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P. volucre, Hai.—Brandori, Tuddenham, Southwold, &c. Ephderus validus, Hai.—Tuddenham, lcklingham, Eentley. E. lacertosus, Hai.—Apparently rare : found only in Tuddenham E. plagiator, Nees.—Common : Dunwich, ex Aphid (Blair). Toxares deltiger, Hai.—Several on Monks Soham windows 19 Monoctonus nervosus, Hai. M. paludum, Marsh. M. caricis, Hai. Trioxys auctus, Hai.—On Monks Soham windows in August. T. brevicornis, Hai. T. heraclei, Hai.—A male emerged from Ipswich Aphis hiera T. aceris, Hai.—Swept by the Gipping River at Sproughton. T. betulse, Marsh. T. centaurea, Hai.—Doubtless abundant on Southwold beach. T. angelicce, Hai.—Shrubland Park and Monks Soham windows T. minutus, Hai. T. pallidus, Hai.—Once crawling on Monks Soham windows. T. letifer, Hai.—Occurs sparingly in the same Situation, August. Aphidius ephippium, Hai.—Taken in an alder-carr at Reydo A. longulus, Marsh. A. pictus, Hai. A. infulatus, Hai. A. abietis, Marsh. (Captured at Dublin in 1913.) A. pini, Hai.—Doubtless abundant: localised only in Bentley. A. laricis, Hai.—Brandon, Eriswell, Barton Mills, Felixstow. A. silenes, Marsh. (Bred, Birmingham and Romsey, from Siphonophora pisi.) A. Urtica, Hai.—Bred Siphonophora Urtica, Kalt., Monks Soham A. gregarius, Marsh. A. rosce, Hai.—Bred from Siph.sonchi and rosa Monks So A. loricerae, Marsh. A. avena, Hai.—Abundant: Elveden, Letheringham Park. A. ervi, Hai.—Abundant: Judes bridge, Barton, Monks Soham. A. ulmi, Msh.—Tostock (Tuck), Southwold sand-hils in July, &c. A. pascuorum, Msh.—Doubtless common: localisedonlyatFoxhall. A. pterocomma, Msh.—Common : Mildenhall, Corton, Brandon. A. granarius, Mash.—Bred abundantly from Siphon, son and granaria, Kirby, Monks Soham. A. crithm', Marsh. A. crepidis, Hai. (New Forest in June 1907.) A. pseudoplatani, Msh.—Several swept from oak, Wissett 1921 A. dissolutus, Hai.—Found on Ononis at Southwold in 19 A. sonchi, Msh.—Abundant everywhere : Brandon staunch, &c. A. asteris, Hai.—On Aster tripolium at Southwold and Corton A. ribis, Hai. (Bred, with Cynipid, from Red Current Aphis at Romsey in 1909.) A. cirsii, Hai. (In seaweed near Plymouth in 1901—J. H. Keys.) A. eglanteriae, Hai.

The Hymenoptera of Suffolk: Final Part