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A SERVICE WITH CLARITY FROM THE DIAMOND STORE At The Diamond Store, sourcing the highest quality gemstones for our customers is a priority. Our experienced team of gemmologists travel the globe to seek out superlative precious stones for all of our jewellery. We never source precious stones from areas of conflict so our customers can be certain they’re investing in both a quality and an ethical piece of jewellery. We are relentlessly fussy when it comes to selecting the gems used in our jewellery and take pride in meticulously checking each stone, looking for the perfect combination of colour, cut and clarity. If any stone fails to meet the strict standards we set, we return it to the marketplace and continue our search for quality. This precision in sourcing means we simplify the process of buying beautiful jewellery and our customers can be confident they’re investing in the highest calibre precious stones without compromising their budget. Gary Ingram, The Diamond Store WWW.THEDIAMONDSTORE.CO.UK 0845 084 1200



UNFORGETTABLE MOMENTS WITH DIAMOND JEWELLERY It is the rarity and unique beauty of diamonds that makes them the most precious of gemstones, and the most sought after gifts. Diamonds are treasured long after the moment they are given and remain an everlasting reminder of a special occasion. An engagement, a wedding day, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, the birth of a child or a romantic holiday will be fondly remembered every time a woman looks at her diamond jewellery. No gift says it better than the brilliant sparkle of diamonds and there is no better pleasure than seeing the excitement and happiness that diamond jewellery brings to a loved one.




DIAMONDS – OUR SIMPLE THREE GRADE SYSTEM It takes years for a diamond to form and this slow process means nearly all diamonds have inclusions which give each stone a unique character. The size of these inclusions affects the quality of each diamond. Diamond colour varies from each stone too, with white ‘colourless’ diamonds being the most sought after. At The Diamond Store we’ve extensively researched the marketplace to apply a simple three grade system for our diamonds. This keeps the process of choosing a diamond stress free for our customers. The three grade system consists of Premium Quality, H/Si Quality and G/Vs Quality Diamonds. These exacting standards mean we only choose stones which have no visible flaws to the naked eye, are near colourless and pristine cut to highlight the brilliance of diamonds. As every diamond is handpicked and put through a rigorous testing process by our gemmologists, our customers are guaranteed the best diamond for the grade chosen.



ELEGANCE AND SPARKLE FROM CLEAR SAPPHIRES Clarity, not colour, is the true mark of a sapphire’s quality and the transparency of a sapphire has the biggest impact on the stone’s value. The clearer a sapphire, the more light can travel through it which is what gives the stone its sparkle. The strict standards our gemmologists operate mean they meticulously study every sapphire for clarity and reject any stone which is cloudy in appearance or which has surface blemishes or inclusions visible to the naked eye. Some sapphires appear to have lines in them. This is a natural occurrence and should not be looked upon as a deficiency, in fact this is the nature of this particular gemstone





DEEP REDS FROM COVETED RUBIES When selecting rubies, our gemmologists focus on sourcing stones with a deep red colour, the most coveted shade. As vivid colour is the most important aspect when sourcing a ruby, inclusions do not impair the quality and can in fact give the stone a unique ‘fingerprint’ of authenticity. We travel the world to ensure that we source the best rubies we can in conflict free areas so that we can provide our customers with the finest quality rubies with the richest shades of red.



VIVID GREEN FROM SOUGHT AFTER EMERALDS Emeralds are amongst the rarest precious stones and by nature they are not free from blemishes. Our gemmologists choose emeralds using a similar scale to that of diamonds and concentrate on clarity, colour and cut. The emeralds in our jewellery collection are chosen for their overall look as our experts handpick stones which radiate a rich, vivid green. The combination of a pristine cut and bright colour means the emeralds in our jewellery are extremely sought after.





CELEBRATE LIFE’S IMPORTANT MOMENTS Eternity rings are traditionally given to mark special occasions in a couple’s life such as significant anniversaries, the birth of a child or milestone birthdays. Diamonds feature in many of the eternity rings as they have long symbolised love and commitment. To signify the constant devotion of a couple in love, an eternity ring has to be special which is why we insist on offering an exceptional range where quality and finish is paramount. Each is exquisitely handmade and expertly finished. After engagement rings, eternity rings are the most coveted jewellery as the circle of precious stones represents one person’s eternal love for another.


HOW TO KEEP YOUR JEWELLERY SPARKLING Jewellery is worn on the skin and can attract oily debris formed by dead skin. The oil will attract dust and grit and will tend to clog up the gaps in the jewellery. To avoid the build up of grime try to... • G  ive your jewellery a gentle brush with an old toothbrush in warm, soapy water. Remember to use a bowl to avoid jewellery falling down the plug hole! • M  ake your jewellery the last thing you put on when getting dressed and the first off as perfume and cosmetics also attract dirt. • W  earing rings when washing up or a greasy film will build up. Try to avoid... • K eep your jewellery apart to avoid jewellery knocking and scratching each other. • E xposing your jewellery to household chemicals whilst cleaning as they can attack the gold and gemstones. • S wimming with your jewellery on, chlorine can dry some gemstones out and can also attack gold. 16



METALS HALLMARKED WITH QUALITY Hallmarks are compulsory marks branded into precious metal to show its standard of quality and the location of the Assay Office where it was quality tested and marked. All jewellery from The Diamond Store is hallmarked in the UK. At The Diamond Store we have a range of precious metals we use in our jewellery including 18K and 9K white gold and yellow gold, platinum and silver. All of our jewellery is nickel free.



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