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T h e Blue-bordered Carpet (Plemyria bicolorata Hufn.). One on July 11. T h e Clouded Magpie (Abraxas sylvata Scop.). One only on July 13. T h e Bordered Echium Ermel (Ethmia bipunctella Fabr.). One on August 9. G . J.



LEPIDOPTERA OF THE SUFFOLK COAST, 1956 Hopes that 1956 would prove a fine year for Lepidoptera were lowered as the year continued and the sunshine decreased. A Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta L.), a Silver Y moth (Plusia gamma Ls.) both in late May, and two Painted Ladies (Vanessa cardui Ls.) at Haiesworth in early June raised hopes of more migrants to follow which were never fulfilled. However, there were many fine days, if not fine spells, and many resident species were observed. T h e High Brown Fritillary (Argynnis cydippe L.) was at Blythburgh, three on July 5 and two on July 12 (all males !). One White Admiral (Limenitis Camilla L.) was seen there on July 20, and a worn specimen on August 2. Blythburgh remains the only place where I have observed the Comma (Polygonia c-album) L.) for several years, this year five were seen between August 9 and 23. Following a S.E. wind, an exhausted male Brimstone Butterfly (Gonopteryx rhamni L.) was found on driftwood on Thorpeness beach on Sept. 23, raising the slight possibility of Continental •origin. j A Varied Coronet moth (Hadena compta Fabr.) at my porch light on July 17 (over my Sweet Williams) confirms that Aldeburgh has been reached by this lately spreading species. Moths taken in 1956 include also an Oak Beauty (Biston strataria Hufn.) at light, April 10, an Iron Prominent (Notodonta dromedarius L.) on Aug. 28, and a Brimstone moth (Opisthograptis luteolata L.) at the late date of Sept. 12, all at Aldeburgh, the Blackneck (Lygephila pastinum Treits.) at Chippenham Fen on July 8, and the Large Emerald (Hipparchus papilionaria L.) at Blythburgh on July 12. WILFRED S .



Lepidoptera of Suffolk Coast, 1956  
Lepidoptera of Suffolk Coast, 1956