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1 Sep - Oct 2014 Issue

2014-2015 SEASON

Aug 26/14

Sep. 2/14

Carlos Núñez (Wed. Sep. 17/14) Eric Bibb featuring Michael Jerome Browne (Thurs. Sep. 18/14) Radical Reels (Thurs. Oct. 2/14) Dover Quartet (Fri. Oct. 3/14) David Myles (Season Launch) (Sat. Oct. 4/14) Fred Eaglesmith (Fri. Oct. 10/14)

2 Family Series Issue Aug. 29/14 Playbills on display at StARTS Fest (Sep. 20 - 21/14 ) Fred Penner (Sun. Oct. 19/14) Noisy Theatre - Mary Lambert “Pyjama Party” (Thurs. Oct. 23/14) Shimmy & Shake Dance Party (Sun. Nov. 9/14) Stella, Queen of Snow (Sun. Feb. 15/15) Noisy Theatre - Mary Lambert “Monkey Sing, Monkey Do” (Wed. Mar. 4/15) Shimmy & Shake Dance Party (Sun. Mar. 8/15)

Sep. 5/14

3 October-November 2014 Issue Sep. 25/14 Jamie Fisher (Fri. Oct. 17/14) Lunch at Allen’s (Fri. Oct. 24/14) Jenn Grant (Sat. Nov. 1/14 ) Bruce McCulloch (Sun. Nov. 2/14) Jill Barber (Fri. Nov. 7/14)

Oct. 2/14

4 Nov 2014 - Jan 2015 Issue

Oct. 27/14

Oct. 20/14

Adam Cohen (Wed. Nov. 12/14) Charlie Ross, One Man Star Wars (Thurs. Nov. 13) De Temps Antan (Fri. Nov. 14/14) The Campbell Brothers - Sacred Steel (Sat. Nov. 15/14) Jerry Granelli - A Charlie Brown Christmas (Tues. Dec. 16/14) Marc Cohn (Sat. Jan. 24/15)

Jan. 15/15

Jan. 22/15

Feb. 12/15

Feb. 19/15

7 Mar - Apr 2015 Issue Sing-A-Long Grease (Fri. Mar. 6/15) Delhi 2 Dublin (Sat. Mar. 7/15) Altan (Tues. Mar. 17/15) Mary Walsh featuring Sharron Matthews (Sat. Mar. 21/15) MonkeyJunk (Fri. Apr. 17/15) Fred Penner

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David Francey (Fri. Feb. 6/15) Alan Doyle (Sat. Feb. 7/15) Royal Wood (Fri. Feb. 13 & Sat. Feb. 14/15) Will the Circle be Unbroken (Thurs. Feb. 19/15) Kaha:wi Dance Theatre - TransMigrations (Wed. Feb. 25/15) Les Yeux Noirs (Fri. Feb. 27/15)

Fred Eaglesmith

6 February 2015 Issue

Eric Bibb

Dimensions Nov. 12/14

Position 1X 2X 5X 7X Outside


Nov. 5/14


5 St. Albert Children’s Theatre A Christmas Story & Pasek and Paul Concert (Thurs. Nov. 27 – Sun. Dec. 7/14)

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Lunch at Allen’s

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Bruce McCulloch

Jill Barber

De Temps Antan

Alan Doyle

Royal Wood


Arden Rate Card - 2014/15  
Arden Rate Card - 2014/15