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More about the navigation / info panel

The tabs: – The Section tab (default) displays the title of the current section and the titles of the subsections. The current one is highlighted in light green. – Click the Index tab to temporarily display all sections of the module. – Click the Quiz tab to temporarily display the quiz questions of the current section. – Click the PDFs tab to temporarily display the PDF files provided. You may open, view, save or print out any of the PDF files.

This panel on the left has multiple functions.

The progress counter: The progress counter has several numbered boxes, representing the corresponding sections. All boxes may have three appeareances: The corresponding section has been completed. The current section. The corresponding section has not been viewed.

Switch to any section or subsection at any time When completing a learning module, we recommend following the natural sequence processed. However, you can switch to any other section or subsection at any time. Within the current section, you can switch to any other subsection by clicking the title of the desired subsection in the navigation bar. You can also switch to any other section by clicking the progress counter box of the desired section. Note: Switching sections requires a few seconds for the data loading to complete.

Module icon: language symbol and ventilator simulation


Simulator symbol

Language symbol

On the module overview page, all learning modules currently available are presented as icons. Click a national flag symbol to activate the module in the language the flag represents. A computer symbol is displayed in some module icons. Click it to activate the corresponding simulation.


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