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EDITOR’S PREVIEW Volume 41• Number 9 SEPTEMBER 2022 Landan Kuhlmann Lead Reporter

Give more than cursory glance to new businesses I’ll admit it – until I started working in the news industry, I never really batted an eyelash when a new business popped up. And why would the average person do so? To the naked eye, it’s just noisy construction that could lead to more traffic headaches and increased foot traffic. Which could be a good or bad thing depending on your perspective. But since I started in this industry a little more than seven years ago, I’ve gotten to interview many restaurant and shop owners, or those hoping to break into the market with their own independent idea. And I learned – tangibly – that they were no different than any of us. They had a dream, and a desire to make it come to fruition. And ever since then, I’ve made it my mission to learn everything about where new small or independently-owned businesses come from –

how the dream started, the obstacles they have encountered along the way, etc. Whether it be standard business-related issues or starting during the pandemic – which is whole story in and of itself – there is always a story behind each and every one of them. So as you read each of the stories inside this month’s edition of the Fort Bend Business Journal, take a moment to consider not just the news itself, but think of the history of the business – where they came from, how they got started, where they want to go in the future. I can promise you, you will come away with a greater appreciation for these businesses, and come to know them not just as that big noisy construction project you hear at 7 a.m. every day, but as the culmination of a dream for someone not so different from you and me.

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Inspiration Stage has opened its doors as one of the newest additions to Sugar Land Town Square. (Photo courtesy of Inspiration Stage)

Inspiration Stage now open in Sugar Land By Landan Kuhlmann An award-winning performing arts studio and theatre is now open in Sugar Land Town Square. On Aug. 16, Inspiration Stage an-


nounced that it is now open in the mixed-use and retail development. The 6,000-square-foot space includes a 150seat theater, lobby, studio and lab, and offers classes for ages four to nineteen and performance opportunities for youth and adults, according to a news release from the studio. Its original location was at Sugar Land Auditorium before moving to Stafford prior to relocating to Sugar Land Town Square. “We are thrilled to now be located in the heart of Sugar Land Town Square,” said Mandy Seymore-Senat, the Artistic Director at Inspiration Stage. “Our families and patrons love seeing our shows and enjoying the fabulous restaurants and shops in the Square. The atmosphere

September 2022 H The Fort Bend Business Journal

here is electric and we are so thrilled to be providing Fort Bend residents with quality theatre with heart.” The organization is in its 10th year providing entertainment and provides 14-16 shows per year, according to the release. This year’s shows will include Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr., The Wizard of Oz, Shrek, Disney’s The Lion King Kids, and more. “Performing arts is an important component to any community,” said Matt Ragan of Rebees, which co-manages Sugar Land Town Square. “We are building a creative culture at Sugar Land Town Square, and Inspiration Stage is the perfect new addition to bring into the mix to create a robust, enjoyable experience for residents and visitors alike.”

Veteran Family owned & operated Catering, delivery & curbside available BUY ONE ENTREE at regular price &


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Health Care Designed For Seniors— Now In Your Neighborhood! Legacy Community Health has been providing high-quality health and wellness services in Southeast Texas for over 40 years. Our Senior Care team is trained to meet the health care needs of seniors—and to help you live a healthier, fuller life. Legacy Stafford Fountains at The Fountains Shopping Center 12540 Sugardale Drive Hours: Mon–Fri: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Legacy accepts Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and most HMO/PPOs. Eligibility Specialists are available to discuss sliding scale fees and potential programs to help reduce the cost of health care services.


Join us at our open house! THURSDAY, SEPT. 15 10 AM – 12 PM

Clinic tours Giveaways & prizes Healthy diet �ps from a Registered Die��an Nutri�onist Refreshments

RSVP required. Call (713) 814 3396 or email SParker@Legacy for more information.

It’s easy to become a patient! Call (713) 814 3655 today to schedule an appointment with one of our caring team members.

The Fort Bend Business Journal H September 2022


ASK THE EXPERT I’m over 60, and I feel great! Is it okay to skip my annual wellness exam? It’s best to visit your doctor Dr. Jung-Hoon Kim Geriatrician annually—even when you feel great! In fact, regular wellness checkups can help you stay healthy longer by keeping you on track with vaccina�ons and screenings for medical condi�ons. Plus, seeing your doctor regularly allows you both to get to know one another, which is helpful if you do become ill. Legacy geriatricians specialize in comprehensive health and wellness care for seniors. You’ll feel right at home when you visit Legacy Stafford Fountains, our new, fully accessible senior health center. Our goal is to help you live your healthiest, fullest life. Call today or visit to schedule an appointment with one of our caring Providers.

An update has been added to the guidelines for the emergency management of migraine headaches. Research supports the use of three medications for migraine relief when administered in an emegency. Intravenous metoclopramide, intravenous prochloperazine, and subcutaneous sumatriptan help treat the pain of the headache. A medication that is administered intravenously means that it is injected into the vein. A subcutaneous medication is injected in the layer of fat under the skin. Injectable medications are often given in an emergency situation because they work faster. Metoclopramide (Reglan) is sometimes used to help reduce the feelings of nausea and vomiting. It does have a boxed warning from the FDA stating that taking too much may lead to a permanent movement disorder. Prochloperazine (Compazine) is used to treat disorders of the brain. Common side effects include sleep-iness and dizziness. Sumatriptan (Imitrex) is available in a pre-filled device that can be delivered with or without a needle.

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ASK THE EXPERT Are there any negative effects of not correcting a hearing loss?

Yes, unfortunately there are serious side effects of not treating a hearing loss. A study by Dr. Frank Lin at Johns Hopkins Medical Center found Terry Snook that one of the negative effects of untreated AuD, FAAA hearing loss is an increase in the likelihood of developing dementia by 200-500%. The longer you delay treating a hearing loss the more you are depriving your brain of auditory stimulation. This is referred to as auditory deprivation. If the brain is having to process the auditory signal using visual cues and contextual cues this creates what Neuroscience refers to as a “Cognitive Overload.” This overload is what causes fatigue and increases the incidence of dementia. Hearing loss can be treated and the outcomes with the new hearing aid technology have proven very beneficial to helping people live healthy and independent lives. There is no need to leave a hearing loss untreated.

Advanced Hearing Center 1223 Lake Pointe Parkway Sugar Land, Texas 77479

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Emergency Migraine Headache Relief

Ed’s Pharmacy 3740 Cartwright Road

Legacy Stafford Fountains 12540 Sugardale Drive Stafford, TX 77477 (713) 814 3655

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Q: A:


Q: A:


How do repair facilities match the paint?

Your vehicle has a paint code, which specifically identifies the color of your car. matching is not a problem if your vehicle is precisely the color specified by Chuck Charlton the paint code. In actual vehicle production, there is variability within many paint codes, frequently from paint lot to paint lot, or between factories. If your vehicle isn’t exactly the color specified by the factory, the first step in matching is called tinting, varying the relative amounts of the components in the formula. Sometimes, a perfect match can’t be obtained by tinting alone. the last little bit of variance is made invisible to the human eye by blending which is painting portions of the vehicle adjacent to the repaired areas so the color changes unnoticeably. This can make the difference between a very good match and a completely invisible repair. Matching paint requires a high level of skill and sometimes a great deal of patience. Be sure you select a repair facility that will take the time to produce a match in the perfect range and will not be satisfied with merely good results.

May God Bless our Men and Women in the Military

Charlton’s Body Repair Local Family Business since 1957 1131 Staffordshire @ 5th Street • Stafford, TX 77477


September 2022 H The Fort Bend Business Journal

Kelsey-Seybold expanding Fort Bend clinic By Landan Kuhlmann Kelsey-Seybold Clinic announced Aug. 22 that the clinic plans to expand its Fort Bend Medical and Diagnostic Center, renovating the existing building and adding a 135,000-square-foot building. The renovation and new construction will expand current specialty care services and add an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) as well as a Cancer Center, according to a news release from the clinic. Once completed in winter 2023, the location will be renamed Kelsey-Seybold Clinic – Fort Bend Campus. According to the release, the new ASC will have four operating rooms, three endoscopy suites and one procedure room to support interventional pain management and interventional radiology services. It will also have capacity for 23-hour patient observation, the release said, while the cancer center will offer a full complement of cancer

services including diagnostic and treatment options, infusion therapy, and radiation oncology. “We are excited to expand our Fort Bend location, which will provide even greater access to care for patients in the vibrant and growing communities of Fort Bend,” said Tony

Lin, M.D., Chairman and CEO, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. “The additional surgical care, diagnostic capabilities and cancer services alongside greater specialty care will be a game changer for the community, making it easier than ever for individuals and families here to get the care and services they need close to home.”

Kelsey-Seybold Clinic is planning to expand its Fort Bend area services by the winter of 2023. (Contributed rendering)

Child abuse is a big and growing problem affecting our children. - 1 in 10 children will be abused by age 18 - More than 90% of children know their abuser - 300% increase in services provided to children and families in the last 9 years

Come hear what we are doing to heal our children. Join us the last Tuesday each month 5:30 - 7pm for “Sip & Stroll”

20,500+ children since 1991

A behind the scenes tour of Child Advocates of Fort Bend Learn about all the services provided to children and families A perfect opportunity for parents, teachers, educators, and all community members to join our fight to end the cycle of child abuse RSVP to Suzanne Slavin at 281-344-5107 or

WWW.CAFB.ORG Ad Sponsored by: Southern Ice Cream Stafford,Texas 281-499-9837

The Fort Bend Business Journal H September 2022



September 2022 H The Fort Bend Business Journal

FOCUS In just a few weeks, students will be heading off to college – and parents will be getting out their checkbooks. Without a college-bound student in your home right now, you might not be thinking much about tuition and other higher education expenses, but if you have young children, these costs may eventually be of concern – so how should you prepare for them? It’s never too soon to start saving and investing. Unfortunately, many people think that they have a lot of “catching up” to do. In fact, nearly half of Americans say they don’t feel like they’re saving enough to cover future education expenses, according to a 2022 survey conducted by financial services firm Edward Jones with Morning Consult, a global research company. Of course, it’s not always easy to set aside money for college when you’re already dealing with the high cost of living, and, at the same time, trying to save and invest for retirement. Still, even if you can only devote relatively modest amounts for your children’s education, these contributions can add up over time. But where should you put your money? Personal savings accounts are the top vehicle Americans are using for their education funding strategies, according to the Edward Jones/Morning Consult survey. But there are other options, one of which is a 529 plan, which may offer more attractive features, including the following:

529 plans: Underused but valuable • Possible tax benefits – If you invest in a 529 education savings plan, your earnings can grow federally income tax-free, provided the money is used for qualified education expenses. (Withdrawals not used for these expenses will generally incur taxes and penalties on investment earnings.) If you invest in your own state’s 529 plan, you may receive state tax benefits, too, depending on the state. • Flexibility in naming the beneficiary – As the owner of the 529 plan, you can name anyone you want as the beneficiary. You can also change the beneficiary. If your eldest child foregoes college, you can name a younger sibling or another eligible relative. • Support for non-college programs – Even if your children don’t want to go to college, it doesn’t mean they’re uninterested in any type of postsecondary education or training. And a 529 plan can pay for qualified expenses at trade or vocational schools, including apprenticeship programs

registered with the U.S. Department of Labor. • Payment of student loans – A 529 plan can help pay off federal or private student loans, within limits. Keep in mind that state-by-state tax treatment varies for different uses of 529 plans, so you’ll want to consult with your tax professional before putting a plan in place. Despite these and other benefits, 529 plans are greatly under-utilized. Only about 40% of Americans even recognize the 529 plan as an education savings tool, and only 13% are actually using it, again according to the Edward Jones/Morning Consult study. But as the cost of college and other postsecondary programs continues to rise, it will become even more important for parents to find effective ways to save for their children’s future education expenses. So, consider how a 529 plan can help you and your family. And the sooner you get started, the better.

The Fort Bend Business Journal H September 2022



Pictured are several staff members at Bio Home HealthServices and Pax Et Vita Hospice and Home Care, including founders Marie and Dcn Charlie Buhay. (Contributed photo)


As a deacon ordained for the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, assigned at Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Rosenberg, Deacon Charlie Buhay said he has a calling to serve everyone, young and old. It was in that vein that he and wife began Bio Home Health Services, Inc. at 830 Julie Rivers Dr. Suite 601 in Sugar Land two decades ago, and that has since spawned additional care services that are geared towards helping serve the county’s elderly population. “I am extremely big on service. That is my calling,” he said. “I would like to serve not only the physical, but the spiritual wellbeing of the people I encounter – not only the young, but I thought the elderly would need the same kind of service. That is a big part of what we do, is to serve others and serve the community.”

L-R Janet Gomez, Alt Administrator, Leslie Bennett, DON, Mary Dean, Asst DON, Marie Buhay (Photo by Landan Kuhlmann) Bio Home Health Services was established in March 2006 as an agency that serves elderly home-bound patients in Fort Bend, Harris, and other counties. The goal is to get patients well so that they can go back to their community and enjoy life with family and friends. Almost a decade later, Pax Et Vita Home

The Fort Bend Business Journal H September 2022

Care, LLC was started. This service provides private caregiving services to patients needing assistance with everyday tasks such as grooming and hygiene, meal preparation, transportation, and more. Then, a little over a year ago came the Pax Et Vita Hospice Agency in January 2021, which


provides physical, emotional, social, and spiritual support to patients with a life-limiting progressive illness to help the patient and their family/caregiver develop effective coping mechanisms while providing an atmosphere of comfort and compassion. The three companies provide a gamut of care that is crucial to elderly patients and their loved ones. “We have a growing elderly population, and with that a lot of their children are at a loss because they don’t really know what to do with their parents once they get sick, we saw the need years ago, and just thought we could help the community – especially the elderly.” “It is through the hands of our dedicated nurses, therapists, social workers, caregivers, and chaplains that actualize our very mission to serve with excellence and compassion,” Deacon Charlie said. Integrity and honesty are central to their mission at Bio Home Health Services and Pax Et Vita Hospice and Home Care. He said “We are expected to be trusted in the services we provide, and our services to patients should not be motivated by financial gain alone. Good profit should be the outcome of our excellent work.” Driven by a quote from Aristotle, Deacon Charlie emphasized, “We are what we repeatedly do, Excellence is not an act but a habit.” That is the philosophy that molds the very essence of the services they provide to the patients and their families. Excellent quality service will always draw appeal to those seeking help for their parents or other loved ones. “Patients or clients who are happy with our services will come back to us, they will spread how good we are and most importantly they will feel that they are served well and cared for and loved,” he said. “It is always part of our communication practices that we open our ears and hearts to them. We listen to our patients. We want to know their needs and concerns, and then be able to help them.”

Leslie Bennett, DON seeing a patient on his scheduled visit. (Contributed photo)

To see if Bio Home Health Services or Pax Et Vita Hospice and Home Care is the service you need please contact them at: BIO HOME HEALTH SERVICES P 281-980-2262 F 281-980-2276 PAX ET VITA HOSPICE & HOME CARE P 346-901-0194 F 281-239-0543


L-R Dcn Mike Quiray, Chaplain, Cynthia Romero, Bus Development, Dcn Charlie Buhay, Janet Gomez (Photos by Landan Kuhlmann)

September 2022 H The Fort Bend Business Journal


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Serving Fort Bend County & Greater Houston Area Since 1984

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Sugar Land tattoo removal shop adding new space By Landan Kuhlmann A Sugar Land tattoo removal parlor is set to begin renovations to an existing space to expand the breadth of its services. Removery Tattoo Removal and Fading, located at 12440 Emily Ct. Unit 504, was set to begin the renovation of a 1,478-square-foot space at First Colony Commons (15293 Southwest Fwy.) in Sugar Land on Aug. 30 according to a filing with the Texas Department of Licens-


September 2022 H The Fort Bend Business Journal

ing and Registration. The cost of the project is roughly $220,000, according to the filing, and involves an interior fit-out for a tattoo removal studio. It is scheduled to be completed at Nov. 15, according to the TDLR filing. For more information about Removery and the services that they offer at the Sugar Land location, visit the shop’s website at

Honored to be your choice for life insurance.

Locally owned and operated for over 25 years

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LISA N SIMS, AGENT Install, repair, sell all makes/models of garage doors & openers


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The Fort Bend Business Journal H September 2022


Orleans Seafood owners Chance Comstock and Marcus Payavla opened the Fulshear location of the Katy-based restaurant on Aug. 25. (Photo by Becca Wright)

Orleans Seafood opens Fulshear location By Landan Kuhlmann A Katy-based seafood restaurant has made its way to Fort Bend County, and recently opened its doors to the community. On Aug. 25, Orleans Seafood opened its second Houston-area location in the northwest portion of Fort Bend County at 6230 FM 1463 in Fulshear, according to a news release from the restaurant. Houstonians Chance Comstock and


Marcus Payavla co-own the restaurant, which opened its Katy location in 2008. The Fulshear location will have more than 5,000 square feet of dining space along with a 1,385-square-foot patio area. “We’re so excited to finally bring Orleans to Fulshear and open our doors to this community that has already been so welcoming to us,” Comstock said. The menu at the Fulshear restaurant will largely be the same, according to the release, with staples such as Seafood Gumbo, Etoufée, Po-Boys, Char-Grilled

September 2022 H The Fort Bend Business Journal

Oysters, and Boiled Crawfish when in season. However, the release said the Fulshear restaurant will have an expanded bar menu that includes a more robust spirits and wine selection. “When we opened in Katy over 13 years ago, we never thought about a second location - to be here now makes us incredibly thankful.” Payavla said. “We wouldn’t be here without the support of our loyal customers and can’t wait to introduce our food to our new Fulshear neighbors.”



10 / 12 / 22 • 9AM - 1PM


• FREE Admission • FREE Food & Drinks • Gifts and drawings • Games and activities • Educational information on health, finances and legal concerns • A chance to meet experts who will offer free advice on a number of senior issues • An opportunity to mingle with friends


JOHN SAZMA 281-690-4200 • JSAZMA@FORTBENDSTAR.COM The Fort Bend Business Journal H September 2022


Katy’s Local Table relocating to La Centerra By Landan Kuhlmann A popular Katy restaurant is relocation to the northeast portion of Fort Bend County this fall. Local Table announced Aug. 26 that is it moving to 24033 Cinco Ranch Blvd. located outside the La Centerra shopping center. Construction is underway in the 14,500 square foot building that will soon house their flagship restaurant and the first Local Table and Local Bar combo, according to a news release from the restaurant. Customers can expect a variety of gluten free and vegetarian dishes at the new Cinco Ranch location like the Texas Caviar Salad, Honey Ginger-Roasted Brussels Sprouts Salad and the Local Farmers


Pictured is an exterior view of new Local Table that will be at La Centerra in Katy later this fall. (Contributed rendering) Market Salad, a variety of wood stone pizzas, and more according to the release. The new Cinco Ranch location will be able to house about 60 guests, according to the release. The family owned and operated restaurant group first introduced the concept in Cinco Ranch in April 2016, and also has a Fulshear location. “It was important for us to take a step

September 2022 H The Fort Bend Business Journal

back to evaluate what’s most important to us,” said brothers Neima and Shervin Sharifi, co-owners of Local Table. “As we began to prioritize, we realized we wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our Cinco Ranch neighbors. They’ve really laid the foundation for us to create a fresh and sustainable brand.”

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Celebrating 35 Years of Sales & Service The Fort Bend Business Journal H September 2022


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September 2022 H The Fort Bend Business Journal

SERVICE DIRECTORY A/C AND HEATING TAURUS MECHANICAL,INC Cell (832) 731-5256 Taurus Mechanical, Inc. is a locally-owned business and has been serving customers in Sugar Land, Missouri City, Richmond, and Katy in the state of Texas for the last 35 years since 1986. We provide residential services. We provide Quality and Integrity in our service.

ADOPTIONS AND COUNSELING RAINBOW OF LOVE 281 438-6588 Rainbow of Love is a Social Services non-profit that specializes in Adoption, Counseling and Parenting Classes. The agency was founded in Fort Bend County in 2003 and continues to have a Fort Bend office in Missouri City. The Adoption program works with families and expectant parents from all over Texas and most states of the United States. The Counseling, Parenting Classes, Case Management and Charity programs focus on local Fort Bend and Harris County communities.

ADVERTISING Fort Bend Star 281-690-4200 We have been delivering a free community newspaper to homes throughout Fort Bend County longer than ANY OTHER newspaper. Fort Bend Business Journal 281-690-4200 The Fort Bend Business Journal is a monthly magazine that focuses on the business community of Fort Bend County. It is home delivered to 10,500 homes in Sugar Land and Missouri City , 500 copies to businesses in Fort Bend, and online for readers at no charge. The Business Journal features news stories about businesses, people, and events of importance to the local business community.

ALTERATIONS & TAILORING LIZ’S TAILOR and ALTERATIONS 281-242-3193 3626 Highway 6 South (In the Luby’s/Big Lots Shopping Center) Sugar Land, TX 77478 Our Alterations Service for Ladies and Gentlemen include: Full resizing of your dress

or prom to make a perfect fit; hem pants & jeans, taper in and out; shorten jacket sleeves and zipper changes. We fix your clothes at affordable prices. We offer professional tailoring. We will make your clothes from a catalog or pattern. For one-day or immediate service, please call Liz at 281-242-3193. We offer free estimates or visit us at www. or email us at liz@lizstailor. com.

AUTO REPAIR / MAINTENANCE Charlton’s Auto Body Repair and Vehicle Detailing 281-499-1126 Chuck Charlton, 1131 Staffordshire @ 5th Street, Stafford, Texas 77477, Charbody@aol. com, Fax: 281-499-1694, Complete collision repair. Frame & Unibody straightened. Expert computer color matching. Custom painting & pin stripping. Honest service. 79 Years Strong and 3 Generations Proud!

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GARAGE DOOR SERVICE Alliance Garage Doors 832-768-1897 Alliance Garage Doors has been locally owned and operated for the past 25 years in the Sugar Land/Missouri City/Richmond/Rosenberg/Katy area. We install, repair, and sell all makes and models of garage doors and openers and provide free estimates on request. For all your garage door needs, please feel free to give us a call!

INSURANCE AGENCIES Goosehead Insurance 281-643-0996 andrew-haley-insurance “Goosehead Insurance brings years of experience and expertise in serving your Auto, Home, Life & Commercial Insurance needs. As your Risk Management Advisor, Andrew Haley understands the value of safeguarding what matters most to you and will work on your behalf to bring you the best insurance options based on your individual needs. You will be met with unmatched customer service, integrity and expediency.”

Agent Tracy Walker ChFC, CLU, CASL, CPCU State Farm Insurance 281-265-0711 WWW.AgentWalker

Tracy Walker opened her agency in 1999 and has been giving to her community ever since. Tracy and her team received the Chairman’s Circle award in 2021, recognizing their agency as one of the top 3% within State Farm. Their experience and wisdom will help you with your personal and business insurance protection to create a customized plan for you. They are conveniently located at 15510 Lexington Blvd. Ste. P Sugar Land, TX 77478

JEWELERS Gold Connection Jewelers 281-344-9900 We Buy Gold We are a full-service jewelry store in your neighborhood. We offer diamonds, gold and silver jewelry and watches. Repairs are done on our premises. Custom design is our specialty. We offer front door parking for your convenience. Our hours are M-F from 10:00-6:00 pm and again on Sat from 10:004:00 pm. We are located at 206 Hwy 90A, Richmond, 77406. Come see our fabulous inventory!

MACHINE TOOLS Schofield Company 281-217-4799 The Schofield Company, has been in business since 1980, in Fort Bend County, specializing in American Made Machine Tools. Primary products are Wellsaw metal cutting bandsaws, made in the Kalamazoo, Michigan since 1926. Also McEnglevan, (Mifco), melting furnaces made in Danville, Illinois, for melting non-ferrous metals such as Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, Gold, and Silver. Used primarily in college art departments to make sculptures from wax art work. Contact Mike Schofield for further details.

NETWORKING Fort Bend Chapter - BNI Fort Bend Business Network International, the oldest networking chapter in the Fort Bend Chapter - BNI network, is a group of like-minded business owners who meet to network every Thursday morning at 7 am we meet at Rudy’s BBQ in Richmond, TX. Membership is limited to one professional per category. However, the organization does CONTINUES

The Fort Bend Business Journal H September 2022


have some open categories and is looking for entrepreneurs who want to connect with a great group of people and grow their business! For information on how to come visit, please email The Oyster Creek Rotary Club This local club has been a member of Rotary International since 1979 and is a volunteer organization dedicated to serving the Missouri City and Stafford communities. The club’s mission is to promote world peace, eradicate polio and to support various organizations within our servicing area, through our annual fund raiser. Our volunteers come from many walks of life in the business world. We welcome your visit the first Friday of every month, 12 p.m. at the City Centre, 2880 LaQuinta Dr. Missouri City, TX. 77459.

PEST CONTROL Integrated Pest Management, Inc. 281-341-1761 1118​E. Highway 90A Richmond, TX 77406

PREGNANCY RESOURCES Pregnancy Resource Medical Center 281-232-2375 The Pregnancy Resource Medical Center is a nonprofit that helps women by offering free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, peer consultations, classes and parenting resources. We are looking for volunteers, financial partners and church liaisons to help us reach our community. You can share the joy of helping hurt hearts and saving lives. We are located at 4411 Avenue N Rosenberg, TX 77471

REAL ESTATE Colliers International, formerly Curtice Commercial Real Estate 281-494-4769 Kolbe M. Curtice, CCIM, CLS, 15999 City Walk, Suite 250, Sugar Land Square located at U.S. Highway 59 & State Highway 6, Fax: 281-4943227, Brokerage, Development, Investment and Tenant Representation, 30 years experience in Fort Bend. Johnson Development Corp. 713-960-9977 More top-selling communities than any other developer in America. Larry Johnson 5005 Riverway Dr., Suite 500 Houston, TX 77056`


RESTAURANTS AKI Steak and Sushi 281-565-1110 510 Highway 6, Suite #180 King’s BBQ 832-532-7816 9920 Hwy 90A Suite # D- 120 Sugar Land, TX 77478 Las Haciendas Mexican Bar & Grill 281-240-3060 12821 Southwest Freeway Stafford, TX 77477




Julius Metals 281-499-6400 3018 5th St., Stafford, TX 77477 Julius Metals has been FT. BEND COUNTY’S LARGEST SCRAP DEALER serving Fort Bend and surrounding counties for the past 31 years. As a proud and responsible member of the Fort Bend, Texas business community, we accept aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, vehicle radiators, air conditioning coils, lead and other scrap metal. We seek to protect the environment through our intake and processing of scrap metal product usually destined for landfills. Our friendly staff values you as a customer and provides the VIP treatment to make your experience with us a profitable and efficient one. If you’re not selling me your metal, we both lose money!

VETERINARIAN Sugar Creek Animal Clinic 281-242-9070​ 14015 S.W. Freeway, Bldg. 2 Sugar Land, TX 77478

VIDEO SERVICES Star Digital Studios 713-823-1145 A full service video production studio providing all phases of video production including professional writing, videography, editing, DVD duplication, distribution; also video deposition services to the legal community. For video needed for a TV commercial, website posting, employee training, promotional DVDs, special presentations, coverage of live events/trade shows, or corporate videos, give us a call. If you are interested in something you do not see on our website, let us know and we’re ready to accommodate your needs! September 2022 H The Fort Bend Business Journal

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