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THE WHITE-MOUTHED DIGGER WASP Coelocrabro leucostomoides Richards Parasites (see Trans. Vol. VIII Pt. IV p. 184). The flies and ruby-tailed wasps were identified by our member Dr. C. D. Day as follows :—The ruby-tailed wasps : Chysididae. Omalus auratus (L.) The flies : Oebalia (=ptychoneura) cylindrica (Fall). HENRY



TWO RANNIES In October, 1954, Dr. Peter Crowcroft gave me two pygmy shrews. I was to note when the eider one died and preserve her body. T h e younger one, who was to be released later, if I so desired, was very active, and I called her Fusspot. She often disturbed the eider, who became aggressive, and became known as Aggie for short. Fusspot poked her little pointed nose into every corner ceaselessly while awake, and often ran short-sightedly into Aggie, who only wanted to remain in the miniature Nissen hut which she made out of dried grass. I was sorry that Fusspot was always chased away from the warm corner so I put another pile of grass in another corner for her, but found that soon all the grass was piled on to Aggie's house. She would get underneath and hump it to her corner by Walking backwards. When it was in position she pushed out her long snout and pulled in the untidy bits. I put in still more grass, and finally Aggie's house became so tall that Fusspot was able to set up a " flat " over Aggie's head. Aggie didn't seem to mind having her head sat on. As they were fighting I decided to separate them, but not before Fusspot developed a sore over the base of her tail on 16th October, apparently as the result of a bite from Aggie. I treated it with methylated spirits, and it healed by 19th October, but when the fĂźr grew again it was grey in colour, and this patch made it easy to identify her. The two shrews were fed upon mealworms, earthworms, spiders caterpillars, and butcher's meat. Spiders seemed to give the biggest thrill. They also like a taste of raw oats. The earth in their Containers was changed every two days, and I handled them in the empty bath so that they would not escape if they slipped through my fingers. Aggie usually tried to bite my thumb but Fusspot was gentle, even when dabbed on the sore place with spirits.

White-Mouthed Digger Wasp  
White-Mouthed Digger Wasp