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Hello everyone,

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I’m Chenae, the new editor of the magazine written by students for the students. First I’d like to welcome all the Freshers to what will be some of the best years of your life and a warm welcome back to the 2nd and 3rd years. Now that August is just a memory, most of us are now figuring out how to survive, study, and socialise on a student budget. Yes, it sounds daunting but no need to fret. You are in university, this is an exciting time of our lives. Be prepared to enter a world of new friendships, societies and union activities. This year the team and I are determined to bring an engaging and informative magazine for everyone. We are excited not only about the print issues but the website as well, so stay tuned. Look forward to campus news, sports reports, uni event reviews, etc. This Freshers Issue is a preview of what is to come, I hope you enjoy. Sincerely, Chenae

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Follow us! /latitudelookout @LatitudeLookout Front cover photograph: Matin Hamarahevy

9 Fresh Perspective The basics for first years

10 Getting The Most OuT OF UNI

Whether it’s your 1st, 2nd or 3rd year start thinking about how to get the most you possibly can out of your time

12 Business and Economics Society PROFILE

13 Fresher Food 14 Perks of Being

a Film Student

If you love films then Greenwich just got a little more interesting

15 Eurogamer Expo 16 Greenwich Music Scene 17 Album Releases 18 Writers Showcase

A place to share your stories, poems, and everything else that you’re proud of

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Visit our Bye-Elections website to find out more about these positions and how to nominate yourself! #suugelections

meet the team Chenae Rodrigues / Editor in Chief

I’ll just prepare you all and say some of you will not like your flat mates. This is a fact. I didn’t. So do not rely on them to be your only friends. If you are in halls knock on your neighbours doors, search out the flat parties, follow the groups walking to the SU pubs. Alexandra Sims / Assistant Editor

For myself, freshers is a big blur of squeezing new found friends into washing machines and racing down corridors on desk chairs. Learn your timetable and the rooms for each of your classes; try not to be the one backing out of the door as you realise you didn’t choose a Spanish module. If you’re living in halls, keep a jumper out and shoes by your bed in case of the 4am fire alarm. There WILL be a 4am fire alarm.

Lucy Cave / Music Editor

My advice is for those freshers living at home. I was one, and I’m not going to lie, I did think that I was going to go through university life without a social life. But it has been far from that, I think I’ve got a bigger social life living off campus! Don’t be scared, you’ll make friends, I promise. Sophie Hall / Creative/Entertainment Editor

It may seem daunting exposing yourself to all these strangers, but the comfort you’ll feel of having friends to help you through your university years will more than make up for it. Get to know your flatmates and the people living next door, have them round for dinner (takeaway) or enjoy movie nights and board games with them (apart from monopoly, that will likely destroy what bond you’ve formed.)

Jade Burnett / PR

Freshers is the start of an incredible 3 year journey, and for me finding out that bed bugs existed! My advice to freshers is to make the most of every minute because every year group is envious of you! Don’t miss out on the opportunities available at uni, join new societies and get involved in student life- and don’t let the bed bugs bite! Mahesh Subramaniam / Layout Designer/WebMaster Editor

You know how your parents and their friends laugh and reminisce about the good old days? Well these are the good old days for us. You’re Spiderman/ Wonder woman creating your own origins story right now. Even if you feel like you’re going through a tough time in your life, you’re going to look back and remember these days with fondness.


student activities By Tony Whitehead VP Student Activities 07813 695156

Student Activities provide opportunities for everyone at Greenwich to take part

in activities beyond their course, including student-led clubs and societies, volunteering, and our Give It a Go scheme - so there’s always something to do! Student-led sports clubs and societies run a huge variety of activities to take part in – why not check out the lists on the next couple of pages to see what works for you. If there isn’t anything that catches your eye currently, then you can also start your own student club or society and get support from the Union. As well as helping the student committees to lead their clubs and societies, the Activities team run the Give It a Go scheme, which does what it says – provides activities for you to turn up and try! Everything is included from learning new skills, being creative, getting active, to socialising and going on trips. We’re here to make your time at Uni fun, so why not try out something different? We also look after the volunteers here at the Union, offering a way for everyone who volunteers during their time at Uni to log their hours and skills and get recognition for the fantastic things they do.

We work with all parts of the Union and the University Guidance & Employability Team to help our student volunteers make the most of their time, skills and experience; making you more employable, as well as having fun! If you have any ideas or suggestions then please get in touch with our VP Student Activities, Tony. We always want to hear from students and love new ideas!

CAMPAIGNING, AWARENESS & SUPPORT • Conservative • Disabled Students Network • LGBT+ • Mature Students Network • Palestinian Solidarity • RAG – Raise & Give • Socialist Students

MUSIC, PERFORMANCE & MEDIA • Latitude Lookout • Latitude Radio • Music Video Production • Performing Arts • Rock & Indie

SPORTS CLUBS • American Football • Badminton • Basketball • Cheerleading • Cricket • Football Mens • Football Womens • Gymnastics • Hockey • Netball • Rowing • Rugby Union • Snowsports • Tennis


ACADEMIC • Banking & Finance • Criminology • Economics & Business • Events • Law • Marketing • Maths • PR Fraternity • Psychology • Student Computing

ACTIVITIES & GAMES • Anime & Games • Camping • Capoeria Angola • Climbing • Pool • St. John’s Ambulance (LINKS)

• Ahmadiyya Muslim Students • Chinese • Christian Union • Edification Ministry • Ghanaian Students • Hindu • Islamic • Jewish • Nigerian Students • RockSolid Christian Fellowship • Urban Empire



There’s loads of different ways and different reasons to get involved with volunteering whilst you’re at University - you can work in the community or with students on campus, you can run events or help give advice, and you can do it to build your skills, meet new people, or just to have fun! Here at the Students’ Union, we work with the University Guidance and Employability Team to make sure you get recognition for all the amazing volunteering you can do as a student and that you have a great time while you do it.

There’s also tons of volunteeringopportunities on offer, from running one of our student groups or events, to helping in the local community or joining our Raise & Give Society to help fundraise for charities. Whilst at Greenwich you can find student friendly opportunities to volunteer, log your hours and the skills you’ve developed. Find out opportunities at


- Free entry to ‘Team Greenwich presents...’ - Free ‘Team Greenwich’ T-shirt - Discounted gym membership - £5 off sports team membership - Discounts and offers throughout the year!

FRESH PERSPECTIVE by Chenae Rodrigues

While being a university student can be daunting, it’s thrilling at the same time. Here are the reasons why:

Freshers Fortnight: This is perhaps the time that’s most imperative to remember about your first year. Everyone is feeling the same. You are anxious and excited to meet new people, but no need to fret, after the two weeks of fun filled events the Student Union is hosting you will surely walk away with a few new friends. There is something going on for everyone from a Scavenger Hunt, an Open-top bus tour, Cultural Cuisine Days, various theme nights at Bar Latitude and Sparrows. Don’t forget to bring in the final hoorah at the Freshers Ball

Joining Societies: If you really want to get a true university experience join a society. Greenwich offers plenty of or societies for you to join. From sport clubs, Academic, Gaming, Awareness, Cultural, and Media societies you can take your pick. Certainly there will be something to tickle your fancy. For the full list go to - there you’ll find contact details for all of the Students’ Union’s societies. Any questions you have about a society can be answered there and you can join online!

Legal in London: You’re 18, young, a fresher in London. That is reason enough to make the most out of your first year to go out. In Freshers everyone goes out and everyone is crazy, from the pranks, embarrassing moments, to fancy dress parties. You don’t want to be the loner that stays in their room only to come out for lectures. Explore the city. After freshers you won’t have much time to go out as your uni work will increase so go out now when you have more time!

Living in Halls: Although living with total strangers might seem nerve wracking, no need to fret. Depending on how you get on, these people will become your house mates for the years to come and friends for life. Let’s not forget the flat parties, ‘family’ cooking, board game nights, drunk escapades, etc. You also are very close to the SU bars. If you live in Cutty Sark or McMillan Halls it’s Bar Latitude, if you live in Avery Hill, it’s Sparrows.


Getting The MosT OuT OF UNI And here we have the obligatory advice page. Though, this one should be more appropriately titled; ‘Tips for getting through uni from someone who hasn’t yet done so’. by Alexandra Sims

Not everyone has it all figured out, and in respect to working towards a degree, we are all just doing what works best for us to get by. That’s fine. If you graduate smiling, then who cares how many caffeine fueled all-nighters it takes to get there? There are a few things however, that we can all do to make getting to that point a whole lot easier.

Making a good impression is important. Try to participate more in the

first few classes but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying mid-year. Lecturers and, well, everyone in general are more inclined to help you when you’re struggling if you have previously put some effort into your work. Also, don’t hesitate to ask questions, as it shows that you are involved in the subject. Most people want to help you; you have just got to help yourself.

Use the services provided (they are there to help). Be sure to regularly

check the online class announcement system i.e. Moodle. Waking up to get to class only to find out it’s been cancelled is frustrating. Also make a habit of checking

your emails daily, you don’t want to miss out on important info. If you can, sync your Greenwich account to your smartphone to ensure that you don’t miss anything.

Constantly backup your assignments and work, especially major papers. Save it on your computer, on an external drive, attach to an email, or use a cloud storage system like Dropbox.

The course reading must be done but don’t be a recluse. It’s not a three

year sentence; it’s a massively exciting opportunity that you don’t want to regret missing half of. No one feels like attending the 9am lecture and sometimes it seems like a better idea to just not go in after a two hour gap. Once you get into the swing of things though, going to every class will become second nature. Spend the between time on campus or in walking distance, that way there’s no temptation to just not go back for the day. It’s easier to meet people if you get involved early when everyone’s new, but every term you’ll find yourself talking to someone for the first time.

Be open and friendly, networking is going to really help you out in years to come. Also take advantage of the student savings throughout London on restaurants, attractions, and shops. Don’t pass on opportunities, look for

things to do, keep busy and enjoy the freedom. The university has plenty to offer in way of events, seminars and guest speakers. Having a part time job is great for some extra cash but be careful with the hours, your degree should take priority. Manage the time you spend between both, ensuring to cut back in second and third year. By the end of your time at Greenwich you won’t regret the parties as long as it didn’t cause you to fail and you won’t regret the hard work you put in as long as it didn’t stop you from joining in on all the fun. The only regrettable part will be the time you wasted sat around doing nothing while some of the best opportunities to both have fun and to improve your future are waiting right outside your door.


society profile

business & economics By Roxana Bucur President of the Economics & Business society

Who is eligible to join our society ?

Everyone! You do not necessarily have to pursue a degree in Economics or Business to become a member, you only have to passionate and interested in this subjects, to be eager to experiment and test your limits.

What events are we going to run?

This year’s programme has something for everyone. For the adventurous ones, we have a Treasure Hunt around City of London, for the highly opinionated we have an inter university Debate Competition, for those with an entrepreneurship spirit, we will have great workshops on “How to start my own business?” , for all of you looking for a internships or placement we will have workshops delivered by representatives from the Bank of England. And

that’s not all! If you have a great idea and want to run your own event, than we will help you do this too through our newly launched “Project Leader Programme”.

How can I join and pay my membership fee?

In order to join our society you have to pay a membership fee of only £5, either online, on the SUUG website or at the Students’ Union in Greenwich or the one in Avery Hill. For more information do not hesitate to contact the president, Roxana Georgiana Bucur ( and for further updates, like us on Facebook (University of Greenwich Economics and Business Society)

FRESHERS FOOD by Mahesh Subramaniam

too hard Don’t be ’re young elf, we st of on yours d for mo n a e e fr and retty ies can p t d o b r u o us, ga e anythin much tak ment. the mo

Once the intake of strange beverages calms and you start to create the pace of your university life, it might be a good time to capitalise on your creativity and experiment with your culinary skills. I’d like to give you some helpful tips that I discovered over my two years of university diet. The food you start cooking now is probably the food you’ll be eating for the rest of your uni career. So why not make it the tastiest and healthiest diet it can be?

Firstly I’d like to dismiss the myth on frozen vegetables, the vegetables are frozen in their most nutritious state, and… well its better than eating no vegetables. Whenever I find myself feeling hungry and demotivated and that packet of pot noodles is staring me in the face, I realise watching a few YouTube recipes get my taste buds and my brain working in unison. YouTube channels like ‘ShowMeTheCurry’ have dishes that range from fried rice and curry dishes to stir fried noodles and cake baking.

Research says a perfect diet consists of a balance of carbohydrates, (potatoes, noodles) fruit, protein (bacon, eggs, tofu) and vegetables. A lot of the Asian styled recipes require a lot of sauces and seasoning. When it comes to ingredients like Garam Masala and oyster sauce, I highly recommend experimenting and putting them in other dishes you cook. You might find that oyster sauce will result in a pearl.

Here are a few dishes from YouTube videos that include most of these nutrients : Ching He Huang - Singapore style noodles Showmethecurry - Indochinese fried rice OnePotChef - Tomato pesto pasta salad


The Perks Of Being a Greenwich Film Student by Sophie Hall

Greenwich is home to one of the most in demand film sets at the moment. Take advantage of that! We’ve hosted films such as The Golden Compass, Sherlock Holmes, Skyfall, Les Miserables and most recently, the highly anticipated sequel Thor: The Dark World. Apply to the media department to become a runner and gain first hand experience of what it’s like to work within the film industry, a feat that will look impressive on your CV. Another great way to gain experience within the film industry is to volunteer at the London Sundance Film Festival; situated at the North Greenwich arena and only a bus ride away. The film festival plays every year in April, and you can apply for roles such as usher or film advisor, and occasionally even watch some of the films showing while you are working (for free).

You can keep a lookout on their website early next year to see when they release their volunteer application forms. For students coming to Greenwich from outer London, the BFI (British Film Institute) at Southbank is a great thing to be a part of. You can do volunteer work there, watch preview screenings and exclusive Q&As, and also attend the BFI London Film Festival that they run every October, where they usually show all the Oscar bait-y shtick.

A great downtime for film students is the event that E4 Slackers Club holds at Greenwich Picture House, down the road from the University, where they host free student screenings. To find out about these latest events, visit the cinema or check on their website Make sure to take advantage of these events and expand your film buff horizons.

Photograph: Praveen Kariyppervma

To all of you film freshers who think that their creativity is restricted only to their courses, don’t worry; Greenwich holds many opportunities for aspiring filmmakers that few other universities can only hope to achieve.

eurogamer expo by Alexandra Sims

EUROGAMER is an annual gaming

The very realistic animation is delivered through Performance capture, with Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe lending their acting chops to the lead characters. Writer and director David Cage was there to lead a developers session and deliver a sneak peek at gameplay and behind the scenes footage. One thing he hopes to achieve with Beyond is to prove that a great dramatic narrative can be told through games just as they can in films. Though Spielberg seems to disagree, if Cage’s previous work ‘Heavy Rain’ is anything to go by we can expect quite a spectacular and emotional ride.

exhibition held at Earls Court. It showcases the biggest upcoming tech, console and video game releases as well as some fantastic indie creations. 2013’s Eurogamer was host to two next-gen consoles; the Xbox One and Playstation 4 - allowing fans to get hands on with unreleased machines and content. Both PS4 and Xbox One are set for holiday season release, the former being £80 cheaper at launch. In terms of the console aesthetics, Sony have made bigger modifications to their controllers with the addition of a central touchpad. Xbox One is being compared to a chunky VCR and definitely box like, the PS4 is slimmer but similar to the PS2 model. Beyond: Two Souls exclusively for PS3 was just one of the many games that attendees could get to play before release day. It looks to emphasise storytelling through gameplay and not cut scenes.

Eurogamer is not exclusive to video games, there are free to play pinball machines, board games and tech such as computers and headphones. There is also a merging of education, having a section on one of the days dedicated to answering questions and providing info to students who have an interest in a career in the game industry; whether it be writing, designing or programming. The biggest bonus of attending the expo is of course the freebies. Many stands hand out novelty items, t-shirts and sometimes bigger prizes for trying

out their game. There are also hourly giveaways in which clothing and other merchandise are hurled into the crowd, and if you don’t shy away from going on stage you could walk away with a free console. Tickets are sold as either morning or afternoon entry for a one day ticket, weekend, or super pass; the four day ticket that entitles the holder to early bird entry over all days of the event. I highly recommend it if you intend on getting 15 the most for your money.

greenwich music scene by Lucy Cave

So you’ve just started a new University, but you really don’t know where you’re going to fit in. Luckily, there is one language in life that everybody seems to understand…and that is music. You’re in London now, every night of the week there is something amazing going on. Whether it be an open mic night, or some little up and comers selling out numerous nights at the O2, there is something for everyone. As you are new to the area, let us give a quick low down on all the best things music at University of Greenwich.

Students’ Union

To get a real taste of what London’s scene has to offer, you do not even have to leave campus. University of Greenwich’s SU has something for every music lover - from our Rock & Indie Society all the way to our theme nights at Bar Latitude and Sparrows - so you really will be spoiled for choice. Also remember to tune in to Latitude Radio, not to be biased, but they do give some of the big leaguers a run for their money!

Music and Video Exchange, The Beehive and Decksterity Records

If you like your music collection, you’ll be happy to know that there is not one, but three record shops right in the heart of Greenwich. It is quite easy to just to spend hours in the shops, flicking through old classics and discovering new talent. To quote Penny Lane from the movie Almost Famous: “And if you ever get lonely, just go to the record store and visit your friends”.

The Music Venues

Now we’re not going to lie to you, most of the best music venues in London are further away from campus, but the South of The River does a pretty good job of keeping up there with the big leagues. Of course you have the O2, but on a student budget you might want to steer away. Instead why not try the smaller and newly named Building Six (previously named Proud2). But if you love your niche music, there are small clubs and cafes all around Greenwich with music nights to suit every need. There you have it, a small guide to all the cool music places that you need to know about to make your first year that extra bit magical. And remember to stick with Latitude Lookout to get your music news and reviews.

album releases It’s the beginning of a new year at university and there’s plenty to look forward to right? New starts, new essays…heck no! Some of the BIGGEST stars are releasing albums that we are incredibly excited about. Here are some dates to keep in your planners…

Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP 2 November 5th

In his first album in years, Eminem is expected to blow the rap doors down once again with The Marshall Mathers LP 2. If the first offering ‘Berzerk’ is anything to go by, we can expect songs reminiscent of the Slim Shady days, plus great duets with rumoured guests including 50 Cent and Dr Dre.

Panic! At The Disco Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! October 8th

They return for album number four, and we could not be more excited. Panic! At The Disco have always been one to provide the hits (if you don’t know all the words to ‘I Write Sins, Not Tragedies’ then you are lying) and this new album sounds not different. Hits so far include: ‘Miss Jackson’ and ‘This Is Gospel’.

Sky Ferreria Night Time, My Time October 29th

A couple of years ago Sky Ferreria was meant to be the next big thing for pop music, but she suddenly made a disappearing act to become the hipster magazine’s favourite model. Do not worry though, her new material was worth the wait, ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’ is one of the singles of the year.

Lady Gaga ARTPOP November 11th

Is she going to sink or swim? ARTPOP has got a lot riding through Lady Gaga, but we do not think she has got much to worry about. Gaga has always been one for risk taking, but the first single from the album has still got people singing along. I live for the applause, applause, applause…


Writer's Showcase Hi there! I’m Sophie Hall, the new Creative Editor and will in charge of the submissions of poetry and short stories to be published in the magazine. If you have any pieces that you’re particularly proud of and want to share with other students, send them to me at Know that you can only have one piece featured per magazine issue, but you can still submit a few as they may be featured in a later issue. Looking forward to reading and broadcasting your work throughout the year!



It’s the greatest journey of all time, It starts on freshers week, When we shot back the tequila and lime, We meet many people, Some stay and some go, But that’s just life and just goes to show, There are many opportunities for us, To all adopt and to share, We all have different abilities, That’s why it’s important to care, We are all in this together, We make friends that potentially could last forever, It’s a chance in life that reflects on both knowledge and liver, Lectures, seminars and placement, Means getting up early four days a week, It’s a hard life for us, We just want to sleep and to eat.

The old woman was fishing for her past (The mother of oysters concealed it.) Wading through the bay the old woman was fishing for her past I do not want it for dwelling on; I will ply it into thread so that she may don my hat on her working mind. Wading through the bay the old woman went fishing for her past (The obscured memory, long submerged, climbed inside another shell.)

By Claire Wing

By Alexandra Sims

MAMA SAY Mama, say every battle lost is a battle won somewhere. Mama, say every test failed is a test of character somehow passed. Mama, say that my motto still applies. Mama, say that everything happens exactly when it should. Mama, say that love is love, no matter who it’s for. Mama, say. Mama, say.... My mama say... My mama say she be there to hold me when I cry. Tells me she won’t leave me til the day she dies. My mama tells me that everything is fine tuned to the tune of the universe. My mama tells me to put it in another verse. My mama tells me the hand I’ll hand the longest is my own. My mama says I gotta dance with the melody playing in my soul. My mama tell me: we never fully grown.

By Lauren Cadogan

freshers fair were you there?



Check out the Students’ Union’s Facebook page for more events coverage!

what the faq? Frequently Asked Questions from the Students’ Union Advice Team Help! I’ve come to the University through Clearing. I haven’t been able to apply for funding until my offer was confirmed. My money won’t arrive until November. I’m living off my overdraft and can’t even afford drinks! •The University Student Finance Team can provide a £300 bridging loan, to help students manage in the meantime. Contact Student Finance at your campus Student Centre, and look at the Money Doctors section of the University Portal for further information. If you need help talking to people you owe money to, especially if you’re being threatened with legal enforcement, then speak to a Students’ Union Adviser. We’re licenced to give debt advice, and we’re free. And if you want to find out about part-time work, to beef up your budget, then contact the Guidance & Employability Team at the University. See www. for more info. I hate writing essays, and don’t understand anything about referencing my work. What the hell do I do? •You’re not alone if you find this difficult. The University has a dedicated Study Skills service. You can find more information, including useful resource and contact information on the Portal in ‘My Learning’ under Study Skills Support, under My Support, or via the Student Services A-Z on the Portal (easiest way to find most information on the University system). Don’t forget to speak to your Personal Tutor, and to ask for feedback on your assignments to help you improve your work in future. If you’ve asked for help and you’re not happy with the support you’ve been given, then contact the Students’ Union to discuss your options.

My landlord’s kicking me out of my flat in 2 weeks. How can I find somewhere else to live? •First, never give up your housing before you check your rights to stay where you are. The Students’ Union provides free advice on housing, and if you’ve got the right to stay where you are, we can help you enforce your rights, or refer to more specialist advisers if needed. If you need housing advice after normal office hours, contact Shelterline, a free national housing advice helpline, on 0808 800 44 44. If you do need to find somewhere else to live, have you thought about applying for University housing? Contact the University Accommodation Service – see the University Portal for further information. You could look online for student-friendly accommodation at – but this accommodation is not vetted by either the Students’ Union or the University. See uk for details of lettings agents registered with the Association of Residential Letting Agents. If you need legal advice on tenancy agreements, eviction, rent, or other housing problems, then contact your Students’ Union adviser. 19 Year old Virgin from Essex? Heard a lot about Uni life, is it true? •Not easy to talk about it, is it? If you’re thinking about it, then we’d encourage you think about doing it in a safe, healthy and informed way. Find out more, including support available, through the Greenwich Sexual Health website (, Medway’s is at www. abettermedway/sexualhealth.aspx)

Got any questions of your own? The Students’ Union Advice Service, and the GK Unions’ Advice Service are free, independent and confidential. We will listen and help talk through your options. We won’t make you do anything you’re uncomfortable with, but talking to us may make you more confident to deal with your situation, with or without further help from us. We also promise not to write about your questions in the next edition if you don’t want us to! For further information, see: (Avery Hill & Greenwich-based students) (Medway students)

Email questions to: 23

Latitude Lookout - October 2013  

The October 2013 issue of Latitude Lookout, the Students' Union University of Greenwich's official student magazine.

Latitude Lookout - October 2013  

The October 2013 issue of Latitude Lookout, the Students' Union University of Greenwich's official student magazine.