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Devotional Magazine Dedicated to Sree Guruvayurappa

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Volume: 01, Issue: 02

1193 ,  2018

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Minimum Investment ` 44 Lakhs





2 side Cross ventilation Customizing option Pollution free atmosphere

1 22.5 Lks. 2 37.7 Lks. 3 51.5 Lks.

Registration & Tax included. Valid till 31st May 2018.

Apartments at Viyyur, Thrissur I 4.5 km from Swaraj Round. Project under construction from reputed builder. Best rate. Quality construction.



kw-`-h m-an bp-tK bp-tK F Mentor Chowallur Krishnankutty Chief Editor Gita Bakshi Sub Editor Kavitha Kannan Chief Consultant Raghunath Chukkath Marketing Consultant K R Unnikrishnan Photo Editor Unni Bhavana Cover Photo Ullas Parakkad Design Editor Naveen K Mohanan Printer & Publisher Shaji Padmanabhan Address : Organizzer, 5/126, Elavally North P.O, Thrissur - 680511, Mob : 9526 133 833 Edited, printed and published by Shaji Padmanabhan for Organizzer and printed at Ebenezer Print Pack Pvt. Ltd., Thrissur.

-´m-Wv C¶-s¯ km-l-N-cy-¯n Ir-jv-Wm Kp-cp-hm-bqc-¸m t]m-sem-cp {]-kn-²o-I-c-W¯n-sâ {]kàn? A-Ô-hn-izm-k-§Ä {]-N-cn-¸n¡phmt\m? B-Zy e-¡w ]p-d-¯n-d-§n-b-t¸mÄ t\-cn« tNm-Zyw. F-¶-t¯-¡mfpw {]-k-àn-bp-≠v C-¡me¯v Cu {]-kn-²o-I-c-W-¯n-\v F-¶p th-Ww I-cp-Xm³. `àn {]-ZÀ-i-\ h-kv-Xp Bhp-I F-¶-Xnepw `o-I-cam-b A-h-Ø-bm-Wv `-àn A-l-¦m-chpw A{I-tam-ÕpIhpw Bhp-I F-¶Xv. Ir-jvW-sâ k-ao-]-s¯-¯n FÃmw a-d-¶ Ip-tNe-sâ `-àn A-Ô-hn-izm-k-¯ntâ-Xm-bn-cp-¶nÃ. a-dn-¨v kv-t\-lhpw km-£m-Xv-Imchpw H-¯p tNÀ-¶-Xm-bn-cp¶p. ITn-\ X-]-kn Dd-¨p \n-¶v h-cw hm§n-b `-kv-amkpc-sâ `-àn-sb CXn-t\m-Sv Xm-c-X-ayw sN-¿p-¶-sX§ns\? sX-fn\o-cp-d-hbm-b `-àn-bp-sS {]-hmlw, A-Xm-Wv "Ir-jv-Wm Kp-cp-hm-bqc¸m'. C-hn-sS `-àn A-Ô-hn-izm-kaÃ, tam-£hpw km-bq-Py-hp-am-Wv. Hmtcm bp-²-ap-J¯pw D-bÀ-s¯-gp-t¶Â-¡p-¶ A-´À tN-X-\-bm-Wv...

Ko-Xm_£n No-^v F-UnäÀ

4    1193 


Specialities » Unique Treatments For Parkinson's Disease » Degenerative Brain Disorders & Ayurveda » Panchakarma Treatment We have a well-equipped hospital in a small and quaint village named Mezhathur in the Palakkad district, which was earlier a 'Vaidshala' of Dr. K.V. Vijayan, a skilled Ayurveda professional. we have a wellequipped hospital with state-of-theart facilities for those people who comes from all corners of the globe for the famous Kerala Ayurveda treatments.

We are Located at : Mezhathur P.O, Thrithala, Palakkad, Kerala, India - 679534 Tel : + 91 466 2270 142, + 91 9447 482 442, 9446 456 442, Email:

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FÃmw Im-Wp-¶

Kp-cp-hm-bq-c¸³ sNmÆÃqÀ IrjvW³Ip«n


Kp-cp-hm-bq-c¸-sâ {]-Xy£am-b H-c-\p-{Kl-s¯ ]-än-bmWv Cu Ip-dn¸v. G-Xm-≠v c-≠p ]-Xn-äm-≠p-IÄ-¡v ap-¼v H-cn-¡Â ImWm³ sN-¶-t¸mÄ tUm. kn. sI cm-a-N-{µ³ ]-dªp, sNm-ÆÃq-cn-sâ jp-K-sdm-¶v t\m-¡Ww. F-t¶m-Sv h-f-sc-b-[n-Iw kv-t\-lhpw hm-Õ-eyhpw ku-lr-Zhpw D-≠m-bn-cp¶ tUm. kn. sI. BÀ H-cp Xam-i ]-d-ªXm-sW-t¶ I-cp-Xn-bp-Åp. F-\n-¡v jp-K-tdm? A-Xm-bn-cp-¶p F-sâ `mhw. Kp-cp-hm-bqÀ t£-{X-¯n-se ]m-c¼y-c I-g-I {]-hÀ-¯n-bp-Å H-cp

6    1193 

]pcm-W Ip-Spw-_-¯n-se Ffn-b Aw-K-am-Wv Rm³. I-g-I {]-hÀ-¯n-bpsS `m-K-am-bn [m-cm-fw a-[p-cw I-gn-¨ncp-¶p F-¶-à ]-d-tb-≠Xv, [m-cm-fw a-[p-cw F-s¶ I-gn-¨n-cp-¶p F-¶Xm-Wv icn. Ime-¯v s\-bv-]m-bkw, ]-©m-ar-Xw, ]gw, ]-©-km-c, A-hnÂ, iÀ-¡-c ]m-bkw, ]mÂ-]mb-kw cm{Xn A-¯m-g-]q-P-bp-sS A¸w, A-S, Xr-a-[pcw. C-{Xbpw \n-th-Zy-§Ä H-cp Zn-h-khpw ap-S-§m-sX hf-sc Nn-«-tbmsS Rm³ I-gn-¨n-cp¶p. F-¶mepw ]-©-km-c-bp-sS AY-hm {]-ta-l¯n-sâ H-cp t\cn-b D-]-{Z-hw h-cm³ km-[y-X-bp-s≠-¶v Rm³ kz-]v-t\-]n hn-Nm-cn-¨n-cp-¶nÃ.

F-t¶m-Sv ]-d-ª-Xv. Hm, C-Xv ]-≠v tUm.{µ³ ]-d-ª-XtÃ. A-Xn-en-{X ]-cn-{`-an-¡m-s\-´n-cn-¡p¶p F-¶ `m-h-¯n-em-bn-cp-¶p Rm³. G-Xm-bmepw I-fn- Imcyambn. jp-Kdn-sâ Af-hv Iq-sS Iq-sS hÀ-²n¨p. C§-s\ t]m-bm lr-t{Zm-K _m[¡p t]mepw km-[y-X-bp-s≠¶pw tUm. \-µ-Ip-am-c\pw \m-bcpw F-sâ `m-cy k-c-kzXn-tbmSv kz-Im-cy-am-bn ap-¶-dn-bn-¸v \Â-In. A-Xv X-s¶ kw-`-hn¨p. \m-b-cp-sS iq-]mÀ-i- I-¯p-am-bn Rm³ sIm-¨n-bn-se Aar-X B-ip-]{Xn-bn {]-th-in-¸n-¡-s¸«p. lr-t{ZmK_m-[ X-s¶ B-bn-cp-¶p Im-cWw. F-\n-¡v A¶pw C¶pw s]-ä½-sb t]m-sebm-b am-Xm A-ar-Xm-\-µa-bo tZ-hn-bp-sS {]-tXy-I Xm-ev-]cyw sIm≠m-Wv Rm³ A-ar-X-bn-se-¯n-bXv. FÃm AÀ-°-¯nepw hmÕ-ey \n-[n`mcy kckzXntbmsSm¸w sb-¶v hn-ti-jn-¸n-¡m-hp¶ tUm. l-cn-Zmkpw tUm. k-Xy-{]-kmZpw B-bn-cp-¶p F-s¶ Nn-In-Õn-¨-tUm]-e-Xpw ]-d-ª Iq-«-¯n A-¶v ÎÀ-am-cp-sS X-e-h³-amÀ. kzm-`m-hn-ItUm. kn. sI .cm-a-N-{µ-\n \n-¶mambpw A-h-cp-sS \nÀtZ-i {]-Im-cw Wv Rm-\m-Zy-am-bn C³-kp-en³ F-¶ F-\n-¡v C³-kp-en³ C³-P-£³ a-cp-¶n-sâ t]-cv tIÄ-¡p-¶Xv. AXv Xp-S-§n-. A¶pw F-\n-¡v F-t´m, Hcp C-\v-P-£³ a-cp-¶m-sW¶pw C³-P£s\ t]-Sn B-bn-cp-¶p. ] Øn-c-am-bn th-≠ F¶pw H-cp s£, Nn-In-Õ-bp-sS `m-K-am-bn C³XmÂ-¡men-I ]-cn-lm-cw am-{X-amkp-en³ Xp-S-t§-≠n h¶p. A-kp-Jw sW¶p-sam-s¡ tUm-ÎÀ ]-e X-h-W am-dn A-ar-X-bn \n-¶v tIm-gn-t¡m-Sv ]-d-ªn«pw C-Xv Ft´m alm-tcmXn-cn-s¨¯n-b ti-jw C-S-¡nS-¡v \nÀ- Khpw a-cp-¶p-am-sW-¶ a-«n-em-bn-cpa-e B-ip-]-{Xn-bn t]m-bn- tUm. ¶p F-sâ ]-cn-{`-aw.F-sâ ]-cn-{`-aw cm-Po-hv \mb-sc Im-Wp-I F¶-Xv H-cp I-≠nt«m Ft´m A-¶v C³-kp-en³ ]-Xn-hmbn. A-t±-lhpw A-ar-X-bn D-≠m-bnÃ. \n-¶v \nÀ-t±-in-¨- C³-kp-en³ s]-s«]n-¶o-Sv G-Xm\pw hÀ-j-§Ä-¡v tis¶m¶pw \nÀ-¯-≠ F¶pw, Xp-Stcjw tI-c-fhÀa tIm-tf-Pn-se F-sâ ≠n h-cp-sa¶pw ]-dªp. k-l-]mTn-bpw A-¶v tIm-gn-t¡m-Sv \nÀ-a-e B-ip-]-{Xn-bn-se {]-ikv-X F-sâ `m-cy k-c-kz-Xn-bm-Wv C³kÀ-P-\p-am-b- tUm. ]n. \-µ-Ip-am-c\pw P-£³ sN-bv-Xn-cp-¶Xv. kzX-th A-hnS-s¯ X-s¶ ImÀUn-tbm-f-PnF-\n-¡v sN-¿m-hp¶-tX DÅq. ]t£, kväpamb tUm. cm-Po-hv \m-b-cp-amWv F-\n-¡v t]-Sn B-b ImcWw Rm³ H-cn-¡Â F-s¶ ]cn-tim-[n¨ ti-jw I-®S-¨v In-S-¡pI-tb ]-Xn-hpÅq. jp-K-dn-sâ D-]-{Z-hw sNdn-b tXm-Xn Xp-S-bn Cu C³-P£-sâ I-dp-¯ A-söpw C³-kp-en³ th-W-sa¶pw ]m-Sp-IÄ- Znh-kw tXmdpw \nd-ªp    1193  7

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h-cm³ Xp-S§n. C³P-£³ c-≠p t\-chpw thWw. G-Xm-≠v I-Sp-Iv h-dp¯n« t]m-se-bp-Å A-S-bm-f§Ä. A-§n-s\-bn-cn-s¡ H-cp Znh-kw C³P-£³ F-Sp-¡p-¶-Xn-\p ap-¼v F-sâ Xp-S-bn-se Zp-c-h-Ø I-≠v A-{]-Xo£n-X-am-bn k-c-kz-Xn s]m-«n Ic-ªp ]d-ªp : Hm, F-sâ Kp-cp-hm-bq-c¸m, H-cn-¯n-cn Ø-ew `m-¡n-bnÃtÃm? C-¶n\n Cu kq-Nn Rm³ F-hn-sS Ip¯pw?. kXyw ]-d-ªm A-¶mWv Rm-s\-sâ Xp-S-bn-se I-dp-¯ ]m-Sp-IÄ I-≠Xpw {i-²n-¨-Xpw. k-Xy¯n Rm\pw I-c-ªp t]mbn. ]n-¶o-Sv ]-e-t¸mgpw \m-b-tcm-Sv Rm³ I-c-bp¶ t]m-se tNm-Zn-¨n-cp-¶p : kÀ Cu C³-kp-en³ H-¶p \nÀ-¯n-¡qsS, ]I-cw hà Kp-fn-I-Ifpw B-bm t]m-sc. A-t¸msgm-s¡ tUm-ÎÀ ]d-ªp: sNm-ÆÃqÀ A-¦nÄ B-bn-«nÃ, \nÀ-¯m-dm-bn-«nÃ. ]-dª-Xp t]m-se C³-kp-en³ ]n-t¶bpw Xp-SÀ-¶p. A-s¡mÃw hn-jp Zn-h-k-am-Wv R-§Ä k-Ip-Spw-_w tIm-gn-t¡mSp \n-¶v Kp-cp-hm-bq-cn sXm-gm³ h-¶Xv. A-t¸m-tg¡pw Rm³ Kp-cp-hmbq-c¸-s\ t\-cn-«v I-≠v sXm-gp-Xn-«v amk-§Ä I-gn-ªn-cp¶p. ]m-sS A-h-i\m-bn-cp-¶ F-\n-¡v B-tcm-Ky-{]-iv-\w sIm-≠v X-s¶ Xn-¡nepw Xn-c-¡nepw sN-¶v \-S-bn sXm-gm³ I-gn-ªn-cp¶nÃ. A-t¸m-gm-Wv R-§-fp-sS Ip-Spw_-¯n-se F¶Ã, FÃm-h-cp-tSbpw 8    1193 

{]n-b-s¸-« Im-c-W-h-cm-b- Xn-cp-sh-¦n-Sw N-t{µ-«³ ]-d-ªXv: \o ssh-Ip-t¶cw sXm-gm³ h-¶m aXn. io-then-¡v sXm-«v ap-¼m-bm Xn-c-¡nÃmsX sXm-gm-a-tÃm. Imc-Ww AI-¯v `-à³-am-cp-sS Xn-c-¡p-≠m-hnÃ-tÃm. B D-]-tZ-iw F-\n-¡v hen-sbm-cp A-\p-{K-l-ambn. A-X-\p-k-cn-¨v sshIp-t¶c-s¯ io-th-en-¡v sXm-«v ap-¼v Rm³ AI-¯p I-b-dn tkm-]m-\-¯n\S-¯p sN-¶v \n¶p. am-k-§Ä-¡p ti-jw Rm-s\-sâ Kp-cp-hm-bq-c¸-s\ B-Zy-am-bn Im-Wp-I-bm-WtÃm F-t¶mÀ-¯-t¸mÄ Rm-\-dn-bmsX FÃmw ad-¶v tX-§n I-cªp. B-sc-¦nepw Im-Wp-¶pt≠m tIÄ¡p-¶pt≠m F-s¶m¶pw HmÀ-¯-tXbnÃ. s]-s«-¶v Rm-s\-sâ D-Sp-¯ ap-≠v H-¶v A-ev-]w amän, I-dp-¯ ]m-Sv \n-d-ªn-cp-¶ F-sâ Xp-S `-K-hm-s\ Im-Wn-¨p sIm-≠v tX-§n ]-d-ªp: F-sâ Kp-cp-hm-bqc-¸m I-≠ntÃ, C-\n H-cp kq-Nn Ip-¯m³ t]mepw C-SanÃ-tÃm. C-Xn \n-¶v F-\n-¡v H-cp c-£-bp-an-sÃ-¶pt≠m ? ho≠pw {ioe-I-t¯-¡p t\m-¡n-b-t¸mÄ F-\n-¡v I-c-¨n-e-S-¡m³ I-gn-ªnà Kp-cp-hm-bq-cn \n-¶v tIm-gn-t¡m-Sv Xn-cn-s¨¯n, H-cp Znh-kw ]-Xn-hv sN¡-¸n-\m-bn R§Ä-tUm. cm-Po-hv \m b-sc Im-Wm³ sN¶p. ]-Xn-hp t]m- ep-Å sS-kv-äp-I-sfÃmw km-[m-c-W K-Xn-bn \-S-¶p.sS-kv-äp-I-fp-sS dnkÄ-«v ]cn-tim-[n-¨ ti-jw a-t\m-lc-am-bn ]p-©n-cn-¨p sIm-≠v F-sâ A-Sp-¯p h-¶v s\-än-bn-epw Ihn-fnepw X-tem-Sn ]-dªp: sNm-ÆÃq-c-¦nÄ H-cÛp-Xw tIÄ-¡-tWm, \ap-¡n-\n C³kp-en³ \nÀ-¯mw. jp-KÀ \Ã-t]m- se I¬-t{SmÄ B-bn-cn-¡p¶p. C-\n Kpfn-I aXn, k-t´m-jam-tbm... A-t¸mgpw Rm³ tX-§n tX-§n I-cªp, F-sâ Kp-cp-hm-bq-c¸s\ HmÀ-¯p sIm≠pw hn-fn-¨p sIm-≠pw...

sNmÆÃqÀ IrjvW³Ip«n

 

]dbp-hm³ G-sd-bp-v; kzÀ-W-tIm-e-¯n Xn-S-¼m-bn F-gp-¶p-Ån A-\p-{K-lw sNm-cn-ª tZ-h-X-I-fp-sS I-Y-IÄ... a-{´-Im-e-§-fn \n¶pw {[p-X-Im-e-§-fn-te-¡v sIm-«n-¡-bdn-b ta-f-§Ä-¡v sN-hnh-«w ]n-Sn-¨m«n-b I-Y-IÄ... In«n-b kv-t\l-t¯ C-c«n-sIm-v Kp-Wn-¨v Xn-cn-¨v \ÂIn-b I-cp-X-en-sâ I-Y-IÄ tXm-«n-ap-\-bn sIm-cp-¯v h-en-¨ a-\-Ên-sâ I-S-em-g-k-¦-S-I-Y-IÄ... A-Xn-cp \n-Ý-bn-¡-s¸-Sm-¯ B-\-]-I-bp-sS tNm-c-Nn´n-b I-Y-IÄ... k-ly-km-\p-¡-fn Iv a-d-¶ k-Jn-bpsS HmÀ-½-IÄ... B-e-h-«hpw sh-©m-a-c-hp-am-bn \n-d-ªmSn-b ]-en-c-hp-I-fp-sS I-Y-IÄ... k-ly-sâ a-I-sâ I-Y-IÄ... ]-d-ªmepw tI-«mepw a-Xn-h-cm-¯ B-bn-cw B-\-¡-Y-IÄ...

10    1193 

B\¡-Y-I-fn-se \n-Xy-lcn-X \m-b-I³

Kp-cp-hm-bqÀ tI-i-h³ B

-\-sb-¶p tIÄ-¡p-t¼mÄ G-sXm-cp a-e-bm-fn-bp-tSbpw a-\-Ên Hm-Snsb-¯p-¶ t]-cm-Wv Kp-cp-hm-bqÀ tI-i-h³. am-Xw-K-im-kv-{X-¯n-se K-P-cm-P-e-£-W-§-fn ]-d-bp-¶ k-akv-X cm-PIob ssN-X-\yhpw cm-P-kz-`mhhpw D-Å A-Xy-]qÀ-Æ P-·w. D-b-cw 11.5 ASn, sIm-¼n-sâ \ofw 4.5 ASn, \n-c-sbm-¯ 20 sh-Å \-J-§Ä. C-Xn-s\Ãmw ]pd-ta im-´-kz-`m-hw, Kmw-`o-cyw, X-e-sb-Sp¸v, ku-µ-cyw, i-àn F-¶o A-]qÀ-Æ-§-fn A-]qÀ-Æ-X-I-sfÃmw H-¯p tNÀ-¶ H-cp Zn-hy P-·w. A-Xm-bn-cp-¶p Kp-cp-hm-bqÀ tI-ih³. \n-e-¼qÀ tIm-hn-e-I-¯p-\n-¶pw 1922 P-\p-h-cn 14 \m-Wv 15þmw h-b-Ên tIih-s\ Kp-cp-hm-bqÀ A-¼-e-¯n \-S-bv-¡n-cp-¯p-¶-Xv. A-tXm-sS tI-i-h³ Kp-cp-hm-bqÀ tI-i-h-\m-bn. tI-ih-sâ kv-t\-l-¯n-sâ I-Y-IÄ [m-cm-f-ap≠v.

H-cn-¡Â ]m¸m-t\m-Sv ]nW-§n t]m-Ip-t¼mÄ H-cn-S-h-gn-bn sh-¨v F-Xn-sc h-¶ Ip-«n-IÄ-¡mbn h-gn-am-dn-s¡m-Sp-¯ tI-ihI-Y G-sd {]-i-kv-X-am-Wv. 60 hÀ-j-t¯m-fw Kp-cp-hm-bq-c¸-s\ tk-hn-¨ tI-i-h³ Kp-cp-hm-bqÀ G-ImZ-in Zn-h-k-am-Wv sN-cn-ªXv. tI-i-h³ sN-cn-ª-t¸mÄ, tI-i-h³ sN-cn-ªp F-¶Ã Kp-cp-hm-bqÀ tI-i-h³ a-c-W-s¸«p F-¶m-Wv B-fp-IÄ ]-d-ªn-cp¶-Xv. tI-i-h³ BÄ-¡q-«§sf kr-ãn-¨ B-\-bm-bn-cp-¶nÃ. B-cm-[-I-a-\-Êp-I-fn tI-i-h³ BÄ-¡q-«-¯n-\n-S-bn-se H-cm-fmbn-cp-¶p. AXp-sIm-≠v X-s¶ tI-i-h-sâ A´yw h-\yam-b hm-¡p-IÄ-sIm-≠v sN-cn-bm-sX D-bÀ-s¯-gp-t¶-äp-\n-¶p. BÄ-¡q«w ]d-ªp Kp-cp-hm-bqÀ tI-i-h³ a-cn-¨p. C-t¸mgpw Kp-cp-hm-bqÀ G-Im-Zin-tbm-S-\p-_-Ôn¨v "Kp-cphm-bqÀ tI-i-h³ A-\p-kv-a-c-Ww' \-S-¯n-h-cp-¶p-≠v.    1193  11


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Well n Worth Properties, North Outer Ring Road, Guruvayoor, Thrissur, Kerala, Pin - 680101 Call: 0487 3297 666, 9400 183 666 E-mail: Visit us at


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¡nÃ-tÃm?' A-c-§n \n¶pw A-c-§p-I-fn-te¡v, F-®-a-äX-h-W Kp-cp-hm-bq-c-¸-sâ ap-¶n-epw. Hmtcm X-h-W Kp-cp-hmbq-c¸³ Hmtcm `m-h-¯n ZÀi-\w \Â-In-s¡m-≠n-cp-¶p. ssh-im-Jamkw, Ir-jvW-sâ ap-¶n `-P-\ Zn-h-k-§Ä B-bn-cp-¶p I-em-aÞ-ew t£-am-h-Xn-bv-¡v. "`-K-hm³ F-´v A-Ûp-X-am-Wv F-\n¡v th-≠n am-än sh-¨-Xv F-¶-dn-bnÃ. þ F-¶m C-¶v B-{K-ln-¨ \n-an-jw

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G-sd P-\-{]o-Xn-bmÀ-Pn-¨ sU-bv-en \yq-kn-sâ hmÀ-¯-IÄ \n-§Ä-¡v samss_en e-`n-¡m³ Add Me F-¶v hm-Sv-kvB-¸v sa-tÊ-Pv A-b¡p-I. A-b-t¡-≠ \-¼À: 9656 133 833. A-sÃ-¦n sU-bv-en \yq-kn-sâ t^-kv-_p-¡v t]-Pv sse-¡v sN-bvXmepw aXn. \m-«nepw hn-tZ-i-¯pap-Å \n-§-fp-sS kp-lr-¯p-¡Ä¡pw _-Ôp-¡Ä¡pw Cu sa-tÊ-Pv ]-c-amh-[n sj-bÀ sN-¿p-a-tÃm. sU-bv-en \yqkv hmÀ-¯-IÄ C-\n \n-§-fp-sS hn-cÂ-¯p-¼nÂ.    1193  17


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20    1193 

   1193  21


22    1193 

Your Dream home in GURUVAYUR





Ready to occupy apartments just 1.6 KM from Guruvayoor temple


16 Lakhs



8606226665, 8606225556 I


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-eÀ-s¨ aq-¶n-\v \nÀ-½m-ey-ZÀ-i\-¯n-\v-ti-jw taÂ-im-´n \ sÃ-®-sIm-≠v `-K-h-Xv hn-{Kl-s¯ A-`n-tj-Iw sN-¿pw. _nw-_-¯n X-§n \nÂ-¡p-¶ F-®-bp-sS Aw-iw \n-tÈ-jw Xp-S-¨p-am-än-b-ti-jw _nw_-¯n³-ta s\-t·-\n hm-I-bp-sS s]m-Sn Xq-hp-¶p. A-e-¦mc-§-sfm¶p-anÃm¯ B hn-{K-lw sh-fp-¯ hm-I-s¸m-Sn-sIm-≠v s]m-Xn-ª \n-ebn Im-W-s¸-Sp¶-Xv H-c-]qÀ-Æ-Zr iyw X-s¶-bm-Wv. ]n-¶o-Sv hm-I-s¸mSn- ap-gp-h³ AXn-tem-eam-b H-cp {_jv D-]-tbm-Kn-¡v Xp-S-s¨-Sp-¡p-¶p. hm-I-¨mÀ-¯v I-gn-bp-¶-tXm-sS D-]tZ-h-·m-sc h-µn-¡m\pw {]-Z-£n-Ww sh-bv-¡p-hm-\p-am-bn `-à-P-\-§Ä \-S-bv-¡Â \n¶pw \o-§n-bn-«p-≠m-

28    1193 

Ipw. ]n-¶o-Sm-Wv iw-Jm-`n-tj-Iw. a-{´- ]q-cn-Xam-b XoÀ-Yw iwJn \nd-¨v A-`n-tjIw \-S-¯p¶p. ]n-¶o-Sv kp-hÀ-W-I-e-i-¯n-se P-em-`n-tj-I-t¯m-sS A-`ntj-I N-S-§p-IÄ k-am-]n-¡p-¶p. ]n- s¶ a-eÀ-\n-th-Zy-amWv. aeÀ, iÀ¡-c, I-Zfn¸-gw F-¶n-h-bm-Wv A-t¸mg-s¯ ss\th-Zy-§Ä. tZ-hkzw h-I-bp-Å-Xn-\p ]pd-sa `-à-P-\-§-fp-sS h-gn-]m -Smbpw [m-cm-fw a-eÀ \n-th-Zn-¡-s¸-Sm-dp≠v.



Personal Accident


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¡v Zp-Jw X-t¶m-fp F-¶pw A§-sb kv-Xp-Xn-¨v {]mÀ-°n-¡m³ F-\n-¡v A-hk-cw e-`n¡-s« F-¶ Ip-´o hm-Iyhpw HmÀ-a-bn-ep≠v. A-hn-Sw hsc-sbm¶pw F-¯m-¯ km-[m-c-W a-\-Ên C-t¸mgpw D-¯-c-§Ä am-dn a-dn-b-¶p. Irjv-W b-PpÀthZ ssX-¯n-tcym-]-\n-j-¯nse {]-i-kv-Xam-b im-´n a-{´-¯n-se c-≠p h-cn-I-fm-Wv C-t¸mÄ a-\-kn a-dp]-Sn B-bn F¯p-I tX-P-kzo-\m h-[o-X-a-kvXp am- hn-Zzn-jm-h-ssl! kz _p-²n-¡v Xnf-¡w hÀ-²n-¡s«. Hmtcm A-dnhpw Xn-f-¡-ap-Å-Xm-bnSs«. a-\-Ên hn-tZz-jw C-Sw ]n-Sn-¡mXn-cn-¡-s«. Cu {]mÀ-°-\-bn-se h-cw kzm-b-¯am-¡p-¶n-S-t¯m-fw a-\-Êv h-f-cm³ F-´m-Wv am-ÀKw.! D¯-cw cm-am-b-W-¯n-se kp-µ-c-ImÞ-¯n-ep≠v. e-¦-bn-te-¡v NmSn-b l-\p-am-s\ tZ-h-IÄ B-inÀ-h-Zn¨-Xv C-§s\: b-ky tXz-Xm-\n N-Xv hm-cn h-\-tc-{µ b-YmX-h [r-Xn Zr-ãnÀ a-XnÀ Z£yw k-IÀ-amkp-\ knÔXn AÃtbm h-\-tc-{µm, A§-sb t]m-se A-{im-´ ]-cn-{iaw, kq-£-a Zrãn, _p-²n, {]-hÀ-¯-\ ]-cnN-bw F-¶o \m-ep Kp-W-§Ä \n-d-ª hy-àn F-hn-tSbpw hnP-bw ssI-h-cn-¡pw. H-cp h-cw F-¶ \n-_-Ô\-¡p ap-¶n C-XÃm-sX F-´m-Wv I-®m \n-th-Znt¡-≠Xv. X-sâ B-cm[-\m aqÀ-¯n¡m-bn k-ap{Zw t]mepw Xm≠n-b a-lm-`-à-s\-bÃm-sX B-sc-bm-Wv I-®m am-Xr-I-bm-¡m-\p-Å-Xv.


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Krishna guruvayoorappa may 2018 design single pages  
Krishna guruvayoorappa may 2018 design single pages