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Buffets for birds, homes for hares: Making farmland work for people & wildlife

Samantha Lee, RSPB Senior Conservation Officer Image: Tom Marshall (

Overview Insert pic of farmland with common spp that are in decline?

Image: Ben Andrew (

Key principles • Think landscape, think mosaic • Maintain, restore, create

• Do enough (10%) 6 key points of the farm wildlife 1. existing habitats 2. field boundaries 3. wet features 4. flower rich habitats 5. seed rich areas 6. farmed areas Image: Kevin Sawford (

Priority species

Main image: Andy Hay ( Species images: Andy Hay , Ben Andrew, John Bridges, Chris Gomershall, RSPB, John Thurlow

Turtle dove package • 3 ha seed rich habitat p/100ha TD bespoke seed mix Annually cultivated plots/ margins

• Mature hedgerow & scrub 1000m (or equivalent)

• Source of water e.g. pond, reservoir, lake, scrape • Located within 500m

Image: Jonny Rankin

Nature after minerals


Case study: Solar farm •

54.53 ha development, total fenced solar park 37.49ha

Adjacent to a nature reserve

Target spp TD, YW, TS, P.

The mitigation package: Maintain & enhance existing tree and hedgerow network Maintain existing, establish more rough grassland Establish: 3 ha P&N targeted at TD 2 ha WBSM targeting CB & TS 3.19 ha flower rich grassland 6m annually cultivated margin around field being retained within arable regime Image: Ray Kennedy (

Case study: Housing development • •

216 ha development site on farmland ensure adequate mitigation for farmland birds

The mitigation package:



5 range-restricted declining farmland birds TD, CB, G., L. & YW -

all 4 of the declining generalists: Li, S.,RB,Y.

retain, restore & manage existing scrub & hedgerow Retain, restore, establish & manage areas of rough grassland 21.6ha creation of the following habitat:

8.65 ha WBSM targeting CB

Habitat creation for 2018 breeding season

8.65 ha P&N flower mix targeting TD 4.3 ha cultivated fallow

Image: Andy Hay (

Scrub up!

Images: Turtle dove (Liz Cutting), Peach blossom moth (David Kjaer,, White letter hairstreak (Steve Knell,, Buff-tailed bumblebee (Richard Bedforth,, nightingale (John Bridges,

Contacts Farmland: Samantha Lee, Senior Conservation Officer (Eastern England) Andrew Holland, Conservation Advisor (Cambs & Norfolk Fens) Kerry Skelhorn, Conservation Advisor (Brecks & Minsmere) Emma Stobart, Turtle Dove Conservation Advisor (Essex)

Planning Mark Nowers, Conservation Officer (Essex, Herts, South Suffolk)

Jacqui Miller, Conservation Officer (Officer)

Aggregates / Jenny Oldroyd, Business Conservation Adviser

The RSPB is the country’s largest nature conservation charity, inspiring everyone to give nature a home. Together with our partners, we protect threatened birds and wildlife so our towns and countryside will teem with life once more.

The RSPB is part of BirdLife International, a partnership of nature conservation organisations working to give nature a home around the world.

Making farmland work for Wildlife and People Sam Lee  
Making farmland work for Wildlife and People Sam Lee