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Landan Kuhlmann Lead Reporter

Wadhawan aims to be a judge of the people Tony Wadhawan has experienced several things in his life that have driven his innate desire to help others overcome obstacles, whether they be self-induced or out of their control. Now, he is channeling that desire into a run for public office. Wadhawan is a candidate for Fort Bend County Court at Law #2, which primarily handles misdemeanor level criminal cases, juvenile criminal cases and cases appealed from the municipal courts as well as some civil and probate cases. Wadhawan has been a criminal defense attorney for nearly 14 years, handling hundreds of criminal cases, including those involving juveniles – which is the type of case that County Court at Law #2 handles. He also had real estate transactional experience, which introduced him to the probate world – giving him what he feels is the perfect background for this court. And when I sat down to interview him for

this month’s cover story, it was immediately apparent that he wasn’t just saying it to get elected or promising things that cannot feasibly be delivered. No, he was promising to do his best to serve the people of Fort Bend County to the best of his abilities, and is striving to bring a measure of equality to the cases in Court at Law #2, which he said has been severely lacking at times. During his time as a criminal defense attorney, Wadhawan said the clients who come to him can potentially get railroaded based on a number of factors – and it’s his job to help them, above all else. That is the attitude he claims he will bring to the bench – one that is for the betterment of all in Fort Bend County that he serves. And you know what? I tend to believe him. So read our cover story inside this month’s publication beginning on Page 8, and decide for yourself whether you feel Tony Wadhawan is the candidate for the job in Court at Law #2.



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Fort Bend County Court at Law #2


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New entertainment concept coming to Sugar Land this year By Landan Kuhlmann LKuhlmann@fortbendstar.com An “immersive” entertainment concept has chosen Fort Bend County in which to open its first-ever brick and mortar location. California-based Department of Wonder, a “pioneering location-based entertainment concept” that combines interactive theater with emerging technologies to create an immersive fantasy experience, is set to open its doors at Sugar Land Town Square in early 2022, according to a news release. Inside the 10,000 square-foot facility, which will serve as an anchor to the under-renovation retail center, the release said customers will be given a light-gathering lantern and charged with solving puzzles and more using interactive displays and characters during their journey. Department of Wonder’s opening of its flagship venue this year will coincide with the completion of significant streetscape improvements to Sugar Land Town Square, the release said, as it undergoes major upgrades to retail tenancy, event programming, and more. “Our residents, Houstonians across the

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Construction set to start on 37-acre mixed-use development in Rosenberg By Matt deGrood mdegrood@fortbendstar.com A new, 37-acre mixed-use development is slated to rise by the end of 2023 to take advantage of what developers hope will be new traffic in Rosenberg thanks to the EpiCenter development, according to a news release. Satya, a Houston-based real estate consulting firm, announced in December it has planned a mixed-use development with more than 300 apartments, retail, restaurants and more near the corner of State Highway 36 and State Highway 59, according to the release. The development coincides with work on the $120 million EpiCenter project, which county leaders envision as a destination and multi-use venue for years to come. Construction on the 195,000-square foot arena began in November and could last up to 20 months, according to developers on that project. “With the EpiCenter event and convention

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HOTWORX studio coming to Sugar Land this year By Landan Kuhlmann LKuhlmann@fortbendstar.com

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New senior health lab coming to Missouri City By Landan Kuhlmann LKuhlmann@fortbendstar.com A network health giant is expanding its senior care options, and has plans to open a new lab in Fort Bend County this year. South Carolina-based Thorne HealthTech announced on Dec. 1 that Onegevity, its health intelligence unit and part of its senior care network, is collaborating with Legacy Community Health Services on Thorne Lab – a “next-generation prevention and wellness lab” – for senior care that plans to open in Missouri City this spring, according to a news release from the company. Legacy Community Health has more than 50 community clinics around the country. “We have long known that preventive health services are critical to improving patient health and wellness outcomes, while also supporting efforts to maximize limited resources,” Legacy Health CEO Robert Hilliard said. “We believe this new initiative will serve as an innovative model in improving patients’ overall health and wellness in a much more holistic, efficient and proactive way.” According to the news release, Onegevity is Thorne HealthTech’s artificial intelligence and health intelligence engine “combining a proprietary, multi-omic platform with AI to provide actionable insights to customers with enhanced information and effective products to improve their health.”

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A senior care center that utilizes artificial intelligence is set to open this year in Missouri City. (Photo from Facebook)

When it opens in Missouri City this year, the release said seniors will have access to software able to provide software to power multi-faceted assessments from 3D body shape measurements to cognition testing, strength and balance and more. Once tests are complete, the AI will analyze the data in attempts to provide insight on seniors’ health and wellness. “Onegevity’s software, AI and data analysis capabilities are uniquely positioned to help Legacy pioneer a new, customercentric approach to health and wellness,” ThorneTech CEO Paul Jacobsen said.

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Tony says that family, including parents Ramesh and Shail (pictured above) has always been important to him. (Contributed photo)


Meet Tony Wadhawan – He’s a family man Tony’s parents Ramesh and Shail Wadhawan immigrated to the United States in January 1980 and a year later Tony was born. Tony’s parents and grandparents are everything to him, and state his success wouldn’t be possible without their unwavering support. “I come from a culture where family is everything and family has always been a huge pillar in my life. When I was younger, Sundays were family day. I still remember on Sundays my sister and I enjoyed waking up to the smell of my mom’s cooking, going to the temple together, and going out for dinner and a movie almost every Sunday.” Tony goes on to say that his grandparents continue to guide his whole family to this day. “My wife and my two boys are my world. Nothing makes me prouder than watching my baby sons blossom into young boys fighting over each other’s toys and remembering how my sister and I did the same thing at their age; funny how things have changed but still remain the same. I want to be like my dad, I want to be there for my sons and help them succeed in the best country in the world, knowing I helped them or aided in their success in this, sometimes, unforgiving world. I will always strive to be that husband, that dad, that son and that brother that my family can be proud of.” Working with my eldest son, Ishaan, and his daily homework is one of my most cherished moments in my day. Ishaan is

so smart, so much more smarter than I was at his age. I truly believe in investing in, not only our kids’ furture, but kids’ lives in general today. I see it every day in my profession how the justice system takes advantage of our young people of low economic status, especialy minority kids of color. Education is the key to our kids’ future. Education is what will save this uncertain world and change what we as adults may see as hopeless to ‘Hope.’ We should start paying our teachers Tony enjoys spending time with their rightful pay. We should pay his wife and two boys (bottom teachers what fortune 500 CEO’s photo) through activities such make if not even more, because, as helping eldest son Ishaan with every last one of them had to sit his homework (top photo). in a classroom one-way-or-another. (Contributed photos) I believe, and will support as well foster, the belief that we should always try to Educate vs Incarcerate our children first. He’s a man of faith Tony and his family are practicing Hindus, and take his children to temple every Sunday. Tony states he speaks to his spiritual leader regularly for spiritual guidance and healing. “I believe in God because I have been fortunate enough to see God’s strength, His light, His grace, and His The Wadhawan family, who benevolence. They say God works in are practicing Hindus, is mysterious ways, maybe so, but I just pictured at a Temple service. believe its God’s way of letting us (Contributed photo) know he’s here for us and in charge. I always remember on Sunday mornings during the “Shabadh Kirtan”(Prayer Session) my friends (the boys) and I would sneak out and start a football game in the parking lot of the temple. Right before ‘Lungar’ or lunch would be served, we would sneak back in before my mom or dad would notice and help do “saava”(service) before we ate. I pray I didn’t pass this tradition to my children of playing football during temple.” “I want to teach my sons the value of giving back to the community,

January 2022 H The Fort Bend Business Journal

Tony is a product of Fort Bend County, and will strive to continue serving his community through his run for judge. (Contributed photo) as my faith teaches me, helping those in the community that need it the most. I was taught, and believe in a bible verse, Luke 12:48…. ‘To whom much is given, much will be required.’ I’ve been blessed beyond my wildest dreams. So I know and expect ‘much will be required of me.” Serving my community I have been a part of the Fort Bend County community all of my life. I attended Dulles Elementary, Lake Olympia & Garcia Middle Wadhawan is shown School and Stephen F Austin High School helping out at a all in Fort Bend ISD. Later after high school, community event. I attended the University of Missouri Kansas (Contributed photo) City for my BBA in Finance and my MBA in Marketing & Entrepreneurship. I then decided to attend Texas Southern University – Thurgood Marshall School of Law where I obtained my law degree and became a criminal defense attorney. THIS is where it all started! My profession as a criminal defense attorney When Tony was younger, he got put into a situation he said made him feel “less than,” and hopeless, and vowed to be help change that dynamic where he could through criminal and constitutional law. He has served a large contingent of underprivileged and underrepresented people groups, including those of color. “I knew law school was where I would be able to effectuate the changes needed when it came to our system, which is definitely not flawless,” he said. “I knew this was the area of law where I would

be able to serve those who were made to feel helpless or less than, like I had felt as a young person on that unfortunate night.” As a criminal defense attorney, Tony knows he might not always get paid the full sum right away, or at all – but that is not why he does what he does. The sole purpose of his mission is to help prevent incidents like what happened to him. “It is important to understand that you are here to serve the public, and not the other way around,” he said. “…This is what I vowed to do – help those who are less fortunate, who have been made to feel ‘less than.’ That’s my purpose as an attorney. A number of years ago, Tony was stopped by law enforcement while driving home along Highway 6 in Fort Bend County. While innocuous enough to start, he said the officers did not treat him as he believed he should have been – underscoring what he believes to be inequity in the system. That is the exact type of situation, he said, is what he is aiming to correct and avoid in the future with his run for elected office. Tony is a candidate for Fort Bend County Court at Law #2 in Fort Bend, which primarily handles misdemeanor level criminal cases, juvenile criminal cases and cases appealed from the municipal courts, as well as some civil and probate cases. “I was confronted with a situation that most people don’t have to deal with. It gave me the inspiration to go to law school. I wanted to be able to do something about that situation that I had faced,” said Tony, a child of immigrant parents from India who runs The Wadhawan Law Firm in Southwest Houston. “If I was in an affluent neighborhood and being treated that way, I knew there were others kids or people in other neighborhoods that were treated much worse. That was something which I had never experienced before, but never wanted to experience again or have anybody else experience.” Tony was born in Minnesota, but has spent his life in Fort Bend County. He went to Dulles Elementary, Lake Olympia & Garcia Middle School in Fort Bend ISD before graduating from Austin High School. Upon graduation, he attended the University of Missouri-Kansas City where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Master’s degree in Business Administration before returning to Texas to attend Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law. He has now been a criminal defense attorney for nearly 14 years, and has handled more than hundreds of criminal cases. “I knew that I wanted to be a criminal defense attorney as soon as I got out of law school – so I could defend those situations,” he said. Tony said his law firm handles the exact type of cases typically seen in County Court at Law #2, thus making him a perfect fit for the bench. He believes that everyone, regardless of economic status, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin, deserves the chance to defend themselves. “The court that I’m running for is exactly what my practice is set up to be. At least 90 percent of all my clients are people who look like me. I experienced that situation, and I know my clients are facing the same situation when they come to me,” he said. “Sometimes they get railroaded, and that’s where I come in.” As a criminal defense attorney, Tony said their job is not to get guilty people off; it is to uphold the Constitution and ensure the punishment their clients may eventually receive is just, fair, and

The Fort Bend Business Journal H December 2022



As a devoted friend and family man, Wadhawan is always looking for ways to spend time with them. (Contributed photo) Continued...

equitable. Tony said his goal for his clients is not for them to be completely absolved of responsibility, but to ensure that the punishment they do receive is conducive to recovery and does not impact them down the road for a mistake made in their younger years – and that’s a plan he will aim to bring to County Court at Law #2 when he is elected. “That’s what criminal defense attorneys do, and that’s the quality that I’m going to bring to the bench….These are young kids – with these infractions on their record, they won’t be able to apply for financial assistance or FAFSA, or for a loan when they get out of school,” he said. These things are very important – that’s why I ask that this one little infraction not affect them for the rest of their life.” As an attorney, Tony said he carries about a 75-80 percent criminal docket including juvenile representation and about a 20-25 percent

civil docket – almost exactly the makeup of what County Court at Law #2 handles. He said he has also done real estate transactional work that has introduced him to the probate world, giving him the necessary experience to preside over the cases of County Court at Law #2. “It takes somebody with that kind of experience to sit on this bench, review these cases, on a case-by-case basis, and apply discretion, balance, and fairness where it’s appropriate,” he said. “Spending as much time in these courts as I do, I haven’t always liked what I’ve seen.” One of the ways he is attempting to change the process and attempts from what he called “overzealous” assistant district attorneys, he said, is a process called Education over Incarceration that he has been trying to get off the ground. In essence, he said the initiative aims to educate young people on potential legal pitfalls they may encounter even while still in school, and is one he believes would be easier to effectuate from the bench. “Incarcerating our children has proven not to work – we need to educate them,” he said. “There are things children nowadays don’t know about the troubles they can get into at school that did not exist when I was a child.” Above almost everything, he said he is striving to bring equity and fairness to a system he said underrepresents certain groups of people or does not treat them fairly – which are the exact types of cases he said he usually tries at his firm. “I defend a lot of individuals who don’t necessarily have the resources to really defend themselves in front of these overzealous prosecutors. I’ve spent my time tirelessly fighting against those who have locked up young children and thrown away the keys; all of whom are underserved, underprivileged, underrepresented, and people of color. I want to see more resources put into education and into our schools,” he said. “In order to do that, we have to start by offering education inside the schools concerning the criminal acts they could possibly get into rather than just putting them into the system and ruining their lives.” Being a nearly lifelong resident of Fort Bend County, Tony wants to do whatever he can to help ensure that the community he loves and has long been connected with is safe and equitable for all of its diverse people groups. That’s what he aims to do as a judge, and pledged to fight for everyone who comes before his bench when elected. “As a judge, I must listen to the facts, see the evidence, and make a judgment. As your judge, I will bring discretion, balance, and fairness every time that I sit on this bench,” he said. “That’s my promise to you.”

Tony has dedicated much of his life to his family and the Fort Bend County community, which he says are vitally important to him. (Contributed photo)


January 2022 H The Fort Bend Business Journal

FAMILY HEIRLOOM VIDEOS Capture Your Family History Using Video Video... it’s a powerful tool and we can help. STAR 713.823.1145 • StarVideoProductions.com The Fort Bend Business Journal H January 2022





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Phone: 281-818-7965 Fax: 281-936-0299 After Hours: 832-888-6272 cmbhealthcare@gmail.com

Jeff Borkovich Commercial Sales Agent “MAKE IT HAPPEN” JeffBorkovich@AggieNetwork.com (713) 817-5521 HoustonRestaurantSpace.com Not all Things That Can Be Counted; COUNT, And Not all Thngs That Count; CAN BE COUNTED!



Cryotherapy chain opens in Sugar Land By Landan Kuhlmann LKuhlmann@fortbendstar.com Those in Fort Bend County seeking alternative methods of health and wellness have a new spot to go to in the area. IceBox Cryotherapy opened its Sugar Land location at 18802 University Blvd., Suite 150 in late November, according to a Facebook post from the store. It is the franchise’s second location in Texas, joining an existing location in Frisco, and its first Fort Bend County as well as the Houston region. “We did a lot of cryotherapy and had a lot of smiles in the studio today,” the studio wrote following the opening. The primary offering at IceBox is full-body cryotherapy, which its website says “involves

exposing the body for 3 minutes to ultra-low temperatures, ranging from -200F to -256F.” The company says whole body cryotherapy has numerous health benefits such as improving circulation, relieving pain, and promoting overall wellness. IceBox also offers additional options such as compression therapy, localized therapy, and red light therapy as well as cryo-facials and more. IceBox Cryotherapy in Sugar Land is open from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Friday through Saturday. For more information or to book an appointment at the location, residents can visit their website at iceboxtherapy.com/location/ icebox-sugar-land/ or give them a call at 281207-6111. The Fort Bend Business Journal H January 2022

IceBox Cryotherapy opened in November at 18802 University Blvd., Suite 150 in Sugar Land. (Photo from Facebook)


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January 2022 H The Fort Bend Business Journal

National spa chain sets down roots in Missouri City By Landan Kuhlmann LKuhlmann@fortbendstar.com There is a new spot open in Missouri City for residents to come by to get pampered and relax their worries away after a long day. Sienna Village Hand & Stone Spa opened its doors to the community on Nov. 29, according to a news release from the company. Located at 8840 Hwy. 6 in the Sienna area of Missouri City, the new Sienna Village Hand & Stone Spa is owned and operated by husband and wife Mark and Heather Mize. This was the third Hand & Stone spa to open in Fort Bend County, joining two existing Sugar Land locations at 16525 Lexington Blvd. and 18931 University Blvd. The Hand & Stone in Sienna brings professional massage services, including Swedish, Himalayan Salt, sports, deep tissue, oncology and prenatal massages. Guests can also try their hot stone massage

and facial treatments, with services available for women, men and teenagers. Hand & Stone also offers skincare and spa services that incorporate new technologies in efforts to enhance each guest’s overall experience, such as a Decompression Therapy massage, Dermal infusion facial, NuFACE microcurrent facial and an LED Phototherapy facial along with CBD oil enhancements. “Investing in the right business with intentions to keep the feeling local is what gravitated us toward Hand & Stone,” said Heather Mize, who oversees the day-to-day operations. “Building a team of passionate service providers for our community is a

long-time goal of ours.” Sienna Village Hand & Stone Spa is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m-9 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m.-8 p.m., and Sunday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. For more information about Hand & Stone’s massage and facial services or to schedule an appointment, community members can give them a call at 281-810-3441 or visit handandstone.com/ locations/tx-missouri-city-sienna-village.

Sienna Village Hand & Stone Spa opened Nov. 29 at 8840 Hwy. 6 in Missouri City. (Photo from Facebook)

The Fort Bend Business Journal H January 2022


Thank you for supporting our restaurant during the COVID-19 pandemic so that we are able to grow.


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A lot of Sushi selections, Fried Rice & Chinese Dishes.









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Scan to order online (281) 565-1110 See Menu at Akisteakandsushi.com

Aki Steak & Sushi H-


510 Highway 6, Suite #180, Sugar Land, TX 77479 (In H-E-B Shopping Center)

January 2022 H The Fort Bend Business Journal

The Fort Bend Business Journal H January 2022


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mcelvypartners.com 18

January 2022 H The Fort Bend Business Journal

SERVICE DIRECTORY A/C AND HEATING TAURUS MECHANICAL,INC Cell (832) 731-5256 www.houstonheatingandcooling.com Taurus Mechanical, Inc. is a locally-owned business and has been serving customers in Sugar Land, Missouri City, Richmond, and Katy in the state of Texas for the last 35 years since 1986. We provide residential services. We provide Quality and Integrity in our service.

or prom to make a perfect fit; hem pants & jeans, taper in and out; shorten jacket sleeves and zipper changes. We fix your clothes at affordable prices. We offer professional tailoring. We will make your clothes from a catalog or pattern. For one-day or immediate service, please call Liz at 281-242-3193. We offer free estimates or visit us at www. lizstailor.com or email us at liz@lizstailor. com.

AUTO REPAIR / MAINTENANCE ADOPTIONS AND COUNSELING RAINBOW OF LOVE 281 438-6588 www.rainbowoflove.org Rainbow of Love is a Social Services non-profit that specializes in Adoption, Counseling and Parenting Classes. The agency was founded in Fort Bend County in 2003 and continues to have a Fort Bend office in Missouri City. The Adoption program works with families and expectant parents from all over Texas and most states of the United States. The Counseling, Parenting Classes, Case Management and Charity programs focus on local Fort Bend and Harris County communities.

ADVERTISING Fort Bend Star 281-690-4200 www.fortbendstar.com We have been delivering a free community newspaper to homes throughout Fort Bend County longer than ANY OTHER newspaper. Fort Bend Business Journal 281-690-4200 www.fortbendstar.com The Fort Bend Business Journal is a monthly magazine that focuses on the business community of Fort Bend County. It is home delivered to 10,500 homes in Sugar Land and Missouri City , 500 copies to businesses in Fort Bend, and online for readers at no charge. The Business Journal features news stories about businesses, people, and events of importance to the local business community.

ALTERATIONS & TAILORING LIZ’S TAILOR and ALTERATIONS 281-242-3193 www.lizstailor.com 3626 Highway 6 South (In the Luby’s/Big Lots Shopping Center) Sugar Land, TX 77478 Our Alterations Service for Ladies and Gentlemen include: Full resizing of your dress

Charlton’s Auto Body Repair and Vehicle Detailing 281-499-1126 www.charltonsbodyrepair.com Chuck Charlton, 1131 Staffordshire @ 5th Street, Stafford, Texas 77477, Charbody@aol. com, Fax: 281-499-1694, Complete collision repair. Frame & Unibody straightened. Expert computer color matching. Custom painting & pin stripping. Honest service. 79 Years Strong and 3 Generations Proud!

CHIROPRACTOR Sugar Land Health Center 281-980-1050 167 Citadel Way Suite 500 Sugar Land, TX 77478

GARAGE DOOR SERVICE Alliance Garage Doors 832-768-1897 www.alliancegaragedoorstx.com Alliance Garage Doors has been locally owned and operated for the past 25 years in the Sugar Land/Missouri City/Richmond/Rosenberg/Katy area. We install, repair, and sell all makes and models of garage doors and openers and provide free estimates on request. For all your garage door needs, please feel free to give us a call!

INSURANCE AGENCIES Goosehead Insurance 281-643-0996 www.gooseheadinsurance.com/ andrew-haley-insurance “Goosehead Insurance brings years of experience and expertise in serving your Auto, Home, Life & Commercial Insurance needs. As your Risk Management Advisor, Andrew Haley understands the value of safeguarding what matters most to you and will work on your behalf to bring you the best insurance options based on your individual needs. You will be met with unmatched customer service, integrity and expediency.”

Tracy Walker Agent ChFC, CLU, CASL, CPCU

15510 Lexington Blvd., Ste. P Sugar Land, Texas 77478-4173 Bus. 281-265-0711 Toll 888-850-8491 Fax 281-466-4260 Cell 281-380-7786 Tracy@agentwalker.com JEWELERS Gold Connection Jewelers 281-344-9900 We Buy Gold www.goldconnection.net We are a full-service jewelry store in your neighborhood. We offer diamonds, gold and silver jewelry and watches. Repairs are done on our premises. Custom design is our specialty. We offer front door parking for your convenience. Our hours are M-F from 10:00-6:00 pm and again on Sat from 10:004:00 pm. We are located at 206 Hwy 90A, Richmond, 77406. Come see our fabulous inventory!

MACHINE TOOLS Schofield Company 281-217-4799 The Schofield Company, has been in business since 1980, in Fort Bend County, specializing in American Made Machine Tools. Primary products are Wellsaw metal cutting bandsaws, made in the Kalamazoo, Michigan since 1926. Also McEnglevan, (Mifco), melting furnaces made in Danville, Illinois, for melting non-ferrous metals such as Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, Gold, and Silver. Used primarily in college art departments to make sculptures from wax art work. Contact Mike Schofield for further details.

NETWORKING Fort Bend Chapter - BNI Fort Bend Business Network International, the oldest networking chapter in the Fort Bend Chapter - BNI network, is a group of like-minded business owners who meet to network every Thursday morning at 7 am on Zoom meeting. Membership is limited to one professional per category. However, the organization does have some open categories and is looking for entrepreneurs who want to connect with a great group of people and grow their business! For information on how to come visit, please email jsazma@ fortbendstar.com


The Fort Bend Business Journal H January 2022


The Oyster Creek Rotary Club www.OysterCreekRotary.org This local club has been a member of Rotary International since 1979 and is a volunteer organization dedicated to serving the Missouri City and Stafford communities. The club’s mission is to promote world peace, eradicate polio and to support various organizations within our servicing area, through our annual fund raiser. Our volunteers come from many walks of life in the business world. We welcome your visit the first Friday of every month, 12 p.m. at the City Centre, 2880 LaQuinta Dr. Missouri City, TX. 77459.

PEST CONTROL Integrated Pest Management, Inc. 281-341-1761 1118​E. Highway 90A Richmond, TX 77406

PREGNANCY RESOURCES Pregnancy Resource Medical Center 281-232-2375 www.prmcfortbend.org The Pregnancy Resource Medical Center is a nonprofit that helps women by offering free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, peer consultations, classes and parenting resources. We are looking for volunteers, financial partners and church liaisons to help us reach our community. You can share the joy of helping hurt hearts and saving lives. We are located at 4411 Avenue N Rosenberg, TX 77471

REAL ESTATE Colliers International, formerly Curtice Commercial Real Estate 281-494-4769 kolbe.curtice@colliers.com Kolbe M. Curtice, CCIM, CLS, 15999 City Walk, Suite 250, Sugar Land Square located at U.S. Highway 59 & State Highway 6, Fax: 281-4943227, Brokerage, Development, Investment and Tenant Representation, 30 years experience in Fort Bend. Johnson Development Corp. 713-960-9977 www.johnsondevelopment.com More top-selling communities than any other developer in America. Larry Johnson 5005 Riverway Dr., Suite 500 Houston, TX 77056`

RESTAURANTS AKI Steak and Sushi 281-565-1110 www.akisteakandsushi.com 510 Highway 6, Suite #180


King’s BBQ 832-532-7816 Kingsbbqcatering.net 9920 Hwy 90A Suite # D- 120 Sugar Land, TX 77478 Las Haciendas Mexican Bar & Grill 281-240-3060 LasHaciendasGrill.com 12821 Southwest Freeway Stafford, TX 77477

SCRAP DEALER/METAL RECYCLING Julius Metals 281-499-6400 www.juliusmetals.com 3018 5th St., Stafford, TX 77477 Julius Metals has been FT. BEND COUNTY’S LARGEST SCRAP DEALER serving Fort Bend and surrounding counties for the past 31 years. As a proud and responsible member of the Fort Bend, Texas business community, we accept aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, vehicle radiators, air conditioning coils, lead and other scrap metal. We seek to protect the environment through our intake and processing of scrap metal product usually destined for landfills. Our friendly staff values you as a customer and provides the VIP treatment to make your experience with us a profitable and efficient one. If you’re not selling me your metal, we both lose money!



VETERINARIAN Sugar Creek Animal Clinic 281-242-9070 www.sugarcreekanimalclinic.com​ 14015 S.W. Freeway, Bldg. 2 Sugar Land, TX 77478

VIDEO SERVICES Star Digital Studios 713-823-1145 www.starvideoproductions.com A full service video production studio providing all phases of video production including professional writing, videography, editing, DVD duplication, distribution; also video deposition services to the legal community. For video needed for a TV commercial, website posting, employee training, promotional DVDs, special presentations, coverage of live events/ trade shows, or corporate videos, give us a call. If you are interested in something you do not see on our website, let us know and we’re ready to accommodate your needs!

January 2022 H The Fort Bend Business Journal

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