Summit Summer Program 2017

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We put the fun in summer! The Summit Country Day School invites you to join students from all over the tri-state area. Programming for ages 3 through high school.

We Put the Fun In Summer!

The Summit Country Day School is happy to say that 2017 will be a ….Summit Summer! We welcome campers from all schools! We provide all-day programs from June 12 through Aug. 18 for children in preschool through grade eight. A student’s grade level is determined by the grade they were in during the 2016-2017 school year. Our program is new, fresh and packed full of fun for children from the tri-state area. Additionally, we have programming for high school students both for school credit and just an opportunity to explore a subject. Our signature Traditional Day Camp will service those ages 3 through current kindergarteners. There are nine weeks of Summit Summer, each week hosting a different theme. Campers will join the fun from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day from Monday through Friday for any week. There will be smiles everywhere as we explore the arts, cooking lessons, Passport to China week, Wide World of Sports, Wet and Wild week and much more. Each camper will receive our very best each day and a camp T-shirt. For grades one through eight, we have a menu of choices for kids to “Pick Your

Fun.” Robotics, forensics, fashion design and sewing, service, soccer, basketball, Laffalot, survivor skills camps and much more. You won’t believe how much fun we are packing into one Summit Summer! We have sessions in the “Pick Your Fun” age groups for full-day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. or half-day from 9 a.m. to noon or 1 to 4 p.m. Lunch time is noon to 1 p.m. camp-wide. At The Summit, part of our mission is to have our students share their gifts and talents to help others. New this year will be an all-camp lunch, led by our Upper School studentleaders. Carefully selected and trained, our talented and friendly Camp Counselors will lead these fun-filled times with relay races, scavenger hunts and water balloon tosses, to name a few. The lunches will be outdoors, when the weather permits. We will move the fun to one of our three gymnasiums if needed. You bring your lunch, we bring the fun! Thank you for helping us make this a Summit Summer! For more information, please contact Lisa Nicholson, Summer Program Coordinator at

Week 1 - June 12-16 • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Day Camp: What’s Cooking? (3 yrs. to Kindergarten) Children Write the Future (Grades 2-6) It’s Fashion Week! Session I (Grades 1-8) Travel Through the Art Zone (Grades 4-8) Creative Writing (Grades 1-8) Comic Book Creating (Grades 1-8) Raging Robotics and Coding (Grades 1-8) Girls Basketball FUNdamentals (14th, 15th, 16th) (Grades 4-8) Summer Studies in Latin (Grades 7-12) Upper School ACT Prep Upper School Health Upper School Ceramics CP US Government (Grade 11)

Week 2 - June 19 - 23 • • • • • • • •

Week 4 - July 10 - 14 • • • • • • •

Day Camp: Zoofari! Champion Series Boys Basketball Camp (Grades 4-8) Make It and Take it Home-Science Project Fun (Grades 1-8) Robotic Arm Science (Grades 1-8) Awesomely Amazing Animals Cartoon Drawing Camp (Grades 1-4) Favorite Apps and Video Games Drawing Camp (Grades 1-4) Creative Collages (Grades 5-8)

• •

Day Camp: Park Yourself Laffalot Camp (Grades 1-7) Middle School Band Experience (Grades 4-8) Creative Writing (Grades 4-8) High School Placement Test Prep (Grades 6-8)

• • • • • • •

Week 5 - July 17 - 21 • • • • • •

Week 7 - July 31 - August 4 • • •

Day Camp: ArtWild! (3 yrs. to Kindergarten) Children Write the Future Session II (Grades 2-6) CSI: The Summit-Forensic Chemistry (Grades 5-8) Summer Study in Latin (continued) Be the Director! Movie Making Fun (Grades 1-8) It’s Fashion Week! Session II (Grades 1-8) Getting Ready for Sports with Speed and Agility Training (Grades 7-12) Upper School Health (continued)

Week 3 - June 26 - 30

Day Camp: Be a Good Sport It’s Cool 2B Kind (Grades 4-8) Hover Craft-Design Your Own Vehicle-Egg Drop Car (Grades 1-8) Follow Me Robot (Grades 1-7) Bump, Set, Spike! (Grades 1-7) Upper School Algebra Review

Week 6 - July 24 - 28 • • • • •

Week 8 - August 7 - 11 • • • • •

Day Camp: Green Machine Survivor Skills Challenge! (Grades 3-8) Jump Start Reading (Grades 1-4) Study Skills Class Sessions I and II (High School) High School Placement Test (continued)

Day Camp: Passport to China Field Hockey Training Camp (Grades 1-8) Summer Study in Latin (continued) Laffalot Camp (Grades 1-8) Stop Motion Film Making (Grades 1-8) CSI-Forensics and Biology Investigation (Grades 4-8) Upper School Health (continued)

Day Camp: Cosmic Adventures Summit Soccer Academy (Grades 4-8) Writing Composition (Grades 1-8) Upper School Algebra Review (continued) ReCycle (Grades 1-8)

Week 9 - August 14 - 18 • • • • •

Day Camp: Wet & Wild Half Day Hobbies (Grades 1-8) Typing for Middle School (Grades 4-8) Ocean Life Pastel Drawing Camp (Grades 5-8) Magnificent Masters Pastel Drawing Camp (Grades 5-8)

A student’s grade level is determined by the grade they were in during the 2016-2017 school year.

Day camp

Ages 3 - Kindergarten

Week 1 Dates: June 12-16 Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. What’s Cooking Get ready to measure, mix and stir up a good time! Along with cooking and art projects, campers will be tasting lots of different exotic and delicious ingredients. Making good food choices, basic nutrition and healthy after-school snacking alternatives will be taught. Your camper will leave with all the recipes from the week to repeat the fun at home. A trip to LaRosa’s to make your own pizza completes the week. A perfectly delicious week!

Week 2 Dates: June 19-23 Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

ArtWild Creativity runs wild here all week long! Explore the arts and enjoy music, art lessons, games, stories and tons of smiles, laughs and fun. Parents will enjoy you sharing your one-of-a-kind creations as you channel your inner Monet! A field trip to the Cincinnati Art Museum will highlight this week of imagination.

Week 3 Dates: June 26-30 Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Passport to China Grab your passport and step into a new world during camp this week. Explore China and its festivals, traditions and customs. We will learn our Chinese names and basic day to day Chinese words. Campers will also make different arts and crafts and as well as taste Chinese food. It will be a lot of fun to learn how to eat using CHOPSTICKS!

Week 4 Dates: July 10-14 Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Zoofari Get on board this wild safari as we explore many different types of animals including jungle animals, forest creatures, your pets and fictional beasts from your favorite books and animals. You will make animal art, play games and even act like your favorite animals during this week. A trip to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden will be the highlight of this funfilled week of adventure.

Week 5 Dates: July 17-21 Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Be a Good Sport Batter up! This week we will play a variety of sports and create sports themed crafts. We will shoot some hoops, steal some bases and learn what it means to be a good teammate. A trip to catch the Cincinnati Reds play one afternoon will let us see it all in action. Each day we will try something new and serve up the fun!

Week 6 Dates: July 24-28 Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Cosmic Adventure This week will be out of this world! Exploring the galaxy, the sun, the planets and the constellations as you pretend to be astronauts for the week. Rocket into the solar system for this week of indoor and outdoor fun. Blastoff!

Week 7 Dates: July 31-Aug.3 Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Park Yourself Travel with your teachers and friends to some of Cincinnati’s best parks for play and adventure. We will spend our time exploring nature, playscapes and some of our town’s best kept park secrets. Choose your favorites and we will design on our own imaginary park at the end of this adventure-packed week!

Week 8 Dates: Aug. 7-11 Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Green Machine Help make the world a better place as we learn to recycle and what it means to be Green. Let’s bloom together and learn to garden and plant our very own food basics and flowers. We will use recycled items to create art and more while learning to keep our world in its most beautiful form. Bring your kind heart and imagination to start this Green Machine!

Week 9 Dates: Aug. 14-18 Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wet and Wild It’s hot out there! It is time for you to Splish and Splash with your teachers and camp friends. Be ready to get wet and bring your swimsuit and towel. A fun water adventure is planned to bring smiles to all. We will keep your things here all week so make sure your name is on everything!

Each week listed is from Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Fee is $300 per week. Extended day is also available before and after camp. Please see online registration for details.

Pick Your Fun! Grade 1 - 8

Children Write the Future — Writer’s Workshop: Grades 2-6 This writer’s workshop is designed for students in grades two through six. Students will have the opportunity to explore writing interests, discover strategies and learn more about the craft of writing under the direction of Nancy Wojcik. The summer writing project will provide students in-depth writing strategies, structured writing workshop time, flexibility in writing tasks and a weeklong adventure through words. Topics will range from fantasy to autobiographical. Writers will promote the editing and revision process by working with peers and with direct feedback from instructors. Through the writer’s workshop model, students will grow in articulation of ideas, making connections and experiencing confidence through the writing process. Our last day of camp will include a publishing celebration with friends and family. Minimum of six students must be met to hold class and the maximum is 14 students. Session I Instructor: Nancy Wojcik Dates: June 12-16 Time: 9 a.m. to noon Fee: $250 Session II Students who have attended Session I may attend Session II of the workshop and will receive new writing projects. Instructor: Nancy Wojcik Date: June 19-23. See first session above on June 12-16 Time: 1 to 4 p.m. Fee: $250

It’s Fashion Week! Grades 1-8 Spend a week becoming a fashion designer! We have partnered with Cincinnati’s own Creativities Studio and have created a full-fledged sewing and fashion design studio right at The Summit, so you can spend the week learning every part of the design and sewing process. You’ll learn to make your own design boards, sketch your visions, and of course, lots of SEWING! Top off the week with a photo shoot and a fashion show of your amazing work. Parents will enjoy your runway show on Friday to show off all of your creations. The ratio of this class is kept very small to ensure campers will leave with knowledge of sewing machine skills, design sketching, textile and measurement and photography. Those wishing to expand their knowledge can take two consecutive weeks and work on advanced skills, while learning to create their personal design portfolio. Space is limited so we recommend enrolling soon. Instructor: Creativities Studio Session I Dates: June 12-16 Session II Dates: June 19-23 Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Fee: $450 Travel Through the Art Zone - Grades 1-8 This FUN and EXCITING program is based on various art periods, providing the students an opportunity to explore various new concepts, media, techniques and projects. The activities which will be taught include: design and color projects, silver sculpture, mosaics, fabric art, painting and drawing. A mini art exhibit will conclude at the end of the session! Instructor: Paula Yarnell

Date: June 12-16 Time: 1 to 4 p.m. Fee: $300 Creative Writing - Grades 1-8 Led by Summit Middle School sixth grade Language Arts teacher Brendan McEachern, campers will focus daily on using their creative talents through writing. Participants will focus each day on a particular type of writing such as fiction, nonfiction and poetry and will enhance their writing through various activities to build their skills in this area. Instructor: Brendan McEachern Dates: June 12-16 Time 9 a.m. to noon Fee $140 Comic Book Creating - Grades 1-8 Led by Summit Middle School sixth grade Language Arts teacher Brendan McEachern, campers will create their own comic book or graphic novel. Campers will learn how to create a character, script a scene and draw action panels with narration. During one day, campers will meet an actual local comic book artist and learn what it is like to work in this field. Besides being the school’s sixth grade English teacher, Mr. McEachern is lifelong comic book collector with more than 14,000 comic books in his collection. Instructor: Brendan McEachern Dates: June 12-16 Time 1 to 4 p.m. Fee $140 Raging Robotics and Coding! - Grades 1-8 Want to learn how to code and program your own robot to navigate challenges? Have some coding experience, but want to fine tune your skills and work on team challenges? Then this is the place for you! Students will learn how to use sensors in the course of solving exciting missions with LEGO Mindstorms robotics. They will analyze challenges and work on forming and executing plans to complete them. Instructors: Ellen Valentine Dates: June 12-16 Time: 9 a.m. to noon Fee: $200 Girls Basketball FUNdamentals! - Grades 1-8 Back to the fundamentals! Coach Simmons and the Lady Knights would like to improve your allaround game. Skills that the camp would focus on are dribbling, shooting, defensive footwork, passing and terminology of the game. You will also get an opportunity to use those skills in 3-on-3, 4-on-4 and 5-on-5 games. The camp will also have competitive

full-court drill and contest for each individual! Instructor: Beth Simmons, Summit girls basketball head coach Dates: June 14-16 Times: 2 - 5 p.m. Fee $125 Summer Studies in the Latin Language Castra Latina!: Grades 7–12 This Latin camp is a three-week intensive study of the various disciplines in Greek and Roman studies. It is intended for motivated students, but remedial instruction is also available. The session is especially useful for students who plan to attend the National Junior Classical League Convention at Troy University (Troy, Ala.) from July 24-29. • It is 15 days in all, Monday through Friday, June 12-30. Each four-hour day (8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) is roughly divided into four parts: • The first part of the morning (8:30 to 9:30 a.m.) is devoted to an independent study topic from classical civilization. Each student will pick an area of interest and explore it in greater detail. • The second part of the day (9:30 to 10:30 a.m.) focuses on the study of the Latin language. Whether beginning or advanced, students will improve their comprehension of Latin vocabulary, grammar, syntax and translation through individualized instruction and small, student-led classes. • The third part (10:30 to 11:30 a.m.) is a group session where the students will read excerpts

from Greek and Latin authors to gain insight into Greco-Roman mythology, history and culture. • In the final part of the day (11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.), students again return to their independent study topics. This final period is also an opportunity for students to prepare for the various competitions at the national convention (Certamen, art projects, creative art practice, etc.) Students may come to any or all of the session days/ weeks. There is no problem with students coming for just a week, or arriving late or leaving early. The instruction will be geared towards ability and interest. Instructor: Larry Dean, Summit Latin teacher Session 1 (June 12-16) Session 2 (June 19-23) Session 3 (June 26-30) Option 4 - Entire session (June 12-30) Times: 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Fee: $800 entire session, $300 per week ACT Prep Class - Grades 9-12 This one-week course is for students entering grades 9 through 12 who wish to maximize their performance on the English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science sections of the ACT. All students will receive valuable feedback and personalized, intensive instruction based on their relative strengths and weaknesses. Dates: June 12-16 Time: 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Fee $425 Upper School Health: Grades 9–12 Successful completion of this course satisfies the

graduation requirements of The Summit as well as the state of Ohio by earning 0.5 credits. The summer health class would meet the typical 60hour course duration. The course includes all material covered in the semester class and includes a variety of assignments and assessments, including a comprehensive final exam and a research project. The workload is heavy and requires extensive reading and memorization. Students may expect to work up to four hours each day outside of class time and should plan for full days of study over each weekend. Course credit requires a specific number of contact hours with the instructor and therefore students must be present for each session. Any student who misses more than 240 minutes (equaling one day) for excused or unexcused reasons will need to repeat the course during the school year. Minimum of seven students required. Registrations will be taken up to a maximum of 18 students. This class will meet for five hours per day. Please feel free to bring snacks, drinks or lunch to the class. Instructor: Beth Simmons Dates: June 12-30 Time: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Fee: $750 Upper School Ceramics I - Grades 9-12 This class is designed for students who are interested in learning about clay and various methods of how to create with clay. Throughout this summer class, learn basic skills about how clay works, wheel throwing and hand-building techniques. Students successfully completing this course will receive 0.5 credits. Course credit requires a specific number of contact hours with the instructor and therefore students must be present for each session. Any student who misses more than 240 minutes (equaling one day) for excused or unexcused reasons will need to repeat the course during the school year. Instructor: Jamie Grauvogel Dates: June 12-30 Time: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Fee $800 CP U.S. Government: Grade 11 This course is based upon the curriculum set forth by the Common Core. This is a single semester course that is a graduation requirement. Students successfully completing this course will receive 0.5 credits. The material covers the Constitutional underpinnings of our government and how Supreme Court interpretations, along with historical and political changes, have shaped the nature of our government. The main focus will be on the national

government, but state and local governments will also be covered. Instructor: Jeff Stayton Date: June 12-30 Time: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Fee: $750 CSI: The Summit – Forensic Chemistry: Grades 4-8 Forensic science is the application of scientific knowledge to answer legal questions. In this course, students will use the tools of chemistry as forensic scientists do to analyze crime scene evidence and draw conclusions. Students will use critical thinking and analytical laboratory skills to uncover clues in drug analysis, blood evidence investigation, questioned document analysis and the analysis of paint and gunshot residue among others. Can you solve the mystery? Instructor: Shannon Smith, Summit AP Chemistry teacher Dates: June 19-23 Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Cost: $450 Be the Director! Movie Making Fun - Grades 1-8 Led by Summit Middle School sixth grade Language Arts teacher Brendan McEachern, students will brainstorm, scout locations, script, film and edit a video project. Topics can range from comedy to action to adventure. It is up to your imagination! Campers will focus on creating a script and filming it throughout various locations in and outside the school. We will also be editing, adding special effects and music. On the final day of this camp, filmmakers will show their movie on the big screen to the other camp classes. Instructor: Brendan McEachern Dates: June 19-23 Time 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Fee $280 Getting Ready for Sports with Speed & Agility Training: Grades 7-12 Are you ready for the coming season of your favorite sport? Varsity coach Kurtis Smith is ready to help you get ready. Conditioning, speed and agility will be the theme for this week as you prepare for your personal best this year. Injury prevention and exercises for proper stretching and warm-up will also be introduced. You won’t want to miss the fun during your next coach’s favorite offering! Instructor: Kurtis Smith, Summit varsity cross country and track coach Dates: June 19-23

Times: 10 a.m. to noon Fee: $125 Field Hockey Training Camp - Grades 1-8 Two-time Olympic field hockey competitor Keli Smith-Puzo will offer a field hockey training camp for girls in grades three through eight in the Cincinnati area. Campers will learn the basics of field hockey, participate in skills training and play in scrimmages. Groups will be determined based on skill level and will range from beginners to more advanced players. Grab a stick and join the fun! Beginners are welcome! Instructor: Keli-Smith-Puzo and Field Hockey Life staff Dates June 26-30 Time 9 a.m. to noon Fee $300 Laffalot Camp - Grades 1-8 Laffalot Summer Camp offers kids a week of fun-filled activities that will leave them smiling, exhausted and ecstatic. Led by well-trained counselors, your child will spend the day playing high-energy sports and games that help them develop teamwork, build total body coordination, learn sportsmanship, improve interpersonal skills and enjoy friendly competition. Session I Dates: June 26-30 Session II Dates: July 31-Aug. 4 Time 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Fee $170 Stop Motion Film Making - Grades 1-8 Led by Summit Middle School sixth grade Language Arts teacher Brendan McEachern, campers will work individually or collaboratively to make a stop-motion video. Campers can use LEGO, clay or a medium of their choice to create a live-action video. Videos will then be edited with special effects, titles, music,and graphics. Instructor: Brendan McEachern Dates: June 26-30 Time 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Location: TBD Fee $280 CSI: The Summit Way Forensic Science -The Biological Approach - Grades 4-8 Can you solve the case? Forensic science is the application of scientific knowledge to answer legal questions. The principles of biology will be applied to thought-provoking case studies, engaging laboratories and hands-on investigations. Investigators

will employ scientific reasoning, advanced laboratory skills and an interactive notebook to explore microscopy, DNA analysis, fingerprinting, forensic anthropology/odontology, death and autopsy and fetal pig dissection. Forensic scientists study not only the human body but also that of plants, animals and fungi. The Summit’s AP Biology teacher will use her extensive background to lead students through a one of kind week of science fun! This session is perfect for mature students wanting to explore forensic science. Instructor: Karen Suder, Summit AP Biology teacher Dates: June 26-30 Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Fee $450 Champion Series Boys Basketball Camp: Grades 4-8 The goal of the Champion Series Basketball Camp is to focus on improving each individual’s skill level, while learning the proper fundamentals of basketball. If you are planning on playing middle school or high school basketball next season, this is where you can improve your skills to impress next year’s coach. Each child in camp will learn many skills, take home new drills to continue working on, and most importantly have FUN while improving their game. Be the next star! Coach: Pat Cosgrove, Summit boys varsity basketball head coach Dates: July 10-14 Time: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Fee: $150 Make It and Take it Home – Fun science projects you take home - Grades 1-8 In this hands-on, fun and exciting program, you will discover how amazing science is. You will make and take home a wide assortment of toys designed to teach you science concepts in a hands-on way. Grow and take home a crystal tree. Make an energy bead bracelet and watch as those amazing beads turn from white to a rainbow of colors before your eyes. Build a working electric motor. Make your own Sharpie pen T-shirt and learn some cool chemistry (student supplies a 100 percent cotton T-shirt). Make your own bubbling blobs and explore the properties of a density tube. Make Silly Putty—glowing goo—green flubber and other cool projects. By the way...we will make ice cream in our own amazing, different, Sciensational way! Instructor: Sciensational Workshops for Kids Dates: July 10-14 Time: 9 a.m. to noon Fee $150

Robotic Arm Science - Grades 1-8 Learn the science of robotics as you have fun building, commanding and taking home your own five-motor arm! With your robotic arm you can command your gripper to open and close, move your robotic wrist, elbow, base and command vertical and horizontal reaching moves. Your robot will be equipped with 100 grams of lifting capacity. Additional features include a search light on the gripper for night operation. With your robotic arm you will have total command and visual manipulation using the five-switch wired controller. Plus, have fun building a wide range of additional robotic designs with the robotic building system. Participate in our robot Olympic-style challenges, robot battles and more! Instructor: Sciensational Workshops for Kids Dates: July 10-14 Time: 1 to 4 p.m. Fee $170 Awesomely Amazing Animals Cartoon Drawing Camp: Grades 1-4 During this fun and engaging camp we will learn to draw animals of all shapes, sizes and colors. We will learn how to personify ordinary animals, transforming them into wacky cartoon characters. If your child is a fan of animals and funny cartoons, this camp is for them! Our collection of drawings will be impressive! Each camper will leave with a piece worthy of framing from each day. Instructor: Young Rembrandts Dates: July 10-14 Time: 9 a.m. to noon Fee: $160 Favorite Apps and Video Games Drawing Camp: Grades 1-4 Art is all around us, including phones and online! We will learn illustration and coloring techniques inspired by popular video games. Artwork is inspired by pixel block characters, plants, zombies and much more! If you child loves to game and draw, they will have a blast putting their own personal touches on some of these favorites. Instructor: Young Rembrandts Dates: July 10-14 Time: 1 to 4 p.m. Fee: $160 Creative Collages - Grades 1-8 Under the creative guidance of Summit Country Day Upper School art teacher Tim Henninger, you will advance your artistic skills by creating both two- and three-dimensional collaged works of

art. You could be creating self-portraits, ‘collaging from life’ (similar to drawing from life) as well as creating works of art by assemblage. This camp will combine and explore many different mediums such as drawing, painting, textiles and sculpture. Eager, motivated young artists are needed to creatively construct these items together. Found-objects and materials will be provided for these artists. They are also encouraged to bring objects to be shared and glued to make something new! This camp could be used for portfolio development or simply provide a young artist with the opportunity to further their artistic outlet. Collage your summer with ART at The Summit! Instructor: Tim Henninger Dates: July 10-14 Times: 12:30 to 3 p.m. Fee: $295 It’s Cool 2B Kind : Grades 4-8 During this week of service learning camp, students will take on community service projects that aim to improve the lives of the people and animals in our neighborhoods. Trips will be taken each day, throughout our city to locations where service projects will be completed. You will not only lend a hand, but this week will also provide opportunities for leadership and personal growth. Need service hours for your school organization? No problem! Our teachers will track and sign your form at the end of the week. Instructor: Jen McGrath Date: July 17-21 Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Fee: $300 Hover Craft - Design Your Own Vehicle Egg Drop Car - Grades 1-8 Do you want to design and build things that you create – not just a model you purchase? Well this is the place for you. Build and keep an air-powered hover craft. You make it defy gravity. Once it’s up and moving, then using your creativity, control its direction. Get to build and take home your own car. The purpose is to build a super car powered by more than one source of energy. This can be one crazy looking vehicle. We provide you with many materials for that dynamic vehicle that you will build. Students also get to build an egg drop car. The purpose is to build a gravity vehicle that can cushion a raw egg as the car holding the egg is dropped from a high height. We provide you with the material to cushion the fall and you bring the creativity. In these three challenges in one workshop, you will learn about laws of motion, energy, air pressure,

friction, lift, speed and acceleration. Instructor: Sciensational Workshops for Kids Dates: July 17-21 Time: 9 a.m. to noon Fee $ 160 Follow Me Robot - Grades 1-8 How would you like to build a robot that has four built-in microphones? It will detect the sound source and in turn it will move and turn accordingly. It is your own robot to build and take home. Wow! It starts flashing and plays “Do-Re-Me.” Make it move the way you want it to move. It is so smart. It will move in its own routine if it does not get a signal in one minute. It will go to sleep if you do not issue any commands in 90 seconds. However, you can wake it up. Learn about the different gears and sensors as you build it. Get to build other robots working in groups. Join in our Sumo wrestling and obstacle course events with what you have built. See everything happening as you build. That’s the Sciensational way! Instructor: Sciensational Workshops for Kids Dates: July 17-21 Time: 1 to 4 p.m. Fee $160

Bump, Set, Spike! - Grades 1-8 Join us for some volleyball fun! Campers will learn fundamental volleyball skills: passing, setting, hitting and serving. They will get a chance to participate in fun volleyball games that are age-appropriate for their group. Campers will have a chance to work with Summit coaches, varsity volleyball players and alumni. We’ll end our camp with team tournament. Join us for four days of volleyball fun in Flannery Gym. Instructor: Brooke Thomas, Summit varsity volleyball coach Dates: July 17-20 Time: 1 to 3 p.m. Fee: $150 Review of Algebra I Fundamentals: Grades 8-12 (Must be preparing to take Algebra II) This course is designed for any student who has previously taken an Algebra I course and wishes to review the essential skills and topics necessary for success in Algebra II in the fall. It is not necessary to be a Summit student to attend this course. Many times Geometry is taken after Algebra I and before Algebra II. This class will allow a student to refresh on topics including; basic operations with real numbers and polynomials, fractions/ratios/percentages, equation solving, solving inequalities, radical operations, functions – basic, linear and quadratic,

graphing linear and quadratic functions including inequalities, factoring polynomials and quadratic expressions and multi-step problem solving. Instructor: Eric Unwin Dates: July 17-20 and July 24-27 Time: 9 a.m. to noon Fee: $350 Summit Soccer Academy for Girls and Boys: Grades 4-8 The Players Academy offers a glimpse of what it takes to play for a top-notch high school soccer program. Skills and training will be provided by current varsity boys state championship coach Scott Sievering and State Championship-winning girls varsity coach Mike Fee, mentor to several all-state players and an AllAmerican. Campers will benefit from instructional breakdowns through small-sided activities, as well as tactical and technical coaching points in bigger game situations. All Players Academy campers should come ready for a challenge! Campers will need soccer shoes, shin guards, running shoes and ball. Coaches: Mike Fee and Scott Sievering, Summit varsity head soccer coaches Dates: July 24-28 Time: 9 a.m. to noon Fee: $150

Writing Composition - Grades 1-8 Reading literature and writing critical responses are skills all students need. During this workshop, students will enjoy reading To Kill a Mockingbird and learn how to write a critical response, similar to those required in high school literature courses. Each day will have a combination of discussion and writing time. Learn to read from a different point of view during this week of summer. Instructor: Alex Evans Dates: July 24-28 Time: 9 a.m. to noon Fee $150 Re-CYCLE - Grades 1-8 This STEM offering engages students in learning about bicycles, bicycle safety and bicycle maintenance while providing a service to children of the greater Cincinnati community. Participants will meet together, learn about the math and science behind bicycle engineering, build a complete bike purchased through DK Bicycle, engage in experiments with bicycles and then deliver the bikes to a local service agency for distribution to those in need in the Cincinnati area. Instructor: Mike Johnson, Summit Middle School director Dates: July 24-28 Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Fee $465 Middle School Band Camp: Grades 4-8 This camp is open to all students in the Cincinnati area who have played an instrument for one year or more. Get ready for fun as we work on music theory, composition, conducting and of course, playing your instrument! Summit Country Day School Band Director Bob Browning will lead the fun. Parents, be sure to plan on attending the last day performance on Friday, Aug. 4. Instructor: Bob Browning Dates: July 31-Aug. 4 Time: 9 a.m. to noon Fee: $180 Creative Writing - Grades 1-8 This workshop will provide an opportunity to students looking to further their creative writing skills. Students will be assigned readings that highlight particular strategies in storytelling. Each day will be filled with discussions and writing sessions. Guest writers will visit to make presentations and provide helpful hints to aspiring writers. The week will culminate in a peer critique and presentation for parents to view their progress. Aspiring authors and those wishing to improve their writing skills are welcome!

Instructor: Alex Evans Dates: July 31-Aug. 4 Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Fee $250 High School Placement Test Prep Course: Grades 6-8 Every November, the HSPT is given to thousands of eighth grade students applying for admission into area Catholic high schools. Most students do not properly prepare for the test even though the exam affects the admission process and scholarship opportunities for some schools. This preparation course will focus on test-taking strategies and content area instruction. Students will have some work to prepare in between the scheduled class times. All instructional sessions will be in an Upper School classroom under the direction and supervision of Upper School Guidance Counselor Michael Fee and other teaching specialists in the area of math and language arts. Attendees in the course averaged a percentile score of 84th percentile and 58 percent of the attendees scored 90th percentile and above. Instructor: Mike Fee Session I Dates: July 31, Aug. 2, 4, 7, 9 and 11. Time: Noon to 3 p.m. Fee: $350 Session II Dates: Sept. 30, Oct. 7, 14, 21, 28 and Nov. 4. Time: 9 a.m. to noon Fee: $350 Survivor Skills Challenge! Do you have what it takes? Grades 3-8 Calling all explorers and wilderness enthusiasts! This camp will be full of outdoor adventures, from

day hiking to canoe paddling. Learn basic camping skills, such as how to make a shelter, cook on a backpacking stove and concoct the best trail mix you’ve ever tasted. Practice your knot-tying skills and take on a compass and map-reading navigation challenge. Become an expert in outdoor ethics and environmental stewardship, and experience an adrenaline rush as you assist fellow campers with their mock injuries using your new outdoor first aid skills. Hone your teamwork and cooperation skills through a variety of games and challenges, all while enjoying the great outdoors. Curiosity and enthusiasm essential, no experience required! Instructor: Elizabeth Drumm, Lower School guidance counselor Dates: Aug. 7-11 Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Location: The Wilderness throughout the Cincinnati Area Fee $350 Jump Start Reading - Grades 1-8 Multisensory reading, spelling and handwriting use the Orton-Gillingham methodology, students will have the opportunity to strengthen word attack

skills, reading concepts, think logically and strategize through the use of interactive language games and activities. The interactive Activboard will be used to play reading and phonic games. Students will get a jump start on computer lab skills while practicing reading and writing. Instructors: Sherry Schneider, M Ed., and Molly Fine, M Ed. Dates: Aug. 7-11 Time: 9 a.m. to noon Fee $300 High School Study Skills and Life Skills Transitioning from middle school to high school is a daunting task for many students. How can we better equip our children to be successful in high school? This course will offer some “secrets” to success, not only in high school, but ultimately life. Taught by a member of the Upper School faculty, students will strategize together about time management, organization, note-taking and critical reading comprehension. This course will fill up quickly so early registration is advised. Maximum of 20 students per session. Instructor: Kurtis Smith Session I Dates: Aug. 7-11 Time: 10 a.m. to noon Fee: $175 Session II Dates: Aug. 7-11 Time: 1 to 3 p.m. Half-Day Hobbies - Grades 1-8 What do you call a collection of beads, wax, embroidery floss, yarn, paint, coffee filters, fabric dye and Popsicle sticks? A week’s worth of classic camp treasures, just waiting to be created! During this session, campers will try their hand at projects that have been beloved by campers through the ages, from carefully knotted friendship bracelets to milk carton candles, Popsicle stick treasure boxes to patterned lanyards, tie-dyed clothing to dream catchers and everything in between! Campers will choose from a variety of craft projects throughout the week and create to their heart’s desire. Finish off the summer with a celebration of classic creativity, and take home all of the finished products to gift to someone special or treasure forever! Instructor: Elizabeth Drumm, Lower School guidance counselor Dates: Aug. 14-18 Time: 1 to 4 p.m. Fee: $140

Typing for Middle School: Grades 4-8 Become a typing master! In today’s world, typing is an essential skill. Through Type to Learn 4, students will participate in intensive keyboarding instruction, corresponding typing practice and typing activities. Type to Learn provides sequential typing instruction in an engaging and interactive format. Parents and students will be provided with progress reports at the end of each day to see where the student is excelling and where additional practice is needed. Move from Beginner Recruit to Master Agent (of keyboarding) with us! Instructors: Meghan Cole Dates: Aug. 15-18 Time: 9 to 11 a.m. Fee: $200 Ocean Life Pastel Drawing Camp: Grades 5-8 Jump on in with us as we explore the deep blue sea. We will create a detailed, pastel composition focusing on a different ocean-themed subject each day. What will we find on our journey? Star fish, clown fish, sea turtles, blue crabs, jellyfish? Join us to find out! No experience necessary. These classes will be messy fun, so dress appropriately. Instructor: Young Rembrandts Dates: Aug. 14-18 Time: 9 a.m. to noon Fee: $160 Magnificent Masters Pastel Drawing Camp: Grades 5-8 During this amazing camp we will create large, original pastel drawings replicating famous artists’ masterpieces including Henri Matisse, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Andre Derain and Wayne Thiebaud. Each day will challenge us with the pastel media, but in the end we will be masters ourselves! No experience necessary. These classes will be messy fun, so dress appropriately. Instructor: Young Rembrandts Dates: Aug. 14-18 Time: 1 to 4 p.m. Fee: $160

The Details Sign In/Out: Campers must be signed in at the designated drop-off areas and signed out by an authorized adult when they leave each day. If they are not picked up they will be sent to After Camp Care where a late fee will be assessed. Extended Day: We offer child care before and after camp for an additional fee. This care is from 8 - 9 a.m. and from 4 - 5 p.m. This option can be selected during online registration. Dress: The appropriate dress for most days will be shorts, T-shirt, tennis shoes and socks. Sandals are discouraged since they may pose a safety hazard with the gym or outside activities. Snack: Snacks and drinks are provided throughout the day. If your child is staying all day, students will need to bring a packed lunch and a drink. Health Forms: All participants (including current Summit students) are required to have a current health form on file. Please complete the health information section on the registration site. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify Summer Camp staff, via email, of any allergies or required medications. Please also confirm this at the time of drop off. Email the camp administrator at nicholson_l@summitcds. org. Photographs: We will be taking many photographs of the children throughout camp to use for future publications. Please be sure to let us know if you do not want your child photographed. Your Summer registration includes a photo release that allows for us to do so, unless notified otherwise. Cancellation: The Summit reserves the right to cancel any class or summer day camp. Fees will be refunded if a class or camp week is canceled. Partial Attendance: No refund or reduction in fees is possible for a child who arrives late, leaves early or attends only part of a session. Refund Policy: Refunds will only be granted if the request is made in writing to The Summit business office prior to May 30, 2017.


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