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grown in gardens. Occasionally naturalised on light soils in the wild. Also noticed here by Miss M. McKerness in 1988. Only the second recent Suffolk record. Stellaria palustris Retz., Marsh Stitchwort. More frequent than thought a few years ago. Post-Flora records include: (i) Worlington, d a m p hollows, TL67, v.c. 26, E M H , 21/6/89. (ii) Lakenheath, Pashford Poor's Fen, TL78, v.c. 26, M G R and P J O T , 1988. (iii) Near Staverton Park Ponds and near Chillesford Lodge, TM35, v.c. 25, MNS, 15/6/88. (iv) Leiston, Minsmere Fens, TM46, v.c. 25, IMV and PFC, 12/8/84. (v) Barnby Broad, TM49, v.c. 25, J M and T A , 1989. Myosurus minimus L., Mousetail Lakenheath, 4 0 - 5 0 plants in gateway trodden by cattle, TL78, v.c. 26, A L B , 1989. Now a rare species of damp fields, but perhaps more common as a garden weed. Mr. Bull has also sent details of a record from a field edge above marshes at Walberswick, TM47, v.c. 25, where it was abundant in 1962. Barbarea stricta A n d r z . , Small-flowered Wintercress Oulton Broad, by boathouse, on mud dredged up from river, TM59, v.c. 25, JMT. 3/7/89. Det. T. Rieh and H b . T. Rieh. This is an uncommon British plant, usually found on river-banks and in other d a m p places. Recorded in Hind's Flora from Thurston, Fornham, Wixoe and Stoke-by-Nayland and until now there have been n o subsequent records. This record is thus the first for Suffolk for Over a Century and the first ever for v.c. 25. Cochlearia officinalis L. ssp. officinalis, Common Scurvy Grass Dunwich, small colony at edge of brackish ditch, TM47, v.c. 25, FWS, 28/5/89. R a r e in Suffolk, but possibly overlooked. Hind's Flora gives it for Southwold. Henslow and Skepper, 1860 record it as common in salt marshes, but completely omit any mention of the frequent C. anglica L., Long-leaved Scurvy Grass. Parnassia palustris L., Grass of Parnassus Barnby, TM49, v.c. 25, J M and T A , 1989. A very interesting rediscovery. Recorded as ' A b u n d a n t in marshes from Haddiscoe to Oulton', (Henslow and Skepper, 1860) and at Barnby by Hind. There have been no recent records from this area. It is now a very rare plant in the County. Rubus elegantispinosus (Schumach) Weber, a Bramble Mildenhall Woods, TL77, v.c. 26, A L B , 10/8/89. Mr. Bull states that this bramble, of horticultural origin, is becoming widely naturalised. From its Position just inside a forestry entrance, it is likely to have spread from dumped garden waste. First record for v.c. 26, West Suffolk.

Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 26 (1990)

Some recent Suffolk plant records  

Hyde, E. M. & Simpson, F. W.