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O F the various classes of F U N G I that spot and stain the fading leaves and dead or dying twigs and stems of Plants the most numerous are the Fungi Imperfecti, so called because most of them or perhaps all are stages in the life-cycles of the more perfect fungi, especially of the Ascomycetes. Many are wellknown pests of farm, orchard and garden. Fungi Imperfecti are divided into two main groups : (a) Ccelomycetes, in which the spores are formed within the tissues of the host-plant, and (ß) Hyphomycetes which produce their spores outside the host-matrix. The present list enumerates the former of these two groups, the Ccelomycetes* which themselves also fall naturally into two classes, i.e. the Sphaeropsidales producing their spores within a more or less definitely walled-in chamber called a pycnidium, and the Melanconiales occupying pustular cavities enclosed only by the tissues of the host-plant. The late Mr. W. B. Grove's two volumes on ' British Leaf and Stem Fungi,' which have been my guide in collecting and identifying these minute growths, describe over two thousand British species ; and there are, doubtless, many others not yet recognised. I am personally indebted to Mr. Grove for determining many of my earlier finds. With a few exceptions, the following Suffolk species have been collected during the last four or five years ; and it may be understood that the fungus was found in the parish of Mendlesham, near Stowmarket in the middle of the County, whenever no locality is assigned. Our Member, Mr. E. A. Ellis, has kindly allowed me to include some kinds collected by him in Lothingland : all such bear his initials. Hitherto no more than eight kinds, for lack of observers, have been recorded hence : in Henslow and Skepper's 1856 ' Flora of Suffolk,' here initialled HS. This List must be regarded as only a first instalment, for fresh material turns up continually ; it adds 362 species to the known Suffolk Flora.

SPH/EROPSIDALES. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Genus PHYLLOSTICTA, Pers. (Growing on Leaves.) aceris, Sacc.—Found on Acer campestre. platanoidis, Sacc.—Ditto on Acer Pseudoplatanus. cegopodii, All.—Mickfield ; on /Egopodium Podagraria. antirrhini, Syd.—On cultivated Antirrhinum. betulina, Sacc.—Foxhall; on Betula alba.

, *About two hundred of the Ccelomvcetes are described in Cooke's Handbook of British Fungi' 1871, pp! 414-75, under the now obsolete class-name of Coniomycetes.

102 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36.


brassicicola, McAlp.—On species of Brassica. Carpathica, All-Syd.—On Campanula persicifolia. maculiformis, Sacc.—Freston; on Castanea vesca. ctrsii, Desm.—On Cirsium arvense. cornicola, Raben.—On Cornus sanguinea. coryli, Westd.—On Corylus avellana. fraxinicola, Sacc.—On Fraxinus excelsior. hedericola, Dur-Mont.—On Hedera helix. aquifolina, Grove.—On Ilex aquifolium. ligustri, Sacc.—On Ligustrum vulgare. lonicerce, Westd.—Redgrave; on Lonicerapericlymenum. mahoniana, All.—On Mahonia aquifolium. populina, Saxx.—On Populus nigra. primulicola, Desm.—On Primula vulgaris. rhamnicola, Desm.—On Rhamnus catharticus. prunicola, Sacc.—On Prunus domestica. prunigena, Grove.—On Prunus laurocerasus. Briardi, Sacc.—On Pyrus malus. ruborum, Sacc.—On Rubus fruticosus. acetosellce, Sm-Ramsb.—Redgrave ; on Rumex acetosella. sambuci, Desm.—On Sambucus nigra. holostece, All.—On Stellaria holostea. tilice, Sacc-Speg.—On Tilia europaea. ulmi, Westd.—On species of Ulmus. Urtica, Sacc.—On Urtica dioica. npuli, Sacc.—On Viburnum opulus. vinca-majoris, All.—On Vinca major. viola, Desm.—On Viola odorata. Curreii, Sacc.—' Suffolk ' (sec. Grove); on Alisma plantago. ruscicola, Dur-Mont.—On cladodes of Ruscus aculeatus. cruenta, Kickx.—On Convallaria majalis.

Genus PHOMA, auct. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51.

(On twigs, and stems of Herbaceous Plants.)

complanata, Desm.—On Heracleum, Angelica, &c. herbarum, Westd.—On Dipsacus, Urtica, &c. leguminum, Westd.—On pods of Lupin. nebulosa, Mont.—On Chenopodium album, &c. oleracea, Sacc.—On Scrophularia aquatica. porphyrigona, Cooke.—On Heracleum sphondylium. sanguinilenta, Grove.—Worlingham (EAE); on Arctium. vulgaris, Sacc.—On Clematis vitalba. acicola, Sacc.—On dead needles of Pinus sylvestris. allostoma, Died.—On dead leaves of Taxus baccata. thujana, Thum.—On Thuja. Onagracearum, Cooke.—On Epilobium hirsutum. samararvm, Desm.—On samaras of Fraxinus. leucostigma, Sacc.—On dead leaves of Hedera helix. ilicicola, Sacc.—On Ilex aquifolium.



52. domestica, Sacc.—On Jasminum officinale. 53. devastatrix, B-Br.—Shrubland Park, 1856 (Grove); cultivated Lobelia. 54. Philadelphi, Cooke.—On Philadelphus coronarius. 55. gallarum, Briard.—On Oak galls. 56. rhodora, Cooke.) . 57. rhododendri, Cooke. | — H o | ywells in Ipswich; Rhododendron. 58. aculeorum, Sacc.—On prickles of Rosa canina. 59. salicina, Westd.—On Salix alba. 60. exigua, Desm.—On Sambucus nigra. 61. solanicola, Pr-Delac.—On Solanum tuberosum. 62. ulicis, Syd.—On Spines of Ulex europteus. 63. acuta, Fckl. \ 64. urtica, Sch-Sacc / — 0 n U r t i c a d i o i c a 65. verbascicola, Cooke.—Coddenham ; on Verbascum nigrum. 66. ammophilce, Dur-Mont.—Southwold and Thorpness; on Ammophila arenaria. 67. rusci, Westd.—On Ruscus aculeatus. Genus MACROPHOMA, Berl.-Vogl. 68. cylindrispora, Berl-Vogl.—On leaves of Prunus laurocerasus. 69. fraxini, Delac.—On twigs of Fraxinus excelsior. 70. taxi, Berl-Vogl.—On dead leaves of Taxus baccata. Genus APOSPH/ERIA, Berk. 71. agminalis, Sacc.—On bare wood of Ilex. 72. fibricola, Sacc.—On decorticated twigs of Tilia and Quercus. Genus PYRENOCII/ETA, deNot. 73. ilicis, Wilson.—On dead leaves of Ilex aquifolium. 74.

Genus SCLEROPHOMA, Von Hohnel. mali, Syd.—On dead twigs of Pyrus malus.

Genus PHOMOPSIS, Sacc. (Growing on twigs & Herbaceous Sterns.) 75. platanoidis, Died.—On Acer pseudoplatanus. 76. Coneglanensis, Trav.—Ditto on ^Esculus hippocastanum. 77. alnea, v. Hohn.—Ipswich; on Alnus glutinosa. 78. aucubce, Trav. | 79. aucubicola, Grove. ] — 0 n A u c u b a japonica. 80. stictica, Trav.—On Buxus sempervirens. 81. calystegice, Grove.—On Calystegia sepium. 82. achilleee, v. Hohn.—Achillea millefolium; its Var. asteris, on Aster Tripolium on south shore of Breydon Water at Southtown (EAE); and Var. senecionis, Gorleston (EAE). 83. albicans, Syd.—Centaurea nigra and Tragopogon pratense »4. arctii, Trav.—On Arctium lappa.



85. oblita, Sacc.—Coddenham ; on Artemisia vulgaris. 86. cirsii, Grove.—On Cirsium arvense. 87. corni, Trav.—On Cornus sanguinea. 88. revellens, v. Hohn.—On Corylus avcllana. 89. crucijera, Grove.—On Alliaria officinalis. 90. caryophylli, Grove.—On Dianthus barbata. 91. ramealis, Died.—On Euonymus europseus. 92. scobina, v. Hohn.—On Fraxinus excelsior. 93. pulla, Trav.—On Hedera helix. 94. consocia, Died.—Gorleston (EAE); Hippophae rhamnoides. 95. picea, v. Hohn, forma obiones, Grove.—Shingle Street in Hollesley ; on Obione portulacoides. 96. crustosa, Trav.—On Ilex aquifolium. 97. juglandina, v. Hohn.—On Juglans regia. 98. rudis, v. Hohn.—On Cytisus Laburnum. 99. brachyceras, Grove.—Ligustrum vulgare. 100. cryptica, v Hohn. _ Q n L o n i c e r a p e r icl y menum. 101. lonicera, Grove. J 102. importata, Died.—On Lycium barbarum. 103. Landeghemia, v. Hohn.—On Philadelphus coronarius. 104. subordinaria, Trav.—On Plantago lanceolata. 105. quercana, v. Hohn.—On Quercus robur. 106. glandicola, Grove.—On fallen acorns of the same. 107. pungens, Grove.—On Ribes sanguineum. 108. perniciosa, Grove.—On Pyrus malus. 109. japonica, Trav.—On Kerria japonica. 110. prunorum, Grove.—On Prunus laurocerasus. 111. incarcerata, v. Hohn.—Gorleston (EAE); on Rosa. }J2- vepris, v. Hohn. 1 _ Q n R u b u s f r u t i c o s u s . 113. Müllen, Grove. J 114. Durandiana, Died.—On Rumex obtusifolius. 115. salicina, Died.—On Salix alba. 116. sambucina, Trav.—On Sambucus nigra. 117. dulcamarce, Trav.—On Solanum dulcamara. 118. Tulasnei, Sacc.—On Datura stramonium. 119. Ryckholti, v. H o h n — O n Symphoricarpus racemosus. 120. depressa, Trav.—On Syringa vulgaris. 121. tamicola, Trav.—On Tamus communis. 122. velata, v. Hohn.—On Tilia europasa. 123. ligulata, Grove.—On Ulex europaeus. 124. oblonga, Trav.—On Ulmus campestris. 125. hysteriola, Gr.—On Heracleum sphondylium. 126. tinea, v. Hohn.—On Viburnum opulus. Genus 127. graminis, 128.



Sacc-Roum.—Thorpness ;


Genus RABENHORSTIA, Fr. tilia, Fr.—On twigs of Tilia europasa.



Genus 129. 130. 131. 132. 133. 134. 135.




betulae, Cooke.—Foxhall; on Pine needles. carpini, Sacc.—On Carpinus betulus. castaneum, Sacc.—Freston ; on Castanea vesca. bacillare, Sacc-Penz.—Foxhall ; on Pine needles. galericulatum, Sacc.—On twigs of Fagus silvatica. quercinum, Sacc.—On Quercus robur. depressum, Grove.—On Ulmus campestris.

Genus CYTOSPORA, Ehrenb. (Chiefly on twigs and branches.) 136. ambiens, Sacc.—On Corylus and Ulmus (HS). 137. foliicola, Lib.—Gorleston ( E A E ) ; leaves of Hedera helix. 138. occulta, Sacc.—Ipswich; on Alnus glutinosa. 139. horrida, Sacc.—Foxhall; on Betula alba. 140. decipiens, Sacc.—Gorleston (EAE); Carpinus betulus. 141. corni, Westd.—On Cornus sanguinea. 142. euonymi, Cooke.-—Ipswich; leaves of Euonymus japonicus. 143. pruinosa, Sacc.—On Fraxinus excelsior; Var. ligustri, Strass., on Ligustrum vulgare. 144. aquifolii, Fr.—On Ilex aquifolium. 145. jasmini, Cooke.—Gorleston (EAE); on Jasminum officinale. 146. chrysosperma, Fr.—On Populus nigra. 147. oxyacanthce, Rab.—On Crataegus oxyacantha. 148. laurocerasi, Fckl.—On Prunus laurocerasus. 149. microspora, Rab.—On Pyrus malus. 150. rosarum, Grev.—On Rosa canina. 151. clypeata, Sacc.—On Rubus fruticosus. 152. salicis, Rab.—On Salix cinerea (HS). [Probably at Tuddenham Fen.] 153. sambuci, Died.—Flixton ( E A E ) ; on Sambucus nigra. 154. tamaricis, Brun.—Waldringfield; on Tamarix anglica. 155. carphosperma, Fr.—On Tillia europsea. Genus CEUTHOSPORA, Grev. 156. euonymi, Grove.—Ipswich; Leaves of Euonymus japonicus. 157. hedera, Grove.—On leaves of Hedera helix. 158. phacidioides, Grev.—On leaves of Ilex aquifolium. 159. mahonice, Grove.—On leaves of Mahonia aquifolium. 160. laurocerasi, Grove.—On leaves of Prunus laurocerasus (HS). Genus ASCOCHYTA, Lib. (Chiefly on leaves and pods.) 161. Carpathica, forma cuulicola, Grove.—On stems of Campanula persicifolia. 162. Kabatiana, Trott.—On pods of Cytisus Laburnum. 163. vulgaris, Kab-Bub., var. lonicerce.—Leaves of Lonicera. 164. phaseolorum, Sacc.—On Phaseolus multiflorus. 165. Philadelphi, Sacc.—On Philadelphus coronarius. 166. pisi, Lib.—Pods and leaves of Cultivated Peas.



167. plantaginis, Sacc-Speg.—On Plantago major. 168. taraxaci, Grove.—On Taraxacum officinale. 169. vicice, Lib.—On leaves and pods of Vicia spp. 170. Boydi, Grove.—On leaves of Alisma plantago. 171. gräminicola, Sacc.—On Arrhenatherum and Avena. 172. \-guttulata, Kab-Bub.—Needham Market; on Sparganium ramosum. 173. pteridis, Bres.—Freston; on leaves of Pteridium. Genus



174. grossularice, Died.—On twigs of Ribes grossularia. 175. deformis, Grove.—Twigs of Sambucus nigra. 176. symphoricarpi, Died.—On stems of Symphoricarpus racemosus. Genus DIPLODINA, Westd. 177. Passerinii, All.—On stems of Antirrhinum. 178. malva, Toga.—On stems of Althaea rosea. 179. graminea, Sacc.—Culms of Dactylis glomerata. Genus



180. perforans, v. Hohn.—Gorleston (EAE) and Thorpness; on leaves of Ammophila arenaria. Genus 181. 182. 183. 184. 185. 186. 187. 188.

189. 190. 191. 192. 193. 194. 195. 196. 197. 198. 199.



calystegice, Grove.—On leaves of Calystegia sepium. arenaria, Sacc.—Lowestoft (EAE) and Southwold ; on culms of Elymus arenarius. graminella, Sacc.—On Dactylis glomerata. subseriata, Sacc.—Beiton ( E A E ) ; on Molinia ccerulea. brachypodii, Died.—On dry leaves of Brachypodium. vexata, Sacc. 1 —Creeting Mary. On _ culms oi elegans, Sacc-Trav. J Phragmites communis. maritima, Syd.—Wherstead and Shingle-street in Holleslev; leaves of Scirpus maritimus. Genus SEPTORIA, Fr. (Growing on leaves.) hippocastani, B-Br.—On /Esculus hippocastanum. antirrhini, Rob-Desm.—On Antirrhinum majus. apii, Chest.—Chelmondiston; on Apium graveolens. atriplicis, Fckl.—On Atriplex patula. bellidis, Desm-Rob.—On Bellis perennis. betee, Westd.—Shingle-street in Hollesley ; Beta maritima. castaneicola, Desm.—Freston ; on Castanea vesca. Chrysanthemi, All.— On Oxeye Daisy and cultivateü Chrysanthemum. clematidis, Rob-Desm.—On Clematis vitalba. convolvuli, Desm.—On Calystegia sepium. cornicola, Desm.—On Cornus sanguinea.



200. 201. 202. 203. 204. 205. 206. 207. 208. 209. 210. 211. 212. 213. 214. 215. 216. 217. 218. 219. 220. 221. 222.

avellance, B-B.—On Corylus avellana. dianthi, Desm.—On Dianthus barbatus. epilobii, Westd.—On Epilobium hirsutum. fragraria, Desm.—On Fragraria vesca. hedera, Desm.—On Hedera helix (HS). lamii, Sacc.—On Lamium album. lychnidis, Desm.—Freston ; on Lychnis dioica. polygonorum, Desm.—On Polygonum spp. populi, Desm.—On Populus nigra. ribis, Desm.—On Ribes nigrum. rubi, Westd.—On Rubus fruticosus. acetosa, Oud.—Redgrave; on Rumex acetosa. scabiosicola, Desm.—On Scabiosa succisa. stachydis, Rob-Desm.—On Stachys silvatica. urtica, Rob-Desm.—On Urtica dioica. violce, Westd.—On Viola Riviniana. Badhami, B-Br.—East Bergholt ( H S ) ; Vitis vinifera. cariciola, Sacc.~) lineolata, Sacc.J — N e e d h a m Market; on Carex riparia. graminum, Desm.—On Wheat and Oat. nodorum, Berk.—On nodes of Dactylis glomerata. oxyspora, Penz-Sacc.—On Arrhenatherum. bromi, Sacc.—On Holcus mollis ; var. arrhenatheri, Grove, on Arrhenatherum. 223. avena, Frank.—On Avena sativa. 224. arundinacea, Sacc.—Felixstow ; on Phragmites communis. 225. junci, Desm.—On Juncus effusus. Genus 226. 227. 228. 229.



(On leaves).

aceris, Sacc.—On Acer campestre. esgopodii, Grove.—Stowmarket; on /Egopodium podagraria. oxyacantha, Wallr.—On Crataegus oxyacantha. heraclei, Petr.—On Heracleum sphondylium.

Genus RHABDOSPORA, Mont. 230. pleosporoides, Sacc.—On stems of Heracleum. 231. mcequalis, Sacc.—On twigs of Pyrus aucuparia. Genus CONIOTHYRIUM, Corda. 232. Fuckeli, Sacc.—On twigs of Ribes grossularia. ohvaceum, Bon.—On twigs of Lycium barbarum and Ribes nigrum; Var. hederce Sacc., on Hedera helix; and Var. ononidis, All., on stems of Ononis arvensis. 234. obiones, Jaap.—Wherstead ; stems of Obione portulacoides. « 5 . melanconieum, Sacc—Ribes grossularia. tamaricis, Oud.—Waldringfield ; on twigs of Tamarix.





237. 238. 239.

hedericola, All.—On leaves and twigs of Hedera helix. microsporella, All.—Ashby (EAE) ; twigs of Hex aquifolium. ononidicola, Rhodes — O n stems of Ononis arvensis. Genus DIPLODIA, Fr.

(Chiefly on twigs.)


herbarum, L e w — O n stems of Datura stramonium and Centaurea nigra. 241. carpini, Sacc.—On Carpinus betulus. 242. mamillana, Fr.—On Cornus sanguinea. 243. coryli, Fckl.—On Corylus avellana. 244. cratcegi, Westd.—On Crataegus oxyacantha. 245. rudis, Desm.—On Cytisus L a b u r n u m . 246. ramulicola, Desm.—Euonymus curopasus and E. japonicus. 247. hederce, Fckl.—On Hedera helix. 248. inquinans, Westd.—On Fraxinus excelsior. 249. iliciola, Desm.—On Ilex aquifolium. 250. ligustri, Westd.—On Ligustrum vulgare. 251. tecta, B-Br.—On leaves and twigs of Prunus Laurocerasus. 252. malorum, Fckl.—On Pvrus malus. 253. quercus, Fckl.—On Quercus robur. 254. ribis, Sacc.—On Ribes nigrum. 255. rosarum, Fr.—On Rosa canina. 256. taxi, deNot.—On Taxus baccata (HS). 257. melcena, L e w — O n Ulmus campestris. 258. tini, var. ramulicola, Sacc.—Viburnum tinus. Genus BOTRYODIPLODIA, Sacc. 259. fraxini,


twigs of



Genus HENDERSONIA, Berk. 260. 261. 262. 263. 264. 265. 266. 267. 268.

sarmentorum, Westd.—On twigs of Hedera helix and Prunus Laurocerasus. cornicola, Curr.—On leaves of Cornus sanguinea. epilobii, Fautr.—On stems of Epilobium hirsutum. culmicola, Sacc.—On culms of Dactylis glomerata. culmiseda, Sacc.—On culms of Phragmites communis. arundinacea, Sacc.—Needham M a r k e t ; on ditto. crastophila, Sacc.—Creeting Mary ; on ditto. mammillana, Curr.—On branches of Rhamnus catharticus. rosce, Westd.—On twigs of Rosa canina. Genus CAMAROSPORIUM, Schulz.

269. 270. 271. 272.

ambiens, Gr.—On twigs of Fagus sylvatica. propinquum, Sacc.—On twigs of Corylus avellana. obiones, Jaap.—Wherstead ; Stems of Obione portulacoides. caprifolii, Brun.—On stems of Lonicera caprifolium.



273. Feurichi, Henn.—Needham Market; on culms of Phragmites communis. 274. rubicolum, Sacc.—On dead shoots of Rubus fruticosus. 275. salicinum, Grove.—On Salix fragilis. 276. tilice, Sacc.—On twigs of Tilia europaea. Genus CAMAROGRAPHIUM, Bubak. 277. metableticum, Gr.—Gorleston (EAE), Thorpness ; on Ammophila arenaria.


Genus DICHOMERA, Cooke. 278. ribicola, Gr.—On twigs of Ribes sanguineum. Genus POLYSTIGMINA, Sacc. 279. rubra, Sacc.—On leaves of Prunus spinosa. Genus FUSIDOMUS, Grove. 280. pulicaris, Grove.—On dead stems of Sambucus nigra. Genus PSILOSPORA, Raben. 281. faginea, Raben.—On bark of Fagus silvatica. 282. quercus, Raben.—On bark of Quercus robur. Genus DISCELLA, B-Br. 283. carbcmacea, B-Br.—On dead twigs of Salix species. Genus LEPTOTHYRIUM, K-S. vulgare, Sacc.—On stems of Heracleum sphondylium. castanece, Sacc.—On leaves of Castanea vesca. acerinum, Corda.—On leaves of Acer pseudoplatanus. asterinum, B-Br.—South shore of Breydon Water (EAE); on leaves of Aster tripolium. 288. hedera, Starb.—On leaves and petioles of Hedera helix. 289. ilicinum, Sacc.—On dead leaves of Quercus Ilex. 284. 285. 286. 287.

Genus PIGGOTIA, B-Br. 290. astroidea, B-Br.—On leaves of Ulmus campestris. Genus LEPTOSTROMA, Fr. 291. viigultorum, Sacc.—On dead branches of Rubus fruticosus. 292. spireeinum, Vest.—On stems of Spirasa ulmaria. 293. filicinum, Fr.—Coddenham; on petioles of Pteridium aquilinum. Genus LABRELLA, Fr. 294. coryli, Sacc.—On leaves of Corylus avellana. Genus MELASMIA, Lev. 295. acerina, Lev.—On leaves of Acer pseudoplatanus. 296. salicina, Lev.—On leaves of Salix aurita.




Genus LEPTOSTROMELLA, Sacc. graminicola, Grove.—On Phragmites communis. G e n u s PIROSTOMA, F r .


viridisporum, Grove.—Gorleston ( E A E ) ; dead Phormium tenax.

leaves of


Genus PYCNOTHYRIUM, Died. litigiosum, Died.—On petioles of Pteridium aquilinum.




Genus ACTINOTHYRIUM, Kunze. graminis, Kun.— Bradwell ( E A E ) ; and Redgrave; on dead leaves and culms of Molinia coerulea.

Genus THYRIOSTROMA, Died. Died.—Coddenham; petioles aquilinum.




rubi, Sacc.—Walberswick ( E A E ) ; on leaves of fruticosus.

Genus 303. 304. 305. 306. 307. 308. 309. 310. 311. 312. 313. 314. 315.




Lindemuthianum, Br-Cav.—Suffolk of Phaseolus spp. Genus


(Growing on leaves.)

Robergii, Desm.—On Carpinus betulus. fagi, Westd.—On Fagus silvatica. helicis, Oud. -i _ TT , ... paradoxum, Fckl. J Hedera hehx. nervisequum, Sacc—Stowmarket ; Platanus occidentahs. fructigenum, Berk.—On decaying Apples. quercinum, Westd.—On Quercus robur. ribis, Mont-Desm.—On Ribes nigrum. rosarum, Gr.—On cultivated Roses. venetum, S p e g — O n Rubus idaeus and R. caesius. salicis, Westd.—On Salix fragilis. taxicolum, All.—On Taxus baccata. tilice, Oud.—On Tilia europaea. Genus









Dematium, Fr.—On stems of Dianthus barbatus and of Heracleum. 318. herbarum, Westd.—On haulm of Solanum tuberosum. 319. hold, Syd.—On leaves and sheafs of Holcus mollis. 320 trichella, Grev.—On Dead leaves of Hedera helix. 321. atramentaria, B-Br.—Dead haulm of Solanum tuberosum.



Genus MYXOSPORIUM, Link. 322. Roumegueri, Sacc.—On twigs of Ilex aquifolium. 323. deplanatum, Sacc.—On twigs of Carpinus betulus. 324. corni, KU.—On Cornus sanguinea. 325. sticticum, Grove.—On Fraxinus excelsior. 326. Marchandianum, var. quercinum, Sacc-Roum.—Twigs of Quercus robur. 327.

Genus ACHROOMYCES, Bon. carpinus, Grove.—On twigs of Carpinus betulus.

328. 329. 330.

Genus NJEMOSPORA, Pers. microspora, Desm.—On bark of Fagus and Quercus. crocea, Sacc.—On Crataegus oxyacantha. tilice, Delac.—On bark of Tilia europaea.


Genus ACTINONEMA, Fr. rosa, Fr.—On leaves of cultivated Roses.

332. 333. 334. 335.


Genus MARSSONINA, Magnus. Dclastrii, Magn.—On leaves of Lychnis dioica. juglandis, Magn.—On leaves of Juglans regia. populi, Magn.—On leaves of Populus nigra. potentillce, Magn., var fragrariae.—On leaves Fragraria vesca.


Genus RHYNCHOSPORIUM, Heinsen. secalis, Davis.—On leaves of Arrhenatherum.

Genus SEPTOMYXA, Sacc. 337. Tulasnii, v. Hohn.—On twigs of Acer pseudoplatanus. 338. cesculi, Sacc.—On twigs of ZEsculus hippocastanum. 339. fagicola, Ellis.—On twigs of Fagus silvatica. 340. salicis, Grove.—On branches of Salix fragilis. 341.

Genus PESTALOZZINA, Sacc. uniseptata, Grove.—Gorleston (EAE); on Typha.

Genus SEPTOGLOEUM, Sacc. 342. ulmi, Died.—On leaves of Ulmus campestris (HS). Genus PSAMMINA, Rouss. 343. Bommerice, Rouss-Sacc.—Southwold; on dead leaves of Ammophila arenaria. Genus CRYPTOSPORIUM, Kunze. Corda.—Creeting M a r y ; on twigs of Alnus glutinosa. 345. coronatum, Fckl.—On twigs of Populus nigra. 346. minimum, Laub.—On branches of Rosa canina.





Genus LIBERTELLA, Desm. 347. betulina, Desm.—Foxhall; On bark of Betula alba. 348. faginea, Desm.—On bark of Fagus silvatica (HS). Genus MELANCONIUM, Link. 349. apiocarpum, Link.—Ipswich ; on bark of Alnus glutinosa. 350. bicolor, Nees.—Foxhall; on branches of Betula alba. 351. magnum, Berk.—Branches of Carpinus betulus. 352. stromaticum, Corda.—On twigs of Carpinus betulus. 353. hederce, Preuss.—On Dead shoots of Hedera helix. 354. juglandinum, Kunze.—On branches of Juglans regia. 355.


Genus CONIOSPORIUM, Sacc. sphcerospermum, Mason.—Creeting Mary and Thorpness ; on dead culms of Phragmites. Genus THYRSIDIUM, Mont. hedericola, Dur-Mont.—On twigs of Hedera helix.

Genus LAMPROCONIUM, GROVE. 357. Desmazieri, Grove.—On branches of Tilia. Genus STILBOSPORA, Pers. 358. pyriformis, Gr.—On twigs of Fagus silvatica. Genus CORYNEOPSIS, Grove. 359. microsticta, Grove.—On twigs of Rosa canina. 360. cornialbee, Grove.—On branches of Cornus sanguinea. 361. rubi, Grove.—On shoots of Rubus fruticosus. Genus CORYNEUM, Nees. 362. disciforme, K-S.—Foxhall; on twigs of Betula alba. 363. pulvinatum, K-S.—On branches of Tilia europaea. 364. Kunzii, Corda.—On branches of Quercus robur ; var. castaneae, S-R., on Castanea vesca. 365. umbonatum, Nees.—On branches of Quercus robur. Genus SCOLECOSPORIUM, Lib. 366. fagi, Lib.—On twigs of Fagus silvatica. Genus ASTEROSPORIUM, Kunze. 367. Hoffmanni, Kun.—On twigs of Fagus silvatica. Genus PESTALOTIA, deNot. 368. funerea, Desm.—On twigs of Thuja. Genus STEGANOSPORIUM, Corda. 369. pyrtforme, Corda.—Growing on the bark of Fagus silvatica. 370. muricatum, Bon.—Sudbourn ; on the twigs of Betula alba.

The Coelomycetes of Suffolk (Fungi)  
The Coelomycetes of Suffolk (Fungi)