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A NOTE ON THE BREEDING OF THE WHITE-BANDED CARPET (Euphyia luctuata Schiff.) In mid-June, 1955, I was sent a number of ova of the Whitebanded Carpet with instructions to feed the larvae when hatched on Rcsebay Willow-herb. There were a few withered leaves of this plant with the ova, but when the larvae eventually hatched they refused to leave these leaves for fresh ones of the Great Hairy Willow Herb or of the Small-flowered Willow Herb. I then supplied them with leaves of the Rosebay Willow-herb and they at once began to feed on it. A dull green colour at first, the young larvae became bright green and when three-quarters grown some remained green and others became chestnut brown with darker diamond marks on the back. They grew rapidly and were full-fed in about a fortnight. The moths began emerging on July 20th, and 1 managed to get a pairing. Four of the pupae did not produce moths, but are still apparently alive and healthy. Ova from the resuiting pairing duly hatched and the larvae again fed up rapidly and pupated. I was expecting these pupae to lay over the winter, but two moths emerged on September 7th and five each on the 8th and 9th. About a dozen pupae are apparently lying over until next year, but I obtained some more ova which I am waiting to hatch. I do not know how many broods of this species occur annually, but it appears to keep on breeding given favourable conditions. In my case no forcing was resorted to. It is to be hoped that this attractive little moth will some day extend its ränge into our Suffolk woods. H. E . CHIPPERFIELD, Stowmarket.

NOTES ON A COLLECTING TRIP IN THE EASTERN COUNTIES DĂœRING JULY AND AUGUST, 1955 I have thought it of interest to give some account of a very interesting and profitable collecting holiday which Commander G. Harper undertook this summer and which had its culmination in the Eastern Counties. He has kindly supplied me with the following details. Setting out from his home at Newtonmore in Inverness-shire on July 18th, he spent a day or two in the West

On Breeding of White-Banded Carpet  
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