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May/June 2022




Welcome to this May/June issue of the Trinity Spotlight. At the time of writing Covid restrictions have just all been lifted so in lots of ways life is as 'back to normal' as it can be. Though what is normal is much changed and cases of Covid are still appearing. Having avoided Covid since it first emerged it caught up with our household not long after I sent the last issue to the printers. I suppose it was likely to happen at some point but hopefully that is the one and only appearance for us. My joints are still recovering!! Trinity Primary School Fair makes a welcome return on Saturday 21st May, with the usuall BBQ, Home Baking, Tombola, Ice Cream and loads of fun activities so drop pop in with the family (more details on Pg 41). Also on the community front, The Seagull Trust Charity Cruises have now been able to restart. They are however, very short on volunteers so if you would like to offer some time or help you, will find more information and contact details on Pg 20. Thanks to Jamie Primrose for allowing me to use one of his images on this page. Jamie is holding his next exhibition in June in the Dundas Street Gallery. Please do drop in and view the artwork on display (more details on Pgs 18 & 19). I have one more issue going out late June before I take a break over the summer. If you have community events in these months you would like to publicise, please get in touch so I can feature them in the next issue. You will find my contact details below.

Best Wishes Sue

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10 Hard Sudoku

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June/July 2022 Issue Artwork Deadline - 10th June Distribution Date - 22nd/23rd/24th June 4

Jamie Primrose ‘Light and shade in The Botanics’ 40cm x 40cm, oil on linen

Distribution Johnson Distribution Services. Printing Cowan Print :

A family run business for almost 45 years, The Bed Shop specialises in supplying a vast range from leading brands such as Harrison Spinks, Sealy and Silentnight at prices our competitors simply cannot match.

With around 400 five star Google reviews, we’re proud to be Edinburgh’s leading bedding advisors and look forward to welcoming you to our parkingfriendly, luxury showroom on Bonnington Road.






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A member of the Equity Release Council. Regulated and Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

HARD SUDOKU HOW TO PLAY Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through to 9 with no repetition! Thats all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reason and logic - there’s no maths involved and no adding up. Its fun. Its challenging Its addictive. (Soln on pg 42)









I have a request from a local resident. This beautiful black cat has been spending more and more time visiting them a their home in Trinity Road. They are not sure if the cat has a home or if it has been abandoned. If you recognise the cat or if it belongs to you please could you send an email to



Seagull Cruises Are Back! But…. The Ratho based canal charity Seagull Trust Cruises has restarted its trips for people with special needs, but is struggling to provide the pre Covid level of service. After two years of no sailings on the Union canal the Trust has lost some crew volunteers. As Chairman David Mieras explains, "The boats are ready and are beginning to welcome back familiar faces. As the bookings increase, which we hope they will, we need more volunteers to keep sailing. Ideally we aim to operate seven days a week, two or more times a day. Some crew members moved on and there are now vacancies.” David is confident that the trips are safe for both crew and clients “Safety measures are already in place. We know many have missed coming out with us, so we want to meet that demand. We also look forward to greeting new organisations, groups or individuals who would benefit. It’s an important social service but it’s also enjoyable - meeting people and learning new skills on our lovely canal.” The charity relies on donations to cover costs and operates solely using trained volunteers. If you’d like to volunteer (training is provided) or can offer a donation then please contact David on 0131 445 2022. If you’d like to book a trip then contact Carole on 07511 055 081.



Jamie Primrose Contemporary Scottish Artist Seasonal Splendour By The Talented Painter

Firstly in the Botanics, Primrose showcases the glistening pond (see pic to the left) in the late afternoon (including the majestic Chinese Garden) – alongside natural motifs, with trees rich in ephemeral, abundant colour – their leaves creating a gentle blanket on the pathways nearby. Onto Inverleith Park and a celebration of light at its most transient – Jamie captures the emerald green, ochre and umber tones of the trees and dancing shadows on the pathways. With shimmering reflections on Inverleith Pond (see pic below), the city skyline beyond is captivating with sweeping clouds at sunrise and sunset. Venturing

Jamie Primrose ‘Botanic Pond reflections’ 50cm x 50cm, Oil on linen

Two locations in Edinburgh close to the heart of contemporary Scottish artist Jamie Primrose, are Inverleith and the Meadows. Having grown up in Trinity and been schooled at the Edinburgh Academy, the highly collectable painter is drawn to capturing the Botanics, Inverleith Park and the Water of Leith in his sought-after artworks, as these areas have become deep-rooted in his psyche. Likewise, having lived in Marchmont for over a decade, the Meadows also have a familiar attraction, as he journeys through twice daily to and from his Stockbridge studio. Primrose therefore has an astute awareness of the pathways and the surrounding natural elements, highlighting the subtle seasonal changes in his acclaimed work.

‘Luminous Haze’ Exhibition Inspired by the ever-changing Scottish light, ‘Luminous Haze’ is the best-selling artist’s latest new collection of over 50 gorgeous new oil paintings (from Friday 10th – Saturday 18th June) at The Dundas Street Gallery, which is not to be missed. 22

Jamie Primrose ‘Sunrise over Inverleith Pond’ 30cm x 40cm, Oil on linen

Jamie Primrose: ‘Luminous Haze’ Friday 10th – Saturday 18th June The Dundas Street Gallery 6a Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH3 6HZ Open Monday – Friday 11am – 6pm Saturday and Sunday 11am – 5pm Admission free For painting enquiries or further details please contact: Mari Primrose t: 0131 446 9510 m: 07947 243 418 e: View paintings online from 27th May at

“Jamie Primrose has an incredible feel for the light of his native Edinburgh” The Sunday Times “Primrose’s paintings exude a heaven-sent sense of calm” The Herald “Jamie has had an astonishing degree of success with his atmospheric paintings” Galleries “Jamie Primrose’s paintings display an atmospheric, ethereal quality that makes his work so sought-after” Scottish Field Jamie Primrose ‘Hazy light over The Colonies’ 40cm x 40cm, Oil on linen

“Primrose has an ever-expanding band of collectors snapping up his work” The Herald

along The Water of Leith nearby, he portrays the Colonies (see pic above) in both a burst of glowing sunlight at dawn and in vibrant tones at dusk. Primrose’s seasonal theme and atmospheric journey continues onto the Meadows – with glorious autumnal sunlight streaming through the trees and rich, warm shades glowing in the early morning and late afternoon. This is followed by a gorgeous spring awakening of delicate cherry blossom in an ephemeral, luminous haze. With glimpses of Barclay Church looking towards Bruntsfield, the many named pathways are beautifully depicted with soft pink flourishes. These impressive artworks highlight Primrose’s skill in portraying natural elements in his stunning paintings, which are soothing, yet uplifting to the viewer.

Thriving Reputation Jamie Primrose is one of Scotland’s most prominent contemporary painters. Having attended The Edinburgh Academy (197790), he gained a Fine Art degree at Newcastle University (1990-94) and then remarkably travelled the world and worked in London for almost a decade without lifting a paintbrush. In 2003, he returned home to the capital to become a professional artist and has since then achieved outstanding success. With over 40 solo exhibitions and past sell-out shows to his name, he has gained critical acclaim:

Exclusive Opening Private Views: Friday 10th June, 6pm – 8.30pm Saturday 11th June, 11am – 5pm For invitations, please email Mari Primrose at quoting ‘Trinity Spotlight’ 23



By Gillian Dalgliesh

Life goals are all the things you want to accomplish in your life, whether they be short, medium or long term. Personal or professional. Large or small. Goals are future focused. A powerful tool in committing to, and achieving, our goals involves setting intentions. Intentions are in the present moment and provide us with a road map of all the steps along the way. When you set an intention it provides accountability and supports us in being able to take control of our personal choices and our life. It enables us to be proactive in our lives by setting out choices & timelines in connection with achieving our goals. (I’ve set my intention to write this article in 2 hours.) So as you define your goals, intention setting becomes the first step to achieving them and is a powerful tool for positively moving forward. Regularly stating &/or redefining your intention also helps to keep us on track, and can even help us to quickly recognise when the path to the goal needs to change. Intentions need to be specific and actionable – as I mentioned previously, I set my intention to write this article in 2 hours, and that intention has enabled me to remain focused and on target even though there are distractions around me such as emails arriving and texts which I could read, however, that would eat into the 2 hours and also cloud my focus. - Clear intentions make us more likely to achieve our goals. - Focusing on our intention keeps us grounded in the present moment and that invites us to be more mindful, & less stressed. - Positive intentions lead to a positive attitude. Perhaps you have a huge workload and are finding your workday to be increasingly overwhelming? Rather than focusing on a goal of completion, set your intention to work mindfully & patiently and allow this to transform your attitude about what needs to be done. In this way you can feel a sense of progress & accomplishment regardless about how much you get done. Also, this shift in attitude will likely inspire motivation and unlock creative solutions. In summary – whether we’re conscious of it or not, everything we do, starts with an intention and by bringing our awareness to consciously setting intentions, we are enabling ourselves to reach our goals more mindfully & joyfully! You can read this article in full in my Blog on my website. Are you struggling or feeling challenged by something in your life? Would you like to have a confidential chat about it? I offer a free Discovery Call – check out my website for details. You may also like to read my 82 x 5 star Google Reviews!

Are you struggling to deal with issues in your life? Weight Loss? Anxiety? Stress? Smoking? Phobias? Alcohol? Confidence? If so, then hypnotherapy may be the solution. Find out more about my holistic approach to resolving client’s issues on my website or call me on 07593 082 349 for a free consultation 25

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Learning A New Language LEARNING a new language has many benefits: brain health, building friendships and making our travels easier among others! As we start to travel again, many of us may be looking forward to our summer holidays. How many of us wish we had learned a language at school or continued to practise it? Thanks to Speak Out Languages, learning a new language is now easier than ever. Ruth Allan, the founder of Speak Out says “It’s not like a classroom. What we do is all about having fun, laughing, and we actively encourage mistakes. It’s completely unlike anything you get at school because we focus on getting learners talking confidently from day one. We don’t focus on grammar mistakes. At school, for example, you’re taught if you say ‘le table’ instead of ‘la table’ it’s wrong, so everyone leaves frightened to say anything for fear of making a grammar mistake. Languages are not maths, and there’s no right or wrong, you’re communicating and you’re talking and you’re getting your message across. We’re getting rid of that fear and building people’s confidence to speak. You don’t have to be perfect – it’s communication, not perfection.” Spanish, Italian, French and German classes have now returned to Speak Out Languages’ base in Great King Street. Speak Out also offers online courses and private classes for individuals and businesses.

For more information about Speak Out Languages, visit: or give Ruth a call on 07825 597056.






Celebrating National Walking Month By Tracy Griffen May is Living Streets' National Walking Month. Living Streets is the UK charity for everyday walking, and you can find out more at their website Incidental, everyday walking can really help you get in shape and boost your mood. This month Living Streets is encouraging you to #Try20 - and walk for 20 minutes each day during May. Walking is an easy and accessible way to improve physical and mental health and a 20-minute walk can reduce the risk of a number of preventable health conditions, including certain cancers, depression, heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. I always recommend my fitness clients start out by doing regular fast walking. Fast walking can get your heart rate up, and is basically resistance training for your cardiac muscle (that’s your heart). It also tones and strengthens your legs and butt, and burns body fat. If you’re working from home, check out the weather forecast for the week, and then schedule in a lunchtime walk on the sunniest day. Put it in as an appointment into your work diary, so the time is blocked off, and you’ll receive an alert to go out for a walk. It will help you with creativity, problem solving and even memory retention. If you can, try and walk somewhere green (parks) or blue (water / coast) for optimal mood boost. Edinburgh is a very walkable city, so whether you leave the car at home and walk for an errand, or go out for a scenic weekend walk (perhaps up one of Edinburgh’s seven hills) you will be doing both your waistline, budget (walking is free, petrol certainly ain’t) and environment a favour. By swapping a short drive for a short walk, you can also help reduce air pollution, congestion and the associated frustration of being stuck in another traffic jam. In 2021, Spotlight readers nominated their favourite walks that included: Arthur’s Seat, down Cannongate to Holyrood Palace, to Portobello on the off-road paths, or from Gypsy Brae to Cramond. Walking into town is a good uphill walk, guaranteed to get the heart rate up. If you’re recovering from Covid, start very small, perhaps with a 5 minute walk. Walking up hills can be a real struggle postviral, so less is more, start easy with lots of rest. I’m qualified in Covid rehabilitation, so drop me a line if you need a hand. Check out #Try20 on social media for tips, resources and checklists designed to help you stick to the challenge! Go on, get walking. Personal Trainer Tracy Griffen incorporates everyday walking into tailored fitness programmes. Find out more at or call her on 07743741088. 34

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Mini Cryptic Crossword Mini Crossword Cryptic Crossword Mini Cryptic

Across 1. Chief in charge of subject (5) 4. Play for time and stand in a market (5) 7. Act of noticing when Soviet baron is overthrown (11) Across 1. way Chief charge 8. Pale to injump (4)of subject (5) 4. Play gives for time and standinformation in a market (6) (5) 11. Pants and essential 7. Act of noticing when 14. Poem points to a city (6) Soviet baron is overthrown (11) 8. Pale way to jump (4) 17. Female; boyish, perhaps (4) 11. Pants and gives essential information (6) 20. Put off when cougars died horribly (11) 14. Poem points to a city (6) 22. Drew line and reigned (5) (4) 17. aFemale; boyish, perhaps 23. She’s gem! (5) cougars died horribly (11) 20. a Put off when Down 22. Drew a line and reigned (5) 23. She’s a gem! (5) controversial posting online (5) 1. Grotesque dwarf to make Downbefore one type of food (5) 2. Gone 1. Grotesque to make controversial posting online (5) 3. Vehicle serviceddwarf by the RAC, perhaps (3) 2. Gone before one 4. Heavenly Beatle? (5) type of food (5) 3. Vehicle serviced by the RAC, perhaps (3) 5. Die cast by a first black bear (5) 4. Heavenly Beatle? (5) 6. Joins aDie golf course by the sea (5) 5. cast by a first black bear (5) 9. Half intend conclude 6. Joins to a golf course (3) by the sea (5) 10. Father’s classical step? 9. Half intend toballet conclude (3) (3) 11. Constricting feather scarf (3)step? (3) 10. Father’s classical ballet 11. Constricting feather 12. Unwell in the village (3) scarf (3) 12. Unwell in the village (3) 13. Short-lived fashion in self-admiration (3) 13. Short-lived fashion in self-admiration 14. More peculiar, in a doddering way (5) (3) 14. More peculiar, in a doddering way (5) 15. Effortlessness initially left for painting stand (5) 15. Effortlessness initially left for painting stand (5) 16. Words used to procure a weapon (5) 16. Words used to procure a weapon (5) 18. Extreme displeasure out of (5) (5) 18. Extreme displeasure outrange of range 19. Call in out the inmountains (5) (5) 19. out Call the mountains 21. Stroke gemstone endlessly (3) (3) 21. Stroke gemstone endlessly


(Soln on pg 42)



Community Spotlight

EDINBURGH FLORAL ART CLUB MEETINGS The club meets at Blackhall St. Columba’s Church hall, Queensferry Road, the second Friday of each month from 2pm to 4pm

Future Meetings May 13th Esther Kuck from Edinburgh "Wild and Wonderful May" June 10th Louise Littlejohn from Dunfermline "It's a Jungle Out There!" Membership for the year 2021/2022 is £20 and new members and visitors are always welcome 41

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PUZZLE SOLUTIONS Across: 1 Topic, 4 Stall, 7 Observation, 8 Leap, 11 Briefs, 14 Odessa, 17 Lady, 20 Discouraged, 22 Ruled, 23 Beryl. Down: 1 Troll, 2 Pasta, 3 Car, 4 Starr, 5 Abide, 6 Links, 9 End, 10 Pas, 11 Boa, 12 Ill, 13 Fad, 14 Odder, 15 Easel, 16 Sword, 18 Anger, 19 Yodel, 21 Rub.