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THOUGH I am no entomologist I have found it interesting to capture those moths that come into the house, attracted by the light. With the help of South's pocket guide I am able to identify most of them, and do not record any that I am doubtful of. T h e list appended is therefore a very limited one in all respects but may perhaps be of interest. BUTTERFLIES

Butterflies were very scarce here in the spring—in fact tili the last week of July. Thereafter they were much as in other years I saw none in the garden tili 25th April—a small Tortoiseshell my first Red Admiral on 22nd May, and the first Cabbage Whites on the 9th June. Whites were plentiful in the fourth week of July. Pamted Ladies on 16th August, 2nd September, and 28th September. Commas on 8th and l l t h September. Gatekeeper on 5th August (two). MOTHS

Antler : 26th July. Archer's Dart : 27th June, lOth, 23rd, and 29th July. Barred Straw : 8th August. Black Arches : 4th August for first time in twelve years. Blood Vein : 26th July (four), 29th July. Brimstone : 21st and 22nd May. Brown Tail : 23rd July for first time in twelve years. Buff Ermine : 12th June. Burnished Brass : 29th July. Campion : 23rd July (two). Clay : lOth, 22nd (two) and 23rd July (two), 7th August. Common Quaker : 6th May for the first time in twelve years. M y first capture of the year. Common Wainscot : 22nd (two) and 28th July, 8th August. Crescent : 23rd and 26th July first time in twelve years. Dark Arches : 23rd and 3Ist July (two). Dark-barred T w i n Spot Carpet : 26th July. Dark Spinach : 3Ist July, 7th August. Dark Sword Grass : 9th August.



of the Suffolk


Vol. 13, Part 2

Dog's Tooth : 9th August. Dot : 27th June. Drinker : 29th July (two), 3rd and 7th August. Dusky Sallow : 3Ist July, 5th, 7th (two), 8th (two), and 9th August. Ear Moth : lOth August for first time in twelve years. Flame : 27th June (two). Galium Carpet : 9th August (two). Garden Carpet : 27th and 3Ist July. Garden Tiger : third week July, from Orford. Herald : 29th July. Knotgrass : 15th June. Läppet : 27th June. Large Yellow Underwing :

28th July

usually one of rrty

commonest captures. Latticed Heath : 26th July, lOth August. Lesser Yellow Underwing : 3Ist July. Light Arches : 27th June. Mottled Beauty : 26th June (two), lOth, 26th, and 28th July. November M o t h : fourth week October. Poplar Hawk : lOth July. Silver Y : 25th July, 7th and 12th August. Small Blood Vein : 29th July. Smoky Wainscot : 25th July. Southern Wainscot : 26th July. Swallow-Tailed : 2Sth July (two). T a w n y Speckled Pug : 8th August. T w i n Spot Carpet : 23rd July. White Ermine : 3Ist May, 6th and 27th June.

Lepidoptera near Woodbridge in 1964  
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