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THE DIPTERA OF SUFFOLK (Cont. from Vol. vii, page 117)

FAMILY xxiv: LONCHOPTERIDAE (Except where otherwise stated the records are from the collection of Claude Morley. MS denotes Monks Soham and NF denotes New Forest. For the Lonchopteridae see Verrall, List Diptera 1901 ; J. E. Collin in E.M.M. 1938 - 74, page 60 et seq ; Sir J. Lubbock " On the Development of Lonchoptera "—Trans. Ent. Soc. Lond. (3), 338-44, 1862 ; also, De Meijere, J. C. H., " Ueber Die Larve Von Lonchoptera," Zool, Jahrb. Syst. 14, 1900. Brit. Spp. 7. * denotes Suffolcian. Genus: LONCHOPTERA. Species : *L. lutea Pz.—This very variable species is considered common by Colyer and Hammond but the only Suffolk records are 29.ix.44 MS window and 19.viii.20 at Cratfield Church on grass; Mr. Morley had an unlocalised example 9.ix.01. *L. punctum Mg.—Observed frequently near the coast— 17.ix.13 Buss Creek, 31.vii.24 Southwold Pier, 29.iv.28 Dunwich. 9.ix.36—many at light on Covehithe shore by 9 p.m. 19.viii.35—Fritton Lake. 8.vii.37—dancing in the air at Fritton. lO.iv. 43—Haiesworth. 11 .ix.29—Wangford Wood. *L.flavicaudaMg.—Ryde, 17.iii.98. Mildenhall, 25.ix.07. Louisburgh, 17.vii.10. On front gates MS, 6.X.31. KessinglandDenes, 15.ii.37. Denny Wood NF, On an upper window at MS after a frosty morning, ll.iv.38. At Barking light, 4.xi.45. *L. lacustris Mg.—l.iii.1895, unlocalised. Ipswich, 8.ix.97. Easton Broad, 23.ix.1900. On a window at Pinmill, 19.viii.03. Cromer, August 03. Southwold, 29.V.05. Peterborough, Brandon, Mablethorpe, Lines., June 1912. Killaloe, Tip., Eire, Pondhead, NF, at light, 18.vii.34. Blyth Wood, 15.vii.43. *L. tristü Mg.—Foxhall, 23.iii.96. Brandon, Norfolk, MS, 13.V.26. Fritton, 9.viii.34. Gorleston Parade, 19.iv.36. Gorleston, on a window, 19.ii.37. Thelnetham, 8.ix.40. MS lanes at light, 3.viii.45.



*L. trilineatus Zett.—Bentley Woods, March. Dunwich Cliff, April. Southwold Pier, July. Common at King's Lynn (A. T. More). Fritton, 8.viii.37 (Trans. III, p. 288). Suffolk possesses 6 of the 7 British Lonchoptera.

FAMILY xxv : DOLICHOPODIDAE (See Collin, J. E., Brit. Spec. Dolichopodid Genus Medeterus, Fisch., E.M.M. 77, 141 et seqq, 1941 ; Collin, J. E., Revised Ta Brit. Spec. of Argyra, Macq., E.M.M. 79, 114-7, 1943 ; Verrall, G. H., List Brit. Dolichopodidae with Tables and Notes, E.M.M. 40, 1904 and 41, 1905 ; Lundbeck, W., Diptera Danica, Vol. IV, Wm. Wesley & Son, London, 1912 ; Parent, O., Faune de France, 35 Dolichopodidae Lechevalier, Paris, 1938 ; The alternative names are from Coe's List, 1946. Over 250 Brit. Spp. Genus: DOLICHOPUS, Latr. Species : *D. clavipes Hai.—Orford (King). Southwold, 12.vii.97, Hunstanton and King's Lynn, Norfolk, June 07 (Atmore). D. phaleopus Hai.—ö.viii.Ol, NF. D. atripes Mg.—Louisburgh, 15, 17, vii.10. 12.viii.27, 22.vii.30, NF. Not common King's Lynn, 1908, 1913 (Atmore). D.vitripennis Mg.—Louisburgh, 15-18.vii.10. Common Hunstanton, June 1907 (Atmore). Hickling Broad, Martham (Verrall). D. signifer Hai.—Unrecorded. *D. planitarsis Fall.—Several at Tuddenham 15.V.13 (Nurse). Tuddenham Fen, 20.V.04. Killarney, D. melanopus Mg.—NF, Killarney, *D. atratus.—Louisburgh, 16.vii.10. Killarney, Hickling and Ormesby (Verrall). Local at King's Lynn, 1900, 08 (Atmore). Swept at Brandon Staunch, and 1914. Swept reeds, Potter Heigham, N.F.—ö.viii.Ol,,28.vii.l9, 3.vii.38,, 8.vii.40, (= D. maculipennis Zett.). D. falleni Lw.—, Horning. *D. piceipes Mg.—West Stow (Nurse). Singly in Foxhall and Henstead Marshes, 29.V.97 and Horning,, l.vii.24, Brandon, 25.V.25.



*D. campestris Mg.—Suffolk (Verrall, E.M.M. 1904, p. 197). Tuddenham, June and July (Collin). Brandon Staunch, May, 1906, King's Lynn (Atmore). Norfolk (Verrall). *D. lepidus Staeg.—, Tuddenham., NF—Hazlefoot Haines. Hickling (Verrall). *D. laticola Verr.—20.V.04, Tuddenham Fen. Ormesby Broad, (Verrall). *D. rupestris Hai—10.vii.24, MS. *D.claviger Stann.—(^migrans, Zett.,=nigricornis,Mg.). Fritton, June 1881 (Verrall). Timworth, Ampton, Tuddenham (Nurse). Orford (King). Barton Mills, 21 .vi. 14. 4 in the street, Brandon, with D. confusus, On poplar at Brandon,, and later at Brandon,,,, 2.vii.26. *D.

discifer Stann.—(= plumitarsis, Fall.).—Dalkey, Dublin, 2.vii.l3 and Limerick, Denny Wood, N F , 13.vii.38 at light. N F , 13, 16, vi.07 and 16.vii.38 Orford (King). Reynold Alder Carr, Easton, 30.V.05. Ipswich district, Parham, M S window, 29.viii.42,22.viii.19. MS, 10 and 19.vii.24. Henstead marshes, Winston Marsh, 14.viii.18. Icklingham, 8.vii.20. Brandon, 20,, 2.vii,26.

*D. plumipes Scop.—Oulton Broad, June 1902. In cop. and common at Southwold, 27.vii.26. Buss Creek, 25.ix.28. Easton Broad, 30.V.05. Frostenden, 4.ix.28. Ipswich district, 7.vii.97. St. Olaves, 12.vii.28. Brandon Staunch, 25.viii.06. Lowestoft, 18.V.05. NF, 21.V.95, Winterbourne, Dorset, Killaloe, Tip., Eire, 500 ft. above sea level at Louisburgh, 16.vii.1910. Barnby Broad. Orford (Bloomfield), Henstead Marsh. Bramford, Blakenham. King's Lynn (Atmore). Ormesby and Martham (Verrall). *D.

zvahlbergi Zett.—Letheringham, 6.viii.l8. York (before 1943). Bentley, 1919. N F , Lovedene, Petersfield, Hants., (Stanley).

*D. pennatus Mg.—Tostock, May 1900 (Tuck). T i m worth and Ampton (Nurse). Monk Soham. Southwold, Henstead Marshes, Brandon, and 2.vii.26. Killaloe, Eire, King's Lynn, not rare in May (Atmore). Martham (Verrall).


*D. popularis W.—Timworth and Ampton (Nurse). Ipswich district, 1894., unlocalised. Bentley Woods, Tuddenham Fen, Brandon Staunch, May 29. Horning, Denny Wood, NF, NF, Coniston before 1943. Killarney, Louisburgh, July 1914. Killaloe, Common, King's Lynn, June 1907. Martham (Verrall). *D. urbanus Mg.—(=argyrotarsus, Wahl.).—West Stow (Nurse). Fritton in June, 1881 (Verrall). Henstead Marsh, Brandon Staunch, 25.viii.06, Barnby Broad, 2.viii.04. Southwold, 9.vii.l900. Covehithe, l.ix.1911. NF, 15, Sutton Broad (Andrews). *D. signatus Mg.—Ipswich district, 29.V.97. Foxhall, 1894. Henstead Marshes, NF, Martham (Verrall). Palling (Andrews). *D. griseipennis Stan.—Orford (King). In the juice of an oak stool, Parham Wood, 7.viii.l7. Common always in Southwold salt marshes, as 5.vii.08. Common on ears of oats, MS, 25.vii.05. MS windows, 3.viii.l7 and 8.ix.25. MS garden, 10.vii.17. Covehithe, 10.ix.28. Thelnetham, 23.ix.40. 17.viii.06, Lynn. Calbourne, Groveley, Wiks., The Broads (Verrall). Hunstanton (Atmore). *D. strigipes Verr.—Not uncommon about Woodbridge and Orford (Verrall). D. virgultorum Hai.—Only from Dalkey, Dublin, 2.vii.l3. *D. festivus Hai.—Newmarket (Collin). Orford (King). Timworth, 2.vii.l913 (Nurse). King's Lynn, June 08 (Atmore). Bedfield, 10.viii.18. Shalfleet, Calbourne, NF, 1906. Wimborne, Dorset, *D. trivialis Hai.—Eriswell, 26.vii.37. Brandon Staunch, 14. Groveley, Wilts., Timworth and Fakenham in June (Nurse). Orford (King). Not rare, MS, July. King's Lynn, 1913 (Atmore). Derbyshire, Louisburgh, Killaloe, Ireland, *D. arbustorum Stan.—No date or captor, Coniston. MS, among oats, 25.viii.05, and on windows, 5.viii.l7.



*D. nitidus Fall. (= cilifemoratus, Mcq.).—'Orford (King). Buss Creek, 25.ix.39. Covehithe, 10, 28. Southwold, 5.vii.08, 27.vii.26. Easton Broad, 4.ix.07, 24.ix.13. Martham (Verrall). *D. longicornis Stan.—Southwold, 28.vii.1900 and 1 .viii. 04. In Newmarket Greenhouse (Collin). King's Lynn, August 07 (Atmore). D. linearis Mg.—Thetford (Verrall). (= notatus, Stg.)., NF. *D. latelimbatus Mcq—Tuddenham Fen, Aug. 05. Denny Wood, NF light, 17.vii.38. *D. sabinus Hai.—Frostenden, 2.xi.39. Covehithe, 14.ix.28. Southwold, l.viii.04, 14.ix.07,, 27.vii.26. Letheringham, 15.viii.18. Leanlands, Lines., 18.viii.06. Lowestoft, June 1881 (Verrall). Orford (King). Hunstanton, May and June, 1907 (Verrall). Common, King's Lynn salt marshes (Atmore). *D. acuticornis Wied.—MS, 25.vii.05, among oats—a sole speeimen. *D. nubilus Mg. (= caligatus, Wahl. = Agilis, Mcq.).— Tuddenham Fen, 26.vii.1880 (Verrall in coli. Bloomfield). Ipswich district, Southwold, 13.ix.07. Easton Broad, 10.ix.12. Barnby Broad and Aldeburgh. The Broads (Verrall). Local about King's Lynn (Atmore). *D. andalusiacus Stroh.—Brandon Staunch, 14. D. lineaticornis Z e t t — U n r e c o r d e d . *D. mediieornis Verr.—Ipswich, 9.viii.04. Henstead marshes, *D simplex Mcq.—Fritton and Brandon in June and July (Collin). Tuddenham, 12.vii.1913 (Nurse). Henstead Marshes, The Broads (Verrall). King's Lynn (Atmore). NF,, Louisburgh, 16, 17.vii.1910. Killarney, *D. longitarsis Stan.—West Stow, 16.vii.1913 (Nurse). Sutton Broad (Andrews). Skegness, *D. brevipennis Mg.—Lowestoft and Fritton in June (Collin). Orford (Bloomfield). Timworth (Nurse). Wimborne, Dorset ( The Broads (Verrall). 2 unlocalised speeimens, 12 and ll.vii.38.



*D. ungulatus Lin.—As exceedingly abundant as Colyer and Hammond State, mostly near water. Ipswich 1, 11, and 6.vii.04. Bentley Woods, Letheringham, 15.viii. 1918. MS, 18 .vi. 19, l.vii.25. M S garden, and indoors 20. vi. 10. Westleton, 10.vii,1900. Thelnetham Fen, 3.viii.41. Tuddenham Fen, Brandon Street, 8.vii.95, unlocalised, Surrey—no date. Horning, l.vii.24. Louth, 1912. Otterbourn, Hants., 15.vii.32. N F , 7, 10 .vi.40 and 5 .viii.01. Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset, 1944. Killaloe, Ireland, Cläre Island, June 1910. Timworth (Nurse). The Broads and King's Lynn (Atmore). Abundant at Dunwich, Eriswell and Blakenham, also on banks of Gipping in June and July. *D. puncticornis Zett.—Barnby Broad, 12.viii.08. well, 26.vii.37.


*D. confusus Zett.—A distinguished native of Suffolk, confined through all Britain to our Breck (Verrall, E . M . M . 1904, p. 223). But found at King's Lynn in June 1911 (Atmore). Abundant at Brandon on on bracken, Brandon Heath, Palmer's Health, Brandon, Brandon, 5.vii.27 and Abundant in town street, Brandon, Genus:






Species : *H. Genus:

diadema (= Hygroceleuthus diadema) Hai.— Lowestoft, June 1881 (Verrall). Covehithe, l . i x . l l . Abundant, Southwold salt marshes,, 5.vii.08, 17.vii.97, l.viii.04, 7, 8, 10, ll.ix.07. Leanlands and Gedney, Lines., 18.viii.06. Common at King's Lynn, June 09 and July 10 (Atmore).

latipennis one

Fall.—5.vii.08, Southwold salt



Species : *//. chrysozygus Wied.—King's Lynn, June 07. Occasionally on windows in Newmarket (Collin). Timworth (Nurse). Orford (King). Brandon Staunch, 11, 25.viii.06. *H. plagiatus H. fulvicaudis


20th July (Collin).




*H. gracilis Stan.—MS, on windows, 15.vii.13. Brandon marsh, August. Common at Elvedon (Nurse). Orford (King). Tuddenham, 20 July (Collin). H. germanus Wied. ( = praetextatus, Hai.).—Horning, l.vii.24. *H. nanus Macq. ( = sahlbergi, Zett.).—Fritton, in June, 1881 (Verrall). Ampton, (Nurse). Ormesby (Verrall). 25.vii.98, Ipswich. Mr. Morley had an unlocalised specimen Langford Moor, near Newark, Notts., 14.viii. 1914. H. nigriplantis Stan.—Unrecorded. *H. nigripennis Fall.—Tuddenham (Nurse). Two swept in Henstead marsh, King's Lynn in August and September, 1907 (Atmore). Staverton, Louisburgh, 16.vii.1910. *H. parvilamellatus Macq. ( = Nigrilamellatus, Mg.).— Staverton, NF, H. atrovirens Lw.—Unrecorded. *H. chaerophylli Mg.—Tuddenham, 29 June (Collin) and in July (Nurse). ? Seeford or Seaford, 7.viii.05, in coli. Morley. Genus: GYMNOPTERNUS. Species : *G. chalybaeus Wied.—Brandon, Martham (Verrall). NF, Coniston before 1943. *G. celer Mg.—Ampton and West Stow in mid-June, 1913 (Nurse). Martham (Verrall). Southwold, 27.vii.26. ( = Brevicornis, Stg.). *M. metallicusStann.—Fritton, 28.vii. 1881,G. H. Verrall (in coli. Brit. Mus.). Norfolk (Verrall). Carrantosh, Killaloe,, NF. Frostenden, 16.ix.37. *A. aerosus Fall.—Brandon, Brandon Staunch, NF, 15, Tuddenham (Collin). Orford (King). Mildenhall in September. The Broads, Nfk. (Verrall). King's Lynn (Atmore). *G. assimilis Staeg.—Mildenhall, 25.ix.07. Brandon Staunch, 25.viii.06. Staverton, 20.viii.17. NF, 13, Bamham, 21st July, 1913 (Nurse). Martham, Hickling (Verrall). *G. cupreus Fall.—Henstead marshes, Mk. Rasen, NF, 13, 15, ( = Angustifrons, Staeg.). Tuddenham and Fritton at end of June (Collin). Bentley Woods, June 1904. King's Lynn, June 1907 (Atmore). The Broads (Verrall).



G e n u s : HYPOPHYLLUS, L W . Species : *H. discipes Ahr. ( = Crinipes, Stg.). MS, dining room window, 20.vii.18. Blackburn Bowdber, 10.V.07. *H. obscurellus Fall.—NS window, 10. Parham Wood, 12.viii.1918. Orford (King). Fritton in June, 1881 (Verrall). Genus: ORTHOCHILE. Species : *ö. nigrocaeruleaLatr.—BentleyWoods, Swept from reeds at Potter' s Bridge, near Southwold, 20.ix.13. Denny Wood, Lyndhurst, Fidley, Minstead, NF, 14, 15, - ll.vii.25. 18.vii.29., NF., NF. 6.viii.01, N F . Fidley, NF, Aberdovey, Devon, 27.vii.44. Mk. Rasen, 12. Genus: POECILOBOTHRUS. Species : *P. nobilitatus Linn.—Fritton Warren, 10.vii.49—Jim Burton found it there, crowding the ditches (Trans. VII, p.7 super). Noted by Colyer and Hammond to favour ponds covered with duckweed where it teems and rises in a cloud with an audible noise, when disturbed. Dennington moat, 24.vii.99. MS, 7.vii.23,, 1913, 13.vii.17, on dining room window. By the Deben at Brandeston, Levington, 18.vii.23. On mud in the sun at Butley Ferry, abundant, l.viii.39. MS, 24.vii.05. Ryde, ll.viii.02. NF, 5.viii.01. Burket Wood, NF, NF, 8.vii.36. Locally common about King's Lynn (Atmore). Orford (King). Timworth (Nurse). Noticed actually sucking stylopods of Angelica sylvestris in Barnby Broad, 24.vii.08. *P. ducalis Lw.—MS, on study window, l.viii.44. M S window, and l.vii.25. M S window, 2.viii.28. MS, 10.viii.23. Abundant on mud in the sunlight, Butley Ferry, l.viii.39. *P. principalis Lw.—Leanlands, Lines. 18.viii.06, Orford, (King). G e n u s : TACHYTRECHUS, St. Species : T. isignis Stann.—NF, T. ripicola Lw.—Horning, T. consobrinus Walk.—NF, 3.iv.07. *T. notatus Stann.—Pair in cop swept on the Breck at Eriswell, 26.vii.97. Abundant, sitting on leaves at Elvedon, l.viii.29.


Genus :



Wh. H. oceanus Mcq. ( = bisetus, L.W.).—Many on breakwater at (?) Barm Beach, (Coastal and common "—Colyer and Hammond). *H. bisetus Lw.—Aldeburgh (Verrall, E.M.M. 1905, p. 192). Hunstanton and King's Lynn (Atmore). *H. litoreus Fall.—15.ix.30, many on puddle water, Dunwich. In cop on wet sand, Shell Is., Wales, Brandon, June (Collin). Martham, Ormesby (Verrall). *H balticus Mg.—Caistor, 17.vii.08. 22, 24, 26.vii.37, Brandon. Alderton, 19.vii.99. Several on pine trunks by the river Aide at Hazlewood Common, 22.vii.20. Hunstanton (Dr. Vice). *H viridis Mg.—Easton cliff in high north wind, 17.ix.39. Sheringham, August 03. Ormesby (Verrall). *H. praecox Lehm.—Easton B., 8.ix.07. Felixstowe, 3.V.98, 6.V.97. In cop, Southwold, On reeds,'Easton B., 24.ix.13. Ormesby (Verrall). H. bipunctatus Lehm.—Unrecorded in Suffolk. Thousands on the broads (Verrall). H. borealis Verr. ( = Albiceps, Frev.).—Unrecorded. / / . rufibarbis, Gerst.—Unrecorded. H. nebulosus Fall.—Unrecorded in Suffolk. Common about King's Lynn (Atmore).

Genus : S C E L L U S , L W . Species : *S. notatus Fab.—Southwold, l.viii.1900. Swept in the middle glade of Bentley Woods, Mk. Rasen, 12. Isle of Wight, Louth, 9 vi. 12 and Gardens at Yarmouth (Hist. Yarmouth). G e n u s : L I A N C A L U S , Lw. Species: L. virens S c o p . - C l a r e Island, July 1910. Monsal, Derbyshire,, Glossop, Derby., unlocalised. Blackgang, I.O.W. Genus : O R T H O C E R A T U M , Sch. Species : * 0 . lacustris Scop.-Southwold, 30.ix 1900. Swept Southwold salt marsh, 3, 10, ll.ix.10. Southwold, 28 ix.03, 14.ix.07, ix.36. Buss Creek, abundant on reeds 17.ix.13, and there 3.ix.07, 13.ix.12, 25.ix.39. Easton B., 4.ix.07. Aldeburgh, September (Collin).



Genus : T H I N O P H I L U S , Wh. pecies : *Flavipalpis Zett.—Orford (King). Ruficornis.—None. Genus : SCHOENOPHILUS, Mk. Species : *Versutus Walk—Orford (King). King's Lynn (Atmore). Genus : APHROSYLUS Walk. Species : Celtiber Hai.—Rounah, Louisburgh, 20.vii.1910. Raptor Walk.—Considered common by Colyer and Hammond. Inhabits coastal districts, especially rocks periodically inundated by tides. The larvae are supposed to live in cast-up seaweed. None in Suffolk. Ferox—Walk.—None. *Mitis Verr.—Abundant on sides of Deben near Woodbridge, June, 1907 (Verrall). G e n u s : MEDETERUS, Fisch. Species : *M. micaceus Lw.—Hemsby, Staverton Thicks, MS door, 26.vii.26. M S window, 29.viii.20. Brandon, 9.vii.26. Tuddenham Fen, 6.viii.l3. Orford, King. Yarmouth (Collin). Norfolk (Verrall). *M. flavipes Mg.—Abundant in some places in Britain (Colyer and Hammond). Walberswick shore, 16.vii.49. Ipswich, 4.ix.01. On a post at Kenton Station, 26.vii.20. Newmarket, July 1885 and 1886, Collin. *M. jaculus Mg.—Tuddenham Fen, Aug. 05. On a post in a sandpit at Wissett, Norwich, 31.viii.03. MS, 18.viii.23. M S window, 20.X.29. Cromer, September 1926. W. Suffolk, June and July, common, Nurse. *M. petrophilns Low.—Felixstowe sand hills, 18.vii.23. Shrublands Park, 27.viii.20. Aldeburgh Beach shelter, 10.vii.14. 27.vii.39, MS, Bury (Tuck). *M.

truncorum Mg.—Shrubland, 27.viii.20. MS, 30.vii.05,, 5.viii.l7, 10.viii.26. On gate, MS, 18.viii.17. Newmarket (Collin). Common, West Suffolk, (Nurse). King's Lynn, May 1911. M. Petrophiloides Pr.—-None. *M. dendrobaenus Row—MS, 30.vii.05. MS windows, 23.viii.20. Lynd., NF, 14.viii.30. Norfolk (Verral). M. saxatilis Coli.—None. (?).



*M. diadema Linn.—Sitting on boletus rush pool, NF, 9.vii.38. Brandon to Yarmouth (Verrall, E.M.M. 1905, p. 192). Common, Timworth, July (Nurse). Brandon, July, (Collin). M. striatus Par.—None. *M. nitidus Mcq.—Taken at Ampton by Col. Charles Nurse (Trans. IV, p. 272, supra). *M. obscurus Zett.—MS, 3.vii.05. On willow trunk, MS garden, 10.ix.20. *M. pinicola Kow.—Found on Scots pine at Newmarket by Mr. Collin, *M. ambigulus Zett.—On Scots pine at Newmarket, (Collin). See Trans. IV, p. 272, supra. M. unisetosus Coli.—None. *M. incrassatus Frey—On a walnut trunk in Mr. Verrall's old garden at Sussex Lodge in Newmarket, May 1920 (Trans. IV, p. 272). *M. excellens Frey.—$ on sawn end of oak trunk, Bentley Woods, *M. pallidipes Zett.—King's Lynn (Atmore). Lowestoft, June 1881 (Verrall). M. cuspidatus Coli.—None. M. melancholicus Ld.—None. M. infumatus Low.—None. *M. tristis Zett.—, on gate, MS. *M. impiger Coli.—Introduced as new to science by Mr. Collin (E.M.M. 1941, pp. 148-53), in his revision of the British Genus Medeterus. It is recorded merely as " Suffolk " and was probably bred from larch (Trans, iv, p. 272, supra). *M. apicalis Zett.—" Suffolk " (Collin). Framlingham, Sitting on hot stone, Sutton Health, 7.ix.20. *M. jugalis Coli.—Barton Mills, July, Verrall and introduced to science by Mr. Collin (E.M.M. 1941, pp. 148-53). *M. muralis.—Dublin, 2.vii.l3. Abundant at MS in June, but has a ränge from 28.v (1940) to 17.viii (1923) Morley. Bury St. Edmunds, 13th July, Collin. Dolichopodidae:—17 Genera, 119 Species, 85 in Suffolk. (Dolichopus to Medeterus) to be completed. ALASDAIR



The Diptera of Suffolk (continued)  

Aston, A. E.

The Diptera of Suffolk (continued)  

Aston, A. E.