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THE formation and moulding of the small Valley, the Pouch east of the Trimley Churches is of some local interest. In prehistoric times a fairly large area of Trimley, the part known as Trimley Heath, must have been marshy with a large lake. There are extensive deposits of brickearth and formerly a brickyard and brick kiln existed. The surplus water from this lake drained into this little valley and produced the deepened Channel we see today. The Fleet is partly natural and belongs to this old system. There is another smaller area of brickearth near Kirton and the lake or marsh which also once existed drained into the deep and charming valley of Falkenham Brook. The Crag Pits of these Valleys are overgrown but were once important for their fossils, especially the remains of species of deer now extinct. The Crag deposits are, of course, of much earlier age than the Brickearth. FOR


At Ipswich, in the Derby Road, Foxhall Road, Henslow Road area, west to the Woodbridge Road, almost to the Lattice Barn, there existed in prehistoric times a series of lakes. These drained into the valley by St. Augustine's Church and the Bixley Decoy Ponds. The Decoy Ponds are partly ancient and belong to this prehistoric system. It is also probable that the pond on Rushmere Common is natural and existed, but was much larger, in these ancient times ; areas of brickearth are found close by at Kesgrave. Early man lived by these lakes and the late Miss Frances Layard found many fine palaeolithic hand-axes in excavations at the Derby Road Brickyard. Implements have also been found from time to time in the gardens of Henslow Road. I do not know of any finds at Trimley in the Brickearth but implements or other evidence of prehistoric man might be discovered if the right areas were excavated.

The Pouch Meadow, Trimley  
The Pouch Meadow, Trimley