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SPRING / SUMMER 2016 It’s that time of year again—Sugar & Bruno’s Spring/Summer 2016 line is here! We’re back and better than ever with new cuts and colors and patterns (oh my!). Inside you’ll find lots of new designs, perfect for every occasion, whether you’re waking up flawless or straight outta dance class. Among these new designs are several tap related shirts, inspired by the one and only Valerie Rockey, who shuffle, hop, stepped her way into our hearts. We’ve also expanded our Itty Bitty line because little dancers have big dreams (and big style) too! Whether you’re an Audrey, a Ginger or a Marilyn we’ve got something for you. Trust us, we know what we‘re doing. Since 2007, Sugar & Bruno has been defining #squadgoals for dancers and non-dancers alike and this season is no exception. Now go ahead and turn the page so we can get this dance party started.


La Lace Shorts

LA Lace Half Top

MSRP $32

D7581 Black - S-L D7582 Black - Youth One Size D7583 Black - Itty Bitty

D7584 Aqua - S-L D7585 Aqua - Youth One Size D7586 Aqua - Itty Bitty

MSRP $32

D7579 Black - One Size D7580 Black - Youth One Size



romper MSRP $50

full length romper MSRP $65

D7194 Black Romper - XXS-L D7530 Red Romper - XXS-L D7529 Blue Romper - XXS-L

D7381 Black Full Length Romper - XXS-L

*Itty Bitty model wears size XXS, Youth model wears size XS, Adult models wear size M




Stretchy mesh top D7533 D7534 D7197 D7198

MSRP $30

Mermaid Teal - One Size Mermaid Teal - Youth One Size Black - One Size Black - Youth One Size

D7535 D7536 D7537 D7538

Pink - One Size Pink - Youth One Size Royal - One Size Royal - Youth One Size


jena hoodie MSRP $50 D7415 D7414 D7416 D7539 D7540

Raspberry - XXS/XS, S/M, L/XL Gray - XXS/XS, S/M, L/XL Peacock Blue - XXS/XS, S/M, L/XL White - XXS/XS, S/M, L/XL Pink Marble - XXS/XS, S/M, L/XL

circle neck pullover MSRP $60 D7193 Black - XS-L *Youth model wears size XS

*Both styles feature thumb holes



D6608 Black - S-XL D6611 Black - Youth One Size D6610 Oatmeal - S-L D7187 Lollipop Red - S-XL D6613 Oatmeal - Youth One Size D7188 Lollipop Red - Youth One Size D7181 Mermaid Teal - S-XL D7685 Silver Shimmer - S-L D7182 Mermaid Teal - Youth One Size D7686 Silver Shimmer - Youth One Size D7683 Black Shimmer - S-L D7179 Grape Jelly - S-XL D7684 Black Shimmer - Youth One Size D7180 Grape Jelly - Youth One Size

BUBBLE Shorts MSRP $44

D7185 Passion Punch - S-XL D7186 Passion Punch - Youth One Size D7183 Blueberry - S-XL D7184 Blueberry - Youth One Size D7110 Steel Gray - S-XL D7115 Steel Gray - Youth One Size



CURTSEY SKIRTS D7393 D7394 D7391 D7392 D7403

MSRP $32 Purple - One Size Purple - Youth One Size Royal - One Size Royal - Youth One Size Black - One Size

D7404 D7395 D7396 D7397 D7398

Black - Youth One Size Turquoise - One Size Turquoise - Youth One Size Magenta - One Size Magenta - Youth One Size



Adjustable ruffle tops D7171 D7172 D7165 D7166

MSRP $30

Magenta - S & L Magenta - Youth One Size Royal - S & L Royal - Youth One Size

D7175 D7176 D7167 D7168

*Ruffle Tops have adjustable straps

Mint - S & L Mint - Youth One Size Purple - S & L Purple - Youth One Size

D7173 D7174 D7169 D7170

Light Pink Light Pink Turquoise Turquoise


S&L Youth One Size S&L Youth One Size


criss cross MSRP $30

* Criss Cross back view shown in Gray & Peacock Blue

D7385 D7386 D7387 D7388

D7383 D7384 D7389 D7390

Gray - One Size Gray - Youth One Size Raspberry - One Size Raspberry - Youth One Size

Black - One Size Black - Youth One Size Peacock Blue - One Size Peacock Blue - Youth One Size


front panel tank D7312 D7313 D7039 D7040

MSRP $30

Lemon - XS-XL Lemon - Youth One Size Moss - XS-XL Moss - Youth One Size

D7308 D7309 D7037 D7038

Orange - XS-XL Orange - Youth One Size Red - XS-XL Red - Youth One Size

D7306 D7307 D7310 D7311

Aqua Aqua Coral Coral

- XS-XL - Youth One Size - XS-XL - Youth One Size



hi-Lo Tanks MSRP $30 D7002 D7003 D6798 D6799

Aqua - S & L Aqua - Youth One Size Oatmeal - S & L Oatmeal - Youth One Size

Swiss Miss Tops D6614 D6615 D7000 D7001

Black Speckle - S & L Black Speckle - Youth One Size White - S White - Youth One Size

MSRP $40

D7032 White - One Size D7034 Mint - One Size D7033 Sky Blue - One Size



Company Jacket

MSRP $70

D7497 Black - XXS-XL D7498 Charcoal - XXS-XL

Super Terry ninja sweatpants

MSRP $70

D7495 Black - XXS-XL D7496 Charcoal - XXS-XL

*Itty Bitty model wears size XXS, Youth model wears size XS, Adult model wears size M *Company Jackets feature thumb holes



Super Terry distressed hoodies D7061 D7053 D7057 D7054 D7055

MSRP $70

Brown - XXS-XL D7056 Orange - XS-XL Light Blue - XXS-XL D7059 Royal - XXS-XL Lemon - XXS-XL D7058 Gray - XXS-XL Aqua - XXS-XL Coral - XXS-XL

Super Terry harem pants D7071 D7075 D7072 D7073 D7074

MSRP $70

Light Blue - XXS-XL D7077 Royal - XXS-XL Lemon - XXS-XL D7076 Gray - XXS-XL Aqua - XXS-XL D7078 Burgundy - XXS-XL Coral - XXS-XL Orange - XXS-XL


Super Terry ninja sweatpants D7066 D7063 D7064 D7065 D7068

MSRP $70

Lemon - XXS-XL Aqua - XXS-XL Coral - XXS-XL Orange - XXS-XL Royal - XXS-XL

Super Terry lounger shorts D7088 D7080 D7084 D7081 D7082

MSRP $40

Brown - XXS-XL Light Blue - XXS-XL Lemon - XXS-XL Aqua - XXS-XL Coral - XXS-XL

D7083 D7086 D7085 D7087

Orange - XXS-XL Royal - XXS-XL Gray - XXS-S, XL Burgundy - XXS-XL


Stella Sweater

MSRP $80

D7682 Pink Speckle - One Size D7449 Aqua Speckle - One Size D7448 Charcoal Speckle - One Size




Chalet leggings

MSRP $70

D6734 Burgundy - S & L D6735 Burgundy - Youth One Size D7130 Pink - S & L D7131 Pink - Youth One Size D7132 Blue - S & L D7133 Blue - Youth One Size D7134 Moss - S & L D7135 Moss - Youth One Size

Chalet sweatpants

MSRP $70

D6738 Burgundy - XXS-XL D7136 Moss - XXS-XL

Chalet Shorts

MSRP $50

D6736 Burgundy - S-L D6737 Burgundy - Youth One Size

Chalet legarms D7137 Pink D7138 Blue D7139 Moss

MSRP $30



Petal racerbacks D7630 D7636 D7637 D7676 D7677 D7632

MSRP $30

Contemporary - S/M, L/XL Act Like - S/M, L/XL Act Like - Youth One Size Don’t Worry - S/M, L/XL Don’t Worry - Youth One Size Sometimes You Fly - S/M, L/XL

D7633 D7558 D7631 D7634 D7635 D7639 D7640

Sometimes You Fly - Youth One Size Shoes - S/M, L/XL Shoes - Youth One Size Greatness - S/M, L/XL Greatness - Youth One Size Follow Your Dreams - S/M, L/XL Follow Your Dreams - Youth One Size



upscale tee D7658 D7659 D7568 D7569 D7664

MSRP $32

Killin’ It - S-L Killin’ It - Youth One Size Shine - S-L Shine - Youth One Size Bronx Breakin’ - S-L

D7665 D7590 D7591 D7592 D7593

Bronx Breakin’ - Youth One Size Proud Supporter - S-L Proud Supporter - Youth One Size Dream - S-L Dream - Youth One Size



Racerbacks D7644 D7559 D7464 D7643 D7681 D7576

MSRP $28

Modern Dancer - XXS-XL Dancer - XXS-XL Sorry I Have Dance - XXS-XL Don’t Quit - XXS-XL Inspirational Words (back print) - XXS-XL Athlete + Artist, White Marble - XXS-XL

D7667 D7571 D7645 D7546 D7638 D7655 D7646

May The Fourth - XXS-XL Free Bird - XXS-XL Lipstick & Leotards - XXS-XL Tap - XXS-XL Straight Outta - XXS-XL Cue The Music - XXS-XL Dance Now - XXS-XL


half tank D7617 D7618 D7598 D7599 D7674 D7675

MSRP $28

Finally Friyay - One Size Finally Friyay - Youth One Size Dance Hair - One Size Dance Hair - Youth One Size Dance Is My Cardio - One Size Dance Is My Cardio - Youth One Size

D7609 D7610 D7623 D7624

Peas Turnip - One Size Peas Turnip - Youth One Size Speak French - One Size Speak French - Youth One Size

half top MSRP $30 D7594 Squad Goals - One Size D7625 Don’t Hold Back - One Size


D7626 D7566 D7567 D7602 D7620 D7621 D7552 D7553

Don’t Hold Back - Youth One Size I’d Rather - One Size I’d Rather - Youth One Size There’s No Fear - One Size I Speak - One Size I Speak - Youth One Size Free To Be - One Size Free To Be - Youth One Size

D7600 D7601 D7487 D7488 D7607 D7608 D7562

Pump Up - One Size Pump Up - Youth One Size Tutu Tuesdays - One Size Tutu Tuesdays - Youth One Size Dance Icon - One Size Dance Icon - Youth One Size I Love Dance - One Size


oversized t-back tanks D7603 D7604 D7615 D7616 D7650

MSRP $30

Sun Rays - S & L Sun Rays - Youth One Size Ballerina - S & L Ballerina - Youth One Size Jazz - S & L

D7651 Jazz - Youth One Size D7656 Cue The Music - S & L D7657 Cue The Music - Youth One Size

Tie back Tanks

MSRP $30 D7660 Never Enough, White - One Size D7666 Flawless - One Size



Oversized tee D7557 D7561 D7671 D7614

MSRP $32

Moved By You - XXS-XL D7554 Good Technique - XXS-XL I Love Dance - XXS-XL D7589 Positive Vibes - XXS-XL TAP - XXS-XL D7652 Jazz - XXS-XL Ballerina - XXS-XL

V-Neck tee

MSRP $32

D7573 Less Talk - XXS-XL



Crewneck tee D7622 D7611 D7420 D7619

MSRP $30

I Speak - XXS-XL Peas Turnip - XXS-XL Athlete + Artist, Red - XXS-XL Finally Friyay - XXS-XL

D7572 D7596 D7661 D7629

Less Talk - XXS-XL Squad Goals - XS-XL Dance With - XXS-XL Straight Outta - XXS-XL




slouchy raglans D7555 D7556 D7672 D7673 D7563 D7564 D7574

MSRP $40

Moved By You - S & L Moved By You - Youth One Size Tap - S & L Tap - Youth One Size I’d Rather - S & L I’d Rather - Youth One Size Athlete + Artist - S & L

D7575 D7605 D7606 D7612 D7613 D7627 D7628 D7587 D7588

Athlete + Artist - Youth One Size Sun Rays - S & L Sun Rays - Youth One Size Ballerina - S & L Ballerina - Youth One Size Straight Outta - S & L Straight Outta - Youth One Size Dance Speaks - S & L Dance Speaks - Youth One Size


Itty Bitty Petal Racerbacks MSRP $30 D7641 Queen Bee - One Size D7648 Tap - One Size D7669 Next Big Thing - One Size

D7670 Miss Dancey - One Size D7642 Sun Rays - One Size D7678 Shuffle Hop Step - One Size




itty bitty racerbacks D7649 D7680 D7654 D7597

MSRP $28

Sorry I Have Dance - One Size Dance Languages - One Size Ballet Slippers - One Size Hip Hop - One Size

D7647 Dance Now - One Size D7560 Dancer - One Size D7653 Glitter - One Size


itty bitty upscale tee

MSRP $32

D7663 I Love Dance - One Size D7662 I’d Rather - One Size D7570 Shine - One Size


itty bitty slouchy raglan D7668 Sorry I Have - One Size D7565 I’d Rather - One Size

MSRP $40


Heather headbands MSRP $8

gypsy headbands

D7510 Black Cotton D7123 Steel Gray D7121 Pistachio D7544 Pink Marble D7543 Blue Marble D7191 Aqua

D6965 Highlighter Yellow D6962 Raspberry D6969 Aqua D6963 Light Pink D6968 Mint

D7124 Lollipop Red D7122 Grape D7545 Emerald D7509 White Marble D7508 Charcoal D7120 Deep Red

MSRP $14

D6961 Red D6966 Light Moss D6960 Black D6967 Dusty Blue D6964 Snow White


SLOUCHY BEANIES D6953 Raspberry D6950 Black D6954 Moss D6952 Red D6951 Gray

MSRP $16


MSRP $10

D6983 Floral Clear D6981 Chevron Clear D6985 Diamond Clear

D6980 Chevron D6984 Diamond D7106 Woodgrain D6982 Floral



D7351 Floral D6922 Dancing Tonight D7335 Shine D7333 Love Is In The Air D7332 Feel Like Dancing D6920 Bon Voyage D6888 A Hot Mess D6916 #Dance D7341 Put Your Best Foot Forward D6915 Chasse All Day D6917 Check Meowt D6887 Argyle Pattern D6921 Dance Galaxy D7338 Go Your Own Way D7337 I Do My Own Stunts D6919 Dancer Superpower D6893 Cute Animals

KISS & MAKE-UP BAGS MSRP $10 D7361 Athlete + Artist, Aqua D7360 Keep Calm Pink & Orange D6719 Pretty Little Dancer D6717 I Mustache You D7363 My Teacher Says D7362 Athlete + Artist, Pink


GLAM BAGS D6897 Lilac D6895 Steel D6896 Blush

MSRP $50




D7421 Black - Itty Bitty & S - L D7424 Turquoise/Gray - Itty Bitty & S - L D7422 Brown - Itty Bitty & S - L D7423 Nude - Itty Bitty & S - L

D7452 Dance With Flourishes - Pineapple Flavor D7450 Athlete + Artist - Blueberry Flavor D7451 Keep Calm and Dance On - Orange Flavor




MSRP $16 WATER BOTTLES MSRP $16 D7691 My Teacher Says, Royal D7688 Sorry I Have Dance, Aqua D7692 My Teacher Says, Fuchsia D7689 Sorry I Have Dance, Fuchsia D7690 Sorry I Have Dance, Neon Pink Cold Cup MSRP $24 D7699 Athlete + Artist, Stainless


MSRP $20 D7698 Straight Outta, Yellow D7694 Straight Outta, Red D7696 Straight Outta, Orange D7695 Straight Outta, Black D7693 Straight Outta, Blue D7697 Straight Outta, Green



MSRP $10 Fits 8 x 10 Picture Frame

*Individuals available online *Gallery Print Starter Kit & 6 Packs available online for store use only (prices may vary)


pg 34

pg 33

pg 48

pg 43

pg 30

pg 47

pg 29

pg 49

pg 47

pg 38


pg 34

pg 41

pg 53

pg 41

pg 33

pg 29

pg 38

pg 43

pg 31

pg 38

pg 43

pg 48


pg 38

pg 33

pg 41

pg 43

pg 34 pg 29


pg 38 pg 11

pg 31

pg 34

pg 29

pg 33


pg 45

pg 33

pg 29

pg 38

pg 41

7260 GEORGETOWN ROAD INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46268 1-800-875-8559



U.S.A. $ 3

Sugar & Bruno Spring / Summer 2016 Catalog  

Sugar & Bruno Spring / Summer 2016 Catalog It’s that time of year again—Sugar & Bruno’s Spring/Summer 2016 line is here! We’re back and bett...