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A M O N G several small Tipulidae, swept on 10 September last by Mr. P. J. Burton, our Hon. Secretary and me in the very swampy Blythburgh Wood (Trans, iv, 247), were two males of some Limonia that I had not seen before. A careful examination of the hypopygium and study of Edwards' 1938 table of that genus convinced me that they belonged to the hitherto exclusively Scots species, L. lialterella, Edw. ; and this is confirmed by comparison with the same author's 1921 detailed description, which agrees in every particular with the present specimens. L I M O N I A HALTERELLA is a small and dark-grey Crane-fly with long and narrow wings, that are clear excepting the infuscate veins. The thorax and disc of abdomen are dark brown, and venter of the latter pale. The body-length is 6 mm., that of the wings 7 mm. and the halteres 1.5 mm.—It differs from all other species of its genus in the details of its pale and complicated hypopygium ; and in the peculiar length and slenderness of the halteres or balancers which, if extended backwards, would reach to the middle of the third abdominal segment, and are flavous with apices black. The female appears to be still unknown, though the present discovery of males in so easily accessible a locality can hardly fail to produce the alternate sex with adequate working.

I take this opportunity (cp. Trans, v, 113) to bring forward seven more Tipulids NEW to Suffolk :—(2) Tipula pruinosa, Wied. A marsh-loving kind that has been found near small streams at Brandeston and Huntingfield during July. (3) Tipula cava, Ried. This species which superficially resembles T . lunata, L., has been, doubtless for that very reason, previously overlooked in our County. I have discovered it to be common among Broom on Wenhaston Heath, at Haiesworth and Chediston. It is photophilous, appearing in my house windows. (4) Limonia \0-maculata, Low. Swept from long Grasses in Blythburgh Wood on 5 September last by Mr. Morley, near old logs whereon its larvae are known elsewhere to feed in Fungi. (5) Limonia lucida, Meij. Swept by me among Reeds in Thorndon Fen on 20 July 1944. (6) Erioptera diuterna, Edw. Among mixed herbage in Blythburgh Wood on 4 October 1943. (7) Molophilus niger, Goet. A o taken on low herbage at 11 a.m. in Heveningham Park on 13 September last by Mr. Morley. And (8) Tasicera murina, Mg. Also boxed by him among cobwebs on the garage door at Monks Soham during May 1943.—It is interesting to note that exactly half the 280 species of British Tipulidae have now been identified as occurring in Suffolk. I am grateful to all Members who have kindly sent specimens, and trust they will continue the good work.

Daddy-longlegs New to England  
Daddy-longlegs New to England