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SOME SUFFOLK PLANT RECORDS 1980-81 c o m p i l e d b y E . M . H Y D E , M . A . HYDE a n d F . W . SIMPSON

For each record the following information is given: locality and habitat, Ordnance Survey 10 km. Square, vice-county, finder's initials (see key at end of article) and date of record. The comments are those of the Compilers, based in some cases on information supplied by the Anders. The nomenclature and order of the species are those of Flora Europaea. The Compilers wish to thank the specialists who determined, or confirmed the identity of, specimens. Chara hispida L., Hispid Chara. Hopton Fen, TL97, v.c. 26, FWS, 1981. Det. Mrs. J. A. Moore. A local species of fen pools and calcareous ditches. Azollafiliculoides Lam., Water Fern. Barrow, TL76, v.c. 26, GDH, 1/10/81. First record for West Suffolk. Dr. Heathcote commented that the species covered one of the ponds which the ducks did not use, but was entirely absent in a much-used pond only about 100 yards away on the same roadside. Suaeda vera J. F. Gmelin in L., Shrubby Seablite. Martlesham Creek, Woodbridge, one large plant, TM24, v.c. 25, IMV, 5/6/81. A fairly frequent species on the coasts of Essex and Norfolk, but very rare in Suffolk. This species was first recorded from Martlesham by R. Burn in the 1930s and subsequently by L. W. Howard in the 1950s. Montia sibirica (L.) Howell, Pink Purslane. Westleton, TM46, v.c. 25, ATP, 1981. Det. Mrs. J. Westcott, 1981. A rare plant of shady places on acid soils. The only recent Suffolk record. At this site, the species covered an area of approximately 4' by 4' in a thicket adjacent to the garden of Dr. and Mrs. Pagan. Ranunculus parviflorus L., Small-flowered Buttercup. Landguard Common, TM23, v.c. 25, AC, 20/4/81. Hb. E & MH. The only recent record. It is interesting to note that this species is also recorded in Hind's Flora from Landguard Fort. Myosurus minimus L., Mousetail. Martlesham, one plant at edge of barley field bordering river, TM24, v.c. 25, IMV, 12/5/81. A very rare weed of arable fields. Barbarea intermedia Boreau, Intermediate Yellow Rocket. Ipswich, several small plants on Riverside Walk, near Sarsen Stones, TM14, v.c. 25, FWS, 18/5/81. Det. EJC, 6/81. Hb. E & MH. As the name implies, this species is intermediate between B. vulgaris, Common Wintercress, and B. verna, American Land-cress. In Suffolk, a rare or overlooked casual. Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 18 pari 4.

S O M E S U F F O L K PLANT RECORDS 1 9 8 0 - 8 1


Cochlearia danica L., Early Scurvy-grass. Martlesham, TM24, v.c. 25, E M H , 10/5/81. Hb. E & M H . Abundant on both sides of the A12, including the central reservation, on the hill leading up to the turn off to Seckford Hall. Another interesting inland site for this normally maritime species. Rubus armipotens Barton ex A. Newton ( = R. pseudo-bifrons sensu Watson). Eyke, in roadside spinney 300 m. SW of Rendlesham Church, TM35, v c 25, A L B , 20/7/81. Conf. A . Newton, 1981. First Suffolk record. Rubus leptothyrsus G. Braun ( = R. danicus in Watson) Campsea Ashe, frequent in Long Grove, TM35, v.c. 25, ALB. First collected 1979, regathered 20/7/81. Conf. A. Newton. 1981. First Suffolk record. Potentilla intermedia L. West Stow, Rampart Field, on heathland, TL77, v.c. 26, J H , 1981. Det. Dr. S. M. Walters, 1981. First record for West Suffolk. A rare casual, native of Russia. Potentilla recta L., Sulphur Cinquefoil. Martlesham Heath, TM24, v.c. 25, FMB, 1981. About 20 plants of this attractive, introduced Potentilla. Also recorded from Martlesham Heath in the 1950s by L. W. Howard. Ulex minor R o t h , Dwarf Gorse. Higham, heathy bank, TL76, v.c. 26, E M H , 11/9/81. Det. P. M. Benoit 9/81. H b . E & M H . The distribution of this species in Suffolk is uncertain owing to confusion with Ulexgallii, which appears to be the commoner plant. Lathyrus hirsutus L., Hairy Vetchling. Coney Weston, small colony, TL97, v.c. 26, FWS, 5/7/81. Conf 1981. Hb. E & M H . First Suffolk record.


Erodium moschatum (L.) L'Herit., Musk Storksbill. Thorpeness, just south of the village hall, TM45, v.c. 25, PGL, 26/5/81. Scandix pecten-veneris L., Shepherd's Needle. (i) Ipswich, near Westerfield, at edge of arable field, TM14, v.c. 25 M A H 31/5/81. (ii) Boulge, at edge of field of peas, TM25, v.c. 25, E M H , 21/6/81. Two more records of this now rare arable weed. Further records of this species would be most welcome for publication in future Transactions. Pimpinella major (L.) Hudson, Greater Burnet Saxifrage. Old Newton, between railway crossing and Silver Street, TM06 v c 26 J H , 1981. Oenanthepimpinelloides L., Burnet Water Dropwort. Ipswich, a few plants scattered among the graves in the Old Cemetery TM14, v.c. 25, M A H , 13/6/81. Hb. E & M H . The third record in the Ipswich

Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 18 part 4.


Suffolk Natural History, Vol. 18, Part 4

area for this species first found in the County in 1975. Difficult to detect because the plants are regularly mown down. Sium latifolium L., Greater Water Parsnip. Palgrave, by the River Waveney, smali vigorous colony, TM17, v.c. 25, FWS, 25/8/80. Unlikely to persist as Vegetation is constantly removed from the river by the authorities. Apparently now a less frequent species in the County, except perhaps in Lothingland (i.e. along the river between Beccles and Breydon Water). Bupleurum subovatum Link ex Sprengel, False Thorow-wax. (i) Bramford, garden weed, TM14, v.c. 25, found by a pupil of Mrs. Leary 25/6/80. Det. C A G , 1980. (ii) 42, Dover Road, Ipswich, in garden, TM14, HST, 1981. Det. C A G 1981. An introduction, probably originating from wild-bird seed mixtures. Carum carvi L., Caraway. G u n t o n , four plants in rough grass, probably sown, TM59, v.c. 25, EB, 1981. C o m m . PGL. H b . Ipswich Museum. Heracleum mantegazzianum Somm. & Lev., Giant Hogweed. Boxted, waste ground and by stream, TL85, v.c. 26, E M - R , 7/7/81. Gentianella amarella (L.) Bรถrner, Feiwort. (i) Newmarket H e a t h , surviving on chalk grassland, TL66, v.c. 26, E M H , 29/8/81. (ii) Acton, disused railway track, TL84, v.c. 26, E M - R , 1981. A declining species in Suffolk. Mimulus moschatus Douglas ex Lindley, Musk. Woolverstone Churchyard, TM13, v.c. 25, E M H , 22/8/81. First recorded here as a weed in 1973. Still just surviving in 1981. Veronica agrestis L., G r e e n Field Speedwell. (i) Haughley G r e e n , arable field, TM06, v.c. 26, J H , 20/9/81. H b . E & MH. (ii) Ringsfield, TM48, v.c. 25, P G L , 18/7/81. Very few recent records. Utricularia vulgaris L., Common Bladderwort. (i) H o p t o n Fen, TL97, v.c. 26, FWS, 14/7/81. (ii) Mettingham, in ditch, TM39, v.c. 25, FWS, 1980. An uncommon species, perhaps overlooked, and not always flowering. Valerianella carinata Loisel., Keeled Cornsalad. Melton, on shingly path through fen, TM25, v.c. 25, IMV, 4/6/81. Hb. E & M H . A rare species, easily confused with the much commoner V. locusta. Its fruits are, however, more or less cylindrical with a deep groove on one side and a keel on the other. Filago lutescens J o r d a n , Red-tipped Cudweed. (i) Snape, arable field, in varying numberssince 1975, TM45, v.c. 25, E M H , 11/7/81.

Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 18 part 4.



(ii) W e s t l e t o n . on h e a t h l a n d , TM46, v.c. 25, J W . 1981. R e c o r d e d f r o m this parish in H i n d ' s Flora. This plant is included in the British Red D a t a B o o k , which lists the 321 rarest species in G r e a t Britain. Artemisia verlotiorum L a m o t t e , Verlots' Mugwort. B e y t o n , o n verge of A 4 5 , T L 9 6 , v.c. 26. E M H , 7/81. H b . E & M H . First record for W e s t Suffolk. Easily distinguishable f r o m A. vulgaris, even f r o m a moving car. by its clumps of tall u n b r a n c h e d stems and dark green leaves. Doronicum spp. In J u n e 1981 a batch of Doronicum material f r o m Suffolk was sent t o D r . A . C. Leslie for d e t e r m i n a t i o n , following his request f o r specimens in B . S . B . I . N e w s N o . 27. T h e s e , t o g e t h e r with a record m a d e by A C L himself, a r e as follows: Doronicum plantagineum L. var. excelsum N. E . B r o w n . Plantain-leaved Leopard's-bane. (i) W y v e r s t o n e , roadside, T M 0 6 , v.c. 26, A C L , 22/4/77. (ii) S a x m u n d h a m , established in old C h a n t r v G a r d e n , T M 3 6 , v.c. 25, F W S , 18/5/81. (iii) Huntingfield, naturalised in w o o d l a n d , TM37, v.c. 25, F W S , 22/5/81. Doronicum pardalianches L., Great Leopard's-bane. (i) P a k e n h a m , naturalised in old pit, TL96, v.c. 26, E M H , 3/5/81. (ii) B a t t i s f o r d , naturalised in w o o d l a n d . Hascot Hill, T M 0 5 , v.c. 25, E M H , 19/4/81. K n o w n h e r e by F W S since 1930. Senecio x londinensis Lousley (S. squalidus L. x S. viscosus L . ) Ipswich, Single plant b e h i n d the Suffolk College, T M 1 4 , v.c. 25, F W S , 1981. H b . E & M H . Tragopogon porrifolius L . , Salsify. (i) W i c k h a m b r o o k , roadside verge, TL75, v.c. 26, D J M , 20/7/81. T h e only recent W e s t Suffolk r e c o r d . (ii) Pakefield Cliffs, p e r h a p s a dozen plants, T M 5 9 , v.c. 25, P G L , 7/6/80. Tragopogon pratensis L. ssp. orientalis (L.) Celak. •Polstead. grassy roadside verge, T L 9 3 , v.c. 26, J C W , 1980. C o n f . E M - R , 5/81. T h e flowers of this subspecies are m u c h showier than those of the native ssp. minor (Miller) W a h l e n b . Its orange-yellow petals are longer t h a n the involucral bracts and are t h e r e f o r e m o r e conspicuous. Hieracium aurantiacum L., O r a n g e H a w k w e e d . B e n t l e y , Clearing in copse, a b o u t 5 plants, T M 1 3 , v.c. 25, C J H , Sept. 1981. Elodea nuttallii ( P l a n c h o n ) St. J o h n . L o u n d , T G 50, v.c. 25, A C J , A u g u s t , 1980. C o m m . D . Simpson. A north A m e r i c a n species of w a t e r w e e d , now t h o u g h t to be replacing the f o r m e r l y c o m m o n E. canadensis. This is the first Suffolk r e c o r d .

Trans. Suffolk

Nal. Soc. 18 part 4.



Natural History,

Vol. 18, Part 4

Potamogeton coloratus Hรถrnern., Fen Pondweed. H o p t o n Fen, TL97, v.c. 2 6 , F W S , 14/7/81. Det. R . C. L. Howitt, 8/81. H b . E & M H . A local species. Puccinellia fasciculata (Torrey) E . P. Bicknell, Borrer's Salt-marsh Grass. Southwold, sluice near Bailey Bridge, TM47, v.c. 25, P G L , 11/7/81. A n o t h e r site for this u n c o m m o n coastal grass. Apera interrupta (L.) B e a u v . , Dense Silky Bent. T h o r p e n e s s , edge. of border, TM45, v.c. 25, P G L , 11/7/81. Conf. A . Copping. Normally f o u n d in the Breckland, this grass is only very rarely recorded f r o m the sandy soils of East Suffolk. Briza minor L . , Lesser Quaking-grass. H a r k s t e a d , arable field, TM13, v.c. 25, E M H , August 1981. First found in this field in 1971. Only Suffolk record. This species is similar to Briza media but is an annual with denser panicles and more n u m e r o u s spikelets. Here it is able to re-seed each year and persist through the cultivation of both root crops and cereals. Bromus rigidus R o t h , Ripgut Grass. Risby, a b u n d a n t at roadside edge of barley field, TL76, v.c. 26, E M - R , 3/6/80. D e t . at Kew H e r b a r i u m . Specimen at Kew. Bromus madritensis L., Compact B r o m e . L a n d g u a r d C o m m o n , Felixstowe, TM23, v.c. 25, A C , 30/5/80. H b . E & MH. Bromus erectus H u d s . , Upright B r o m e . L a n d g u a r d C o m m o n , Felixstowe, TM23, v.c. 25, A C , 1980-81. An interesting and unexpected site for this perennial grass, which normally prefers chalk or limestone grassland. Hordeum marinum H u d s . , Sea Barley. Southwold, near Bailey Bridge, TM47, v.c. 25, P G L , 11/7/81. A n annual species f o u n d on sea-walls and the edges of salt-marshes. While formerly fairly c o m m o n , there are few recent reports of this grass. Scirpus sylvaticus L., W o o d Club-rush. Rattlesden, TL95, v.c. 26, A L B , 11/8/81. Known here since the 1950s. A n elegant club-rush of rare occurrence in Suffolk. O t h e r recent records include Bentley and H o l b r o o k . Dactylorhiza incarnata (L.) Soรถ, Early Marsh Orchid. D r i n k s t o n e , marshy pasture, with D. praetermissa and hybrids, TL96, v.c. 26. E M - R , 18/6/81. Key to contributors Beaumont.Dr. E. Blount, Mrs. F. M. Bull. A . L.


Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc.



Clement, E. J. Copping, A. Green, Mrs. C. A . Harris, Mrs. J. Hawes, C. J. Heathcote, Dr. G. D. Jermy, A. C. Lawson, P. G. Leslie, Dr. A . C . Martin, D. J. Milne-Redhead, E . Pagan, Dr. A . T . Thompson, Mrs. H . S. Westcott, Mrs. J. Williams, J . C . Vaughan, Mrs. I. M.




References Hind, W. M. (1889). Flora of Suffolk. London. Leslie, A. C. (1981). A note on naturalised Doronicum in Britain. B.S.B.I. News, 27, 22. Tutin, T. G. et al., eds. Flora Europaea, 1 - 5 . Cambridge. E . M. Hyde, and M. A . Hyde, Parkside, Woolverstone, Ipswich, Suffolk IP9 1AR. F. W. Simpson, 40, Ruskin Road, Ipswich, Suffolk IP4 1PT.

Trans. Suffolk Nat. Soc. 18 pari 4.

Some Suffolk plant records 1980-81  
Some Suffolk plant records 1980-81