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geometrically in a sealed glass case where they remained tili 1941, when the Fritillaries were still unfaded. Then I broke open the case and noticed one A. selene a good deal smaller than is typical, with curious underside ; this I showed, and have now presented, to our Hon. Secretary who ascertains it to be Argynnis Dia, L. Its origin is given by my old diary : on ' 16 May 1899. Took large numbers of Euphrosyne at Bentley Woods near Ipswich and, in an adjacent marsh, one very small specimen of that species or an early Selene.' No reason emerges why it should not have there fed upon the abundant Viola odorata, except its uniqueness ; otherwise one can but suppose it blown from the Continent, as these extensive and distinctly wild woods are only four miles from the Orwell estuary and ten from the coast of Suffolk."







THE following Stern- and Leaf- Fungi have been collected since ihe publication of the former list (Trans, vol. iv, p.101). With a few exceptions otherwise specified, they were found in the parish of Mendlesham. All 94 are NEW species for Suffolk.

371. 372. 373. 374. 375. 376. 377. 3 78. 379. 380. 381. 382. 383. 384.

SPHAEROPSIDALES. Phyllosticta Ranunculorum, Sac.-Sp. On Ranunculus repens. Ph. circumcissa, Cooke.—On Prunus Laurocerasus. Ph. mali, Phil.-Delacr.—On Pyrus malus. Phoma Callunce, Karst.—On Calluna, Redgrave. P. strobiligena, Desm.—On Pine cones. P. ligustrina, Sacc.—On Ligustrum. P. minutula, Sacc.—On Lonicera periclymenum. P. polygravima, Sacc.—On Plantago lanceolata. P. anceps, Sacc.,var. Polygoni, Grove.—On Polygonum cuspidatum in Brockford. Dendrophoma pleurospora, Sacc.—On Populus nigra. Sclerophoma pithya, v. Hohn.—On Pinus sylvestris. Phomopsis pustulata, Died.—On Acer campestris and A. Pseudoplatanus. P. Dipsaci, Grove.—On Dipsacus pilosus. P. pterophila, Died.—On samaras of Fraxinus.



385. 386. 387.

P. Jasmini, Petr.—On Jasminum officinale. P. Malvacearum, Grove.—On Malva moschata. P. Polygotiorum, Grove.—On Polygonum cuspidatum in Brockford. 388. P. putator, v. Hohn.—On Populus canescens. 389. P. oncostoma, v. Hohn.—On Robinia Pseudacacia. 390. P. corticis, Gr.—On Rubus fruticosus. 391. P. in cequalis, Trav.—On Ulex. 392. P. asteriscus, Gr.—On Heracleum. 393. Dothiorella fraxinea, Sacc.Roum.—On Fraxinus. 394. D. pyrenophora, Sacc.,Var. Salicis, Kar.—On Salix cinerea. 395.* Fusicoccum obtusulum, Gr.—On Acer campestris. 396. F. macrospermum, Sacc.-Bri.—On Fagus. 397. F. juglandinum, Died.—On Juglans. 398. F. fibrosum, Sacc.—On Rhamnus catharticus. 399. Cytospora Curreyi, Sacc.—On Pinus Sylvestris. 400. C. Flickeiii, Sacc.—On Corylus. 401. C. juglandinum, Sacc.—On Juglans. 402. C. Lonicerce, Gr.—On Lonicera periclymenum. 403. C. ntiea, Sacc.—On Populus tremula, in Brockford. 404. Ascochyta caulicola, Laub.—On Galium mollugo. 405. A. Mcrcurialis, Bres.—On Mercurialis perennis. 406. Diplodina Salicis, Westd.—On Salix cinerea. 407. Darluca Filum, Gast.—Parasitic on rust-fungi. 408. Stagonospora Caricis, Sacc.—On Cladium, in Redgrave. 409. Septoria Centaurece, Sacc.—On Centaurea nigra. 410. S. petroselini, Desm.—On Petroselinum sativum. 411. S. Ficaria, Desm.—On Ranunculus Ficaria. 412. S. Stellaria, Rob.-Desm.—On Stellaria media. 413. S. Hyperici, Rob.-Desm.—On Hypericum perforatum. 414. S. Alopecuri, Syd., var. Air et, Gr.—On Aira caespitosa. 415. Phleospora Pseudo-platani, Bubak.—On Acer Pseudcplatanus. 416. Dilophospora Alopecuri, Fr.—On grasses: Alopecurus, Ägrostis, Arrhenatherum, Trisetum. 417. Cytosporina Acharii, Gr.—On Acer Pseudoplatanus. 418. C. flavovirens, Gr.—On Acer Pseudoplatanus. 419. C. millepunctata, Sacc.—On Fraxinus. 420. Coniothyrium conoideum, Sacc.—On Urtica dioica. 421. C. spharospermum, Fckl.—On Ulex. 422. C. Viburni, Died.—On Viburnum Tinus. 423. Cytoplea Juglandis, Perr.-—On Juglans. 424. Microdiplodia Ci.ryli, Died.—On Corylus. 425. Microdiplodia Salicis, Died.—On Salix cinerea. 426. M. melana, All.—On Ulmus. *Correction :—Trans, iv, page 105, N o . 1 2 9 : read ' on Betula.'

for ' on Pine needles '


427. 428. 429. 430. 431. 432. 433. 434. 435. 436. 437. 438. 439.


440. 441. 442. 443. 444. 445. 446. 447. 448.

M. Junci, Died.—On Cladium, Redgrave. Diplodia subtecta, Fr.—On Acer Pseudoplatanus. D. Loniceros, Fckl.—On Lonicera periclymenum. D. pinastri, Gr.—On Pinus sylvestris. D. niutila, Fr.-Mont.—On Populus tremula, in Brockfori. D. Rubi Fr.—On Rubus fruticosus. ü. salicina, Lev.—On Salix cinerea. D. Ulicis, Sacc.-Speg.—On Ulex. D. Opuli, Pass.—On Viburnum Opulus. Hendersonia vagans, Fckl.—On Fraxinus. Cytosporium melanomma, Gr.—On decorticated Ash. Discula macrosperma, Sacc.—On Fraxinus. Amerosporium patellarioides, Sm.-Ramsb.—On dead leave of Rosa canina. Dinemasporium herbarum, Gr.—On Urtica dioica. D. graminum, Lev.—On dead grasse i. Excipulina ramicola, Gr.—On dead Heracleum. Heteropatella Bonordenii, Lind.—On Daucus. Leptothyrium protuberans, Sacc.—On Rosa arvensis. L. medium, Cooke—On Quercus and Carpinus. L. botryoides, Sacc.—On Quercus and Fagus. Leptostromella graminis, Gr.—On Agropyron repens. Thyriostroma Spircece, Died.—On Spir^ca Ulmaria.

449. 450. 451. 452. 453. 454. 455. 456. 457. 458. 459. 460. 461. 462. 463. 464.

MELANCOLIALES. Gloeosporium Betulce, Fckl.—On Betula, at Foxhall Heath. Myxosporium griseum, Sacc.—On Corylus. M. corticola, Edg.—On Pyrus Malus. M. lanceola, Sacc.—On Quercus. M. Rosoe, Fckl.—On Rosa canina. Cryptosporiopsis fasciculata, Petr.—On Populus nigra. Ncemospora croceola, Sacc.—On Acer campestris. Marssonina Betulce, Magn.—On Betula, in Ipswich. Septogloeum Equiseti, Died.—On Equisetum arvense. Cryptosporium betulinum, Jaap.—On Betula, in Knettishall. C. turgidum, B.-Br.—On Fraxinus. C. Tarnt, Gr.—On Tamus. Libertella quercina, Gr.—On Quercus. L. dissepta, Trav.—On Ulmus. Melanconium ramulorum, Corda.—On Carpinus. Stilbospora angustata, Pers.—On Carpinus.

The Coelomycetes of Suffolk (Second List)  
The Coelomycetes of Suffolk (Second List)