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c o m p i l e d b y E . M . HYDE a n d F . W . SIMPSON

For each record the following information is given: locality and habitat, Ordnance Survey 10km. Square, vice-county, finder's name or initials (see key at end of article) and date of record. The comments are those of the Compilers, based in some cases on information supplied by the Anders. The nomenclature and order of the species are with very few exceptions those of Flora Europaea. The Compilers wish to thank the specialists who determined, or confirmed the identity of, specimens. Simpson's Flora of Suffolk is used as the authority for claiming first and second County records. Chara vulgaris L., Common Stonewort. (i) Needham Market, in artificial lake, formerly gravel-pit, TM05, v.c. 25, FWS, 19/5/84. (ii) Henley, TM15, v.c. 25, MS, 13/9/84. Det. Mrs J. Moore. (iii) Trimley Lake, TM23, v.c. 25, MS, 27/7/84. Also det. Mrs J. Moore. Pteris cretica L., Ribbon Fern. Leiston, two specimens, base of walls at Old Abbey, TM46, v.c. 25, B & RC-H, 11/9/84. Det. FWS. Frequently grown as a house or greenhouse fern. Occasionally establishes itself in sheltered spots outside. The second record for East Suffolk. Polygonum mite Schrank, Tasteless Water Pepper. North Cove, small colony in wet ride, TM49, v.c. 25, FWS, 27/8/84. This is a rare or possibly overlooked species. Recorded in Hind's Flora from Lound and Beccles in this same district of Suffolk. First authentic record since c. 1934. Rumex maritimus L., Golden Dock. (i) Sproughton, abundant in dried-out pools near Sugar Beet Factory, TM14, v.c. 25, EMH, 19/8/84. (ii) Eye, on seasonally wet land near the R. Dove, TM17, v.c. 25, EMH, 20/8/84. Hb. E & MH. Chenopodium capitatum (L.) Aschers., Strawberry Goosefoot. Lakenheath, RAF Base, in sandy ground, TL78, v.c. 26, AB, September 1983. Comm. M. G. Rutterford, who grew a specimen in 1984 from seed of the original plant. This second generation specimen was identified by C. J. King in September 1984. A very rare casual in Gt. Britain. Recorded only twice before in Suffolk, in the 1960's. Atriplex longipes Drejer x A. prostrata Boucher ex DC., a hybrid Orache. Landguard Common, Felixstowe, TM23, v.c. 25, AC, 21/9/84. Det. Dr P. Taschereau. The only Suffolk record for this uncommon or overlooked hybrid. First recorded in the British Isles by Dr Taschereau at various sites in Norfolk in Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 21



1976 (Taschereau, 1977). There have been a handful of British records since then. See also page 46 and page 48. Amaranthus retroflexus L., Pigweed. (i) Lakenheath, in field, TL68, v.c. 26, GC and MGR, August 1983. Conf. E. J. Clement. Hb. E & MH. (ii) Lowestoft, by grain silo, TM59, v.c. 25, GWM, 9/9/84. Det. Dr A. C. Leslie. Amaranthus albus L., White Pigweed. Newmarket, one plant near grain silo, TL66, v.c. 29 in Suffolk, GMSE, 17/9/84. Last recorded in Suffolk in the 1950's. Portulaca grandiflora Hooker, Purslane. New to Suffolk. See page 46. Stellaria graminea L., Lesser Stitchwort. Male sterile plants with small purplish petals. (i) Snape, large patch in marsh, TM45, v.c. 25, MAH and EMH, 7/8/78. Hb. E & M H . (ii) Reydon, small colony in woodland glade, TM47, v.c. 25, FWS, 21/6/84. Hb. E & M H . (iii) Westhall, plentiful in churchyard, TM48, v.c. 25, FWS, 27/6/84. Cerastium arvense L. x C. tomentosum L., a hybrid Mouse-ear Chickweed. Ipswich, near Airport, TM14, v.c. 25, EMH, 12/4/81. Det. E. J. Clement. First Suffolk record. Several large patches behind houses on strip of former heathland, with a ränge of plants intermediate between the parent species, varying in leaf width and hairiness, stoutness of fiower stalks and size of flowers. There are many patches of C. tomentosum (Snow-in-Summer) nearby. In 1984 a few plants of C. arvense (Field Mouse-ear) were found on heathland about Vi mile away. Also recorded from Brandon Country Park, TL78, v.c. 26, EMH, 25/5/81. Helleborus viridis L., subsp. occidentalis (Reut.) Schiffn., Green Hellebore. Long Melford, in woodland, TL84, v.c. 26, AAB, 4/6/84. A very interesting new site for a species which is now scarce in the County. Ranunculus penicillatus (Dumort.) Bab. var. calcareus (R. W. Butcher) Cook, a Water Crowfoot. Tattingstone, in fast-flowing stream, TM13, v.c. 25, E M H , 25/8/84. Det. Dr N. T. H. Holmes. Hb. E & MH. Flowered freely over several weeks. All leaves capillary and submerged. First record for v.c. 25 for this species. Anemone x elegans Decaisne, Japanese Anemone. Ipswich, growing from brickwork of front wall of a house in Warrington Rd., TM14, v.c. 25, PMB, 1984. Conf. FWS. Formerly growing in a similar habitat in Grove Lane, Ipswich (FWS). The wall has since been demolished. Myosurus minimus L., Mousetail. (i) Boxford, garden weed, TL93, v.c. 26, CJL, May 1980. Comm. EM-R. Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 21


Suffolk Natural History, Vol. 21

(ii) Nayland, introduced into garden from seed from Washbrook and now thoroughly established, TL93, v.c. 26, E M - R , 3/5/84. These are the only two recent records from West Suffolk. Berteroa incana (L.) D C . , Hoary Alison. Santon D o w n h a m , in sandy grassland, TL88, v.c. 26. First recorded here in 1977 by M. G . Rutterford and S. Rutterford (Trist, 1979). Noted again 30/9/79 ( J H , E M C , H C ) . By 1984 the colony had increased to between two and three hundred plants (DS). 1984 specimen H b . E & M H . Crassula helmsii (T. Kirk) Cockayne N e e d h a m Market, edge of flooded gravel pit, spreading, TM05, v.c. 25 FWS, 19/5/84. Sedum telephium L., Orpine. Little G l e m h a m , fine flowering colony on roadside bank, TM36, v.c. 25, B & R C - H , 22/8/84.

Sedum hybridum L. Holton, naturalised in Park, TM47, v.c. 25, P G L , 11/7/84. The first Suffolk record of this Sedum of garden origin becoming naturalised. A creeping perennial species with golden-yellow flowers.

Sedum hispanicum L. Bury St E d m u n d s , established between pavement and building at the Fox Eastgate St., TL86, v.c. 26, E M - R , 17/7/84. T h e first Suffolk record of another Sedum of garden origin becoming naturalised outside. An annual, with narrow white petals with a pink mid-vein. Rosastylosa Desv., Long-styled Rose. Boyton, one bush on southern edge of Boyton W o o d , TM34, v.c. 25, IMV, 15/4/84. A rare Rose in Suffolk. This is only the third post-1950 record for v.c. 25. Sanguisorba minor Scop. subsp. muricata Briq., Fodder Burnet. (i) Eriswell, field edge, TL77, v.c. 26, J H , 1977. (ii) Haughley, also field edge, TM06, v.c. 26, J H , 1975-81. Formerly fairly f r e q u e n t as a relic of cultivation, but now rarely Seen. These are the only two post-1950 records for v.c. 26. Potentilla norvegica L., Norwegian Cinquefoil. Martlesham, small colony on H e a t h , TM24, v.c. 25, Suffolk Trust Survey, 3/7/84. C o m m . P G L . T h e r e were also six Bee Orchids in this area, growing on soil dumps. Pyrus communis L., Wild Pear. (i) Troston, just outside the village on the Honington R o a d , TL87, v.c. 26, A L B , 13/11/84. Mr Bull states that the tree was absolutely laden with tiny fruit. (ii) Boyton, one young tree is fĂźll flower on border between arable and saltmarsh, TM34, v.c. 25, IMV, 16/5/84.

Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 21



Cotoneaster bullatus Bois Newmarket, beside railway, TL66, v.c. 29 in Suffolk, GMSE, 1978. Still there, 1984. Not previously recorded from the West of the County. A deciduous shrub or small tree, frequently grown in gardens. Cotoneasterfrigidus Wall, ex Lindley Walberswick, bird-sown, on Church, TM47, v.c. 25, J H . 1979. Still there, 1984 ( E M C ) . Clearly a populär perch for birds, as C. horizontalis Decaisne has been known on the walls for some ten years. This is the first record of naturalised C. frigidus in Suffolk. Lathyrus sylvestris L., Narrow-leaved Everlasting Pea. Upper Layham, Single specimen on road verge, TM04, v.c. 26, MS, August 1984. Geraniumphaeum L., Dusky Cranesbill. Creeting St Peter, in churchyard, TM05, v.c. 25, JC, 1984. Ricinus communis L., Castor Oil Plant. Covehithe, fifteen seedlings on beach at base of cliff, TM58, v.c. 25, FWS, 20/8/84. A tender annual, native of the Tropics and cultivated for its seeds producing the well-known castor oil. First Suffolk record. Abutilon theophrasti Medicus, Indian Mallow. Newmarket, two plants by grain silo, TL66, v.c. 29 in Suffolk, GMSE, 17/9/84. A yellow-fiowered member of the Mallow Family, occasionally found on waste ground and in arable fields. This is the second record for West Suffolk, though it is in the Cambridgeshire vice-county. The first was that of Mrs M. J. Morley from Clopton (TL95) reported in Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 19. Hypericum hircinum L., Stinking St John's Wort. Wingfield, naturalised on the walls of the Castle and banks of the Moat, TM27, v.c. 25, FWS, 5/8/84. Det. E. J. Clement. Hb. E & MH. The second definite Suffolk record for this introduced species. First recorded in 1908 by J. Atkins at Lt Blakenham. Menyanthes trifoliata L., Bogbean. (i) Pakenham Fen, TL96, v.c. 26, R A , 1983. (ii) Weston Fen, TL97, v.c. 26, EM-R, 9/7/80. (iii) Needham Market, two specimens by artificial lake of former gravel pit, TM05, v.c. 25, FWS, 19/5/84. (iv) Darsham, TM46, v.c. 25, PGL, 16/8/84. A decreasing species, but still to be found in small colonies in suitable sites. Cuscuta campestris Yuncker, Field Dodder. (i) Great Waldingfield, a pest in market garden of Mr J. W. Skinner, growing rampantly over Basil and Black Nightshade and in seed beds. TL94, v.c. 26,15/9/83. Comm. Mrs I. Weston. Det. E J. Clement, 4/84. Hb. E & M H . (ii) Witnesham, on Godetias in garden, TM15, v.c. 25, SD, 21/7/84. Det. FWS. Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 21


Suffolk Natural History, Vol. 21

Cuscuta europaea L., G r e a t D o d d e r . (i) Monks Eleigh, on nettles beside the Lavenham Stream, TL94, v.c. 26, 20/8/84. Found during a field meeting of the Hadleigh Naturalists' Society. C o m m . A W , who on 20/11/84 found another colony some 50 yards downstream. (ii) Layham and Higham, TM03, v.c. 26, J E , 1984. Several colonies on nettles beside the River Brett. Seen also in 1981 and 1983. Second post-1950 record for v.c. 26. This D o d d e r is probably more frequent in the Brett Valley than elsewhere in the County. Recorded in Henslow and Skepper 'Flora of Suffolk', 1860, for Whatfield and Semer. Echium plantagineum L., Purple Viper's Bugloss. Kessingland, two large plants near beach, TM58, v.c. 25, E M H , 15/8/84. Conf. E . J. Clement, 9/84. H b . E & M H . A g a r d e n annual or biennial whose seeds must have come in with dumped soil. Anchusa officinalis L., Alkanet. (i) Bentley, roadside bank outside Church, TM13, v.c. 25, C J H , 1984. Growing with G r e e n Alkanet (Pentaglottis sempervirens (L.) Tausch). (ii) Sternfield, abundant at edge of fallow field adjacent to a garden, TM36, v.c. 25, FWS, 3/8/84. Various-coloured flowers. Melissa officinalis L., Balm. Beccles, pavement weed, TM49, G W M , 11/8/84. Nicandra physalodes (L.) G a e r t n e r , Apple of Peru. (i) Nayland, Fen Street, casual weed in garden, TL93, v.c. 26, M J L 7/8/84 Det. E M - R . (ii) Hitcham, garden weed, TL95, v.c. 26, J H , 1984. The only previous records for v.c. 26 were in 1882 and 1894, as recorded in Hind's Flora. In v.c. 25 the plant continues to appear fairly regularly. Recent records include one as a garden weed in Holbrook, TM13, J H , 1984, another f r o m a carrot patch in Helmingham Hall Gardens, TM15, P G L , Sept. 1980 and a third f r o m Walberswick allotments, TM47, JP, 29/8/83. Solanum nitidibaccatum Bitter, a G r e e n Nightshade. (i) Landguard C o m m o n , Felixstowe, TM23, v.c. 25, A C , 1983. A b o u t twenty plants. (ii) Chillesford, Single specimen in Red Crag pit with unusual purplish colouration of flowers, TM35, v.c. 25, FWS, 18/11/84. Det. D r A. C. Leslie. These are the first and second authentic records for v.c. 25. Nicotiana x sanderae Sander, Hybrid Tobacco Plant. New to Suffolk. See page 47. Verbascum virgatum Stokes, Twiggy Mullein. Brightwell, eight plants in Crag pit, TM24, v.c. 25, P M B , 20/10/84. Det. Dr I. K. Ferguson, 11/84. H b . E & M H . A casual, which sometimes persists in pits and waste places. Still at West Stow, TL87, E M C , 22/8/84.

Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 21



Verbascumphlomoides L., Woolly Mullein. H o l b r o o k , a n u m b e r of plants on a small tip, growing with other species, T M 1 3 , v.c. 25, B C , August 1984.


Verbascum pyramidatum Bieb. Kennett, six plants, TL76, v.c. 26 in Cambridgeshire, G M S E , 17/9/84, and in 1971. An introduced Mullein, native in the Caucasus. This is the first record for the vice-county of West Suffolk, but it is possible that it may have been overlooked or not recognised in the County, since there are several sites in Cambridgeshire. This part of Kennett has been subjected to much disturbance over the years and the Verbascum could have been introduced with garden rubbish. Verbascum pyramidatum Bieb. x V. nigrum L. A small g r o u p of this hybrid Mullein was recorded by G. M. S. Easy on 17/9/84 at the same site as the foregoing entry. Again a very interesting new record for v.c. 26. V. nigrum is frequent in the area. Scrophularia vernalis L., Yellow Figwort. (i) B r a n d o n , waste ground by Jan's showroom, TL78, v.c. 26, A J B , 1984. Comm. GC. (ii) Ipswich, waste land by R . Gipping, TM14, v.c. 25, MS, July 1982. Lonicera tatarica L., Tatarian Honeysuckle. Oulton B r o a d , Boat House Lane, TM59, v.c. 25, BL and JT, 1984. Det. P G L , 1984. Naturalised on old boathouse plot. Cephalariagigantea (Ledeb.) Bobrov, Giant Scabious. East Bergholt, in Fen Lane, TM03, v.c. 25, IR, 1/8/84. Erigeron karvinskianus D C . , Mexican Fleabane. Ipswich, naturalised on brick front walls and in gardens of houses in Westerfield R d . , TM14, v.c. 25, P M B , 1984. Det. FWS. Ligularia dentata (A. Gray) H a r a (L. clivorum Maxim.) Barton Mills, in Rex G r a h a m Nature Reserve, TL77, v.c. 26, P G H W , 4/9/84. Det. E M - R . T h e first Suffolk record of this plant as a garden escape. It is a tall yellow-flowered Composite with reniform leaves, frequently seen in gardens. Native in China and Japan. Carthamus tinctorius L., Safflower. Bures, TL93, v.c. 26, K T B , 7/8/84. O n e plant appeared in the garden of the recorder. A species formerly grown in gardens and used for dyeing. T h e seeds of this must be very viable. Also coming up was one plant of Datura stramonium L., Thorn Apple. The seeds of Datura are also extremely viable, frequently lying dormant for many years until the ground is disturbed (FWS). Elodea nuttallii (Planch.) St John, Nuttall's Waterweed. Mildenhall, in New Cut near Tollgate Cottage, TL77, v.c. 26, O M S and M M c C W , 9/9/83. Precise site pinpointed by Mr J. Trist, 1984. Specimen conf. D r D . A . Simpson. H b . E & M H .

Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 21


Suffolk Natural History, Vol. 21

A North American waterweed believed to be increasing in Britain. The first record for West Suffolk. Lagarosiphon major (Ridley) Moss, Curly Water-thyme. Ipswich, Dales old brickyard, TM14, v.c. 25, M A H , 6/9/81. Conf. E . J. Clement, 1984. First Suffolk record. A waterweed, native of South Africa, widely grown in aquaria. Here it was growing totally submerged, in both ponds. It resembles a larger and heavier Elodea species, but its leaves are more stiffly recurved and are more or less spirally arranged. Colchicum autumnale L., Autumn Crocus. (i) Cavenham Heath, TL77, v.c. 26, GMSE, 1 9 6 9 - c . 1979. Hb. GMSE. A small compact colony, probably still surviving, near the car park. The finder suggests that a bulb could have been brought to the surface when the area was dug out for the construction of war-time gun emplacements. (ii) Playford, single specimen on roadside bank, TM24, v.c. 25, FWS, April 1984. (iii) Sizewell, small patch in rough grass, Sheep Walks, TM46, v.c. 25, ES, 6/10/84. Ornithogalum nutans L., Nodding Star-of-Bethlehem. Boxford, Stone Street, TL93, v.c. 26, N A , 14/5/84. Conf. EM-R. Several plants on grassy strip between two arable fields, away from houses. Only the second post-1950 record for West Suffolk. Alliumparadoxum (Bieb.) G. Don, Few-flowered Leek. Whepstead, roadside verge and bank of stream, TL85, v.c. 26, MF, 15/4/83. Conf. E M - R . Scattered over about 500 yards, with a large mass at the southern end. Polygonatum multiflorum (L.) All., Common Solomon's Seal. (i) Melton, well-established colony in old Sweet Chestnut coppice, Bury Hill, TM24, v.c. 25, ES, 12/5/84. (ii) Leiston, in plantation near Old Abbey, TM46, v.c. 25, FWS, 11/9/84. Iris foetidissima L., Stinking Iris. Parham, plant with yellow flowers in churchyard, TM36, v.c. 25, FWS, 4/7/84. Juncus tenuis Willd., Slender Rush. (i) Woodbridge Air Base, on waste ground, TM34, v.c. 25, Suffolk Trust Survey, 19/6/84. Comm. PGL. The second record for East Suffolk. (ii) Bramford, in quarry, TM14, v.c. 25, FWS, 1/7/84. Luzula sylvatica L., Great Woodrush. Reydon, in ancient wood, TM47, v.c. 25, PGL, 21/6/84. Conf. FWS. Hb. E & MH. This is the first record for East Suffolk. A search by FWS of the site found c. 50 specimens, associated with L. pilosa (L.) Willd. (Hairy Woodrush). Few were flowering.

Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 21



Elymus caninus (L.) L., Bearded Couch. (i) Creeting St Mary, roadside bank, TM05, v.c. 25, EMH, 30/7/84. Hb. E&MH. (ii) Frostenden, roadside, TM48, v.c. 25, FWS, 1983. A very uncommon species in East Suffolk. Panicum laevifolium Hackel Newmarket, two plants by grain silo, TL66, v.c. 29 in Suffolk, GMSE, 2/11/84. A species of Millet, which occurs occasionally as a casual of waste places. First Suffolk record. Lemna minuscula Herter, Minuscule Duckweed. (i) Purdis Farm, small quantity at edge of pond, TM24, v.c. 25, FWS, 24/9/84. (ii) Barnby, plentiful in ditch with L. minor, TM49, v.c. 25, FWS, 27/8/84. Conf. Dr A. C. Leslie. (iii) Fritton, abundant on shallow pond, TG40, v.c. 25, FWS, 17/10/84. Still no records from West Suffolk. Carex diandra Schrank, Lesser Tussock Sedge. Thelnetham Fen, in bog, TM07, v.c. 26, FR, 26/6/84. Comm. EM-R. A welcome rediscovery. Last recorded here in the 1960's. Carex serotina Merat, Small-fruited Yellow Sedge. Hopton and Lound, edge of ponds, TG50, v.c. 25, FWS, 2/10/84. This is perhaps the area of Lound Common, where it was first recorded by Dawson Turner in 1805 as C. oederi in T h e Botanist's Guide through England and Wales'. Epipactis helleborine (L.) Crantz, Broad-leaved Helleborine. (i) Nacton, a good colony in woodland, TM23, v.c. 25, EMH, 9/9/84. (ii) Great Glemham, small colony in woodland, TM36, v.c. 25, Lord Cranbrook 1983. Conf. FWS, 22/8/84. Key to Contributors Addington, Rev. R. Ayles, M r s N . Brinkley, P. M. Brown, A. Brown, D r K . T . Bull, A. L. Butcher, A. A. Byfield, A. J. Carter, Mrs J. Cawston, MissH. Coe, M r s E . M. Copinger-Hill, The Misses B . & R . Copping, A. Crompton,MrsG.


Hyde, M. A. Lang, Miss B. Lawson, P. G. Letch,MrsM. J. Lowe, C. J. Maybury, G . W . McCallum-Webster, MissM. Milne-Redhead,E. Perry, Mrs J. Rose,DrF. Rose, I. Rutterford, M. G. Sanford, M. Simpson, F. W.


Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 21

44 Curtis,MrsB. Durrant,MrsS. Easy, G. M. S. Elliott,MrsJ. Fletcher, MrsM. Harris, MrsJ. Hawes, C. J. Hyde,MrsE. M.

Suffolk Natural History, Vol. 21 BC SD GMSE JE MF JH CJH EMH

Smee, D. Stewart, MrsO.M. Szlichcinska, Mrs E. Tusting, Miss J. Vaughan,MrsI.M. Watchman, A. Wilson, P.G.H.


References Simpson, F. W. (1982). Simpson's Flora of Suffolk. Ipswich. Taschereau, P. M. (1977). Hybrids in the genus Atriplex. Watsonia 11,431 Trist, P. J. O., ed. (1979). An Ecological Flora of Breckland. Wak Tutin, T. G. etal.,eds. (1964-1980). Flora Europaea, 1-5. Cambridge E. M. Hyde, F.W. Simpson, Parkside, 40, Ruskin Road, Woolverstone, Ipswich, IP4 1PT, Ipswich, IP9 1AR, Suffolk. Suffolk.

Forsythia - a correction The Forsythia recorded in The Flora of Suffolk' as formally growing in a hedge and copse between Bury St Edmunds and Fornham was incorrectly determined as Forsythia europaea Degen & Bald. Flowering specimens f this site introduced into my garden have been determined by Dr A. C. Leslie as F. suspenso (Thunb.) Vahl, a Chinese species. F. europaea has flowers, almost untoothed leaves and, above all, laminate pith. Other botanists may have fallen into this error. Forsythia, also known as the Golde Bell shrub, was named after Wm. Forsyth (1737-1805), a Superintendent of the Royal Gardens, Kensington. F. W. Simpson. Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 21

Some recent Suffolk plant records  

Hyde, E. M. & Simpson, F. W.

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