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A M O N G the Basidiomycetes (so called because they produce their spores on minute cellular processes called Basidia) are some of the largest, most beautiful, and best known of the Fungi. T h e y include the puff-balls, geasters or earth-stars, mushrooms and toadstools, etc. Most of them are saprophytes growing upon the decaying vegetable matter in the soil, upon old woodorfallen branches, or on leaves decaying on the ground. T h e article on Fungi contributed to the 1911 Victoria History of Suffolk by the late Rev. E. N . Bloomfield includes 327 species and varieties of the higher Basidiomycetes. T h e present list, in which the arrangement and nomenclature are those of Carleton Rea's " British Basidiomycetae" 1922, incorporates all the species in M r . Bloomfield's list with the addition of 185 kinds (marked with asterisks) more recently accredited to the County. Synonyms are added where the nomenclature differs f r o m that used in the Victoria History. Beside those of my own gathering several new species were discovered by our members during their excursions to Gosbeck (15 Oct. 1933) and Bentley (4 Nov. 1934) and I am also indebted to M M . E. A. Ellis, A. B. Hurrell, and S. C. Porter for many additional records. Localities are given for those species described by Rea as " uncommon " or " rare " ; those for which I am personally responsible are initialled (A.M.).


Cynophallus caninus (Huds.) Fr. In woods.. Phallus impudicus (Linn.) Pers. Stinkhorn. Woods and heaths. Phallus impudicus var. iosmos (Berk.) Cke. Rare. Lowestoft (Cooke). Lycoperdon giganteum (Batsch.) Pers. Pastures and gardens. L. caelatum (Bull.) Fr. Heaths and pastures. L. saccatum (Vahl.) Fr. Heaths and pastures. *L. depressum Bon. Heaths and pastures. L. astropurpureum Vitt. Woods and heaths. U n c o m m o n . Hardwick near Bury, 1856 (E. Skepper). L. perlatum Pers. ( = L. gemmatum). Woods and pastures. L. pyriforme (SchaefF.) Pers. On stumps in woods. *L. pusillum (Batsch.) Pers. On heaths. Bovista nigrescens Pers. On heaths. B. plumbea Fr. Pastures and heaths. Myriostoma coliforme (Dicks.) Cda. (Geaster). On sandbanks. Rare. Mettingham (Dickson).




Geaster Bryantii Berk. In woods, Bury (E. Skepper). Bentley (S. C. Porter), Mendlesham (A. B. Hurrell). G. umbilicatus Fr. ( = G. striatus). Rare. On a sandy bank Foxhall (A.M.). G. limbatus Fr. In woods, Bury, 1857 (E. Skepper). G. mammosus Chev. ( = Tulostoma). Sandv woods. Santon Downham, 1856 (E. Skepper). *G. triplex Jungh. Woods and heaths. Shrubland Park (Miss E. Hurry), Culford (A. B. Hurrell). G. rufescens Pers. In fir woods, Bury (E. Skepper). Troston (Dr. W. M. Hind). G. fornicatus (Huds.) Fr. Pastures and heaths. Ipswich 1946 (S. C. Porter). Crucibulum vulgare Tul. On dead bracken. Cyathus striatus (Huds.) Pers. In woods. C. olla (Batsch.) Pers. ( = C. vernicosus). On dead wood and twigs. Melanogaster variegatus (Vitt.) Tul. Amongst leaves and twigs. Hardwick 1858 (E. Skepper). Scleroderma aurantium Pers. ( = S. vulgare). Woods and heaths. S. verrucosum (Vaill.) Pers. Woods and heaths. Astraeus hygrometricus (Pers.) Morg. ( = Geaster). In a sandy wood at Bury 1856 (E. Skepper). Tulostoma brumale Pers. ( = T . mammosum). Old wall Bury (E. Skepper), Honington (Dr. Hind). Battaria phalloides (Dicks.) Pers. Sand hills. Rare. Bungay (Woodward), Yoxford (Davy). Sphaerobolus stellatus (Tode) Pers. On rotten twigs. AGARICALES.

*Pluteus cervinus (Schaeff.) Fr. On stumps and fallen trunks. P. leoninus (Schaeff.) Fr. On dead wood and sawdust. Uncommon. Bury 1856 (E. Skepper). P.phlebophorus (Ditm.) Fr. Uncommon. On sawdust, Stowmarket (E. Skepper). Lepiota procera (Scop.) Fr. Heaths and pastures. L. rhacodes (Vitt.) Fr. Pastures and pine woods. L. acutesquamosa (Weinm.) Fr. Woods and pastures. *L.Badhami B. and Br. In woods and by roadsides. Uncommon, East Bergholt (Dr. Badham), Shrubland Park 1924 (A.M.). L. clypeolaria (Bull.) Fr. Woods and hedgerows. L.cristata(A. & S.) Fr. Woods and pastures. L. cepaestipes (Sow.) Fr. In greenhouses. L. granulosa (Batsch.) Fr. On heaths. *Psallota Elvensis B. & Br. Under beeches and oaks. Uncommon, Mendlesham (A.M.). P. arvensis (Schaeff.) Fr. Horse Mushroom. Woods and pastures.




P.pratensis (Schaeff.) Fr. Pasturesand hedgerows. Uncommon. East Bergholt (Dr. Badham). P. campestris (Linn.) Fr. Common Mushroom. Pastures and heaths. P. campestris var. rufescens (Berk.). Woods and pastures. *P. sylvatica (Schaeff.) Fr. In woods. P. villatica (Brond.) Magn. Pastures and gardens. Uncommon. East Bergholt (Dr. Badham). Anellaria separata (L.) Karst. ( = Panaeolus). On horsedung in pastures. A. fimiputris (Bull.) Karst. ( = Panaeolus). On horse dung. Amanitopsis vaginata (Bull.) Roze. ( = Amanita). Woods and pastures. *Volvaria bombycina (Schaeff.) Fr. On stumps and trunks. Uncommon. Needham Market (A.M.). *V. speciosa Fr. Dunghills and roadsides. Uncommon. Bury (E. Skepper), Mendlesham (A.M.). Amanita verna (Lam.) Fr. ( - A. virosa). Woods. Uncommon Bungay 1865 (Cooke's Illustrations). A. phalloides (Vaill.) Fr. Death-cap. Heaths and woods. *A. mappa (Batsch.) Fr. Heaths and woods. A. muscaria (L.) Fr. Fly Agarie. Under birches and conifers. A. strobiliformis (Paul.) Quel. In woods on chalk. *A. pantherina (D.C.) Fr. Woods and pastures. A. rubescens (Pers.) Fr. Pastures and roadsides. A. aspera (Fr.) Quel. Woods. Uncommon. Hardwick (E.Âť Skepper), Mendlesham (A.M.). Armillaria mellea (Vahl.) Fr. On old stumps. Pholiota praecox (Pers.) Fr. Pastures and roadsides. P. pudica (Bull.) Fr. On old trunks. Uncommon. Honington (W. G. Smith). P. aegerita (Porta.) Fr. ( = P. capistrata) Elm stumps. P. destruens (Brond.) Fr. ( = P. heteroclita). Uncommon. On poplar, Great Glemham (E. N. Bloomfield). P. squarrosa (Mull.) Fr. On stumps. *P. spectabilis Fr. On or near stumps. P. adiposa Fr. On trunks. *P. erinacea (Fr.) Quel. On dead branches. P. mutabilis (Schaeff.) Fr. Stumps and trunks. *P. marginata (Batsch.) Fr. On twigs in pine woods. *P. unicolor (Fl. Dan.) Fr. On fallen birch branches. Stropharia aeruginosa (Curt.) Fr. Woods and pastures. 5. obturata Fr. Pastures. Rare. Honington (W. G. Smith). *S. squamosa (Pers.) Fr. Woods and heaths. 5 . stercoraria Fr. On dung in pastures. 5. semiglobata (Batsch.) Fr. In pastures. *Cortinarius calochrous (Pers.) Fr. Woods and pastures. C. purpurascens Fr. Woods and heaths.

206 C. C. *C. C. *C. *C. *C.



collinitus (Sow.) Fr. In woods violaceus (L.) Fr. In woods. Westley (E. Skepper). callisteus Fr. In pine woods. anomalus Fr. Woods and heaths. semisanguineus (Brig.) Maire. Damp heaths. sanguineus (Wulf.) Fr. In pine woods. uliginosus Berk. On Sphagnum. Uncommon. Redgrave Fen 1931 (A.M.). C. hinnuleus (Sow.) Fr. Woods and heaths. *C. hemitrichus Fr. Woods and boggy places. *C. erythrinus Fr. In woods. *Inocybe pyriodora (Pers.) Fr. In woods. I. rimosa (Bull.) Fr. (Hebeloma). In woods. I. geophylla (Sow.) Fr. U n d e r trees and in hedgerows. I. obscura (Pers.) Fr. In pine woods. */. lacera Fr. In mixed woods. Tricholoma equestre (L.) Fr. In pine woods. *T. portentosum (L.) Fr. Pine and fir woods. Uncommon. Mendlesham (A.M.). T. nictitans Fr. Mixed woods. Rare. East Bergholt (Dr. Badham). T. rutilans (Schaeff.) Fr. On stumps. T. vaccinum (Pers.) Fr. Coniferous woods. T. terreum (Schaeff.) Fr. Under beeches. T. argyraceum (Bull.) Fr. ( T . scalpturatum). Woods. *T. chrysites (Jungh.) Gill. In woods. *T. murinaceum (Bull.) Fr. Mixed woods. T. cartilagineum Fr. Woods and pastures. Uncommon. East Bergholt (Dr. Badham). T. sulphureum (Bull.) Fr. Mixed woods. *T. carneum (Bull.) Fr. Pastures. *T. gambosum Fr. St. George's Mushroom. Pastures. T. acerbum (Bull.) Fr. In woods. T. personatum Fr. In pastures. T. nudum (Bull.) Fr. Woods and gardens. T. grammopodium (Bull.) Fr. Pastures and woods. *T. melaleucum (Pers.) Fr. Pastures and woods. T. arcuatum (Bull.) Quel. In coniferous woods. Rare. Fakenham (W. G. Smith). T. subpulverulentum (Pers.) Fr. Pastures and woods. Uncommon. Troston Mount (W. G. Smith). Entoloma sinuatum Fr. In mixed woods. *E. lividum (Bull.) Fr. Woods and pastures. *E. Bloxhami Berk. Heaths and pastures. *E. clypeatum (L.) Fr. Woods, gardens and pastures. *E. rhodopolium Fr. In woods. *E. costatum Fr. Heaths and pastures. E. sericeum (Bull). Fr. Woods and pastures.





Hebeloma fastibile Fr. In woods. *H. glutinosum (Lind.) Fr. Under oak and beech. H. sinapisans (Paul.) Fr. Under trees. Uncommon. Great Glemham (E. N. Bloomfield). H. crustuliniforme (Bull.) Fr. Woods and heaths. Hypholoma sublateritium (Schaeff.) Fr. On stumps. H. fasciculare (Huds.) Fr. On stumps. H. lachrymabundum Fr. In woods. H. velutinum (Pers.) Fr. Woods and pastures. H. Candolleanum Fr. On stumps. H. appendiculatum (Bull.) Fr. On stumps. Clitocybe nebularis (Batsch.) Fr. Woods and heaths. *C. clavipes (Pers.) Fr. Coniferous woods. C. aurantiaca (Wulf.) Studer. ( = Cantharellus). Heaths and woods. C. odora (Bull.) Fr. In deciduous woods. C. cerussata Fr. In mixed woods. C. phyllophila Fr. Under beeches. C. candicans (Pers.) Fr. In deciduous woods. C. dealbata (Sow.) Fr. Woods and pastures. C. gallinacea (Scop.) Fr. Woods and pastures. *C. opaca (With.) Fr. In woods and pastures. Uncommon. Blundeston (E. A. Ellis). C. maxima (With.) Fr. Woods and pastures. C. infundibuliformis (Schaeff.) Fr. Woods and heaths. C. geotrupa (Bull.) Fr. Woods and pastures. *C. inversa (Scop.) Fr. Coniferous woods. C. flaccida (Sow.) Fr. Woods and heaths. C. flaccida var. lobata (Sow.) Cke. Woods and heaths. C. cyathiformis (Bull.) Fr. Woods and pastures. *C. suaveolens (Schum.) Fr. Coniferous woods. Uncommon. Bentley (Trans, ii, cxciv). C. fragrans (Sow.) Fr. Woods and pastures. Laccaria laccata (Scop.) B. & Br. ( = Clitocybe). Heaths and woods. Laccaria laccata var. amethystina (Vaill.) B. & Br. Woods. Hygrophorus hypothejus Fr. Under conifers. H. pratensis (Pers.) Fr. Pastures and heaths. H. virgineus (Wulf.) Fr. Pastures and woods. *H. niveus B. & Br. Heaths and pastures. *H. subradiatus (Schum.) Fr. Heaths and pastures. H. vitellinus Fr. Woods and pastures. Uncommon. Ixworth Thorpe (Dr. Hind). H. ceraceus (Wulf.) Fr. Woods and pastures. H. coccineus (Schaeff.) Fr. Woods and pastures. H. miniatus Fr. Moist heaths. H. puniceus Fr. Woods and pastures. *H. obtrusseus Fr. Woods and pastures.

THE BASIDIOMYCETES OF SUFFOLK 208 H. conicus (Scop.) Fr. Pastures and heaths. H. psittacinus (Schaeff.) Fr. Pastures. *H. unguinosus Fr. Woods and pastures. Clitopilus prunulus (Scop.) Fr. Woods and pastures. Flammulaflavida(Schaeff.) Fr. On trunks and stumps. *F. fusus (Batsch.) Fr. On stumps. Uncommon. Gosbeck. (Trans, ii, cxii). F. sapinea Fr. On coniferous stumps. Gomphidius glutinosus (Schaeff.) Fr. Coniferous woods. *G. roseus (Fr.) Quel. Coniferous woods. G. viscidus (L.) Fr. Coniferous woods. Collybia radicata (Reih.) Berk. Woods and pastures. C. longipss (Bull.) Berk. Heaths and roadsides. *C. platyphylla (Pers.) Fr. In woods. C. fusipes (Bull.) Berk. On old stumps. C. maculata (A. & C.) Fr. Pine woods. C. butyracea (Bull.) Berk. Woods and heaths. C. velutipes (Curt.) Fr. On stumps and logs. *C. leucomyosotis Cke. & Sm. On sphagnum. *C. cirrhata (Schum.) Fr. On fallen leaves. *C. tuberosa (Bull.) Fr. On dead Agarics. *C. xanthopus Fr. On stumps in pine woods. Uncommon. Mendlesham (A.M.). Leptonia serrulata (Pers.) Fr. Woods and pastures. *Leptonia serrulata var. Berkleyi Maire. Pastures. L. chalybaea (Pers.) Fr. In pastures. L. incana Fr. Woods, heaths and pastures. *L. sericella (Fr.) Quel. Woods and pastures. *L.formosa Fr. In coniferous woods and on heaths. Uncommon. Bixley Heath (E. A. Ellis). Naucoria horizontalis (Bull.) Fr. On elm bark. Rare. Mettingham (Woodward). N. melanoides (Bull.) Fr. Heaths and lawns. N. semiorbicularis (Bull.) Fr. Pastures and roadsides. N. siparia Fr. Dead branches and fern stems. Rare. East Bergholt (Dr. Badham). *Psilocybe ericaea (Pers.) Fr. Heaths. P. semilanceata Fr. Woods and heaths. *P. callosa Fr. Pastures, lawns and roadsides. Uncommon. Hardwick Heath (E. Skepper). *P. spadicea Fr. In woods. Uncommon. Gosbeck. (Trans, ii, cxii). P. foenisecii (Pers.) Fr. Pastures, lawns and roadsides. *Panaeolus phalaenarum Fr. On cow dung. *P. retirugis Fr. In pastures. *P. sphinctrinus Fr. Pastures and gardens. *P. campanulatus (L.) Fr. Pastures and gardens. P. papilionaceus (Bull.) Fr. Woods and pastures.



Mycena strobilina Fr. On pine needles. M. pura (Pers.) Fr. Woods and roadsides. *M. lineata (Bull.) Fr. Woods and pastures. *M. flavo-alba Fr. Pastures and heaths. M. lactea (Pers.) Fr. On twigs in woods. *M. rugosa Fr. On stumps. M.galericulata (Scop.) Fr. On stumps. M. polygramma (Bull.) Fr. On twigs and stumps. *M. leptocephala (Pers.) Fr. On trunks. Uncommon. Foxhall (A.M.). M. alcalina Fr. On stumps and trunks. *M. metata Fr. Amongst short grass. *M. tenuis (Bolt) Fr. Woods. Uncommon. Gosbeck. (Trans, ii, cxii). *M. filopes (Bull.) Fr. Woods and hedgerows. *M. Iris Berk. On fir stumps. *M. vitilis Fr. Amongst dead leaves. M. acicula (Schaeff.) Fr. On dead leaves and twigs. *M. sanguinolenta (A. & S.) Fr. Amongst dead leaves. M. galopus (Pers.) Fr. Woods and hedgerows. M. epipterygia (Scop.) Fr. Woods and pastures. *M. Pearson. In pine woods. *M. peUiculosa Fr. On heaths. M. corticola (Schum.) Fr. On trunks. *M. hiemalis (Osb.) Fr. On trunks. *M. capillaris (Schum.) Fr. On dead leaves. Nolanea pascua (Pers.) Fr. Woods and pastures. *N. proletaria Fr. Woods and pastures. *N. papillata Bres. Pastures and lawns. *N. rufo-carnea Berk. O l heaths. Galera tenera (Schaeff.) Fr. Woods and roadsides. G. hypnorum (Schrank) Fr. Woods and pastures. Psathyrella gracilis Fr. Hedgerows and pastures. *P. crenata (Lasch.) Fr. Pastures and roadsides. P. atomata Fr. Pastures and roadsides. P. disseminata (Pers.) Fr. On old stumps. Omphalia pyxidata (Bull.) Fr. On leaves. O. umbellifera (L.) Fr. In damp woods. * 0 . umbratilis Fr. Pastures and roadsides. Uncommon. Blundeston (E. A. Ellis). O.fibula (Bull.) Fr. Woods and heaths. *Ecciliaf parkensis Fr. Grassy places and roadsides. Uncommon. Redgrave (A.M.). Tubaria fururacea (Pers.) W. G. Sm. Roadsides. *T. paltidosa Fr. Sphagnum swamps. *T. stagnina Fr. On sphagnum and in bogs. Fritton (E. A. Ellis).





*T. pellucida (Bull.) Fr. Amongst fallen leaves. Uncommon. Beiton (E. A. Ellis). *T. crobulus Fr. On chips and twigs in woods. *T inquilina (Fr.) W. G. Sm. On twigs and sticks. *Pleurotus corticalis Fr. On trunks of ash, etc. *P. dryinus (Pers.) Fr. On trunks of oak, etc. P. ulmarius (Bull.) Fr. On elm trunks. P. palmatus (Bull.) Fr. On trunks and logs. P. fimbriatus (Bolt.) Fr. On dead trunks. P. ostreatus (Jacq.) Fr. On stumps, trunks and logs. P. ostreatus var. euosmos (Berk.) Cke. ( = Claudopus). On elm stumps. P. acerosus Fr. On twigs in coniferous woods. *P. septicus Fr. On wood, dung and fungi *P. atro-caerulius Fr. On stumps of beech, etc. Uncommon. Bentley. (Trans, ii, cxciv). *P. cyphellaeformis Berk. On dead herbaceous stems. Uncommon. Gorleston (E. A. Ellis). *P. applicatus (Batsch.) Berk. On dead branches and twigs. Schizophyllum commune Fr. On fallen trunks. Claudopus variabilis (Pers.) W. G. Sm. On sticks and fallen branches. Crepidotus mollis (Schaeff.) Fr. On stumps and twigs. Russula chloroides (Kromb.) Bres. (-Lactarius exsuccus). In woods. R. nigricans (Bull.) Fr. Woods. *R. adusta (Pers.) Fr. Woods. *R. virescens (Schaeff.) Fr. Woods. R. foetens (Pers.) Fr. Woods. *R. ochroleuca (Pers.) Fr. Beech and coniferous woods. *R. ochroleuca var. claroflava (Grove) Cke. Amongst grass. R. rubra (Kromb.) Bres. Deciduous woods. *R. fragilis (Pers.) Fr. Woods and pastures. R. emetica (Schaeff.) Fr. Beech woods. R. integra (L.) Bat. Coniferous woods. Uncommon. Gt. Glemham (E. N. Bloomfield). *R. nitida (Pers.) Fr. Woods. R. alutacea (Pers.) Fr. Beech woods. Lactarius torminosus (Schaeff.) Fr. Mixed woods. L. turpis (Weinm.) Fr. Heaths and under birches. L. insulsus Fr. Mixed woods and pastures. L. blennius Fr. Beech woods. *L. uvidus Fr. Woods and heaths. *L. flexuosus Fr. Pine and beech woods. Uncommon. Gt. Glemham (E. N. Bloomfield). L. pyrogallus (Bull.) Fr. Woods and pastures. L. piperatus (Scop.) Fr. Woods. L. vellereus Fr. Woods.


L. deliciosus (L.) Fr. Coniferous woods. L. pallidus (Pers.) Fr. Woods. L. quietus Fr. Woods. *L. rufus (Scop.) Fr. Coniferous woods. L. alyciosmus Fr. Woods. L. fuliginosus Fr. Woods and pastures. L. volemus Fr. Woods. *L. serifluus (D.C.) Fr. Woods and boggy places. L. subdulcis (Pers.) Fr. Woods. *Bolbitius vitellinus (Pers.) Fr. On horse dung. *B.flavidus(Bolt.) Mass. On dung hills. Uncommon. Fritton (E. A. Ellis). B. fragilis (L.) Fr. On horse dung in pastures. B. titubans (Bull.) Fr. Rieh pastures and gardens. Coprinus comatus (Fl. Dan.) Fr. Woods and pastures. *C. sterquilinus Fr. Dung-heaps and gardens. Uncommon. Mendlesham (A.M.). C. atramentarius (Bull.) Fr. On rotten buried wood. C. picaceus (Bull.) Fr. Mixed woods. Uncommon. Bury (E. Skepper). C. cinereus (Pers.) Fr. ( = C.fimitarius).Woods. C. niveus (Pers.) Fr. On dung in pastures. C. micaceus (Bull.) Fr. On stumps and buried wood. C. radians (Desm.) Fr. On stumps and logs, and on plaster walls. C. radiatus (Bolt.) Fr. On dung in pastures. *C. stercorarius Fr. On dung and rieh soil. *C. Friesii Quel. On dead grass culms. Uncommon. Mendlesham (A.M.). C. ephemerus (Bull.) Fr. On dung in pastures. C. plicatilis (Curt.) Fr. Pastures and roadsides. Marasmiusperonatus (Bolt.) Fr. In woods. M. oreades (Bolt.) Fr. Champignon. Pastures, lawns, etc M. erythropus (Pers.) Fr. Deciduous woods. M. esculentus (Wulf.) Karst. (= Collybia). Woods M. conigenus (Pers.) Karst. (= Collybia). On pine cones, *M. undatus (Berk.) Quel. On bracken stems. M. hariolorum (D.C.) Quel. (= Collybia confluens). Amongst dead leaves. M. dryophilus (Bull.) Karst. (= Collybia). Woods and pastures. exsculptus (Fr.) Rea. On old pine stumps. Uncommon. East Bergholt (Dr. Badham). M. foetidus (Sow.) Fr. On dead twigs and branches. Uncommon. Gosbeck. (E. A. Ellis). M. ramealis (Bull.) Fr. On dead twigs and branches. Androsaceus rotula (Scop.) Pat. (= Marasmius). Dead twigs A. graminum (Lib.) Pat. (= Marasmius). On grass A epiphyllus (Fr.) Pat. (= Marasmius). Leaves and twigs A. androsaceus (L.) Pat. (= Marasmius). Leaves and twigs



Crinipellis stipitarius (Fr.) Pat. ( = Collybia). Twigs. C. caulicinalis (Bull.) Rea. ( = Marasmius). On grass culms. Partus stypticus (Bull.) Fr. On stumps. Lentinus tigrinus (Bull.) Fr. On stumps. L. lepideus Fr. Pine stumps and logs. L. cochleatus (Pers.) Fr. On stumps. Cantharellus cibarius Fr. In woods. *C. tubaeformis Fr. Woods. *Paxillus giganteus (Sow.) Fr. Pastures and heaths. P. involutus (Batsch.) Fr. Woods and pastures. P. panuoides Fr. On sawdust and pine stumps. Gyroporus cyanescens (Bull.) Fr. ( = Boletus). Woods. Boletus luteus (L.) Fr. Woods and under conifers. B. elegans (Schum.) Fr., var. flavus (With.) Rea. ( = Boletus flavus). Coniferous woods. B. flavidus Fr. Uncommon. Ixworth Thorpe (W. G. Smith). B. viscidus (L.) Fr. ( = B. laricinus). Under larches. B. granulatus (L.) Fr. Coniferous woods. *B. badius Fr. Coniferous woods. B. bovinus (L.) Fr. Woods and heaths. *B. piperatus (Bull.) Fr. Woods and heaths. B. variegatus (Swartz) Fr. Coniferous woods. B. chrysenteron (Bull.) Fr. Woods and pastures. B. sanguineus (With.) Quel. Woods and pastures. Rare. Mellis (Dr. Hind). B. subtomentosus (L.) Fr. Woods and heaths. *B. versicolor Rost. Woods and pastures. B. elulis (Bull) Fr. Beech woods. B. pachypus Fr. Pine woods. Uncommon. Gt. Glemham (E. N. Bloomfield), Mendlesham and Redgrave (A.M.). B. satanas Lenz. Woods. Uncommon. Gt. Glemham (E. N. Bloomfield). B. luridus (Schaeff.) Fr. Deciduous woods. B. scaber (Bull.) Fr. Deciduous woods. APHYLLOPHORALES.

Polyporus perennis (L.) Fr. About stumps in woods. *P. brumalis (Pers.) Fr. On branches and twigs. P. lentus Berk. On dead gorse. P. varius Fr. On stumps and trunks. P. squamosus (Huds.) Fr. On trunks. P. sulphureus (Bull.) Fr. On stumps and trunks. P. giganteus (Pers.) Fr. At bases of trees. P. betulinus (Bull.) Fr. On birch trunks. P. dryadeus (Pers.) Fr. At base of oaks. P. hispidus (Bull.) Fr. On ash trunks. P. cuticularis (Bull.) Fr. On beeches and birches. *P. nidulans Fr. On fallen branches.



*P. adiposus B. & Br. On stumps. Uncommon. Mendlesham (A.M.). P. adustus (Willd.) Fr. On trunks and stumps. P. caesius (Schrad.) Fr. Stumps and dead branches. *P.stypticus (Fers.) Fr. On pine stumps. Uncommon. Mendlesham (A.M.). Fomes fomentarius (L.) Fr. ( = Polyporus). On trunks. F. ignarius (L.) Fr. On willow trunks. F. salicinus (Pers.) Fr. On willow trunks. *F. conchatus (Pers.) Fr. On willow trunks. F. Ribis (Schum.) Fr. On currant and gooseberry bushes. *F. pomaceus (Pers.) Big. & Guil. On plum trees. F. ferruginosus (Schrad.) Mass. On logs. *F. ulmarius (Sow.) Fr. On old elms. *F. fraxineus (Bull.) Fr. On ash trees. Uncommon. Gt. Glemham and Otley (E. N. Bloomfield). F. annosus Fr. On coniferous stumps. F. connatus Fr. On trunks. Ganoderma lucidum (Leyes) Karst. On roots of trees. *G. applanatum (Pers.) Pat. On stumps. *Poria medulla-panis (Pers.) Fr. ( = Polyporus). On rotten wood. Uncommon. Gt. Glemham (E. N. Bloomfield). P. vaporaria (Pers.) Fr. On dead branches of conifers. Uncommon. Mendlesham (A.M.), Bury (E. Skepper). Polystictus hirstutus (Wulf.) Fr. (Polyporus). Trunks and . stumps. P. velutinus Fr. On trunks and stumps. Uncommon. Honington (Dr. Hind), Mendlesham (A.M.). P. versicolor (L.) Fr. Stumps, trunks and branches. P. fibula Fr. On worked wood. Uncommon. Yoxford (Mr. Davey), Mendlesham (A.M.). P. abietinus (Dicks.) Fr. On coniferous wood. *Irpex obliquus (Schrad.) Fr. Stumps and dead branches. Lenzites betulina (L.) Fr. Stumps, posts and rails. *L. saepiaria (Wulf.) Fr. Coniferous stumps. *Trametes gibbosa (Pers.) Fr. On stumps and posts. Daedalia biennis (Bull.) Quel. ( = Polyporus rufescens). On stumps. *D. saligna Fr. Onwillows. Uncommon. Mendlesham (A.M.). D. quercina (L.) Fr. Oak stumps and posts. D. unicolor (Bull.) Fr. On stumps and trunks. Merulius tremellosus (Schrad.) Fr. On stumps and dead branches. M. corium (Pers.) Fr. On dead wood. M. lachrymans (Wulf.) Fr. On worked wood in buildirgs. *Phlebia merismoides Fr. Trunks, branches and logs. *P. radiata Fr. On dead wood. *Cotiiophora puteana (Schum.) Karst. Logs and'worked wood. Fistulina hepatica (Huds.) Fr. On trunks of oaks.



Hydnum repandum (L.) Fr. Woods. H. imbricatum (L.) Fr. Coniferous woods. *H. compactum (Pers.) Fr. Coniferous woods. Uncommon. About Bungay (D. Stock). H. auriscalpium (L.) Fr. On cones of conifers. *Mycoleptodon ochraceum (Pers.) Pat. Dead branches. *Radulum orbiculare Fr. On bark of birch, etc. *R. quercinum Fr. On fallen branches of oaks. *Acia uda (Fr.) Bourd & Galz. Dead branches *Grandinia farinacea (Pers.) Bourd & Galz. Dead wood. *G. helvetica (Pers.) Fr. On fallen branches. *Odontia bicolor (A. & C.) Bres. Fir branches. *0. papillosa (Fr.) Bres. On fallen branches. Rare. Worlineham (E. A. Ellis). * *0. arguta (Fr.) Quel. Stumps and fallen branches. Phyllacteria palmata (Scop.) Pat. ( = Thelephora). Uncommon. Hitcham (E. Skepper), Mendlesham (A.M.). *P. anthocephala (Bull.) Pat. In woods. P. caryophylla (Schaeff.) Pat. ( = Thelephora). In woods. Uncommon. Bungay (D. Stock), Mendlesham (A M ) P. terrestris (Ehrh.) Big. & Guil. ( = T. laciniata). On heaths and in woods. *Hypochnus fuscus (Pers.) Fr. On rotten wood. *H. fumosus Fr. On dead wood and twigs. *Ptychogaster albus Cda. On dead wood. *Sparassis laminosa Fr. In mixed woods. (Has occurred several times in Brook Hill Wood, Ipswich. A.M.). *Stereum spadiceum Fr. Stumps and fallen branches. S. rugosum (Pers.) Fr. Stumps and logs. S. sanguinolentum (A. & S.) Pers. Coniferous stumps. S. hirsutum (Willd.) Fr. Stumps, trunks, logs, posts. S. purpureum (Pers.) Fr. Branches and felled trunks. *S. Challetii (Pers.) Fr. Fir trunks. Rare. Worlingham (E. A. Ellis). Hymenochaete rubiginosa (Dicks.) Lev. Stumps and logs. H. tabacina (Sow.) Lev. On stumps and logs. Aleurodiscus acerinus (Pers.) von Hohn (Stereum). On maple. Rare. Bury (E. Skepper). Corticium caeruleum (Schrad.) Fr. Dead wood. C. laeve (Pers.) Quel. Trunks and logs. *C. Galzinii Bourd. Coniferous wood and birch. Uncommon Fritton (E. A. Ellis). *C. arachnoideum Berk. Stumps and logs. C. Sambuci (Pers.) Fr. Stumps and logs. *C. subcoronatum V. Hohn & Lib. Rotten Wood. C. confluens Fr. Stumps and fallen branches. C. ochraceum (Fr.) Bres. Conifer trunks and logs. Uncommon. Bury (E. Skepper).



C. commedens (Nees) Fr. Dead oak branches. *C. porosum Berk. & Curt. On decorticated wood. C. polygonum (Pers.) Fr. Dead poplar branches. *C. praetermissum (Karst.) Bres. On bark. *C. lactescens Berk. Oak, ash and wilow trunks. *Peniophora pallidula Bres. (Corticium). On rotten wood and dead branches. *P. byssoidea (Pers.) von Hohn & Litsch. On rotten wood. *P. longispora (Pers.) von Hohn & Litsch. On rotten wood. *P. cremea Bres. On bark and fallen branches. *P. velutina (D. & C.) Cke. Wood and fallen branches. *P. hydnoides Cke. & Mass. Bark and dead branches. P. gigantea (Fr.) Mass. On coniferous wood and pine needles. P. nuda (Fr.) Bres. On dead wood and branches. P. incarnata (Pers.) Cke. On dead wood. *P. violacea-livida (Somm.) Bres. Dead wood and plum trees. Uncommon. Beiton (E. A. Ellis), Mendlesham (A.M.). P. cinerea (Fr.) Cke. On dead wood and bark. P. queräna (Pers.) Cke. On fallen oak branches. *Cyphella capula (Hohn.) Fr. On dead herbaceous stems. *C. villosa (Pefs.) Karst. On herbaceous stems. Solenia anomala (Pers.) Fr. On rotten wood. Phaeocyphella galeata (Schum.) Bres. (Cyphella). Uncommon. On moss. Hardwick 1856 (E. Skepper). * Ciavaria coralloides (Linn.) Fr. In deciduous woods. Rare. Gt. Glemham (E. N. Bloomfield). C. cristata (Holmsk.) Fr. In wood;. *C. cinerea (Bull.) Fr. In damp woods. C. amethystina (Batt.) Fr. Woods and pastures. Uncommon. Shrubland Park (Kirby Trimmer). C. rugosa (Bull.) Fr. Woods and pastures. *C. Kunzii Fr. Among grass in woods. C. corniculata (Schaeff.) Fr. (= C. muscoides). In pastures. C. corniculata var. pratensis (Fr.) C. & W. ( = C. fastigiata). In pastures. C. abietina (Pers.) Fr. Coniferous woods. C. stricta (Pers.) Fr. On buried wood and twigs. C. inaequalis (Mull.) Quel. Woods and pastures. Uncommon. Mendlesham and Redgrave (A.M.). C. vermicularis Fr. On lawns and in pastures. *C.fistulosa (Holmsk.) Fr. Dead branches. Uncommon. Foxhall Heath, Nov. 1946. (Found by Mr. A. B. Hurrell. Identified by Miss E. M. Wakefield of Kew). C. acuta (Sow.) Fr. Amongst grass in woods. *T)phula erythropus (Bolt.) Fr. Among dead leaves. *T. placorrhiza (Reich) Fr. Among dead leaves. T. Grevillei Fr. On dead leaves. *Pistillaria micans (Pers.) Fr. On dead thistle stems.



*P. culmigena Mont. & Fr. Dead grass culms. *P. quisquilaris Fr. On dead bracken. *P. uncialis (Grev.) Cost & Dufour. On dead herba eous ; tems. Uncommon. Mendlesham (A.M.). *Pterula multifida Fr. On fallen branches. Uncommon. Mendlesham (A.M.). AURICULARIALES.

Auricularia mesenterica (Dicks.) Fr. On stumps. A. auricula-Judae (L.) Schroet. ( = Hirneola). Jew's Ear. On dead branches, especially old eiders. *Stilbum vulgare (Tode.) Juel. On rotten wood and twigs. TREMELLALES.

Tremellafoliacea (Pers.) Fr. Coniferous stumps. T. mesenterica (Retz.) Fr. Dead branches . nd sticks. T. albida (Huds.) Fr. On fallen brarches. *T. versicolor Berk. On Peniophora nuda. Uncommon. Mendlesham (A.M.). *T. virescens (Schum.) Quel. On furze. Exidia intumescens (Sm.) Rea. ( = Tremella). Fallen beech trunks. Uncommon. Honington (Dr. Cooke). E. recisa (Ditm.) Fr. On fallen branches. E. glandulosa (Bull.) Fr. Witches' Butter. Dead lime branches. *E. nucleata (Schwein) Rea. On rotten wood. E. viscosa (Berk.) Rea. ( = Tremella). Rotten wood and fallen branches. *TremelIodon gelaiinosum (Scop.) Pers. Coniferous stumps. *Protodontia uda V. Hohn. On rotten wood. Rare. Fritton (E. A. Ellis). *Sebacina incrustans (Pers.) Tul. Incrusting grass, moss and twigs. CALOCERALES.

Dacrymyces deliquescens (Bull.) Duby. Dead wood and fallen branches. D. stillatus (Nees.) Fr. On pine branches and rails. Ditiola radicata (A. & S.) Fr. Uncommon. On a rotten pine rail, Mendlesham (A.M.). *Calocera viscosa (Pers.) Tul. Coniferous s umps. C. comea (Batsch.) Fr. On fallen bran hes and worked wood.

Morchella esculenta, LINN.—This has been an excellent spring for Morels at Merten Hall in Norfolk, where we have picked several baskets füll in the woods, though all last year there was not one to be found.—(Miss) M A R G A R E T P. M U N N I N G S ; 2 May.

The Basidiomycetes of Suffolk  
The Basidiomycetes of Suffolk