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June 2020


Welcome To The June Trinity Spotlight Welcome to this issue of the Trinity Spotlight. I hope that everyone is safe and well after a very strange, and at times challenging, few weeks. As a family we have had our ups and downs, like most people I would think, but we have survived and as this issue goes to print life is slowly starting to open up a little bit. I do think it will be a very long time until we get back to what we would think of as ‘normal life’ though. Not surprisingly, I did not get the scheduled May/June Spotlights out as my printer and distributor, along with many of the advertisers, were in lockdown. Even getting this issue together has been a bit of a challenge. Some of the business regularly featured on our pages are now opening up again (with social distancing in place), others have said it will likely be mid July until they can operate again and some are not sure what the future holds for them and cannot put a timescale on things leaving them in a very uncertain position. This issue is smaller than normal and there is no community information to include so you will find more puzzles and articles than usual. This Spotlight is coming through your door mid June. I would usually take a break over the summer holiday period but, given that summer holidays as we know them are extremely unlikely for any of us this year, I am going to slot in an extra mid July issue. This will give businesses who are just starting up again an opportunity to advertise their services and let you know they are open. I hope you enjoy reading what is on our pages this month and I look forward to putting together a July issue for you. Take Care.

Contents 4 Technology - Make Your Outdoors Great 9 Post Lockdown Anxiety 10 Hard Sudoku 12 Avoiding Food Waste 14 Home & Interiors : Dining In The Kitchen 16 Support Stockbridge And Leith Markets And Their Traders 18 Trinity Community Council 20 Motoring : Exciting Car Technologies 22 An Update From Councillor Jim Campbell 26 Health & Fitness : Stay Fit At Home 28 Cryptic Crossword 29 Fun Quiz :Twins 30 Puzzle Solutions 31 Recipe - Salmon And Corn Cakes

July 2020 Issue Artwork Deadline - 3rd July Distribution Date - 15th/16th/17th July 2

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By Gillian Dalgliesh Post Lockdown Anxiety Needing help with anxiety, weight, addictions …. ? As a generation, we’ve never been so anxious — and then along came coronavirus. From the moment the pandemic took hold and businesses around the world shut down, occupational burnout was replaced with fears over job security and financial stability. Instead of social anxiety, we were now dealing with loneliness and concern for the safety of loved ones. Meanwhile, as many of us were forced into isolation, our usual ‘FearOf-Missing-Out’ gave way to anxieties over social distancing, getting ill and a general unease about the future. But as various lockdown measures start to lift across the world, we’re seeing increased reports of a new kind of anxiety: ‘postlockdown anxiety’ It’s the fear or worry of returning to normal life and leaving lockdown. This can develop from many places - the most common seems to originate from health worries or a fear of the unknown. It can range from a worry of being in public spaces to a fear of leaving the house in general.

How do you know when you’re experiencing post-lockdown anxiety?

Some of the top signs to look out for include: recurring thoughts or worries about the future, feeling unsettled or tense, issues with sleeping, constantly checking the news or social media about Covid-19 or lockdown rules, and in extreme cases, possible panic attacks.

What are the ways in which we can help manage this anxiety?

Take one day at a time; don’t try and think about what it will be like for the next few months, just focus on today and tomorrow, as it won’t be so overwhelming. Accept that there are things you can’t control and many that you can; you can’t control the lockdown lifting, but you can control how much news you consume and how much time you give to thinking about a post-lockdown life. Focus on positive coping strategies such as exercise, meditation, walking outside and fresh air rather than food, drink or smoking. Monitor your inner dialogue; are your thoughts helpful or are they contributing to your feelings of anxiety?

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for anxiety can help boost feelings of confidence and self-belief while reducing feelings of fear and intense worry. It can help you to develop the ability to access the relaxed state of mind needed to overcome the often overwhelming emotions that come with anxiety. Using the power of suggestion while you are in a very relaxed state, hypnosis aims to access your subconscious mind and promote positive change. The suggestions themselves can be tailored to help you learn what triggers your anxiety and why, as well as changing the way you react towards them. Many of us have also found that we have gained the ‘Coronavirus Stone’, or we are drinking more alcohol than is healthy. Hypnosis is a fast, effective, safe way of helping you to shed those excess lbs, and regain control over your habits. For a free telephone consultation, do get in touch. Contact details are in my ad.

Are you struggling to deal with issues in your life? Weight Loss? Anxiety? Stress? Smoking? Phobias? Alcohol? Confidence? If so, then hypnotherapy may be the solution. Find out more about my holistic approach to resolving client’s issues on my website www.gilliandalgliesh.com or call me on 07593 082 349 for a free consultation 9

HARD SUDOKU HOW TO PLAY Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through to 9 with no repetition! Thats all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reason and logic - there’s no maths involved and no adding up. Its fun. Its challenging Its addictive. (Soln on pg 30)













An Update From Councillor Jim Campbell





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EDINBURGH TILE STUDIO @EdinTileStudio edinburghtilestudio.co.uk


Staying Fit at Home The last few months have been an exceptional period of our lives. We’ve been mainly housebound, living life more simply than before. Lockdown either encouraged you to exercise more, or if self-isolating and cautious about going outside, probably exercising less. As a Personal Trainer I have seen both ends of the spectrum. Some employees forced to work from home have newly discovered the joys of running, just for the escape. However many have found Lockdown a worrying time (underlying health issues, seniors, carers etc) and have remained largely indoors, sedentary and stressed. At Griffen Fitness I’ve always specialised in getting fit from home, often training those who don’t feel confident in a gym. The first thing I teach new clients is how to get fit with no equipment. This means there is never an excuse not to exercise! When lockdown started, I started offering webcam workouts. It seemed a natural progression, and I’m pleased many of my clients embraced the technology and the chance to check in with a PT each week – it helped keep them on track. A simple video call using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype or even Google Chat works well. It’s amazing what you can do over a video call, and the technology is so easy to grasp. There are a huge variety of domestic workouts, from bodyweight (using the body weight as resistance, i.e. press ups and squats), to Pilates and yoga type exercises, circuits and even a chair workout done from a seated position – suitable for ALL ages. Some people like to do group classes, for example the Joe Wicks YouTube workout or Zoom workouts, often free, but without interaction from the presenter (as they can’t see you). They’re great if you’re already motivated and confident with exercising. If you’re coming back from injury or illness, or unsure about where to start, getting individual feedback is useful to ensure 26

By Tracy Griffen you’ve got good form, and you can also ask lots of questions! The important thing is that all bodies need exercise, being fitter will help boost your immune system and often helps mood too. Aerobic exercise (fast walking, jogging, cycling, dancing etc) is excellent for training the cardiorespiratory system – having a strong heart and lungs can help fight certain diseases. You can also do aerobic exercise in the home, it easy when you know how. So if you’re thinking that now is the time to get into fitness, remember there are many options out there. If you’re unsure of where to start, ask a fitness professional! Tracy Griffen runs a private fitness studio just off Leith Walk. ½ hour webcam workouts with her are £20, which includes your workout emailed to you. See advertisement below.

July Issue Artwork Deadline : 3rd July

Distribution Date : 15th/16th/17th July

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Cryptic Crossword Across 1. Soup container, years later (6) 4. Plant, unfruitful, in flower (8) 9. University patio, oddly, an ideal location (6) 10. A branch that’s not on fire (8) 12. Flyer peering around a corner (8) 13. A collection of biblical characters (3,3) 15. Dull gamer sides with short looker (4) 16. Drink fib – ‘contains alcohol’ (7) 20. Goes back when the rest run around (7) 21. A weighty book, in my opinion (4) 25. Uniform really put on lest inspection starts (6) 26. Suspect sweatier, so to speak (2,2,4) 28. Burning pile observed over mountains (8) 29. Hate an unsettled goddess (6) 30. Nice lady in a serf’s embrace (8) 31. Middle region after a recent change (6)


addition (4,4) 2. Deceitful act of wed cast (3-5) 3. Gruesome laryngitis treatment Tina dropped (6) 5. Inlet former leader departed (4) 6. Muscles trick – a cop beats it (8) 7. Slavers could back laws, we hear (6) 8. Degenerate had to go around (6)


11. A queen said wood sounded old (7)

1. Crossed lines, in

14. Small poster put up,

causing irritation (7) 17. Swimmers making mistakes in high school (8) 18. Anticlimax, but no-one expresses frustration (8) 19. Rebellious Frenchman aged badly (8) 22. Minor mistake that puts learners back (4-2) 23. Several, not all, used to be opposed (6) 24. Sculpture, say, all around you (6) 27. Older boys adopting a cause (4)


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Cryptic Crossword Solution Across: 1 Potage, 4 Oleander, 9 Utopia, 10 Offshoot, 12 Starling, 13 Job lot, 15 Grey, 16 Limeade, 20 Returns, 21 Tome, 25 Livery, 26 As it were, 28 Pyrenees, 29 Athena, 30 Pleasant, 31 Centre. Down 1 Plus sign, 2 Two-faced, 3 Grisly, 5 Left, 6 Absconds, 7 Drools, 8 Rotate, 11Antique, 14 Redness, 17 Herrings, 18 Nonevent, 19 Renegade, 22 Slip-up, 23 Averse, 24 Statue, 27 Mean.



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The Trinity Spotlight June 2020 Issue  

Local area magazine

The Trinity Spotlight June 2020 Issue  

Local area magazine


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