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papaver somniferum, Opium P o p p y . - G a r d e n s and allotments on Belle Vue Road. Crepis taraxacifolia, Dandelion-leaved Hawk's-beard.—Plentiful on allotment on top of raiKvay cutting near convent. Datura Stramonium, Thorn Apple.-Waste „round to north of Corn-hill and on allotment, Belle Vue Road. Lyaum barbarum, Duke of Argyle's Tea T r e e - I n t r o d u c e d in eheste of tea where it was used as packing from China Dnttway on top of railway cutting near the Albion Mills. Acanthus spmosus and A mollis, Bear's Breech, B r a n k u r s i n e . — A l l o t m e n t s near Bank Road and convent, probably escapes from nurseries 1 ragopogon pratense, Goat's Beard.-Allotments on Belle Vue Road near railway. Fceniculum vulgare, F e n n e l . - E n d of Ashmere Grove near railway cutting, probably conveyed from Felixstow with bailast. Dipsacus sylvestris, Teazle.—Grows at end ot Ashmere Grove. Cichorium Intybus, Chicory - W a s t e ground to north of Cornhill. Tussilago Farfara, Coltsfoot.—Waste „round, St. Margaret's Street and Pipe's brickyard. Lactuca virosa, Aerid Lettuce.—Waste ground, St. Margaret's Street. Eptlohum angustifolium, Rose Bay.-Waste ground, ^ - M a r g a r e t s Street and in forecourts of several houses in Woodbridge Road Dip otaxis tenuifolia, Wall R o c k e t . - O n old wall at corner of Belle Vue Road and Woodbridge Road. Colchicum autumnale, Meadow Saffron—Back garden, Belle Vue Road. Hypericum calyanum, Large-flowered St. John's Wort.—Woodbridge Road near the convent and back garden of Belle Vue Road Comum maculatum Hemlock.—Pipe's brickyard and sides of the Strand by Orwell at Wherstead. Artemma vulgaris, M u g w o r t . - A t the side ot Woodbridge Road beUVeen " The Case is Altered Inn and Khartoum Road. Artemisia maritima, Sea Wormwood.-Salt marshes by side of the Strand, near the Ostrich Inn at Wherstead. Phytolacca acinosa, The Indian Pokeweed.-Habitat the Himalayas. Two plants of this species appeared in my garden during 1VZ/, flowered and fruited ; its fruit looks like a spike of ripe blackberries The puzzle is how the seeds were conveyed : there are no other such plants growing in the neighbourhood. Atropa Belladonna, Deadly Nightshade.-For many years it grew in Lloyd s Avenue and also in St. Margaret's Street. Solanum Dulcamara, Woody Nightshade.—Allotment on Belle Vue Road. ^ a n u m nigrum, Black Nightshade.-Allotments and gardens, Belle Vue Road. JEgopodium Podagraria, Gout-weed.—Garden, Belle Vue Road Anagallis ccerulia, Blue Pimpernel.—Rare in garden,



Belle Vue Road. Symphoricarpus racemosus, Snowberry.—Be Vue Road. Chelidonium majus, Greater Celandine.—Garden, Belle Vue Road. Verbascum Thapsus, Great Mullein.—Allotment in Belle Vue Road. Mentha rotundifolia, Round-leaved Mint.—In moist ditch at back of County Hall, outside west wall of prison : must have existed since the time a streamflowedpast Cauldwell Hall, now demolished, into the Orwell. CEnothera biennis, Evening Primrose.—Native of North America, and naturalised in some British places. Allotment and gardens in Belle Vue Road. Epilobium parviflorum, Small-flowered Willow Herb.—Garden, Belle Vue Road. Solidago Virgaurea, Golden Rod.—Frequented by the Ermine Moth in garden of Belle Vue Road. Petasites albus, Winter Heliotrope.—Warwick Road, formerly called Water Lane. Tamarix gallica, Common Tamarisk.—Near the tar works, Wherstead Road. Sonchus oleraceus, Sow Thistle.—Allotments and gardens, Belle Vue Road. Bryonia dioica, White Bryony.— One plant climbed a lilac tree in my garden. Medicago sativa, Lucerne.—Said to have been introduced into Greece from Media by Darius. Rope Walk derelict site. Ruscus aculeatus, Butcher's Broom.—Christchurch Park near bottom of Fonnereau Road, and in a garden at junction of Fonnereau Road and Bridle Way. Chenopodium Bunus-Henricus, Good King Henry.—Back gard Belle Vue Road, and waste ground, St. Margarets Street. Saponaria officinalis, Soapwort.—Forecourt garden in Warwick Road. Polygonatum officinale, Angular Solomons Seal.—Gardens in Belle Vue Road. Polygonum aviculare, Common Rnot-grass.— Gardens and allotments, Belle Vue Road. Artemisia absinthium, Wormwood.—By the Henley Road just past the railway bridge. Delphinium Ajacis, Rocket Larkspur.—Sandy or chalky com fields; back gardens, Belle Vue Road. Aconitum Napellus, Monk's hood.—It derives its name of Wolf's Bane from being used to poison the bait in wolf traps. Gardens, Belle Vue Road. Symphytum officinale, Common Comfrey.—St. Stephen's Churchyard and in front of Education Office in Tower Street. Polygonatum multiflorum, Solomon's Seal.—Garden, Belle Vue Road. Sagina procumbens, Procumbent Pearl-wort.—Well-known to gardeners as a troublesome and prolific weed in gravel paths. Belle Vue Road.

H A V E R H I L L PLANTS.—I have never seen so many Bee Orchids as grow in profusion in my tennis-court and orchard here. On the Roman-road at West Wickham and Horseheath on the Suffolk border I found three plants of Orobanche major. And at Hachet End in Haverhill Green Helebore occurs.—PHILIP G. M. D I C K I N SON ; 16 June.

Wild Plants Growing on Waste Ground in Ipswich  
Wild Plants Growing on Waste Ground in Ipswich