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LEPIDOPTERA NOTES FOR 1952. T w o new species were added to the Suffolk list. These were Orthosia advena, Schiff. (opima, Hbn.) and Semiothisa alternata, Schiff. Both these species were taken in a period of five minutes on May 3rd in our Mercury vapour trap situated in our garden at Needham Market. This trap is very badly sited, since the garden is almost surrounded by tall buildings with granaries 30 to 50 ft. high towards the east, while there are four massive beech trees in the western quarter, houses towards the south-east with the garden backed by further tall buildings. In the northern direction there is the only real gap over the railway embankment at the foot of the adjacent garden, but owing to the buildings the gap is 70 yards away from the trap. T h e attraction of the light trap would, therefore, seem to be upwards and by light reflected from the building. T h e number and variety of species has been amazing considering the restriction imposed by the site. These results, we suggest, are due to the following causes :— (1) T h e light being used on most nights, thus attracting those species which only fly for a few nights. (2) T h e increased light spectrum and upward field of light attracting those species which are moving at higher levels than usually covered by traps. (3) Certain species away from their usual habitat and breeding on built-up areas would be less subject to attacks from the customary parasites, thus resulting in local increase in numbers. (4) T h e railway may be responsible for the introduction of species new to the locality. T h e following are among the more notable species taken at this trap during 1952 :— Phragmatobia fuliginosa, Linn. ; Cycnia mendica, Clerck., one on April 26th ; Arctia villica, Linn. ; Roeselia confusalis, H.-S., one on May 19th ; Earias clorana, Linn., June 30th ; Pseudoips bicolorana, Fuesll., two on June 30th ; Bena prasinana, Linn., Apatele leporitia, Linn., June 25th and 30th ; A. aceris, Linn, two on July 22nd and 24th ; Cratiiophora ligustri, Schiff., June 3 0 t h ; Nonagria geminipuncta, Hatch., August 13th; Cosmia pyralina, Schiff., July 2 0 t h ; C. diffinis, Linn., August 12th; Hydraecia petasitis, Doubleday, August 15th ; Caradrina ambigua, Schiff., one on May 26th ; Eremobia ochroleuca, Schiff., common, Heliothis dipsacea, Linn., July 2nd and August 12th ; Agrotis clavis, Huf. (corticea, Hbn.), Triphaena interjecta, Hbn., numerous ; Parastichtis fissipuncta, Haworth, July 2nd ; Cucullia chamomillae, Schiff., May 19th ; Leucania albipuncta, Schiff., July 21st and August 13th ; Orthosia advena, Schiff., May 3rd ; Hada dentina, Schiff. ;




Hadenagenistae, Borkh., c o m m o n ; H. dissimilis, Knoch., n u m e r o u s ; Eustrotia uncula, Claerck., July 28th ; Aconita luctuosa, Schiff., July 30th ; Laspeyria flexula, Schiff., J u n e 30th ; Scopula rubiginata, H u f n . , July 21st and 24th ; Chloroclystis coronala, H b n . , several ; Eupilhecia linariata, Schiff., E. hazcorthiata, Stainton, J u n e 30th ; E. dodoneala, G u e n . , M a y Ist and 2nd ; Euphyia rubidata, Schiff., July 1 I t h ; Pelurgaccmitata, Linn,,Semiothisa alternata, Schiff., M a y 3rd ; Bcarmia punctinalis, Scop. ( = consortaria, F.), several M a y 3rd to J u n e 14th ; Plagodis dolabraria, L i n n . ; Selenia lunaria, Schiff., M a y 30th \S. tetralunaria, H u f n . , April 30th ; Deuteronomos erosaria, Schiff., July 24th ; Tethea octogesima, H b n . , J u n e 30th and July 2nd ; Polyploca ridens, F., Deilephila porcelliis, L i n n . ; ]). elpenor, L i n n . ; Hyloicus pinastri, Linn., M a y 26th ; Sphinx ligustri, L i n n . ; Clostera curtula, Linn., M a y 2 n d ; Notodonta ziczac, L i n n . ; N. dromedarius, L i n n . ; Pheosia gnoma, F. (= dictcecides, Esp.) ; P. tremula, Clerck. ; Drymonia dodonaea, Schiff. ; M a y lOth to 23rd ; D. ruficcrnis, H u f n . ; Stauropus fagi, L i n n . , J u n e 1 I t h ; Lophopteryx cucullina, Schiff., July 2nd and 2 1 s t ; Cerura bifida, Brahm., M a y 13th and A u g u s t 12th and 13th ; C. furcula, Clerck., July 21st to August 13th ; Satumia paionia, L i n n . , M a y I s t ; Drepana falcataria, L i n n . ; Drepana binaria, H u f . , several in spring and s u m m e r ; D. cultraria, F., August 6th ; Zeuaera pyrina, Linn., f o u r on J u n e 30th ; Cossus cossus, L i n n . , July Ist. ; Sarrothripus rexayana, Scop. O t h e r species taken or noted during 1952 included Hadena scolopacina, Esp., at Barnby Broad on A u g u s t 2nd ; Eurois occulta, L i n n . , one at Aldringham o n August 13th ; Atiepia irregularis, H u f . , nine at Icklingham, J u n e 12th and 25th ; Tholera cespitis, Schiff., Staverton Thicks, Aldringham and Mildenhall, e n d of A u g u s t ; Mamestra albicolon, H b n . , one at Foxhall on M a y 25th ; Emmelia trabealis, Scop., six at Barton Mills on J u n e 29th ; Euxoa cursoria, H u f . , m a n y at Walberswick and Aldringham, July 26th and A u g u s t 24th ; Leucania littoralis, Curt., several Walberswick, July 26th ; Cosymbia porata, F., Foxhall, M a y 25th ; Boarmia punctinalis, Scop., seven at Barking including dark f o r m s during M a y ; Deuteronomos erosaria, Schiff., several at Staverton T h i c k s ; Hyloicus pinastri, Linn., one each at Foxhall and Walberswick on J u n e 14th and July 26th respectively ; Drymonia dodonaea, Schiff., nine at Barking, M a y 16th and 23rd. A n expedition to Staverton T h i c k s on A u g u s t 30th with Messrs. Chipperfield and Aiston produced two Stilbia anomala, Haw., at M /V light. A m o n g other species taken on a small Stretch of heathland were Caradrina ambigua, Schiff., which w a s conf i r m e d by ccmparison with M r . P. J. B u r t o n ' s Suffolk specimens. W h i l e collecting at Walberswick on July 26th, an I n d i a n M o o n m o t h fluttered into t h e M /V lamp. It was later learnt t h a t three had escaped f r o m a Southwold School. J. AND G . J. BURTON,

Needham Market.

Lepidoptera notes for 1952  
Lepidoptera notes for 1952