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November 2019




Welcome To The November Trinity Spotlight As I am putting this issue together it seems the world around me has definitely changed the leaves are turning orange and either giving us a beautiful display of colour .... or wet and slippery paths where they have already fallen!! Of course the clocks have gone back so it is darker earlier, and the last week has definitely been much colder. I even had to defrost my car one morning this week. It seems like winter is slowly creeping up on us. This time of year is always totally mad and hectic for me. I only have 4 weeks between issues instead of the usual 6 weeks so less time to put everything together. It is the busiest time of the year for my other venture, Body Shop At Home as Christmas approaches. And I have a birthday in early November and then another in early December for my two boys though at nearly 17 and 20 they are really young men these days. When did that happen!! Then finally it is, of course, Christmas. There’s nothing for it but to get my head down, pull up my big girl pants and get stuck into the madness that is November and December. Roll on the Christmas holidays when I can have a break!! I hope you enjoy this issue.

Best Wishes Sue

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Contents 6 Pick A Retirement Hobby While You Are Still Working 10 Hard Sudoku 16 An Update From Councillor Jim Campbell 20 The Gift Of Reading 24 The Importance Of Sleep 30 Can You Bag A Bargain On Black Friday 34 Trinity Community Council 36 These Are The Best Seven-Seater Cars On Sale Today 40 Health - Whee! E Bikes Make You Go So Fast 44 Mini Cryptic Crossword 44 Christmas Posting Dates 47-49 Community Spotlight/Puzzle Solutions 51 Recipe - Chocolate, Almond And Poppy Seed Cake

December 2019 Issue Artwork Deadline - 22nd November Distribution Date - 5th/6th December 4

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HARD SUDOKU HOW TO PLAY Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through to 9 with no repetition! Thats all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reason and logic - there’s no maths involved and no adding up. Its fun. Its challenging Its addictive. (Soln on pg 49) 10


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An Update From Councillor Jim Campbell It is a great privilege being a City Councillor. It gives access to information and understanding that one wouldn’t gain otherwise. Not that much is secret; its just not the kind of information most people would spend time on. And perhaps it’s not made as accessible as it could be. There is an advantage in the contact with influential people in all kinds of roles, though I suspect that advantage can be easily squandered. All of this should help make decisions that are in the best interests of the area and the City. That doesn’t mean Councillors will always agree on what is best, and robust debate can ensue. Nothing wrong with that - its a vital part of our democracy. But as another of the ward Councillors, Cllr Bird, argued this week, it needs to be respectful and focused on the issues, not the individual. Looking back at some previous Council meetings, I think we have some room for improvement. The same arguments apply at all level of our Country. With that in mind, I would like to pay tribute to all the locals in Trinity who have chosen to involve themselves in our Community Councils, the Parent Councils for our schools, Friends Groups for our parks, Church and community based groups, sporting or activities groups or any other local groups trying to make our area a better place to live. We rely on these volunteers to help understand and / or deliver what local communities want. Community Councils, for example, have a statutory role within the planning system, or Parent Councils in selecting and supporting Head Teachers. They go about this with good humour, and great commitment, sometimes in the face of what they see as impenetrable bureaucracy. If you are not already involved with any local groups, and you would like to be, please do take the next step. I believe all this involvement is one of the things that makes Trinity special. Update to Council Website The Council website has been updating to make it easier to use on different devices, and to process on-line requests made more efficiently. In recent weeks new ‘forms’ (the pages where locals make requests) have been introduced for the most popular bits of the website, including missed waste collections. To report missed household wheelie bins, a mygovscot login is needed; communal bins don’t need a login. In general, request relating to a Council Tax account will need a login; shared / communal issues will not. Online report are now passed instantly and automatically to the relevant Council back office systems for action. In the case of waste, a reported missed collection now goes straight to the waste vehicle routing system for a collection to be re-scheduled. This is a huge improvement on the previous system which resulted in lots of manual task. The new system supports optional automatic progress updates. Reports are visible on the website and can be tagged by others, such as a local Councillor, so they too are updated on progress. This should greatly improve the visibility of what locals are telling us isn’t working, in turn helping the Council to direct resources to areas of most concern. For those without online access, the new system will help the Council improve the telephone service, by using exactly the same features, and reducing the volume of calls. Please get in touch to tell me what you think of the new website, or about any other Council matter, by calling me at the City Chambers on 0131 529 4235, or better still, by email: 16

Good Brothers Wine Bar and Kitchen Local Neighbourhood wine bar and kitchen serving drinks and bar bites all week and dinner from Wednesday to Sunday, 5pm until late. Swing by and say hello. 4-6 Dean Street, Stockbridge, Edinburgh,EH4 1LW T : 0131 315 3311 E : W : 17









The Importance Of Sleep … Along with nutrition and exercise, good sleep is one of the pillars of health. You simply cannot achieve optimal health without taking care of your sleep. A good night’s sleep is incredibly important for your health - in fact, it’s just as important as eating healthily and exercising. However, many aspects of the Western environment are interfering with natural sleep patterns - shift patterns, jobs that require communication with people in different time zones, waking in the night and looking at a mobile phone/electronic device, or maybe something closer to home? Studies show that people are now sleeping less than they did in the past, and sleep quality has decreased as well. Nevertheless, there’s no universal definition for sleep quality or how much is enough for each person – some people need a full 8 hours, others manage very well with much less. Every individual has unique needs and preferences, and the answer to how much sleep you need is no different.

By Gillian Dalgliesh

poor sleep affects your ability to recognise important social cues & process emotional information What things can you do to enhance your sleeping pattern? Here are a few evidence-based tips to sleep better at night. Follow a regular schedule: Going to bed at the same time each night helps regulate your inner clock. Create a calming bedtime routine. Minimize caffeine, alcohol and nicotine in the evening. Reduce your use of electronics – phones, laptops etc before bed. Rule out a sleep disorder - If you’ve always struggled with sleep, it may be wise to consult with your doctor. However, sometimes it is worry, anxiety, apprehension, work stress, unhappiness, depression, overwhelm, sadness or a feeling

Good quality sleep may be defined as how long it takes you to fall asleep, how often you wake up during the night, how rested you feel the next day or how much time you spend in different stages of sleep. Because good sleep is necessary to so many aspects of good health, you should make getting enough each night a high priority. I list below some clinically proven effects of poor sleep: Weight gain. Concentration, problem solving skills & poor memory are adversely affected Depression and heightened anxiety The immune function is lowered – increased common colds can result Poor sleep affects the body’s antiinflammatory responses and is strongly linked to IBS, Fibromyalgia, ME, Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis Relationships – researchers believe that 24

Are you struggling to deal with issues in your life? Weight Loss? Anxiety? Stress? Smoking? Phobias? Alcohol? Confidence? If so, then hypnotherapy may be the solution. Find out more about my holistic approach to resolving client’s issues on my website or call me on 07593 082 349 for a free consultation

of powerlessness that keep people awake in the wee sma’ hours. Sometimes you don’t even know what it is. Sometimes you just accept it as just habit – this is just how it is. These are the things that hypnotherapy can help you with. If you would like to call me for a free telephone or in person consultation to find out more then do get in touch. You can see my 50 x 5 star reviews on my website – see ad for other contact details.

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Whee! E-Bikes Make You Go Faster By Tracy Griffen eBikes have a reputation of being a ‘cheat’ bike. Regular cyclists often bemoan electric bikes effortlessly speeding past them, but when it comes to the crunch, are eBikes any good? The Griffen Fitness studio neighbour is Leith Cycle Co, and I’ve been meaning to try one of their Volt eBikes (RRP £1599 to £2699) since they came in stock over two years ago.

potholes) and easy to ride. When on the Ferry Road cycle path, I turned on the motor.

Whee! I flew by other cyclists, carefully, and got to Crewe Toll without effort. Down the path to Granton and through the park to Silverknowles Esplanade. There were few people so I turned it up full and got the hang of the system. Push on the pedals and the bike speeds up with a quiet hum from the motor. Stop pedalling and the motor cuts A sunny autumnal afternoon was ideal opportunity to test ride an eBike, also known out. Brake, both motor and bike stop. Easy. I got to Cramond and back without even by the less catchy name of pedelec (pedal breaking a sweat. electric). When you pedal, the motor kicks in, at one of four different speeds. The Pros rechargeable battery is an integral part of the bike, however you can pedal it as a - You can go fast, easily ‘normal’ bike without assisted power. - Easy on the knees, ergonomic design I started my ride through traffic to the cycle - Excellent for going up hills path without power - it was comfortable, robust with excellent suspension (useful for - Feels robust, builds confidence for those


who are nervous or overcoming injury

Cons - Possible target for bike theft - Cycling is less exercise (this is also a pro) - Need to be more mindful of other road and path users due to unexpected speed I’ve never driven a car, so the speed was liberating (up to 15.5 mph with minimal pedalling). No wonder so many delivery couriers are now using eBikes – it’s a no-brainer for those who have to cycle for work. It’s great for getting places without getting sweaty, and you can always turn off the motor if you want an extra workout on the way home. This could be the green transport of the future.

Personal Trainer Tracy Griffen runs a private fitness studio just off Leith Walk and can help you cycle better, even if you’re coming back from injury. See adjacent ad.




Mini Cryptic Crossword Across 1. Bloke cut – after a comedian (7) 7. Letter from home garbled? (5) 8. Airhead boarding smart chopper (7) 9. Earl on deployment not holding a sign up (5) 11. One young lady out of order (5) 12. Food beyond average starter (5) 14. Rocks far from small stone initially (5) 16. Repulsive cloak on short American (7) 18. Some clever-dick composer (5) 19. A house dirty, empty and foul (7) Down 1. Secret supply of coins, we hear (5) 2. Champion some tyke calls back (3) 3. Plane going up and down (5) 4. Girl accepted going short (5) 5. Drink a nastier concoction (7) 6. Money earned a long time after work (5) 10. Return to a craft after others (7) 12. Games with the First Lady annoy! (5)


13. Insect some papers 15. Bold soldiers on the fringes of concealed (5) society (5) 14. The South of 17. Goddess no flip France, and a priestess backs (3) northern place (5) (Soln on pg 49)



Community Spotlight

December Issue Artwork Deadline 22nd November Distribution Date 5th/6th December To include your community or charity events and information at no cost please contact Sue Hutchison.

T : 07817 206418 E : 47

Community Spotlight

FESTIVE COFFEE MORNING 104th Edinburgh North East Scout Group Come along to our Festive Coffee Morning in the Scout Hall, South Trinity Road Saturday 30th November 9.30am to 1.30pm Tickets £2.50 (includes tea/coffee and a hot filled roll)

Lots of stalls including a Tombola, Gifts, Crafts etc.


Community Spotlight



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