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Suffolk Natural History, Vol. 52

Notes on some recent Suffolk Bryophytes records The highlight of 2014 was the discovery of the moss Pylasia polyantha on the branch of a Prunus sp. at Knettishall Heath TL98K, it has been found a few times in Norfolk recently so it has been at the top of my wanted list for a long time and can now be added to the Suffolk list. There were no new species added to the Suffolk list in 2015, but in February I found the tiny moss Orthotrichum pumilum on the branch of an oak tree on Lakenheath Warren TL77Z. This is a nationally rare species with only about half a dozen recent records. It was recorded from Palmer’s Heath, Brandon by W H Burrell in 1911 (as O. schimperi) only about five miles from I found it on Lakenheath Warren! Weather Heath, Elveden produced some important records in January and February 2015 with Dicranum polysetum in three places in tetrads TL 77U, Y and Z and Rhodobryum roseum in TL77Y and Z. The latter was a particularly good find since it appears to have been lost from the only other Suffolk site at Knettishall Heath where it was last seen in 2011. The old WW2 pill box on the heath had a large colony of the moss Encalypta streptocarpa growing in the cracks in the concrete on two sides, it is a rare plant in Suffolk, I have only seen it once before. Epiphytic species continue to flourish, the moss Orthotrichum striatum and liverwort Cololejeuna minutissima, rare or unknown locally a few years ago, have become quite frequent. A few other recent records of interest are listed below. Mosses:Abietinella abietina Foxhole Heath, Eriswell TL77I and J, February 2014. Climacium dendriodes Hasketon TM57K March 2014 (fairly frequent in the Brecks, but rare in East Suffolk). Hennediella macrophylla Bradfield St George TL96F March 2015. Leptobarbula berica Brome TM17M July 2014, Bury St Edmunds TL86M March 2015. Leucodon sciuroides Wall of the church at Brome TM17N and on a gravestone in the churchyard at Chediston TM37N both in 2014. Phascum cuspidatum var. papillosum Sudbourne TM45H September 2014. Rhytidiadelphus loreus Great Glemham TM36G March 2014, Thetford Warren TL88H January 2015. Rhytidium rugosum Eriswell TL77I and J February 2014. Zygodon connoideus Capsules present on plants at Bradfield St George TL96F and Hundon TL74P March 2015. An increasingly frequent plant but capsules are rare in Eastern England. Liverworts:Metzgeria consanguinea Long Melford TL84Y April 2014. Richard Fisk 3 Fair Close, Beccles, Suffolk NR34 9QR Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 52 (2016)

Notes on some recent Suffolk bryophyte records  
Notes on some recent Suffolk bryophyte records  

R. Fisk