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(Addilions to T r a n s , iii, p. 64) BY ARTHUR MAYFIELD,



Uromyces tuberculatus, Fckl.—This rare species in its aecidial stage was sent me by M r . Ronald Burn, who f o u n d it on E u p h o r b i a exigua at Polstcad 29 J u n e 1936.


Puccinia bupleuri, R u d . — O n Bupleurum tenuissimum near the ferrv at Walberswick ; M r . Burn sent me gatherings f r o m Felixstow and Cattawade in Brantham. It is a very rare species, first found in Britain at Walton-onNaze in 1887.


Puecunia Lolii.—Niels.—The aecidial stage occurs every year on Buckthorns ( R h a m n u s catharticus) in M e n d l e sham ; M r . Burn reports it f r o m Blakenham Parva aud L o n g Melford.


Puccinia anthoxanthi, Fckl.—Uredo- and teleuto-spores on A n t h o x a n t h u m at M e n d l e s h a m 25 J u n e 1937. T h e teleutospores are rarely met with.


Puccinia agropyri, Ell. & E v . — U r e d o - and teleuto-spores f o u n d on Ägropyron j u n c e u m by M r . E. A. Ellis at Gorleston 24 Nov. 1934. T h i s is a very recent addition to the British Flora.


Peridermium pini, C h e v . — T h i s rare and curious F u n g u s was gathered f r o m branches of hedgerow Pines near Barton Mills by M r . A. Smith of the Plant Pathological Laboratory at H a r p e n d e n in Herls.


Coleosporium senecionis, F r . — T h e aecidial stage (Periderm i u m acicolum) was found on young Pines at Redgrave where the alternative host, Senecio sylvaticus, grew around plentifully ; M r . Smith reports it f r o m Barton Mills, growing on the same hosts. T h e later stages are very common on several species of Senecio, b u t the peridermia are less frequently noticed.


Milesina scolopendri, Jaap.—A Hartstongue Fern in my garden at M e n d l e s h a m was badly attacked by this Rust in the spring of 1943 : every f r o n d was affected.

EARLY BUFF-TIP M O T H . — N e a r t h e old C h a p e l at M e l l s


Wenhaston I f o u n d a fine Phalera bucephala, L., at 9 a.m. on 3 M a y last. She was hanging in a hedge by her fore-legs, having just completed drying her wings, in bright sunshine and a cold east w i n d . — D R .



The Rust-fungi of Suffolk: Additions  
The Rust-fungi of Suffolk: Additions