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Mechanical ventilation and ventilators



The E-Learning module page

Mechanical ventilation is a critical respiratory therapy to treat severe respiratory insufficiency. It is highly effective to save lives but is also highly complicated. Its patient outcome is heavily dependent upon the relevant knowledge of the medical staff. Therefore, mechanical ventilators should only be operated by sufficiently trained medical professionals. As demand for this therapy increases around the world, it becomes increasingly difficult to provide the conventional classroom style of training to all medical professionals. “E-Learning� refers to the use of a computer, multimedia and the internet to enable people to choose what, when, where and how to learn. Many people around the world can learn simultaneously. To improve quality, coverage and efficiency of end-user education, HAMILTON MEDICAL has introduced its E-Learning service HAMILTON MEDICAL College. The service is free of charge and open to all who complete the registration and log in. The basic learning unit is a learning module (course). Every module covers a specific topic. Most learning modules use a standardized structure with sections and subsections: All sections, except for the first (introduction) and the last section (conclusion), end with a quiz break. There is no intended stop between consecutive subsections, yet data loading may take a few seconds. An E-Learning module can be completed in one visit or several visits. The modules can be revisited as often as desired.

The entire E-Learning module page is divided into five blocks: navigation / info panel, meta elements, graphic display area, control bar and spoken text area.

Currently available modules Ventilation basics modules

Lung ventilation, natural and artificial

Ventilator system concept

E-Learning steps What is needed for E-Learning – A computer or a tablet PC like Apple’s iPad with: a newer version of a browser (Internet Explorer version 7 or higher, Firefox, Chrome or Safari); Adobe Flash Player plugin; and Adobe Acrobat Reader both available free of charge at – Internet access – An internal or external loudspeaker or a pair of headphones – A printer to print the provided PDFs or your certificate. Be sure the printer is configured for your computer.

Landing page

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Step 1: Access the landing page by typing the following link into the address field of your browser: college.hamilton-medical-com. Here you can log in or register.

Registration Step 2: If you do not have an account yet, click “Create a new page account”, fill in the form and click “Register” to create your account. If you already have an account, simply log in.

Module overview page

Step 3: Select an E-Learning module of interest. Click a national flag symbol to initiate the selected module in that language.

Learning module page

Step 4: Click the “Play/pause” button to start viewing. This page is explained in depth in this brochure.

Quiz page

Step 5: Answer the quiz questions at the end of each section. Click “Save” to proceed to the next section.

Quiz overview page

Step 6: At the end of the entire module you get the final score. If you received a passing score, click “Get Certificate” to print out your certificate. Clicking “End this module” will take you back to the module overview page.

Ventilator modules




More about the navigation / info panel

The tabs: – The Section tab (default) displays the title of the current section and the titles of the subsections. The current one is highlighted in light green. – Click the Index tab to temporarily display all sections of the module. – Click the Quiz tab to temporarily display the quiz questions of the current section. – Click the PDFs tab to temporarily display the PDF files provided. You may open, view, save or print out any of the PDF files.

This panel on the left has multiple functions.

The progress counter: The progress counter has several numbered boxes, representing the corresponding sections. All boxes may have three appeareances: The corresponding section has been completed. The current section. The corresponding section has not been viewed.

Switch to any section or subsection at any time When completing a learning module, we recommend following the natural sequence processed. However, you can switch to any other section or subsection at any time. Within the current section, you can switch to any other subsection by clicking the title of the desired subsection in the navigation bar. You can also switch to any other section by clicking the progress counter box of the desired section. Note: Switching sections requires a few seconds for the data loading to complete.

Module icon: language symbol and ventilator simulation


Simulator symbol

Language symbol

On the module overview page, all learning modules currently available are presented as icons. Click a national flag symbol to activate the module in the language the flag represents. A computer symbol is displayed in some module icons. Click it to activate the corresponding simulation.


College displays meta-elements on most web pages. A meta-element is a word or phrase at the top of a web page which you can click to open corresponding pages or windows.

The control bar During playback, the control bar disappears automatically. Move the cursor over the graphic area to redisplay it.



Module overview

My account



Answers to frequently asked questions.


Click the link to go to the module overview page.

Click the link to display “My account” page. You can view and revise the information you provided during registration.

Click the link to open a window where you can write directly to the web master with comments, suggestions or questions.

Click the link to log out from

Play / pause button


Time counter

Audio volume

HD switcher

Indicates the data loading status, shows the completion of the current subsections, and allows you to start playing at any point along the timeline.

Indicates two parameters: on the right is the length of the current subsection and on the left the elapsed time.

Indicates the current audio volume and enables you to mute or adjust it.

HD stands for high definition. Click it to turn HD on, and click it again to turn HD off. HD usually provides a sharper graphic presentation, but also requires a longer data loading time. If your internet speed is sufficiently high, turn HD on. Otherwise, keep HD off. As this function needs time, do not switch the HD function frequently or repeatedly.

Full screen switcher

Controls the module progress.

College provides links to other recommended online services. The first set includes links to 21 valuable online lectures on respiratory physiology and pulmonary pathophysiology by Professor John West, a world-renowned expert in these areas. Other sets will follow.

Quiz and certification Answering quiz questions is optional unless you intend to be certified for completion of the training module. Keep in mind that for every question, one, two or even all three answers can be correct. Select those that you consider to be true and appropriate. While you are learning, you can preview the questions for the current section by clicking the “Quiz” tab. Click the “Skip Quiz” button to skip the quiz for the

current section. After answering the questions, click the “Save” button. In either case, the module will proceed to the next section. When an E-Learning module reaches its end, a quiz overview page is displayed where your overall score as well as your answers to all questions are presented. If your score reaches or exceeds the passing threshold, you can get your certificate in PDF by clicking the “Get Certificate” button.


Enables you to switch between normal screen and full screen. To return to normal view, click the “Esc” key or the symbol again.


Certificate of completion Susan Miller has successfully completed online in-service training

HAMILTON-G5 ventilator Date of completion 2012, September 28


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