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THE DIPTERA OF SUFFOLK (Continued from Vol. ix, Pt. i, p. 21.) FAMILY

xxv :


(For references see Trans. Supra Vol. ix, p. 22. Except where otherwise stated the records are from the collection of Claude Morley. M S denotes Monks Soham. N F denotes New Forest. * denotes Suffolcian.) Genus : THRYPTICUS. Species : *T. bellus Lw.—Southwold 25.vii.01. Tuddenham 27th June (Collin). Ormesby (Verrall). Fakenham June 1913 (Nurse). Genera :



Genus : RHAPHIUM. Species : R. longicorne Fall.—Killarney Carrantosh Louisburgh 18.vii.10. N.F. 25.V.1895. 13, 18, 19, vi.07. l.vii.09. Genus : PORPHYROPS. Species : *P. patula Radd.—Southwold 5.vii.08. *P. riparia Mg.—Cromer, 1903. Southwold, 29.V.05. *P. consobrina Zett.—Buss Creek, 28.ix.39. Southwold marshes, May and July. Orford—(King). P. spinicoxa Lw.—King's Lynn, July, 1908. N F , (Not given as a species in Kloet and Hincks). *P. nemorum Mg.—Tuddenham, 19th July (Collin). (Not given as a species in Kloet and Hincks). Genus : XIPHANDRIUM. Species : *X. fasciatum Mg.—Barton Mills, 14. Littlehampton—13.vii.09. *X. brevicorne Curtis.—MS, 26.viii.20. Reydon, 21.ix.28. Staverton, 20.viii.17. Easton Broad, 18.xi.37. Buss Creek, 16.ix.20. Shrubland Park, 27.viii.20. St. Olave's Marshes, 12.vii.28. N F , X. albomaculatum Bck.—(=fissum Lw.)—Horning, Dancing in hundreds over a stream at Matley Bog, NF., 7.vii.30.




monotrichum Lw.—MS., Wangford, 13.ix.12. Easton Broad, 24.ix.13. Abundant on long grass in Salt marshes at Southwold, 29.V.05, 30.iv.10. Buss Creek, 16.ix.28, 25.ix.39.


appendiculatum Zett.—Southwold, 29.V.05. Buss Creek, l.x.39. Staverton, 20.viii.017. Common on low plants near water or marshy places generally (Colyer and Hammond). auctum Lw.—Reydon, 26.ix.28. caliginosum Mg.—A doubtful specimen was swept from alder at Wherstead, 10.V.1900.

*X X.

Genus : SYNTORMON, L W . Species: * S. monilis Walker.—Southwold, 29.V.05, 10.ix.07. Hickling (Verrall). *S. pallipes Fab.—Common coastal species on salty mudflats (Colyer and Hammond). With us at Southwold where it is always common from May to September in the salt marshes, as on 10.ix.07 and 24.V.05, and at Easton Broad, 7.ix.ll. At Lowestoft in June and Aldeburgh in September (Collin). Cromer, August, 1903. Common at King's Lynn (Atmore). *S.

pumilus Mg—Southwold, 29.V.05, 10.ix.07. Aldeburgh, 16th September (Collin). N F . on grass, 2.vii.29, *S. denticulatus Zett.—Unlocalised specimen (possibly from Wherstead) where Mr. Morley was that day— See X. caliginosum) 10.V.1900. Common at Ampton in February, 1913 (Nurse). On MS. windows, 21.viii.19, 25.viii.25. Southwold, 10.ix.07. Easton Broad, 10.ix.12. Buss Creek, 17, 19.ix.13. Frostenden, 16.ix.37. Salisbury, T h e Var. biseriatus Lw., was taken by Verrall in Suffolk (E.M.M., 1905, p. 171.). *S. zelleri Lw.—Walberswick Saltmarshes, 8.ix.28. On Reeds in Easton Broad, 24.ix.13. *S. filiger Verrall.—Woodbridge and Aldeburgh in August and September, 1907 (Verrall). *S. sulcipes Mg.—Southwold, 28.ix.1900. Buss Creek, 16.ix.28. Ipswich, 31.V.1900.

G e n u s : EUTARSUS. Species : *E. aulicus Mg.—Orford (King). Moulton, 29th June (Collin). Barton Mills Woods, NF., 14, 17. vi.07.

56 Genus:



Species : *M. maritima Hai.—Lym. Salt, 11. On house windows overlooking the Orwell at Pin Mill on, and possibly common there in June. Genus :




Species: A.

LW.—None. LW.

einereus Walker.—A doubtful <J a t Thetford, (Verrall, E.M.M., 1905, p. 172).

*A. flavicollis Mg.—Orford (King). Genus:


Genus: NEURAGONA. Species : *N. pallida Fall.—MS., on window, One at Ampton, (Nurse). MS., 2.vii.48,,, on bracken, NF., 15.vii.34. *N. suturalis Fall.—Letheringham, 15.viii.18. Ampton and Thetford during June and July, 1913 (Nurse). One swept in Brandon Marshes, Tuddenham Fen, MS., 14,,, *N. abdominalis Fall.—MS., 9.vii.l4. *N. quadrifasciata Fab.—Eriswell, Ampton, 13 (Nurse). Not rare about King's Lynn (Atmore). Brandon, 8th July (Collin). Westmorland, Genus: DIAPHORUS. Species: * D. oculatus Fall.—MS., 4.viii.05 and 5.ix.l9.; NF.,, Staverton, Tuddenham, 20th July (Collin). Genus:


Species : *C. eipipes Mg.—Aldeburgh and Brandon, July (Collin). NF., ö.viii.Ol. *C. laesus Wied.—Felixstowe, l l t h July (Collin). Orford (King) Tuddenham, July 1913 (Nurse). Winston, 14.viii.18. MS., 23.vii.27. Abundant on orchard leaves at MS., 15.vii.17. NF., July, 1927. Wales, Epsom, *C. palustris Verrall.—Letheringham, 15.viii.18. 14.vii.24. Wales,




*C. neglectus Wied.—An unlocalised example on 1897—presumably from Epsom where M r . Morley was collecting that day. Southwold, 5.viii.08, Eyke 10.vii.17. Barton Mills Oak, Bedfield, 10.viii.18. Brandon in June. Martham (Verrall). Newmarket Garden (Collin). Common in West Suffolk during June and July (Nurse). *C. pulchellus Kow.—Tuddenham in July (Collin). Theberton, 10.vii.1900. Sheringham, Reydon, 26.ix.28. NF., 6.viii.01. Helpston, Staverton, *C femoratus Zett.—Freston, 2.vii.04. Brandon, Ampton (Nurse). NF., ö.viii.Ol,, King's Lynn, July, 1913 (Atmore). *C. cupreus Macq.—Theberton, 10.vii.1900. MS., Newmarket Garden (Collin). Martham (Verrall). Ampton, Timworth (Nurse). King's Lynn, June, 1907. Dalkey, Dublin, 2.vii.l3. Devon, 1944 (Hocken). *C. blepharosceles Kow.—MS., 11, Brandeston, Timworth, 6.vii.l3 (Nurse). I.W., ( = ? Isle of Wight, c.f. gramineus infra at Shalfleet, *C. microcerus Kow.—Thetford (Verrall) teste Bloomfield. Brandon, 17th July (Collin). Somerset, July, 1932. An unlocalised example on 7.vii.l897. *C. gramineus Fall.—Killarney, Louisburgh, 15. 17.vii.1910. Shalfleet, Wissett, Staverton, 20.viii.17. Ryde, ll.viii.02. Brandon, 28.ix.07. Martham (Verrall). King's Lynn (Atmore). Fakenham, June, 1913 (Nurse). MS. on oats, 25.vii.05. MS.,,, NF., 9.vii.09, 19.vii.40. Genus :


Genus: ARGYRA. Species : *A. diaphana Fab.—Martham (Verrall). Common at King's Lynn (Atmore). Ampton (Nurse). Bentley Woods, Occasionally in MS. house and garden as on, 27.vii.23,,,, 29.vii.23,, 30.vii.23. Market Rasen, 12. Denny Wood, NF., Ashfield, 31.V.21. Heveningham Park, 27.yn.42. " Large and common, gleaming in sunlight" (Colyer and Hammond).



*A. argentina Mg.—Staverton Thicks, Eyke, 10.vii.17. MS., 26.viii.39. Orford (King). West Stow in June and July, 1913 (Nurse). King's Lynn (Atmore). Martham (Verrall). Cläre Island, July, 1910. Louisburgh, 17.vii.1910. I.W., *A. argyria Mg.—on windows at MS., 5,, 27.V.14, 21 .viii. 19, 5.vii.l0, Parham Wood, 12.viii.18. Unlocalised example on NF., 5.viii.01, 13.vii.25. Orford (King). In June at Timworth and Ampton (Nurse). Common about King's Lynn (Atmore). *A.

leucocephala Mg.—Parham Wood, 12.viii.18. MS., 15.viii.20, on windows MS.,, MS.,, 6.vii.23. Barton Mill, 7.vii.20. MS., Bentley Woods, 30.V.42. Horning, l.vii.24. Common at King's Lynn (Atmore). Fritton during June, 1881 (Verrall). Orford(King). Ipswich (Bennett). Bury and Ampton in 1913 (Nurse). Banks of the Gipping in June. NF., 5.viii.01, 7.viii.01. Louisburgh, 17.vii.1910.

A. elongata Zett.—NF., *A. atriceps Lw.—Eyke, 10.viii.17. *A.


confinis Zett.—MS., 16.viii.20. 15.viii.18. I.W.,



Species : *L. vestita Wied.-—Letheringham, 15.viii.18. Orford (King) Timworth (Nurse). Tuddenham 27th June (Collin). Common at Heacham, Norfolk (Jenkinson). Wales, Walberswick Marsh, 8.ix.28. Blythburgh Wood, 17.ix.36. An unlocalised specimen, 20.viii.17. Genus:


Species : *C. picticornis Zett.—Brandeston Marshes, Ipswich district, 1908 (Bennett).


*C. magiiis Lw.—" On July 9th, 1894, I took a pair of this extraordinary species at Bawdsey " (Verrall, Emm, 1905, p. 194). Not uncommon on Suffolk coast mud (Verrall). *C. scambus Fall.—On water weeds by Gipping at Sproughton, 5.iv.l897. Brandon, 28.ix.07. Mildenhall, 25.ix.07. Frostenden, 26.ix.37. Martham (Verrall). King's Lynn (Atmore).



C. curvipes Fall.—On pond weeds at Westerfeld, 1895, 4th April. King's Lynn (Atmore). The Broads (Verrall). Tuddenham and Brandon in June and July (Collin). Orford (King). Timworth and common in February at Ampton (Nurse). Svvept commonly at Mildenhall and Brandon in late September as on 25.ix.07. Eyke, 10.viii.17. An unlocalised specimen on 12.iii.1895. *C. loripes Hai.—Blythburgh Wood, 24.ix.35. *C. armatus Zett.—Lowestoft,—Verrall (In British Museum). Orford (King). Common in Southwold Salt Marshes, 19.ix.13. Easton Broad, 24.ix.13. Covehithe, 20.ix.28. *C. pectinulatus Lw.—" I caught 8 ( J and $) of this little species at Brandon on July lOth, 1877 (Verrall). Mildenhall, 25.ix.07. Blythburgh, 25.ix.13. Brandon, 28.ix.07. Southwold, 17.ix.13. Easton Broad, 24.ix.13. Two unlocalised specimens on 16.iv.1895, 28.iii.04. *C. compeditus Lw.—Found on mud of Suffolk coast, September, 1907 (Verrall). Genus: SYMPYCNUS. Species: *S. spiculatus Gerst.—Killaloe, Tipperary, Mildenhall, 25.ix.07. Brandon,, and Minsmere, 22.ix.13. Southwold, 19,ix.13. NF., 5. vi. 36. *S. annulipes Mg.—Common at Southwold, September, 1919, 21.ix.20, 22.ix.39, l.x.39. Frostenden, 16.bc.37. Easton Broad, 24.ix.13. Potter's Bridge, 20.ix.13. Blythburgh Wood, 16.ix.37. Killaloe, Louisburgh, 17.vii.10. MS., 26.iv.16, 17.vii.17. Common about Brandon and Henstead. The Broads (Verrall). King's Lynn, September, 1907 (Atmore). Newmarket Garden (Collin). Orford (King). Common in West Suffolk (Nurse). *S. aeneicoxa Mg.—Ampton (Nurse. Orford (King). Southwold, 19.ix.13. Oulton Broad, 22.ix.13. Genus :


Genus: TEUCHOPHORUS. Species : *T. monacanthns Lw.—Orford (King). *T. spinigerellus Zett.—Brandon and Tuddenham in July (Collin). Orford (Bloomfield). Genera :





Genus: MICROMORPHUS. Species : M. albipes Zett.—Shepwick Park, Somerset, July, 1932. Norfolk Broads and Cromer (Verrall). Genus: CHRYSOTIMUS. Species : *C. molliculus Fall.—Freston on Digitalis purpurea in wood in July, 1904" King's Lynn, August, 1912 (Atmore). Sheringham (Morley). Brandon, 10.vii.1877. (Brit. Mus. Coli, et Emm, 1905, p. 248) (Verrall). NF.,, 18,vii.36, 25.vii.36, 19.vii.36. Unlocalised, 10.viii.02. C. condnnus Zett.—Unlocalised, 17.vii.04, possibly near Ipswich. Genus: LAMPROCHROMUS. Species : *L. elegans Mg.—Orford (King). 15.viii.18. Brandon, Wales, 12.vii.39.

Letheringham, NF., 22.vii.36.

Genus: XANTHOCHLORUS. Species : *X. ornatus Hai.—Sheringham, August, 1903. Helpston, Letheringham, 13.ix.20. Abundant at Barton Mills,, 7.vii.20. windows, August. Ampton (Nurse). Common about King's Lynn (Atmore). Fritton, June, 1881 (Verrall). Newmarket and Brandon (Collin, et Emm, 1905, p. 248). *X. tenellus Wied.—Barton Mills, 14. Eriswell, Brandon, 26.vii.37. NF., 17.vii.07. MS., 5.viii.l0, 28.viii.20,, 30.vii.39, Not uncommon in Suffolk (Verrall, Emm 1905, p. 248). Orford (King). Newmarket Garden (Collin). Common about King's Lynn (Atmore). Elvedon and West Stow, July, 1913 (Nurse.) Bramford, MS., 10.vii.19, 24,, and 1, 8, 10, 13, 14, 22.vii.43. G e n u s : SCIOPUS. Species : *S. platypterus Fab.—Helpston, Bedfield, 10.viii.18. East Cliff, 13.vii.24. Frostenden, 27.vii.24. Barton Mills, 14. Brandon, 26.vii.37. MS., windows, 10, 3.ix.42, 7.vü.28, 12,.viii.29, Staverton,, Brandeston, Sitting commonly on bushes in Bentley Woods,,,, Common at Ampton and Timworth in June (Nurse). Common at King's Lynn (Atmore).



NF., Grovely, Wilts, Salisbury, Cromer, August, 1903. NF., 18.vii.32,, 5.vii.32, 15, Killarney, Killaloe, Dalkey, Dublin, 2.VÜ.13. Common in summer on tree-trunks and hedgerows (Colyer and Hammond). *S. wiedemanni Fall—Brandon Heath, 7.viii.l3. Brandon (Staunch), June. Orford (King). Cromer, August, 1903. Newmarket Garden, sparingly in July (Collin). Tuddenham in June and July and not rare in West Suffolk (Nurse). Common at King's Lynn (Atmore). *S. loneulus Fall—Brandon, 16th July (Collin). Brandon, Orford (King). MS., 20.vii.31. Staverton, Bentley Woods, Theberton, 10.vii.1900. NF., 5.vii.40 24.vii.36. King's Lynn—not common, September, 1907 (Atmore). *S. laetus Mg.—Orford (King). *S. contristans Wied.—(Not mentioned in Kloet and Hincksunless(?)=man^'m«jBeck). Brandon, June, 1908. East Bridge, 10.vii.1900. Tuddenham Fen,, Bentley Woods Meadow, Uncommon in Newmarket Garden and at Brandon in July (Collin). Orford (King). Occasionally at King's Lynn (Atmore). *S. loewii Beck.—Boyton Fen, August, 1907 and July, 1908 common (Verrall). Genus: HERCOSTOMUS. Species : *H. cretifer Wik.—Orford (King). supra. Vol. ix. p. 26.

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Genus: ORTHOCERATIUM. Species: O. lacustre Scop.—Insect at S.N.S. Trans. Supra Vol. ix, foot p. 29, one taken at Lowestoft in June, 1881 (Verrall), and Hunstanton and King's Lynn, September, 1908 (Atmore). DOLICHOPODIDAE, Long-headed Flies: species, 151 in Suffolk. D O R O T H Y WALKER.


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