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a sugarlump story

Wrien and Illustrated by Erin Sorenson & Elliot Sorenson For my two little sugarlumps, Henry and Elliot -Erin For my dog, Blue Mink Sorenson -Elliot

Elliot, 9

Henry, 12

Blue, 2

A sugarlump is the feeling of love in your heart when you do something sweet for someone else. It’s your lile beacon of light out into the world. Be sweet. Share joy. Sprinkle some sugar.™ ISBN: 978-1-4951-1200-3 ©2014 sugarlump factory, llc. | #sugarlumpfactory

Sugar Lou has things to do. She draws and paints and pastes with glue. She sings and dances, jumps and shouts. But mostly enjoys helping out.

She helps her mother with her chores, and holds open closing doors. Gives treats and hugs to all her friends, and clears her plate when dinner ends.

She helps her brother cross the street, and ties the shoes upon his feet. She makes him laugh when he is sad, and takes the blame when he is bad.

She likes the way her heart feels when doing something good. It feels all warm and fuzzy when she does the things she should.

That feeling sticks around a while, her heart begins to jump. It feels so sweet and wonderful, she calls it sugarlump.

A sugarlump is what she gets, when finding homes for orphaned pets. Or re-cy-cl-ing her cereal box, or helping mom find missing socks.

You can feel a sugarlump too. Just find some helpful stuff to do. Go out and make the wrong things right, and sprinkle sugar with all your might.

You’ll see you’ll get that feeling too, that sugarlump inside of you. So don’t forget to do good deeds, and help the ones with special needs.

All you need is one good heart. So do your best. Go do your part.

be sweet. share joy. sprinkle some sugar.


be sweet. share joy. sprinkle some sugar.


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