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O. reconditor, Wsm.—A female in found Tuddenham Fen, 1915. O. testaceus, Wsm. O. rufipes, Wsm. O. comatus, Wsm. Biosteres carbonarius, Nees.—Bred from P. hyoscyami; Tuddenham. B. impressus, Wsm.—In woods during June : Tostock (Tuck). B. bicolor, Wsm. B. hcemorrhous, Hai.—Not rare in marshes : Brandon in June. [And Wicken Fen.] B. blandus, Hai. B. rusticus, Hai.—Not rare in marshes : Tuddenham Fen in May. [And Horning.] B. scabriculus, Wsm. B. Wesmteli, Hai.—One fine male taken at Felixstow on 20 June. B. placidus, Hai. B. sylvaticus, Hai.—Not rare in Breck marshes: Lakenheath, &c. Diachasma caffer, Wsm. D. cephalotes, Wsm.—A male swept in the Baylham marshes on 4 September 1917. D. fulgida, Hai. D. rugosa, Wsm. SUBFAMILY BRACONIDES ( c f . E M M .



106 ; 1908,



Bracon pectoralis, Wsm.—Not very frequent: Monks Soham. B. erythrostictus, Msh.—Certainly rare : Kessingland (EMM. 1926, p. 236) ; a female at Southwold in 1907. B. scutellaris, Wsm. B. lsetus, Wsm. (Bred from Saperda populnea, L.) B. intercessor, Nees. B. minutator, Fab.—Tostock (Bloomfield), bred from Urophora solstitialis, at Monks Soham. B. virgatus, Marsh. B. stabilis, Wsm.—Bury district (Tuck), abundant at Monks Soham. B. longicollis, Wsm. B. fulvipes, Nees.—Stowmarket (Elliott), Mildenhall, Southwold. B. variegator, Nees.—Bred from spiders-web, Tcstock (Tuck). B. nigratus, Wsm.—Common on oak: Monks Soham windows, &c. B. subcylindricus, Wsm. B. exarator, Msh. B. erraticus, Wsm.—Common : Oulton Broad, east Wangford, Breck, Monks Soham. B. triangularis, Nees.—Unlocalised. [Catfield, Ncrfolk ; Leverton and Rasen, Lines.] B. Roberti, Wsm. (Bred from Sesia andreniformis at Tring, Herts.) B. lavigatus, Ratz.—Common in marshes during May : Foxhall. B. barypus, Msh.—Apparently rare in the Breck marshes in June.

The Hymenoptera of Suffolk: Final Part