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SOME BRECKLAND FUNGI D Ü R I N G a field-meeting on the Suffolk Breck organised jointly by the Bury St. Edmunds and District Naturalists' Society and the Suffolk Naturalists' Society on 3rd October, 1965, a considerable number of fungi were identified by the leaders, Dr. G. Heathcote, and Messrs. P. Austwick, and W. Byford.

The two lists that follow are of the larger and more readily identified species collected. At Thetford Chase, near Santon Downham, approximate area ref. T L (52) 821883. T h e l e p h o r a terrestris Paxillus involutus P. panuoides Amanita muscaria A. m a p p a


R. atropurpurea R . ochroleuca R . nigricans Lactarius r u f u s L . deliciosus

A. phalloides ' D e a t h C a p ' A. r u b e s c e n e s — ' T h e Blusher ' Hygrophorus hypothejus

C r e p i d o t u s variabilis

H . nigricans Boletus edulis

Tricholoma sulphureum

B. bovinus B. variegatus

Stropharia aeruginosa

Scleroderma Ball '

T r i c h o l o m o p s i s rutilans Tricholoma portentosum Tricholoma terreum G o m p h i d i u s glutinosus

vulgare—' Earth

Laccaria laccata (reddish b r o w n ) L . amethystina (dark violet lilac)

Phallus i m p u d i c u s Lycoperdon p e r l a t u m ( g e m m a tum)—' C o m m o n Puff-Ball ' L. d e p r e s s u m (hiemale) Russula e m e t i c a — ' T h e S i c k e n e r '

M a r a s m i u s confluens (on needles ; delicate)



Collybia maculata

At the King's Forest, near West Stow, Suffolk—approximate area ref. T L (52) 813741. Peziza (Otidea) onotica—' H a r e ' s Ear F u n g u s ' (buff coloured) Peziza a u r a n t i a — ' O r a n g e Peel Elf C u p ' (bright orange) Rhytisma a c e r i n u m — ' T a r S p o t F u n g u s ' (sycamore leaves) Helvella crispa ^eoglossum glutinosum Thelephora terrestris Geaster t r i p l e x — ' E a r t h (the largest species)

Lactarius deliciosus Hypholomafasciculare—'Sulphur T u f t ' <on t r e e stumps) Paxillus involutus P. a t r o t o m e n t o s u s (pine s t u m p s ) Amanita m u s c a r i a — ' Fly Agaric ' A m a p p a _ < False D e a t h C a p . (distasteful b u t not poisonous) A

Star '

p h a l l o i d e s _ . D e a t h C a p - or ' Hell's Angels ' (killed P o p e C l e m e n t V I I and m a n y others)

ists', Vol. 13, Part. 3

158 Transactions of the Suffolk I At the King's Forest, continued Lepiota procera—' Parasol M u s h r o o m ' (in grass near trees ; edible) Fomes annosus—' H e a r t - r o t Fungus' Fomus connatus—on beech bole Phallus impudicus—'StinkH o m ' (flies feed on the sporecarrying mucus) Lycoperdon perlatum (gemmat u m ) — ' Puff-Ball ' Polyporus amorphus P. benzoinus (smells of scented soap) P. stypticus—(used to prevent bleeding) Boletus luteus

T r a m e t e s abietina T . (Polystictus) versicolor T r a m e t e s serialis Stereum sanguinolentum—(on pine wood, exudes a reddish liquid) Agaricus (Psalliota) sylvicola— (slender, delicate-tasting wood mushroom) Calocera viscosa—' Fairy Club ' (gelatinous, orange-yellow) Lycoperdon depressum (perlatum)—' C o m m o n Puff-Ball ' L.

hiemale—(small ' spines ' only) G o m p h i d i u s glutinosus Collybia (Marasmius) drvophila

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Some Breckland Fungi  

Some Breckland Fungi  

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