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MOVEMENT OF WHITE BUTTERFLIES S . BEAUFOY FURTHER observations have been made of the movement of White butterflies at the County Cricket Ground at Worcester (Beaufoy, 1962). Again the species observed were Large White (Pieris brassicae, L.), Small White (P. rapae, L.) and possibly Greenveined White (P. napi, L.).

20th, 21 st, 22nd May, 1964 Light westerly breeze Direction of No. of flight butterflies N 5 N.E. 6 E. 19 S.E. 9 S. 3 S.W. 2 12 w. N.W. 7

2nd, 3rd, 4th Sept., 1964 Very light variable breeze Direction of No. of flight butterflies N 2 7 N.E. E. 8 S.E. 13 6 S. S.W. 6 w. 15 N.W. 6

A Statistical analysis of these figures shows that there was in neither occasion any significant movement in one direction. In September, 1962, however, there was a significant movement from North to South.


Beaufoy, S. (1962). M o v e m e n t of W h i t e Butterflies. Nat. Soc. 12 : 193.



Movement of White Butterflies  
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