & Supplies ....................... 32 Dollar Store .................................. 32

Dropshippers ............................... 32 DVDs & Videos ............................ 32 Electronics ................................... 32 Fashion Accessories................... 32 Food & Grocery .......................... 34 General Merchandise .................. 34 Gifts .............................................. 34 Handbags & Luggage.................. 34 Health & Beauty ........................... 34 Home Décor / Housewares ........ 36

Jewelry ......................................... 36 Knives & Swords ......................... 36 Leather.......................................... 36 Military Goods.............................. 36 Novelties....................................... 36 Party Supplies & Greeting Cards ... 36 Perfume ........................................ 36 Professional Supplies ............... 38 Religious Items ............................ 38 Self-Defense, Security................. 38

Apparel / Clothing APPAREL / CLOTHING F E AT U R E D S E L L E R S

BANIAN TRADING Manufacturer of “JUST DARLING COLLECTION”. Importer & Wholesaler of Over 4,000 Products: Childrenswear, Accessories, Shoes, T-Shirts, School Uniforms, Christening Wear, Formal Wear, Baby Goods, Christian & Hispanic/Mexican Products, Baseball Caps, Bridals, Rhinestone Jewelry, Hosiery, Etc. We Ship Worldwide. Our 22nd Year!! Call: 800-366-2660.

WHOLESALE FASHION BUYS Find all of your clothing needs in one place. $5.00 shipping with $150.00 or more purchase. Save up to 75% below wholesale on tops, pants, jeans, skirts, dresses, sweaters, jackets, true plus sizes Junior, Missy, Girls, Boys, & Mens. 213-624-4242. 1 STOP WHOLESALE CLOTHING The best selection of womens & plus size wholesale clothing. From Dresses to Outerwear & everything in between. We also currently carry belts & will be adding more fashion accessories & fragrances. Check Back Often.

APPARELCANDY.COM - FREE SHIPPING 40%-80% Below Wholesale Prices!!! ApparelCandy. com is an Online Showroom open to Retailers and B2B Customers where you can buy Women’s Fashion Apparel, Fashion Jewelry and Accessories, Perfumes, Sunglasses, Cosmetics, & More. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $299 and OVER, FLAT RATE 9.95* Applies to the C APPARELSHOWROOM.COM 30%-70% Below Wholesale Prices. We Specialize In Juniors Clothing, Womens Clothing, Jeans, Plus Sizes Tops. Best Values On The Web. Free Shipping On Orders Over $300. We Always have items on SALE! BABY & TODDLER CLOTHING FREE SHIPPING -WHOLESAL Bulk -Baby & Toddler Clothing - WILL BEAT ALL PRICES - Onesies, dresses, t-shirts, bibs, beanies, gowns, baby blankets, legwarmers, Large inventory. Custom manufacture with quick turnaround.. TOLL FREE 888 529 3883 /714 966 2396 ( Outside USA) Kidsblanks - FREE SHIPPING POLICY. Seconds & Closeouts BH WHOLESALE INC. $1 PANTIES, $2 BRAS, & $4 SETS! Only as supplies last!!! CALL US TODAY (347)394-5559 FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA ON SELECT ITEMS BOULEVARD - BLVAPPAREL.COM JEANS SPECIALIST SHOP SMARTER! offer top-quality brandnames & generic Wholesale Clothing at 40-80% off, every day of the week. At Boulevard Apparel group you’ll find great selections of your favorite brands in all categories, all backed by the warranties and services you’d expect!!!

ALABAMA WHOLESALE SOCKS Manufactuer and Wholesaler of Mens, Womens and Childrens socks,Crew Socks, quarter socks, golf socks, sport socks, cotton socks, Wool socks, Diabetic socks, athletic Socks, Cotton Socks. We are your number one source for socks. Made in USA! Call us today at (256) 845-4411.


AMERICAN STANDARD UNIFORMS Our scrubs are perfect for hospital use, medical offices, veterinarian practices, dental offices and home attendants. Our Scrubs tops and bottoms are designed for comfort and durability. We offer large variety of styles, prints and solid colors.

CARIBBEAN QUEEN Caribbean Queen offers today’s fashion-forward woman the trendiest pieces to complete their entire wardrobe. Because we are a wholesale manufacturer, we offer a wide selection of quality-assured designs at the most competitive prices.

Shoes & Footwear ...................... 38 Smoking Products ...................... 38 Sporting Goods .......................... 38 Store / Dealer Supplies ............... 38 Sunglasses & Eyewear ............... 38 Telephone & Cellular .................. 38 Tools & Hardware ....................... 38 Toys & Hobbies ........................... 38 Watches ........................................ 38 Listings ...... 52 CLOTHINGISLAND.COM All our Clothing is guaranteed to be first Quality. We guarantee our items to be of highest quality standards of the industry. Call today. Lowest Prices on Denim Jeans, Womens Tops, Skirts....’The more you buy the more you save’ WE DROPSHIP! 800-652-8275

MAD STYLES With over 20 years in the business, Madstyles LLC now brings you exclusive collection in Wholesale Clothing, Wholesale Jewelry, Wholesale Scarves, Wholesale Belts,Wholesale Fashion Watches in addition to our Wholesale Handbag Collection.

CRESWELL SOCK MILLS *ONLINE SHOPPING CART with SAME DAY SHIPPING Your Sports Sock Source - Use the Power of the Internet to Buy Direct from our Manufacturing Plant and Increase Your Profit! All Socks Made in USA. ***256-657-3213***

MAIN STREET WHOLESALERS FREE SHIPPING! Main Street Wholesalers is your ‘Closeouts’ connection for the top ‘Main Street’ AUTHENTIC NAME BRAND overstock/shelf pull apparel from the nation’s leading department stores, and all at BELOW WHOLESALE PRICES! FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $300!

EFASHIONWHOLESALE.COM | 100% AUTHENTIC BRANDS Brand name designer clothing, jeans, t-shirts, handbags, designer sunglasses, accessories wholesaler. A reliable source of popular designer labels. Minimum order one case. Always a regular turnover of new styles. Visit us online or call (732) 866-9976. EROSWHOLESALE.COM Eros Hosiery Company is one of the oldest and largest importers & wholesalers of socks in the country. With 55 years of experience you can count on us not only for your sock needs, but we also carry T-shirts, flip flops, underwear, sunglasses, hats, gloves, scarves, general merchandise. FASHION WEAR PLUS - URBAN-HIP HOP WEAR HOT PRODUCTS! FAIR PRICES!.High FashionJeanSetsfleeseSets-Thermal Shirts-Sweaters-Hoodies-JeansBubble Coats-VarsityJackets-poloShirts-T Shirts-LicencedNFL-CARTOON JACKETS-NASCAR-AUTOMOTIVE JACKETS. CALL813-949-6060 ISLAND WHOLESALE CLOTHING | *** URBAN CLOTHING *** Wholesale clothing | urban clothing & urban wear. Jeans, shorts, Shirts in American name brands such as Levis, Reebok, Nautica, Calvin Klein, Lucky Brand, Chaps, Izod, DKNY, Kenneth Cole, Eddie Bauer, Ecko, Akademiks, Enyce, Rocawear, Victorious, Apple Bottoms, Hanes & more! 100% AUTHENTIC! Call Us LEMON TREE TRADING CO. LEMON TREE - the best wholesale clothing supplier on the Internet. We offer our customers high quality womens apparel, fashion accessories, shoes and MORE! Hottest fashions, latest styles at great prices.

NINA ROSSI JEANS BY JZ Nina Rossi Jeans By JZ Authentic right down to the stitch. We have carefully crafted each pair to look and feel as if they were made specifically for you! We carry the newest denims and hottest styles! LOWEST MINIMUM ORDER ONLINE CALL FOR SPECIALS 213-748-5141 OFF PRICE SHOW 08/19-23 BOOTH 1853&1953 ORIENTAL APPAREL INC. store.cfm We specialize in magic bubble and popcorn ladies apparel for kids to adults, in all sizes. We also have the following such as spaghetti strap tops, cardigans, skirts, 3/4 sleeve shirts and more. Great quality at reasonable prices! PENGUIN KIDS WEAR, INC. Wholesaler of children’s clothing. #1 Source of brand names at below Wholesale Prices such as Disney, US Polo, Calvin Klein & more for infants, toddlers, boys & girls. No minimums - same day shipping. PRICEUSWHOLESALE.COM Mass Distributor Of Apparel, General Merchandise, Food, Janitorial Products, Footwear, As Seen on TV $Store And More. PRIMETIME CLOTHING PrimeTime Clothing offers you the best selection of premium wholesale fashion apparel and accessories! 50-80% BELOW WHOLESALE PRICES. SAME DAY FREE SHIPPING and 15% OFF ON YOUR FIRST PURCHASE! We carry the latest fashionable Junior, Missy, Plus-Size, Kids, Active Wear, Handbags and Accessories!

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If If you you are are a Wholesaler a Wholesaler and and would would like like toto appear appear here, here, please please call call 1-800-999-8281 1-800-999-8281 ext. ext. 126 126 301

September April 2013 2012

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TRADING Minumum Order: $100



E'arrs Inc.


Post Office Box 1375

Cards ÂŽ

Gainesville , Georgia 30503


305.593.0888 / 7220 NW 58th St, Miami, FL



7.75" x 16" with 6" Header


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Apparel/Clothing – Fashion Accessories  Continued From Page 30 RUBII offers the BEST PRICES and WIDEST SELECTION of Women’s Underwear and Lingerie. We are the EXCLUSIVE U.S. distributor of the CAPRICIA O’ DARE, ROSA and BEAUTY lines of women’s underwear and lingerie, and we carry various GIFT items as well. SEVEN SEAS INC Only Seven Seas can guarantee authenticity on all our products such as jeans, t-shirts and much more. We currently carry name brand urbanwear like SEAN JOHN, ROCAWEAR, ECKO, MAKAVELI, SE7EN, G-UNIT for Men, Women, Kids and much more. SHEEHAN SALES,INC Wholesale Medical Scrubs-Print Scrub Tops, 2 Pc Scrub Sets, Separate Scrub tops and pants,Warmups more. New prints every 30 days.Misc. Medical Uniforms, Shoes, Chefwear & More, discount prices. Low Minimum Order Size. Closeouts. Value Packs.800-849-9949 SOCK WHOLESALERS The best in the business since 1985. We offer a full line of MADE IN THE USA socks including crew, tube, quarter, lowcut, dress, diabetic, designer and more! Fantastic bargains and bulk deals. We are your partner - not your competitor! *1-800-597-3886* www. STEAL DEAL INC **** ***#1 HIP HOP CLOTHING We have Urban, Hip hop clothing, T-shirts w/ rhinestones, Jerseys, 2pc sets, men and women’s apparel,StealDeal Is the Official Carrier of Sean John clothing, we also carry Enyce, Ecko, rocawear, Babyphat, Lrg and much much us toll free at 1-800-416-6149. TASHA APPAREL Wholesaler of Women’s Apparel - Dresses, Tops, Jeans, Plus Sizes, Lingerie, Swimwear and More. We now carry a beautiful collection of Shoes & Fashion Accessories such as Jewelry, Scarves, Belts, Hair Accessories, Hats, Handbags and more. Give us a call or visit our website today. TIMING Leading fashion Manufacturer and Wholesaler for young women`s and junior`s apparel. Categories include Tops, Dresses, Outerwear, Pants, and Skirts. Affordable styles that are fun, young, fashionable, and feminine. Free Shipping on Orders over $150! 10% OFF your first order! TRANS AM WHOLESALE WHOLESALE JEANS First Quality and Irregulars. Mens Jeans, Plus Size, Womens Jeans, Kids Jeans. Name Brand and Private Label. Visit us today at www. tel. (915) 845-3434 email VARSHAA.COM Since 2000, Varshaa has been into global imports, exports and wholesale of designer / brand name apparels and accessories such as wallets, t-shirts, ties and much more. To name a few of these brands that we carry are Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Diesel, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Abercrombie & Fitch and many more. WHOLESALE FASHION SQUARE 50%-75% BELOW WHOLESALE PRICES on Womens, Jeans, Juniors and Plus Size Fashion. We also carry Jewelry, Sunglasses, Handbags, Flip-Flops, Belts & we now carry Perfumes & Cosmetics. Same Day Shipping. BEST PRICES ON THE NET!!! WHOLESALE-LINKED #1 MENS WHOLESALER FREE SHIPPING Rated no #1 Best & the Easiest way to shop for Wholesale Men’s T-Shirts. Open quantity so you choose the size. We always have items in stock, shipped the same day with FREE SHIPPING. #BRAND NAMES #MMA #HIPSTER #URBAN #FRESH STYLES #STREET #T-SHIRTS ZILAMMITRENDS Wholesalers of the largest selections of mens and boys formal and casual fashions.


REDPEDDLER.COM YOUR # 1 ONLINE SOURCE FOR NEW PRODUCTS, “AS SEEN ON TV”. We are An Online wholesale distribution Superstore. We have over 7,000 “GENERAL MERCHANDISE” products ranging from Bath and Body, fashion accessories, home decor with new products added daily. Buy Wholesale @

AUTOMOTIVE BOOST MY FUEL wholesale.html Best fuel saver on the market. Huge profit margin. FAST SELLER in convenience stores, automotive stores, hardware and lawn stores, Flea Marktes, Truck Stops and more. Starter packs available. See web site for details or CALL: (402) 489-1000.


PRICE MASTER Wholesaler/Distributor of 3000+ Convenience Store,Dollar Store,Discount Store items. *BEST SERVICE & FAST DELIVERY* FREE SHIPPING deals available throughout USA! HBA, Energy products, Batteries, Condoms, Cig. Tobacco products, General Merchandise, Household products, Novelty, MUCH MUCH MORE... 1-800-538-3873. VK WHOLESALE VK Wholesale offers wide range of C-Store items including General Merchandise, Energy Supplements, Digital Scales, OTC Medicine, Lighters, E-Cigarettes, Automotive Products, Tobacco Accessories & More. FREE SHIPPING on large orders. Call 773-853-0734 for more info..

CANDLES, INCENSE, POTPOURRI ETS DESIGN Direct Importer. Wholesale only. We carry large selection of Aroma Oil Burners, Fragrance Oil in large and small quantities, empty bottles in low prices, and many Fashion Jewelries including Rhinestone lanyards, necklaces, bracelets, murano pendants and shamballas.

CLOSEOUTS BAMBINI INFANT WEAR Bambini Infant Wear offers a complete line of 100% cotton infant layette garments and accessories - all the basics and some specialty items for all newborn and infant needs. Our products are manufactured using the highest quality materials and utilizing the latest textile technology. GLOBAL IMPORTS INC - LOW PRICE GUARANTEE - AUCTION is the premiere B2B online wholesaler and closeout company that helps small businesses to compete against larger enterprises by offering Wholesale & Closeout Auctions, Fashion Jewelry, Clothing, Toys, Intimates, Footwear, Sporting Goods, General Merchandise & More, Low Price Guarantee. THE ZAKEN CORP. - WE WANT YOUR CLOSEOUTS! CALL US FIRST! We buy BELOW WHOLESALE for closeouts,unwanted,unsold, discontinued consumer items. We specialize in entire warehouses! Email or call us for details. (253) 426-0642.

COLLECTIBLES WHOLESALE EXPRESS SPORTS East Coast’s largest selection of Officially Licensed Sports Products from all of the top teams of NFL, MLB, NHL, and NCAA. We carry everything from auto products, baby items, ladies bags, decals, electronic accessories, games, holiday items, jewelry, and so much more!

CRAFTS & SUPPLIES SQUIRREL CHEEKS BOUTIQUE Wholesale Flower Petal Layers, Printed Tulle, Lace Rompers, Boutique Hair accessories, silk flower lots, baby girl bows, crochet, nylon headband, tutus, hats, polkadot, damask, chevron, pettiskirts, daisy, alligator clips, butterfly, satin, tropical lily, peony, princess fairy wings, ribbon, & more!

DOLLAR STORE ACCESSORIES PALACE INC # 1 JEWELRY STOP - Wholesale FASHION Jewelry HEADBANDS - Hair ACESSORIES - Novelties - LIGHT UP’S - PINK RIBBON - RELIGIOUS ITEMS -READING/ SUNGLASSES - - EASTER & ST. PAT’S DAY -HAIR BOWS - TEEN JEWELRY - DOLLAR STORE JEWELRY - SHARK TOOTH JEWELRY - HI FASHION JEWELRY GREAT PRICES FUNG TRADING GROUP CO LTD We Specialize in selling to Wholesale Dollar Stores, Department Stores and Flea Markets. Dollar Items, Toys, Kitchen, Jewelry, Tools, Baseball Caps & More. Most orders placed before 1PM EST will ship same business day. Great Markup Potential! Please visit us at GREAT LAKES WHOLESALE & MARKETING L.L.C. GLW wholesales over 2,500 continuity and closeout high-quality products including food, cleaning, health & beauty, gift & party, and great general merchandise. Specializing in items that can retail for $1. Over 20 years of experience. Shop online at or CALL (616)-261-9393. JC SALES Widest variety of products at the lowest possible wholesale prices. Committed to your success by providing the largest selection of general merchandise products and the highest level of customer service. KOLE IMPORTS USA’s largest DOLLAR STORE MERCHANDISE supplier. We also buy and sell CLOSEOUTS and have new items arriving every day. In business since 1985. We also have over $1 retail merchandise. FOR INFORMATION CALL 800-874-7766. PRICE KING, INC. Leading Wholesaler selling mainly HBA’s, Office Supplies and Food and Grocery. We also act as a SUPER JOBBER to other wholesalers, Exporters & Distributors.

DROPSHIPPERS OVER 1.7 MILLION PRODUCTS TO DROPSHIP | DOBA.COM Doba helps you dropship over 1.5 million products from 150 hand-picked, trustworthy suppliers. Tens of thousands of products in electronics, apparel, outdoor & camping, home, health & beauty, jewelry, general merchandise and more. The best part? You can try Doba for FREE for 7 days.


MOUNTAIN VIEW MOVIES Authentic brand new DVD movies, Blu-ray discs & video games at the lowest wholesale prices. Major Studio DVDs UNDER $4. Stock changes weekly. Low $50 minimum purchase. Free UPS Ship over $300. Visit or call (607) 278-5401. DVD RELOAD We do about $10 Million per year in sales. We sell over 1 Million DVDs per year and typically have hundreds of thousands of units in stock at any given time. Resellers can get discounts of up to 30% or more off of our website pricing. Just take a look at the site and let us know what your interes WHOLESALE ADULT DVD: UNDER $1 EACH IN BULK ! Did you know how huge the markup on Adult DVD really is? DVDs you find at your local adult store for around $20 are available in bulk wholesale for under a buck each. Factory original, in a full size plastic DVD case, full color front/back artwork, UPC bar code & shrink wrapped in the plastic.

ELECTRONICS CLOSEOUT STORE Tremendous selection of closeout merchandise at great prices such as electronics, apparel and more.

FASHION ACCESSORIES BELTS AND MORE WHOLESALE EXQUISITE,UNIQUE,SWAROVSKI ELEMENT CRYSTAL,THE BEST FASHION JEWELRY AND BELT COLLECTION IN THE HEART OF FASHION DISTRICT IN LOS ANGELS, ALL PROFESSIONAL BUYERS MUST SEE THIS COLLECTION!!!!! DON,T MISS THAT.!!!!! 213-741-1878 BOSSANI ACCESSORIES wholesale SCARVES & MORE!! FREE SHIPPING & EXTRA 10%OFF order over $300!! Bossani Accessories is a solid company with quality fashion accessories! We offer the best selection of scarves, hair accessories, belts, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, tiaras, leggings, hats and much more! BUCKWHOLESALE.COM Wholesale importer of a wide variety of wholesale products, including baseball caps & hats, dollar store items, fashion jewelry, handbags, fashion accessories & much more. The lowest wholesale price online, guaranteed. 866-408-2825 D & D FLORIDA IMPORT High Quality Fashion Jewelery/New Fashion Jewelry and Accessories Daily. Most Trendy, Unique, Hot Selling and up to Date Fashion Jewelry. FASHIONUNIC.COM Wholesaler of fashion Scarves / Shawls / Pashmina / Legging / Hats & Gloves. 10,000 colors of Great price products.

PLUM ISLAND SILVER COMPANY Huge selection of sterling jewelry. Great products, great prices, great novelty jewelry, fashion accessories, great service. Drop-Shipping only $2.00 per pkg plus shipping.

GLOBAL TRADING INTERNATIONAL We are the number one wholesaler for name brand fashion accessories mainly handbags and luggage we have product lines like Guess, Coach, and many more name brand companies. OVER 35,000 products we have online. We carry high quality product at the best prices. Handbags, Luggage, Scarves, Watches, Fas

SUNRISE WHOLESALE MERCHANDISE DROPSHIPPER We dropship! Thousands of wholesale products, including brand name electronics, home & garden decor, toys, candles, kitchen, office, tools & more. Resell for big profits - make money today!

HOT BUCKLES INC. The GREATEST SELECTION OF BELT BUCKLES ON THE WEB - Large selection of Western Belt Buckles and unmatched selection of Licensed Buckles. Visit us today.

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If you are a Wholesaler and would like to appear here, please call 1-800-999-8281 ext. 126 32 2

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Largest Gathering of Resort & Souvenir Gift Vendors and Buyers In America!

Over 2,000 Great Resort Gift Booths in the Smokies!

November 5-9, 2013 Charles products, inc.

Now in Sevierville & Pigeon Forge, TN! LCI Leisure Craft Industries

Squire Boone Village THe Naked Bee


Thousands of Custom m and Name-Dropped Name-D Products!

Both shows managed by: M&M GIFT SHOWS PO Box 9412 Toledo, Ohio 43697-9412 800.430.7608 Fax 800.430.8448 Proud Sponsors of: ZAG, The Zoo & Aquarium Buyers Group AZA, The Association of Zoos & Aquariums NCA, The National Caves Association MSA, The Museum Store Association NARB, The National Association of Retail Buyers


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Fashion Accessories - Health & Beauty  Continued From Page 32 INTERNATIONAL PIONEER, INC. International Pioneer, Inc. specializes in the newest and trendiest fashion accessories found in the entire world! Our pashmina scarves cannot be found anywhere else. We have hundreds of styles! We provide only the best quality wholesale merchandise. LOW MINIMUMS & PRICE SPECIALS! 213-765-8007 LA WHOLESALE ROUTE INC Ultimate destination for Costume Jewelry & Fashion Accessories. Our mission is to deliver the most compelling shopping experience. If you place an order before 2PM(PST), we ship out on the same day (except weekends and holidays) Fashion Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Fashion Accessory, General Merchand LANCYNY ( WHOLESALE FASHION JEWELRY & SUNGLASSES) Wholesale fashion jewelry such as Turquoise Jewelry, Charm Bracelets, Bangles, Necklaces, Pendant Sets, Earrings, Rings and many other fashion jewelry. LancyNY always carries the latest & newest fashion jewelry for the consumers. ~~$50.00 MINIMUM PURCHASE~~ We wholesale Designer’s Sunglasses. MICHELLE AND SCOTT’S WHOLESALE IMPORTS WELCOME TO WHOLESALE IMPORTS! OVER 6000 Prime Wholesale items to choose from including Costume jewelry, fashion accessories, scarves, sunglasses, beauty supplies, handbags, designer copy fragrances, hair, wigs and more! We ship FAST and minimums are LOW. Make more profits faster. MYWHOLESALEROUTE.COM If you place an order before 2PM(EST), we ship out on the same day (except weekends and holidays) Welcome to the Ultimate destination for Costume Jewelry & Fashion Accessories such as Scarves, Pashmina’s, Ponchos, Shawls & more. Our mission is to deliver the most compelling shopping experience. OPERA FASHION ACCESSORIES We are your wholesale source for all your fashion accessory needs including everything from FASHION J EWELRY,WATCHES,BELTS,HATS,SCARVES,CLUTCHE, and HANDBAGS to WALLETS. We carry a large variety of styles and receive new merchandise every day. Find us at ROCKEY TRADING CO. Red Hats & Related - Headwear - Hair accessories Jewerly - C-Store Items- Handbags - Winter Hats & Gloves - Dollar Store - Beauty Products and C-Store Items - Afro American Hair & Wigs - Beauty Supply Bandana/Durag - Holiday Items - Hosiery - All Kinds of Fashion Items - Scarf/Showl/Poncho - Wedding Items - Breast Cancer Awareness. Great General Merchandise. S & J ENTERPRISES Large selection of Jewelry - Wedding Jewelry, Sports Jewelry, Prom Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Costume, Watches & Watch Bands. We also have a large selection of Handbags in a variety of styles and materials. Backpacks & Wallets too! UR ETERNITY ( FASHION JEWELRY & EVENING BAGS) We are a Importer, Manufacturer & Wholesaler of Fashion Costume Jewelry, Handbags, African Jewelry, Hair Accessories, Watches, Tiaras, and Store Displays. ALL FACTORY DIRECT PRICE! $5 instant store credit for new customers. WHOLESALE ACCESSORY MARKET One Stop Shop online wholesale distributor of wholesale quilted bags, wholesale tote and travel bags, wholesale jewelry, wholesale gifts and many other wholesale accessories. We stock over 10,000 items.

FOOD & GROCERY ODORNO odorno.html Revolutionary NEW PRODUCT! OdorNo bags use odor barrier technology to seal in the scent of everything and anything. Hundreds of applications. Carry them in your store! Buy online, or call us at 855-766-4224.

GENERAL MERCHANDISE 26 CALIFORNIA BAZAR, INC. We offer tens of thousands of items from A-Z, including Figurines, Souvenirs, Novelties, General Gifts, Dinnerware, Kitchenware, dollar items, Porcelain, Cookware, Glassware, School & Office Supplies, Frames, Bath Access., Hardware, Crafts, Ceramics, Baby Items, General Merchandise & more. DOLLARDAYS INTERNATIONAL, INC Closeout & Wholesale company supplying gift, drug, convenience, discount, glass, oriental, nostalgic, gourmet, pottery & ceramics, soap & bath products, figurines, patriotic, gift baskets, fine gifts, dollar, magnets, apparel, souvenirs, pet & other businesses. Great general merchandise. Dropship Pr FOUR SEASONS GENERAL MERCHANDISE Largest Wholesaler Of General Merchandise, Dollar Store and Discount Items, Party Supplies, Bath Products, Kitchenware, Health & Beauty, Hardware, Novelties, Gifts, Stationery, Figurines, Baby Items, Toys & more. Over 10,000 items in 50 Categories! Inventory updated daily! Disney & 50+ brands. INTERTRADECORP.COM Distributor & Wholesaler Of T-shirts, Apparels, Lingerie, Accessory, Condoms, Caps & Hats, Health, Sex Aids, Adult DVDs, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, NCAA & NASCAR Licensed Products, Furniture, Gifts & Novelties, Mannequins With Good Quality & Very Competitive Prices. Exclusive Distributor Of Unidus JACK LEVY SALES, INC. Closeouts on licensed general merchandise, novelties & collectibles. We specialize in Coca-Cola, NASCAR, LooneyTunes & much more. Visit our website to view what is currently available. If you have questions, call 216-831-6604.

GIFTS GLOBAL CRAFTS - HANDMADE ARTISAN GIFTS & JEWELRY FIRST ORDER DISCOUNT - 10% OFF (COUPON CODE 1STORDER). Stand out with our range of over 1000 Unique Handmade Artisan Gifts Jewelry and Accessory Products. No Minimum Order. Drop Shipping Available. Strictly Wholesale! 1.866.468.3438 - INSPIRATION STONES, INC. Engraved Gifts - Semi-Precious Pocket Stones and River Rocks. Buy Bulk, Custom, or in Sets. Sign Up for Wholesale or Professional Status for Deep Discounts. Enjoy Great Markups for Resell, Use as Promotional Items for Your Business, or Share in Your Capacity as a Professional. KELLI’S GIFT SHOP SUPPLIERS National wholesale distributor with 3,500+ items, representing 700+ vendors. Categories include Gifts, Baby, Breast Cancer, Animated Plush, Toys, Inspirational, Balloons, Candy & Snacks, etc. Kelli’s typically ships in 24 hours. Small quantities offered/free freight available. Toll-Free 888-609-8860 WORLD BUYERS The premier supplier of wholesale gift products for large and small retailers. World Buyers has been in business for 20 years and we travel the globe to bring you an amazing selection of home decor and gifts. Select from beautiful photo frames, popular driftwoord decor, unique lanterns & much more!

HANDBAGS & LUGGAGE CHOICE HANDBAGS Wholesaler of trendy fashion handbags, evening bags, western style, wallets located in the Fashion District of Los Angeles, California E-BESTCHOICE.COM-WHOLESALE HANDBAG & JEWELRY-$10OF New Customers $10 OFF. WHOLESALE HANDBAG & JEWELRY For 25 Years.Minimum Order $100. We carry Wholesale fashion handbag, designer inspired handbag,western handbag,Montana West handbag, Nicole Lee, Evening Handbag, Messenger Bag, Wallet, Scarf, Hat, Boots, Flip Flop, Necklace, Earring, Bracelet, Rin

FASHION EXPRESS US Manufacturer & Wholesaler of Fashion Handbags, Purses, Wallets, Totes, Satchels & Business Bags. We are always seeking the newest, most practical & reasonably price products to bring you all the latest styles for your store. Rapid & Accurate Service. Call us now! HANDBAG FASHION Home of Fashion Accessories Such as Scarves, Hats, Handbags, and much more. Give us a call today 213-747-7145 - HANDBAG WAREHOUSE Large variety of Handbags, Wallets & Fashion Accessories such as Belts, FlipFlops, Watches, Cosmetic Bags, Contact Lenses, Bible Covers and more. Western, Contemporary and other styles available. HANDBAGSATWHOLESALE.COM Dropship and Wholesale handbags, wallets and accessories. A great way to have an easy and profitable business. Here you will buy at low wholesale price. With the right products you could have a fully displayed show case where most of the sales are done for you! Call us- 1-917-388-1701 HUAFU INTERNATIONAL TRADING. HANDBAG WHOLESALE! We carry high quality DESIGNER INSPIRED bags and pashmina scarves. LOW PRICES GUARANTEED! Price range $5-$15. SAME DAY SHIPPING ! KLASSYBAGS.COM Wholesale Handbags, purses, evening bags, jewelry, wallets, hats is your place for the latest wholesale handbags and wholesale purses! KOO HANDBAGS Major wholesaler of the most popular replica handbags, fashion accessories, sunglasses and more. MAD STYLE Mad Style, provider of trend on wholesale fashion, has grown from an innovative idea launched in their basement to a successful multi-million dollar business with over 6,000 retail customers worldwide. They specialize in a unique and diversified selection of fashion accesories at sweet spot pricin MEZONHANDBAGS.COM mezon handbags is a unique handbags supplier, purses,fashion handbag,designer handbags,designer handbags, evening bags, knockoff handbags,wallets with $75 minimum order,free shipping with $300 order,we carry original cadillac & hot ladies bag. MY TOTAL FASHION Wholesale Womens trendy Shoes:Heels, sandals, boots, and wedges. No. 1 distributor of ladies shoes with prices ranging from $5.00 and up. On orders over $2000.00 to Florida have FREE shipping. ON SALE HANDBAG The best discount handbag wholesaler for premium quality and trendy wholesale handbags, purses, and fashion accessories. PRINCESS PURSE Princess Purse is a distributor/wholesaler of trendy fashion handbags located in the Fashion District of Los Angeles, California. We offer a wide variety of high-quality, low-cost items that have been inspired by designers such as D&G, Dooney&Burke, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, etc. Low $100 minimum!!! SHOPFORBAGS.COM - FREE SHIPPING WHOLESALE CLOTHING & HANDBAGS - Latest womens, mens, and kids fashions. T-Shirts Watches, Katydid apparel, Handbags, Wallets, Hoodies, Belts, Headwear, Rhinestone Apparel, Accessories, much more! FREE SHIPPING for new customers. Enter ‘SHIPWC1’ during checkout. Our popular Katydid line is all Made in USA. WHOLESALEWALLETSDIRECT.COM | WALLETS & HANDBAGS A Large Selection Of Wholesale Flat Wallets, Checkbook Wallets, Handbags, and Watches! Quantity Discount Rates & Free Shipping On Qualified Orders! (SE HABLA ESPANOL) Toll Free 877-828-1577. YNM HANDBAGS In business for over a decade, YNM sells competitively priced top quality Handbags, Wallets, Luggage and Leather Items to the USA & South America. We are family owned and operated. We are adding new items weekly. So be sure to bookmark our site and visit us regularly.


DADDY D PRO TC instruments, veterinary, medical instruments, piercing instruments, sports goods, first aid instruments and more. 305-477-6636 / 305-905-1732.

PRICE MASTER Wholesaler/Distributor of 3000+ Convenience Store,Dollar Store,Discount Store items. *BEST SERVICE & FAST DELIVERY* FREE SHIPPING deals available throughout USA! HBA, Energy products, Batteries, Condoms, Cig. Tobacco products, General Merchandise, Household products, Novelty, MUCH MUCH MORE... 1-800-538-3873. DISCOUNT WHOLESALERS, INC. Discount Wholesalers, Inc. Name Brand Products. 610-458-1131 Items such as Health and Beauty Aid, Cosmetics, Household Cleaners, Laundry Detergent, General Merchandise, Toys, Clothing, shoes, dollar store, Electronics, Domestics and more. We specialize in liquidations & closeouts, original cases and DRUGSTORE PRODUCTS, INC. Health & Beauty: Aveeno, Banana Boat, Bengay, Blistex, Centrum, Colgate, Coppertone, Desitin, Dove, J&J, Listerine, Neutrogena, Palmers, Revlon Colorsilk, ColorStay, Mennen, Olay, Old Spice, One A Day, Oscal, Playtex, RoC, Waterbabies, Baby Ganics, Bliss, Optimum Whey, Main N Tail MERCHANDIZE LIQUIDATORS Cosmetics-Closeouts.htm Merchandize Liquidators is a cosmetics wholesaler which supplies overstock and shelf pulled makeup from many drug stores in the country as well as overrun and surplus directly from the distribution centers. MVP TRADING CO., INC. Wholesale distribution & export of branded health & beauty aids, personal care items, household cleaning products and more. Brands include: Gillette, Nivea, Crest and many more. Please visit our website to view our catalog or call our office at +1-240-235-5029 for more information. NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCTS DROP SHIP & WHOLESALE Dropship Vitamin, Herbal Supplement, Natural Remedies, Sports Nutrition, Minerals, Alternative Medicine, Natural Cosmetics, Organic Food & Grocery & Natural Health Products ONE TREE BRANDS LLC One Tree Brands is a Deep Discount Wholesaler of Brand Name Health and Beauty Products. Great deals on large lots, small lots and individual items. Cosmetic Brands include L’Oreal, Maybelline, Revlon, Covergirl, Lancome, NYC, etc. Health items include cold and flu medicines, braces, maternity & more. RGANICA LLC Rganica manufactures top of the line All Natural Skin Care Products for Acne, Anti-Aging, Body Wash, Facial Cleansers, Diabetic Wound Repair, Nail Repair and so on. We offer a free Retail Starter Kit of 20 Products to all of our new wholesale buyers. Just pay shipping of $12.35! Once you run out

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REMANUFACTURING, REPACKAGING & DISPOSAL SOLUTIONS We can design customized solutions for organizations of all sizes!

See these items as well as all of our closeout and liquidation inventory at Sales: 47 Park Ave., Elverson, PA 19520 The Web’s Original Wholesale Directory

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t Thousands of Qualified Wholesale Suppliers. t Search Over 660,000 Items, t In Over 50 Major Product Categories. LOG ON TODAY and find the merchandise you've been looking for! For advertising information, call Sumner Communications, Inc. 1-800-999-8281


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Health & Beauty — Perfume  Continued From Page 34 WWW.MAKEUPCOLORS.COM --SAVE MONEY, EARN BETTER Factory direct wholesale!!! buy now!!! nail polish 0.45USD/bottle, eyeliner 0.25USD/ps... Makeup is all about colors, Find all the colors you want at www.

HOME DÉCOR / HOUSEWARES COUNTRY CLUB BED SHEETS (908) 352-5400 WHOLESALE BED SHEETS! BUY DIRECT FROM THE SOURCE AND MAKE HUGE PROFITS!! EGYPTIAN COMFORT 800, EGYPTIAN COMFORT 1200, CHRISTOPHER ADAMS 1600, HOTEL LIFE PILLOWS, 7 PIECE COMFORTER SETS WE ARE THE MAIN DISTRIBUTOR!!! CALL 908- 352-5400 FREE SHIPPING!! WE BEAT ANY PRICE! DUKE IMPORTS, INC. * REGAL COMFORT™ PRODUCTS Regal Comfort™ 800,1200,1600 Series Bed Sheet Sets in Embroidered, Plain & Printed Styles * 1 & 2-Ply Mink Blankets in 3.2 & 2.1 Kg Weights * Sherpa Mink Blankets & Throws * Printed Comforters * 7 & 8 Piece Comforter Sets. Don’t trade quality for price. Nobody beats our quality, Nobody! 260-665-1100.


SILVER FACTORY We carry the highest quality sterling silver, stainless steel, tungsten & Hip-Hop jewelry from all over the world at factory direct prices. 972-484-0100. ALAMODE Wholesaler and Manufacturer of Fashion Jewelry. We feature over 7,000 of products from sterling silver, rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, brooches, charms. We provide wide range of quality jewelry with affordable prices. 800-622-4404. AZUR GLOBAL IMPORTS Sterling Silver Jewelry. Specializing in Italian Chains, Earrings, Bracelets and Necklaces. Catalog Available. Extremely competitive prices for Distributors, Jewelry Stores, Kiosk or Home base operations. Selling to resellers only since 1974! BELCHO USA: JEWELRY MANUFACTURE & SALES 925 Sterling Silver, brass alloy, precious and nonprecious jewelry manufacturing, casting and design, CNC metal mold cutting. Low minimum. We offer 925 sterling silver and 14K gold plated brass jewelry. Contact us for custom design orders and wholesale discounts @ BODYVIBE BODY JEWELRY Manufacturer Of Thousands Of Styles Of Body Jewelry & Fashion Jewelry. Best Pricing & Promotions In The Industry. Call Us At 866-507-2537. CERIJEWELRY.COM Wholesale distributor of high quality fashion jewelry including rings, earrings, bracelet, brooches, necklaces, etc. We carry thousands of fashion jewelry at everyday low wholesale prices. We ship within the U.S. and to most countries worldwide at low flat rate shipping costs. COOL JEWELS FASHION AND TRENDY JEWELRY Shop Online for the Newest Designs & HOTTEST TRENDS in jewelry - Mood Jewelry, Cross Jewelry, Shark Teeth, Stainless Steel, Rasta, Shell, Rhinestones /Glitz, Zoo/Aquarium, CHILDRENS JEWELRY, Key Necklaces + Much More. Instant DISPLAY PACKAGES. We will not be undersold! Since 1977

HER STATION WHOLESALE HerStation Wholesale is your one-stop shopping for wholesale western style purses, wallets, fashion handbags, jewelries, scarves, belts, & etc. We offer huge selection of fashion accessories. Call us @ 972-243-9090 or visit our website at www.

VOUSI - FASHION JEWELRY WHOLESALER/DROPSHIPPER Wholesale & Dropship fashion/costume jewelry. We dropship thousands of jewelry products including rings earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more. No additional fee for dropship service and shipping starts only $1.95 per package.

HIP HOP JEWELRY - RC JEWELS We Wholesale the hottest Hip Hop Iced Out Bling Bling Jewelry including Grillz, Hiphop Earrings, Belt Buckles, Pendants, Bracelets, Watches, Bracelets and Chains-Highest Quality on the Market.

WHOLESALE STERLING RINGS Wholesale source for Gold, Sterling Silver and Costume Jewelry at true wholesale prices. Stretch bracelets, earrings, European Bracelets beads and supplies, necklaces and rings.

IJDI PRESENTS AARON LEE DESIGNS! The BEST CZ Jewelry. Our quality is what makes the difference! ORIGINAL, EXCLUSIVE & UNIQUE CHRISTMAS DESIGNS! Lead/Nickel Free Earrings. Designer Inspired, ENAMEL, Bridal & Traditional. Extensive online catalog. THE LOOK OF REAL! VISIT US AT THE ASD SHOW AUG 12-15, 2012 BOOTH# C2598! SHOW SPECIALS!


JEWELRY & ACCESSORIES, INC. The best selection of jewelry & accessories anywhere. Over 8,000 styles & 30,000 pictures with order number & description.Prices start at 8 Cents! Look-a-Like Sunglasses, Fashion Belts, Readers, Necklace, Novelties, Body Jewelry, Earrings, Gloves, Sets, Semi-Precious, Cosmet JGI JEWELRY - HIGH QUALITY FASHION JEWELRY More than 1,000 styles of Costume Jewelry & Fashion Jewelry. Exquisite design Necklaces, Pendants, Earrings, Bracelets, Brooches, Rings with High Quality CZ & Crystals! Perfect for all occasions! FREE SHIPPING for Customers with promo code ‘WC. Com’ MIN ORDER $100! (213) 623-3193 JUDSON & CO. - FASHION JEWELRY, FASHION WATCHES JUDSON SILICONE WATCH BLOWOUT! ONLY $4.99. ALSO, our low prices on Fashion Jewelry, Fashion Watches, Bracelets, fashion rings, Sunglasses, Collegiate fashion accessories, and Jewelry Displays. Our customers say that we have the best quality, website, and customer service. NEW FRESCO’S New Frescos is a Wholesaler that specializes in Wholesale Costume Jewelry, Body Jewelry, Wholesale Sterling Silver 925 Earrings, Rings, Poison Rings, Spinner Rings, Kama Sutra Jewelry, Pendants Necklaces, Religious Jewelry, Fashion Accessories and Pewter Figurines. PAMPERED PRINCESS We choose only the best & hottest fashions to complement your current inventory in fashion jewelry. We offer Free Shipping for orders $250 or more. Our collection of wholesale costume jewelry is updated weekly and we also carry a variety of fashionable scarves. Stock up with our jewelry for the holiday rush. Call us today (585)266-7040 ROXO LLC We manufacture the world’s most customizable bracelets, featuring Disney, Marvel, & Nickelodeon graphics. The charms (roxos) snap on to assorted rubber bracelets. Roxo products have a retail mark up of 50% or more. SAM’S ONE Manufacturer and distributor of silver HIP HOP fashion jewelry, in business for over 15 years. We also carry the latest in silver chains, bracelets, rings, pendants and more. THE WELMAN GROUP Great Prices! Excellent Service! Fast Shipping! Over 5000 designs of Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, and Bronze Jewelry. Call with valid tax ID number for three free color catalogs and see for yourself. Call toll free 1-888-333-0870, or email to UNITED GEMCO We specialize in the design manufacture of classic antique jewelry. We carry rings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, findings, macrame, diamonds, gemstones and more.

CUTLERY WHOLESALER We are the largest Manufactures Importer and Wholesalers to the weapon industry. We wholesale items such as Knives, Daggers, Swords, Martial Arts, Movie Sword, Ninja Gear, Self Defense, Sword Display and More! We pride ourselves on our Top Quality Products and Low Wholesale Prices. Only $75 Minimum! EDGEWORK IMPORTS INC. WE OFFER THE BEST AND LOWEST PRICES IN THE KNIFE/SWORDS MARKET. WE OFFER BLIND DROP SHIPPING. SAME DAY SHIPPING BEFORE 1 PM (EST) Call us at 1-800-799-6955.** WE GUARANTEE OUR PRICES ARE THE LOWEST ANYWHERE. MASTER CUTLERY Knives, swords, daggers, flashlights, crossbows, airguns, security equipment, knife collectibles, high quality licensed collectibles and martial arts equipment. Largest variety in the knife industry. TURKEY CREEK TRADING COMPANY Store.cfm Wide Selection of Tac-Force Spring Assist Knive s,Throwing,Hunting,Survival,Pocket Knives,Self Defense items,all kind of Swords and Daggers. We offer excellent quality products at a VERY LOW COST GUARANTEED!!!and great customer service. WE WILL BEAT OR MATCH ANY PRICE. 10% discount on $100.00 order!

LAWN & GARDEN ONLINE STORES, INC. Online Stores, Inc. wholesales and distributes a wide range of flags, flagpoles at low wholesale prices! Low minimum orders and fast shipping. CALL 724-9255640 for Pricing or Log In Credentials.

LEATHER JAFRUM INTERNATIONAL INC. JAFRUM-THE MOST TRUSTED NAME IN LEATHER & HELMETS! We have a vast selection of leather jackets, biker apparel, plus size & motorcycle helmets. Shop online or call NOW! 1-877-GO-HELMET. MYLEATHER.COM - LEATHER APPAREL, BOOTS, JACKETS Save 50%-70% leather jackets, motorcycle jackets, motorcycle helmets, leather footwear, motorcycle saddlebags, motorcycle leather goods, biker jackets, for mens, women, and kids. Exclusive leather designs for fashion-conscious customers at low wholesale prices. ***1-800-514-0544. ***



KALAN LP Lansdowne, Pennsylvania United States Market leader in humorous and personalized programs. Specialize in the newest Impulse products. PERSONALIZED PRODUCTS: Mini lanyard key rings & hot pink key rings. Also, tin signs, shot glasses, magnetic stickers, party goods, birthday candles, balloons and confetti. Over 10,000 items in-stock. 800-345-8138. BIG MOUTH TOYS Big Mouth Toys is the creative force behind an exclusive line of high-quality novelty items. Our specialty is an assortment of humorous products targeting practical jokers of all ages.We design and produce our line exclusively to satisfy our high standards of quality and originality. NOVELTEES WHOLESALE Newest & Hottest Novelty Items, Toys, Flags, Costume Jewelry, Light Up Novelties, Inflatables, Tricks, Jokes & Gags, Gifts, Patches, Magic Trick Toys, Pins, Hats, Tees, Small Party Favors, patches, beanie caps, tee shirts, baseball hats,Dolls, Do Rags, Banners, Sunglasses & Lots More! SMART BLONDE NOVELTY LICENSE PLATES & SIGNS We manufacturer and distribute Novelty License Plates, Signs and License Plate Frames. We stock over 4,700 items in 30 different categories including licensed Collegiate, NFL, NBA and MLB. We also offer custom manufacturing - Fast Shipping, Best Pricing Drop shipping and Loyalty Discounts.

OFFICE & SCHOOL SUPPLIES CRANBERRY CREEK, INC. Manufacturer of personalized stationary, decorative pads, note cards, address books, recipe books. NEW: Ribbon Necklaces!! See our unique product line, and call for wholesale prices. MADE IN USA! (800) 200-0907

PARTY SUPPLIES & GREETING CARDS SAV-ON CLOSEOUTS Your source for below wholesale and closeout merchandise, toys, seasonal items, holiday items, novelties, dollar store items, baskets, figurines, fashion jewelry, gift bags, plus liquidations as low as a penny! Over 2000 great offers with no membership fees. STOCKWELL GREETING CARDS-MADE IN THE USA Greeting cards 23 cents per card, 1.38 per 6-pack. Orders over 150 packs get free freight. Large orders get volume discounts as low as 18 cents per card. 1000’s of AMERICAN MADE designs S/B 18¢ per card, $1.08 per 6-pack Orders over 350 packs get free freight. Delete Large orders get volume discoun

PERFUME A 2 Z PERFUMES INC A 2 Z Perfumes Inc Is The Leading Wholesaler Of The Widest Selection In All Designer Fragrances & Colognes,Gift Sets,Testers,Mini’s,Vials,Body Products in Usa. We Can Ship Your Order 24 Hrs. We Offer Free Shipping On Orders Over $5000. FRAGRANCENET.COM Trusted since 1997 carries over 14,000 genuine brand named fragrances, skin care, hair care, aroma therapy & candles all at wholesale prices up to 70% off retail. Drop shipping available no fees.

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Retail Value $400.00


+ Shipping & Handling

158 Industrial Drive, Sylvania, Alabama 35988


/i°\ÊÓxȇn{x‡{{££ÊÊUÊÊ>Ý\ÊÓxȇxnx‡ÈäÓÈ Enter Coupon Code: WEBW “>ˆ\Ê>>L>“>ÜVŽÃJ}“>ˆ°Vœ“ Save 5% Off 1st Time Orders


of $100 or More!

>L>“>Ê7…œiÃ>iÊ-œVŽÃÊThe Best Amercian Source For Wholesale Socks

ÀiÃÃÊUÊ̅ïVÊUÊi`ˆV>Ê …ˆ`Ài˜½ÃÊUÊi˜½ÃÊUÊ7œ“i˜Ã Dress

Thermal Diabetic






Peace Low Cut


Visit us at:


Secure ordering available online!




Over 15,000 Brand Name Original Fragrances, Skin Care & Cosmetic Products


Lancy NY Brings Together An Unsurpassed Range Of Quality Crystal Jewelry At Exceptional Value Online &BSSJOHTt/FDLMBDFT 1FOEBOUTt3JOHT #SBDFMFUTt#SPPDIFT 4VOHMBTTFT"OE.PSF

Fragrance 100 % Original & Authentic


718-482-6970 Register for your account online today:

All At Wholesale Or Closeout Pricing! ÕÀLiÀÀÞÊUÊ >Ûˆ˜Êiˆ˜ÊUÊ …>˜i

…ÀˆÃ̈>˜Ê ˆœÀÊUÊ ˆ˜ˆµÕiÊUÊ œÌÞÊ œœ}˜i ˆâ>Li̅ÊÀ`i˜ÊUÊ ÃÌiiÊ>Õ`iÀ ˆœÀ}ˆœÊÀ“>˜ˆÊUÊÕVVˆÊUÊÕiÀ>ˆ˜ >Ã̜˜ÊUÊÕ}œÊ œÃÃÊUÊ>˜Vœ“i ˆâÊ >ˆLœÀ˜iÊUÊ*iÀÀÞÊ ˆÃ ®

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Perfume — Watches  Continued From Page 36 FRAGRANCEX.COM Perfume, cologne, fragrances, skincare products & cosmetics at the lowest prices. Our discount perfume selection consists of over 15,000 brand name authentic items. All perfumes are 100% authentic & original, we do not sell knockoffs or imitations. PERFUME CENTER OF AMERICA Your one stop for Designer Perfumes. We have been in business for over 15 years - large inventory - prompt delivery. PERFUME MARKET Wholesale distributor of Genuine Brand Name Perfumes. Top selling fragrances at great prices with exceptional service every time. WHOLESALE.LUXURYPERFUME.COM 22+ years Wholesale experience - 60 store locations worldwide. 10,000+ Designer fragrances, Hard to find, Gift sets. 100% ORIGINAL, NO imitation. Worldwide Shipping, 24 hour orders. Trust our service at Order Online! wholesale.luxuryperfume. com. 1.877.723.6852 *Free Shipping avail

PROFESSIONAL SUPPLIES CCB WHOLESALE CCB Wholesale has been in business for over 30 years. We are a family owned and operated company selling ziplock bags and general merchandise. We pride ourselves on our customer service. If there is anything we can help with please don’t hesitate to contact us!

RELIGIOUS ITEMS HENRY BRANDT & COMPANY, INC. www.HENRYBRANDT.COM Serving the discount marketplace for over 30 years with top quality CHRISTIAN CLOSEOUTS! Christian greeting cards, Christian gifts, magnets, novelties, collectibles, books, Christian jewelry, & much more! Wholesale Only! $100.00 minimum order. RELIGION UNIVERSE IMPORT EXPORT INC. Large and exciting collection of religious statues, candles, incense stiks, perfume, soaps, aromatic oils and much more. Visit our site to see our unique selection. Call (305) 436-8781 Fax (305)675-3398.

SELF-DEFENSE, SECURITY CUTTING EDGE PRODUCTS, INC. For over 20 years we have manufactured the world’s top selling brand: Streetwise Stun Guns. JUST ARRIVED: 7,500,000 Stun guns! We carry 40 Stun Gun models, Spy Cameras, Pepper Spray (20 models), Can Safes, Alarms, Cameras and Dummy Cameras. LOWEST WHOLESALE PRICES. WE DROP SHIP. SKYLINE USA, INCORPORATED Providers of Guard Dog Security products. Industry innovators and worldwide leaders in tactical stun guns, best price, quality, brand guarantee on pepper sprays! Hottest selling self-defense on the market! Don’t be fooled by imitators! Guard Dog has unique patented products proven to boost your sa

SHOES & FOOTWEAR 247 WHOLESALE SHOES SNEAKERS CLOTHING WHOLESALE DI store.cfm Wholesale Liquidation: Sneakers, Shoes, Footwear, Clothing, Apparel, Jewelry, Handbags, Sunglasses, Electronics & Furniture. 247Wholesale offers Brand Name 100% AUTHENTIC Product, Brand New Liquidated Merchandise, Department Store Returns, Overstock & Surplus. CALL 877-247-WHOLESALE (9465) Tooday BUY WHOLESALE FOOTWEAR†is the leading fashion hosiery and footwear supplier on the web. We offer licensed and brand name labels liquidated from the mass retailers sold by the case to the discounted market place. is focused to service Dollar Stores, Discount Stores, Flea Ma

CHENG’S ENTERPRISE, INC. Cheng’s Enterprise has been a leading importer, exporter, and wholesaler specializing in footwear since 1982. Our brand Easy USA includes basic as well as currently trending styles. We ship nationwide, worldwide, and do drop shipping. Call us at 800-8863288 or visit our website today! IJ SOCKS. COM is the leading supplier of hosiery and footwear! We also supply fashion accessories including belts, watches, pashminas,gloves and much more! CALL TOLL FREE 1-855-440-8482 VERONACOLLECTION.NET (WHOLESALE SHOES & HANDBAGS) carry for the hottest fashion and finest quality shoes, handbags & scarves for women at the Best Wholesale Prices.The products include variety of selection in heel,pump,flat,sandal,wedge,boot , bootie,party shoe,fashion handbag,clutch,evening bag, messenger,crossbody,wallet,scarf WHOLESALE SHOE STOP, INC. We are a wholesale provider of women’s and kids fashion footwear. We offer women boots, rainboots, pumps, rider boots, combat boots, sandals, flats and evening wear as well as girls and infant fashion shoes. We offer some of the hottest fashion trends at affordable prices.

SMOKING PRODUCTS CANTEPORE INC. Cantepore Inc. is an importer and distributor of all types of smoking pipes accessories, which follows wide range of high quality smoking pipe products. Handmade by skilled craftsman. Visit us at HABIB IMPORT WHOLESALERS, IMPORTERS and DISTRIBUTORS. We specialize in a wide variety of SMOKING ACCESSORIES.We also Import POCKET and HUNTING KNIVES and FANTASY SWORDS. We carry a range of CONVENIENCE STORE items and GENERAL MERCHANDISE.For BEST QUALITY and PRICE Call Toll Free 1-800-530-2976. JJ WHOLESALE LLC We are a supplier of wholesale smoking accessories. Lowest Prices Guaranteed! Please visit us at JK IMPORTS, INC. We have a large selection, high quality & great prices which includes over 500 zippo lighters, souvenirs, general gifts, 200 flasks & much more cigar & cigarette accessories & Licensed Sports Team products. NEXGEN SMOKE Huge Customer Base! Everything is Retail Ready! Exciting Full Product Selection! Healthy and Established Brand! Hundreds of Stores Currently Carrying NG! Exclusive Territories For Volume Producers! CLICK FOR MORE INFO & PRICING | Low Minimums REAL FEEL E-CIGARETTES Real Feel e-cigarette offers smokers an unmatched smoking experience and we pride for the quality and the technology that makes Its high smoke volume and rich, thick flavor, one of the most pleasant smoking sensations available. Official web site. SPS WHOLESALE 1-877-744-9439 - Wholesale smoking accessories including glass pipes, water pipes, bubblers, metal pipes, vaporizers, hookahs, scales, grinders, and more. TRIANGLE WHOLESALE Importer & Distributor of Smoking Accessories such as Glass Pipes, Grinders, Hookahs, Pipes, Water Pipes, Digital Scales, Detox Drinks, Stash Cans, Electronic Cigarettes, Lighters, Ashtrays, Cigarette Cases and many more items. US GLOBAL IMPORTS Distributor of Smoking and Detox Products. Ashtrays, Detox, Hookahs, Scales, Stash Cans, Grinders, Vaporizers, Pipes, Stash Cans, C-store items and More.

SPORTING GOODS PATTER’S COLLECTIBLES We are a wholesale distributor of Officially Licensed NFL, NCAA, MLB, NHL, and NBA merchandise. We offer Jewelry, car accessories, flags, and other novelty items. Closeouts available! Call 412-916-2456 today or visit our website POWER ENERGY SPORTS Wholesale Tornado Necklaces. Over 150 vibrant color combinations are avail. Also known as Titanium Sports Necklace or Baseball Twist Necklace, these inspired braided necklaces are worn and seen on the pro athletes. Necklaces are $3.25 each. Min order is 100 pcs. 954-296-0717 SHARP IMPORT LLC www.SHARPIMPORT.COM Welcome! We are The Biggest Wholesaler of All Kind Of Swords, Airsoft Guns, Tools, Video Game Swords, Movie Swords, Daggers, Pocket & Throwing Knives, Sword Canes & Much More! Makes a great hobby for outdoors. ONLY $50.00 MINIMUM! Call 1-877-286-4139 or Visit And Get 5% OFF YOUR THE EXTRA MILE We have collectibles, lighters, mugs, NFL Merchandise, Licensed Sports Products, Licensed Novelties, MLB, Nascar, NCAA, NHL, NBA and much more. Give us a call today at 1-800-560-2949.

STORE / DEALER SUPPLIES KANDOOSTORE.COM KanDooStore.Com,a breakthrough group-buying platform that dealing with all kind of accessories with low prices allows small retailers to obtain the same high-volume discounts that large retail chains enjoy. We’re dedicated to help the small business owner succeed in this tough economic environment.


PR SUNGLASSES At PR Sunglasses, we have a great selection of wholesale sunglasses that are updated monthly - from our promotional low-cost line to high quality fashion lines. We also carry reading glasses, goggles, kids sunglasses, sunglass displays and a wide variety of accessories. 800-777-7656. ** CTS WHOLESALE SUNGLASSES ** New 2012 Models... YOUR #1 SUPPLIER! BEST QUALITY! LOWEST PRICES! From $8 per dozen. Find Men’s, Women’s, Kid’s, Polarized, Goggles in stock. Refillable lighters, baseball hats and more! Increase your sales with our sunglasses. Over 20+ years in the industry. No Min. order (800)796-3486 FASHION USA We are Importers & Distributors of Fashion Eyewear for more than 10 years with the newest latest styles by the thousands! FREE SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OVER $150. MODA WHOLESALE SUNGLASSES FREE SHIPPING FACTORY DIRECT! Wholesale Sunglasses as low as $8 per dozen! WE WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD. We offer FREE Designer display boxes and have over 700 styles of sunglasses in stock. Call 888-308-6632 or visit now! We offer first time order specials for New Customers plus FREE SHIPPING!! OLYMPIC EYEWEAR - WHOLESALE DESIGNER SUNGLASSES Online leader of Wholesale Designer Sunglasses, Brand Name Look a Likes. The trendiest and newest styles to fit today’s fashion. Men’s sportswraps, ladies fashion shades, polarized sunglasses, ski & snowboard goggles, glasses for water sports and more. No min. order. (888)303-9393

RUBY IMPORTS WHOLESALE JEWELRY ACCESSORY Welcome to the Ultimate destination for Costume Jewelry & Fashion Accessories.Over 30,000 Kinds of items in stock. Our mission is to deliver the most compelling shopping experience for our customers. SOLAR FASHIONS NYC New York based eyewear company specializing in fashion & designer inspired sunglasses. Over 20 years experience with large variety & quantities in stock at all times. High quality and competitive pricing equals a HIGH PROFIT MARGIN! TOPPER INTERNATIONAL LIQUIDATORS Topper International Liquidators & Liquidations are your source for surplus items & overstocks including home & bath, health & beauty, jewelry, apparel, electronics, cosmetics and so much more! Brand name liquidations! Pennies on the dollar.

TELEPHONE & CELLULAR TRICKLE GROUP Hottest mobile accessories - including iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 5, MacAirBook & Power. Stands, Cases, Sleeves, and Battery Packs.

TOOLS & HARDWARE USELL-WESOURCE.COM We are wholesale only. We supply/source for resellers and distributors. Whether you are looking for a container direct from China or looking for one item to be dropshipped to your customer (with your name on it) we have a program for you. Quality products at REAL WHOLESALE PRICING!

TOYS & HOBBIES ESCO IMPORT TOY COMPANY #1 Toy Specialist since 1969. Huge selection of toys such as dolls, action figures, kites, and much more. We also have dollar store & novelties in stock, ready for fast delivery. Low prices & minimums. Guaranteed high quality products & packaging. Only $150 minimum order. INNEX, INC. Worldwide distributor of video game accessories, toys, mobile & audio! Find peripherals for retro and next-gen gaming consoles and handhelds! Licensed plush toys, figurines, R/C cars, board games. Accessories for Mobile devices. Come visit our booth at ASD Las Vegas, March 17-20, 2013. Check us o WHOLESALE RC HELICOPTERS Top Quality and Affordable remote control products. Our primary focus is R/C helicopters and we carry all top brands and parts for R/C toys at very affordable prices. Visit our website today or call 714-288-0400

WATCHES EASTERN WATCH CO. CASIO DISTRIBUTOR One of the Largest Official Casio Distributors in the United States. Casio Core Line, and G-Shocks. We also carry a large selection of Fashion and Swanson Watches. See complete product line on our web site, or call (213) 746-9109 for special prices. TIME FACTORY INC ::: WHOLESALE WATCHES & JEWELRY WHOLESALE WATCHES:: **Bling Bling** **Hip Hop** **Fashion** **Mens/Women** **Metal/Leather** **Bangle Watches** ++++ HIP HOP JEWELRY ++++ ---Latest Styles ---- Huge Selection ---- BEST PRICES! WATCH TIME INC. Store.cfm We Are A Importer And Manufacturer Of Inexpensive Fashion Watches.

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Increase Your Income with These Publications from SUMNERCOMMUNICATIONS, Inc. Independent Retailer

The Merchandiser Group Magazines America’s #1 Flea Market and Swap meet trade magazine, the Merchandiser is every vendor’s best source for new merchandise and hot product trends. Stuffed with special offers, closeouts and bargains, you’ll find something new and valuable each month! Also included: an exclusive state-by-state directory of active markets with details on market hours, manager contacts, and more! Start your subscription today!

Web Wholesaler Magazine

East Coast Merchandiser #130. 1 year (12 issues). $30.00 #131. Single issue. $7.00 Midwest Merchandiser #132. 1 year (12 issues). $30.00 #133. Single issue. $7.00 Western Merchandiser #134. 1 year (12 issues). $30.00 #135. Single issue. $7.00

estern ast & Wiser o C t s Ea erchand M both Now inlish Eng ish! an and Sp

Written exclusively for business professionals who manage or own a brick & mortar retail establishment, each monthly issue of Independent Retailer offers expert advice on wholesale buying and selling. Hundreds of offerings from America's leading importers and manufacturers are showcased in dozens of product categories. Industry news, hot-selling product trends, and new product debuts are all here, too! #101. Independent Retailer. 1 year (12 issues). $24.00 Special $12.00 #102. Independent Retailer. Single issue. $7.00

Web Wholesaler, the official monthly magazine of, provides timely strategies for successful online wholesale buying and selling. Each monthly issue delivers new product trends, tech updates, and leading sources of wholesale merchandise. Packed with thousands of products available online, each issue is an invaluable sourcebook for new sales and acquisitions. #106. Web Wholesaler. 1 year (12 issues). $39.95 #107. Web Wholesaler. Single issue. $8.00

The Only Accurate Flea Market & Swap Meet Directory in America. The 23rd Edition Guide to Active Flea Markets & Swap Meets is the authoritative compilation of active operating flea markets and swap meets throughout the United States and Canada. Listings include operating hours and descriptions of each market. Don’t be without this comprehensive guide. Order today! #111. The 23rd Edition Guide to Active Flea Markets & Swap Meets. $19.99, plus $3.00 S&H ($22.99 total)

A Unique Guide to Trade Shows Across the Country! Trade Shows USA™ 2013 is the leading source book for trade shows and events across America and Canada. Dates, times, locations, as well as thorough descriptions offer you a complete picture of all major shows. New, comprehensive edition, covering over 1,600 shows in more than 20 categories – now over 200 pages! #105. Trade Shows USA™ 2013 $19.99, plus $3.00 S&H ($22.99 total)

Send this order form and cash, check or money order to: Sumner Communications, 24 Stony Hill Rd., Bethel, CT 06801-1166

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For INDEPENDENT RETAILER and Web Wholesaler Magazines, Postal regulations require that you fill out and sign this form. I request that Sumner Communications send me INDEPENDENT RETAILER and/or Web Wholesaler Magazine.

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s ’ r o t i Ed C & C TRADING INC. Handbags, Wallets, Jewelry, Hair Accessories, Beads and more! 972-241-6668

Tsuen May Trading Incense, Religious Articles ...and much more! Minimum Order: $100 305-593-0888 TsuenMayTrading

SMART SURPLUS INC. Full service, worldwide liquidation and inventory management firm. Remanufacturing, Repackaging & Disposal Solutions. We can design customized solutions for organizations of all sizes. 877-977-SMART (7627) Hi-Dow Muscle Stimulators Aches, Pains, Stress, Sore Muscles? Get relief now! Several models to choose from. 314-569-2888

Nostalgic Images Extendable BBQ fork. with reverse forks for added safety. 419-784-1728

40 2

April 2013

March 2009


Kalan Plastic Cups. Huge variety. Plus floor display! 800-345-8138 Jacob’s Paradise, Inc. Where Quality & Service is #1 800-650-6051 626-331-4949 Fax: 626-331-1921

Cynita, Inc. Toothbrush Protector, one piece plastic cover Polar-Spec / keeps bathroom germs Cheaper Buy The Dozen off millions of toothbrushes. Wholesaler Of Imported Fashion 513-943-7769 Sunglasses, Reading Glasses, Sunglass Readers, Goggles, Motorcycle & ATV 1-800-538-0048

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T PRODUCT PICKS Trade Linker Intl All our products are quality approved and supplied from approved factories that produce quality home textiles for the American and international markets. 908-653-0800

Lancy NY Brings Together An Unsurpassed Range Of Quality Crystal Jewelry At Exceptional Value. 718-821-8168

Canal Stop Well-established Import And Wholesale. Carrying Over Thousands Of Fashion Products & Bestselling Items For Wholesale Buyers. 718-821-1092 • 718-366-4730

St Louis Wholesale The largest NFL Wholesaler in the States! Shop our online catalog for over 20,000 products in stock and ready to ship. 1-800-340-7642 Huafu International Trading Corp. Fashion handbags & purses. 212-268-9985

Western Express Your #1 Source for Sensibly Priced Country Western Accessories & More. 800-245-1380

Master Cutlery The largest importer of knives in the United States. Over 3,000 products. We also produce 10 private label brands and are the leading manufacturer of licensed collectible knives and swords in the film industry. 1-888-271-7229

Bi-Win Novelty Wholesaler of smoking accessories, Dollar Store items, sunglasses, hats, caps, jewelry, belts, posters, frames, housewares, gifts, religious items, shoes, stun guns, tools, toys and more. 713-278-7677

FPI - Fortune Products Fairy Berries - Create a magical evening atmosphere! 3/4� diameter clear balls. Each one has a tiny glowing LED that fades on and off slowly. Collectively, they produce a moving firefly or fairy light effect that is absolutely unique! 800-345-4833

Mosquitno Keep bugs away, innovative mosquito repellent. 100% Silicon rubber wristband and durable stickers infused with pleasant-smelling, safe and natural citronella oil. All natural - Deet free. Non-toxic. Waterproof. Safe for kids Sheehan Sales, Inc. 3 years & Up. WHOLESALE MEDICAL 800-336-2026 SCRUBS AT DISCOUNT PRICES. 800-849-9949

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Sales Sizzle with Cooling Towel For more information: KOOL-4-U TOWELS

Tel.: 772-873-9327 Email: Website:

KOOL-4-U Towels are made, without chemicals, from a hyper-evaporative material that retains water while feeling dry and cool to the touch. The towels provide relief from a variety of conditions, including summer heat, sports, fever, headaches, hot flashes, sunburn, inflammation and more, and offer consistent sales because of their versatility. A user simply wets the towel, squeezes out any excess water and shakes it, and it remains cool for two to four hours. When the towel starts to lose its cooling affect, the user gives it a few more shakes and it is cool again because the water inside evaporates. When shaking the towel no longer restores it to coolness, users add more water. “The water has to be cooler than the air temperature, and can be from any salt water or fresh water stream,” explains Sally Tarr, who, along with her husband John, owns the company. Should the product dry out and become stiff, just wet it and

it will return to its original soft texture. The Kool-4-U Towel is durable and longer lasting than similar products on the market and, if properly cared for, will not mold or mildew, Tarr adds. Available in blue, green and pink, the towel measures about 17 inches by 25 inches. It comes in its own case, where, when kept slightly damp, it is always ready for use, and no refrigeration is required. Kool4-U is machine and hand washable with mild liquid soap, and it can be reused hundreds of times. Kool-4-U Towels is offering a starter pack of 25 pieces, containing the buyer’s choice of colors, which wholesales for $175 and tiered pricing is based on volume. Retail generally is $15 per towel. The minimum order is 25 pieces. Kool-4-U Towels provides a cardboard display. New Products Continued On 46 

Wholesale distributor of quality name brand watches!


NEW Items in Stock!

The Company says it’s Seeking Distributors 1-800-538-0048

iPad & Kindle Cases

Watch Wholesalers can offer you Wholesale Pricing on Name Brand Designer Watches. ®




Membership is FREE! Inventory Data Feed for Members! Yes We Dropship! 42

April 2013

Member Services Members can download our inventory directly into their websites.

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B.W. Novelty Inc.

9300B Harwin Drive, Houston, Texas 77036


œÞÊ œ““Õ˜ˆœ˜ÊˆvÌÃÊUÊ ÀÕVˆvˆÝiÃÊUÊ-ˆÛiÀ‡«>Ìi`ÊVœ˜ÃÊUÊ,œÃ>ÀˆiÃÊUÊ,œÃ>ÀÞÊ

>À`ÃÊEÊ œÝiÃÊUʜëiÊ œÛiÀÃÊi`>ˆœ˜ÃÉ*i˜`>˜ÌÃÊUÊ*À>ÞiÀÊ >À`ÃÊUÊ -Ì>ÌÕiÃÊEÊ iÀ>“ˆVʈ}ÕÀˆ˜iÃÊUÊ …ÀˆÃ̓>ÃÊUÊ >̅œˆVÊ-̈VŽiÀà Medallions & Pendants

Ceramic Angel Figurine C7921-03



*…œ˜i\Êǣ·ÓÇn‡ÇÈÇÇÊUÊ>Ý\Êǣ·Çn™‡£££È Gas Mask Pipe NEW!!





ST. Benedict Cross KZE332B

Street Overlord

Big Water Pipe



Wood Rosaries RSW0002


Fitted Cap As low as $24.00 a Dozen

Ash Catcher Click-n-Vape

Religious Bracelet SKU2264-0

Rosary Card A NEW Rosary for the NEW Millennium


6 Shot Grinder /Pipe G on G Burner Pistol Pipe

20% Off ALL *Àœ`ÕVÌà 1ÃiÊ œÕ«œ˜ Code: WW20

Monkey Bubbler

Zippo Style Metal Pipes

Iconeum, LLC PO Box 571, Mohegan Lake, NY 10547

(800) 741-7754

fax: (914)

Ceramic Figurine Hookah

Bob Marley Grinder

G on G Bubbler Guitar Pipe

Ask for discount on big orders. GUARANTEED TO SHIP IN 24HRS


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Find ALL of the latest closeout deals at ONE web site from the nation’s LEADING closeout suppliers! No membership required for buyers.


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ATLANTIC SURPLUS LIQUIDATORS, INC. Quicklink: atlantic Household furniture,office furniture and office supplies,tools,electronics,hardg oods,domestics, housewares,general merchandise,large and small appliances,g iftware,clothing,footwear,toys,paint,etc.

ALL IN ONE LIQUIDATORS Quicklink: allinone We are a major supplier of cases and pallets of general merchandise including cosmetics, jewelry, and much more!

BARGAINMAX, INC. Quicklink: bargain We specialize in closeout merchandise at the lowest prices. Why so low? Because we take possession of the goods and maintain our own warehouses.

ALLSTATE LIQUIDATION Quicklink: allstate Allstate Liquidation offers exceptional quality, overstock and shelf pull, clothing from leading department stores at the lowest prices around. We specialize in mens, womens, juniors, childrens...

CALIFORNIA WHOLESALE Quicklink: Closeoutsurplus We supply Perfumes & Colognes, Cosmetics, HBA,Handbags and Wallets, Body Oils, E-Cigarettes, Key chains, Fashion Watches, Fashion Jewelery and other premium Novelties. CASEY’S DISTRIBUTING Quicklink: Casey Casey’s Distributing 8921 J St. Suite 300 Omaha, NE 68127 Casey’s Distributing is one of the largest distributors of licensed sports novelties in the USA.

AMERICA LIQUIDATORS Quicklink: closesouts We have been a liquidator for over 20 years. We work hard to use that liquidation experience for the benefit of our suppliers and our customers. We are rated excellent by D&B and sell wholesale lots. APPAREL DEALS Quicklink: Apparel Apparel Deals is the wholesale clothing distributor offering wholesale dresses, wholesale fashion & wholesale women’s clothing online. ARY INC. Quicklink: aryinc Closeout commercial kitchen knives and cutlery. Check out our latest closeout merchandise! ATC LIQUIDATION SERVICES Quicklink: atcliquidation We supply closeouts, liquidations, overstocks, surplus & more. Real Deals for distributors, exporter/importers, wholesalers, store owners & eBay/Amazon sellers. No salvage or customer returns.

CCS LTD Quicklink: ccscanada We are a major supplier of General Merchandise and closeouts! CHEAP WHOLESALE JEWELRY.COM Quicklink: CheapWholesaleJewelry Wholesale Fashion Jewelry and Accessories CHRISTHOMAS CORP. Quicklink: christhomas Fine Giftware, Christmos Ornaments, Figurine,fashion watches, Designer Gifts products, Display for Products. CLOSEOUT CONNECTION Quicklink: liquidatedmerchandise Closeout Connection has been in business since 2008.

CLOSEOUT FORTUNE Quicklink: CloseoutFortuneNew MerchandiseCloseoutPrices We offer a variety of over 100,000 items in hundreds of categories at below wholesale prices. Check out our website on daily basis for new items to satisfy your needs. We have posted over 100 lots.


Quicklink: closeoutstore Close Out Store is the premiere online wholesaler and closeout company that helps small businesses to compete against larger enterprises by offering more than 25,000 high-quality goods at prices... CLOTHING DISCOUNT WHOLESALE Quicklink: clothingdiscount An industry leader since 2005, Clothing Discount Wholesale offers wholesale and surplus lots of high quality ready-made garments at competitive prices. COMFORTKING USA, INC. Quicklink: ComfortKingUSA ComfortKing USA, Inc., ComfortKingUSA, Wholesale distributor, Hanes Slightly Imperfect / Irregular t-shirts, v-necks, a-shirts, boxer briefs, briefs, boxers. CONKLIN FASHIONS Quicklink: conklin Huge inventory: earrings, sunglasses, teen jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, rings, anklets, semi-precious jewelry, cosmetics, body jewelry, keychains, hair accessories, children’s jewelry & much more! COOL JEWELS BY PHILLIPS INTL. Quicklink: cooljewels Welcome to Cool Jewels. We are a value oriented, fashion driven company. Since March 1977, we have striven to provide excellent value in wholesale fashion jewelry with prompt and courteous service.

COUNTRYSIDE CLOSEOUTS Quicklink: Countryside The best in name brand closeouts you can find. CRAVEN CLOSEOUTS, INC. Quicklink: craven Welcome to Craven Closeouts where new discoveries happen every day! We’re a family-owned wholesale distributor specializing in the secondary and closeout market. In business since 1950. CRG AUCTION Quicklink: crgauction Over $1.5 million inventory of tactical & police supplies. DEALS CLUB Quicklink: dealsclub We closeout and liquidate health and beauty items, candy, housewares and home decor and much more!!!! DISCOUNT WHOLESALERS, INC. Quicklink: discountwholesalers Discount Wholesalers, Inc. 610-458-1131 Name Brand Products. Items such as HBA, Cosmetics, Household Cleaners, Laundry Detergent, GM, Toys, Clothing, shoes, dollar store, Electronics, Domestics & DOLLARDAYS WHOLESALE CLOSEOUTS Quicklink: dollardays Your Premiere wholesale and closeout distributor. Apparel, toys, hardware, health, beauty and more - Case-load buys at truck-load pricing. 30,000 high quality wholesale products. EAGLE EYE WHOLESALERS Quicklink: eewholesale Grocery Store and Drug Store Closeouts, OverStocks, Liquidations, and label changes. New Truckloads arrive constantly. We sell by pallet, lot, and truckload. EC LIQUIDATIONS Quicklink: ecliquidations In business over 20 years we have the best selection of closeout merchandise. You’ll find everything from party supplies and household goods to general merchandise and crafts!

EFASHIONWHOLESALE.COM Quicklink: fashionwholesale E-Fashion Wholesale is an international clothing wholesaler. We specialize in authentic brand name Off-Price, Closeouts, and Liquidations of popular apparel for men, women, and children. ELECTROSTAR Quicklink: electrostar Everything LED - Novelties, Flashlights, Key Chains, Bouncy Balls, Bicycle Wheel Lights, Fiber Optic Wands and much more. Trusted American Company. Established 1989. LOW LOW LOW PRICES ESSENZIALE LUXURY GROUP Quicklink: Essenziale Wholesaler of designer fragrances, cosmetics, skincare and toiletries. ESSEX TECHNOLOGY GROUP Quicklink: essex We specialize in the reverse logistics of consumer electronics, housewares, sporting goods, & other general merchandise obtained from major retail chains throughout the country. EXCESS INTERNATIONAL, INC. Quicklink: excess Excess International buys and sells Closeouts of General Merchandise in a variety of categories, including Housewares, Sporting Goods, Gifts, Hardware, Novelties, Books, more. FAMILY INVESTMENT TRADE, CORP Quicklink: closeouts12 We are a new company liquidating general merchandise. FLOMO/NYGALA CORP. Quicklink: flomo FLOMO, owned & operated by Nygala Corp, supplies closeout gift bags, party supplies, frames, ceramics, plush, artificial flowers, school/office supplies, stationery, holiday/seasonal items & more.

If you are a Wholesaler and would like to appear here, please call 1-800-999-8281 ext.126 44 44 8

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Go Back to FOUR SEASONS GENERAL MERCHANDISE Quicklink: 4sgm Largest Importer & Wholesaler of General Merchandise. Over 10,000 Dollar Store Items and in 50+ categories! Licensed products from Disney, Princesses, Hello Kitty, Dora, Batman, Bob-Sponge & more! G-COR AUTOMOTIVE Quicklink: gcorauto G-COR Automotive is a family owned and operated automotive aftermarket business with six decades and three generations of experience servicing the automotive remanufacturing industry. This longevity. GB US INC. Quicklink: gbusinc GB US Inc. is the largest wholesale & closeouts suppliers, carrying everything from General Merchandise, Apparel, Fashion Accessories, Health and Beauty & much more! Please visit our website or call. GENCO MARKETPLACE Quicklink: GENCO GENCO Marketplace is the premier liquidator of merchandise from the nation’s leading retailers. We have exclusive access to billions of dollars in merchandise including overstocked, seasonal and... GOLDEN CHAIR, INC. Quicklink: GoldenChair Golden Chair manufactures occasional chairs, benches, ottomans, kids furniture, pet products, and offers upholstery fabrics as well. GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY Quicklink: DS Golden Opportunity, Inc is one of the leading importing/exporting companies in the USA and is engaged in a wide range of activities that touch the most basic and far advanced aspects of everyday life. GOLOADS, A DIVISION OF DVA, INC. Quicklink: DVAgoloads DVA, Inc. Founded in 1988 and began selling online in 1997, is a complete product sourcing destination for Amazon sellers. DVA has an everchanging vast inventory of opportunity-buys. GREAT LAKES WHOLESALE Quicklink: glw Great Lakes Wholesale & Marketing L.L.C. is a wholesale distributor of grocery, healthcare, dry goods, beauty care products to dollar stores, drug stores, grocery stores, retail outlets & whol


Quicklink: hj We are in the wholesale closeout, surplus, liquidation business. We buy and sell almost anything (excluding industrial and machinery) at a price way below wholesale. HENGSHUI LONTON TRADING CO LTD Quicklink: wallpaper We are the biggest wholesaler of wallpaper in China. Our warehouse is 6000 square meters and we have 120 people processing and sorting out and we import 10 containers per month. HOTTEST FOOTWEAR Quicklink: Nike we sell name brand sneakers and apparel J. FINN INDUSTRIES LLC / I NEED TO LIQUIDATE Quicklink: Finn Liquidating for over 20 years. Carry all types of merchandise: salvage, new, returns, factory defects. Specialized in DRUGSTORE, CATALOG, FOOTWEAR, FOOD, GENERAL MERCHANDISE, AND CONSUMABLES. JACK SCRAPBOOKS Quicklink: jacks We are manufacturers and liquidators of baby books, scrapbooks, materials and supplies and baby albums. JACOBS TRADING COMPANY Quicklink: jacobs We are the Direct Source for Truckloads of Customer Returns and Excess merchandise. JTC supplies Closeout/Surplus Stores, Wholesalers, Auction Houses, On-Line Sellers, Flea Markets and Exporters. JAMMIN BUTTER LLC Quicklink: jammin We have small and large lots of all types of consumer goods. We are very easy to work with, just reach out to us.

JJ OUTLET, LLC Quicklink: jjoutlet JJ Outlet specializes in liquidations of closeouts, overruns and excess products. We own what we sell. No brokerage. We offer a wide variety of items, most often in large quantities. KOLE IMPORTS Quicklink: dollar Wholesaler and direct importer of Dollar Store Merchandise and Over $1 Merchandise. We buy and sell closeouts. FOR INFORMATION CALL 800-874-7766. LC SANKA INC. Quicklink: LCSANKA Watches manufacturer, wholesaler, importer/exporter. LIQUIDATION GENERAL Quicklink: General Liquidation General sells High-End Liquidation Apparel, Clothing, Handbags and much more. We offer Women’s, Men’s, Juniors, Plus Size, Children’s, Dresses and Seasonal Apparel. LIQUIDATORS.TV Quicklink: FLOORING buys and sells all types of merchandise, including but not limited to HBA, Perfumes, Dollar Store FLOORING Fashion & Apparel, Consumer Electronics, Automotive Accessories by the truck.. LJK TRADING Quicklink: ljk We are a closeout supplier of General Merchandise and offer LOW LOW prices!

OFF THE RACK SURPLUS Quicklink: Couture We have 2000 new and sample couture wedding/bridal gowns. Sizes range from 2-32. Gowns arrive on hangers. Zippered garment bags can be purchased separately. $90 each, minimum 25 gowns.

SALVAGECLOSEOUTS.COM Quicklink: SCloseouts We are your # 1 wholesale source for all your needs. We sell electronics, clothing, bedding, housewares, tools, toys fashion items and much more. All high end quality.

ONMYODO, LLC Quicklink: Onmyodo Fashion casual footwear with no synthetic materials, natural leather uppers, padded heal and arch support making Onmyodo footwear breathable, comfortable and long lasting.

SAV-ON CLOSEOUTS Quicklink: closeouts Closeouts & Liquidation under a dollar! Over 2000 items with new items arriving daily. No minimum order, free freight available. We carry Toys, Novelties, Plush, Costume Jewelry & more.

ORBITBID Quicklink: Truckload Orbitbid is now auctioning surpluses by the truckload! Visit for the most current sales and location. ORLANDO LIQUIDATOR Quicklink: orlando Overstocks Trading is a seller of overstock store returns, electronics, appliances & closeouts with large variety in the Southeast. PALLETBID.COM Quicklink: palletbid is a product of American Merchandise Liquidators, Inc, a solid bricks-and-mortar, 18-year plus company, contracted and trusted nationwide to move millions of dollars in distressed merch.

PREMIER CLOSEOUTS & LIQUIDATIONS Quicklink: premiercloseouts LONG TRAIL DISTRIBUTORS Premier Closeouts and Liquidations Sells Quicklink: HandBags Wholesale Health and Beauty Aids, HBA Products Hand bags, Brief Cases, Back Packs, Glass Pipes and Wholesale Drug Store items from Major Drug Store Chains and Health And Beauty Companies. M+M Quicklink: M PREMIER TECHNOLOGY Welcome to M + M. We are a costume EXCHANGE jewelry wholesale company. Quicklink: premiertech MADISON AVENUE CLOSEOUTS Quicklink: upscale Welcome to Madison Avenue Closeouts Below Wholesale, Above Expectations! MAIN STREET WHOLESALERS Quicklink: mainstreet Designer Brand Women’s Apparel Wholesaler with Large Selection of Women’s Overstock and Shelf-Pull apparel lots at Below Wholesale-Closeout pricing. MAMA MIA, INC. Quicklink: designeroverstock MMI Overstock is a supplier of women’s designer apparel and shoes. Everything we carry is 100% authentic, first quality, and current season product. Our offerings are given at very competitive prici MARGOLIN SHOES & APPAREL Quicklink: margolin We sell closeout branded footwear & apparel. Licensed products & Bags. Reebok Adidas Dr Martens - for Men Women and Children. MB DISTRIBUTION LLC Quicklink: mbdistribution Closeouts of General Merchandise - Great for Discount and Dollar Stores. MERCHANDISE USA, INC. Quicklink: Merch Merchandise USA is a National B2B wholesale closeout company specializing in buying and selling overstock, excess, surplus and closeout inventory. We operate from 100,000 square feet of warehouse


Quicklink: cosmetics Supplier for closeouts, liquidation merchandise, salvage, overstock, surplus and more. We have REAL DEALS for distributors, exporter/ importers, wholesalers, stores owners, and eBay sellers. MONOGRAM INTL. Quicklink: monogram Closeouts of Licensed Products. MYSALEBIN.COM Quicklink: mysalebin Welcome to My Sale Bin.Com we offer the latest styles in wholesale footwear and handbags at low prices. We carry a wide range of sneakers, cleats, sandals, boots, & more for men, women, and children.

New & Used Computer Equipment, Electronics, Appliances & more. We have been in business since 1990. We have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction whether it’s to the end user or to our.. PRINCESS AMERICA LTD Quicklink: PrincessAmerica Princess America Ltd. is a liquidator of name brand merchandise. All our items are over stocks, store stock, returns and over runs that are sold in major dept stores. We specialize in branded apparel PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY SUPPLY Quicklink: Probeauty We have professional beauty products to liquidate such as Cuticle Scissors, Colorful atractive Eye Brow Tweezers, Nail Clippers, Barber Scissros, Nail Pusher, Nail files. REGENT PRODUCTS Quicklink: regentproducts Largest supplier in the Midwest of direct imports, domestic general merchandise, dollar store items & brand name closeouts. Over 3,000 items in 22 categories IN STOCK


Quicklink: Riley Online Ordering Same Day Shipping. 877.576.5447, warehouses located in California,Illinois and Virginia. Discount closeout and Irregular clothing. Hanes,Fruit, Russell, Active wear for all... ROCK BOTTOM DEALS Quicklink: rockbottom Your source for exceptional deals on name brand products. We specialize in buying and selling name brand overstock, closeouts and surplus merchandise. ROCKEY TRADING INC. Quicklink: rockeytrade Red Hats & Related - Headwear - Hair accessories - Jewerly - C-Store ItemsHandbags - Winter Hats & Gloves - Dollar Store - Beauty Products and C-Store Items - Afro American Hair & Wigs - Beauty... SALES ONE, LLC. Quicklink: salesone INOX Jewelry is a brand name of Salesone International. INOX Jewelry is a collection of over 1400 different 316L Stainless Steel & Tungsten jewelry for both men & women.

SECOND GLANCE RESALE SHOP, LLC Quicklink: glance Liquidator of merchandise from top US retailers. Featuring mixed loads, sporting goods loads, cosmetics and more. We stand behind our loads & are happy to assist new buyers after the sale. We aim...

STATE LINE BAG CO. Quicklink: stateline State Line Bag Company manufactures genuine cotton bags in a variety of designs and sizes. Our current lineup of bags consists of our cotton muslin bags and drawstring backpacks. STOVER’S LIQUIDATION Quicklink: stovers Like saving money on home improvement? Like a huge selection of products to choose from? Then you are at the right website. Stoversliquidation. com has tons of home liquidation closeouts. SUNWAY DESIGN MFG. Quicklink: sunway CLOSEOUTS OF A LARGE SELECTION OF BELTS, BELT BUCKLES AND HANDBAGS. SWANSON CHRISTIAN PRODUCTS Quicklink: swanson International distributor of Christian Products to the General Market. Currently looking to liquidate over 100,000 packages of Shaped Rubber Bands that are worn on the wrist. TEX TRADING Quicklink: closeouts111 Tex Trading Fabric Wholesaler, closeout wholesaler. TEXCYN WHOLESALE Quicklink: texcyn Buy closeout name brand handbags, wallets and other accessories in small lots. We carry brand names such as Fossil, Nine West, Betsey Johnson, and more. THE LAUGHING GIRAFFE Quicklink: Kidsblanks The Laughing Giraffe ® is premium brand of baby, preemie, toddler, boys, girls clothing designed in CA USA since 2000 The Laughing Giraffe ® is manufactured for the promotions industry, ret


Quicklink: PalletGuys The Pallet Guys handles closeouts for local Tennessee companies, liquidation inventories on an exclusive basis and sells lots of closeout merchandise from trusted supliers. TIGER ASSET INTELLIGENT Quicklink: tigergroup Tiger Capital Group, LLC is actively involved in the liquidation of 17 under-performing RoomStore locations in Texas, Alabama, & Florida in a co-venture with three other firms. Going-out-of-business. TITANLIQUIDATION.COM Quicklink: titan Men’s and Women’s Designer Lots available. Brands include Polo, Nautica, Puma and others. Jewelry lots available with fine jewelry and fashion jewelry. Brands include Jessica Simpson, Nine West...

TOPPER INTERNATIONAL LIQUIDATORS Quicklink: liquidator Topper Liquidators offers below-wholesale merchandise to the public, any size business & importers. We are one of the very few companies that offer merchandise liquidations & closeouts with no minimum TOY NETWORK LLC Quicklink: toynetwork Toy Network LLC carries thousands of items: bulk toys, glowsticks, glow necklaces, hi bounce balls, coil springs, novelties and party supplies. We also stock hundreds of stuffed animals, games & more. UNITED JERSEY WHOLESALERS Quicklink: UJW Closeout Company United Jersey Wholesalers, specializes in the wholesale of Overstock, Store Returns, liquidation Merchandise, Closeouts (pallets/truckloads). UNITED NATIONAL CONSUMER SUPPLIERS Quicklink: UnitedNational General merchandise, health and beauty, toys and games, stationary, pet produts, housewares, kitchenware, home and garden, and more. USA BEST DEALS Quicklink: USABEST Closeouts of Karaoke equipment and discs. USA MARGINS Quicklink: charm14 Closeouts of a variety of fashion accessories. we have licensed products and non-licensed. Fashion cell phone purses is our specialty. VARSHAA.COM Quicklink: varshaa Since 2000, Varshaa has been into global imports, exports & wholesale of designer / brand name apparels & accessories.To name a few of these brands that we carry are Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Diesel...


Quicklink: ViaTrading Via Trading. Los Angeles, CA. Store returns, closeouts, surplus merchandise and liquidations. VIRTUOUS WOMAN INTERNATIONAL, LLC Quicklink: jbcloseouts Liquidations, Shelf Pulls, Returns & Closeouts. All types of General Merchandise including but not limited to Apparel,Baby Items, Health & Beauty, Electronics, Housewares and more. WAREHOUSE ONE Quicklink: Warehouse Warehouse One has been in the salvage wholesale business since October, 1995. Since then, we have grown into a multi-million dollar wholesale operation. Our Warehouse is located in TN. 931-788-1011. WEST COAST TRADING Quicklink: westcoasttrading West Coast Trading deals mostly in department store returns and overstocks and can supply our customers with one of the widest assortments of items on the market. WHOLESALE DEPOT Quicklink: Wholesaler We carry liquidation and closeouts by the truckloads. From clothing, bedding, tools, general merchandise, and much more. Most merchandise condition can vary from customer return, salvage and surplus. WHOLESALEMART Quicklink: wholesalemart Wholesale cheap gifts, products in bulk, wholesale gift basket supplies, and bulk wholesale. Cheap Christmas gifts for all your retail or promotional needs. WWW.STLOUISWHOLESALE.COM Quicklink: NFL Importer & Wholesaler of Licensed Merchandise, sunglasses and hats. We Carry An Extensive Line Of NASCAR, NFL, NCAA, MLB, Ball Caps, Reebok NFL, Knit Beanies and Novelties. www.stlouiswholesale. ZBAY OVERSTOCK & LIQUIDATION Quicklink: ZBay Liquidator of overstock merchandise from major department stores.

If you are a Wholesaler and would like to appear here, please call 1-800-999-8281 ext.126

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Easy Fill and Tie Water Balloons WATER BALLOONS make a splash at any event, but the untold time it can take to stretch, fill and tie the balloons can dampen anyone’s spirit. That’s why Scott Smith, mold maker by trade and sales director of Tie-Not, along with his two partners, set out to make tying water balloons a simple, finger-free process, and introduced the Tie-Not Tying Stick. “It’s a lot of fun,” Smith shares. “Our patented Tie-Not Tying Stick allows you to wrap a water balloon around the stick, give it a twist and tie it without using your fingers.” The company has taken it one step further and recently introduced a new way to fill balloons off a garden hose with its patent-pending Tie-Not Filler. “When we demo the Tie-Not Filler at trade shows, people say it is a genius invention,” Smith remarks. “That’s because almost everyone, no matter how old they are, has filled a water balloon at some point and they know how challenging it is.”

For more information: TIE-NOT

Tel.: 630-364-2400 Email: Website:

The Tie-Not Filler wholesales for $2.49 and retails for $4.99. The Battle Pump, another hot seller, is a portable pumping station featuring the Tie-Not Tying Tool and an integrated handle that makes it easy to carry. The product’s one-gallon capacity makes approximately 20 balloons per filling, and 250 biodegradable water balloons are included. The Battle Pump wholesales for $6.50 and retails for $13.99 to $14.99. “Another super popular item we sell is glow fusion bubbles, glow in the dark bubbles, which retail for $5.99 a bottle.” There is no minimum order, and all products are colorfully packaged to create eye-catching displays. Tie-Not products are being sold in 2,000 specialty markets as well as in big box stores. The company recently licensed its products to Imperial Toy Company and, as a result, has expanded its line to include more than 30 additional products.


Home of the world famous

Proud supporter of



Serving our customers since 1985

260 Burkhart Rd., Rutledge, TN 37861

$3.90 per dozen pair


The family just got larger! NEW!

Forty dozen assortment of ankle and low cut socks, size 9-11, cotton blend, 20 dozen of

each style, includes white, white with colored heel and toe and solid color. All banded and ready for sale. WHILE QUANTITIES LAST.


1-800-597-3886 Crew & Tube Socks for men, women and kids MADE IN USA

WE OFFER AMERICAN MADE: Crew socks Tube socks Ankle socks Low cut socks No show socks Boot socks Dress socks Designer socks Diabetic socks Trouser socks Lace trimmed socks Specialty socks in a full range of sizes

Diabetic socks for men and women white, black, navy, khaki, 3 pr banded MADE IN USA

Colorful spandex socks for women and kids

Underwear for men, women and children. Briefs

Panties Boxer shorts

Thermal boot socks, size 10-13, MADE IN USA CLOSEOUT $10.00/Dz Pr. Business to business only - we do not sell to the public.

fortune PRODUCTS


World’s Leading Supplier of Battery Operated Event Décor and More

Phone: 425.334.9739 Toll Free: 800.345.4833 Fax: 425.334.9758

April 2013

Office hours: 9-5 Mon-Thurs Minimum order $100.00


We are your partner ~ not your competitor!

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BRAND NEW EXCESS HOLIDAY/SEASONAL LOADS #534/-%22%452.3s%8#%33s/6%234/#+

TOOL LOADS FURNITURE LOADS GENERAL MERCHANDISE Jacobs Trading Co. Shipping Locations Fort Smith, AR Sneads, FL Minneapolis, MN Las Vegas, NV Salamanca, NY Taft, OK East Flat Rock, SC Marlin, TX Mexia, TX


CALL TODAY! Mention This Ad and Promotional Code CO200 and Receive a FREE Pallet on Your First Order!

CONTACT Bruce, John or Mark

P: 763.843.2000 F: 763.843.2102 Para informaci贸n y atenci贸n al cliente en Espa帽ol contactar a Elizabeth Santiago al 763-843-2031 escribir al e-mail:

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Add your store to MAY 12-14, and be a part of the fastest growing “LOCALLY-OWNED” MAY 14, business directory in America! MAY 16, Shoppers use Goliath Falls to: s'ETTHELATESTLOCAL#/50/.3 s&INDTHEIRLOCALINDEPENDENTBUSINESSES MAY 16-19, s3HARERATINGSREVIEWS s+EEPTRACKOFTHEIRhFAVORITESv MAY 17-19,

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Web Wholesaler 24 Stony Hill Road Bethel, CT 06801-1166 04 -13

NEW 85,000 sq.ft. Warehouse. 30,000 sq.ft. Cash & Carry Showroom. Schedule your visit today! New Merchandise Added DAILY! Licensed Harley U John Deere U Coke U Corona U Orange County Chopper U WCC U NFL U NCAA UÊMajor League Baseball U Huge Selection Of NASCAR MerchandiseU 600 Styles Of Ballcaps U Sunglasses ÊUÊHuge Diecast Collection U Collectibles U Beanies U Body Jewelry U Tin Signs U Dollar Store Rings, Necklaces U Light Up Carnival Racks U Jerseys U NFL& MLB Hats U Betty Boop U Git-r-done U Beads U And More...

Shop Our Online Catalog at: OVER 20,000 PRODUCTS IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP.


The largest NFL Online Wholesaler in the States! Visit or call 800 340 7642 for orders or product questions. NFL Knit Beanies, NFL Blankets, NFL hats, NFL Diecast, NFL Votive Candles, NFL Mugs, NFL Watches NFL Radios, NFL Gloves, NFL Ear Warmers, NFL Bags Etc. - Call For Teams!

Largest Source For Licensed Blankets & NFL Gloves


WE HAVE NFL TEAMS IN STOCK! Over 10,000 NFL Skus IN STOCK & ready to ship.


Over 250,000 Pairs in stock Licensed Stuff



#H7411 #4559 #7174DR





Elite Image Eyewear specializes in cutting edge trendsetting eyewear. Huge lineup in Basic Fashion, Premier Fashion, Sport Metal, Sport Plastic, Surf Wear, Club Wear, Aviator, Goggle, Polarized, Children and accesories. Over 60 Styles Of Aviator Sunglass Styles In Stock.






800-340-7642 FOR VOLUME PRICE LISTINGS 636-922-4467 U Email:


Visit Our 85,000 Sq. Ft. Showroom In St. Louis, Mo.

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