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A short time ago I was lent Hind's personal copy of his 1889 Flora of Suffolk by Miss Rhoisia Copinger-Hill. This had been divided into two volumes and interleaved. As far as I am aware, the interesting notes and records have never been published. These include his own observations and others supplied by various botanists. There are no doubt other annotated copies of Hind's Flora in private collections and libraries which belong to prominent botanists. Their records could add to our knowledge of the past distribution of species now rare or extinct in the county. H. Dixon Hewitt's well annotated copy is in the Ipswich Museum Library, and new records from W. A. Dutt's copy were published in our Transactions Vol. 8, part 3, pp. 136-147. Key to some contributors CB Dr. Churchill Babington, Rector of Cockfield, who assisted Hind in the preparation of the Flora. AB Arthur Bennett (1843-1929) of Croydon, an authority on the British Flora. He examined Hind's herbarium in the Ipswich Museum. JDG Rev. J. D. Gray of Nayland. WMH Rev. W . H . Hind ofHonington. MLH An unknown authority. H C W Hewett Cottrell Watson (1804-81) who was responsible for the 'Watsonian' division of Britain into vice-counties for the recording of distribution. ALW Rev. A. L. Williams of Ampton. W H T William Henry Tuck (d.1922) of Tostock (eider brother of the Rev. Julian Tuck (1851-1933) and President of the Society 1931-33). W. H. Tuck was also a coleopterist and supplied Claude Morley with many records for The Coleoptera of Suffolk (1899). In the following list Hind's scientific names have been used with some necessary revisions of their authorities. To assist those without a copy of Hind's Flora the second names, where different, are those in my 1982 Flora of Suffolk. My comments are added in Square brackets. English names have also been added. Clematis vitalba L. Travellers Joy/Old Man's Beard. Tostock, WHT. Hasketon, Rev. E. G. Doughty. Delete Martlesham. [Although Hind gives a large number of parishes, for all districts except 3, it is considered that this species has increased in recent years and specimens can be found in almost every parish, even on the lighter soils where it was uncommon.] Thalictrum minus L. Lesser Meadow Rue. Ixworth, WMH. Anemone apennina L. Blue Anemone. Tostock, likely introduced, Mrs. Terry. Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 23



Myosurus minimus L. Mousetail. Marshes near the Gipping, Ipswich, HCW. [Confirming earlier records of 1819 and 1827 in Hb. Ipswich Museum.] Ranunculus trichophyllus Chaix in Villars. Thread-leaved Water Crowfoot/ Water Fennel. Wrentham, MLH. Ranunculus drouetii F. W. Schulz ex Godr. Tostock, WMH. [Then given specific rank but now considered to be only a sub. sp. or form of R. trichophyllus.] Ranunculus heterophyllus Fries (of Hind's Flora) Tostock Mrs T e r r y Market Weston Fen, WMH. Wrentham, MLH. [Probably R. aquatilis L. Common Water Crowfoot/Pickeral Weed (Suffolk). Without herbarium specimens it is now difficult or impossible to accept all Hind's records for the Batrachium Section of Ranunculus.] Ranunculus lenormandii F. W. Schultz. (R. oniophyllus Ten.). Roundleaved Crowfoot/Lenormand's Water Crowfoot. Felixstowe, CB [Confirms record in 1982 Flora.] Ranunculus hederaceus L. Ivy-leaved Water Crowfoot. Between Yarmouth and Burgh, AB. Ipswich, HCW. Ranunculus auricomus L. Goldilocks/Wood Buttercup. Tostock, Mrs. Terry. Ranunculus hirsutus Curt. (R. sardous Cranz). Hairy Buttercun Walberswick, MLH. Var. R. parvulus L. A dwarf form. Minsmere Marsh, Walberswick, MLH. Ranunculus arvensis L. Com Buttercup/Corn Crowfoot/Hedsehoes Bungay, HCW. ' Eranthis hyemalis (L.) Salisb. Winter Aconite. Livermere, WMH. Helleborus viridis L. Green Hellebore/Bear's Foot. Stradbroke, HCW. Helleborus foetidus L. Stinking Hellebore/Setterwort (Suffolk) 1. Chedburgh, Miss Bell. Aquilegia vulgaris L. Columbine/Dollycaps. Brettenham, CB. Delphinium ajacis Gay (Hind), (Consolida ambigua (L.) P. W. Ball & Heywood) Common Annual Larkspur. Pakenham, C. W. Jones. [At one time a common or even abundant cornfield weed, especially in areas of Breckland.] Berberis vulgaris L. Barberry/Pipperidge (Suffolk). Plentiful (small bushes) between Elevden Hall and Icklingham, 18/10/76, AB. Nuphar lutea (L.) Sibth. & Sm. Yellow Water Lily/Brandy Bottie. Barham and Campsea Ash, R. She^pard. [Still there in the Rivers Gipping and Deben.] Meconopsis cambrica (L.) Vig. Welsh Poppy. An escape, Bury St. Edmunds, W. Jordan. [An earlier record than that given in the Flora for 1908.] Corydalis lutea (L.) DC. Yellow Fumitory/Yellow Corydalis.Tostock, WHT. Ickworth and Honington, WMH. Corydalis claviculata (L.) DC. White Climbing Fumitory/Climbing Corydalis. Nayland [No authority, probably JDG.]. Fumaria muralis Sond. ex Koch., Ramping Fumitory/Wall Fumitorv y Tostock, WHT. ' Fumaria vaillantii Lois., Vaillant'sFumitory. Wherstead, H. Haward.

Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 23


Suffolk Natural History, Vol. 23

Barbarea stricto Andrz., Small-flowered Winter Cress/Small-flowered Wall Rocket. Tostock, Mrs Terry. Hesperis matronalis L., D a m e ' s Violet/Sweet Rocket. Tostock, W H T . Sisymbrium polyceratium L., Many-podded Hedge Mustard. I have a specimen dated 29/7/88, E . M. Holmes in H b . AB. [This record is 28 years later than the last published notice in Henslow & Skepper 1860 Flora.] Sisymbrium thalianum (L.) Gay (Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) H e y n h . , Thale Cress/Common Wall Cress/Turkey Pod. Tostock, Mrs Terry. Erysimum cheranthoides L., Treacle Mustard. Tostock, Mrs. Terry. Erysimum Orientale (L.) Crantz, non Mill. (Congringia orientalis (L.) D u m . ) , Warty Cabbage. Among clovers at Honington, June 1890, W M H . Sinapis nigra L. (Brassica nigra (L.) Koch), Black Mustard. Tostock, W H T . Sinapis incana L. (Hirschfeidia incana (L.) Lagr.-Foss.), Hoary Mustard. Tostock, W H T . Diplotaxis muralis (L.) D C . , Annual Wall Rocket/Stinkweed. Southwold, MLH. Cochlearia danica L., Danish Scurvy Grass/Early Scurvy Grass. Sizewell (no authority). O r f o r d , Sherard in H b . Dill, Oxon, 1724. [First record.] Armoracia amphibia Koch. (Rorippa amphibia (L.) Besser.), Marsh Yellow Cress. Tostock, W H T . Iberis amara L., Wild Canytuft. Tostock, Mrs. Terry. Cakile maritima Scop., Sea Rocket. Sizewell (no authority). Viola sepincola Jord., Tostock, Mrs. Terry. [This was probably the hybrid V. hirta x oderata (V. sepincola auct.)] Viola reinchenbachiana Jord. ex Bor., Pale Wood Violet. Tostock, W H T . Viola canina L., Heath Dog Violet/Heath Violet. Sizewell (no authority). [A careful search of the dunes should be undertaken for this species. Hind's Flora records it for dunes at Lowestoft.] Viola flavicornis Sm. Tostock, W H T . [This is a variety of V. canina L. I am unable to consider that there are or ever have been suitable habitats in Tostock.] Polygala vulgaris L., C o m m o n Milkwort. Walberswick, W. R. Gowers. [Probably an error for P. serpyllifolia Hose, Heath Milkwort, which is recorded for that parish.] Dianthus armeria L., Deptford Pink. Lakenheath, 9/6/68 (AB) C. F. White. Dianthus deltoides L., Maiden Pink. Bramford, H. Haward. Delete the record for C o d d e n h a m , F. Fox, mistake for D. armeria L. Silene otites (L.) Wibel, Spanish Catchfly. ' A b u n d a n t near Windmill at Lakenheath, A B . ' Silene dicholoma E h r h . , Forked Catchfly. Near the Mill, Nayland, Sept. 1892, J D G . [An earlier record than that of c. 1900 in the Flora.] Silene noctiflora L., Night-flowering Campion/Night-flowering Catchfly. Tostock, Mrs. Terry. Wiston, J D G . Saginaprocumbens L., Procumbent Pearlwort. A flore pleno form with large petals found at A m p t o n Park, A L W . Sagina nodosa (L.) Fenzl, Walberswick, M L H . Stellaria glauca With. (S. palustris Retz.), Marsh Stitchwort. Tostock, glabrous form. A m p t o n Park, A L W , Campsey Ash, R. Sheppard. Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 23



Cerastium tetrandrum Curt. (C. diffusum Pers.), Sea Mouse-ear Chickweed/ Dark Green Mouse-ear Chickweed. Sizewell (no authority). Moenchia erecta (L.) Gaertn., Mey. & Scherb., Upright Chickweed. Sizewell. Lepigonum rubrum Fries. (Spargularia rubra (L.) J. & C. Presl.) Common Sand Spurry/Red Sand Spurry. Barham, R. Sheppard. Malva moschata L., Musk Mallow. Tostock, WHT. Tilia parvifolia Ehrh. ex Hoffm. (T. cordata Mill.), Small-leaved Lime. Fornham St. Martin, WMH. Hypericum perforatum L., Common St. John's Wort. Form with minute flowers, Tostock, WHT. Var. H. angustifolium Gaud. (Forma angustifolia (DC)) Tostock, WHT. Hypericum dubium Leers. (H. maculatum Cranz ssp. obtusiusculum (Tourlet Hayek), Imperforate St. John's Wort. Tostock, WHT. H. maculatum Cranz. Icklingham, 1804, Hb. Smith. Linn. Soc. This specimen is probably ssp. maculatum. [An earlier record than the Flora.] Hypericum humifusum L., Trailing St. John's Wort/Creeping St. John's Wort. Tostock, WHT. Nayland, J D G . Geranium phaeum L., Dusky Cranesbill. Bury St. Edmunds, W. Jordain. Geraniumpyrenaicum Burm. f., Mountain Cranesbill/Pyrenean Cranesbill. Boxford; -Polstead, J D G . Geranium rotundifolium L., Round-leaved Cranesbill. Bury, W. Jordan. Geraniumpusillum L., Small-flowered Cranesbill. Tostock, WHT, Sizewell. Radiola millegrana Sm. (R. linoides Roth), Allseed/Flix-seed. Lowestoft, Hb. Smith. Linn. Soc. 1798. Ulex gallii Planch., Winter Gorse/French Furze. Barham, R. Sheppard. Medicago minima (L.) Bartal, Bur Medick. Weather Heath, AB. Sizewell. Trifolium silvestre Syme, Tostock, WHT. No other details. Trifolium incarnatum L., Crimson Clover/Napoleon (Suffolk). Plant found at Brandon by C. F. Linton with white blossom is var. T. molinieri Balb., differing from the Cornish plant, but agreeing with Continental forms. Trifolium ochroleucon Huds., Sulphur Clover. Suffolk, Sir T. Gage, 1813 in Hb. Smith, Linn. Soc. Trifolium scabrum L., Rough Trefoil/Rough Clover. Lt. Blakenham, H. Haward. Trigonella monspeliaca L., Montpelier Trigoneila/Star-fruited Fenugreek. An alien from the south of Europe. Melford, (a casual) CB. [First Suffolk record. No date.] Astragalus hypoglottis L. (A. danicus Retz.), Purple Milk Vetch. Brandon Lane, Honington, WMH. Vicia lathyroides L., Spring Vetch. Sizewell. Coronilla varia L., Crown Vetch. Near Bamham Station. F. Norgate. [Earliest record, 1894 ] Onobrychis sativa Lam. (O. viciifolia Scop.), Sainfoin/Cock's Head. Tostock, WHT. Prunus avium L., Wild Cherry. Honington, WMH. Potentilla argentea L., Hoary Cinquefoil. Bamham and Campsey Ash, R. Sheppard. Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 23


Suffolk Natural History, Vol. 23

Potentilla verna L. (P. tabernaemontani Aschera.), Spring Cinquefoil. Tuddenham, F. Norgate. No date. Potentilla hirta L., Hairy Cinqefoil. Herbaceous perennial. Casuai. Bank of R. Gipping, Bramford, 1890. H. Haward. Alien, native of Europe. [First Suffolk record.] Fragaria elatior Ehrh. (F. moschata Ducheane), HautboisStrawberry. Barking Wood, Miss Jeffes. Geum rivale L., Water Avens. Tostock, WHT. Rosa spinosissima L. (R. pimpinellofolia L.), Burnet Rose. Barham, R. Sheppard. Pyrus scandica (L.) Bab. (Sorbus intermedia (Ehrh.) Pers.), Swedish White Beam. Deciduous tree. May. Livermere Park, with large bole, height 47 ft. [Likely introduced.] Epilobium angustifolium L., Rosebay Willowherb/Fireweed. Tuddenham, F. Norgate. [Rare in Hind's time, only seven other records.] Epilobium parviflorus Schreb., Hoary Willowherb/Small-flowered Hairy Willowherb. Form b. E. rivulare Wahl. Hind's Flora p.151. Ixworth Thorpe, WMH. Form c. E. intermedium Morat. Tostock, WHT. Epilobium montanum L., Broad-leaved Willowherb. Form with large alternate leaves, Tostock, WHT. Epilobium roseum Schreb., Pale Willowherb/Small-flowered Willowherb. Herbaceous perennial, damp ground. July-August. Nayland to Wiston, Rev. E. F. Linton. [Earliest record 1889.] Epilobium tetragonum L., Form E. umbrosum Hauskn. Honington, WMH. In a Fir plantation close to Eye. May 1888, E. S. Marshall. Epilobium obscurum Schreb., Short-fruited Willowherb. Honington, WMH. Tostock, WHT. [Much work is necessary on this genus and a number of possible hybrids have been overlooked. Hind's Flora does not mention a Single hybrid which was recognised at that time.] Myriophyllum verticillatum L., Whorled Water-milfoil. Record for Bradwell and Bungay in the Hb. Smith, Linn. Soc. Claytonia perfoliata Donn ex Willd. (Montia perfoliata (Willd.) Howell), Spring Beauty. Pettistree, E. G. Doughty. [An uncommon species in Hind's time with only seven other listed records.] Tillaea muscosa L. (Crussula tillaea L.-Garland), Mossy Stonecrop/Mossy Tillaea. Culford Heath, SirT. G. Cullum, in Hb. Smith, Linn. Soc. 1790. Pimpinella saxifraga L., Lesser Burnet Saxifrage. Honigton. Form very near P. magna L. (P. major ( L . ) Huds.) WMH. [The leaves of P. saxifraga L. vary considerably and some plants have basal leaves which could be mistaken for those of P. magna.] Bupleurum tenuissimum L., Slender Hare's Ear. Martlesham, H. Haward. Bupleurum rotundifolium L., Hare's Ear/Thorow-wax. Lt. Blakenham, H. Haward. Oenanthe pimpinelloides L., Burnet Water Dropwort/Corky-fruited Water Dropwort. [Hind states: 'With the exception of " A mile west from Bury", the stations likely belong to Oe. lachenalii.'] Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 23



Oenanthe lachenalii C. C. Gmel., Parsley Water Dropwort. Hinderclay Fen (no authority). Oenanthe phellandrium Lam. (Oe. aquatica (L.) Poir.), Fine-leaved Water Dropwort. Tostock, WHT. [This now uncommon species was last observed in a Tostock pond c. 1950.] Oenanthe fluviatilis (Bab.) Coleman, River Water Dropwort. In broad ditches at Sapiston, WMH. Crithmum maritimum L., Rock Samphire. A small plot 2 ft. x VA ft. at Landguard Point, 1894. [This existed until being destroyed in 1939. Fortunately the species has reappeared in the area.] Peucedanumpalustre (L.) Moench, Hog's Fennel/Milk Parsley. Beiton Bog, Paget, Hb. Kew, AB. Viscum album L., Mistletoe. Ampton, ALW. NearElmswellonPoplar. Old Newton on apple, (To be continued) F. W. Simpson, 40, Ruskin Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 1PT

Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 23

Additions and corrections made by Rev. W. M. Hind to his Flora of Suffolk  

Simpson, F. W.

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