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Dolops hastifer, Marsh. D. aculeator, Msh.—Southwold, Monks Soham windows. Dyscoletes lancifer, Hai. OPIIDES.

Gnamptodon pumilio, Nees. Hedylus habilis, Marsh. Eurytenes abnormis, Wsm. Opius lugens, Hai.—A single female was swept at Wissett, Sept. O. pendulus, Hai. O. pygmceator, Nees.—Apparently rare in late May : Foxhall. 0 . apiculator, Nees. O. clarus, Hai.—A female swept at Brandon staunch on 11 June. O. victus, Hai.—Sure to occur ; unlocalised. [Norfolk and Essex], O. spretus, Hai.—Tostock in September (Tuck), swept Southwold. O. tacitus, Hai.—In marshes in middle of June : Barton Mills during 1900. O. exilis, Hai.—Late June : Tuddenham Fen and Monks Soham. O. pallidipes, Wsm.—A male swept from reeds at Easton Broad. O. analis, Wsm.—Bred from Diptera : Brandon, and the undescribed male at Nacton : it differs only sexually. O. vindex, Hai. 0. celsus, Hai. O. crassipes, Wsm. O. saevus, Hai. O. instabilis, Wsm. O. compar, Msh.—Bred from Chromatomyia obscurella, Fln. O. maculipes, Wsm.—Common in June : Brandon, Diss, Nacton. O. cingulatus, Wsm. O. ochrogaster, Wsm. 0 . irregularis, Wsm. 0 . leptostigmus, Wsm. O. parvulus, Wsm.—Doubtless abundant in June : Diss, and a pair at Brandon. O. docilis, Hai. O. polyzonius. Wsm. 0. nitidulator, Nees.—Bred from Pegomyia hyoscyami: on Southwold shore in July, &c. O. aethiops, Hai. O. pactus, Hai. O. aemulus, Hai. O. zelotes, Msh.—Frequently swept in Tuddenham Fen, June. O. ruficeps, Wsm.—By no means common in marshes : Foxhall. O. bajulus, Hai. 0 . truncatus, Wsm. O. rudis, Wsm. O. caesus, Hai. O. ceelatus.—Males rarely swept in marshes in, middle of June.

The Hymenoptera of Suffolk: Final Part  
The Hymenoptera of Suffolk: Final Part