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THE DIPTERA OF SUFFOLK. (Continued from Vol. XI, Pt. IV, page 320) by W.

S . GEORGE a n d A . E .



Genus :




Speeles :*pedissequum, Harris. Coe mentions that the larva hibernates and is possibly aphidiphagous but it was bred from a wasps nest at Tostock in June, 1897 (Tuck and Bloomfield) West Stow (Nurse). Ipswich dist. (Bennett). Stowmarket 1946 (Aston Stowmarket 29.viii.48 (George) Aldeburgh Walpole 22.vii.51. Haiesworth 10.viii.51. Badley and at rubus there, 19.vii.19. Bentley Woods Heracleum fl.solus Rushmere, 20.ix.23. Monks Soham paddock 14.vm.44. In sun 2 p.m. Lowestoft garden, Herringfleet Hills, 2.30 p.m. in sun, N f k 5 viii 30 Lyndhurst, NF,14.viii.27. NF, IsleofWight,'.07'. *citrofasciatum, Deg. 2 males at Haiesworth, 23 29 v 59 (George) Tostock, June, 1898 (Tuck). Timworth, Bradfield, May, 1960, 10 (Nurse). Bentley Woods in meadow 22 v 18 26.V.28, 20.V.28. Buttercup flower, Blythburgh Wood' l l Z A 5 ' s Z t p t h e a t h Blythburgh Wood, 27.V.45. Barton Mills 3.V.23. Helpstone, Northants, Framlingham,

Genus : LEUCOZONA, Schiner.


Species : *lucorum, L. Early stage unknown (Coe). Ipswich C o m m o n Tf' ^ T f l ^ Timworth (Nurse). Framlingham July 1946 (Aston). Leisten, Blythburgh, Haiesworth, Tunstall in 1958 on 5 vi and 1959 6.v, 28.v and rarer (George). Bred from full-grown larvae in nests of Bombus terrestris at Tostock m 1897 (Tuck, who also took the imago there in May, 1899). M b shrubbery on bramble shoots possiblv lookine for aphids at 3.30 p.m., 30.V.13. Barham, On angelica Brandeston, 24.viii.44. M S, on window 13 Chediston on ransoms, 28.V.45. Letheringham, 1 3 v 2 1 Onehouse Wood, Brandon Staunch 24v23 Brandeston Wood, ll.v.44. M S lanes, 12.V.21. In wood Covehithe on campion, Crookham, Berks, 19 v.1893 Louth, Devon, 19.V.44. Waterford,


404 Genus :





Species : *selenitica, Meig. Rare. Westleton, 5.ix.58 and Aldeburgh, 14.vii.59 (George). Orford, 1903 (Gibbs). Icklingham, Tuddenham, July, Aug. (Nurse). Male taken at Sandy Lane, Ipswich, l.viii.1902 (Bennett). Cransford, 5.viii.23. E. Cliff, 26.vii.24. Southwold, 31.vii.24. Holmbury, 21.ix.04. Otterburn, Hants, 15.vii.32. Minstead, N.F. 15, 17.vii.25. Pignell, NF, 17.vii.32. Devon, 44. *pyrastri, L. Has been bred from lepidopterous pupa and is also aphidiphagous (Coe). Has melanic form of female. Bred from larva found on Achillea millefolium at Timworth (Nurse). Must have swarmed at Southwold, 1900, for larvae of Plusia gamma upon which they were parasitic (cf. EMM, 1900 p.244) were in thousands on and at base of cliffs (CM). Preyed on by Mellinus arvensis (Boreham). Emergences noted at Aldeburgh and Haiesworth as follows :—1951, 20.vii-20.viii. Aug. 3-7, 1952. 10.vii-12.viii, 1955., 1956., 57. 18.vii-16.viii, 1958. 1959, 25.vii-l.viii at least (George). Stowmarket, 19.viii.51 (Aston). At 1600 ft. in Peak Forest, Derbys. 8.vii.35. M S garden, 23.viii.29. Angelica Brandeston, 2.ix.42. Easton Cliff, 26.vii.22. Bawdsey 4.viii.36. Bred from rose Reigate, Blakenham Chalk Pit, 20.viii.29. Gorleston, 3.viii.30. Aldeby Wood, Nfk., 14.viii.34. On chalk Andover Hants, 26.vii.34. Window Lyndhurst NF, 10.vii.29. albomaculata, Macq. Rare unrecorded from Suffolk. Devon, Sept., 1943. Unlocalised specimen July, 1921. Genus :



Species : *fasciata, Macq. Rare aphidiphagous (Coe). Bamham, 25.vii.1911 (Nurse). Hovering in sun on outskirts of Letheringham Park Wood at 2.30 p.m., 15.viii.18. Matley Bog, NF, alneti, Fall. Unrecorded, uncommon. intermedia, Loew. Unrecorded from Suffolk, rare. NF, 16.viii.27 (CM). Genus :



(The genus has many synonyms.)

Species : glaucius, L. Unrecorded from Suffolk. King's Lynn, 1909. Aldercarr Wood, Newstead, Notts., 13.viii.14. Cuckney Hay Wood, Nether Langwith, Newstead, Notts., ll.viii.14. Banchory, ix. 1910 (Elliott). Winster Msh., W.morland, O.W.D. *laternarius, Muell. Blythburgh Wood, l.viii.57 and Melton, (George). Timworth (Nurse). Ipswich dist. (Bennett). Bentley Wood, July, 1894 (Morley). Heracleum



fl. Raydon Wood, 13.vii.41. Angelica fl. Brandeston, 13.viii.42. Several on angelica Brandeston msh., Unusually scarce in June, 43, at MS, Knettishall, Thelnetham. Letheringham Park heracleum, 13.vii.18. Darsham Lane, 15.viii.35. Saxstead Bottom, Aug. 35. Brandeston, 16.vii.21. Orton Wood, Carlisle, 5.vii.37. Alderfen, Nfk., 18.vii.35. Horning, l.vii.24. 9.viii.36, Nfk. Oenanthe Matley Bog, N F , Louisburgh, 15.vii.10. *torvus, O.S. Swarmed in Fen Wood, Blythburgh on 23.iv.59 (W. S. George). Newmarket, 31.viii.1882 (Verrall) Ampton 22.V.1911 and several Apr. 1913, earlier sp. than ribesii Tuddenham, l.v.37, Lowestoft dist. 24.viii.98, Matley). Bog, N F ., Devon, 1944, abundantondockfl.atBrandon,14.vii. 39, N F , 16.viii.27, July, 1932 (Goffe), angelica fl. Brandeston, ll.viii.44, Brandeston Wood, 3.vii.43, Matley Bog, N F . oenanthe, *vitripennis, Meig. Haiesworth, Leiston, Eyke, Aldeburgh, from May 5 (59) to Sept. 9 (58) (George). Specimen flew into spider's web at Norton, Nfk. on 26.ix.13, where it buzzed and was grabbed by spider behind head. C M released it within 3 secs. but was dead 3 mins. later. Newmarket (Verrall), Tostock (Tuck), Timworth (Nurse), female Sept. Ipswich (Bennett), C M rarely caught it but considered it common. Barham at sallow, ll.iv.21, Lowestoft dist., 20.viii.98, Bentley Woods, 20.vii.99, Dunwich, 5.viii.23, Belstead Hill, 20.ix.97, Frostenden, 4.ix.28, bushes Horning, 14.V.28, 10. viii.27 N F , Matley Bog, N F , 25,, Rushpool Alder N F , 7.vii.40 and N F 14.vii.40. Well Hall, Aug., 1945 (Aston). *ribesii, L. At M S CM bred it commonly from larvae eating Aphis mali, Fab., and Rhopalosiphum ribis, L. Mr. George bred it from a full-grown aphidiphagous larva on nettle. The larva was found on and was green with longitudinal cream stripes. A female emerged on 18.vii.59. May, 10-19. viii. 1959. Leiston, Eyke, Halesworth, E. Bridge (W. S. George) In mandibles of Mellinus arvensis Bentley Woods, June 18, 1893 (CM). Frostenden, 4.ix.28, Lowestoft dist., 24.viii.98, on leaf M S garden 25.vii.45, Tud. Fen, 10.viii.28, Monks Wood,, Matley Bog, NF, 16.viii.27, N. Moss, W. Fidley, N F , 6.vii.32, Matley Bog, l.vii.32, YVilversley NF, 16.vii.25, Waterford, *albostriatus, Fall. Framlingham, 5.viii.52, Haiesworth, 15.viii.56, Aldeburgh, 6.viii.59, Westleton 7.viii.59 Haiesworth 5, 12.viii.59 (George). Newmarket (Verrall), not common. Tostock (Tuck), Ampton (Nurse). Ipswich (Bennett), Claydon and Lackford angelica fl. Aug., Bentley Woods, and hovering, and Shrubland,, 23.vii.23. On parsnip fl. in shade Barking Woods, 8.viii.43. Bigot Lane,



Fram., 23.V.42, on gates MS,, Shipmeadow mshes., ,Blythburgh Wood, 18.ix.23, Matley Bog NF, 21.vii.25 and 5.vii.29, NF, hovering 22.vii.40. *grossulariae, Meig. A puparium found attached to underside of sack on ground by Little Wood in Ashfield, 20. viii.42, emerged 5.ix. Brandon, 24.vii.37. Heracleum MS paddock, 12.viii.42. NF, 17, 27.vii.25. Unlocalised, 20.viii. 1896. diaphanus, Zett. Unrecorded from Suffolk, rare. *eligans, Harris. Common from April, 23-May 16 at Blythburgh, Leiston, Haiesworth, hovering 6 ft. from ground like Eristalid (George). Framlingham, Stowmarket, July, 1945 (Aston) Bury dist. (Tuck), Timworth (Nurse), Newmarket (Verrall), Saxham chaerophyllum June, MS May, Bentley Woods :—sitting on holly, 17.V.98, hovering at oak, 5.V.36, 18. v.36, blackthorn bush, lO.v.29, Shrubland Park, Hovering commonly in sun 6 ft. from ground Thelnetham Fen, Monk Park Wood, 22.v.36. Hovering Denny Wood, NF, NF in sun, 28.V.95. NF, *tricinctus, Fall. Male Blythburgh, 7.V.59 (George). Timworth, Tuddenham (Nurse). Sandy bank Bentley Woods, 17.viii.95, oak trunk there lO.v.33 and heracleumfl.,there 3.viii.40. Lackford Bridge angelica 1900 and 10.vii.21. Bigot's lane, Fram., Buttercup fl. Blyth. Wood, 27.V.45. Angelica Fritton, 12.vii.36. Barton Mills, 3.V.23. W. Caistor, Nfk., Nfk., 5.viii.30. Denny Bog, NF cicuta, 5.vii.30, NF, 16.viii.27. *venustus, Meig. Male Blythburgh, 7.V.59 (George). Stowmarket, 1946 (Aston). Bungay, Tostock Aug. (Tuck). Bradfield (Nurse). Ipswich (Bennett). Bentley Woods, May, 1900, bushes 28.V.33. 23.V.31. MS, Redl. Wood, Peterboro., 24.V.26. Foxhall, Barton Mills, 3.V.23. Matley Bog, NF, 3, 5.vii.29, Rhinefields, NF, Swept Stubby, NF, N. Moss. *liinulatus, Meig. Tunstall,, Westleton, 23.vii. 59 (George). Ipswich dist. (Bennett). Flowers Foxhall, June. MS garden, Eriswell, Hovering in lane near Bentley Woods, NF, Rhinefield rhododendron, 32, palings Lyndhurst, 18.vii.32. *nigricornis, Verr. Doubtfully distinct from the above. Male Brandon, 10.vii.1877 (Verrall). Ipswich district (Bennett). rnecogramma, Bigot. Unrecorded from Suffolk. lapponicus, Zett. Unrecorded from Suffolk. arcuatus, Fall. Unrecorded from Suffolk. CM had specimen from Vence, Nice on 29.iii.31.


407 *nitens,Zett. Southwold.27.vii. 1926,Dunwich, 5.viii.23, Frostenden, 4.ix.28. Freckenham, 31.vii.30, Barton Mills' 3.V.23, Brandon, 24.vii.37, Caister, Nfk,., Skegness,', Matley Bog, NF, 22.vii.25, Devon, 1944. *corollae, Fab. Very common for short season in July. Observed hovering amongst low plants but Verrall had neverseen lt do so (W. S. George). Stowmarket, 1948, 51 (Aston). Abundant Newmarket, Tostock, Timworth, Bramford, Foxhall, on ragwort at 9.viii.97, Corton, Carlton Colville, Barnby Broad! swept fromreeds near Easton Broad, Southwoldat dusk, 23.ix.13' Aldeburgh, Bentley Woods 4.viii.99, Ipswich in cop., 28.vii.03,' Commonest species in Ipswich garden preying upon heracleum aphis as 15.vii.98. Thorpe Denes, 22.vii.31, MS, 6.viii.23, Docking, 24.vii.06, Lowestoft District, 24.vm.98, Eastbourne' 22, 27.viii.97. *latifasciatus, Macq. Easily confused with above but a later species. Yoxford, 13.vii.59, Haiesworth, 12.vii.59 (George). Tostock (Tuck), Timworth and West Stow (Nurse), males in July at Ipswich (Bennett), Ipswich Sept. (Elliott), not very comon at Bramford on Clematis vitalbafl.,as at 9.viii.97 and on Southwold cliffs on heracleumfl.,as 28.vii.36. Bawdsey 4.viii.36. Martlesham, 8.viii.23. Bentley Woods glade 2 p.m! 25.vii.43. MS, 2.viii.23. Angelica at Brandeston, 5.ix.42. Higham Station in cop, 13.vii.06. Felden Herts (Piffard). Ryde, ll.viii.02. Calbourne, On heather Brockenhurst, NF, 14.vii.32. Antingham, 31.vii.03. latilunulatus, Collin. Unrecorded from Suffolk. Rare. *luniger, Meig. Has been known to prey on Clisiocampa neustna, L., the Lackey Moth, in the pupal stage (Colyer and Hammond). Preyed on by Mellinus arvensis (Mr. Boreham). Haiesworth Aug., 1944 and 3 specimens on 16.vii.58. Aldeburgh, 4.ix.58. Yoxford, 13.vii.59 (George). Tostock (Tuck) Timworth (Nurse). Newmarket (Verrall). Southwold, Oulton Broad on 24.viii.98, Barnby and about Ipswich as at Foxhall on 10.vm.97. Framlingham, 10.vii.22, MS, 14.vii.44, Benacre, 20.ix.22, Butley Ferry, 3.V.34, angelica Brandeston, 2.ix.42 onleaf atParham, 3.V.29, MS paddock, 16.iv.29, N Cove 21 ix 22, Dalkey, Dublin, 2.vii.l3. annulipes, Zett. Unrecorded from Suffolk. *nitidicollis, Meig. 2 females 1902 : one Ipswich garden July 13th and one Birkfield Lane, Ipswich June 3rd (Bennett). Frostenden, 4.ix.28. Hovering MS orchard, 12.ix. 20. Dunwich, 5.viii.23. Barton Mills, 3.V.28. MS, 9.V.21. Covehithe Church ivyflowers,16.ix.38. NF 10 viii 27 Matley Bog, NF, 22.vii.36.



*balteatus, Deg. Has swarmed in S. England and possibly migrates (Colyer and Hammond). Pupae on cabbage produced Ichneumon Bassus multicolor, Grav. (Kerrich). Preyed on by Mellinus arvensis (H. J. Boreham). Bred Ipswich, 1893 (CM). Bred on cabbage Godalming, 27.vii.42 (Latter). Mr. George considers it really seen everywhere, on following dates :—7.viii.49, 9.vii.50, 26.vii.-14.ix.51, 15.vii-8.viii.52, 16.viii-13.ix.56, 7.vii-12.ix.57 (Skye on 18-22.ix.57). 12.vi7.ix.58, onwards through ix.59. Bred at Haiesworth, 19.viii.51 Horning, (W. S. George). Stowmarket 20.viii.51 and Dulwich Village exceptionally early on 17, 24.iv.59 through to early October, 3rd at least 1959 (Aston). Newmarket, Tostock, Timworth, Bentley, Foxhall, Dodnash, Ipswich, 29.viii.95, Brandon, Sept. 1896, Holbrook, Alderton. Mariesford, Yoxford, Theberton, Sudbourne, Lackford, Barton Mills. Slain by Mellinus arvensis (CF., EMM. 1910, p.144) on Pakefield Cliffs in Aug., 1908. MS lanes fl., 6.viii.42, MS, 11, 12.viii.23. MS light, 20.vii.31. B. Moss. Surrey (Dr. Chapman). Margate, 12.viii.23. Devon, ix.43. Framlingham during July, 1940's (Aston). 17.viii.08, Caistor. *auricollis, Meig. Tostock (Tuck), Timworth (Nurse), Newmarket (Verrall), uncommon on fl. at Barham as umbels on 30.vii.97 and Wangford Woods as 13.ix.32 and Bentley Woods as 10.viii.95 and 22.V.31. Ipswich (Bennett). Has swarmed in S. England. Covehithe Broad, 10.ix.28. Dunwich, 5.viii.28 NF, 10, 12, 16.viii.27. Calbourne, Aldeburgh, 20.vii. 58 (George). *var. maculicornis, Zett. Ipswich (Bennett). var. nigritibia, Rond. Unobserved. *cinctellus, Zett. Blythburgh, Eyke, Leiston very common in season which is early 26.iv-28.v.59, but it re-appears July Sept. (George). Bury dist. Aug. 1897. Timworth (Nurse). Ipswich dist. (Bennett). Angelica fl. Brandeston, 12.ix.42. MS paddock blackberry fl., lÜ.viii. 17. Staverton Thicks, 22.viii.18. MS in wind, 24.V.40. Horsham St. Faith, 27.viii. 03. NF,, 2.vii.40, 13.vii.32 under oak, on cicuta, 24.vii.30, Denny Bog,, 23.vii.32. *punctulatus, Verr. Singly about Newmarket (Verrall). Common Timworth, Ampton in May and end of April (Nurse). Male Ipswich, 1893. Very numerous on anemone flowers at Letheringham on 16.iv.40. nigritarsis, Zett. Unrecorded. Scotland. *annulatus, Zett. One male Newmarket garden, May, 1895 (Verrall), Ipswich (Bennett). Culford and Ampton (Nurse). Blakenham Chalk Pit fl., 20.viii.29. Ryde, 11. viii.02. Rhinefield, NF,



malinellus, Collin. Unrecorded. Rare. *vittiger, Zett. Ipswich dist. 1908 (Bennett). Both sexes Troston, 16.V.1910 (Nurse). lineola, Zett. Unrecorded, uncommon. *cinctus, Fall. One male in Newmarket garden July, 1883 (Verrall). Brandon (Nurse). Matley Bog, NF, 3.vii.29. euchromus, Kow. Unrecorded, uncommon. *triangulifer, Zett. One female Newmarket garden early June, 1897 (Verrall). Barsham, 5.viii.33. Shrubland, 17.viii.25. Caister, Nfk., 27.viii.32. *guttatus, Fall. One femaleNewmarket garden, 1896 (Verrall). Bred Troston from sprucefir-cone,30.V.1911 (Nurse). Tea table MS garden, 25.viii.28. MS window, 10.vii.21. Shrubland, 23.vii.23. N. Cove marsh, 28.viii.32. Swept in a bog at noon in Blythburgh Wood, 29.iv.45. CM had eight specimens per Dr. Fordham, vi-viii.25. *lasiophthalmus, Zett. One Tostock, 1897 (Tuck). Tuddenham (Verrall). Common Ampton and Livermere April (Nurse). Coltishall, 21 .vi. 18. *qnadrimaculatus, Verr. 4 specimens at Ampton, April, 1909 (Nurse) Taken at Grange-over-Sands by Dr. Korohan in coli. C.M. *barbifrons, Fall. Ampton common sallow blossom early April (Nurse). Specimens from Surrey by Capron in coli. CM. arcticus, Zett. Unrecorded. Uncommon (Coe). *u?nbellatarum, Fab. Tostock (Tuck). Timworth (Nurse). Regularly on angelicaflowersat Foxhall in September as on 13.ix.03. Blackthornfl.Bentley Woods, lO.v.29. Framlingham, Rishangles angelicaflowers,23.viii.20. MS in paddock, 19.viii.42. MS lanes, 27.ix.38, 2.X.42. Thorndon, 16.viii.26. Lowestoft, 20.viii.98. Helpston, Thelnetham, 23.ix.40. Heracleumfl.Great Redisham churchyard Sfk., 24.ix.20. In waterfalls Gelt Woods, Cumberland l.vii.27. Well Hall, London, August, 1945 (Aston). ericarum, Collin. Unrecorded. Scotland, rare (Coe). *labiatarum, Verr. Barton Mills, Aug. 1883 (Verrall). Tostock (Tuck). Timworth (Nurse). Ipswich dist. (Bennett). Moulton, Shrubland, 15.viii.24. Thorndon, 27. viii.26. Frostenden, 4.ix.28. Barking Woods, 7.vii.41. Heracleumfl. Brandeston, 17.vii.41. MS lanes, 12.viii.41. Heracleum Ventnor, Isle of Wight, *compositarum, Verr. Ipswich dist., 1908 (Bennett). Frostenden blackthorn fl., 19.iv.37. 6 specimens from Dr. Fordham in coli. CM.



Subfamily : Genus :




Species : *festivum, L. Smart found the puparium under turf in April (Coe). Common about Timworth (Nurse). Ipswich (Baylis and Bennett). Bungay and bred from full-grown larvae in nest of Bombus lapidarius at Tostock (Tuck, Ent. Mon. Mag. 1896, p.155). Male at Wherstead, June, 1902 (Bennett). Rare on angelica fl. as at Claydon Bridge on 10.ix.98 and M S garden, June, Aug. 1918 and September. Framlingham, 10.vii.22. Brandeston angelica fl., ll.viii.44. Freckenham silaus fl., 24.vii.37. Matley Bog, N.F., 16.vii.36. Stawell Hill, 16.vii.33. Devon, Sept. 43. Barton Mills angelica fl., 27.viii.27. Haiesworth, On ragwort fl. Sandpit Fornham, Sfk., 1.30 p.m., female, 13.viii.20. On heracleum fl., 6.viii.l8. Letheringham Old Park Wood. Stowmarket 1944 (Aston). *vernale, Loew. M S paddock on Heracleum fl., 26. vii.1943. On wet mud Stubby, N F , *bicinctum, L. Beling found the larva in compost and the Genus is reputed to develop in rotten wood (Colyer and Hammond). Barton Mills, l.viii.51 (George). Framlingham, July, 1946 (Aston). Bury dist. (Tuck). Timworth and West Stow (Nurse). Ipswich (Bennett). Framlingham, 7.viii.52 (George). Herefordshire, (George). Not uncommon at Chaerophyllum and Spiraea fl. at Blakenham, Brantham (as at 5.vii.99 Aying by hedge, on chaerophyllum, 5.vii.99 and 9.viii.97) and Bentley Woods as on 26.vii.97 on meadowsweet in pm., and on clover, and on 2.viii.97. Frostenden, 30.vii.26. Thorndon, l.viii.22. Norfolk, 9.viii.36. Monks Wood, Hunts., Chaerophyllum fl. Hatfleld, Surrey (Capron). M S west window, 26.vii.47. Heracleum fl. M S 5.viii.48. N F , 26.vii.19, Fidley, Stubby, Wareham Heath, Dst., 13.vii.38. Starwell Hill, 16.vii.33. *arcuatum, L. Coe states that it is frequent in Scotland but rare elsewhere, May-Sept. Mr. Morley had specimens from Bentley Woods and M S rare in late July and August but inspection of his specimens has left us in some doubt about his determinations. *cautum, Harris. T h e male genitalia are not symmetrical (Colyer and Hammond). 2 females Walpole Lane, One male and two females Leiston, 28.V.59. Male Leiston, Hedge Brantham, 5.vii.99. M S paddock, Mells, Redisham hedges, 25.V.45. M S lanes, Wistow Hunts., 25.V.30. Rumburgh lane, 16.V.45. Wenhaston marsh, 26.V.43. M S paddock heracleum



fl., ll.viii.41. Sudbury, 29.V.98. Bentley Woods, 30.V.03. Barham, 30.V.03. Linstead Magna, Blythburgh Workhouse, 27.V.43. Devon, 1944. Bungay common, Bury, Timworth, Newmarket, Woolpit, Southwold. *verralli, Collin. MS paddock, 3.vii.44 and 21.viii.41 on heracleum there. Thorndon Fen, 15.vii.44. MS, 2.viii.23. Bentley Wood, ll.vii.02. Mr. Morley's determination of this species may not be correct. *octomaculatum, Curtis. Taken at Tostock, June, 1896, and bred from bees' nest, 1897 (Tuck). Singly at Barham and Bury in August (Nurse). Ipswich dist. (Bennett). CM.'s records are omitted on grounds of doubt. *elegans, Loew. Uncommon Norfolk southwards MaySept. (Coe). Osier-bed angelica Stowmarket, August, 1948 (Aston). Ipswich dist. 1908 (Bennett). *latilimbatutn, Collin. Fritton Marsh, 10.viii.36. Southwold Cliffs on heracleum, 25.vii. 1900. NF, 9.viii.01. Horning 1.vii.24. NF, The identitity of CM.'s specimens of the last 4 species must remain at the moment sub judice, for determination presents problems to us that are at the time of writing insoluble.

SYRPHIDAE :—subfamilies




91 species (Coe and Parmenter) plus 2 species (Kloet and Hincks). (Syrphus nigricornis, Verrall). (Paragus albifrons, Fallen). TOTAL

:—93 species in Britain, 70 in Suffolk as at l.viii.1959. (To be continued)




Marigold, Linden Road, Aldeburgh.




1 Aysgarth Road, Dulwich Village, London, S.E. 21.

The Diptera of Suffolk. Part 2  
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